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tv   Good Day Tampa Bay 9AM  FOX  November 30, 2016 9:00am-10:00am EST

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the military draft. should it include women? the latest move to that puts the "selec the draft. should it include the latest move that puts the selective service system in jeopardy. >> low and slow, yumminess. vanessa is gourmeting her way to our stomachs with this easy crock pot roast. crock pot pot roast. crock pot pot roast. >> crock crock crock >> [ laughter ] >> crock pot pot roast. >> sorry. hi everybody i'm jen epstein. laura moody has the morning off. sorry. >> she's at lucky one she go away from us didn't she? and this is what i have to work with. every day. every day. all right.
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i'm going to guarantee something. when's last time i did that? been a long time. i can't even recall. i guarantee you >> yes. today's high temperature will be above normal. >> okay. oh. you know how you know that? how do you know that? because it already is. 75 is our normal high we're there a 9 o'clock in the morning. there it is. am i going to right or right? >> right. >> that's okay. he walked right out of there. mic drop. no. okay. so yes. wow. 75 in tampa. 77 in brandon. 75 in sarasota. i mean these temperatures today, just juicy out here. honestly it does feel like a late summer day versus november 30th. we're going to easily back up into the lower 80s. it wouldn't surprise me to see a couple spots in the mid 80s for highs today.
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so 82 to 84 for highs today. tomorrow some clouds and 30 percent rain chance and high temperature of 79. >> all right. dave, thanks. it's 9:02. if you're just joining we're still dealing with lane blocks here 56th hillsborough following a deadly motorcycle involved crash. so it's actually still right there in the intersection at last check we have heavy delays through intersection in many directions. so continue to avoid work arounds and if yo 40th or harney. and then in the eastbound westbound direction, you can take sligh or mlk. vietnam war controversial conflict that lasted for year, around 60,000 american troops were killed or died because of the war. a lot of them were drafted. families torn apart because their young sons were called to action. no one has been drafted since 1973. but still to this day, around the young man's 18th birthday.
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if military needs their service. it's called the selective service system. women are not required. but there's ab push to change that. especially since secretary of defense ash cart ear announced that women can do any job in the military a man can do. but with this change there was push for women to be included in the draft so young women would get that same letter as men. >> now this has been debated all year as part annual defense budget bill now in women in the draft stripped, the entire selective service system is under fire. and this bill, if approved, will require the military to review the need for it. military leaders don't want it. they learned from vietnam that troops drafted do not fight as well as those that are there of their own free will. plus they say military is changing and the u.s. will use fewer large scale deployments and more smaller flexible units. >> this new bill is expected to
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if review the draft finds it needed women's right activist women won't included in draft while republican haves control of congress in the white house. but if draft is deemed unnecessary, it will save taxpayers $23 million a year. he's not even president yet but president-elect trump can claim a victory on the job front. had planned to shut down its plant in indiana and move it to election they reconsidered they talked wit now carrier says they've reached an agreement and will stay in the u.s. president-elect trump and advice prey le pens will go in indiana on thursday to unveil this agreement. earlier this more than president-elect trump tweeted he will leaving his company completely. he tweeted quote here i will hold major news conference on december 15th to discuss the fact that i will be leaving my business in order to fully focus on running the country. he continued to say that he is
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he just wants to make certain that there's no conflict of interest. president-elect trump also said there are legal documents being drafted right now to do this. because "the presidency is far more important task." and filling his cabinet for positions for his administration is president-elect's top priority right now. and doug luzader has latest on that. >> democrats here on capital hill will pelosi stays or goes a house minority leader. who had a very high profile dinner in new york last night. this may not look like the most comfortable dinner in the world but there was president-elect trump and his incoming chief of staff breaking bread with mitt romney ood discussion about affair throughs out world. rom romney wouldn't say much after ward but second time he
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secretary of state despite opposition from many trump supporters. and trump tower in new york meantime the parade of job candidates continues. georgia congressman tom price elected to health and human services. former goldman sack exec picked for treasury secretary elaine chao former labor secretary chosen for transportation. all will need senate approval which may be a lay up for chao whose husband senate mitch mcconnell. someone actually asked ste if i was going recuse myself i not be recusing myself trump preparing to head out victory tower this week with rally planned tomorrow in ohio. with another stop in indiana. where carrier air conditioning just announce ad deal with trump to keep 1,000 jobs in the united states. then there is nancy pelosi. she's up for reelection today as house minority leader facing real skepticism from some of her fellow democrats including one
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her. >> what i've telling them look, in one vote you're going to rebrand our party. you're going to have new messenger, a new message. you're going to have a guy like me who will run all over the country and campaign. but nanny pelosi is a survivor. she knows how to count votes. she was asked yesterday whether she had enough to continue as house minority leader. and her response was oh, please. on capitol ll fox news. i've probably seen this video ten times now i still can't get beyond it. that surveillance from tampa gun shop that wag burglarized early tuesday morning now $10,000 reward for anybody with information leading to an arrest. about 40 guns were taken during the burglary. shotguns, rifles handguns. all of those people rushing in. took about a minute to rush in get everything and get out. any moment any information is asked to call the hillsborough county sheriff's office.
