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tv   Fox 29 News at 6PM  FOX  July 14, 2014 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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>> right now at 6:00 your weather authority very busy tracking storms. let's take live look at your ultimate doppler radar. you can see the storms moving through right now with the entire region under a severe thunderstorm watch and these storms could get messy with a few inches of rain falling and even strong winds and hail in fact philly international airport already has rival dean par cher delays. thanks for joining us. i'm lucy noland. >> i'm iain page. chief meteorologist scott williams is here with everything you need to know. scott? >> good evening iain and lucy. we are watching for severe weather across our area. the main threats will be some damaging winds, some hail as well as lightning. take look within this box we're tracking over 1300 lightning strikes. currently no severe thunderstorm
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warnings or tornado warnings in our area. however, just north of baltimore and also washington d.c. watching severe thunderstorm warning as well as a tornado warning. so of course we'll continue to watch that. otherwise the entire area highlighted here in yellow. severe thunderstorm watch until 8:00 o'clock tonight. the atmosphere is ripe. conditions are there. of favorable to produce severe weather. also, not only tonight but through tomorrow night, we have a flash flood watch across the area for very heavy rainfall. a few pocket pockets of light ss moving toward the philadelphia area right now but the heaviest of the rainfall toward the lehigh valley as well as the poconos. so around abington area moving toward center city watching out for few sprinkles. once again nothing is currently severe in our area. however, north of the baltimore area this particular cell has some rotation with it. a tornado warning is in effect there until 6:30. we're we'll watch that cell it will likely kind of move toward sections of new castle county as we move beyond 6:30 toward
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7:00 o'clock this evening. flash flood warning for sections of lehigh valley until 8:30 over 2-inches of rain has fallen also northern sections of ocean county until 8:30. so right now, scattered showers and storms firing. hail, damaging winds will be a threat. as we move toward 11:00 o'clock still watching out for that heavy rainfall threat but severe weather threat will diminish as we lose the daytime heating. more on tonight' system as well as tomorrow's system coming up. iain. >> scott, thank you. of course remember whenever severe weather strikes, you can count on fox 29 and your weather authority for complete updates 24/7. just head to our website and click the weather tab. >> happening now, the search for possible police imposter. state police say a man pulled over a woman along the pennsylvania turnpike and now they're questioning whether he was a real officer. fox 29's chris o'connell is live in king of prussia and chris this is a scary thing for drivers. >> reporter: it sure s lucy. pennsylvania state police are
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warning motorists to be on the look out for a possible imposter posing as a state police officer. at least one of those incidents happened here along the pennsylvania turnpike on friday, and like you said, it was a very scary situation. apparently, the woman was pulled over by a man in a dark colored suv with red and white -- red and blue emergency lights displayed on the front grill. the woman was asked for her driver's license and registration. here's the problem. he wasn't wearing a uniform. he never identified himself as a police officer. and the state police are the only ones allowed to make traffic stops along the turnpike. so they do not believe he was authorized to make that stop. >> the person never identified himself. troopers are taught from the academy from day one that you will go up and say your name and the reason for the traffic stop. asking for the license, registration, proof of insuran
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insurance. >> reporter: state police officers tell us that it doesn't appear the man did anything um l inappropriate other than make that unauthorized stop and they are warning anyone if they come across this man to call 911. they're also telling if you are stopped by an unmarked police car, you are allowed to drive to a well-lit area and ask for proper identification. iain? >> all right, chris, thank you. we're following developing story in northeast philadelphia tonight. police investigating after a landlord discovered chemicals inside the home on the 3500 block of grant avenue. they say they discovered what appears to be a drug lab. >> this is not a drug neighbor. >> neighbors on the 3500 block of grant avenue awoke to find fire trucks, the bomb squad and police on the scene here after an array of volatile chemicals were discovered in second floor apartment. police now believe this was a
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make shift drug lab. >> i had a feeling something was going on there because i passed eight lot and i see the activity all the time with the same guys. >> several apartments in this duplex were evacuated while the bomb squad negated any danger. crime scene investigators and experts then moved in to sample, separate and remove the dangerous potentially explosive and flammable chemicals. >> really bad. i mean, i don't know the guy but scum. >> i heard some kind of laboratory was found in there. >> reporter: police tell fox 29 they believe that tenant at the apartment was manufacturing synthetic drugs like lsd, ecstasy, meth and synthetic marijuana. they found several manuals on how to create the drugs. they also say tenant had a background in chemistry. so far no charges have been filed. >> this kind of neighborhood that's a scum bag. they need to get that kind of low life out of the neighborho neighborhood. >> the guy was making ecstacy, allegedly. >> police removed all the chemicals from the apartment
