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tv   Fox 29 News at 10  FOX  July 26, 2014 10:00pm-11:01pm EDT

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>> matt brown facing 20 rounds, not watching for that upper cut. robby lawler, his corner said more of the same. you're in good shape right now. >> this is the main event of the evening. we are in round two between these top welter weights. the winner fights johnny hendricks for the ufc championship. we have not seen much but matt brown has been mixing it up.
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matt brown has finished off two of his career wins. >> another point that brown's corner was talking about that he saw the range of that right hand. he impacted and connected with butler. it seemed like robby making acceptable. >> don't forget, after we are done here live on fox, head over to fox sports 1 for fox sports live for a full weekend of all of the fights in the october gone here in san ho sai. >> that was an excellent kick to the body by brown.
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here's that long stride that brown is looking for. robby wants to protect against the hook. making sure he didn't leave himself open. he's left there by lawler. >> born in san diego, but raised in iowa. wrestling pretty much on a daily basis.
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matt brown competing seventh on the ultimate fighter. a so shoulder up the middle wanting to spin up again.
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>> he's very good at leading guys into the elbow. this is, by far, the biggest fight of matt brown's life. for robby lawler, it's another. robby's been here many times. >> as we said, that left kick that goes to matt's right kick. basically, when you've got fighters standing in opposite stances, it opens up that power kick off the back side. it becomes a much bigger weapon. and there's rob by by towards t body.
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robby lawler, matt brown, round three. both men have scores. both men have took punishment. but they are far from beaten. both men are going to go through great ability to recover. looking for the takedown. really working for it. matt brown's average fight time coming into tonight, about 8 1/2 minutes.
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a good distance by lawler sliding just out of the way coming back with the power shot. looking for that left kick as well, mike. >> there it is. >> a good connection. >> several times in the beginning of the first round, slammed that left kick in the arm. and that took a lot out of the power. and there it is again.
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>> lawler's technique is so outstanding. all of that energy goes away with what they work on automatically. >> you can start to see when robby is with that kick. he picks his left heel slightly up off the ground.
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>> don't forget, fox sports live on fox sports 1. they'll have a complete recap of tonight's fight here in san jose. fox sports 1 is streaming live on fox sports go. >> and that's unfortunate that lawler wasn't able to capitalize on that.
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>> that was a clean shot to the body. and robby just walked through it. >> that big power left kick to the body really hurts when it slams into the liver. it's a big difference.
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>> robby lawler, 150 significant strikes against -- >> robby lawler is turning things against matt brown. robby has to be careful in his position. robby has to be careful as matt gets the underhook on that left side. robby trying to pass over with the right leg, pushing it down, stepping over. there's your round-by-round breakdown.
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significant strikes. >> you've got to be careful of that head being trapped in there. looking to posture up brown over lawler right now. up against the cage. wro brown trying to skooch back. really championship rounds there. this is something matt brown hasn't experienced in his professional career yet. 8:28, his average fight time.
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big shot by lawler. lawler takes a look at the clock. just about to the midway point of the fourth round. matt has got a hold, trying to get ahold of robby's arms. rolling under and back up. a back kick. back onto his feet. oh, nicely done with the upper cut. brown trying to decide the kick. can he get him?
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robby lawler stuck four of six. the movement of brown was different than it did earlier. brown starts moving away from that right kick to follow afterwards. all he needs to do is move to his right. >> under a minute now in round 4.
10:17 pm
these two men are a combined 9-1 in the last ten fights with eight combined knockouts. he's going to try to set something on it. matt's keeping the pressure on him. looking for something? >> brown with seven straight. he tips off the arms of lawler. look at the body language of the two fighters. look at the body language of the two fighters. ♪
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♪ great rates for great rides. geico motorcycle, see how much you could save. pretty direct message that
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john is having adopted from the update. a pretty direct message when we were at break. this is the fifth round. don't let it happen again. >> also, you've got to go out there and you've got to finish this guy. go after him. a good kick to the body by brown. back and forth and they've already fought for 20 minutes. lawler over the top.