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morning for driver of a truck that caused a sear series of unfortunate events caused huge traffic back up yesterday during rush hour. fox 13 shayla reeves is along lee roy selmon expressway where a man fell 30 feet off the side of the road. shayla. >> yes, an amazingly he survived that fall. and the focus for florida highway patrol right now is finding the truck responsible for what was ultimately described now here is a look at the area we're talking about. this all unfolded around 9:30 in morning tuesday near crosstown connector approaching i-4. according to a florida highway patrol and northbound trucks filled gravel causing several drivers to lose control and trike strike barrier wall a 24 year old man checked for damages we learned that another driver plowed right into him and his car. first striking the wall, then
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well he fell more than 30 feet to the ground. was transported to the hospital where we've now learned his condition has improved. he's been upgraded to fair condition in the last several hours. and at this point, we can say, that the truck responsible for spilling the gravel continued traveling down the roadway. they continued traveling on to i-4. and troopers are asking anyone out there if you have any information to please go ahead patrol according to a spokesperson for the agency, this is believed to be some type of commercial truck that left the scene of this gravel spill. so you're encouraged to go ahead and report any information to troopers working this case. guys, back to you in the studio. all right thank you, shayla. >> there's been a big shake up at tampa general hospital. the hospital ceo and president has resigned. we learned this at the annual
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night. jim burghardt has head of the hospital for four years. now there's no word yet on why. but the lighting ceremony was his last official duty. tgh says steve short the cfo will be in charge while the search for his replacement begins. it's beginning to feel a lot like christmas. maybe not here, but there. tonight new york they will flip the switch on nation's most famous christmas tree. rockefeller center tree will light norway spruce stands 94 feet tall. second largest tree to ever grace the plaza. and this is what will top it. also puts into perspective how big this tree is. this is a look at the star posted on rockefeller center facebook page. topper itself nearly ten feet tall weighs more than 500
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sparking crystals. swavsh ski crystals. build well, hello gorgeous. she's finally going to be here in tampa. barbara streisand amalie arena show starts tonight we checked ticketmaster early this morning some tickets still available nose bleeds going for $150 a piece to get on ground it will cost you $400 per >> nothing? you're not going squeal, do anything? just delivering the news. 'm going. already seen her once this year. going for the second time. well you know still lots more ahead including why the government wants you to complain more about your car. we'll explain a little later. and we know who they are. at tennessee 20 as they are called a whole lot richer this morning. but what will these powerball winners do now?
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coming up next. and charley is out again. getting into christmas spirit with pretty wild things. yes indeed all sorts of fun events happening over next month we will try to bring them all to you as many as possible. we're starting lowry park zoo with christmas in the wild. animal santa decorations, trees, everywhere. and there's food from clever cocktails to all sorts of scrumptious to decadent desserts. yeah. that is a bacon on a stick chocolate marshmallow and graham cracker crumble as s'mores bacon thing. i'm going to eat it.