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starting around midday. neighbors here were glad to see them go and hoping whoever is responsible for putting them here will face charges. >> nothing surprises me. >> garbage like that runs the neighborhood down. >> that was fox 29's dave schratwieser reporting. a guilty plea in a murder for higher case in new jersey. police say frick year old, hired a hit man to murder his uncle last year. he was the manager of the landmark tick tock diner in clifton under terms of the plea agreement he will likely be sentenced to 10 years hyped bars. >> a construction project along the delaware river in new jersey is about to get underway. new jersey governor chris christie was on hand at the site of a former bp oil refinery in paulsboro, gloucester county to announce the construction avenue new marine terminal. the governor says that the project translates into thousands of construction jobs and even hundreds of permanent
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jobs in paulsboro. this a very big construction project and as you know, iain, something like this has hasn't happened there for very very long time. and the area definitely needs that type of employment and that type of energy really pushed into it. >> absolutely. >> all right. >> it's a project that will enhance economic opportunities for all the people here in south jersey, and as a result will up prove the quality of live for the people not only here in paulsboro but throughout this region and our state. >> the marine terminal marks the first one on the delaware river in more than 30 years. the price tag is $170 million. hundreds of new jobs and more development in camden county. the governor was on hand for the official announcement hole tech international is coming town with a massive manufacturing and design facility on the waterfront. this a $260 million investment in the city of camden. will create almost four hadn't doctored new jobs aside from thousands of construction jobs it will also generate. >> officials in skippack,
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montgomery county, say that they now know the source of a mysterious odor that led to the voal run tea evacuation overnight of more than 150 home. fox 29's brew gordon is live in skippack tonight with the latest oh and what officials found. bruce? >> reporter: iain, it turns out it was gasoline in the ground water most notablily affecting the three homes that sit at the bottom of the hill here on north gorsky lane. but the contamination led to above average test readings for volatile organic compounds in dozens of homes throughout the fair lawn port development and, yes, that neighborhood wide evacuation. homes throughout fair lawn court neighborhood were evacuated sunday night after a foul chemical odor was detected in the sump pump water in the basement at one home and dozens of other homes tested positive for the presence of some kind of volatile organic compound. but after a day of retesting, lab results now confirm it was gasoline in the ground water that caused the odor. no understanding yet of how the gasoline got there but no reason
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to panic said fire officials. >> even the three houses here, the readings that we're getting are not immediately dangerous to life or health. they're not explosive. they're not combustible in any way shape or form. >> reporter: the highest reading came from matt and courtney logan's home. they were the ones who called 911 sunday evening. monday midday the reading inside was even higher. so was their level of anxiety. >> what goes through your mind? >> trying to figure out what it is. worried. >> i don't know what to think. i mean -- >> reporter: you have children in your home? >> yeah, ages two, four and six it could be anything. >> reporter: the evacuation of this entire neighborhood sunday evening caused no small concern among homeowners. dean martelli's wife is eight months pregnant. >> she's due to deliver in just about a week. so she's concerned it might affect the baby or something like that. but -- >> reporter: you've been given no reason to believe there's an issue in your home? you didn't smell anything in your home. >> i didn't know anything until the firefighters showed up last night and went through with the
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meter. >> reporter: fire trucks on hand at this hour flushing the sump pumps in the lee most heavily impacted home to clear that gasoline away despite the foul odors no one was actually sickened by the fumes. that's the good news. homeowners free to return to their home at this hour. the mystery of what was in the water has now been solved. we may never know why it was there. lucy and iain? >> thank you very much, bruce. a philadelphia great-grandmother ticketed for trash outside her home. >> what she says it's all a big mistake why is this granny fighting the fine? >> plus busted. an intimate moment ends with these two in handcuffs. where police say an officer caught them in the act. >> and coming up your weather authority watching a severe thunderstorm watch until 8:00 o'clock for the entire area. we're watch something strong and severe storms moving out of maryland. the timing on that coming up. >> and coming up tonight at 10 a former philly cop claims that he
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is spiraling down to poverty because he was hurt on the job and now no one will help him. fox 29 investigators digs into his story that's tonight at 10.
