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tv   Good Day Tampa Bay 6AM  FOX  December 2, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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food and broken >>jennifer: food and broken glass litter the road after a car smashes through the front of a food pantry. coming up, what will happen to families needing help through the weekend. >>russell: what started this center? when will the place be rebuilt? >>laura: and to get confirmed, congress will neat to pass special legislation. >>dave: more big temperature changes this morning. depending on where you are, from citrus county north, in the 40s. i know you were like 70 yesterday. lakeland at 57. a couple of lower 60s along the
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still warm and humid this morning as the front is ever so slowly sliding down that way. dew points are back to the 40s and 50s, meaning no fog but b, just enjoy the beautiful sunshine and the crisp air we have outside today. high temps back into the mid 70s. >>vanessa: we're still seeing lane blockages on manhattan. we're hearing eastbound lanes are being lanes are open so particularly in the ooe bound direction, make sure you're planning extra time. jen will talk more about the details of this police activity in a couple of minutes. >>russell: it's 6:01. we'll begin with a news alert out of pasco. deputies are looking for a man that is armed and dangerous. 26-year-old savage has a history of selling drugs. he's accused of running off from
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obstruction. >>jennifer: a man attacks firefighters and police after setting fire to an apartment. it happened on bay to bay boulevard. firefighters arrived to find smoke coming through the roof. when they tried to reach the second floor with a ladder, they say a man came at them with a hammer. eventually they got inside but the man had barricaded himself in a bedroom. he was taken to tampa general. he'll likely be charged with felony arson. >>russell: saint vincent de paul provides food to those in need. that won't be the case today. >>jennifer: a car went through the front window. a lot of people depend on the food to get through the weekend. what are they going to do? >>reporter: yeah. good morning to you. we are told that some people may have to be referred to other locations if there is not enough food to go around. we're told that some may show up at this location on north
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food but they won't be able to find it, at least today. and here's the reason why. i want you to take a look at this video. right now you're looking at the damage left behind after officials say a driver lost control and plowed through the front of st. vincent de paul. this happened thursday leaving this huge mess behind. you can see the impact knocked over food and shattered glass in the building. fortunately, everyone inside escaped harm but the they could hinder efforts to serve those who depend on this location for help. if we bring you back out here, i'm going to show you just some of the areas impacted. right now you're looking at what was once a glass front is now boarded up and next on the door, there's a sign that reads, food pantry closed until further notice. we apologize for this inconvenience. the president said many of the customers come to this location
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the pantry is part of a larger building, including a thrift store location and of course, workers will begin arriving here in the next few hours. back to you there in the studio. >>russell: we'll talk later. thank you. >>jennifer: she was home, asleep in bed, when she woke up to find a man standing at the food of her bed. pinellas county woman is talking to fox 13 about her terrifying encounter with an animal loving had the cat not jumped off the bed and woken me up, how long would he have stood there staring at me? what was he thinking about doing? and would i have woken up with some strange man on top of me in the middle of the night? >>jennifer: wow. britney klein will never forget the morning of november 20 when a burglar creeped into her bedroom. klein said she screamed at him to leave. he did but only after leaning
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police found a fingerprint and used that to track down 24-year-old jasper firenza. he tried to get in her house again on tuesday but found the door locked and secured by an alarm system. if he bonds out, he'll have to wear a gp s monitor and stay way from klein. >>russell: investigators are trying to figure out what started the fast moving fire in clair-mel. cameras were rolling as flames just rec center recently received a $2.5 million gift from the owner of the lightning and the wois and girls club of tampa bay. >>laura: trevor dooley is out on bond. he was convicted of killing his neighbor, david james, during an argument on a basketball court in 2010. dooley claims there were errors made during jury instructions and says his defense attorney was ineffective. dooley is limited to travelling
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his new attorney. >>russell: an armed man holding a dozen people hostage at a jacksonville credit union. >>jennifer: it's all over now and the man in custody is from tampa. this was the scene before the swat team stormed the building. a man walked in with a dog, fired his gun and order everybody into a back room. as officers swarmed the scene, investigators say the robber threatened to kill the hostages. at one point they say he even put a gun to the back of one hostage's head. around that time, two people who had been run for it. swat team member made their move. and they arrested 23-year-old nicholas humphrey of tampa. he's charged with one count of armed robbery and 13 counts of kidnapping. sheriff's office arrested him in february on a domestic violence charge. at the time his employer was listed as memorial hospital of tampa. >>russell: governor scott will
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tuesday. last week, the governor cleared the northern part of miami beach of any ongoing active transmission. at the time he hoped to clear the rest of the state soon. he plans to make an announcement at 8:30. >>laura: president elect donald trump made a surprise announcement at a victory rally in cincinnati last night saying that he will pick james mattis to be his secretary of defense. >> we're going to appoint mad dog mattis as our secretary of defense. >>jennifer: he retired in 2013 after serving as the commander of u.s. central command. if confirmed, he would be the second retired general to serve as defense secretary. the first being george c. marshall during the korean war. a nominee must be out of the active duty military for seven years. congress could still bypass that restriction.
