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tv   Fox 29 Morning News at 6a  FOX  June 13, 2014 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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two crooks hit a gun store and robbery ends in gunfire and police say it is not the the the first time this week, the the search for the suspects this morning. after five years of being held captive u.s. armored sergeant bowe bergdahl is back in the u.s. this morning. what is next for the the freed sergeant. get a contingency plan ready, that is word from septa officials as they try to avoid a strike on the regional rails. wet end to the week after days of rain, what does that mean for your weekend? your weather authority has the answer. i have lived in portland oregon and this is what it is like for portland oregon for four or five straight months. >> can you imagine. >> tgif that is you why are here, it is always sunny in philadelphia we have in the seen that at all. it has been a dread full weekend. everybody talking about that. we have the blame somebody else day, sue serio so we will blame you but i think you have some changes. >> don't blame sue, blame mother nature. i'm just the messenger. >> the famous don't blame the
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messenger line. >> lets go with the number, blame me for this number but it is because of the conditions, a four, we will see some sunshine today but minus side of that is it will spark strong thunderstorms later on in the day. some of these could have gusty winds and heavy rain. there is fog around this morning. still humid but rain is getting lighter in a few spots. bus stop buddy has umbrella, again and bright yellow rain coat. you can see him through the fog. temperatures milder then yesterday upper 60's, lower 70's, flood advisory until 7:45 in chester, montgomery and lehigh and berks counties as well as lancaster county that where we have seen heavy rain falling this morning. today's rain is starting to move to the north but we are seeing some at the shore as well as the lehigh valley, anywhere we have seen orange on the map where it is raining hard. we have had visibility reduced in many areas, and the
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phillies game that could be rain delayed again with 80 degrees at game time 7:05 p.m. cubs are in town for weekend series. lets keep our winning streaking, tonight. your high 83 degrees. and those evening strong thunderstorms making a mess of the evening commute but once it clears up after midnight it stays clear, kacie. >> all right, thanks very much, sue serio. lets head out to 76 at spring garden street. this is horrible. this is not the best start to the friday morning. take it slow, head out early, regardless of where you are going. slow down i-95 south heading towards the vine. also on the boulevard, this morning, if you are heading northbound just past 76. lets go to south white hall, southbound side of the northeast extension after lehigh val that i was blocking left lane, out of your way. southbound side of i-95 has
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two lanes block at 206 for another accident. lets get to the top stories there has been a fire in the bucks county apartment building and it is investigated as arson this happened at 9:30 at bensalem court apartments on the 800 block of cedar avenue. authorities say the fire was contained to a boiler room, ale though, self apartments had smoke damage. no be was hurt. the the red cross is helping 27 people. a philadelphia police officer was involve in the multi vehicle crash, late last night, this accident happened at hunting park at sixth and erie, three cars were involved. officials tell us that the officer was off-duty at the time. there is no word what led to the crash or if anyone was seriously hurt. police are searching for a person who shot a woman with a pellet gun in north philadelphia. this happened at north broad and wingohocking street. police say the woman was at luk oil gas station when she was struck. she was taken to temple hospital with a possible grazed wound, no arrest. happening right now american solder sergeant bowe
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bergdahl is back in the u.s. 's arrived this morning at his new home in san antonio texas where he will continue his treatment at the brook army medical center. he had been recovering in germany after five years in taliban captivity. doctors say he will not be rush back in the public spotlight. bergdahl is expect to be reunited with his family in texas. police are looking for a man and woman responsible for a shooting and robbery outside a gun club in philadelphia lets get out to sabina kuriakose with the latest on what we know good morning, sabina. >> reporter: good morning, karen this morning police are investigating and hunting for that couple. police say they held tup men in their 60's here at the delaware valley sports center as they were leaving in the rain. it happen just after 8:30 last night. the gun club closes at 9:00. robbers stole cash, cell phones and seven guns off of the victims, all of the guns were revolvers, semiautomatic weapons. they also shot one of the victims at point blank range and he is in critical condition this morning at aria
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torresdale. robbers got away in the dark colored car, police say they are very armed and willing to shoot as they showed last night. detectives are looking into whether this robbery is connect to a similar crime that happened wednesday night at a gun shop in center city. they say suspects are similar and details of the crime seem to match as well. so two suspects a man and a woman on the lose this morning heavily armed, very dangerous, police are looking for surveillance video to try to get any leads to capture these guys and get them off of the streets, chris and karen. >> thanks sabina. septa officials are trying to prevent a strike, another mediation session to try to avoid that. >> lets work this thing out. if the workers strike this weekend regional rail services would be suspended which would impact 60,000 riders. if the unions do in the strike septa will implement a wage hike for hundreds of those workers on sunday. septa is confident that it cap work things out.
