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tv   Good Day Tampa Bay 7AM  FOX  November 30, 2016 7:00am-8:00am EST

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((russell- death and destruction. wildfires >>russell: death and destruction. wildfires burning nearom the effort to stop the flames from spreading. >>jennifer: instant millionaires. enough money to tell the boss they quit. the 20 co-workers who are sharing an enormous lottery jackpot. >>russell: this will set you off. a lost dog thrilled to be reunited with her owners. the owners turned their backs on her and brought home a new dog
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"good day." i'm russell rhodes. >>jennifer: and i'm jep jep filling in for laura moody. first you might want to avoid 56th street and hillsborough avenue. we have more on that. >>vanessa: it looks like we have a pretty serious motorcyclist involved crash here at north 56th street and hillsborough avenue. we have the intersection mostly blocked here and we have delays building in all directions. now, we do know there's some injuries of some sort that are reported here at last check b nature and we might deal with an extended closure in the area. we would avoid this area if you can. we do have work arounds for you. instead of 56th, take harny -- harney or 40th street. >>dave: we have a little fog in the middle of polk county. that's where it seems to be concentrated, that plus eastern citrus and sumter.
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you're getting ready to walk out the door. temperatures, there are a lot of us still in the lower 70s. not to mention it's humid as well. high temperatures today should easily make it back to the lower 80s with a mixture of clouds and sunshine. let me tell you, off to the northwest it's been a whole different ballgame. look at the radar and hefty storms from tennessee all the way down to louisiana, doing damage. this is video of winston county, mississippi as these storms came rolling through and we have had reports of tornados. we have tornado watches out from louisiana all the way up to parts of tennessee at this hour. we also know there have been three lives lost in northeast alabama last night, very early this morning with some of those storms as well. only thing good out of all of this would be the fact we are getting some rain to work its way and take care of those wildfires up in tennessee. >>russell: you're right but the damage from those wildfires
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heartbreaking. 250 building structures gone, hundreds of people left homeless. at least three people have died, many more are missing. flames came dangerously close to dollywood, too. firefighters were able to protect that tourist attraction but they felt helpless in other places. jackie shows us the aftermath. >> i have now been able to confirm the loss of three lives. >>reporter: the deadly wildfires may have settled down smoky mountains of tennessee but heavy winds could whip the fires back up. this after rain mostly extinguished the flames early tuesday morning. >> when you've got wind up to 87 miles an hour pushing fire, i mean, people were basically running for their lives. >>reporter: more than 100 homes and buildings were lost in the raging fires after evacuation orders forced thousands out of the resort town of gatlinburg. >> it's a little numbing, to be honest with you, to see the extent of the damage.
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gatlinburg was not spared, losing everything he has. >> i had an opportunity to drive through town and confirm the fact that my house was gone and my business of 31 years is gone. >>reporter: the president elect is offering any help necessary. >> i just got off the phone with president elect trump expressing sorrow for what's happy. with many narrowly escaping. >> i walked outside of my door and i looked to the right and the whole mountain was on fire. the police finally showed up, told us she wouldn't give us a ride because we have two small chihuahuas so we had to walk down the middle of gatlinburg on the parkway. >>reporter: thousands are living in emergency shelters that have been set up while a dozen people
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both a blessing and a curse. some rain overnight but strong winds helped the fire spread. >>jennifer: 7:05. a crash on the i-4 selmon connector caused a man to plummet 33 feet down over an overpass. amazingly, he is still alive but this morning, the search is on for the truck that caught the crash. good you can just imagine you're involved in one crash and seconds later, you're involved in a second crash. that is exactly what happened to a man tuesday morning here in tampa and authorities are looking for a driver who did not stick around after losing part of his load on the roadway. i want you to take a look at this area. this is what we're talking about. this happened on the crosstown
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according to the florida highway patrol, it was right around 9:30 in the morning when a northbound truck spilled gravel, causing several drivers to lose control and strike a barrier wall. a 24-year-old man checked for damages and another driver plowed into him and his car. first striking the wall, then sending the man over it. he's in the hospital receiving treatment for serious injuries and according to authorities, the truck responsible for and continued on to i-4. florida highway patrol is asking anyone with any information about this accident or if there's anything you might have seen and you did not report it to certainly reach out and give florida highway patrol a call. back to you. >>jennifer: thank you. we'll talk soon. grief counselors will be available today for students at lake alfred adair school in winter haven. a teenage classmate was killed
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>>russell: he's 14 years old. he was accidentally shot while playing with a shotgun and a 16-year-old friend. they were inside a motel room when 19-year-old hoover gave him the gun. he said, he claimed it didn't have any bullets. no criminal charges against anyone. >>jennifer: there's now a $10,000 reward for information that helps catch a group of gun store burglars. the suspects break in through the front of the tampa arms company on waters avenue. stealing about 40 guns. it's the third large scale burglary of a tampa gun shop since may. if you know who did it, call crime stoppers. >>russell: a judge in polk county refuses to reduce the sentence for former teacher jennifer fichter. she's serving a prison sentence for having sex with three students. she faces additional charges in hillsborough county and those cases are still pending.
