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tv   Fox 29 Morning News at 4a  FOX  July 11, 2014 4:00am-5:01am EDT

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>> reporter: it has been a relatively non-violent here in philadelphia but a very violent friday so far, dawn. >> all right, steve we will check with you. another tragedy striking a glee star and her boyfriend why this comes at an erie time for the glee cast. and sue serio is standing by with your weekend weather forecast, sue. >> it looks like we will have a decent start to the weekend but how will it end? we will have your complete forecast from the weather authority, coming up. >> very good. search intensifies for a missing delaware woman why police believe she was kidnaped and what her family has to say. good day it is 4:00 o'clock on this friday july 11th 2014, glad to have you with us. >> tgif. >> that is right. >> we have some rain drops out
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there this morning, just a few. >> a couple of sprinkles, sue. >> we're familiar were being drippy. >> yes, a little bit drippy out there this morning because we did have some rain moving through last night. when we start with this look at ultimate doppler radar we will look at the last 12 hours and a bunch of thunderstorms making their way through the area. this is a loop over the last 12 hours. we will let it run again so you can see at about 5:40 p.m. the delaware beach is really getting slammed yesterday with a lot of thunderstorm activity, and then, at about 9:00 p.m. in lancaster county some very loud thunderstorms. we will see them moving into chester county close to 11:00 p.m. and philadelphia area where we lost the thunder in the overnight hours. that was then, this is now. you can see just a few areas of green showing up on ultimate doppler and that means we do have have a few stray showers here and there. some down in delaware. a few in the philadelphia area, it is not a big tiehl but they are out there and you
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may need a swipe of the windshield wipers. for rest of the morning you do see some sunshine coming through a very slight chance of the pop up, later on today. most of us will stay dry but if you are near the beach, you have the possibility, as seeing a pop up then are storm. so, we will take a quick look at the shore cast for today, because it is friday and a lot of folks make that getaway. we have to keep an eye on some lightening here and there but we will have a better day than yesterday with that flooding down at the shore and those then are storms. eight is your uv index for today. as we look at what will happen for the rest of the day, we can kind of break it down for you like this. for today, we have a day that starts with a few stray showers, and, partly cloudy skies, and then by this afternoon it will be, sun and some clouds, and a shower or storm possible to the south of us. cooler and more comfortable tonight. the kacie, if you are going out tonight, it will be
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lovely. >> oh, perfect. looking forward to it. looking forward to the southbound side of i-95al gain toy girard left lane block. this is wrapping up to day at 5:00 a.m. fifty-eight minutes left on that one and this weekend is clear, i promise. eastbound side of the ben franklin bridge was blocking right lane. patco track replacement there. aside from that nothing else to look out for on the majors, kerry. we have been beginning with breaking news. it was a violent night in philadelphia's fair hill section, two people are dead in two separate incidents. we are beginning with the double shooting on waterloo street. lets go out to fox 29's steve keeley at police headquarters with the details, steve. >> reporter: this will sound similar to yesterday's store which are jennifer joyce had two violent issues and were they related. same thing here today as philadelphia police at headquarters have the homicide division working overtime once again. lets go to the second scene now and the latest scene and where latest victim was just froe mounded dead. we had two men shot by a dozen
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bullets, both of them taken to the hospital, and in extremely critical condition. when police say the words extremely critical that means on the verge of death and after that reportedly extremely critical one of the men did die. now lets wipe our video on your screen to the earlier scene within that hour, one at 11:00, one just past midnight. this just four blocks away from the fair hill section of north philadelphia where police initially started their violent night investigation with an 11:00 o'clock beating death they found a man 53 years old beaten to death, bloody on the sidewalk in front of his house. so when they were investigating that they hear about the gunshots just four blocks away. now the question is, were they related? was one in retaliation for the other. here's scott small tell us what he knew at that point. >> upon police arrival they found a five three-year old male laying on the sidewalk in front of the home where he lives. he was suffering from severe trauma to his head, blunt