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>> we believe we are not farrah part. there are minor sticking points, minor issues that can be easily negotiated and discussed without a work stoppage. >> if there is a regional rail strike septa says it will boost capacity on other lines and increase parking at stations for people drive, the the last regional rail strike was in 1983. we have the whole contingency plan on our web site at my fox a malvern music teacher is behind bars this morning accused of section aislely assaulting three, 16 year-old students. police say this guy 44 year-old anton fauxman inappropriately touch young students during private fee an owe lessons. owner of that school says that fauxman has been a teach's the that the school for five years. he learn of the allegations last week and immediately notified police. >> it was i was told about the allegations last thursday in the morning. i immediately contacted boro
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police as soon as i found out. my heart goes out to the alleged victims. there is nothing more horrible in my mind then this. >> speaking of victims, here's the big question for investigators this morning. are there more out there fauxman and his wife also run their own music school, out of their phoenixville home. his wife had no comment thursday. fauxman is being held on $300,000 bail. time still ahead a touching moment in court when a grieving mom hugs her daughter's killer. she says she forgives him but that is in the where it end, the two people that she said she will never for give coming up. we could have done something really illegal and we didn't. >> what though thought was a harmless senior prank end with suspension, local parents are mad but not at their kids, their message to the school.
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the bridge were tilting. wet weather has delayed major construction project on i-95, yet again. multi million-dollar project to improve northbound lanes of the i-95 between the the girard and allegheny avenue interchanges has now been postponed until monday night. it was scheduled to start earlier this week. penndot says rainy weather has been delaying the start to plans to paint new traffic lines. 6:11. it is an interesting friday. we always say tgif but we have all these things to watch out for friday 13th, full moon. >> people are acting weird today at least you'll know why and you can, deal with it. how about dealing with this weekend, we will start off with the good news, with a wonderful weekend it will be at the shore, starting tomorrow, don't count today, 77 degrees, along, excuse me the ocean on saturday and 79 on fathers day, on sunday ocean water temperatures 67 degrees. getting way to the the poconos it will be dry both days, lower 70's on saturday, upper
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70's on monday and low, low, low humidity in the mountains. ultimate doppler has what is going on now, we have got areas of heavy rain that are still moving through, although, lot on have that has moved up to the north and not all of it. we still have rain here in philadelphia and in delaware county, and some areas where we see orange or yellow is where the rain is heavier, upper hanover, allentown still getting that heavy rain as we move up towards poconos and lehigh valley. very wet around atlantic city right now and to the south there ocean city getting some rain as well. so we will look at future cast and we will see a little bit of the dry slot right before 12:00 noon and pop up showers and then are storms all afternoon but sunshine in between which will fire up strong thunderstorms by about seven or eight or 9:00 o'clock tonight, they will be isolated, but this morning there are flood advisories in chester, montgomery, berks county and lehigh county and
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visibility is an issue in dover, in trenton and in atlantic city we are socked in with fog. today it is 83 with heavy rain, few peaks of sunshine but two, ten's on the weekend again, saturday and sunday. eighty on saturday. eighty-four on sunday. monday will be a little bit more humid. so will tuesday and wednesday as we get up toward 90 and then then are storms knocking temperatures down on thursday, kacie. >> taking a look at all travel times in the too bad right now little bit of slow down here and there and all and all running into rainwater. hopefully people are heading out early. this is 202 at town center road. this is what your conditions road. this [ male announcer ]tions tv's come a long way.
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off-duty state trooper rescued, and can you believe that fire, the man crashed into a gas pump. this was on tuesday. officer john vesteo just getting gas in new york when a driver goes into a diabetic shock, crashes in to one of the pumps and causes a chain reaction accident. the impact knocked the pump on to that off-duty officer who quickly runs before the flames burst even further. gets to the back of his trunk, gets out a first aid kit and saves life of the driver risking his own life. >> i think beyond did a very heroic thing. he starts out as a civilian, he becomes a victim and then his police training kicks in and he saved somebody's life.
