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tv   Fox 29 News at 10  FOX  July 13, 2014 10:00pm-10:37pm EDT

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fox 29 news in hd brought to you by xfinity the future of aweso awesome. ♪ >> live from center city in philadelphia this is fox 29 news at 10. >> we are beginning tonight at 10 with an active weather
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authority forecast parts of the area under a severe thunderstorm watch. you can see the line of storms on live ultimate doppler radar right now. good evening everybody. i'm joyce evans. i'm karen hepp. this is just the start of what could be a very stormy couple of days. let's take live look outside right now. old city all calm over our heads but things are going to be changing for a check of what is in our forecast domenica davis in for caitlin. what are we expecting. we're expecting storms firing up and we have warnings west of the city. in philadelphia we will be getting in on showers and thunderstorms overnight and again tomorrow. i want to show you where the warnings are right now. you can see pretty much we're looking at these warnings that will go until about 10:30 and that is all been north and west of the city. that's where we have lehigh right now in northampton and up through carbon county we're seeing warnings as well.
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these storms have been rolling through. you can see they're moving off to the east. pretty slow line of storms but it is packing a punch. especially with the winds. so right now in allentown, upper milford that's where we're looking at very strong winds to start to bear down an your area. you could see winds in excess of 50 miles per hour with these storms. so certainly that is going to be a threat. the entire viewing area under a thunderstorm watch until 11:00 o'clock tonight. it is hot and steamy out there right now. 84 degrees. overnight, we're going to look for those scattered storms to continue and then it also fires up again tomorrow afternoon and evening. i'll have all the details coming up just a little bit. >> thanks dough men any casm you can track the storms from your house. to see the live radar come to and look for the weather tab at the top of the home page. let's get right to breaking news from montgomery county. that's where people are being evacuated from their homes because there's been a gas leak. it's now happening on the 4200 block of north gorsky lane in
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skippack township. red cross is out there helping people who have now been forced out of their homes. we don't know the cause of the leak. we'll keep an eye on this and bring you updates as they become available. >> developing a tonight a man is under arrest for leaving the scene of an accident. police say a septa paratransit van and a car crashed at sixth and cambria in north philadelphia. this happened this afternoon around 2:00 p.m. five people were center to the including three passengers on the bus. police say the driver of the car jumped out and tried to run away just took off on foot. but he didn't get very far. fox 29's dave kinchen joins us live outside temple university hospital tonight where some of the victims were taken. dave, strangers jumped in and helped in this case? >> absolutely. neighbors saw the crash ran over and helped the victims. three of those passengers in the bus were taken here to temple university hospital. listed in stable condition.
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philadelphia police worked the scene at sixth and cambria in north philadelphia where a septa paratransit bus lies on its side after being hit by this cadillac headed southbound on sixth. >> cadillac ran the light and t boned the para -- septa paratransit vehicle and flipped it on to its side. >> reporter: the rammed a travel traffic post and fell on a twist year old man walking by. israel diaz says he was talking with a woman when he saw the bus heading straight for them. >> coming toward us. and my reaction was pull the lady out because i see the guy losing control. >> reporter: bus driver and three women on board the bus suffered neck and pain injuries along with cuts to the face requiring the help of neighbors. >> it happened i just jumped into action. ran across the street and helped people out. i saw people seeming. i helped the one lady up. she was was hanging off the seat belt and bleeding. >> police arrested the driver of the cadillac on suspicion of
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dui. he was not hurt. >> you don't like see this kind of stuff. praise god nobody was killed in the accident. >> reporter: the name of the driver of the cadillac has not yet been released. we are told that the driver of the bus and the pedestrian that was hit by the traffic light pole they both were taken over to hahnemann university hospit hospital. they are in stable condition there. karen? >> dave, thank you. a search for a killer following an overnight shooting in north philadelphia. this all happened just before 3:00 this morning on the 3600 block of warnock street. police say a man was shot once in the head. he was pronounced dead right at the scene. no suspects so far. >> two people are in the hospital after they were stabbed overnight in philadelphia's holmesburg neighborhood. it happened just after 3:30 a.m. inside a home on the 3500 block of welsh road. details are sketchy but police say the victims are a 21 year old man and an 18 year old wom woman. they were rushed to the hospital. both are in stable condition.