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((russell/wipe vo)) well.. if another group of waro >> if somebody else had to win powerball i guess. 20 workers from north american stamping group had a pool going. they won. we love how they found listen. >> well my son awe it on tv. he started text i know mama's bought that ticket. wake her up. wake her up they were shaking me i run. went in there grab my tickets. third ticket there it was. >> that's their anne me ma re. there it was. they said they never truly believed they'd win it they just bought it for fun. they took lump sum so before taxes they each get about 12 and a half million dollars. some the winners say they are
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work for at least a little while and at the very least a very merry christmas for those good folks. >> look at that. how many were in our pool? >> i which don't even know. >> 16. >> we would have money. we would have got more money. 75 degrees outside. we mention how warm it is. how humid it is. yeah. russell, also just told me getting back outside. i ran yesterday. i love it i may not ever do it again >> it's, still, different from working out in gym >> exhilarating being out in that fresh air. exhilarating that is word? that's word i'm looking for. brandon you're close do 80 degrees already this morning. tampa is at 75. palm harbor, pinellas park at 73. 75 in wesley chapel. it's november 30th, right? >> yeah. 75 in sarasota. lakewood ranch, myakka city. also in mid 70s over in sebring. and yeah, yeah, this is warmer
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some 3 to 8 degrees warmer than it was yesterday at this time. and now yesterday we made it up to about 83 degrees. and i see no reason why it doesn't happen again today. >> still some severe weather this morning. alabama, mississippi, louisiana, extreme northwest georgia. and well, at least they are get something rain up in eastern tennessee. so that line by the way is going to weaken as it moves toward the southeast. watch how fast it weakens with our future cast. li you can do it. oh. that's all that's left. by tomorrow afternoon. a few sprinkles on the map. that's all she wrote. high temperatures today around 82, 83 degrees. breezy, south winds keeping it warm and humid. looks like tomorrow near 79. just that 30 percent rain chance. and then it dries out for a couple of days friday and saturday. before the humidity comes back in again. late sunday, monday and tuesday, vanessa. >> all right.
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in our southern county area. and so sarasota, we're dealing with two. right now with lane blockage. northbound 75 at fruitville road. single lane blocked. we do have moderate delays heading towards that exit and a little bit beyond. so make sure planning a few extra minutes. as always remember your move over law from safety of those emergency crews you see working on site and any folks involved with that crash. here's second crash. actually not too far from where this other one is. reported along cattleman road and a fruitville road southbound some delays i'd avoid if you could so kalthsz man make sure you're avoiding that area south of fruitville road. i want to give you live look this is interchange. looks good. all right. thank you, vanessa. the pressure's on to do better on standardized tests. as a result, recess has suffered. now it's a luxury. and not every school has it. but now there's renewed hope for a law to make it mandatory. fox 13s kelly cowan has more. i know lot of parents are
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yeah, there is a big push to put recess back into their small student schedules. you know, already, we've had pinellas county after this legislation was first introduced. and failed last year try to make it a part of their students required day. put it back into their schedule. at least 20 minutes each day that they don't have have pe already. parents are simply saying that's not enough. they want 20 minutes recess every day for children kindergarten through fifth grade. and that's what this bill is aiming to do. now last spring, the same exact bill failed because it didn't make it out of senate committee. that's because the chair of that committee senator john legg said that this shouldn't be something that the state should mandate. it should be decided by the individual school districts themselves. that's simply isn't happening. according to most parents across
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simply too caught up in test preparation and in academic rigors that the state's demanding to actually allow for that 20 minutes a day of recess. >> we want all kids regardless of their background what school they are at, to have on the day's at least that they don't have p e that opportunity to go outside, get the wiggles out for a couple minutes and go back inside, refreshed. and ready to focus on the rest of their studies. >> so even though t bill failed in the spring, this new one that has been reintroduced and will hopefully make it to not only make it to the floor in both the house which overwhelming passed last time around hopefully make it oh noor senate this time around basically mirror image of that bill that failed last spring. it would require 5 days a week at least 20 minutes a day of free play recess just like these kids behind me are taking part
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kindergarten through fifth grade. like you were saying, jen. it's simply amazing that that simply not something that's happening for a lot of kids across our state right now. all right kelly, thank you. >> thanks. >> all right still wiped out from thanksgiving? well don't worry. vanessa will help you cook dinner tonight. and it's tasty. and a clean up is a snap. a slow cooker one pot pot roast. and charley is showing off the wild. he's at lowry park are definitely in the christmas
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the holidays don't officialy begin, until it's time to make: flaky, delicious, piping hot things. golden brown and sticky things.