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>> he only suffered minor injuries. four other people were hurt in the very fiery crash, the man who initial to the diabetic shock is still in the hospital, and is in stable condition. >> it could have been a lot worse. police in air zone air searching for gunman who killed one priest and injured another at a roman catholic church in phoenix. the the priest were attacked late wednesday night. investigators say they run sure how many attackers were involved or if robbery was motive. they recovered victim's car a few blocks away. surviving priest is in the hospital in critical condition. police say despite his injuries he managed to administer last rights to the fellow clergy man after that attack. mourners gathered to say farewell to the vegas police officer killed in the line of duty. igor solo was gun down by a married couple, jared and amanda miller. he and his partner were eating in the restaurant suspects walked in, go on the shooting spread.
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solo died immediately. his partner was also kill. that pair also shot a customer at a wal-mart before police shot and killed jailer and amanda took her own life. gut wrenching moment as a mother embraces her daughter's killer. she hug 16 year-old jordan howell on tuesday inside a florida courtroom. it was november 2012 that howell admits he boarded a school bus with the gun. he showed it off to other students. the weapon accidentally went off killing 13 year-old lordes guzman dejesus. >> unaudible. >> i'm just so sorry and apology guys for had happened. >> howell accepted a plea deal that requires him to spend a year in the juvenile facility. he avoided 30 years in prison,
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although dejesus forgives howell she says she cannot forgive his parents, calling them quote, negligent. a controlled fire is going to demolish that last standing portion of the dangling central texas home on that cliff, and emergency meeting was held yesterday to decide what the best way to get rid of it. it was once $800,000. part of it collapsed this week after that limestone supporting it simply gave way. it is currently obviously unoccupied. the homeowners will pay for the demolition. let get the the latest on the developing crisis in iraq because it gets worse by the day. islamic extremist have pushed into a province north east of baghdad capturing two towns there. people are trying to get away as fast as they can. iraq's government is asking for u.s. in military for aid including air strikes something president obama says he is considering. >> i don't rule out anything because we do have have a stake in making sure that
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these jihadist are not getting a permanent foot hole in either iraq or syria for that matter. >> the white house says that the military options do not include sending u.s. ground troops. former secretary of state hillary clinton will be in sent iser city philadelphia clinton will be signing copies of her new memorandum ours hard choices a the free library of philadelphia this focuses on her time as secretary of state. in part of her book tour clinton offers anecdote about her time overseas and importance have of building relation ship with foreign leaders. today's event in philadelphia kicks off at 11:30 this morning. good day starts in 40 minutes. >> are you doing all six hours. >> mike is off today and monday. i am hoping he is spending time with his kids. >> always a big star on the show, we have colin quick and this legal debate, talking about any parent knows this can be tough when you are a dad where do you change your
6:21 am
baby's diaper on the go. sometimes they have family rest rooms sometimes they do not what do they do when those changing tables are mostly in the women's rest room? there is one state looking to legally require them. and this... >> you heard what he said, shark. >> video that will send chills down your spine a swim in the harbor takes a terrifying turn when a great the white shows up, how the swimmer survives a very close encounter. >> we need a bigger boat. >> 6:21. >> after the week we had we need a bigger umbrella because it is just so wet out there now once again the showers are easing up a little bit this morning. we have showers fog and reduced visability out there all morning long. not much in olde city. still cloudy.
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peaks of hazy sunshine around the middle of the daze and a few scatter showers and then this afternoon and this evening here we go again, firing up some then are storms, they will be widespread but not everybody will see a thunderstorm but if you do get one it is likely to have high wind, heavy downpours, a dramatic end to what has been quite a wet workweek. the wait until you see the weekend. i think you'll like it. >> looking at 476 at old gulf road really horrible road conditions this morning. only good news is you don't have too many delays to look out for and no incidents to get you guys just yet. >> thanks, kacie. still ahead, he lived his life to overcome obstacleness his way and now all that hard work paid off. one young man's reaction to landing his first
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the miami heat's chances of winning three straight nba titles in the looking so good this morning. the heat new trail spurs three to one in the best of seven series. leonard scored 20 points last night as spurs easily took care of miami, 107-86. it was a blow out. lebron james led heat with 28 points in the loss but he is only miami player to score more than 12. spurs are one win from winning their fifth nba title, for a look at more sports here's howard eskin.