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announcement next week. >>russell: another former centcom commander is up for the position. david petraeus being considered for secretary of state, though his conviction for leaking classified information could prove problematic. petraeus would have to notify his parole officer when travelling outside of north carolina. of course, trump could pardon him. also since he retired in 2011, petraeus would need a congressional waiver to serve. >>jennifer:am stopping by trump towers later today. she's going to discuss her future in his administration. she's already an adviser for the transition team and trump may appoint her as drug czar. >>russell: trez obama will be in tampa tuesday to give a final speech on counterterrorism strategy. he'll be at macdill.
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women stationed there, including special ops teams who have played key roles in counterterrorism efforts during the obama presidency. the president's last visit to macdill was in september of 2014. jiep pearl harbor veteran is returning to hawaii. >>russell: and alcides segui hopes to talk to him before he leaves on his big trip. and it looks like a successful launch. it is not. now tons of food headed to international space station destroyed. what's next for the crew. >>dave: 60 degrees the current temperature at tampa international. as you go further north, it gets cooler and cooler and 57 in new port richey. 46, grab your jackets up in citrus county this morning. but everybody cooler than yesterday so seven to 25 degrees cooler in crystal river, believe it or not. we'll go sunshine today and very comfy this afternoon with highs
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the city of gatlinburg is still days away from re-
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still days away. >>jennifer: fox is monitoring the latest developments. >>reporter: section of the great smoky mountains in tennessee now look like war zones with homes and entire resort areas destroyed. >> lost quite a bit. you know, we lost our home, we lost our business of 31 years. >>jennifer: crews continue to work to snuff out wildfires in the region but at this point, still far from contained. a day of rain wednesday did help dampen the fires. however, officials warn months of drought in the region still has the ground very dry. and fires could still rekindle. on thursday, officials near the hard hit resort town of gatlinburg confirmed more deaths from the fires after crews discovered new remains while searching through debris.
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that we have an increase in the number of fatalities. we have increased from seven to 10. >>reporter: the fires still sparked monday forced some 14,000 people to evacuate the gatlinburg area. >> the search is so important to go into all these homes, all these rental cabins, search every house in gatlinburg. >>reporter: authorities think at least 700 homes and businesses there. >> we're a 10 square mile city. downtown area is the pulse and the heart of the business community. thankfully it's intact. >>reporter: that's amazing. just heartbreaking. >>dave: did you guys get a sprinkle yesterday?
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>>laura: i don't think so. the day before. >>dave: you could see them on the radar but it didn't happen around most of the area. so continuing to stay dry. it looks like early next week, we may get some rainfall. more on that in a minute. you step out the door now, and it is quite a different setup than it was yesterday. i'm telling you, we're outside at 9:00 yesterday here on "good day" and we're sweating. it was that humid outside. now it's gone. it's all been pushed down to south florida. new tampa, brandon, sun city these spots in the upper 50s. tampa international, 60 degrees. good morning, west chase. you're at 56 lovely degrees this morning. to be honest, some of these mid to upper 50s, that is where we should be for this time of year. crystal river did a complete 180 because they were in the 70s yesterday morning at this time. and now they're at 46 degrees. yeah, there's a difference. that's a big difference.