10:20 pm
fuels the combination. kicking the left behind it.
10:21 pm
>> visual damage if you will. it's out numbered. and didn't get the decision here right. takes the final round. it's far-shaped in the right hand.
10:22 pm
>> last throw from the potential right elbow. he threw that right hand anyway. >> and again. under two.
10:23 pm
>> he's taking this all the way
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home. 15 seconds. final seconds of the fight. what a battle. what a fight. a spectacular performance by both lawler. >> our move of the fight brought
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to you by metro pcs. riding on the t-mobile network for $40. >> here you see a beautiful combination by robby lawler. here's a left hand to the temple. elbows from the takedown attempt. by no means is this a one-sided contest. matt brown landed a lot of great shots of his own. >> absolutely. and they await the judge's decision. will it be lawler hendricks ii or hendricks brown i.
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>> both battle to the finish. lawler going the distance in a five-round fight for the second straight time. bruce buffer has the official decision. >> ladies and gentlemen, after five rounds, we go to the judge's score cards for decision. the judges scored the contest, 49-46, 49-46 and 48-47 for the winner by unanimous decision. ruthless robby lawler. >> robby lawler by unanimous decision.
10:27 pm
in what is certainly the fight of the night. >> robby, what did you say to matt brown? that was a fantastic fight. >> i said there's two champions in this ring tonight. he's a hell of a fighter. we put on a great show for these guys. he came toe-to-toe, not too many people can do that. >> that was an absolutely tremendous fight. and it has put you in the position to challenge next for the title. give us your thoughts on that. >> i'm very excited. i want to get back to work and go after hendricks. he's nursing some injuries, but i'm going to be the one waiting for him. that's nice. >> robby, three fights inside of four months. all tremendous performances. congratulations on a spectacular victory tonight. >> thank you very much. >> ruthless robby lawler, ladies and gentlemen. >> robby lawler set to take on johnny hendricsks, we hope, as
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soon as possible. system. >> our next fight night comes your way december 13th from phoenix arizona when the octagon lands at the phoenix arena for the first time. don't forget, tune into fox sports 1 for fox sports live. coming up next, it's your late local news. thanks a lot. and, until next time, we see you right back here inside the octagon. right back here inside the octagon. we are! fox sports!
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>> coming up next an rv catches fire with family inside. what they were doing when it
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exploded. plus, remembering the victims of a deadly carjacking. where police s ♪ >> live from center city in philadelphia this is fox 29 news at 10:00. >> tonight at 10:00 a community in mourning. dozens of people come together for a prayer vigil at the intersection in north
10:32 pm
philadelphia where three children works brothers and a sister, died in a violent carjacking. good evening everybody. i'm joyce evans. >> the search continues as two suspects are still on the loose tonight responsible for that carjacking. they went way out of control slamming into the three kids, their mother and a neighbor. fox 29's drew dickman is live at police headquarters tonight. drew, you have the very latest information. >> reporter: that's right, joyce much police say tips are pouring in, however, they have not named any suspects or persons of interest in this case. meanwhile, survivors are recovering at area hospitals tonight. the community is trying to stay strong. ♪ lit it shine, let it shine, let it shine ♪ >> little angels that you have called on home, god. >> thank you, jesus. >> emotion got the best of some as community remembered three young siblings killed in the corner of allegheny and germantown while selling fruit for a church fundraiser.
10:33 pm
>> it's heartbreaking because we've seen them all scattered out, and over there checking the pulse and stuff like that and waiting for the ambulance to come. >> reporter: police say two men carjacked a real state agent at gun point friday forced her into the back seat and crashed the 15 year old into keisha william and her three children. >> the real estate agent the mother of five and a 65 year old woman at the fruit stand were badly injured. all three children died. >> they were dedicated, they were hard workers. they were playful. they were kind. >> teddy bears, candles and balloons with the children's names served passion an altar for the memorial. >> ♪ >> reporter: even in embrace couldn't take away the stink of this senseless crime. >> who can make sense of something like that? >> what you going to get out of carjacking somebody? then you -- you run the kids down.
