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tv   FOX 29 News at Five  FOX  July 10, 2014 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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this dead tree two years ago. and now this happened. >> just new at some point the tree was going to come down. >> frustrated homeowner wants it gone. fox 29 working to get results. ♪ >> live from center city in philadelphia, this is fox 29 news at 5:00. >> first at 5:00 tonight heavy rains caused flooding down the shore. caused submerged in water beach goers are trying to dry out. fortunately the storm has moved out but is there more rain on the way. thanks for joining us tonight. i iain page. >> i'm lucy nolan. parts of our area are under a flash flood watch right now your weather authority keeping a close eye on the skies. chief meteorologist scott williams what's on tap. >> good evening lucy and iain. we have more cause for concern especially south jersey all of delaware areas under a flash flood watch until midnight. we're watching out for some slow-moving showers and storms and look at that heavy rain right now especially in central and southern delaware. but look at ultimate doppler earlier this morning.
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ponding on the roadways and training. look at all of that heavy rain flood concerns in sections of cape may county as we zoom in a little closer, look at the radar estimates. over three, 4-inches in some locations around ocean city down toward the sea isle city area but take look at the heavy rainfall this afternoon. central southern sections of delaware. one to 3-inches of rainfall around the milford area down toward bridgeville and we still have more this afternoon and evening. look at ultimate doppler. it's dry in the philadelphia area. but extreme south jersey southern sections of delaware we're looking at more heavy rainfall. where you see the red the orange an inch to 2-inches per hour likely. around lewes moving toward the rehoboth beach area be on the look out for very heavy rain also toward the pocono mountains looking at a few pockets of showers and storms. so right now most of the activity to our south there could be more development a little later on we'll talk about the timing of that plus your weekend forecast.
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>> all right. scott. remember you can of course keep track of weather conditions 24/7. just go to and click the weather tab. >> happening now in new castle, delaware, a family's desperate pleas to help find a woman missing now for 10 days. police say never teary trader may have been abducted in her own car. fox 29's sabina kuriakose is live in new castle delaware tonight. sabina? >> reporter: iain, trader was last seen last monday by a witness who says he saw her being forced into her own car as you mentioned. 10 days later, new castle county police admit they have no new leads non update on the investigation as to where this mother of three could be. now her family is hoping for public support asking anyone with information to come forwa forward. police believe she was abducted from her new castle home 4am last monday. again witnesses say they saw her struggling with a man outside of her home. then being forced into her silver 2000 acura with delaware
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license plate 40-4893. the family is holding a press conference. that will start shortly much we'll bring you the late deet details. we did speak with her cousin little while ago. he tells us she would never leave her kids for this long. >> she lived for her kids. she lives for them. they're all honor role students. whatever they want she gets th them. if her car is broke down or sitting there, check it out. you know what i mean? take down the license plate number that's on the posters. check the car out. you know what i mean? because it's not too many people with that year acura. >> reporter: and back here live, this is a missing person poster her family has plastered throughout the area. never teary is 33 years old, 5-foot six, weighs 125 pounds. we'll bring you the latest once the press conference start into the vanishing of this mother of three. that's the very latest. lucy back to you. >> sabina.
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please take look at this pictu picture. this is 15 year old ashley diaz and police in reading berks county are trying to find her. if you have any information, please call them. skyfox over the seen of a bad accident in northeast phil philly. it was a multi vehicle crash on i-95 at cottman avenue. 10 cars were involved in the chain reaction wreck. there are reports of injuries but police aren't saying how many people were hurt or how serious those injuries are. no word yet on a cause of the crash. traffic was backed all the way up to center city. >> developing story now that we've been following throughout the day. gunfire near a daycare in north philadelphia ended with a pharmaceutical deliveryman shot the. it happened outside of a pharmacy. fox 29's dave schratwieser is live at central detectives. dave, what happened? >> reporter: lucy, this was a pretty daring robbery attempt card out at 10:30 in the morning on very busy ridge avenue next to two day cares. tonight, the robbery suspects are on the loose and the driver who was wounded is expected to
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recover. >> i'm really shock. >> reporter: this was the scene caught on tape of one of the suspects police say was involved in thursday morning's daring robbery and shooting of a pharmaceutical delivery driver at 24th and ridge. >> one or two people approached him and they robbed and shot him. >> reporter: video shows the alleged suspect pull up in a forward for taurus and get out. he walk to the corner and quickly retreats to the car and drives away. it was just after 10:30 the deliveryman pulled up to the wellness pharmacy to drop off drug supplies when two robbers appeared and one opened fire. >> reporter: pharmacist inside says the delivery driver came running in pleading -- bleeding from hand wound. >> i saw the deliveryperson ru rushing in and i called ambulance and the police for him report roar the driver was rushed to hospital as two daycare centers just a few feet away on the same side of the street immediately went into lock down. >> the man outside with a gun.