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and blink and they're gone, those went fast things. make the oven one of the things they're most excited to open. it's baking season. warm up the holidays with pillsbury. good day tampa bay i'm charley belcher coming to you from
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why they are doing something called christmas in the wild friday and saturday night's for now. and then mid december every night up until holiday santa leaves on 23rd to do is his thing then extend all way rest month for fun festive happenings our chef is here to tell you you can't have christmas in wild without some wild concoctions creative cocktails all the way through food and desserts. chef, let's start with the cocktails. what do you got over here? all ri mistletoe. the wild, the spiked cider. the berry sangria. the specialty drink is the grinch. what's in the grinch? the grinch is me dora lime juice, sprite and vodka. and a little simple syrup. nice. make your liver grow three sizes one day. yeah. also we have the spiked eggnog. very nice. and then hopefully get a little cool. uh-huh. you've got hot drinks there.
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nutella with toasted marshmallow salted carpaler with ramp berry and peppermint. you're killing me. let's talk save sri snacks here paninis are our take on grilled cheeses. we do gourmet grilled cheese garden drilled. so we also came up with some for the winter. this roast turkey cranberry and brie. apple butter and cheddar. you can also pair these with soups. we have four different soups crepes. yes these are crepes. we have savory and sweet. these ones are the peach. and then in front of that one i have the steak with onion and mushroom with swiss cheese they are in santa's area. nice. let's go through desserts. i got to start with chocolate. we have double fudge chocolate cake. philadelphia cream cheese with red velvet and toasted pecans we have carpal ep apple cheese cake and peppermint mouse. right here. peppermint mouse.
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with over in the lodge opinion we also have a feast that sit down dinner. so we have a carvers and we have also who came up with this crazy concoction right here? who did this? everybody had a take on what they wanted for bacon. so we all got together and we came up with the s'mores bacon. bacon wrapped in chocolate. i can't believe you plate it that way. i can't believe you got an empty stick. all right. go ahead. bacon wrapped in marshmallow and graham cracker is some our s'mores bacon can found business nights on occur sell for right now slower we offer in santa station. we will offer it beer garden. well done, chef, well done. russell i can tell you that >> yeah. >> in the essence of research journalist integrity that i have, i ate that.