10:34 pm
you run a whole family down. >> reporter: the community calls for the two men to turn themselves in. pastor brown promises they will use the tragedy to build strength during this dark time. >> we're going to use that as fuel to triple that amount of children that we started to serve. we'll triple the effort on behalf of those angels. >> reporter: again, if you have any information about the two suspects you're asked to can tact police. reward for information leading to those arrests is $110,000 through monday at noon. joyce? >> thank you, drew. arrest is made in the death of a woman whose body was found along a roadside in new jersey. u.s. marshalls picked up 52 year old kevin ambrose last night in atlantic city. they say he stabbed 41 year old jennifer bunko of winslow several times. her body was found at aerial and wilson -- will tons landing ro
10:35 pm
road. ambrose is facing murder charg charges. switching now to your fox 29 weather authority forecast. live ultimate doppler radar showing a system out to our west that could bring us some storms tomorrow afternoon. meteorologist caitlin roth is tracking it all for us, and some of us got a surprise of some downpours today, caitlin. uh-huh. yeah, that's right joyce. that surprise occurred earlier in the city around 9am rain came through if you were down the shore battling on and off showers almost all day. it's pretty quite here in the delaware valley right now. back towards our west we're watching two complexes of showers and storms. one is weakening as it drops southeast across portions of maryland and virginia. another one dropping straight along the same path as it goes through pittsburgh. it does look like it still has a little bit of purge not much lightning there. it will start to move into our area and we could see the rain chance by tomorrow morning. now, starting tomorrow storm prediction center has our whole area under a slight risk for severe storms. not be occurring tomorrow
10:36 pm
morning later on in the day that extends all the way across the ohio val wrl moderate risk, higher risk for some possible tornadoes exist in the southwest corner of the state back down through west virginia, north even kentucky and southern ohio. we do still have the threat for severe weather here. fox future cast shows some of those showers starting to come in seven, 8:00 a.m. we start off damp be then those showers continue through the morning. we'll like vol break but the question is, will those strong storms reignite later on in the afternoon. we'll have much more still to come throughout the newscast. joyce. >> a lot to look forward to. thank you caitlin. you can track those storms with an interactive radar at our website. just go to and look for the weather tab. a home collapses in north philadelphia taking another one down with it. this abandoned house on the 2200 block of chadwick fell just before 6:00 this morning and it caused the one next door also empty to come down as well. fortunately, nobody was hurt.
10:37 pm
>> an rv explodes in northeast philadelphia. rocking a community there. the father rushed in through the flames to save his entire fami family. fox 29's sabina kuriakose shows us how he prevented what could have been a horrible tragedy. >> as soon as i saw that iran straight for the back got my girl out first went for my kids. we safe. >> reporter: he describes rescuing his 1384 old daughter, 14 year old niece and five year old nephew after a propane tank exploded inside their rv while he was driving it. a street sign marks the intersection where the explosion went off. he was able to drag his 36 year old wife ruth from the burning motor home but not before she suffered third degree burns to her hands and legs. >> she was making breakfast and it blew up. got her off first. she was in the one in the at this time kitchen. my kids was all way in the back.