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protestors went to jail yesterday for blocking traffic in ybor city. they sat down in the middle of north 21st street and they refused to move. most of the other protests were peaceful. nothing out of the ordinary. they were part of a national demonstration by minimum wage workers demanding $15 an hour. and it's not just fast food employees. some of them work in health and child care. >>russell: here we go. this is a story causing a lot of heartbreak, outrage and anger among animal lovers. in los an over the fence and ended up at animal control. and when the owners came to pick her up, something happened. see there in the video? the dog's tail is wagging, she's excited. she sees her owners. do you know what? they just walked away. video was posted by a worker. the owners say their dog had
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they wanted a new, happier puppy. so they just left the dog at the shelter and took a new puppy home. many vanessa just said, what's wrong with people? i agree with you, vanessa. the staff at the shelter was heart broken. they've renamed the dog zuzu. do you know that name? it's the daughter of the movie "it's a wonderful life" and posted video to the facebook page asking for someone to give zuzu a wonderful zuzu will be up for adoption starting friday. >>jennifer: that just breaks my heart. she'll go to a deserving family, someone that takes good care of her. we'll talk about the president elect's upcoming victory tour and a series of tweets from this morning about how he plans to handle his business and the presidency.p>>russell: and the the big powerball jackpot over the weekend. 20 co-workers can all afford to
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day. >>dave: that could have been us but we wouldn't have quit because we love our job. 7:10. 71 degrees in the tampa area. 72 brandon, 70 in clearwater. it's warm, it's muggy, folks. we also have a little bit of fog in polk county and up toward the north in sumter county. southeast winds pumping in the moisture today. clouds, sunshine, breezy, 82 for a high. tomorrow, i know, only a 30%
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7:13. look at this. is that not beautiful? hilton clearwater beach camera. that's gorgeous. as you go further inland, hey, this is beautiful as well with the clear skies and the brookdale bayshore camera. then you get over to polk county and you've got some low clouds. yu've got some fog we're dealing with. so again, a little different picture for you. lakeland net camera, don't worry because this low cloud cover, this fog should quickly burn off this morning and the patches
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bartow and once again in eastern citrus county. these are two spots we're dealing with fog this morning. you may once again have to deal with it tomorrow morning as well so that's a heads up for tomorrow at this time. 68 degrees in lakeland. 66 in brooksville and it's still 71 degrees on the hourlies. we never got below 70 in tampa. amazing considering 75 is our normal high temperature for this time of these boxes, red boxes of tornado watches, we still have those from parts of tennessee, georgia, alabama, mississippi, down to louisiana. millions under a tornado watch this morning. we've already had damage in mississippi. unfortunately, loss of life in northeastern alabama. up to eastern tennessee, a place that desperately needs the rain the most, look how heavy the rain is coming down right now. that has to be good news.
