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tv   FOX 13 500 News  FOX  November 29, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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>> seeing the struck out front and the mess inside was bigger. and he laid eyes on something. a mob of thieves recorded by cameras conducting a quick and calculated crime. >> it is unsettling we go the guns are responsible. >> he and the detective spent hours taking inventory of the 40 guns that are missing. >> one on the street that's not supposed to be >> this is the third largest on the streets. , we worry about them and the time it heats to. >> it is not and any plans they may have had.
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and the jarring video and they hope an arrest is coming. >> we don't want them on the street. and hopefully the police will get on top of this. >> and i want to stress $10,000 that's being offered for anyone with information that can lead to an arrest. if you have information call the sheriff's >> and the legal ones and emotional one and a hearing for a sex offender. she is serving 22 years bud asking for a reduced sentence. >> and the drama that happened in and outside of the courtroom.
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>> and i have people who committed murder that have received less in prison. >> the personal one was outside, i don't hate you, i don't hate you. is your son alive. >> your daughter. >> stop, stop. >> her mother trading jabs with the parents of one of the >> your daughter put us in a bad position. >> really? really? >> stop. >> we have to make a decision. the heated exchange happened at the end of the hearing for the child molester. the former teacher is serving a 22-year sentence for having sex with three of her students. now she wants the sentence reduced. her attorney trying to explain
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>> the young men found something they wanted to be with her. >> but the prosecutor saying why she is in prison in the first place. >> she was a teacher here in polk county and she had sex with three of her teenaged students. >> it did not make long. >> and the motion. >> and as it is. >> and victor cases. we will follow those. >> live in the newsroom. >> and the deputies investigating the shooting of a 14-year-old boy and right now they're saying it appears that the death was not intentional. >> they say that they were looking at a gun yesterday and at the resort motel. deputies say the shotgun was unloaded it was showing how to
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>> and a fire and they loaded it. and they had it pointed at one of the buddies. >> and the investigation conditions. and amopping the victims most of the member of the soccer team and six members and we're following the latest in the investigation. we have more now. >> it is sad, six people
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>> the agency said said they found the recorders on the plane >> we have seen many reports there was an electrical failure on board that played a role in the cause. and the clubs all sending condolences. >> the company is based in bolivia. and despite being so new the airline has a close relationship with several premier squads. we have learned that the team. >> and the title should go to the team who is playing crashed
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tomorrow night. >> three of the 11 people hurt in the car and knife attack at ohio state are still in the hospital. and investigators say that 18-year-old plowed his car into a group of people standing on the sidewalk and then started stabbing them with a butcher knife. he was a student at the school. now it turns out post on facebook and interference in and saying if they want to stop carrying out the attacks the country needs to make peace. a protestor hit by the car was standing outside and a gas leak in the building. >> listen i turned to go back into the building. all of a sudden banging on the car there. we're flipped in the air. it happened quickly and
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within 15 seconds. >> the first 911 call. they are still in the hospital. they are expected to be okay. >> we have information about a woman stabbed to death in plant city. she has been informed as the body was found on sam's road. a hispanic man took off in a gr 2 it has been reported stolen and they are looking for it. workers are rallying for an increase in the minimum wage, that's including workers here in the bay area. this is video from the mcdonald's on east hillsborough avenue in tampa where 100 people stood outside and demanding that it go up to $15 an hour n chicago people demonstrating
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had committed to walk off the job including handlers. >> , we may have found bargains and cyber monday but today you are encouraged to give back. >> that's right. >> give back tuesday. and teaming up with the ministries on the giving tuesday to provide need a hand this time of year. >> chris cato joins us, how is that looking out there, chris? >> too quiet right now. too quiet we need people to show up. we'll get to that. look at the visual that we have here. 2500 plates and this is the number of meals served. and the ministries 25 meal as
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that's why what you can do is so important in giving tuesday the best day to do it. any donation that can you provide will be matched. >> this is tim marks, it is quiet out there. >> it is. and so we're grateful that the force is here through the midday. it is not too late for someone to go online and make a donation. can you feed two peopleor plates left to go. and so if they are hearing this, make a donation. and let's care for the neighbors in need. >> wait now. that is not a strong suit. but the 800 plates shy of the goal. >> yes. >> that's something. >> did do you all that today? >> all of that today. >> today. from the viewers.
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to get the word out. we have more left to go. the 800 plates they want to go on and make the donation. and. >> if you want to make it get there through the care force page. if you have donations in the home we're talking about food items and foods and toys. children will come here and go shopping. for christmas for the gifts. if you have toys we're at the metropolitan ministries it is on governor street. it is just off cass near tampa. we're staying hope an hour until 7 p.m. they close at 6. because this is giving tuesday and this generous anonymous donor has matched every donation they are staying hope until 7. this is where they pulled in i would unload your stuff for you if you come by. you have two more hours.