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>> this is fox 29 sports in one minute. good morning i'm howard eskin. phillies completed sweep the of the padres in the three game series and two players had, they were unlikely hits for two players. lets go to the ballpark. here it is, a pinch hitter for kyle kendrick who turned out to be the winner. game was tied two in the sixth. the two run double. phillies go up four-two. john mayberry started in first base had three hits including this three run home run. phillies go up seven- two. ryne sandberg brings in his new pitcher kenny giles for one out, with two outs, he didn't get that one out. in the right here he didn't. his first batter in the major league he gives up a home run. phillies get on to win it as giles got last out. yesterday round one of the u.s. open, pine hearst, north carolina not a good day for buba watson. six over on the day. he is 11 off the lead because martin kymer is leader at five
6:27 am
under. that is sports. i'm howard eskin. what i wouldn't do for six over in one round. 6:26 is your time. world cup is underway in brazil. the fans are really fired up. the the host country opening up the tournament yesterday and they win three-one over croatia. today's game will start at noon. united states plays its first game on monday. jennifer lopez, pit bull with the big opening ceremonies. we will search for that one. 6:27. neighbors say unusual critter lurking around the woods in one south jersey town, it may look harmless but animal experts say it is not, coming up hunt for the fischer cat that has a whole town talking, sabina, good morning to you. good morning guys. two men robbed as they were leaving this gun range last night robbers took off with
6:28 am
seven weapons and they shot one, now police think incident may be connect to something that happen in the center city
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rain, rain, go away but what about the weekend? sue serio has good news on the way. clock is particular once again for septa, we are hours away from the strike, will it
6:31 am
should shut town regional rail service. what septa has planned if workers walk out tonight. back in the you had u.s. army sergeant bowe bergdahl arrives in texas earlier this morning. what officials plan for him now. good morning on this friday 13th. we are asking for your superstition ifs morning , chris murphy. >> are you superstitious. >> it is really fun to share. one of the viewers, writes in and says the left shoe on first when they are getting ready in the morning. >> monte g says it is final friday before fathers day weekend. >> i'm thinking that person must be a democrat, sue serio. >> i don't know about that one. the big one for today is we were always told never opened an umbrella indoors because it is bad luck. outdoors, yeah, you will need it. there is a flood warning issued for eastern branch right around downingtown and that is in effect through this evening.
6:32 am
we may see that part of the brandywine creek spill it banks today. it is getting close to flood stage and we have that flood warning going on this morning. so areas of fog with bus stop buddy, can you see him? have of course you can thanks to the bright colored rain coat. scattered showers around. sixty and 07's our temperatures, slightly milder then yesterday and really humid out there. so that is one of the minuses of today, not to mention the fog although we will, pop up thunderstorms that could be strong later in the day, pluses we will see some sun at some point, lighter rain this morning and heavy rain later on in the day, we are giving you four out of ten in weather by the numbers. as we zoom in closer the heavier stuff seems to be pulling to the north and we have a dry conditions in delaware, but if you are in the lehigh valley you are probably seeing heavy downpours in most places around there. 70 degrees in the city, visibility is not too bad but
6:33 am
variable and half mile visibility in atlantic city international airport, another phillies game tonight, this time, cubs are in town for weekend and it will be about 80 degrees when game begins but there could be a delay because of those strong then are storms we expect to move through later on in the day. this should be it for this week as far as rain is concern, 83 today and then down to about 66 degrees tonight, and after midnight kacie we will really clear out for good. well, just for a couple days anyway. >> and next week, come monday, tuesday. looking at majors a couple slow downs but for 6:33 on a rainy friday morning, things look fantastic. the lets get to lawrence township, southbound side of 95 at 206 blocking two lanes a slow down there, karen and chris. lets get to this breaking news one person dead after a house fire in pleasantville, new jersey. fire broke out just after 3:00 this morning on the 400 block of doherty road.