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force trauma, medics rush him to temple hospital where he was pronounced dead at 11:44 p.m., from blunt force trauma to the head. >> reporter: not only do police have no idea what this was all about in either case they don't know what somebody used to beat this man to death, whether it was their fist, or was it a gun, a pipe, box, who knows what, they don't even have a murder weapon in that first case just yet but they do know that the weapons used in the second case and that was at least one gun, maybe two. so, they are hoping the violence at least stops for now so the homicide guys can get their wherewithal and get on top of these two case breast they get too cold but right now question is are they linked. they will try to find out that answer real soon, kerry and dawn. >> all right. we will look forward to hearing from you later this morning, steve, thank you. also new this morning boyfriend of the glee star becca tobin was found dead in a philadelphia hotel room. the body of the 35 year-old matt was found yesterday
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afternoon according to tmz. details about how he died or what hotel he was at aren't known. bendix own several nightclubs and tobin had been in town. it is not clear where she was when his body was found this comes just a couple days before the one year anniversary of the death of glee star core i monday teave, his body was found in the vancouver hotel. police are investigating a series of main line attempted break ins. >> there are four reports of the attempted break ins in the same haverford township neighborhood. three incidents hand in the 600 block of lake side avenue, fourth one in the 1500 block of belmont avenue. a three-year old boy recovering this morning after police say he was hit by a drunk driver in his north philadelphia neighborhood. it happened on the 2800 block of north fourth street yesterday afternoon. police say little jimmy rodriguez ran out into the street and was hit. the driver stayed on the scene and the family then rush the child to the hospital where he was treated for fractured
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wrists and other injuries. >> he was crawled up in a ball. when i grab him, he was, he was holding his head. >> the the driver followed the family to the hospital, and that is when he was arrested for dui. special education assistants and other aids began receiving their pink slips yesterday. officials say teachers will not ab expected by this round of cuts, however, if the proposed cigarette taxis not inact todd close the district's funding gap, 1300 employees will likely lose their jobs, next month. pennsylvania governor tom corbett signing a new state budget but in the the before cutting more than 70 million-dollar in spending. most of it is money that the legislature had approved for its own operating expenses that includes parking. governor blasting lawmakers for that and for failing to tackle growing pension costs for public employees and that includes teachers. >> the general assembly left harrisburg earl they're month with unfinished business.
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they need to come back and inact pension reform. >> asked if he would call lawmakers back for a special session the governor says all options are opened. coming up, two fire fighters are honored in a very special way, with their families on hand, how they are holding up after a tragedy. jenny? >> reporter: well, kerry, a three three-year old mother of three from new castle delaware has been missing for 11 days and now her family is coming forward, pleading with the public to come
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we made to it friday. hopefully you have fun plans for the weekend before you get to that. we will get to the forecast for today at the past five days, and. getting close to 90 degrees, and, yesterday was a seasonal, 87 degrees. we had enough sunshine in the upper 80's. the problem we had in the past couple days had been this lingering frontal system stalled just off shore throwing back some clouds. we are getting easterly winds here and that gives us an increased chance of showers at the shore. nothing much going on right now but you could see a stray shower pop up anywhere because that front is just close enough to us, to be a little bit of the pain. so, we've got a little shower there in mount laurel, so a little swipe of the windshield wipers there. maybe a little drizzle left
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over from what happened yesterday. here's where we are right now still on the mild side 72 degrees in philadelphia. sixty-nine in wilmington. sixty-three mount pocono. sixty-six in atlantic city. due points have come down a little bit. 62 degrees dew point in philadelphia anybody above 60 starts to feel sticky but it is not as bad as it was. we will look a little bit better. today's high around 86 degrees. clouds this morning and then sun breaks through and we will see more sunshine in the afternoon and it does look like we will get in the seasonal mid 80's today. we do expect skies to clear out completely tonight and we will get rid of the frontal system nearby and that means a cooler more comfortable night with the low temperature of 68 degrees. we will call that, miss kacie a nice, night. >> it sound fantastic, thanks very much, sue. eastbound side of the ben franklin bridge work blocking the right lane for patco track replacement there. just a little slow down. southbound side of 95, allegheny avenue to girard, we