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strong wind gust with these thunderstorms and this line but just in general, to the north, this is beneficial rain. to the south, we have to look out for that severe weather first thing this morning. interesting thing, though. when this line finally makes it to us, there's nothing left to it. all of the energy is going to move toward the northeast so this front comes whimpering into the area tomorrow. clouds, maybe a quick shower but that's really about it. our rain chances still stay low and only around 30%. the one thing it will do that will be noticeable is by the time we get to friday, we'll start to dry it out a little bit. it's going to be pretty warm and humid today. doesn't feel like november 30. good news. end of the hurricane season today. that just popped into my head. 82 for a high temperature with variable clouds. tonight overnight lows will be around 69, maybe 70 degrees. areas that have fog now will probably have it again tomorrow
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more clouds, maybe a quick shower tomorrow with a high temperature around 79 degrees. again, 30% rain chance the best i've got for you. seas running two to four feet with a moderate chop, low tide at 8:42 with a high tide at 3:45 later today. next seven days, another 30% rain chance monday and tuesday. we're humid the next couple of days and then it drys out and then humid again by the >>vanessa: and we do have an unfortunate update here regarding that motorcyclist crash at 56th and hillsborough. we're learning that's now confirmed fatality according to fhp so we could probably expect the intersection to be blocked a few more hours and i gave you some work arounds. i certainly recommend avoiding the area because the delays are pretty heavy. you can say harney or the east bound-westbound direction, sligh avenue or mlk.
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get you some live pictures as soon as possible. a reported school bus crash on buoyette road and fish hawk boulevard. some delays stacking up eastbound and westbound at the intersection along fishhawk so i'm just checking the sky fox shot now. we'll let you know when they get there and in the meantime, i'm tell you to avoid >>jennifer: 2016 is almost over which means that literary minds can celebrate the official word of the year or maybe not. that's because has named zenophobia. fear or hatred of foreigners. they said, quote, this particular year saw fear rising to the surface of cultural discourse.
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skyrocketed by 938% after the brexit vote came back. earlier this month, oxford dictionaries named post truth its 2016 word of the year. circumstances in which objective facts are left influential and shaping public opinion that appeals to emotion and personal belief. its use also spiked after brexit. the decision was based on the social >>russell: a plant in tennessee had 20 workers hit the powerball. you know that big one, $421 million, lump sum payment $259 million. it's almost $13 million apiece for these folks. the group had been buying $120 worth of tickets every wednesday and saturday. the woman responsible for buying the tickets, i don't think her name is anne marie, went to but
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>> i just went to bed. i'll just check it in the morning. ain't going to be no winner. well, i got up, made a pot of coffee for my husband. my son saw the fayette in the paper. i went, grabbed my tickets, the third ticket, there it was. >>russell: i love her. the group calls themselves the tennessee 20. most already know how they're going to spend some of the mone college for kids, medical bills even. and yeah, most of them have already quit their jobs. good for them. good for them. >>jennifer: nice. the most bang for your buck. coming up, at 7:30, why you might want to consider selling your home. >>russell: and the battle of the bulge. a lot of people are not paying attention to the fast food lane. they're clueless about the calories, or maybe they don't want to know. what's going on?
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if i go down that road, i don't want to know. >>charley: off the top of my head in the last hour, i said short leaves and christmas trees. and doesn't that -- that sounds like a great country music. short sleeves and christmas trees, it's a florida holiday for me. >>russell: jimmy buffett song. >>charley: and a margarita. >>russell: just right it. copyright it. we'll >>charley: give me 10% of it. they built this, this year. it's santa's tree top lodge for christmas in the wild. and guess who is behind that red door? santa. stick around, everybody.
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this season, unwrap disney magic... where smiles have no limit... and wonder fills the air. where joy is the reason for it all... and everything is better together.
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feel the magic again and again... ...become an annual passholder now and get 13 months
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((jen welcome back to good day tampa bay. the time is >>jennifer: time is 7:23. investigators might know the cause colombia soon. >>russell: they found the two black boxes in perfect condition. this was a chartered flight carrying a soccer team to a game. six survivors. there would have been four more passengers but for some reason, they didn't get on the plane. here's a radar image as the plane was nearing the airport, flying over the a andes mountai. the plane circled before crashing.