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we shot shut down like we're closed and we shut all the gates down get all the children in the middle of the center and make sure their safe. >> reporter: the ford was loaded with drug supplies. police are trying to determine if any drugs were stolen. >> he does deliver to our pharmacy every day. he should have like security with him as well. >> reporter: central detectives arrived to process the crime scene and investigate. they pulled surveillance video from the daycare and other businesses. pharmacy workers are hoping the driver is okay. >> i feel bad for him and i'm praying for his family. >> somebody had to be watching for awhile. people just don't do that out of the blue. >> reporter: now, no children at the daycare were affected by this. we can tell you tonight the driver is expected to be okay. coming up at 6:00, could this robbery attempt be linked to another one nearby in recent weeks? lucy? >> talk to you then, dave. in frankford, a 20 year old man is in critical condition right now after getting shot twice in the groin.
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the happened just after midnight on the 4600 block of frankford avenue. police tell us he is expected to survive. details of exactly what happened are still sketchy and police are looking at surveillance video to see if a camera may have caught what went down. >> governor corbett hammers the republican controlled legislature while he signs pennsylvania's new budget. he also takes a meat cleaver and hacks away 72 million bucks. so what does all this mean for you and the money starved philadelphia schools? fox 29's jeff cole in the newsroom tonight witness the harrisburg budget battle. >> reporter: philadelphia school district remains in budget limbo tonight or as mayor nutter put it in a vortex of political hell with no way out, and it has little to do with governor corbett's actions this day. corbett a republican face as tough re-elect in the fall. in a morning briefing he pounded the legislature for padding its own budget including an extra 5 million for parking. while failing to tackle growing pension costs for public employees including teachers. corbett took his pe inform and
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scratched 72 million bucks out of the spending package while demanding legislators get back to harrisburg and fix pensions. >> when a senior citizen who has spent a lifetime providing for their family can no longer afford to live in their home because of rising property taxes do that escalating mention costs, we have to say stop! >> reporter: now as for philadelphia's 130,000 public school students, no movement. the district needs legislative approval of a $2 a pack cigarette tax just to get back to this year's school funding number. the house passed it. the senate changed it, approved and sent it back to the house. one problem, the state house doesn't plan to get back to work until august 4th. school officials say big layoffs loom. in the newsroom i'm jeff cole. folks. >> jeff, thank you. a mural to honor two hero firefighters who lost their lives two years ago in a kensington warehouse fire was
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dedicated today. ♪ with bagpipes and bells they honored the legacy of lieutenant robert neary and firefighter daniel sweeney. the fallen firefighters gazed north to the seen at front and york streets where they lost their lives protecting the people of east kensington in terrible five alarm fire back in april of 2012. the mural arts program want to do honor these great sons of philadelphia in a big bold way today and always. >> i believe that our father wanted him home at this time and i think that he is sitting at the table in heaven instructing all the other firemen that they'll continue to do a good job assisting those that are down here. still fighting fires. that's what i think. >> it's bittersweet. everything in our life is bittersweet. the ceremony processed --
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pro saysed to the former warehouse site. the warehouse owners were never clearly charged. the victim's families are suing civilly. >> you already know eating your fruits and veggies keep you healthy. >> this is true but we have got word of added benefits and they're -- they're quite the benefits ladies. we have the one piece of fruit that could spice up things in the bedroom. he spends several hours week the road and that is truck driver is doing more than just making deliveries much he's singing his way to every stop and possibly, quiet possible al new career. meet the sinking truck driver coming up. >> plus, too rich and privileged to know right from wrong it's called affluenza and some have tried to use it as legal defense. why a local man says the s so-called affliction is very real. >> the city of philadelphia told the owners of this house their street tree was dying and that the city would remove it. that was nearly two years ago. now the tree is on top of their house. fox 29 working to get results. i'm bruce gordon. the story straight ahead.