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so far nobody is under arrest. >> and a septa bus driver is on the mend tonight after being attacked on the job. it happened just after 1:00 this morning at 22nd and lehigh. that's in north philadelphia. police say two men beat up the driver of the 54 bus. the driver is in the hospital and expected to be okay. there's no word on any suspects. >> a rookie new jersey police officer is dead tonight after being shot by a man who told witness he was going to be famous. officers were called out to a jersey city drugstore for report of an armed robbery but instead they found the suspect waiting for them outside and ready to fire. >> the mayor of jersey city is calling sunday a terrible day for his community. >> i can't express how hard it is to see a, um, a body of a police officer coming to the jersey medical center and have his mother identify that body. >> police say early sunday morning 27 year old lawrence campbell walked into a walgreens
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asked the security bar where he could buy a greeting card and then attacked taking the guard's weapon he made no attempt to rob the store. >> surveillance camersurveillanw campbell walked outside and speaking to a witness at which time he apologized for his conduct in walgreens and then subsequently told the witness to watch the news later today. he's going to be famous. >> reporter: when police arrived on the scene the gunman approached their car and opened fire. hitting officer melvin santiago in the head and killing him. then police say campbell turn his attention to another police car firing at the windshield in an tempt to kill more officers. the mayor says those officers fired back hitting campbell and killing him. now jersey city is a community in mourning. santiago a young officer who dreamed of joining the force like his uncle. >> the officer was a very good officer and as the mayor said he wanted an assignment in the west district. santiago is the first jersey city officer killed in the line of duty in five years.
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police say this is not the suspect's first run in with the law. he was identified as one of three suspects wanted in connection with a prior murder in jersey city. >> police in camden are asking for your help to help find a missing 17 year old. his name is lenox smith and he he's from saint kits. he was last seen saturday at the camden waterfront. he was wearing the clothes you see in this photo here. if you have any information, please contact authorities. and happening now unrest in the middle east as residents running from their homes tonig tonight. officials say thousands of people living in northern gaza are leaving everything behind and they're seeking safety in un shelters. it comes as israeli prime minister benjamin yet yahoo says he'll use any means necessary to stop the militants attacks and to protect his people. fox's john huddy has the very latest from gaza city. >> reporter: mourners cried and chanted god is great in the streets of gaza city as hundreds
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of palestinians attended the funeral for 17 family members killed in an israeli air strike this weekend. the victims are just some of the more than 160 people killed in israel's military offenses. at a hospital in jordan in the wounded for taken for treatment officials pleaded for an end to the violence. >> stress upon the importance of stopping this case laying and practicing restraint. civilians must not be targeted. >> reporter: as sirens rang out in tel-aviv and the iron defense system intercepted rockets flying from gaza, the us rally prime minister defended his country's position. >> i just want your viewers to imagine the united states being bombarded not in one city or two cities but in every city between new york and colorado. >> reporter: iranian foreign minister is calling on the international community to do more to protect the people in
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gaza. >> the united states and the rest of the members of the secret council have more than legal responsible to put an end to this. >> reporter: u.s. secretary of state kerry spoke over the phone with prime minister netanyahou sunday expressing the concern about the rocket attacks on israel and the escalating tensions and fighting on the ground. in gaza city john huddy, fox news. >> it started to sing in what it really was. >> coroner chaos a dead body spilled out of a coroner's van on a to a busy bucks county ro road. what most wrists thought was really happening. >> talk about a party crasher. a woman crashes through a fence and lands smack in the middle of a swimming pool. who was in the pool at the time and what police think she may have been doing right before that crash. and mind over mulching. one man's incredible remote control lawnmower turning a lot of heads. why he said he needed to create
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it in the first place. >> and we're looking at some severe storms in our area. when will they move into your backyard? we'll get a check of eight all coming up.
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♪ >> firefighters are searching for answers as to what started this fire. this is the 3500 block of dill man street in the fair hill neighborhood. it started overnight. the fire was quickly placed under control. nobody was hurt. >> here's a steal you'll see only on fox. a man speaking out about an incident nobody wants to see or experience. many thought at first this was a
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joke but all too real. >> one bucks county man says he needed to see it to believe it. it happened along street road in lower southampton township bucks county this weekend that. man is speaking only to our chris o'connell with this unusual story. chris? >> reporter: the bucks county coroner is apologizing tonight for a horrifying accident that happened here in front of dozens of motorists here along street road. the dead body spilled out of the back of a county owned truck and on to the roadway. tonight with spoke with a man who jumped in to help. jerry bradley has now seen it all. >> just got more and more surreal as i watched. >> reporter: he's talking about this. a dead body on a rolling gurney that fell out of this bucks county coronary's truck and into the busy of the busy energy as dozens of cars drove by.