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causing the pilot to declare an emergency. it's possible the pilot did not know they were about to hit a mountain. it was about 10:00 at night. president of brazil declaring three days of national mourning. fans were lighting damages and leaving notes outside. in a gesture of goodwill, the colombian team they were going to play for the championship wants the trophy just given to the brazilians. >>jennifer: u.s. officials say ohio state university may have been self radicalized. he was shot and killed monday after driving his car into a group of pedestrians, then stabbing them. he was a permanent u.s. resident and o.s.u. student but was born in somalia. isis claims he was one of their soldiers but investigators say he had no communication with any terror groups and this was a lone wolf attack. >>russell: former nfl star
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four states for raping four women and drugging them. sharper has already done two years while waiting for a -- his trial and his sentence. >> i really hope this case, especially how long it's gone on for, can encourage young women, young adults to stand up for their rights and not be intimidated by fame. they don't deserve to continue to live the life they live. >>russell: sharper had a 14-year career in the nfl. he played for the packers and the saints. he won the super bowl with new orleans. >>jennifer: people in cuba are mourning the death of fidel castro. tens of thousands went to havana yesterday to pay tribute. that's the same plaza where the cuban leader made several
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the official guest list, about 20 pages long but absent from that list are representatives from the u.s. and russia. there are still celebrations in miami over castro's death. >>dave: 7:26. a little fog in polk county this morning. heads up for that, especially between bartow and winter haven and eastern citrus county. doesn't feel like the end of november and 71 in tampa, 72 in 70 in wesley chapel, mid to upper 60s everywhere else and highs today, do go back to the lower 80s. quick shower tomorrow but that rain chance only 30%. and then by friday, it gets a little drier with highs in the mid 70s. >>vanessa: thank you. still watching the crash involving a motorcyclist. we still have lane blocks there in the intersection and delays pretty much all directions through this intersection so continue to avoid once again.
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motorcyclist involved crash and it's a confirmed fatality. with that, we'll get to an update here. we had sky fox, once they arrived on scene at the reported school bus crash, they did see that really there was only one vehicle left. some good news is we're seeing some clearing of the lanes here and some improvements with the delays and we're also hearing that there are no injuries for anybody who was on board that bus. updated look at the drive times, looks good here on the major roadways. it should only take eight minute frankland bridge getting into tampa. >>russell: this is mind boggling. we'll tell you about the amount of a check, the money of a check that boxer floyd mayweather hasn't spent yet. >>jennifer: and making recess a
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? think of your fellow man. ? ? lend him a helping hand. ? ? put a little love in your heart. ? ? take a good look around... ? ? ...and if you're lookin' down, ? ? put a little love in your heart. ? ?put a little love in your heart.? ? in your heart. ? and will have given ninety million dollars
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(jen- welcome back to good day tampa bay. >>jennifer: welcome back. time is 7:31. president elect donald trump is leaving on a victory tour as his incoming cabinet continues to take shape. >>russell: he sent out a series of tweets saying he will leave his business in total to focus doug is in washington with more on all of this. i guess you assumed it but i guess it's a big deal when he puts it out there. >> we don't know what he's talking about, though. i read those tweets to indicate he's stepping away from the operations of the business, not necessarily the ownership of it. that does get pretty complicated. he's going to have a press
7:32 am
more information then. meantime, trump had a high profile dinner in new york last night with mitt romney. this may not look like the most comfortable dinner in the world, but there was president elect trump and his incoming chief of staff breaking bread with mitt romney last night. >> we had another discussion about affairs throughout the world. >>reporter: this is the second time he's met with trump amid speculation he's being state despite opposition from many trump supporters. at trump tower in new york, mean time, the parade of candidates continues. elaine chao, former labor secretary, chosen for transportation. all will need senate approval will may be a layup for chao whose husband is mitch mc con nel.