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>> things got little steamy above a newark, delaware, which it pole many. police officers arrested this pair michael zoo and nicole injury mack. officers say they were having sex on the restaurant's roof. it happened on the 100 block of east main street saturday night. authorities noticed the couple asked them to please stop. they then ran off to his apartment and that's where officers caught up to them. tonight they face several charges including indecent exposure. >> job losses will be worse than expected when trump plaza shuts
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down in december. trump resorts began mailing noticing to workers today. telling them although it's not final, the casino is expected to close on september 16th. more than 1100 people slated to lose their jobs. that's higher than estimates of about 1,000 last week. trump plaza is the fourth atlantic city casino to close or announce plans to shut down this year. today ac casinos nounsed their revenue increased by nearly 4% in the month of june. a spry great-grandmother couldn't believe it when she got a 50-dollar littering fine for her home. >> she's out every day keeping it spic and span. our karen hepp from oxford circle working to get results. >> reporter: this is connie she's nearly its 88 years old and her daughter e-mailed us this morning because she's upset because her mom loot act had the her beautiful english garden got a ticket for not having her home litter free she think it's just not fair. >> and this is -- >> connie hamilton is proud of her family and her home. she raised five kids after her
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husband died 50 years ago. so she knows how to run a tight ship. >> where do you think the trash was? i have no idea. >> connie is frustrated because she comes out here every day to pick up the trash when she gets her paper. every day. plus once a week she sweeps her home is immaculate she keeps everything just so. she couldn't believe it when the city slapped her with this $50 fine for trash. >> i'd like to see it go away. i don't think it's fair. >> reporter: why do you think it's not fair? >> because i clean every day. every morning i clean whatever is out there. >> reporter: connie says she can't sweep every minute of the day. plus she never saw a ticket and certainly never got warning. just this letter in the male saying see inspectors found trash six weeks earlier at 8:30 in the morning. >> it seems to me very early to be up in this area at 8:30 in the morning. even so if it was -- if i thought it was legitimate i wouldn't mind paying it in fact if i have to i'll pay it but i
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don't think it's -- i don't think it's legitimate. because as i say i clean it up every morning. >> reporter: connie plans to fight ticket but her court date is the same day next week that her granddaughter supposed to have a baby. however, we may have found the problem. at 4:00 o'clock today when the city e mailed us the photos of the trash they say they found, check this out. that doesn't look like hamilton's house. they're investigating. we'll keep you pested. working that trying to get results i'm karen hepp from oxford circle fox 29 news. >> all right. now on to your fox 29 weather authority. here's live look at atlantic city this monday evening as rain and storms are moving through our region. let's get right over to chief meteorologist scott williams. >> hi there, iain. of course it's hot, humid the ingredients are there and we have severe thunderstorm watch until 8:00 o'clock for the entire area. watching out for some damaging winds, some hail as well as vivid and frequent lightning. you can see right now, we're watching a line of showers and thunderstorms continuing to move toward the philadelphia area.
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also, night continuing through tomorrow night we have a flash flood watch in effect so not only are we dealing with thunderstorms to night. tomorrow afternoon and evening we'll have another round of potentially gusty showers and downpours as we look at ultimate doppler you can see the heaviest rainfall right now still north and west. northern lancaster county, berks county moving toward upper sections of bucks county very heavy rainfall there zooming in around the philadelphia area center city a few sprinkles and showers from time to time but that activity moving into south of course see nothing severe. toward lehigh, northampton county we have a flash flood warning until 8:30 for ponding on the roads. you can see that very heavy rainfall south of east -- easton north of the richland area producing heavy rainfall. 2-inches of rain has fallen there. northern sections of ocean county southern monmouth county flash flood warning until 8:30 there for very heavy rainfall.