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>> and the phillies, they were almost no hit today. but then wait until you see what happened. and maybe the golf shot of the decade. that's all coming up in sports. >> howard, coming up in weather, ultimate doppler lit up depending on your location. the flood con
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>> right now philadelphia police are searching for two men after a robbery in franklinville. think happened at peter's seafood on the 3500 block of germantown avenue. police say the men got into the store by cutting through the front gate and then they got
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couple of cash register. 40 bucks and six cartons of cigarettes. anyone with information is asked to call police. new developments in last spring's big drug sweep that targeted those schools on the mainline. timothy brooks was in court today and waived his preliminary hearing. the 18 year old haverford school grad is accuse of running a massive drug ring known as the mainline takeover project. the ring allegedly pushed drugs to students at several local schools and colleges partly based out of brooks' villanova home. >> fire investigators are look through the charred remains of a mainline mansion saw it here live on fox 29 at 5:00 yesterday as flames tour through the home in wayne. investigators are focusing on the garage. that is where the homeowner was doing some work when the fire began. >> fire department did very good job of holding it to what it -- it doesn't look it but they did a very good job of getting inside and getting the fire knocked down and controlled.
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>> medic took the homeowner to the hospital with minor burns. neighbors tell us he does stone work on the mainline and built the home himself. well fox 29 is getting results for homeowners in northeast philadelphia. everything was just fine for couple in their rhawnhurst home until a storm toppled that tree right into their home last week and that just the beginning of their frustrations. our bruce gordon is in rhawnhurst right now and as usual, bruce, you've got resul results. >> reporter: we're doing what we can, lucy. i'm on the 1700 block of arnold street and this, well it's one of the more than 400 trees around philadelphia toppled in our recent stretch of rough weather. but it's not just any old tree. it's called a street tree planted by the parks commission between the curb and the sidewalk to help beautify neighborhoods much it is the responsibility planting, maintenance, yes, the removal of the city of philadelphia. they arrived home the stormy night of july 3rd to find their nearly 50-foot street tree on top of they are home.
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if you until was mortified. >> scared because you don't know what you're walking into. just unbelievable. just unbelievable. >> reporter: little frustration as well. >> very frustrated. just want to cry. >> reporter: you knew this was coming? >> now it was comin coming. >> fie nels stay the street tree had been dying for year a city tree inspector had slated the tree for removal back in october 2012. the city would cut it down quote at some future date. so the fie nels waited and waited. and waited. >> and filling out the forms online, calling 311. calling the parks commission. >> reporter: to no avail. came last week' storm. the downed tree appeared to have done my nel damage to the items home and took out a street light on the block. when they reach out to the parks commission again to finally get the tree removed, michael fennel says they were told to be patient. >> what kind of wait are we talking? we've heard anywhere from a day to a year. >> reporter: a day to year? >> yes. >> reporter: to have the tree sitting on your house? >> yes.
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>> reporter: the parks commission made a suggestion. >> if you want to have the tree removed we suggest you call a private contractor. we'll send i was list. it will be at your own expense. you will not be reimbursed for that. >> reporter: no good. well i spent most of the afternoon working the phones on this one. turns out that while this tree was slated for removal, it was a low priority considered in poor condition but not eminently dangerous. that accounted for the months of delays. then came the big storms lots of true emergencies, further delays. bottom line the city promised me this afternoon they will get this tree out of here win the next 24 to 48 hours. that's the real good news. and to the extent if there's any home damage for the fennels because of the tree toppling
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♪ >> the crisis in the mideast continues to escalate since tuesday at least 470 rockets have struck deeper in israel. while israeli forces continue to strike militants in the gaza strip. this sharp increase in hostility follows last month's kidnapping and killing of three israeli teens then the possible retribution killing of a palestinian teen.