6:34 am
fire officials tell us it was brought under control at 30 minutes. we do not know what caused the fire or more about the victim. meanwhile one fire fighter had to be taken to the hospital for heat exhaustion but is expect to be okay. happening right now american solder/sergeant bowe bergdahl back on u.s. soil. we have some new video just in of his plane as it arrives in san antonio, texas where he will continue his treatment at brook army medical center. he has been recovering in germany after five years in taliban captivity. he is expect to be reunited with his family while in texas. also in the news police are looking for a man and woman responsible for a shooting and robbery right outside a gun club in the northeast. >> fox 29's sabina kuriakose is at that gun club with the very latest for us, good morning. >> reporter: karen and chris, these robbers, they stole cash and weapons but what it seems like they wanted were weapons. just before 9:00 o'clock last
6:35 am
night, two people leaving the gun range were approached by man and woman right here in the parking lot, they were held up and robbed of seven guns. for some reason after the the robbery a man shot one of the victims point blank in the groin. they don't know why robbers shot the victim because he had given them what the robbers wanted. suspect jumped in and sped away. cops tried to trap the car the on the boulevard but it turned out not to be getaway car. during that pursuit they were armed and very dangerous. >> these were very, very dangerous suspects after they committed this crime because not only were both male and female armed with a gun, the male for some reason decides to fire a shot at the 67 year-old male but during the robbery they stole an additional seven weapons. so this felony vehicle with these two suspects are arm
6:36 am
with nine weapons from revolvers to sim automatic weapons all different calibers. they are very, very armed and extremely dangerous. >> reporter: now on wednesday a gun shop in center city was rob in the similar incident, now police are checking in to whether these two crimes are connect. they say details appear to be the same. suspect even appeared to be similar. so this morning that couple on the loose, nine weapons among them including revolvers and semiautomatic weapons. the victim is in critical condition, back to you. septa officials right now are bracing for another mediation session this morning, hoping to avoid a strike with some employees. if the workers strike this weekend regional rails will be suspended, impacting an estimated 60,000 riders. if the union does in the strike septa will implement a wage hike, coming this sunday. you can see septa's plan on our web site just go to my fox
6:37 am a man seen on camera setting a building on fire in hopewell township, police would like to get him off the streets. the investigators say this video catches the sky, pretty good video pouring an accelerant outside hepp well food market along shiloh pike. then he sets whole thing on fire. this happened early on thursday morning. he is wanted for arson that is a real clean pick of him. he is between 25 and 30, speeds away on the bike. if you know who he is, call police. one of the defendants charge in the murder of the philadelphia police officer moses walker has struck a deal. chancer mcfarland has pleaded guilty to third degree murder and robbery and in exchange agreed to testify against his co-defendant rafael jones. jones is charged with fatally shooting officer walk inner 2012. he faces death penalty come his trial in december. continues in camden county new jersey, this bear was
6:38 am
spotted several times yesterday and waterford near the elmwood avenue area after third street. you can see the animal walking through peoples yards, look at this video, no word whether this is same bear spotted twice in winslow township wednesday. police say if you see a bear keep your distance, give them a call. 6:38. pennsauken woman says an unusual possibly dangerous creature invaded their area. >> all these crazy animals in south jersey. they are not sure if it is there. they areling everybody remain calm do not get caught up not speculation. they think it is a fischer cat? what is that? it started last week when woman posted generic picture from the internet on the pennsauken township facebook page of the animal. it is a fischer cat. it is a cross between a cat and a fox but, the significant parties it has attitude of the wolverine. they received a frantic point mail but there was no name so
6:39 am
the whole thing is a mystery. >> i really don't believe there is a fischer cat in the area it is likely they are seeing a ground hog or river otter and hearing the calls of the fox. >> so, the concerned wild life foundation new jersey says critter is making a come back in the garden state but not stuff of fiction but they don't think it made it this far south. >> interesting. 6:39. what do you think of this, a senior prank using balloons. it has several local students suspended why parents are upset at the the school and not at their teens. >> also... >> ♪ all by myself >> millions of us watched this epic display as passenger put this together as he was stuck in the vegas for the night. next celine dion is responding her generous offer this
6:40 am
6:41 am
6:42 am
rain is easing up. we will do a round up of the area you can see in our big picture is there rain around and when a cold front comes through late are on it will touch off a few more strong thunderstorms and hopefully that will be it for a while. but if you are up to the north of philadelphia you are seeing some rain.