7:33 am
was going to recuse myself. i will not be recusing myself. >>reporter: trump is prepare to go head out on a victory tour with another stop in indiana. carrier air conditioning just announced a deal with trump to keep 1,000 jobs in the united states. and then there is nancy pelosi. she's up for re-election today as house minority leader facing real skepticism from some of her fellow candidates, including tim her. >> what i've been telling him is look. in one vote you're going to rebrand our party. you're going to have a new messenger. you're going to have a new message and you're going to have a guy like me who will run all over the country and campaign. >>reporter: we'll see. nancy pelosi is a survivor and she knows how to count votes. she was asked about this yesterday, whether she had enough support to retain her job as house minority leader and her
7:34 am
>>russell: all right. thanks. see you later on. >>jennifer: a lot of people will attend the inauguration in january. some will go first class. there are price packages ranging from $25,000 up to a million. the perks vary. the higher the price, the more access a person gets to hang out near the president elect. if you have that type of money, you can go online to book a package. and if at first you don't succeed, try, try again. and that's advocates of mandatory recess are doing. >>russell: this bill died last year but new this morning, the recess debate will be reunited. we're going to talk about both sides of this debate. how are you doing? >>reporter: how are you doing this morning? this morning i have mainly the supporters of this bill, the women who have been working hard to get this bill passed in the
7:35 am
leading the charge on this but i know last year when this -- earlier this year when the bill was being considered, pinellas county schools decided to go ahead and take charge on things. if you could just explain what they did and how that's worked out this school year. >> so last year when the senate and house of representatives were considering our bill, pinellas county schools said they were going to provide students with recess in elementary considered, what ended up happening is, you know, everyone thought that recess was definitely going to happen. and our bill didn't quite make it all the way. this year what's happened is the expectation for what recess truly is in pinellas county schools has morphed so that only 53% of students in pinellas county elementary schools are currently getting any recess.
7:36 am
defining recess as -- for the 53% as being indoors doing go noodle, brain breaks which isn't the same as getting outdoors and fresh air. so what we want is 100% of students in pinellas schools getting recess, at least on the days they're not getting p.e. >> and 20 minutes a day is what the bill says, five days a week, 20 minutes a day for the kids to have outdoor play. if you could j important that is, there's all kinds of studies that supports this gets the wiggles out for kids. it's good for social development as well. >> correct. every study shows that students need to get outside and learn to kind of interact with each other and it's also important for how students process what they've learned in the classroom. even adults need a couple of minutes' break to kind of take a minute, think about what they've
7:37 am
and 6-year-old, 7-year-olds need that time, too. it's really important for them to get the wiggles out and studies show they test better, they're more attentive judge f-- attentive and focused. >> the hope here is that this time around, it will actually make it to the floor of the senate for a vote. the main road block that was holding it up last time around, a certain senator has now stepped down. he's not run for pass the sen aate just like it d in the house last spring. >>russell: thank you. >>jennifer: knowing the calorie count in fast food is not doing much to discourage people from eating it. new research shows fast food customers aren't paying attention to those listings. even if they are, many have no idea how many calories they should consume each day. a high percentage end up eating more than they should.
7:38 am
locations nationwide must display calorie counts on the menu. a lot of them already do. all right. in case you don't know, here's how many calories you should eat every day to maintain your current weight. 2,000 a day for women, 2,500 a day for men. if you want to lose a pound of weight per week, that means you should cut 500 calories out of your diet every day. >>russell: 500? >>jennifer: 500. that's a lot. >>russell: aot like dorothy from the wizard of oz. no place like home. census figures show the number of people moving this year has fallen to an all-time low of 11.2%. of those people who did move since the first of the year, 20% did it for a better job. 27 chose to move for family issues while most did it to upgrade a home or an apartment. and we have this. home buyers are paying more.
7:39 am
in july of 2006. that's before the big crash. there's still parts of the country where home prices remain below the peak. not here. not at all. here in tampa bay, home prices are skyrocketing. they're going up even faster than our personal income is. and our money adviser geoff simon is here to talk about that. hey. >> good morning. >>russell: let's start with the home prices and then talk about personal income. >> home double digit pace. we're seeing the average home price in florida at $220,000. that's the median. and that's up 12%. what else do you have that's going up 12% in value? hillsborough, that's also $220,000. up 16%. pinellas up 15% at 210. pasco up 17% at 180,000 in the
7:40 am
that's up 13%. so big gains all across the board. >>russell: sounds great if you have the money to buy it. >> or if you own it. if you own it, you're looking great. a few years ago those prices were practically cut in half. >>russell: sure. so all right. look. if you're looking to sell and you see those numbers and you go, great, it's time to sell, and if you can, try to buy something else, but you've got to find that person who can afford to buy it. >> the good news is, m have more disposable income so there are more people able to buy those homes. you know, we saw that incomes flat lined for awhile but not this past year. incomes across the united states have risen substantially. median income in the united states -- the highest income in the bay area is in sarasota.