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venice and englewood in the lower 60s. i got upper 50s through polk county and lower 60s down at the highlands county. north winds out of the northeast. notice how, as you get closer to the coast, they're a bit breezy, brisk north to northeast wind. that's really helped to drag in that drier air overnight. so instead of having dew points running close to 70, which is where they were yesterday morning, now they're in the continue to drain some of this drier air off to the south and the east. even places like sebring, you'll have dew points 10 degrees lower than that over the next several hours. and honestly, great timing. weekend is here. dry air is in place. sunshine and it's going to last for about 2 1/2 days. yes, 2 1/2 days. i'm splitting up sunday. friday going into saturday, dew point is lovely in the 40s. tomorrow is going to be an
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then once we start to get into sunday afternoon, you see dew points starting to come back up again. they'll eventually get back to the 60s, even close to 70 by early next week so it's really like 2 1/2 days, today and tomorrow, half of sunday, of dry air and then you're going to notice an increase in humidity, an increase in temperatures and then the rain chances come back early next week. when i say come back, they've never really been around so we have some rain chances early next week with another front today, though, sunshine, drier, beautiful sunrise. less than an hour away at 7:05. 76 degrees for our high temperature which is one above normal. mostly clear, seasonable tonight. low temperature around 57 degrees. when i post 57 in tampa, inland and north, you'll be several degrees cooler than that. and then partly cloudy and lovely tomorrow with a high temperature of 78 degrees. speaking of the water, did you know the water temperature
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71. moderate chop today, tomorrow and sunday. northeast winds and then an east wind on sunday. looks like coastal waters, just always check just before you go out. the very latest marine forecast. 50% rain chance on tuesday which is the best rain chance we've had since september. notice how it does get a lot cooler, vanessa, by late next week. >>vanessa: looking forward to that. thank you. we check the roads right the whitfield avenue area of sarasota. whitfield and 301. the actual crash is going to be in the southbound direction and according to fhp, the left-turn lane is going to be blocked so not expecting major delays. as always, use caution here. major roadways are crash free now. enjoy these. >> we have liftoff of the 65th progress resupply vehicle
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the international space station. >>russell: looked good but shortly after takeoff, russia space agency says the cargo ship ended up breaking apart and falling back to earth. it was loaded with more than 2 1/2 tons of food and supplies for the international space station, including two americans who were there. nasa says the crew is not in any danger. they still have enough supplies to last several months. japanese cargo ship is up next. it's set to take off september. >>jennifer: space x will be the company's first since a dramatic accident in september. a massive fire engulfed and there was a problem with the helium pressurization system. next launch is tentatively set to take off from california on the 16th. >>russell: second person to walk on the moon, buzz aldren was evacuated from the south pole.
6:20 am
tourist group when he fell ill. he had fluid in his lungs. his manager says he's responding well to antibiotics. they don't expect him to be in the hospital very long. the tour group is expected to be at the south pole until december 12. >>jennifer: now coming up, a new take on the traditional nativity play. >>russell: a version starring adults is getting millions of views and here's a question to wrap your head around. where would a in top of his neck or the bottom? it's a debate. i think top. >>jennifer: no. bottom.
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it's time to see what's clicking on the web.with this >>jennifer: time to see what's clicking on the web. >>vanessa: bringing you hot clicks again this morning. so it's time for a christmas one, acting in a nativity play, children are usually cast to play the adults, the farm
6:24 am
the kids get to tell the story while their parents act it out so check it out. ? >> an angel came to see mary. she was home doing laundry and then the angel just appeared and she was really scared. so gabriel was like, mary, you're going to have -- mary, you're going to have a baby. u' you will call him jesus. and then mary will be like, i'm not going to have a baby yet. i'm only a teenager. i'm not married. >>jennifer: so strange. >>vanessa: it is. it's really funny, though. this video was produced by southland christian church and as the kids tell the christmas story in the most adorable way, the adults try to follow along with their lines along in the costume. it was actually filmed a year
6:25 am
viral. and it's exploded to 18 million views. what is this? what are we watching here? a golf cart? >>russell: that's the donkey. that says donkey on the side of it. i love this. >>vanessa: i want to see the whole clip. i want to see this. i'll have to go online. i don't know if this is like the dress but it is causing quite a controversy. this picture is sparking a debate in the news room jeremy hammond shared this picture with the caption, when giraffes go to work, do you think they put the tie at the top or the bottom of the necks? it has been retweeted nearly 9,000 times so we have to ask, which one is right? >>russell: top. >>jennifer: clearly the bottom. >>vanessa: i think it's the bottom. >>russell: do you? dave?