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had construction there all week all night long so 10:00 p.m. to 5:00 a.m. this will clear out about 45 minutes and be out of the way for good. you can see rest of the majors they look great, guys. >> kacie, thank you. police in delaware says a woman has been abduct now missing for 11 days. fox 29's jennifer joyce is live outside new castle county police department with the very latest on this investigation, jennifer? >> reporter: well, good morning. nefertiti trader's family said they want her home, safely. they say it was 11 days ago that the mother of three was abduct outside of her new castle delaware home by a man wearing a hoodie around 4:00 a.m. trader was returning home from 7-eleven when investigators tell us a witness saw a man force would the man back into her car. there was a struggle and trader has in the been seen ever since. family members are asking anyone with any information to come forward. they say trader has not
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contacted her three children which is not like her. >> have mercy, just send her back home with her family and friends, her mother. >> police report report trader's carries a 2,000 silver acura rl like this one, nefertiti was last seen wearing animal print pajamas, 7-eleven tells us that they actually captured trader walking around their store on the morning that she was abduct. police have not yet handed that surveillance video over to us, if you have any information you are urged to call new castle county police, dawn. >> hopefully they will find her, thanks, jennifer. philadelphia police made an arrest in the tavern burglary. it happened at swiss irish pub in holmesberg. place was closed when thief used a crowbar to pry over two cash registers. highway patrol officer recognized this guy from the video and tonight authorities
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have the suspect. michael cotino in hand. rapper meek mill is due in the philadelphia courtroom. a probation hearing will be held for a philadelphia native whose real name is robert williams. he is on probation for drug dealing and gun possession dealings back in 2009. in new jersey a world war two veteran will add to his award chest. edward mar teen owe of cherry hill will receive camden county service medal, state combat medal and seven seals award today. he is being honored for camden county freeholder board for his national services. a new mural honors two heroic fire fighters lost their lives two years ago in the terrible kensington warehouse fire. >> with bagpipes and bells, they honored legacy of lieutenant robert neary, and fire fighter, daniel sweeney. fallen fire fighters are looking from front and york streets where they lost their lives protecting people of east kensington in 2012.
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a touching dedication ceremony yesterday for the family. >> i believe that our father wanted him home at this time and i think that he is sitting at the table in heaven instructing all of the other firemen, that they will continue to do a good job assisting those down here, fighting fires. that is what i think. >> warehouse owners were never criminally charged in the fire, victim's families are suing civilly. now, another look at stories making headlines all around the nation. the texas man charged in the execution style murders of a couple and their four children will be arraigned today. three three-year old ronald lead hask ill faces multiple counts of capitol murder in a shooting rampage in a houston suburb. he posed as a delivery man, gain access to the home, the victims his estranged wife
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sister and her family. the lone survivor a 15 year-old girl who managed to dial 911 however, she remains in critical condition. investigators are pouring over the scene of the deadly fire in massachusetts that claimed lives of seven people, including three children. investigators trying to determine just how that fire began, and the building did not have a sprinkler system and there are reports if alarm system may not have been functioning. authorities are also looking into whether or not fire works being kept in one of those apartments could have started the fire, nearly 50 people lived in the building and now dozens have been left homeless. >> i could see it. my chest burned. i was real scared. we all felt in five minutes that we were going to dianne that was it. we are lucky we are alive and we are here. >> and, during that fire, the brother of the one of the
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victims denied those claims. germany's diplomatic fight with the united states over spying allegations, is escalating. >> chancellor angela merckel kicked out top u.s. intelligence official in her country amid new round of pea age accusations. germany says it has not been getting cooperation it needs from the national security agency. she calls u.s. spying a breach of faith among allies. secretary of state john kerry makes a surprise visit, to afghanistan, he will try to avert a political crisis over a disputed election. kerry will meet with the candidates who both claimed victory in last month's presidential race. u.s. is urging calm, until things can get and and survivor. >> fox's aaron interest ducis to us a 20 year-old florida man, who found himself in the shocking life changing ordeal. >> i know i cannot get it but
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i'm still kicking. >> reporter: on one of dylan's feet is a slightly burn boot. on the other foot, a hospital sock. >> it is a little dirty i will in the lie to you. >> reporter: it takes time to remove because it covers a foot that has almost no feeling, and can barely move. >> i can move my big toe. >> reporter: everything was fine yesterday afternoon, except his best friend matthew spencer had lost his dog and dylan wanted to help search. >> i just remember standing on the carport with my arm around it like that to help fine your dog. >> reporter: and then it is mostly a blur. >> literally watched the lightening bolt smack right next to his car. >> i could hear it so clear in my head. >> i ain't never, never been knock on my butt like that before. >> reporter: lightening strike knocked them both back several feet and knocked dylan out cold. his friend carried him in the house where he eventually came too. >> it is scary. i could not, nothing was right. my motor function were not right, that scared me the