7:41 am
income. that's up about 2 1/2% but pinellas is up almost 4%, hillsborough is up more than 4%, all around 44,000, 43,000. those are pretty substantial. manatee is a little lower at 43.5 but that's up 4%. pasco is up almost 4%. hernando is at 33,700, up 3.8 followed by polk at 33.7, up 2.3 and that's the biggest gain but also the lowest at this point in time. but we're seeing gains that are above the rate of inflation so when it comes to home buying or just buying a car or taking care of your family's expenses, people's personal incomes are really on the rise this year. >>russell: is had a "but" here? this all sounds like great news to me. >> it is great news. unemployment is below 5%.
7:42 am
the rate of inflation. there are a lot of claims during the election that we're really in bad shape. not the case here in florida. that's for sure. people are doing well. >>russell: wow. shall we just end it? i mean, i'm looking for something gray in the silver lining but it seems like it's all there today. >> wages are definitely rising across the board and this is good for the economy because we're in the holiday season. we saw retail sales over thanks gi through the christmas holiday so enjoy and celebrate. >>russell: let's go to breakfast. see you later. >>dave: in sports, kind of a night to forget for the tampa bay lightning. they got blown out by the blue jackets on the road 5-1. there was a goal with three minutes left in the game. that's what kept it from being a shutout. the lightning have lost three in a row. they're playing st. louis
7:43 am
washington capitals. how about this? the buccaneers made a big jump in the power rankings after that 14-5 win over the seahawks on sunday. they're now 18th out of 32 teams. that's five spots higher than a week ago. the bucs play the chargers in san diego on sunday. that game starts at 4:25 and you can watch it right here on fox 13. the cowboys are still number one in the power rankings after winning a 10th straight game. patriots second and raiders climb into the third spot this week. okay. here it is. an update of the playoff rankings in college football. top four teams will compete for the national championship. alabama still number one. ohio state is second, clemson third and then washington, michigan sitting at number five with wisconsin at six. the final rankings will come out on sunday with a national championship game in tampa on
7:44 am
again, it's not because he needs the money. he put a picture out of a 100 million check. ultimately i will always have the last laugh. this is just one of my many checks, a cool $100 million, that i still have every dime of. that's the check he got, of course, for boxing pacquiao last year. career finishing 49-0. wow. 70 degrees. a little bit of fog inland but a beautiful day nonetheless. feels more like summer, doesn't it? we'll talk about rain chances
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>>dave: 7 chl:47 from the riverw camera this morning and that south-southeast wind at eight miles an hour. it's a little windy where the camera is, but it's a pretty start to the day. as you turn the camera around, we've had some fog in low clouds and that's what we're seeing over in lakeland and really, the fog, the low clouds have been confined to polk county and then also up in sumter county. those are the two spots like little bull's dropped. everybody reporting great. even winter haven 10 miles but that one spot right in the middle of polk county, watch out for that. temperatures today, well above normal. easily get back to the lower 80s ahead of this cold front. look at the severe weather this morning. tornado watches are out literally from tennessee to georgia, alabama, mississippi and down into louisiana. unfortunately, three lives were lost overnight in northeast
7:49 am
state, it's going to completely fall apart. well, almost completely fall apart. there may be a quick shower left over for us. we're not going to get a lot of rain as the front comes through tomorrow. breezy, warm with a high around 82 degrees and for tonight, warm, muggy with some clouds. 69 for a low. tomorrow, more clouds and a quick shower with a high around 79 degrees. really, 30%, that's all we've got for a rain chance. for friday and saturday, it drys out and then it's like humid, dry, humid. that's your seven-day forecast. a couple of 30% rain chances for monday and tuesday. vanessa? >>vanessa: thank you. watching a sky fox shot off camera here, give me a second. i'm going to pop tup. this is 56th at hillsborough. we're still watching lane blocks there in the intersection following that deadly motorcycle crash, continue to avoid. we have a new crash reported out of palmetto. lane blocks here as well along
7:50 am