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you can get those donated. think how you have been blessed and think of your neighbors. there are 18,000 families in tampa it the tampa area that will go hungry this christmas without help from you. think about that. give from the heart. and there are locations where can you donate and lindsay will have more on that later but come by, we're at governor street. we hope you will stop by and see us here. >> it is generous. >> thank you very much. and it has been a rough six weeks for a bald eagle hit by a
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the road to recovery is coming up. and can you see the fire. >> this is terrible. that was a frightening ride to safety. and the race to escape that wildfire that spread so quickly. well when i shop, my coupons are in a neat little stack, and my weekly ad is folded like this. ready to go... that's how i save a lot at publix. how 'bout you? publix. where shopping is a pleasure. doctor: oh yeah... right there. oh! you got a nickel back there! heh heh! when we say a health care company should treat you like family, we mean more like this. operator: it's gonna be ok, and i'll be right here if you need me. member: really? operator: really.
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your extended family. learn more about our marketplace plan visit
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when we shop it is kinda like a competition. it is exactly like a competition. whoever finds the most bogo's wins! which is usually me. that's how we save a lot at publix. how 'bout you? publix. where shopping is a pleasure. u-s-f scientists are teaming up with law enforcement agencies from across the state -- all scientists are teaming up from across the state and missing person's cases. right now there are currently more than 3200 missing person's
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and tiffany sessions is among them. she went missing 27 years ago. her mother will be at usf for the first ever missing in florida day. they hope it will educate without the resources and update the current cases. a lot of adults over the last 10-20 years have fallen through the the event will provide safety information on how to keep children and the elderly from getting lost. it will be at the student center in baldwin. everything is on fire. every single cabin that you can see the fire. this is just terrible it is devastating. >> how terrifying that is.
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trying to make it off the mountain. there were people forced to escape the age rouse wildfires that was shot by michael lucian with a they did make it. what they are seeing along the way. look at the homes. and cabins around them. they blew up when the winds and sparked new hotpo build, were damaged or destroyed. >> and the governor of tennessee calling this community a very special place saying that he and many others are heartbroken by what many call a firestorm that moved through gatlinburg overnight. this has been a very traumatic 24 hours for people in the small but popular mountain community and tennessee.
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100 structures lost in severe county. another lost here in gatlinburg. and 20 not far away and 2000 sheltered overnight. and they were fourists. a lot of them just running for their -- and they were tourists. they were running for their lives. sod quickly. at first there were thoughts -- thoughts they were isolated in the areas and 90 miles per miler winds catching a lot of people off guard, they knocked on the door and i went out and looked. and they are all over the place. and came up here. and that was fire on both sides. it was bad.
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phase. and trying to knock out the hot spots as can you see the smoke still burning and behind me and this points too early to tell and more than a dozen rushed to the hospital. there are reports of death in gatlinburg. , they reported three deaths. they had rain today and now they need more because it is still so dry up >> we were talking about this. it was just kind of unbelievable. >> the problem that a front came through and gave them rain and the front they had winds about 45 to 70 miles per hour. and obviously, that's enough to just fan the flames and move them along. a bad night for them. better weather with rain. that rain should condition off and on through tomorrow. take a look outside today.
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set for us. high clouds coming in off the governmental. we'll be partly cloudy. >> you have been outside and muggy. dew points are up there. showers in the gulf not heading our way. a radar trip on sky to tower. i want to show you rain and storms. inside of the boxes. >> and. >> and north and south carolina georgia and they will get. >> and aggressive -- aggressive with rain fall.
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1.2. >> the rain will reduce the risk of wildfires. nothing of note a big change for us in a couple of weeks could be the arrival and models will hint at that 10 to 14 days from now. >> until then warm and muggy and partly cloudy skies a south wind. and can you see the clouds lined up in a row right here and that just follows the wind from the southeast and the temperatures now are in the low 80s inland. cooler right along the coast line and the dew points are up 2. they're holding in the mid-60s. and watch for low cloud and fog late tonight.
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>> the 2016 hurricane season. overall it was a pretty average season 15 storms -- stormsment we had 7 hurricanes and 6. three major hurricanes the average is 3. forever us i consider it busy we have collin go by. we had hermine and matthew east of us so even though we did not tropical storm and a busy season. >> 77. the dew point 66 and the winds are south and southwest at 6:00. around the country the first front this front is not going to impact us at all it will produce more rain. and could bring us cooler weather. cold and snow in the west.