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>>vanessa: the guys would know. >>jennifer: that just looks like a scarf, someone said in the news room. >>vanessa: you wear the tie at the top of your neck. >>russell: it doesn't look like i'm wearing it there. >>vanessa: both pictures, none of them look right so -- they don't wear ties, guys. sorry. >>russell: the giraffe read the news in the morning. that would be great. thank you. >>vanessa: >>jennifer: it's been 75 years and a local survivor is heading to pearl harbor to mark that day. >>russell: alcides segui is at the airport and is going to talk to him before the big trip. this weekend get a look at
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((russell 2shot) good morning, i'm russell rhodes >>russell: welcome. i'm russell rhodes. >>jennifer: and i'm jennifer epstein. let's look at the weekend forecast. >>dave: it does look beautiful. yesterday at this time it felt like summer. there were a couple of sprinkles. this morning you get the stellar look to it. tampa net cam showing us a look east down kennedy, gorgeous. it's cooler, it's it's 60 degrees with a dew point number at 48 degrees. looking for highs today back at least into the mid 70s. drier air stays in place for about 2 1/2 days. then the humidity will come back. b early next week, we'll start to feel the humidity. that gives us an entire weekend to enjoy the early december weather. >>vanessa: thank you, dave f. you're travelling in pasco co
6:31 am
entrance ramp to 75, please use caution here. go ahead news, you can see no big impacts to the interstate itself that's showing a whole lot of green on the road sensors. >>russell: tampa police searching for missing boy for the second time in one day. officials say wells went missing yesterday. they were able to find him and bring him home but then around 8:30 last night, he ran away again. last seen wearing dark colored shorts. he wasn't wearing a shirt or shoes. if you see >>jennifer: police have charged a man with the murder of 18-year-old coleman. he was shot and killed in january of 2015 and police believe the shooter is reginald bowman. his d.n.a. was on the visor found on the scene. a tipster said that bowman wanted to arrange a gun sale so he could rob coleman. >>russell: florida man sentenced three times for killing a polk county deputy and two others is
6:32 am
state supreme court has ordered a new sentencing hearing for paul beasley johnson. the court cited two u.s. supreme court rulings requiring juries, not judges to impose death sentences. johnson was convicted in the 1981 shooting deaths of deputy and a cab driver. this sunday is the annual chance to see homes in one of the most beautiful neighborhoods in tampa. it's the only hyde park tour. on south oregon avenue, this year's old hyde park home tour, beautiful homes, some old, some new. in swann avenue to bayshore boulevard. >> we try to keep it on one
6:33 am
more houses in less time. >>reporter: on this year's tour, a home in 1916, one of the gems on the street. even featured in southern living and better homes and gardens. speaking of gardens, chip's garden is not to be missed. just redone, it is beautiful. funny to talk to chip about how the neighborhood was when he came in. >> it's a beautiful home. how long have you been here? >> i bought it in 79 and at that neighborhood. it was red lined and banks wouldn't loan and some of the bigger homes were subdivided into apartments and that's when i came. >>russell: old hyde park is nothing like that now. it is preserved and protected and a lot like it was at the beginning. does we live in the front of our homes as they did decades ago
6:34 am
of the old time living and a very, very urban area. >>russell: chip has seen old hyde park restored to original beauty. he was one of those who helped get it done. now here you are, the beautiful neighborhood, beautiful homes. >> i feel like an old stone. home tour is 4:00. it's on south oregon avenue between swann and bayshore. very close to hyde park village so it's probably best to park there in one of the garages and then walk to the tour. >> five, four, three, two, one! merry christmas, everybody! >>jennifer: the president, first lady and daughter sasha lit the
6:35 am
in office. like country, the tree itself has been through a lot during obama's presidency and early 2011, high winds knocked over the one that had served as the national christmas tree for three decades. its replacement died from transplant shock. the current tree was planted in 2012 and has been used for the lighting ever since and hopefully for years to come. >>russell: lakeland's christmas tree went off without a hitch. people stake out their spots days in advance. dozens of empty chairs lining the parade route since monday. mickey, santa made appearances. so did sheriff judd. an estimated 40,000 people watched the parade. >>jennifer: downtown tampa officially kicks off the holiday season tonight. the city is having the annual tree lighting ceremony. mayor buckhorn will click the
6:36 am
elf, you know? dave's seven day is very interesting. he'll have it after the break. >>jennifer: what do you get when top parts and dunkin' donuts join forces? >>russell: what do you get? >>jennifer: amazingness. that story is coming up in 10 minutes. first sports and we certainly miss steve stamkos. the holidays don't officialy begin, until it's time to make: flaky, delicious, piping hot things. golden brown and sticky things. fresh out of the oven, why can't they cool things? new things, old things.