10:38 pm
took her off first and through my kids out the doorway. i tossed them out. >> reporter: his wife was the only one injured. it happened around 10:00 o'clock saturday morning. he says his wife was cooking in the kitchen area of the rv when police say it blew up. neighbors heard the blast and felt the heat. >> everybody started hearings banks and pops. >> i've never seen this before. i've never expected to come outside and see this. >> reporter: family was headed to an event at marsh creek when all of this happened. they didn't get very far. they only live about a block away. they had just gotten up the street when the explosion happened. >> eyewitness video shows the immediate aftermath of the propane tank explosion. flames rocketing out of the rv leaving it a bombed out wreck. fire marshals are investigating. all this comes less than week after a mother and daughter both is you come to their injuries after a propane tank explosion inside their feltonville food truck earlier this month. he says that tragedy was on his mind as he drove back into the
10:39 pm
flames for his family. >> family comes first. i didn't care about getting burnt. i die for my kids. >> reporter: sabina kuriakose fox 29 news. >> now, he was driving the rv while his wife was cooking. investigators on the scene told us they're looking closely at what went wrong there. and we're following a developing story out of libya tonight. the state department confirms the u.s. embassy in libya was shut down today. diplomats were evacuated to neighboring tow knees is a under heavy u.s. military escort. all of this is fighting between opposing factions in tripoli intensifies. secretary of state john kerry says the embassy will reopen when things on the ground improve. >> hamas fires more rockets at israel after rejecting the israeli offer to extend a humanitarian 12-hour truce. secretary of state john kerry in paris today meeting with foreign ministers from seven nations.
10:40 pm
they're trying to figure out a way to move talks forward and stop the bloodshed. people who had fled their homes in gaza are returning to massive destruction israeli leaders say that they are open to kerry's efforts. >> palestinians need to live with dignity, with freedom, with goods that can come in and out and they need a life that is free from the current restraints that they feel on a daily basis. but at the same time, israelis need to live free from rockets and from tunnels that threaten them. >> secretary kerry has been in the region for most of the past week shoveling between -- shut link between jerusalem, the west bang and egypt trying to win support for a sustainable cease fire. investigators now have their hands on the two black boxes from a trance asia plane crash. aviation officials say
10:41 pm
processing the data can take up to four months. the plane crashed wednesday in taiwan. officials believe stormy weather and low visibility were major factors. aviation authorities say conditions were safe but many are still asking why the pilots decided to fly with a typhoon in the region. about 200 flights were canceled earlier in the today. the dutch government says the first victim has been identified from the malaysia airlines flight 17 disaster. no word on the victim's name or sex yet. more than 200 forensic experts are working at the military barracks to identify human remains taken from the wreckage. the jet was shot down on jul july 17th in ukraine killing all 298 passengers and crew. and a little boy with a big challenge still ahead tonight. how a college student uses a 3d printer to change one boy's live forever. >> plus, he was a long time boy scout leader but now a local
10:42 pm
mother says his sexual abuse of her son ruined his life. fox 29 investigates is coming up. caitlin? >> joyce, we had showers earlier today. pretty quiet right now. overnight tonight temperatures stay very warm and storms will move in with some rain by sunrise. move in with some rain by sunrise. wethe wonder of summer is that i never know what kind of adventure awaits. the days are longer, and the breeze feels a little sweeter. and, thanks to volvo, i'll pay nothing for repairs or maintenance for 5 years, nothing. they even cover my first month's payment. so, i'll be happy wherever the summer takes me.