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most. >> reporter: day later dylan realized he had broken his hand but still the 21 year-old knows he is fortunate. >> it is a little scary. >> reporter: his life could have ended in a flash but instead it is his laughter and relief and smile that is lighting the room. >> it is great, i'll be just fine, i just want my toes. >> and as reporter aaron tells us paramedics say dylan's cowboy boots with metal studs made impact of the strike even worse. >> can you imagine. >> no. >> living through something like that. >> unbelievable. >> luck he he is alive. 4:21 right now, and is it time for weather on the one's, i sushi? >> okay. >> well, let's tell but this first. more ticket will be available for free concerts in atlantic city. ac alliance say ticket for blake shelf even and lady antbellam will be available on ticket master starting at
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3:00 this afternoon. >> special stage side ticket will be given away in contest at do atlantic shelf enis scheduled to perform july 31st and lady antbellam august 3rd. i was very anxious to get to your weather forecast. it is the weekend. >> it is the weekend and we are looking for good weather in the weather department. >> now it is a one. here we are with the forecast for today, i think we will end up with a decent day. we have had clouds around this morning and a stray shower here and there. a little left over activity from last night, but i think it will be a mix of sun and clouds and not quite as humid to day so a fine friday in store. having said that if you see a stray shower it should in the be a big deal. the high temperature today will be probably in the mid to upper 80's, more towards the mid 80's depending on how much cloud cover we will get. so we will get 86 degrees. what do you think of that, kacie. >> i think it is absolutely perfect.
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it is not too hot, not too cold, just right, babe baby bear day. going out to the majors in slow downs at all. lots on have green on the majors. we will talk construction coming up good news there are no incidents, guys. thanks, miss kacie. there are some resilient wolf pups, how they are doing today after being rescued from a wild fire in alaska. if he were a lobbyist... if they were political contributors... maybe tom corbett would listen to them, instead of cutting
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funding for their schools. oil and gas companies gave corbett 1.7 million dollars in political contributions. and he gave them a sweetheart deal on taxes that's costing pennsylvania billions. corbett's mismanagement has caused a huge budget deficit. and his painful education cuts are forcing teacher layoffs and increasing class sizes. now corbett wants to give the oil and gas industry even more handouts. and what's he getting from them? corbett's keeping that secret. so pennsylvanians are challenging tom corbett to come clean. release the records of your meetings with donors... that you've been hiding. disclose all the contributions, letters and emails from oil and gas lobbyists who influence you. we've got a right to know who tom corbett's listening to. because it sure isn't us.
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so now what do the phillies do. that is the question the team has after a four game sweep with the brewers. phillies are ten games below 500. phillies broad upgrade i sizemore from the main or leagues. eighth inning phillies down one to nothing, two outs, jimmy rollins. now matt garza had a no hitter, and, rollins knocks in two. phillies scored, how about this, seven runs in the eighth inning, ryan howard with the ground rule double and the phillies win nine-one. they sweep the four game series. the shot of the year, in golf, scottish open, that is off the cart path, he hit it off the the path. phil mickelson rather than make it drop. how about that. he ends up, how about this up and down, he ends up making the birdie putt on the 13th. he was three under. rory mcilroy leads. that is sports in a minute. i'm howard eskin. all right, thanks howard. world cup glory go to
4:26 am
argentina or brazil. apparently miami's flipper, knows the answer. miami sea aquarium flipper predicts argentina will take home this years cup and his track record is pretty accurate. he is three-o or i should say 3nil for soccer in his selections for orange bowl. he is hoping he has same luck with the world cup. world cup final will be played, sunday, july 13th. all right. we will keep focused. five wolf pups rescued in alaska has made a full recovery. look at these fellows. they have been taken care of at a zoo in anchorage the past six weeks. next week they will be sent to their new home in minneapolis, minute so the a they are doing well. we are following breaking news for you, a violent night in the fair hill section of philadelphia, what witnesses say they saw a man, running with, after a homicide, on the streets. plus a couple of kids going for a fun summer swim, except, it is in the the
4:27 am
streets. we will tell you where this happened in our area.