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>> nobody was stopping and i was looking around to see if there were cameras around and it was a weird prank. >> you thought it was a joke? i did. everyone was driving around it. no one was stopping. >> bradley jumped out of his car to help the driver get the body back in the trunk. >> then it started to sing what it really was. i walked up to the stretcher and saw it was a body bag covered in a sheet. then i knew, wow, this is no joke. >> reporter: bucks county officials say a rear door of this 2002 chevy pick up had a mechanical malfunction during transport. the truck now has bungy cords securing the back hatch. in a statement the county says "the bucks county coroner's office deeply regrets his incident license take steps to ensure that it is not repeated in the future". >> my god. that's horrific. >> bizarre accident had motorists in the area buzzing. >> i have no words. >> i usual dollar and i don't. >> to be honest i would think it's a prank. i would think it's a stunt and somebody is pulling my chain and they just wanted to one those candid cameras.
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>> reporter: unfortunately it was all too real. officials say the body was that of a young woman who died of a drug overdose. for bradley, it's an afternoon he'll never forget. >> i thought this is like the weirdest thing i've ever seen. but then i was like i don't know if i should laugh or what. i'm thinking this is somebody's loved one laying here on the highway. >> reporter: the county coroner says there will be an investigation into the incident and the driver. as for that truck, it has since been taken out of service. karen? >> all right, chris, thanks. another one of governor chris christie's aids will be testifying this week in bridge gate scandal. lawmakers say they hope this is going to give some insight into the relationship between the port authority of new york and new jersey and the governor' offices. the committee says it still has a lot of unanswered questions about happened last year when lanes near the george washington were shut down causing a traffic nightmare for days. governor christie is going to be in iowa on thursday when all of this is scheduled. >> trump plaza is expected to
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send out notices to employees tomorrow warning them the casino may shut down in mid september. the final decision hasn't been made yet but there's plenty of reason to worry more than a thousand employees are affected as well as the overall economy and image of atlantic city. one casino already shut down earlier this year and now trump and three others are on the ropes. our financial expert elliot miller has been following the developments in ac and he says fixing the problem is going to take some creativity. there's going to have to be a way to get people in on a cold tuesday in the winter. they're going to -- the ones that stay in business are going to need better amenities, world class restaurants, maybe little cultural items, too. it's just they're really going to have to work to keep the clients. >> now, elliot also says there's a lot more competition for atlantic city especially since states like pennsylvania have casinos, too. trump plaza which costs
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$210 million to build opened in 1984 as one of donald trauma pops pet projects. trump entertainment resorts has tried to sell it for years. >> this news follows the announcement that showboat casino and hotel will close at the end of august. and revel casino says if the buyer does not step forward soon, its doors will close, too. germany took the all the world cup captivated our entire planet for an entire month and the final match up between germany and argentina did not disappoint. the drew dickman looks at the impact the game has on u.s. soccer. >> reporter: world cup fever has infected this playground in southed in. as the under 17 from the kensington soccer club squared off against king of prussia every pass, shot and saves were attempts to emulate the world' best football there are.
