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tv   Good Day Tampa Bay 4AM  FOX  November 30, 2016 4:00am-4:30am EST

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ahead this hour on good day: a scary pileup... on a bay area interstate.. that causes a man to fall off an overpass. troopers are still searching... for the ?driver responsible. ((vanessa/ plus: a group of teens playing around with a ?gun. what happened next... is another tragic reminder... for families everywhere. ((walter and... ?meal in washington this morning. and why it could lead to president-elect trump's most ?controversial cabinet pick... yet. ((walter)) good morning.. and welcome to good day tampa bay... at 4:00. i'm walter allen. and i'm vanessa ruffes... in for jen. those stories in a minute, but first... lets go to dave, who has some ?breaking weather
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developing in tampa this morning: the highway patrol is searching for the driver of a gravel truck. the truck spilled its contents yesterday on the i-4 selmon connector... causing several crashes, including one... where a man plummeted off the crosstown! fox 13's shayla reaves joins us live with the latest... and shayla, its amazing everyone ?survived this crash.
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today in polk county: grief counselors will be out at lake alfred addair middle school in winter haven. they'll help students deal with the ?shooting death... of a classmate. 14 year old "kyler daughtry" was killed tuesday, after he and two other teens started playing with a shotgun, in a motel room. a 19 year old provided the
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the gun went off, ?killing kyler. later today... we should find out if a tampa man will be granted bail... after killing another man at a basketball court. "trevor dooley" is serving an eight-year prison sentence for killing "david james" during an argument in valrico back in 20-10. dooley says it was self defense. back in april, dooley won an appeal to get a new trial... after the court found mistakes during his sentencing. dooley's lawyers are asking for him to be released on bail, pending that next trial date. they're between 50 and 100 thousand dollars. but the ?widow of the man dooley killed is fighting his release. a former bay area teacher ?won't be getting a reduced sentence. a polk county judge made that decision tuesday. "jennifer fichter" was convicted of having sex with three of her polk county students. she was sentenced to 22 ?years in prison. fichter was in court ?hoping to get a lesser sentence, but the judge denied that motion. fichter is also facing charges in hillsborough county. those
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a house fire in plant city is being called ?suspicious this morning. and it's partially because of the ?graffiti that was found all over it. the home on johnson street burned early tuesday morning. luckily no one was home.. they were actually house-sitting for family in lakeland. and after the fire was out, daylight revealed some spray painted anti-trump messages both inside and outside the home. the homeowner, matthew smith, believes he was targeted for being a trump supporter. smith says he didn't have any trump signs in his yard, but he was active on facebook supporting trump, the second amendment, and other conservative causes. investigators are looking into possible connections between this and ?other arsons. earlier this month, anti-trump grafitti was sprayed on two mobile homes near mango. investigators say someone tried to light one
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the picks keep coming from president-elect trump... for people to help lead his administration. trump added another ?dozen lawmakers to his transition team on tuesday. including one... from right here in the bay area. u-s representative "dennis ross" from lakeland was tapped to join the team last night. ross says he looks forward to working with the president-elect, advancing a strong conservative cause. ross appeared at trump's election rally at the lakeland linder regional airport back in october. and ross isn't the only florida member of the transition team. attorney general "pam bondi" is on it as well. president-elect trump also announced three more additions to his cabinet tuesday. former goldman sachs executive "steven mnuchin" is expected to act as his treasury secretary. fierce "obamacare" critic -- representative "tom price" -- gets the nomination for "health and human services" secretary. and former labor secretary -- "elaine (cho)chao" will head the department of transportation. chao is also married to senate majority leader
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and as for secretary of state, it appears "mitt romney" could be closer to getting the job. romney and trump had dinner last night in new york, along with trump chief of staff "reince priebus." and witnesses say the dinner appeared to be ?very cordial. one of the biggest protests in the country... spread all the way to tampa on tuesday. the "fight for 15" was a push to raise the minimum wage... nationwide. of disruption"... and it lived up to the billing. several ?dozen protestors were arrested after a rally in ybor city. some of them decided to sit ?down in the streets... and that's when the handcuffs came out. the protests started in ybor's centennial park, but eventually made it down to the mcdonalds at east 13th avenue and north 21st street.. ?some of them sat down in the roadway...and refused to get up after multiple orders by tampa police. a few minutes later... 23 people
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than increasing their pay. it was their way of showing the "establishment" that they deserve respect and have a right to earn fair wages. over the last four years, the "fight for 15" movement has spread from fast food employees to health care and childcare workers: the florida retail federation and other large businesses nationwide have said they are opposed to raising the minimum wage.. they claim businesses would have to make up for the higher pay by either reducing their work force, or increasing ?prices. protests also took place at one of the country's biggest airports. about five ?hundred workers walked out at chicago's o'hare international. that included baggage handlers and cabin cleaners. airlines were preparing for possible delays but the city says there were actually ?no major
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and a big thanks to everyone in the bay area who gave back... on "giving tuesday"... the fox13 care-force teamed up with metropolitan ministries all day, to help mark the event. the charity set a goal of raising enough money to make warm meals for 60-thousand people between now and christmas. and not only did you give money... fox13 viewers also brought hundreds of pounds of food to metro ministries' holiday tents in tampa and holiday in pasco county. families have registered for assistance with metropolitian ministries. starting december 15th, they'll come to the tents to get food and toys for their children. if you'd like more information on where and ?how to donate, just go to "fox13-care
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"the gates of hell... opening up." that's how the people in eastern tennessee describe the wildfires that just tore through their community. after the break... the latest on the recovery efforts, from that massive blaze. and the one sign of ?hope, that has the city of
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why am i so devastatingly handsome, i'm in a fragrance...