6:43 am
we have cleared out for a moment in the city. it looks like mount laurel is getting heavy rain there right around 295 and up toward allentown and little further are north of that in mount pocono heavy rain falling there as well, as you go to bush kill falls on the way to the poconos it is raining there too. as far as the shore is concern cape may county seems okay but right along the expressway in atlantic county we are getting areas of heavy rain as well. we will go through rest of the day and we will see by nine or 10:00 we have a few peaks of sunshine throughout the clouds. hazy sun. it is so humid out. and then by noon pop up showers and thunderstorms, isolated and sunshine when it is in the raining but more sun we will get, the more chance we have of getting intense thunderstorms later in the day through seven or 8:00, your ride tour weekend getaway could be messy this evening, depending on where those storms pop up. we have had flood advisory in
6:44 am
effect, and brandywine creek, eastbound of downingtown could spill its banks today. mile and a half visibility up the mountains. still a half mile in atlantic city, fog wasn't as bad as yesterday but could slow you down. seventy-one at the moment. upper 60's in many other places. phillies play the the cubs tonight. they will start with the possibility of a rain delay, with 80 degrees and then are storms in the forecast, so for today we have a high temperature of 83 degrees and a four but two, ten's over weekend saturday and sunday look fantastic because humidity will be low both of those days. very refreshing over the weekend but look at what happens in the middle of next week, humidity comes back and temperatures sore close to or maybe even reaching 90 degrees by middle of next week, kacie. we have two pretty bad accident, southbound side of 295, sue says they are getting rain right now at 45, exit
6:45 am
24a. left lane block. coming back closer to the city southbound sigh of i-95 at the vine, vehicles facing wrong way blocking left lane tow truck there on the scene traffic gets by using the left o deliberately attached screws to sliding boards in an illinois park. someone put, ten screws, at the bottom of the two slides no kids were hurt. metal could have another justly injured those kid playing on these slides. >> what they have done is screwed them in the top of the slide and the the other section and snapped off the heads so there was a protruding sharp metal. >> so ridiculous. as a precaution the park district says it is check that equipment every day. this comes on the the heels of razor blades you'll remember found in other part of the country including right here in our area. talking about this one
6:46 am
more than a dozen students at a burlington county high school are in big trouble. we will see these senior pranks. >> and then those one students who helped organize this all and is speaking to fox 29 about this punishment, shawnette wilson has this story. >> spur of the moment funny being a senior, having fun, making memories and i don't regret it at all. >> this is one of the more than dozen students involved in the senior prank gone bad. this is what they did between home run and first period at riverside high thursday morning. >> i blew them up by mouth, not helium and i ripped them opened. >> reporter: but school official did his not see the humor or senior spirit in what the kids did. they suspended american a dozen seniors and banned them from coming to the graduation pool party next week. >> though were upset and screaming. >> her moth got the call to come pick her up. shoe knew about the prank. here's a picture of the
6:47 am
balloons of the floor of house night before. >> i said it is only balloons. that will in the hurt anyone. >> reporter: dawn and other parents went to the school board meeting thursday night hoping to convince them to reconsider disciplinary action. >> let the punishment fit the crime. they were balloons. balloons. >> i tried getting a comment from the superintendent, she refused an on camera interview and said they have a code of conduct. meanwhile she says it could have been worse. >> people could have been shaving cream, we could have done something really illegal but we didn't we just chose balloons. >> that was shawnette wilson reporting. >> former president george hw bush check one more item off the the bucket list. >> he said wow go sky diving once gannon his 90th birthday and he did. he comes in hard though. it wind up being just fine but there were spectators very concerned. his foot got tangled underneath the landing but a
6:48 am
spokesperson says he is feeling fine. former president has been in the wheelchair with a form of parkinson's disease, first time he jumped was way back in world war two when his plane was shot down. broadway theaters will dim their late in honor of the life of actress ruby dee, she died in her insuring home wednesday of natural causes. she was 91 years old. her career covered stage, radio, television and film, she was a civil rights activist. 6:48. actor harrison ford is recovering after being injury on the set in london. >> he hurt his ankle in the doors of the one of the space ships from the big money filming. the millennium falcon is back. he is filming scenes for star wars episode seven. disney say filming will continue as he gets better. >> ♪ all by myself
6:49 am
>> this guy richard dunn was stuck overnight at the airport in las vegas and made a music video to celine dion's song all by myself, of course that went viral. millions saw it. even celine dion saw it herself. she recently responded posting a video on line saying how much she loved it and invited him to her next show, and next time he is stuck in the airport. >> he can go see one of her shows. she's sing nothing vegas. >> she has been there in vegas for years there. >> 6:49. >> in the market landing a job is not always easy, right. there is a new you program in the midwest helping people overcome barriers, including physical and mental challenges. latest numbers are, that unemployment rate was up again last movement. >> there is one kid and he is so excited what a great program, just take a look at this reaction.