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violence erupts in the fair hill section of philadelphia, we are live on the scene with what police tell us about the victims this morning. controversy following governor corbett's new budget while he is blasting lawmakers this morning and how their vacation could get cut short. a woman kicked out of the community pool she has been using her whole life, what
4:30 am
changed after she got married. prime time emmy nominations are in, we will tell but all of the big unconventional contenders this years. good day, everybody. it is friday, july 11th, 2014, tgif. i have to make a correction there, it is germany and argentina, who flipper is trying to decide who will win for the the world cup, brazil got kicked out in the terrible loss seven-one to germane debating between brazil and argentina, i don't think he would be all that accurate. >> flipper is predicting argentina but they are playing germany too. >> keep it straight here. >> that is right. >> i think this sunday is the match, of course, the 13th of july and that will be a day of viewing parties, lot of places. >> my goodness. >> i mention that had because we have a few thunderstorms in the the forecast for the afternoon but here watching the the world cup, so what.
4:31 am
i wanted to show you then are storms that came through yesterday at 5:45 delaware beaches got hit with thunder and lightening and then it was about 9:30 lancaster county, thunderstorms moved into chester county. by 1:00 in the morning it was raining steadily in the philadelphia area. the mostly has dried up for now. we will look at ultimate doppler at the moment and we will see there is not much going on. we will see green pop up every now and then again, a drizzle or stray shower that is all you'll get and i think that is all we will get for the rest of the day to day. you can see little green showing up on doppler but that is just a reflection of the moisture in the air. i'm in the putting rain in the forecast for today. now, having said that the shore cast, we could see maybe a little bit of the pop up. nothing like the drama we had yesterday with those thunderstorms. temperatures in the upper 70's, and northeasterly breeze keeping clouds at the shore. yesterday was just like july is supposed to be with the average high, 87 degrees.
4:32 am
we got two and that is where we were supposed to be and we will be around there again today. 72 degrees. sunrise happening at 5:42. relative humidity is not that comfortable at 71 percent but it is better than it was. this morning partly cloudy, we will say a stray shower just in case but by this afternoon, we will see a mix of sun and clouds and tonight it will be cooler and much more, comfortable, we will be at probably, kacie a nine for today and are you ready for a ten tomorrow. >> oh, yes. sue, it is weekend you cannot anticipate anything but nine or ten's for sue serio on the weekend. just saying. lower gwynedd, southbound side of 309, we did have an accident that just cleared out before we went on the air. good news there. that was your only accident this morning. you can see a slow down on 476, north bound towards 76, we will check on that. nothing going on there as far as incidents but elsewhere there is really nothing else to look out for, guys. >> that is good, kacie, thank you.
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>> we have breaking news that we need to get to out of the fair hill section of philadelphia. a small neighborhood is rock by violence after two people, are killed in two different incidents. we will begin with the beating death of the man in front of his own home. lets go right to fox 29's steve keeley live at police headquarters with the details good morning, steve. >> reporter: we have head of homicide working out of this building and homicide detective at two different scenes in that one neighborhood where three were shot, two dead and actually three, not all shot, two shot, two dead, one beaten to death, all in one hour. real close in distance within a three minute walk and real close in time within that very violent hour between 11:00 and midnight. lets go to the first scene that started just past 11:00 where police found a five three-year old man beaten to death outside in front of his house on the street. while they are on that call just up the north philadelphia street in the same fair hill section, lots of people seen
4:34 am
here, ten gunshots hitting two men twice in the chest each. the older of the 2a 37 year-old was killed, other man 21 still alive but still extremely critical in the words of one chief inspector. here he is scott small talking about what they had in both cases so far. >> responding officers got some information that a male was seen running from the victim, south in the 2800 block of fair hill possibly with some type of metal object in their hand. so at this time homicide detective and crime scene personnel are on location processing the scene. we're not certain at this time what object this five three-year old male was struck with. we did find ten spent shell casings on the highway and 2900 block of north waterloo street. we have several witness that he is were transported to east detectives. now fortunately we did find several, private, surveillance
4:35 am