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chicago 54. and bristol, tennessee at 65. so for tonight. low clouds and patchy fog developing and 69. a mixture of sun and clouds. breezy and muggy. back up to 82. then on thursday. a couple of showers not many. 77 degrees for highs. if are you boating it will continue. 653. slight saturday. and after that. >> the moisture is back. we're back into the 80s. all in all quiet 7 day forecast. we'll talk more about that at 5:45. >> thank you, paul. releasing snook. why they were turned -- returned
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snook season comes to an end in two days. fisherman will no longer be snook season comes to an end. and you cannot what catch the ft and more are being released in sarasota. they were released in crates. and we see how they're doing it to help the future of the species. >> the next time a fisherman
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these. we have been raising them since the 20th. >> and documented and just thick enough to hold this tracker -- tracker. >> the scientist explains how the system will keep tabs on the fish through the creek. >> and a field charges the fag and spits out a number. we know which is over the loop at that >> they are trying to figure out where they thrive the most. and those include sea walls. >> year adocuments the dispersal and how long they reside here. >> they have reduced the population. it is rebounding. >> scientists hope to learn what
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strategy so that we can release it. >> they and the transmitters may give the answers they are looking for. >> the officer charged with shooting a man takes the stand in his own defense. what he said about the shooting of walter scott. >> and donald trump stirring a debate about the flag and
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that includes brilinta. if you can't afford your medication,
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president-elect trump president-elect trump hats fired up a debate over the protestors have the right to burn it. tweeting that people should be punished for burning the flag. he is proposing revoking their citizenship or jail for up to a year. >> i thought this was scheduled -- settled by the supreme court a long time ago. what sparked this today. >> and there are protests in massachusetts and that has been
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he ran on the theme of law and order and he knows the supporters agree with the belief that they should not be allowed to burn the flag. >> and 30 years ago and president bush said that people should not burn the flag. he is following up on that. >> and and they do in fact have that right and offensive. >> and justice kennedy.
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let's move on to the cabinet picks. and have another big one and the big appointments today. and tom price and lead the department of health and human services. >> and hire and this is the couple of >> and the transportation job and squeezed out of it. >> and price will pay a key roll in health care reform. >> and will work and something else that tells us speculation
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health secretary. he did not want to serve in the cabinet. and maybe from there and in 2018 and this confirms and puts to bed speculation that rick scott will be heading to washington. >> and y and private dinner meeting at that point trump will likely reveal a decision one way or the a former police officer in south carolina took the
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and killing an unarmed black man. >> and in my mind it watts like spaghetti. >> and he was sheasing walter scott when he shot him five times in april of last year during a some. the defense said that he wrestleled his tazer away from him. he felt fear when he at him. and a what described when he shot scott is consistent with being under a high level of stress. >> he faces 30 years in prison if convicted. the driver of the bus that. >> and facing 5 charges of homicide and engangerment and driving. another charge will bed added fr a child who died two days later.
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he is invited. he will be in court and they believe he was speeding when he lost control of the bus and hit a tree and a house. fox is teaming up with hope for the holiday, now we're going live to the pasco donation site. some of the viewers saw a broadcast can you come out until 7:00 tonight. super easy look for the landmark and old church on 19. 3214 is the address. can you see empty shelves we want to change that, we need donations and food and toys. we hope that they will look like this eventually.
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ministries. >> it is great to be here. it is an institution and we're knew this is getting exposure. if is enormous. 65,000 people the need for food is >> we built the 12 housing units units here. we hope to have those families in by mid2017. the crazy thing, sad thing is their for 12 units. 12 slots there were 700 applications. >> 700 families in need.
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>> that's why they are important. we have one donor who is going to what match $50,000. >> thank you for joining us tonight. >> if are you considered in donating before 7:00 tonight. 3214 u.s. 19 and it is the place to be. >> make it go. >> that is huge. >> whatever can you do. >> 700 families. >> for that 12 slots. that's amazing. >> let's get back to the donations there. >> wow. >> and so what does your sweat say about your health?
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time to break a sweat. researchers are creating a way to track health and fitness and a gage set way beyond the activity monitors like the fit bit that are you wearing. we >> a little larger than a quarter it is a tiny lab stuck to the skin. >> the device allows to us measure the total sweat loss and rate and lack tate concentration the pa and the chloride. that provide as good profile of an individual's status and how that is during the event.
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is doing the work. >> you take the device, apply it on to the surface of the skin. and there is an adhesive. >> and structures and the colored spots they are responsive to the targeted bio-markers. are different. and real time none invasive monitoring. >> and tracking it with diabetics and requirng cracks and any spot that gets sweaty. >> they collect beads it is
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to reflect the characteristics of the sweat. and the measurements indicate things at dehydration and loss are brewing. wave it and it take as picture for the read out. >> it is low in cost and so low that it could be used on a one time >> a study found it did stick to sweaty bikers in tucson. researchers hope to make it available for $2. >> what have you got? >> well we have big news for the bucs in the next home game. the saints they come to down. here is a hint. and get to the stadium later. we'll get you details later. what unit on the bucs was named the steadest all season longs.
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what players are saying is the best among them.