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are there too many flavors? nope. it's not, it's more like pork belly. so it's not a bacon, real, it's more of a, of a meat flavor then a real hard bacon flavor. it mixes well with talk like some idiot foodie. all right. it is good. it is good. >> what do you want from me friday and saturday nights then after 16th every night through holidays come out and have good food looks good man. food looks good. all right hey, see you later. bye. still ahead, some stars are bare
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welcome back... the time is 9:xx. officials have issued a tornado wa welcome back everybody. officials have issue ad tornado watch for south southeast louisiana to northwest georgia until noon. it comes after deadly storms swept across the northern part of alabama and southern tennessee overnight. officials say a possible tornado killed three people in a mobile another person critically injured same storm hit a closed day care center. hurt seven people. those people had left their mobile homes to go there to seek shelter. two other people were killed in tennessee. officials are still going door to door to check on people. >> and wildfires continue continue to rage in southeast with nearly 20 large incidents. that means fires on at least 100 acres each. at least three people have died in those fires. more than dozen other are hurt
9:31 am
homeless. new video shows the devastation in gatlinburg, tennessee. many people lost everything. hundreds of buildings including a 16 story hotel and entire resort and spa gone. in all, more than 14,000 people were forced to evacuate. firefighters had hoped rain would help but hurricane force winds fanned the wildfires. you've got wind up to 87 miles an hour pushing fire for their lives. >> a whole mountain was on fire. couple hours ago i had an opportunity to drive through town and my house was gone and my business and 31 years is gone. todayst rain should help the area. they've been suffering a huge drought. rainfall amounts have been up to 15 inches below normal in the past three months. but forecasters say the bone dry ground will soak up moisture
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this week at the ohio state campus. terror group called artan one of its soldiers. artan never officially declared allegiance with isis. but investigators think he may have been inspired by isis. he crashed his own car into a crowd and then stabbed several people before he was shot and killed. 11 people were injured in the attack. all of them survived. columbian officials have lowered the death toll from deadly plane cr killed. that's down from the original 75. they say 4 fewer people were on the plane then they originally thought. the plane took off from santa cruz and just minutes before it was supposed to land it crashed into the mountains monday night. six of 77 people on board the plane survived. terrible story. >> and here's one for you national highway traffic safety administration wants more people to complain about their cars. really?
9:33 am
make a label on visor to tell people how to let feds know of any problems. agency says it uses complaints as the first line of defense to find any safety issues. people won't have a problem with that. not you and me. no. >> the next generations of cars is here. automated ones. the computer drives, while you relax. walter allen is at the first florida automated vehicle summit in downtown tampa. you took one of these things it's looks pretty cool, man. looks really cool. kick your feet up hut your hands behind your head. just easy cruising i love it. this is really fascinating because you're just staring into the future. i mean it's right here at our fingers tips sue tarzan with tampa hillsborough express authority. this is sexy side. like you said. this definitely sexy side of roads.
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but having an autonomous automated vehicles in our city is absolutely a cool thing. >> now, over the four years that you guys have done this your fourth year for summit how much have you seen? the growth i'm sure >> it's been very interesting. i mean you see lot of growth but what you really sees sea is you see things that were you know a theory or start to be put into a discussion four years ago into the cars today. that's how fast this technology is moving. it's at light speed. now we're talking about, we've got car that will take us from a to b. car you're look right now.pthis technology where the car's talked to each other. communicate with each other. let other cars know for instance the sear serious situation where you're talking about with deputy kotfila who turned in front of that car in front on coming car lost his life. this would prevent that. right? it warned cars there was wrong-way driver. absolutely. it would happen in city streets or on the highway. >> now technology would tell you
9:35 am
direction you should go. apply the brake, whatever. it really is just fascinating. and the fact that this is happening in our book yard is great. yeah i mean tampa bay is definitely you know the proving ground senator who sponsor legislation to get autonomous vehicles into florida. and then, the expressway authority got connected vehicle granted grant year ago to bring connected vehicles to downtown tampa. we're definitely in forefront of this technology. last question, how long is it going to be before we start seeing red things rolling around downtown? that is and this is their first u.s. demonstration. and it's driveless and electric. so we're really excited to have them here and hopeful we can get them back and do marion street transit project which hart just go dot grant to do for autonomous vehicle on marion street. they can put in for that rfp. so i'm sold. yeah. yeah. right. thank you so much for being on this morning. toss it back to you guys.
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i'm not a car guy but that tesla with wings right over your shoulder behind me. turn. turn, turn. it's like a war i know. that car. delorean over here. i love that car. that is a beautiful vehicle. nw i will tell you this, russell. it's completely out of my price range. probably. it can seat six. look at the back extra pair of seats like race car seats. we can all go chip in together. no, i'm not taking you awh with me. i want that for myself. we still won't afford if all of us we still can't afford it. all right. we got to put baby seat somewhere that car for you. all right. yes. yes. you see. we'll talk later. somebody show me how to install t please. okay. >> imagine him cruising down street one of those windows down, florida weather. breeze. never. shut your eyes maybe. >> never. never get in the passenger seat of a car.