cameras, in the area, where the shooting took place. so, hopefully, these cameras recorded something that can help us with our investigation. >> reporter: that surveillance video may show what happened, hopefully some witnesses he mentioned will talk with police and know why all this happened and the real question here, dawn and kerry this morning is are these two killings in two separate spots in one hour in that within neighborhood related or is it just a very violent odd coincidence that you have two killings so close in time and distance from each other. >> we know you will figure it out, steve, thank you. philadelphia police make an arrest in the tavern burglary, this happened at sports irish pub in holmesberg. the place was closed when the thief used a crowbar to force open a door and pry open two cash registers. highway patrol officers recognized the man from the video and tonight authorities have a suspect michael carpino in hand. fire investigators looking for charred remains of the, main line mansion trying to figure out what sparked this
4:36 am
huge fire there. >> flames tearing through 200 block of wyndham lane in wayne. it happen on wednesday. the the focus is on the garage. that is where the home owner was doing a little bit of work when the the fire started. medics took him to the hospital with minor burns. governor tom corbett signing a new state budget but not before cutting more than 70 million-dollar in spending. now most of it is the money that the legislator had approved for its own, operating expenses including parking. the governor blasted lawmakers for that and failing to tackle growing pension costs for public employees, including teachers. >> the general assembly last left harrisburg earlier this month with unfinished business. they need to come back and inact pension reform. >> asked if he would call lawmakers back for a special session the governor says all options are over. two delaware men are sitting behind bars following a big drug bust. >> twenty-eight year-old christopher roberts and 29 year-old gary stanley are
4:37 am
facing drug and weapons charges. police say on tuesday, they found 300 bags have of heroin on these two guys in the 100 block of mast circumstance until dover. they also found cocaine, marijuana, oxycodone and weapons. city tree falls on to a home in philadelphia and homeowners get the runaround trying to have it removed. what happened when they called fox 29 to get results. also why a woman was told to stay out of this pool, because she is married. we will be right back.
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garden state is greener this morning, children and volunteers planted 500 dough maded seeds in the salvation army community garden in camden yesterday. organizers say they are important to communities where fresh fruits and vegetables are difficult to get. scott's miracle grow donated the seeds. philadelphia ranking number four on a list, where no one wants to drive, philly beat out by new york city, d.c. and boston. researchers at the university of michigan said more americans are ditching their cars because of transportation headaches and o pting for public transit like septa. about 32 percent of philadelphia households don't have a kara cord go to a study, 26 percent are commuting using public transit. and, time right now for a look outside, our studios, what a shot of olde city. isn't it press i. >> yeah. >> it is not a bad morning. a few sprinkles, sue. >> did you feel it was maybe a
4:41 am
smidge cooler. >> yes, i did. >> it didn't quite feel as oppress think of morning when i stepped out of the car. >> a little bit down with the, humidity. it will get better. tonight with the skies clearing completely because we still have some clouds left over we have a lovely night in store. so if you have plans to step out on a friday night, it is looking pretty good. we will call it fine friday. now we will qualify that with the chance of the stray shower this morning. especially south and east of philadelphia, we have a frontal system that is still stalled, just off of the coast and it could throw back some clouds for us, so depending on how much sunshine we will get. we should get to 86 degrees. the clouds decide to sock us in every once in a while it could be lower than that but we will think we will be at 86 degrees on this fine friday and sunset time is 8:30. those nice long july days, kacie, don't you love them. >> yes, absolutely, thanks very much, sue. we have three days left on this one been with us all
4:42 am
summer long, southbound side of 202 off ramp to 29, closed until july 14th. a few more days with that one. fifty-five on all of your majors. nothing on the slow down on 476, just checked, but maybe a sensor gadget glitch this morning. but all and all things look great, guys. kacie, thank you. 4:42 right now. fox 29 getting result for a family with a big problem why they are fed up with philadelphia over a tree that they are fed up with philadelphia over a tree that felon their home.
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good morning, it is just about quarter of five, television best of the best honored as this years prime time emmy nominations are revealed. >> as always nominations include past winners, new ones and snubs and some surprises. fox's ashley dworkin has a full list of the prime time emmy nominees. >> nominations in the drama series category are... >> nominee for 66th prime time emmy awards were announced early thursday morning this year plenty of new shows made the cuts, while entries from on line shows continue to prove, the viewing landscape has changed. >> they know that i saved the city. they know i won the world. >> reporter: fan favorite, leads the way, hbo game of thrones earned most nods with 19 overall. including one for best drama. that epic sci-fi fantasy is up against break through show true detective. >> why am i even here? >> why are you here.