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so currently in our area no severe thunderstorm warnings or tornado warnings. however, north of the baltimore area, watching a tornado warni warning. this particular cell has had some signatures some rotation on the radar also some gusty winds. this activity continuing to move toward the east at about 20 to 30 miles per hour. so we'll of course continue to watch it here as it will likely be impacting central and northern sections of delaware over the neck hour or so. look at all of the lightning close to 2,000 lightning strikes within this box from philadelphia down to the nation's capital. so these storms are dangerous as they pop up this afternoon and evening. as we look at the clock by 8:00 o'clock still watching showers and thunderstorms across the area. things start to settle down as we move into the overnight tuesday morning it should be dry commute but then by four, 5:00 o'clock watching more showers and thunderstorms developing across the area as we move into your tuesday evening and overnight time frame across
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our area. so we're not done with the threat for very heavy rainfall until tomorrow night. we're talking one to perhaps 3-inches of rainfall before all is said and done moving into your tuesday evening. the high today made it up to 90 degrees. the low tonight 72. 86 degrees will be the high temperature tomorrow. with scattered showers and storms during the afternoon. there could be a leftover shower early wednesday and then it turns cooler. we're looking at high temperatures only in the low 80s to close out the week, and sunday could be another stormy day in the evening continuing into monday. >> the weekend looks at least half good. >> half and half at least right now. >> it's definitely still summer which is good for the boys of summer. >> yes, it is. 50% i guess is okay. >> brilliant analysis on my par. >> boys of summer. we'll go to the movies tonight together. >> i'll get the popcorn. >> no butter. special game for one player
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tomorrow all star game. more than the others. what could charles barkley possibly say about the world cup. it's something i'm sure many would not be honest about today. that's coming up
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♪ >> the phillies are off but tomorrow night it's baseball's all star game. phillies used to have multiple players in the game as many as
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five sometimes. tomorrow night it's only chase utley and he will start and bat seventh. now, it's a bigger event for another player. derek jeter is retiring after this season and playing in his last all star game and he's leading off, one of the players in the game playing for the national league playing the same position and he wears the same number and that's colorado's troy tulowitzki put on number two because he just loves jeter. >> jeter has been my role model, um, watched him as kid. competed against him scene him from a young player to an older player playing in his last all star game. it will be an honor. something i'll always remember and something -- tomorrow i'm looking forward to taking the field playing against him. >> coverage of the 2014 all star game starts at 7:30 tomorrow night right here on fox 29. all right. leave it to charles bark toll give pure barkley. he stopped by the studio of the night for sports sunday.
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gotten in lots of things and the world cup. almost everybody has become fan and stayed fan. for karl it's now over for both for four years. i've only watched four soccer games in my and tour life and those were in the last two weeks. >> will you watch -- not until the world cup again. >> you're done with soccer. i mean had you ward it was exciting. >> it really was. the united states being able to compete. but i'm not going to watch soccer unless it's the world c cup. >> i guess we'll wait four yea years. one thank we'll always watch charles play golf this week and in tahoe that event on national television where he can't play. >> he tries so hard. he tries -- but it's so entertaining to watch that swing of his. i don't think how you can do that. that's an art form. >> if we have time one night i'll tell you a tin cup story when i caddied for him in tahoe. a tin cup story right after the movie. >> 15 and he one putted. (laughter). >> incredible. >> that does it for us right here at 6:00.
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>> we'll see you back here at 10:00. have a great night. inside edition is up next.
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making history. one billion people. and look what rihanna did. she flashes everyone. then, tv personality bethenny frankel. can you believe she fits into her four-year-old daughter's p.j.'s? scary skinny. plus, the hot car murder investigation. this dad's warning to america. >> i would never leave my kids in the car like this. then, battle of the books. hillary clinton's versus "blood feud." wait until you see who is number one. >> the book was a bore. and -- >> stay strong. >> lone survivor. praise for the brave teen whose