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a bald eagle is back in the wild this afternoon -- a palled eagle is back at home this afternoon thanks to the efforts of wildlife groups. vets and it has been a long road
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stretch. they rushed to bird and they stayed for six weeks and a broken wing. and the center. >> and fly general and today to go home he has someone out there waiting for him. >> the bird's mate is here in the region and it has been calling for him. he has been gone since the first part of october this should be an exciting >> and don't you love it. that is working well now, some of the first responders and running over it. they were all there today. >> and. >> where have you been. >> and they practice the toss.
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make sure it flies. >> i mean they had, yate they have a high degree of knowledge. >> it will go. >> and the camera is rolling. >> that bird is within the flight cage and flying around. >> great story. >> the fact they can community like that is unbelievable t is warm again. >> the cold fronts they last like 7 minutes then they are gone. this is the >> a nice sun set a lot of great pictures. maybe the that's above the average. set in 2010 and was a cold winter. it was cold.
5:48 pm
wind blowing and we have done a 180 on the wind behind the weak front. more of a south and. they were gusty from the south and the southeast it is dark they are in the evening and holding in most spots in the 70s to near 80. 7766. this is not july but still up there patchy clouds over the state a couple of sprinkles off the coast. there are warnings and moving
5:49 pm
this time of year on the backside know snowing. chicago 54 some of you near the coast may be 70 the high is think will be high and into the weekend and it is moving in.
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a high of 82 on thursday. 23eu6 you want -- if you want cold air i haven been looking at this for hours and minutes. there could be cold air arriving they are bracing for not so great news in terms of the cattle and and murphy.
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and along with a help to the defense a huge fan. and the defense man you see what the special teams did. i never want that to go unnoticed. >> and incredible. as a whole it is just, you know fun to watch. >> and this week they visit san diego. a time change instead of the 1:00 kickoff at raymond james, the nfl has bumped it back to a 425 start. we will carry the 1:00 game here but we don't know what that
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>> and. >> this friday night the bay area will look to take a step closer to a championship. and plant and jesuit. >> the tigers they are coming off a win against the on the road, they will counter with the leading. >> playing the next level. reef a goal you know we have. i have never been a part of the great team. it is what is expected. the lightning will again be
5:53 pm
the blue jackets for the second time in five days. and the good news. jt brown will be back. and andrei vasilevskiy in goal on a friday when the teams met, at amalie arena, it was a rough night for ben bishop. enroute to the loss, they miss strahlman. they will try to snap out of it in columbus. another year of the greatest promotional event of calgary and the teddy bear toss. after the first goal. can you see it is like what they do with the hat-trick. 23,000. over 23,000 of them. and they will donate them to give out during the holidays. >> and it was delayed for 45
5:54 pm
note them. >> there is a penalty. they get a penalty. that's not a good idea. >> you can see, a lot of fun. this is something they do. >> that's nice. >> i like that.
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stocks ended modestly stocks ended modestly higher
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care companies. the nasdaq edged up and the s&p closed 2 points. and the 6:00 news is next. here are mark and kelly. >> tampa has done it. st. pete and clearwater as well. >> we're talking about the redevelopment of the waterfront and tonight at 6:00, clearwater city city council got a look at the plan today. what is in it. police went looking for a mountain lion but captured gave them a laugh. and we're going to show a different kind of library one where you don't need a card. that's next. c'mon in, pop pop! happy birthday! i survived a heart attack. i'm doing all i can to keep from having another one. and i'm taking brilinta. for people who've been hospitalized for a heart attack. i take brilinta with a baby aspirin. no more than one hundred milligrams
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from sticking together and forming a clot. brilinta reduced the chance of another heart attack. or dying from one. it worked better than plavix. >>don't stop taking brilinta without talking to your doctor since stopping it too soon increases your risk of clots in your stent, heart attack, stroke, and even death. brilinta may cause bruising or bleeding more easily, or serious, sometimes fatal bleeding. don't take brilinta if you have bleeding, like stomach ulcers, a history of bleeding in the brain, or severe liver problems. tell your doctor about bleeding, new or unexpected shortness of breath, and all medicines you take. >>talk to your doctor about brilinta. i'm doing all i can. that includes brilinta. if you can't afford your medication,
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this home was set on fire and sprayed with graffiti. and he is a trump supporter. >> it is devastating. >> i'm worried about the other gu >> a gun store and what all the thieves manage 20d get -- managed to get away with. >> a series of events ending with the driver of a car being tossed over the edge of an i-4 on ramp. i'm kelly ring. i'm mark wilson.
6:00 pm
>> and painted after set on fire and they have lost everything because of their beliefs. they want to know if it could be related to other cases. >> smoke and flames in plant city. and the family was away. >> but the sunrise reveal graffiti. and expected out of america. and it should be. and flying the flag. can you see the home was gutted and most everything else destroyed.


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