4:46 am
>> i'm prepared. >> as well as category regular mad men, downtown abby, breaking bad making its expected encore appearance, plus the netflix drama house of cards. >> open the door. >> i will stay right there. >> reporter: when it comes to big bang theory, veep, modern family and another orange is the new black will compete for the top honor. >> emmy's used to represent tv but they are including other programming as well and within of the big winners this morning was netflix which received 31 nominationness house of cards and orange is the new black, two of its shows showed up big today in the emmy nominations today. >> fx stand out when it comes to outstanding mini series, with fargo and american horror story, both up for an overall category nomination, and individual honors for their lead actors. in reality tv, so you think
4:47 am
you can dance takes center stage, and it is judges that told us what a nomination would mean to them. >> maybe this time it will be our lucky charm you just never know, little engine that could and should and i think we have a fabulous show report report overall when it comes to emmy surprisees there were a couple. >> woody harrelson and matthew mcconaughey were also nominated. it is rare to have two actors nominated but hbo pulled it off with true detective. biggest snub this year at emmys and same as last year good wife, cbs drama didn't make cut for best drama and i have no idea what voters are thinking because it is within of the best shows on tv. julianne made it but show didn't make it. >> reporter: honor small screen and computer screen stars will find out if they go home with the gold at 66th prime time emmy awards, monday, august the 25th. with host seth myers n insuring ashley dworkin, "fox news". well, a same sex couple in ohio is denied access to a
4:48 am
community swimming pool, this is after years of going. the couple says that things changed when they got married. that is because city ordinance defines a family as a man, woman and two or three children. what happened if you have four? now city council hopes to change the policy. >> i just figured they would realize it is an old ordinance and give me permission right away. i mean it is a pool. >> proposed wording of it was that we change it to either a family or a household path and it would allow two adults and three children. >> officials say that change is not likely to happen before the summer pool season is over, in september. well, this is a sight facing home owners in one northeast philadelphia community. for a week now the city tree felon their home in last weeks torrential storms and they have been getting run around trying to get it removed. so they asked our bruce gordon to get results. >> reporter: this stormy night
4:49 am
on july 3rd to find their 50 feet tall street tree on top of their home. she was mortified. >> scared. i don't know what i'm walking into. just unbelievable. just unbelievable. >> reporter: frustration as well. >> yes, very frustrating you just want to cry. >> reporter: you knew this was coming. >> i knew it was coming. >> reporter: they say the street tree had been dying for years. a city tree inspector slated tree for removal back in october of 2012. the sit would i cut it down quote at some future date, but they waited, and waited, and waited. >> and then, filling out the forms on line, calling 311, calling the parks commission. >> reporter: to no avail. then came last weeks storm. town tree appeared to have done minor damage to the fennell's home and also took out the a streetlight on the block. when they reached out to the parks commission again to finally get the tree removed, michael fennell said they before told to be patient. >> what kind of way are we talking. >> we have heard anywhere from a day for a year.
4:50 am
>> reporter: day to a year. >> yes. >> reporter: to have a tree sitting on your house. >> yes. >> reporter: she says parks commission then made a suggestion. >> if you want to have the tree removed we suggest you call a private contractor we will send you a list, it will be at your own expense, you will not be reimbursed for that. >> reporter: i spent have afternoon working telephones on this one. it turns out while they tree was slated for removal it was low priority, city considered to be in poor condition but not imminently dangerous. that accounted for months of delays. then came recent storms and lots have real true emergencies with trees down all around the city. more delays. bottom line, city promises this tree will be out of here, removed within the the next 24 to 48 hours. we will keep on to it make sure that this actually happens and tree gets out of here. fox 29 getting results n rhawnhurst i'm bruce gordon fox 29 news. it is 4:50. take a look at this video. this is from ocean city. got a lot of rain. very heavy rain.
4:51 am
fox 29 caught a couple of kids, number of kids, swimming in the streets. not a good idea, i wouldn't recommend it but video is amazing. >> right. >> you don't realize it is the street. >> yes, exactly, i don't know, i guess this is recent but -- >> it was yesterday. >> it was yesterday. we got that crazy rain. >> it was that thunderstorm that parked right over atlantic city so ocean city right down the road from there and sea isle city we had reports of the flash flooding. we got two to 3 inches of rain in an hour. it was crazy. all that, back bays, backed up and flooded and it was pretty nuts. because of this frontal system nearby and we will talk about pop up thunderstorms in the summertime and that is what that means. i call it a thunderstorm because that is what it was. we don't have any drama going on anymore. we had thunderstorms rolling through last night. it looks like we are in the process of starting to dry out a little bit.