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this morning, there's a very >>jennifer: time is 6:39d. there's a very special man walking through tampa international airport. his destination is pearl harbor. fox 13 alcides segui live at the airport. so tell us the story. what's going on? >>reporter: i'm going to let him tell the story here. john sealey, thank you for being with us. you're arriving at pearl harbor tomorrow morning. today is all day travels.
6:40 am
you were there pearl harbor, december 7, 1941. what happened? your perspective. >> i was on duty, worried about sabotaging airplanes. four of us went over to the airfield for guard duty. and they were afraid of sabotage tour $ what they were afraid about. just before 8:00 we saw these planes come in over the pass we thought they were regular size and as they got closer, one peeled off and headed toward the hangar i was at. bullet holes are still right where i was standing. they wanted me to take pictures and bring them back on my way back. as they peeled off, he peeled off to his left coming into the field and the rest of them went
6:41 am
they blew up. 15 minutes, they had wiped it out. >>reporter: december 7 is coming up. thus the anniversary, 75th anniversary. you were just telling me a short time ago, you were there two or three years ago in pearl harbor to celebrate the anniversary and there were 12 survivors. how many now? >> as i understand, three. >>reporter: three survivors from >> right. >>reporter: what does this mean for you? >> what does it mean? >>reporter: to get back there. not how many survivors. i'm saying to get back there, to be there on the 75th anniversary. >> it's going to be very good because there's going to be ceremonies there that very few people in the world will ever see. it's mainly about pearl harbor. >>reporter: it's got to be a
6:42 am
with them is not something that you can explain, is it? >> there's no bond. >>reporter: really? >> yeah. if you were in the military and you're exposed to battles, you don't want to have friends. you have acquaintances is all because when they die, friends, it's tough to handle in the group, you can handle that. a lot of people don't understand that. >>reporter: wow. that is the complete opposite of what i thought. >> uh-huh. >>reporter: so when you see them, when you see them in a couple of days, do you guys talk about that day? >> oh, yeah. we'll talk about it, sure. >>reporter: you will talk about it. >> yeah. i'm talking about i went back -- you said to go back and i went back to battle.
6:43 am
lost 5,000 men in the philippines. 5,000 killed out of 15,000 men. and the others got diseases and so forth and old age. i'm now the last one, last survivor of that group. >>reporter: wow. thank you so very much for your service. >> absolutely. >>reporter: you look great, for 94 you look phenomenal. thank you so much for service. >> i go to the y six days a week. i swim for an hour and five minutes yesterday. >>reporter: i believe it. you're in great shape. thank you for your service. i greatly appreciate it. have a wonderful flight. thank you. great story. you'll hear more from him throughout "good day." it is remarkable. the complete opposite of what i originally thought. >>jennifer: incredible man. swimming at the y an hour a day. good for him.