delays in the southbound direction. usually we see those type of delays this type of morning heading our way but it might be slower. give yourself extra time as you travel 41. >>russell: we're learning more about kanye west's stay in a los angeles hospital. a week ago he was admitted to a psychiatric hold. "people" magazine reporting that west is very paranoid and being kept under constant watch. theme close to the rapper say he usually has big downs but this time, it seems to be a much more serious than that. 39-year-old was hospitalized shortly after he cancelled the rest of his saint pablo tour. >>jennifer: katy perry and orlando bloom are sparking engagement rumors after the sing he were was wearing a massive rock on her ring finger monday night. people can't stop talking about them. the two were out to dinner at the polo bar in new york city. the ring is an oval cut yellow
7:51 am
dainty baguettes. perry and bloom have been dating for 10 months. >>russell: there it is. >>jennifer: nice. >>russell: let's check in with charley belcher right now. >>charley: "good day." >>russell: what? >>charley: sometimes i wish you could see what's happening behind-the-scenes. >>jennifer: can we? >>charley: nah. nah. probably get fired. we're planning out this nd side >>jennifer: what? what? what is it? >>charley: it's another door. but on the other side of that door, santa claus. he's here. he's here until the 23rd. christmas in the wild. santa is getting a little wild at tampa lowry park zoo. we're going through that door
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y26pry yy6y ? santa claus is coming to town? >>charley: "good day." i'm charley belcher coming to you from lowry park zoo in tampa. we made it to the second door. all right. let's see if this works. santa? santa? santa? >> hi, guys. >>charley: look at this. the sheldon cooper knock works every time.
7:55 am
and santa. >> ho, ho, ho. >>charley: how are you, sir? good to see you. >> what can we get you for christmas, young man? >>charley: let me get back to you on that. i'm still thinking. scott, i know what you want for christmas. you want lots of people to come out to lowry park zoo for christmas in the wild. >> it's a great new family tradition here and it's really a great way to celebrate the holiday. we have e we have animals. it's just the ideal way to celebrate the holiday season. >>charley: there's music, there's food. >> there's music, food, you name it. anything you want to celebrate the holidays are right here. even gift giving, for example. perfect example. if you guys want to give the ideal gift, a membership to the zoo so you can come to this event and all of 2017. >>charley: the zoo stays open until 10:00 at night. it's just a different experience. or you can come after 4:00 and
7:56 am
you don't have to pay an extra ticket. you see decorations and it's going to be friday and saturday nights at first and then more as we get closer to christmas. >> as we get closer and closer to christmas. from the 16th of december to the 23rd, it's every single night. santa has to take a little vacation but the rest of the event will be hopping from the 26th through the 30th. >>charley: nice. you look good. you feel good. are you ready for your big day? >> absolutely. what do i want for christmas? i think -- let me get a little philosophical for you. it's been a tumultuous year. it seems like everybody is a little snipey and cynical. how about for christmas, i would like everybody just to be a little happier. >> excellent idea. >>charley: can you do that for me? >> are you asking for world peace? >>charley: that's probably -- let's just start with tampa.
7:57 am
>> yes. we can. but we can give you world peace. >> you go outside and you whirl them over your head so you get whirled peace. >>charley: thanks, santa. you get coal this year. stick around. we're getting you ready for christmas. christmas in the wild. stay tuned and let's make it a
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
do you know this gang of gun thieves? not only could you get stolen weapons off the so do you know in gang of thieves not only could you help get stolen weapons off the streets you could also get $10,000 reward. breaking overnight severe weather across much of the south. several people are killed when a tornado touches down on a mobile home. >> from tampa bay's number one news tampa bay. hey ekdz it's 8 o'clock i'm russell rhodes. laura moody has morning off thanks for waking on wednesday november 30th. is dave outside? he's not right there. i am assuming he is. where did he go in that was in break room. sorry we got to talk about this. yeah. no. unfortunately, 5 people have been killed in this storm moving across southeast three of them in this tornado in northeastern alabama. in town of ross lee happened late last night even this


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