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>> police say 29 year old joshua johnson died at the hospital yesterday. the shooting happened tuesday inside a home on the 900 block of winter drive in bristol. 24 year old duffy died at the scene. police say they are still search fog the gunman. >> by now you've probably heard the term affluenza. it was coined in the '90's to explain the mind set of those who behaved badly because they feel entitled for privileged our powerful. but what about using so-called affluenza like a disease to get out of prison time for violent crimes? our joyce evans looks at that growing controversy. >> i was 20 years old making 300, 400 grand a eighty three or whatever. >> mark recounting his recent life in the fast lane. >> i just thought i was untouchable. >> fast and loose. >> i didn't go to school. i'm like so much smarter than
5:31 pm
everyone. >> he was on his poker game professionally but his personal life fueled by alcohol and drugs. >> i set up my own map what is important and what isn't and i i have more money than these people i'm better and that them. >> he was miserable, mean and a menace. >> i was drunk driving probably hundred times in my life. i could have very easily killed someone. >> his world and he couldn't see anything wrong with it at that time. >> like i just did not care. i don't -- i really don't know what it is. just being teenager. >> that's why he says he gets the 16 year old texas teen at the center of a fire storm of outrage and debate over the so-called affluenza legal defense. >> i mean it sounds kind of crazy but i sympathize with th them. >> mark does not agree with the doctors claim that the teen suffered affluenza because his wealthy parents coddled into irresponsibility should have been used to get him out of prison time. his alcohol blood level was three time the legal limit. in a horrific dui case that
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killed four people and injured others. >> it just keeps getting worse. >> at this point in time it is not a recognized disease proce process. >> according to mainline therapist karen abrams, people who claim affluenza likely have bigger issues than just being spoiled or arrogant. problems that need treatment, not to be offered to justify illegal, immoral or unethical behavior. >> they don't have the same level of fear because they think their money can get them out of a bad situation. >> it's the classic have your cake and eat it too. >> reaction from a lawyer of one of the young survivors of that deadly crash. he's fighting to use that same affluenza diagnosis against ethan couch and his family seeking damages in civil suits. >> the johnny is out of the bottle and there's way to get it back in. >> it's a problem in our society
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that nobody going to the table with the same set of facts is going tend up with the same results. >> we cannot find any cases around here where affluenza was actually used as a defense strategy in court. what we did find some cases that set off controversy after a well connected convict did not go to prison. and there's already affluenza buzz surrounding some cases that are still heading to court. >> what may work in another state sometimes -- some type of excuse i doubt very much is going to workaround here. >> in fact, montgomery county's first assistant da kevin steal pointed to several cases where he say fame, fortune, power and social status may have brought the court down harder. >> because they've had many advantages and have chose zen to go down that path. >> he says for some case where is they don't throw the book at a defendant wealthy or not, there are a number of programs that offer justice for the
5:34 pm
victims and provide punishment for offenders while hopefully changing negative behaviors. >> trying to keep people from being, keeping people from doing it again. >> mark says he benefited from similar programs after his dui arrest. but that the punishment didn't matter. that he had to change from win. in addition to kicking the drugs and booze. >> not like i was trying to be good. i was just trying to feel better and the way to do that is to be good to pebble. >> and he did it with the love of his parents, supporting him but never codling. the love of a good woman and a couple of cute cats. dr. abrams says, she's found it necessary for some of her patients to break what could be a vicious cycle. >> the question is the people who get off, how are they going to ever understand consequences and learn from their behavior? that's concerning. >> joyce evans, fox 29 news. >> you should know eating your
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fruits and veggies keeps you healthy. >> that is the truth. i tell my kids all the time. however we've got word of some added benefits that i probably won't share with my children. ladies, we have the one piece of fruit that could spice up things in the bedroom. all right. a trip to the zoo takes an interesting turn, very interesting, ba you three gorillas you see one right there. on field trip escaped from their, checking out the area taking in the sights and there's scott. >> thanks lucy. if you have some plans over the neck several days i have your forecast but right now we're watching the potential for flash flooding especially south jersey and delaware.