4:52 am
we have nothing to show you on ultimate doppler here in philadelphia at the moment. we could get a stray shower this morning. 72 degrees in philadelphia. sixty-three. much more comfortable in the mountains. seventy in dover. we have got 66 degrees in atlantic city right now, some cloud cover as well. dew points have come down a bit but they are still in the sticky side because they are above 60 degrees. 55 degrees dew point in the mountains. more comfortable up there. wind are light and they have changed direction north or northeasterly. northeasterly wind usually mean a lot of cloud cover and we will be dealing with that, kind of wrestling with the sun and clouds today but we will go with mostly sunny. we will think positive. 86 degrees today. a ten tomorrow. eighty-seven and nice. 88 degrees on sunday, we will start with sun and then get to thunderstorms, perhaps in the afternoon. ninety-one, on monday, kind of hot and humid once again and unsettled weather continues through tuesday, and then we will go to a cooling trend.
4:53 am
by wednesday and thursday. highs in the lower 80's and maybe even cooler after that, miss kacie. >> i love it all. >> thanks, sue serio. >> we are going to talk about construction because there is nothing else to talk about. that is fine news on a friday when everyone is trying to get to the shore. westbound side of the commodore barry bridge between toll place and ninth street we have one lane block continuing until september 1st. port richmond, richmond street closed between cambria and lehigh is construction until december. thompson or belgrade is both good alternates, guys. >> i love this one. singing in the car land one man a muse being career how this guy quickly became an internet sen
4:54 am
if he were a lobbyist... if they were political contributors... maybe tom corbett would listen to them, instead of cutting funding for their schools. oil and gas companies gave corbett 1.7 million dollars in political contributions. and he gave them a sweetheart
4:55 am
deal on taxes that's costing pennsylvania billions. corbett's mismanagement has caused a huge budget deficit. and his painful education cuts are forcing teacher layoffs and increasing class sizes. now corbett wants to give the oil and gas industry even more handouts. and what's he getting from them? corbett's keeping that secret. so pennsylvanians are challenging tom corbett to come clean. release the records of your meetings with donors... that you've been hiding. disclose all the contributions, letters and emails from oil and gas lobbyists who influence you. we've got a right to know who tom corbett's listening to. because it sure isn't us.
4:56 am
who knew singing in the car could lead to the music career. >> just ask this florida man hoist an internet, sensation: before hit ting the road on long halls he hit karaoke bars but with long commutes, things change so brad hooked up a microphone, iphone and headset and recorded videos. he up loaded them to initially stay in touch with his wife. little did he know hundreds of thousands could see, and now they want more. >> i get probably 40, 50, 60 requests a day for, you know, where can i buy your cd or down load your music friday. >> brad is already talking to a studio in nashville about recording as an independent
4:57 am
artist. >> that is amazing, good for him. is there a hamburger that is so spicy, it sent 2uk journalist that were taste testing it to the hospital. burger contains a sauce that is hotter than ingredient in pepper spray. that sounds delicious. >> yes. >> in the hospital for serious stomach pains and, losing feeling in their hands. according to burger facebook page if you'd like to try the burger you have to sign a waiver. >> in thanks. >> yes, seriously. apple a day keeps a doctor away but it may help in the bedroom. what researchers are announcing about people who eat this particular fruit.
4:58 am
4:59 am
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it gives you options based on your budget -- it's a piece of cake. i was told there would be cake. get a free quote at new this morning a very violent night in philadelphia's fair hill neighborhood, one person is dead, two others shot in two separate crimes and they happened within blocks of one another. what witnesses say they saw a man holding as he ran, from that crime scene. a boyfriend of the glee star becca tobin found dead in a philadelphia hotel. why friend say they cannot believe it happened and really erie timing of the death. free pot for the poor? town that says medical marijuana dispensers have to provide that drug. a little boy living out every man's dream walking through a store a big screen tv's and finding his dream girl. it is coming up in the trend. goodor