9:37 am
automated. they are doing the driving. computer. oh, okay. missed that part. 75 degrees. breezy. warm. humid. it does not feel like the end of november, right? end hurricane season today by tomorrow starts december. and our temperatures this morning are already above normal in many spots. i mean brandon, you're knocking on 80-degree temperatures here before 10 o'clock in the morning. it's also 79 in venice. mid to hey, great. beautiful start to the day. look these winds out of the south 10 to 14 miles per hour. plus, we've had winds gusting over 20 miles per hour. that's a very, very brisk south to southeast wind. expect breezy conditions to continue. and until we shift this wind, our weather doesn't change. that's going to happen later in day tomorrow. 82 for high. tonight, you know what, might
9:38 am
tonight overnight lows near 69 degrees. tomorrow more cloud cover. we're going to bring a front into the area. but only a 30 percent rain chance. i wish it was better than that. it's not. high temperature around 79 degrees. looking through next 7 days. it may dry out, no it will dry out friday and saturday. but, here comes the warmth and humidity straight back in again sunday, monday and tuesday. >> now i want you to sit back and relax because we have a bunch of first birthdays today. old trip. trip loves to dance, smile and play with his big brother. happy first birthday lilley buddy. julie anna turning one she likes playing at the park making funny faces and do everything her big brother. jess is having her first birthday she loves her spaghetti, walter melon and cheerio sitting down to good book and her laugh is contagious. have a wonderful birthday.
9:39 am
well. she loves her stuffed animals giving big kisses and dancing but most of all she loves playing with her big sister. happy first birthday. to lincoln. lincoln likes to water, play frisbee golf and watch kite boarders. happy first birthday to you. last but certainly not least, a belated happy first birthday. she turned one yesterday. so i wish each and every one of you a >> happy birthday. that was like the gone with the wind edition of first birthdays. 800 pages right there. >> well i hope every single one of you is having a wonderful birthday. all right switch gears 9:39. we'll check in on major roadways. we want to give you live look outside at least one of our interstates. 275 gandy boulevard pinellas county. northbound and southbound look excellent. and drive times are pretty good as well. just dealing with lingering delays in westbound direction of
9:40 am
interchange. 6 minutes it will take you from mlk. all right still lots more ahead. including an update on meeting that will affect the way we pay for a gallon of gas. but coming up next a list hollywood actresses as you've seen them before giuliani moore. helen mirren. without make up. yeah. without photo shop. beauties coming up next. hell lynn mirren. live picture of board on wall street right now. look at that.
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((jen)) we're getting our first lo welcome back to good day tampa bay daytime is 9:fracture. wee getting a first look an annual calendar. it totally different than anything we've seen before. 14 of the greatest actresses took part in this year calendar. they did it without make up, sometimes without clothes. and with the promise the end photos were not photo shopped or retouched at all. the a lister include nicole kidman giuliani moore.
9:44 am
lupita. the photos were taked ben peopled photographer peter lindbergh he told. he online he wanted to convey a different kind of beauty. he continued to say beauty is far more than what advertisers give us. wow. >> take a look at this jennifer aniston made her snapchat debut. with a duck face. but it's not her account. she was on the ellen show and posted this picture before going on. but she admitted to ellen she took over the social hated it. saying there was just so much pressure. >> someone who does bunch of social media chris pratt. he's wickedly funny. he posted this on instagram on his account saying i love parisian art work i find it so inspiring. for instance i saw this painting behind and was inspired to sit like her. she's got pose down. too funny, chris. >> still ahead, the latest on
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plus, a way to get free frosties from wendy's for an entire year.