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♪ >> two florida men decide to go back to school but not to get an education as you can probably tell by that mug shot right there. police say camera caught 18 year old logan brown and 20 year old christopher ramos breaking into their old elementary school and leaving with fruit loops. they broke in and they stole
5:39 pm
fruit loops that's right. the two men say they were high and looking for some quote fun. >> we were just hyped up and wanted to go on an adventure. we weren't in search of fruit loops that's been a big one everyone saying we were looking for fruit loops but it just so happened that there were fruit loops there. >> looking for an adventure. they break into their elementary school. all right. and the pair is offered however to buy more fruit loops for the school. >> that's what they should have done in the first place. >> in your health news a new study suggests there are three types of ad m.d. found in children. researchers wanted to classify different cases of adhd to help explain more about biological causes or the out comes. they found three types. mild, surveillance jent and irritable. mild shows inattention and impulsive have the. surveillance jent are very excitable and exuberant. irritable adhd means high levels of anger, fear and sadness. researchers say these findings are preliminary and it's too
5:40 pm
early to use these terms in diagnosis. >> you know the saying an apple a day keeps a doctor away. well a new study says two apples a day can lead to better sex life. 731 women participated in the seven-month study. researchers divided them in two groups. one group ate two apples a day and the other 91. after the seven months, the women filled out a detailed questionnaire about their sex lives and the survey says, apple eaters scored higher on their questionnaire than the non apple eaters. the study appears in the archives of gynecology and obstetrics. >> in many notice are out for television's highest honor the prime time emmy awards. actor mindy dill caligo and carson daily making the announcement early this morning in hollywood. house of cards and hbo game of thrones even the series breaking bad on fox sister network fx. the 66th prime time emmy awards airs sunday, august 25th. >> families got way more than
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they bargained after a trip to the zoo after three gorillas escaped from their cage. he's known as the sinking truck driver ♪ >> pretty g this trucker is serious about his sinking. how his love for karaoke could help him trade in that big rig for a record deal. >> all right. the phillies they're on a minnow roll. one phillies player made it very clear he wants out a
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if he were a lobbyist... if they were political contributors... maybe tom corbett would listen to them, instead of cutting funding for their schools. oil and gas companies gave corbett 1.7 million dollars in political contributions. and he gave them a sweetheart deal on taxes that's costing pennsylvania billions. corbett's mismanagement has caused a huge budget deficit. and his painful education cuts are forcing teacher layoffs and increasing class sizes. now corbett wants to give the oil and gas industry even more handouts. and what's he getting from them? corbett's keeping that secret. so pennsylvanians are challenging tom corbett to come clean. release the records of your meetings with donors...
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that you've been hiding. disclose all the contributions, letters and emails from oil and gas lobbyists who influence you. we've got a right to know who tom corbett's listening to. because it sure isn't us.
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♪ >> quite the morning at the minnesota zoo. just before 10:3 gorillas escaped from their exhibit and zoo officials say they through
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an unsecured door check out the zoo for themselves. zoo coopers rounded up two after 20 minutes one wandered around for an hour. the zoo says staff brought visitors in save area but the gorillas did not pose a threat. iraqi veteran beaten so badly his wife fears she would would be widow attack happened sunday morning in virginia beach. now two juveniles are under arrest. sean, says he was leaving a beach side bar with another service man when he was assaulted. the friend says he had no idea he was under attack. his injuries were so bad he was immediately rushed to the emergency room. >> i was driving to the hospital thinking i was going to be a widow. just laying there. breathing tube and, um, brace around his neck. pretty scary. >> he served two tours in iraq in the army national guard. he suffered a fractured eye socket and has 17 stitches in his forehead. a florida man is becoming an
5:46 pm
internet sensation with his home grown vocals. nothing like karaoke to liven up a long road trip and since this guy is a truck driver there's a whole lot of singing going on. fox's tom johnson brings us front row. >> reporter: brad james is a trucker. >> long hall. >> reporter: puts a lot of miles on his rig every year. >> 130,000. >> reporter: spends a lot of time alone. >> eat, sleep, shower and get up to start my next run. >> reporter: a lot of time away from his wife and the things they used to love doing together. >> my wife and i used to go out singing karaoke all the time. before i went on the road, and then after i went on the road, we just couldn't do that any more. >> reporter: at the the end of last year brad made a change to his road rue tee started singing and recording it into his ipho
5:47 pm
iphone. and that literally changed his entire life. >> it's a fairly simple process. microphone, head set, iphone. >> sit down and record a song ♪ >> reporter: then he records the video. >> lip sync to my own singing. ♪ >> reporter: brad sings a lot of trucking songs. ♪ >> reporter: and songs he and his wife love. >> i put it oh and facebook so that she could see it so she can hear it. >> reporter: but at first, brad didn't realize who all could see his facebook feed. >> i thought only i could see it. >> reporter: just few songs in, he realized he was wrong. >> i had about 1300 people listening to me.