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>> a lot of these kids have been watching every game of the world cup and say if they see something that messy does or something that another player does, i want to try that. i want to give that a shot. >> reporter: i gave it my best shot. >> more jersey could be found up town but this group wasn't equipped with cleats. just their vocal cords. >> i see more friends, more younger people getting into soccer. it's a growing sport in the us. >> reporter: popularity of the world cup has been big for v ratings, it's on a local level more players are coming out to the pitch. >> we weren't able to field team of this age few years ago. >> be able to watch games from any country from around the world and seeing their passion and their excitement. it's really grown on people. >> reporter: hype also filled the philadelphia union score their largest attendance of the season last night. >> going out 2010 world cup major league soccer had a 30% fan growth during that time period imagine what the 2014 and
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the world cup what that lift will do for us. >> reporter: the next generation of philadelphia soccer hopes the buzz is here to stay. >> i think the u.s. a we've had good year this year in the world cup and i think it made it more popular more people start liking it. >> drew dickman, fox 29 news. >> check this out. not four wheels but two wheels taking over the burlington-bristol bridge. more than 3,000 cyclists hit the road 6:30 this morning trekking 65 miles for the 42nd annual american cancer society bike a thon. the goal to raise money to fight that disease. it ended in buena, new jersey. >> meteorologist domenica davis is back with your stormy weather authority forecast. >> we have these storms brewing. they started off really about 9:00 o'clock. we started to see them all form to the west and this is what we're looking at right now. for warnings. so in lehigh county, northampton that's where we're seeing the majority of this warning right now until 10:30 but even for the
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just the western ends of bucks county and the eastern end of berks county, also, looking at a severe thunderstorm warning. i want to show you this line because strong gusty winds that is the problem with this and also some very heavy downpours. already getting reports of ponding on the road and flash flooding could be an issue. so there's that line as it moves off to the east you can see it passing allentown heading into bridge water. here's a look at the times now. where you can expect these storms start moving through your area as they push off to the east. so both of these cells that we're seeing with this line they do have some strong gusty winds with it and the heavy rain also a lot of cloud to ground lightning. fox future cast shows these storms moving through the city by about midnight. then they'll move out of here and further off to the east but 5:00 o'clock in the morning we could still be looking at a few scattered storms here or there. otherwise, it will dry out through the late morning early afternoon and then storms come back. so your 7:00 o'clock wake up forecast shows muggy conditions with a stray shower possible. back to you guys.
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>> all right. thank you domenica. out of control suv slams right into a swimming pool. still a head, what police think the driver may have been doing right before that terrifying accident. >> plus, maritime history work begins to move the wreck of the companies at a couldn't cardia cruise ship. find out what happens to it once that ship makes its way back to port.
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♪ >> welcome back. president barack obama is coming to our area this week. delaware governor jack markell's office confirm the president will be traveling to wilmington on thursday. he'll be speaking about the economy, exactly where we don't know but we'll learn more about it of course in the coming days and keep you posted. >> topping national headlines tonight a deadly accident involving a greyhound bus. police say a car collided with the bus in indiana. the driver of the car was killed and 19 other people were hurt. investigators say the car had just been stolen and was heading in the wrong direction on the highway. the bus was traveling from st. louis to new york city carrying the driver and 23 passengers. no word on how serious those injuries are tonight. talk about crashing a party. there's woman who drives her jeep right into an ohio pool party and into the pool. it happened on saturday afternoon.
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two guys were actually in the pool at the time. amazingly they weren't injured and one of them actually comes to the rescue of the woman who was trapped inside. safely pulled her out without injury. the suv didn't fair so well. >> i took a dive in the pool and when i hit the water, i was like oh, man. there's an awesome explosion i did. ooh turned around there's a jeep in the pool. >> wow! the driver has now been charged with operating a vehicle while inn impaired. >> the long awaited process of together the ship wrecked costa concordia starts tomorrow. the operation is considered one of the largest in maritime history. the ocean liner weighs more than 100,000 tons. and the removal so far costing almost a billion dollars. it was in january of 2012 that the ship slammed into a reet off the coast of italy. 32 people were killed. the ship will be towed to port then demolish.
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america's favor favorite lawn man. one guy's inn cell remote control lawnmower turning a lot of heads. why he says he needed to create it at the first place. >> and we are tracking in severe weather and tomorrow more will be on the way. i'll have all the details coming up.
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♪ >> these cyclists are peddling in northeast philadelphia today to remember police officers lost to suicide. one says his brother served the community of south philadelphia. detective joseph gibson committed suicide in 2010. he was one of five officers who died the same way that year. cyclists say it's a problem nationwide and they want to raise awareness about suicide through their project blue light memorial ride. because many law enforcement officers suffer from post traumatic stress diss or. >> and cutting the lawn is a lot of people's least favorite
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chores. but one maryland man may have come up with a solution. >> a little bit of know how and old fashion tinkering he built a remote controlled lawn more. tom fitzgerald it is turning yard work into fun. >> reporter: every since he could remember, anthony stills was always building things. >> i was always taking a tv's apart. taking out those tubes. >> reporter: but this might be his best invention yet. >> what's that feel like? power. >> reporter: anthony was major in the marines but deployments to iraq and a of afghanistan took their toll on his knees when he tried to cut the grass. >> always painful. you know, going back and forth. that consumes all of my day. >> reporter: so he got an idea to pilled a radio controlled lawnmower. >> when i push the button, it moves. when i let it go, it stops.