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i've been thinking... this might be the one thing in the world you pull apart to come together. new papa john's cinnamon pull-aparts covered with cinnamon crumble and sweet cream cheese icing. try our new cinnamon pull-aparts for just 6 bucks. ((jen//live pix)) here's papa john's. another live picture of the board on wall street. adlib over pix. we have another live picture of board on wall street. up 199 points. >> so let's get to lauren simonetti. because we're going to talk about the markets. i want to ask you to do
9:48 am
have to do with this? or what's going on? >> this is insane dow lifetime high. >> is it really? >> it really is. >> yes. okay so the level for dow you guys have it in front 19219. up almost 100 points. 19, 200. wean wh endo we go to 20,000? listen? listen? i did not plan on making this hat until way into next year. >> get on it. you know, i don't want to jinx it we we missed last one. we need a gasparilla pirate themed hat. sorry. keep going. i'm sorry. what's going on today? we have at price of oil up sharply. eight percent all energy stocks are rocketly opec meeting today expected to cut on oil production like 1.2 million barrels a day. we will see what happens. >> the second piece of good news is about job market. we had a great read on private
9:49 am
best numbers since june. we get government jobs report on friday morning for november. it too is expected to be better than expected. so here's an economy that's getting a new president. treasury secretary steve said moments ago that his goal is to make sure that we sustain three to 4 percent gdp that's like double what we're gore lowering taxes consumer confidence a ten-year high and stock market hitting lifetime highs. let if opec does what it says and cuts back. are we saying >> i mean is the president-elect say saying we're going to make up that by pumping more oil here in the u.s.? >> i'm cure curious to see what he does say. it is widely expected because opec signalled in september that they were going to agree to cut production. and the they almost have to do that at this meet soggy they can keep some sense credibility if they do that you will see price of oil go up at least a little
9:50 am
personally could see a trump administration say all right. this is no the necessary because we have our own oil. and maybe he'll fire up some of our natural resources too. >> okay. all right. >> you almost lost your lid on this one. free frosties. >> next year all year. how is this? how do you get this so easy. this is win win. so you donate $2 to charity in the form of wendy's. most of that two bucks goes to the dave thomas foundation. which is sebl puts children in permanent homes foster kids get permanent homes. and once you have the tag, you can get a free frosty every single time you go to wendy's for all of 2017. not good. that's not good. i tell you, that's a problem. that's great. there's one right up the road and i do love me a frosty. well you know that's a big
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but for a good reason. that's what i like. that's what i like. we've got to go. i'm working on the hat i'm thinking about it. planning it. okay. i'll see you. i'm going to hold you to this one. i have to say my hats have gotten lame i need some originality. i need help. it's going to pirate themed
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z26hsz z16fz
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i always feel like folks are asking me for an easy one pot dish a great week to show you that since a lot of xus from cooking that i'm going to do my slow cooker pot roast. in slow cooker add your red wine and tomato paste and mix it gently so the paste dissolves. now place your roast in the cooker. >> surround a roast with chopped onion and garlic. sliced mushrooms small red potatoes cut into quarters. and some green beans. >> season everything generously with salt and pepper and a few small bay leaves.
9:55 am
so the pot is full. i'm just going to put the cap on here lid and lock it up. we're going to set it on low and we're going to let this cook all day. at least six hours. >> before you remove your roast test the internal temperature. it should at least 160. and then take it outlet it rest for several minutes brew cut into it. remove the bay leaf, and discard it. and then take all the eventuallies. finally let's make some gravy. first, combine corn starch and then some of the of the prot. microwave that for one minute. whisk it, and then microwave it for one minute more. >> then you'll finish with few dash worst shier sauce here's how i like to serve it up sliced up nicely with some veggies on side and topped with delicious gravy. not bad for a one pot dish, right? >> that's beautiful. beautiful. beautiful. again it all came out of one pot. that looks so.
9:56 am
best part is just set it and like and forget it. go run errands and stuff. that sauce is incredible. pred wine. it really is. thank you. very nice. very good. thank you. and we'll get the recipe on the website as always. >> with a mouthful. yeah. very nice. very nice. mid 80s today then 30 a little bit drier for saturday and sunday. then warmth humidity comes right back sunday and monday, tuesday. okay. a couple of hours. all right. today is wednesday, november 30th. it's the last day of november. sure is. last day hurricane season. this is is it. did you mention it >> like 5 minutes ago yes and on his facebook page live with kelly and wendy williams. thank you excellent. a always. love you so much. thank you.
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