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the wonder of summer event. the 2015 volvo s60 sedan with complimentary first month's payment. starting at $319 a month. people are so impatient, right? you know what it is? it's waiting. 10 minutes or 10 hours, people don't like waiting. you know, at comcast, we don't want you to wait at all. with our new xfinity my account app, you can troubleshoot technical issues, request a callback, or check with an expert via twitter. can you wait just a second? hey, can you move, please?! i hate sheep. [ male announcer ] introducing the xfinity my account app. it's a whole new day at comcast. hold us to it. ♪ ♪ >> a new lawsuit filed against the boy scouts has a chester county woman in the spotlight. she claims a former boy scout leader sexually abused her son and that led to his did he mice. tonight, jeff cole and fox 29
10:44 pm
investigates brings us the startling report which has the boy scouts nationallily explaining their actions. >> it's not even a real smile. you could see it. even in this eyes. it's not a happy face. you could see it. he's not happy there. >> reporter: the image of thomas' sad short life -- >> i feel when i touch it, i'm touching him. i miss him so. >> reporter: hang on the wall of his folks chester county ho home. >> how often do you think of him? every day. there's not day that don't go by -- >> that you don't think of him? i miss him. >> reporter: she says she misses the blond boy with the shy smile. she longs for the friendly teenaged eagle scout and she aches for the twenty one man struggling with booze and the law,. >> how did your son dye? >> reporter: he killed himsel
10:45 pm
himself. >> who ended his live at the age of 38 with his father's arrival in a secluded parking lot. and the car blew up and he burnt to death. and when i read the coroner's report it said he had soot in his lungs which helped that he was alive while the car was burning. and i just can't get that out of my head. he was alive while the car was burning. >> reporter: and she says this man -- >> mr. morris, how are you? >> all right. >> reporter: my name is jeff cole from fox tv. >> former chester county pennsylvania scout leader charles christopher morris is to blame for her son's did he mice. >> reporter: i'd like to ask you about tommy evasaw. >> i can't talk to you.
10:46 pm
did you sexually abuse him, no. >> charles morris known as chris a was a scout leader. tom evasaw was a young scout in the troop. according to lawsuit filed by his mother against the boy scouts and morris, he continually sexually abused tom evasue when he was 11 year old and running to the age of 15 in the mid 1980s. she says her son first spoke of his molestation in a tearful heart wrenching conversation years after the alleged abuse. >> you asked your son directly -- oh, yeah. >> whether he was molested by this man and he said he was? yes. we just hugged each other and cried then. >> reporter: he have have a so a schoolbus driver and said in the spring of 2010 she drove to chris morris' chester county home to tell him off. >> i walked in and i said, chr chris, this isn't social visit and he look at me and he says, you mean it's about me sexually
10:47 pm
molesting tommy all those years ago? >> he just admitted it to? >> he just said, you mean when i sexually molested tommy? >> this long-time scout leader admits to you face to face he had sexually mow lessed your son. yes. he said that was a bad time for me. i was sick back then. but i went to a doctor and i'm better now. i'm really sorry about tommy. >> reporter: when we pressed morris on the deck of his home, he denied the abuse and the admission. >> did you sexually abuse him, sir. >> no. >> did you make an add miss to his mother that you did? >> no. >> the day before he killed himself, he hugged me in the doorway and said he loved me. >> reporter: patsy says she wrote a letter to chris morris' daughter jennifer cleveland and told her of her father's alleged admission to abusing tom. fox 29 investigates has obtained cleveland's response to patsy. she wrote that she spoke to her father about a subject he had no idea how to bring up.
10:48 pm
she continued, i can sense the guilt, shame and sadness he feels about something that cannot be changed, and added, i am glad you had the courage to confront my dad. he has changed so much over the years. i don't see this happening aga again. cleveland did not return a call from fox 29 investigates for comment. >> did you go to the police? no. >> reporter: why? i don't know. same reason i guess tommy never told me. i don't know. >> reporter: do you wish you had? oh, my god, yes. yes. if i knew what the out come would have been, yes. >> reporter: and there's more. tom appears to have written diary which was found on his computer after his death. it describes instances of sexual abuse by his scout master in locations where it occurred. >> they want the community to know what chris morris did. >> reporter: attorney ken
10:49 pm
rothweiler who is a legal analyst for fox 29 has sued chris morris and the boy scouts on behalf of the family. he charges, the scouts failed to alert parents of the sexual abuse allegations facing morris. >> they put him on a secret li list. shipped that information off to their central headquarters in texas and never told anybody about it. when i say never told anybody, never told the family. >> reporter: in statement to fox 29 investigates, the boy scouts write, it band this individual from scouting immediately upon being notified of suspect add abuse in july of 1995 adding, the the behavior included in these allegations runs counter to everything for which the boy scouts of america stands. and there's yet another sexual abuse allegation against morris. >> didn't even know what to say. i didn't know what to do. >> reporter: this man who asked fox 29 to hide his face and with hold his name says, he, too, was sexually abused by chris morris while a boy scout in troop sketch.