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what! she washed this like a month ago! how's a guy supposed to move on! the long lasting scent of gain flings. developing this morning in tennessee... the ?massive
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area has been devastated by fast-moving wildfires this week. at least three people have died, several more injured... and ?hundreds of homes and businesses have been destroyed, including several hotels. even the ?mayor of gatlinburg.. who you just heard... lost ?his home. more than 14 thousand people were evacuated... and many still don't know if they have anything left to go home to. and one image that's really inspiring the people of gatlinburg this morning... the city's wooden welcome sign. half of it was burned off by the flames. but several hours later on tuesday, a first american flag buried nearby... and hung it up by the sign... covering the part that was burned. the tennessee department of transportation posted the picture on twitter tuesday... getting a massive response.
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playoff time is almost here in college football. but who will be the "final four?" the brand new rankings... after the break. also in sports: it's something we havent seen in over a ?year. tiger woods ... teeing off on the p-g-a tour. we'll hear how he's feeling... about this ?latest comeback. ? ? comeback. you guys ever try one of these bars made over at right twix? why? our special cookie is cascaded with caramel you never wondered? [ whoosh! zap! ] [ glass breaks ] aah! [ male announcer ] try both.
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time to talk some sports this morning. and we begin, with the bolts. they were facing the blue jackets last night... for the ?second time in less than a week. the ?first game was a tough loss. but this one... was even ?worse. the bolts and jackets playing up in columbus this time... and the jackets definitely gave their home crowd something to cheer about. a bolts miscue first period. and it was all downhill from there. tampa bay just seemed to be off a bit... nikita kucherov cant clear the zone... seth jones over to alexander wennberg... that's two-zip columbus. the pucks kept flying at goalie "andrej vasilevskiy" all night.. . 38 ?shots in all. and ?five of them... got past him. the bolts lose 5 to one.
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hav egiven up 14 goals in those 3 games alone!!!!! they hope to right the ship tomorrow night, ?in st. louis. guess who's back... again? some golfer named "tiger woods." he's competing in his first p-g-a tour this week... after taking 15 ?months off to recover from back surgery. one of ?several injuries that's sidelined woods the past few years... dropping his world ranking from number ?one... all the way down to 897th! woods is competing in the "hero world challenge" in the bahamas, a tournament he actually ?hosts. the first round begins tomorrow. woods addressed the media this week... to say what he
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and... the next to last college football playoff rankings were just released last night. and not a lot of movement. alabama and ohio state still but after michigan ?lost to ohio state... they slipped to fifth place. right now, "clemson" and "washington" are 3 and 4... getting the last two playoff spots. but all that could still change this weekend... when bama, "clemson" and "washington" all play their conference championship games. the big 10 title game could ?also shake things up... because those two teams... wisconsin and penn state... are ranked 6 and 7 in this poll. and as for the florida teams... f-s-
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when we come back, i'll have another check on your wednesday forecast. plus... a million dollar robbery in manhattan, all caught on camera. why the thief was able to just ?walk away. kisses deluxe chocolates. with a whole roasted hazelnut, delicate crisps and layers of rich, creamy chocolate, they're twice the size of the kisses chocolates you love.
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in other headlines this morning: we're learning more about what may have caused a deadly plane crash in colombia... killing almost an ?entire soccer team. investigators also think the pilot may have been a hero... ?saving several lives. the plane crashed late monday night in medellin, colombia killing 76 people. another ?five actually survived. and investigators say those people survived... because the plane never caught fire after crashing. a likely reason there was no fire... the plane was almost out of fuel. investigators think the pilot ?dumped the fuel to prevent an explosion... knowing the plane was going down. before the crash, the pilot also reported electrical problems. tens of thousands of people gathered last night in havana's revolution square... to pay tribute to fidel castro. it's the same plaza where the cuban leader delivered fiery speeches after he seized power. more than half-a-dozen world leaders also took part. there is also a funeral set
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?celebrating castros death today. they're planning a big rally at the "bay of pigs memorial" in little havana... for all those affected by castro's regime. "isis" is now claiming responsibility for the attack this week on the ohio state campus. on tuesday , the terror group called "abdul razak ali artan" one of it's quote, "soldiers." artan never ?formally pledged allegiance to isis, or mentioned them during the attack. but investigators think he may have been ?inspired by them. into a crowd and then ?stabbed several people... before campus police officer shot and killed him. 11 people were injured in the attack, but everyone survived. and... some crazy surveillance video out of new york city. it shows a man walking past the back of a truck in midtown manhattan. he sees a bucket back there... and suddenly decides to ?grab it, and carry it away. the incident happened about two months ago, but the n-y-p-d is ?still looking for him. that's because the
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one point six ?million dollars. that truck belonged to an armored truck company and it was left open while the drivers were doing a pickup. still ahead in our next half hour: tech toys are always the hottest holiday gifts. even for ?thieves. a new warning, about holiday ?hackers. plus... fox 13's shayla reaves is
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