6:50 am
this program is a success. >> who just called you wal-mart. >> what is going on. >> i got a job. >> i just got a call from wal-mart and they want me to come in at 10:00 o'clock. they offered me a job of greeter, i said yes good his name is nick. he graduated from e track an on line school to teach job skills to people with physical or developmental disabilities. they were so proud of nick they decided to use this to encourage others to follow in his footsteps. 6:51 is the time. we're approaching "good day philadelphia" which starts in ten minutes. >> we have so many stars coming on the program and big issues. >> ricky gervais is coming in. push to legalize pot in pennsylvania, one of the big issues karen is talking about. this issue is all about the money just how much he says the state could bring in by making recreational marijuana
6:51 am
legal. >> ♪ >> can't get enough of this. he was awarded father on have the year by fathers day council. see chris christie's sweet dad dance moves coming up. a lot of dads getting ready for big weekend and you are bringing good weather for fathers. >> it is friday 13th but we are very lucky as you heard, ricky gervais, colin quinn on the show, stars of i think like a man two and a lot of reasons to stick around for good day philadelphia, let five a look right now. all this rain that is still with us and more, that is still, on the the way, we have got 83 degrees for a high temperature, because we're expecting some sunshine, liberty kind of hazy, peeking through the the clouds here and there and that means we will have strong
6:52 am
thunderstorms, a little later than in the day. scattered storms could be intense but it will be a dramatic end to a very wet workweek and you will like weekend forecast coming up. sunset time 8:30. >> we love this. don't love this. thanks sue serio. southbound side of 676, a bad accident there. it is blocking left lane. they are getting it out of the way right now. traffic is getting by, using the left lane. and now here's a special message from a local boy. >> happy fathers day. >> three-year old tommy saying happy fathers day to his dad steve. thanks for sending yours fathers day video. keep them coming using the hash tag, fox 29
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three astronauts on board the international space station played a game of zero gravity sock tore celebrate the start of the tournament. two astronauts are americans, one german. we will get a chance for friendly competition when germany and u.s. play each other coming up later in the tournament. there is a washington d.c. teenager celebrating a major
6:56 am
achievement after overcoming a huge obstacle, teen became class valedictorian while her family lived in the home less shelter. rasheena melvin graduated with a 4.0g pa considering her family has been living there for three years. now she is using her story to encourage other kids. she was awarded a full scholarship to georgetown, university, waiting to. good day, coming up next, how about changing your baby's diaper, what are dads supposed to do. sometimes is there a family changing room sometimes in the. it is usually a woman's room. what about the men? new rules and... >> shark, shark. >> shark, he says. video that will send chills down your spine, swimming in this harbor takes a terrifying turn when a great white shows up how swimmer survives
6:57 am
6:58 am
6:59 am
all right. it is national, don't blame sue serio day. yes, wet weather continues. does heavy rain wake you up, it came down heavy. it will continue throughout the day, we will understand your full weather authority forecast and what we can expect this weekend. after five years of being held prisoner in afghanistan army sergeant bowe bergdahl has landed back in the u.s.
7:00 am
this is new video coming in as he landed in texas. what is ahead for the freed service member. also... >> ♪ chris christie become a hit on late night tv, video going viral this morning. >> quincy, good morning. >> good morning. you all know being a father is the the hardest job in the world. now we have to fight to change our baby's diapers in public. i'll tell but it coming up. >> you are newest dad among us as we wish you, quincy, a happy fathers day early happy to you. >> thank you very much. >> hash tag fox 29 best dad, we are doing this


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