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>> reporter: basically it's a regular lawnmower mounted on to a cart that anthony can run with just his thumbs. >> my next door said where did you buy that from. i made that. >> reporter: his wife says he cut his lawn cutting time in half. >> i thought it was amazing. i still think it's amazing. >> reporter: now the cost for this prototype came in about eight hun doctor dollars. anthony thinks he can cut that in half when he goes into production. lawn drone has become such a curiosity anthony has to be careful not to cut the grass during rush hour. >> every time i'm cutting the grass, i stop traffic. >> reporter: as for his kids they're proud of their dad's invention. >> i knew that in the end it would work. you don't have to do very much work. >> reporter: what does it look like? >> a robot. >> reporter: but there is a real human dad behind this grass cutting machine. one who has put his mind over mulching. >> now i can go and do all the things that i really enjoy.
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who enjoys really cutting the grass? >> reporter: well, everybody if they had one of these. prince georges county, tom fitzgerald, fox news. >> your fox 29 weather authority hopefully folk got their grass cut before all this rain. >> before you have to cut it again after all this rain. we'll have a lot of it it looks like. we're starting to see cells moving through this evening. they are carrying some heavy rain and wind gusts which will be the two biggest threats for tomorrow and tuesday. i want to start -- this is great news as we start with our warnings that we did have through lehigh northampton, even into bucks and montgomery coun county. they were seeing those warnings. they have expired. so that is great news. as those storms continue to weaken. so here's a line we're looking at where we did have warnings attached to them. they've started to weaken but we're still under a thunderstorm watch until 11:00 o'clock and you can see it's from the city on west. so i think that thunderstorm watch will be allowed to expire,
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too. this mainline of storms has been weakening the winds have been coming down oy really think we've seen our peak wind gusts right around 57 miles per hour with some of those cells. that were sitting out to the west. here's look at some of the lightning and you can scene that is starting to get less frequent as this cell system moves off as this line rather moves off to the east. so all of that is good news as these storms weaken. i want to show you here on future cast how it will play out. we're still looking at passing showers and thunderstorms in the city. just not of the severe nature. by 11:00, midnight a chance of seeing that. really all around from the city on east. and then it all clears up and we'll be scattered until about five, 6:00 o'clock in the mc. as far as going to work, it will be dry just very muggy and the balance of the day will stay dry. it's after lunch time that's when we'll see the storms start to come back in and then this scenario will all play out once again basically from sunset on through the early part of the evening.
10:34 pm
severe weather is likely for tomorrow. the storm center has put us in a slight risk from philadelphia all wait down to atlantic city. the main risk will be damaging winds and heavy rain. we could have winds in excess of 50 in some cases even getting close to 60 miles per hour. so here's what's to expect. tonight overnight, still a chance of scattered storms. that severe thunderstorm watch will expire at 11:00 o'clock. monday and tuesday, this is an unsettled weather period. so the set up will be the same. afternoon and evening strong to severe thunderstorms. i would say any time after lunch until about 10, 11:00 o'clock both of those days we'll be looking at the threat of storms and then wednesday 49 day it gets really nice. so once we put these storms behind us, it's picture perfect infect through the rest of the week. 84 right now in the city. highs today in the low 90s. it is muggy out there. look at these dew points. they're in the upper 60s dough 70s this humidity is going to stay with us through tonight,
10:35 pm
tomorrow and right into tuesday. and that's going to keep helping these thunderstorms fuel. so for the overnight, we're only falling to 74. temperatures aren't going to move much we have the clouds around that acts like a blanket. temperatures don't go anywhere. it's warm and muggy with scattered storm. tomorrow back up into the low 90s. we do have those storms coming in to play. after lunch time. i would say best bet 22:00 o'clock out to the west and slowly start to move into the city. seven day forecast shows the same scenario repeating itself on tuesday afternoon and evening thunderstorms, some could be severe. and then on wednesday, look at that. down to 81 degrees. temperatures actually unseasonably cool for the rest of the week but that will certainly feel good with low humidity. >> just got to get through the next two days. >> yeah. >> thanks. that will do it for us the seven news at 10. thank you for joining us. don't go anywhere. keep it right here. we've got sports sunday and wait
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until you see whos guest hosting to night. >> ♪ >> tonight on sports sunday charles bark system in the building. he's in the building. >> whoo! >> would that make you feel better. (laughter). >> he's standing on a box ya'll. he's not that tall. he's standing on a box.