5:48 pm
♪ >> reporter:. >> reporter: and that was just the beginning. >> sky rocketed to 8,000 win that week and that was couple of months ago. i'm getting ready to hit 20,000 people. ♪ >> reporter: it got rolling so big he started a separate facebook fan page. >> i'm drawing one hun doctor, 200 people a day. >> reporter: and earned a nickname. >> the singing truck driver report roar the singing truck driver is an internet hit. >> i get probably 40, 50, 60 requests day for, you know, where can i buy your cd. where can i download your music from. >> reporter: soon the sensation may move beyond a web. >> i've already talked to a studio in nashville about doing a cd as an independent artist. ♪
5:49 pm
>> reporter: put his hobby into higher gear which at this point is difficult to fathom. >> it's absolutely amazing. ♪ >> i want his cd. he's good. reporter tom johnson tells us brad james already has -- he said he had 20,000. now, at last check, 25,000 likes. nearly that on has new facebook page. that and growing. >> exactly. do you think that scott williams can sing like that? i'm singing the forecast. >> singing weatherman. i'll have to work on my chops little bit before i tart doing that and some lyric. give me some lyric. maybe i'll try it out. in the meantime we have flash flood watches posted for our area. mainly all of delaware, southern sections of south jersey. for slow moving thunderstorms. look at the activity right now in south jersey and sections of
5:50 pm
delaware. sussex county right now you can see the very heavy rainfall around lewes moving toward rehoboth beach. earlier this morning, sections of atlantic county, ocean county, you saw anywhere from two to over 4-inches of rainfall between ocean city as well as sea isle city. as we move into central and southern delaware, one, to 3-inches of rainfall so really areas in south jersey and sections of southern and central delaware have seen most of the rainfall today. in philadelphia, you're probably leak what are you talking about we've just seen a mixture of sun and clouds, dry conditions across our area. but north and west toward the lehigh valley and the pocono mountains we're still looking at some of those showers. so right now, as we zoom in, you can see around georgetown moving toward the long neck area, rehoboth beach, a lot of lightning as well. so when thunder roars, head indoors. you can be struck by lightning if you can hear that thunder. so not a good idea to be on the beach down there in southern sections of delaware or cape may county for that matter. as we look toward the pocono mountains, you can see that activity moving out, moving in
5:51 pm
to northampton county right now around the easton area. some very moderate to heavy rainfall right now. so what to expect? stepping outdoors, sun and clouds, some slow-moving thunderstorms mainly south of philadelphia for tonight. some leftover showers still most of the coverage south but drier air starts to move in overnight as we cold of watch a cold front approach the area and move to the south. for your friday mostly sunny, lower humidity star starting tol little more comfortable across the area. 86 degrees right now is the temperature and humidity at 43%. the high temperature today 87. that's where we should be for this time of year. so as we lock at the temperatures area wide, we have 70s down the shore with the clouds, the rainfall low and mid 80s along the i-95 corridor right now. dew points any time it's above 60 it feels sticky but you can see north and west some of the dew point readings are dropping into the upper 50's. that drier air is trying to make its way toward our area as this front continues to push the heat
5:52 pm
and humidity out of here. so as we roll the clock you can see a few pockets of showers. mainly down the shore and tomorrow morning we could see some more activity developing along the coastal communities before that front finally clears the coast as we move throughout the day tomorrow. what to expect for tonight. we're looking at low temperatures right around 70 degrees. mid 80s, sunshine, low humidity for tomorrow. moving ahead to your saturday, 86 degrees for the high temperature. saturday is dry, a few pop-up showers and storms on sunday and then better chances also hotter conditions monday into tuesday. but look at wednesday and thursday of next week. highs only in the low 80s. >> you know you said you need help with lyrics when thunder roars, head indoors much that's the beginning of it. >> okay. >> just thinking. >> when thunder roars, head indoors. (laughter). >> i'll stick to weather. >> top that. >> howard. >> wow!