6:44 am
>>jennifer: thank you. >>dave: 6:44. that is the greeting you get as you look outside. clear skies but more importantly, it's cooler, it's drier, it just feels so different out there. yesterday morning it was like a return of summer and this morning now, our dew points have dropped back in a lot of us temperaturewise have gotten back into the 50s coming off the 70s that we had yesterday. crystal river sticks out because they're at 48 degrees this morning. 56 in new port richey, wesley chapel. i got haines city, lakeland, brandon all around 57. 60 degrees tampa to clearwater. 40s going right across i-10. yeah. even 40 degrees exactly in panama city. you go down to south florida,
6:45 am
they didn't get any so far. they're at 78 degrees. this is amazing to me. you see a big bull's eye here. gainesville and jacksonville are 26 degrees colder this morning than they were yesterday at this time. tampa is 11 degrees colder. orlando nine. you get the point. just about everybody is cooler now that the front has moved into south florida. but of course, this is what you're going to feel, that dry, crisp air. dew points in the 30s and the which is all that pushed back down over south florida. i got 2 1/2 nice, dry days for you and i say 2 1/2 because i think on sunday afternoon, we're going to start to increase that humidity ever so slowly. notice where the front is, you do have some showers over south florida so kind of a dreary day down there. we'll have beautiful sunshine, dry air at the surface in the middle almost and with the northeasterly win, that's going
6:46 am
the next couple of days. but by sunday afternoon, our winds are likely going to shift back to the southeast and when we do that, then we start to bring the humidity back up again. so lower humidity, high pressure in control. you might mix a cloud or two for saturday afternoon but no biggie. moisture returns next week. we'll watch this low developing in texas, work towards the northeast, bring with it another fr now, on tuesday we actually have a decent chance of rain. rain chance close to 50% as the slow sits to our northwest and drags a front into the area. to be honest with you at this point, i'm really hoping we do get some rain for tuesday, coming off the .01 inch november that we had at the airport rainwise. much drier, 76 degrees for a high temp today. tonight our overnight lows near 57 degrees which means i think
6:47 am
inland and north, lower 50s. so just really, you get away from the water, we'll get cooler than the 57 and then partly cloudy and lovely tomorrow with a high temperature around 78 degrees. moderate chop voting this weekend, seas two to four feet all weekend long. winds will shift to nor of an east or southeast direction on sunday. 50% rain chance for tuesday, there's some signs that it might turn quite cool by next thursday. look at that. right now it's day but high temperature of 68 degrees. >>vanessa: thank you. 6:47. updates to the lane blockage we're seeing following that swat and fire scene in the south tampa area. this was at bay to bay and manhattan avenue. big improvements to the lane blocks here but we're not in the complete clear yet. one eastbound lane does remain blocked so it looks like you should head through there without any big delays but watch out for emergency responders on
6:48 am
over to walter allen. you mate a quick transition from the anchor desk to charley's world. how is it looking? >>walter: looking good. any plans for the weekend? >>vanessa: i don't know. maybe more christmas preparations, shopping, i don't know. what about you? >>walter: i don't know. there's so many fun things to do in and around the bay area. early yerp we were talking about howard there was enough singing for me earlier this morning. i will not put people through that. i think we heard dogs howling in south tampa as we were driving up here to dunedin. no more singing for me. i will save everybody at home. here's the fun event if you're looking for something fun to do this weekend, if you don't to want relax at home which i think natalie and i will do this weekend, the dunedin fine arts center, there's a pottery sale
6:49 am
center but it's not just the pottery sale. we'll tell you all about the fun things that you'll be able to take advantage of if you come here. the line will be stretched out the door just to get your hands on this fantastic and inexpensive pottery. that's the big keyword for this sale going on this weekend. >>vanessa: all right. >>walter: it's going to be a "good day" as charley says. >>vanessa: it will be. looks like some good christmas presents, too. i'll be keeping an eye out. all right. thank you, waer >>walter: you bet. >>jennifer: 6:49. here's a look at top stories. jury collection is moving slowly in the retrial of a florida woman accused of trying to hire a hit man to kill her husband. more than half of the initial group of 100 potential jurors told the judge they knew something about the case. she was arrested in 2009 and her case was featured on the tv show "cops." prosecutors allege she offered an undercover police officer
6:50 am
carnival's princess cruise line is in hot water. the company has agreed to pay $40 million in fines for illegal ocean solution pollution. a princess ship illegally discharged oily waste water for eight years before an engineer blew the whistle. and it was another tough loss for the lightning. bolts extended their losing streak to four games after facing the st. louis shots, was replaced by ben bishop early in the second period. the blues have now won three in a row and six straight at home. lightning will be back home tomorrow to host the washington capitals. >>russell: imagine being one of the richest people in the world and you never have to pay for coffee. coming up, what kind of person would leave a job like that? and it's the ultimate breakfast mashup. see what happens when two
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hand-dipped, with real milk, is the only way to make a milkshake.