5:53 pm
(laughter). >> okay. i'm outta here. okay. the phillies started current road triplets go to baseball leaving five of sick. losing three straight in pittsburgh then the sweep in milwaukee. the phillies were being no hit into the seventh inning by matt gars is a and jimmy rollins gets the first hit but the phillies are still down one to nothing in the seventh. let's go to the eighth. they were down one to nothing. two outs, jimmy rollins gets a single scores two. the phillies take a two-one le lead. how about this inning? it was two outs when jimmy rollins knocked in the first run. ryan howard didn't hit it that way but hit it in the right is the. it was ground rule double because it was touched by a fan. that scores a couple of more. it's unbelievable. phillies go on to score seven runs in the eighth inning. they win it and in-one and sweep the four game zero res now the phillies buyers or seller at the trade deadline. >> i would think they're still sellers and one phillies player
5:54 pm
is on board with getting out of a phillies uniform. and that would be who else but jonathan papelbon. based on his comments last night, after a phillies win. one of his comments about aunt its wanting be toyed tad quoting him some guys want to stay on a losing team. that's mind boggling to me. then he says i think that's a no brainer. good luck ruben. >> in golf it's become the tournament to get players ready for the britt turn open. the scottish open nice tune up and the first one was a great one for rory mcilroy the first round. to scotland and royal aberdeen much this is a 436-yard par four. par four. he gets to the green in one. there's still players on the green. he gets -- now, those golf courses over there the fairways are hard. the greens are hard. there's lot of rolling. he rolled 100 yards. he's on in less than four. there he goes. that was a birdie putt. he had seven birdies. he had a 64 today.
5:55 pm
but the shot of the day, also on the 13th hole, rory mcilroy as he makes couple of birdies. all right. the shot of the day. and this was the best shot that i've seen in years. years. that's phil mickleson. now he prefers not to take a drop. he's on the cart path. all right. so forget about the club. he'll have a new one in couple of hours. all right. he's on the cart path. he's going to use the club history but watch this shot. by phil mickleson as he lines the up. actually sometimes it might be better to hit the off the cart path. you're not going to take divot but you are going to hit the ball. this shot 10 feet now how about this up and down? not only did he make the shot, phil mickleson now for the birdie putt on 13. this is amazing. what an up and down by phil mickleson he gets the birdie. he was three under today. roar row mcilroy shot 64 so he's leading. >> great up and down.
5:56 pm
>> he needs a new golf club but gets as many as he wants. >> probably already has one already. >> exactly. >> we've got another half hour full of news straight ahead. your weather authority keeping a close eye on that ultimate doppler. the flood concerns all new at 6:00. >> she disappeared 10 days ago. the family's desperate plea to find her. fox 29 news at sick
5:57 pm
5:58 pm
5:59 pm
>> live from center city in
6:00 pm
philadelphia this is fox 29 news at 6:00. >> right now at 6:00, this mother of three missing from her delaware home for 10 days and counting. her family is desperate for your help. thank you for joining us. i'm lucy noland. >> i'm iain page. let's get right out to fox 29's sabina kuriakose live in new castle tonight. sabina. >> reporter: guys take look behind me you can see that press conference about to start and just a few minutes. family members have gathered on the lawn along with media here of the house from which nefertiti trader police say she was force cybillly taken from this home. 10 days after her disappearance, trader's family says the mystery of who took this young mother of three kids from her own home is only deepening. they say they feel like their running out of time. now its they're publicly pleading for information leading to her safe return. the night she disappeared she stopped at a nearby 7eleven for pack of cigarettes. she came home and around 4:00 in the morning last monday a witness says he saw her struggling with a man and then being forced into her own car. a silver act occur rah rl mod dollar year 2000. police say