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6:54 am
stepping down. >>jennifer: lauren simonetti is with us. we're talking about howard schultz, c.e.o. of starbucks? and good morning, by the way. >> happy friday. when you think of famous c.e.o.'s, their names are just -- you associate them with their company, steve jobs, right, the late jobs and howard schultz and starbucks, they go together for me. there's a change happening. schultz is stepping down as c.e.o., not leaving the company. he'll stay there as executive on not running a mainstream business at this point. starbucks on every corner here in new york and elsewhere. he wants to focus on the new high end like $12 coffee, the reserve coffee bars and figure out a way to turn those locations into destination restaurants so he wants to take starbucks to a whole new level and someone like him can probably do that. we'll probably pay for it, unfortunately. who is going to be the new ceo?
6:55 am
he worked very well with howard schultz. i keep wanting to say steve jobs because i brought him up. he's the company's president and c.o.o. currently. investors don't like this because they like howard schultz and he's changing his position. >>russell: do these higher end places exist yet? >> yes, in some places. there's one in seattles where the headquarters are. it's massive. folks go to seattle just to go to this coffee ba in there and they said this is the best retail experience that they've ever seen. so it's all about just that, the experience of coffee. >>jennifer: pay $12 for it. wow. >>russell: that's cool. breakfast. we're going to stay on the subject. we have coffee going on here. let's talk about you've covered the ultimate breakfast combo. >> well, i think the folks at
6:56 am
dunkin' donuts. it's a coffee flavored pop tart. two flavors hitting in a matter of days. chocolate mocha and vanilla latte pop tarts. >>russell: for sale yet? are they out there? >> no. very soon and they're not $12 or anything close to it. one box is about $2.50. this is more my languag. i like a good cup of coffee and of course i like a pop start. dunkin' donuts don't have that reputation of being high end. pop tart or out of the package? i'm right out of the package kind of girl. >> yeah, because i take it on the go. >>russell: it's been such a long time since i've had a pop tart, i think right out of the package. >> i was trying to think earlier the last time i had a pop tart. >>russell: i'm with you. i'm having trouble saying it, too. >> all natural one that i gave
6:57 am
you're turning down a pop tart right now? i'm being a bad mom and giving it to you. >>jennifer: all natural so -- >>russell: we'll see you later, lauren. >>jennifer: thanks. >>russell: wildfires in gatlinburg really hit home for a couple in lakeland. they sent us pictures of their cabin before the fires and then after. we'll show you at 7:00. >>jennifer: and we always run stories about how expensive child care is. how about the dog? >>russell: if it doesn't make you turn off your christmas lights when you go to bed, nothing will. look at that. it's all ahead at 7:00. >>dave: and 60 degrees out at the beach this morning. it's pretty, too. north-northeast. a little brisk winds at 15 miles an hour. tampa net cam, sun will be up in eight minutes. 59 degrees in tampa now and 55 in lakeland with that north wind at six.
6:58 am
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((russell- a costly crash. a driver lost contr >>russell: costly crash. a driver loses control and hits a building. several families may go hungry over this. plus -- >> donal pick for secretary of defense. i'm in washington. we'll have more on the person that's being nominated and how this all came about just ahead. >>jennifer: gone in 60 seconds. video of a christmas tree set on fire. it doesn't take long before the entire room becomes an inferno. wow. gosh. welcome to the 7:00 hour of "good day tampa bay." i'm jennifer epstein filling in for laura moody. >>russell: and i'm russell rhodes. a lot ahead. let's start with the weather and


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