10:50 pm
>> he touched me on my thighs, on my genitals. >> reporter: he says, he was tom's friend and they talk about the abuse they suffered during the same period. while he did not alert the police and is not filed a lawsuit, the family confirms he was part of their son's troop. he has provided fox 29 investigates with proof of his membership in troop 67 including merit badges, letters of congratulations from u.s. senators for becoming an eagle scout and pictures of himself with chris morris at scouting events. >> he said that he was going to teach me how to stop bleeding internally when he if you his fingers inside of me. >> reporter: we asked morris about his claim. >> he's philadelphia me that you did sexual abuse him, sir. >> bleep. >> he told me that you sexually
10:51 pm
abused him, sir. >> reporter: thomas took his live on february 1st, 2012 park in the same spot chris morris used when troop 67 would gather at the old stone building for meetings. in a suicide note he wrote, "i'm sorry. i am just a burden to everyone. do not seek retribution against anyone. i love you all ". >> do you believe your son killed himself because of the molestation that he suffered at the hands of chris morris? i think so. i really do. >> did you sexually abuse tommy, sir. >> no. >> that's not what you told his mother. why are you no longer with the scouts, sir? have they kicked you out? >> reporter: attorney for the coutts joseph owe day tells fox 29 investigates the scouts did promptly notify law enforcement in 1995 when it received the report accusing morris of inappropriate conduct with a
10:52 pm
minor. they say it's the only report they have. oh day says the scouts alerted the chester county youth services department and were told that county detectives would be informed. as we've reported, morris was kick out of the scouts. he was never criminally prosecuted. the scouts say they now perform criminal background and other checks to serve as barriers to abuse. jeff cole, fox 29 news. >> a social media stunner. coming up a man tries to outsmart the cops. how he actually helped them instead. plus, a simple wish. a boy with a brain tumor wants just one thing for his birthday. hear how his birthday wish came just one thing for his birthday. hear how his birthday wish came true in a
10:53 pm
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>> a fast-moving wildfire in northern california forcing the evacuation of dozens of homes. some people in eldorado county desperate to save their homes are spraying the outside with water to prevent embers from setting off flames. about 500 firefighters are battling the fire which officials say has already burned about 1300-acre. now police are searching for the suspect who's killed a 13 year old boy in chicago in a drive by shooting. this happened last night. police say a group was staning on the corner when bullets started to fly. the teenager was hit in the head and died at the scene.
10:56 pm
five others were wounded. they were taken to the hospital. there's no word on their conditions. roll tough says the boy would have celebrat celebrated his 14h birthday next month. >> and we're getting a closer look at the rescue of a texas construction worker 200 feet above ground. we first told you about this story yesterday. police say the man was getting ready to head home for the day when he slipped. he hurt his back and got stuck in the crane. it was difficult for rescuers to get to him. 400 -- i should say 40 firefighters arrived at the scene. they were able to strap him into a backboard, stabilize his neck and back, and place him on to stretcher. >> they lowered him down using the crane itself, um, if we didn't have that, basically would have had to carry him down those ladders and that would have been very difficult. it took about a half an hour get the man to the ground. tonight he's recovering from those injuries.
10:57 pm
a little boy with a big challenge still i was head tonight how a college student use as 3d printer to change his life forever. >> caitlin. >> joyce, unsettled weather today kept temperatures on the cool side. 81 was the high temperature in philadelphia. the normal is 87. the heat is not the headline are in but the stormy weather is.
10:58 pm
10:59 pm
11:00 pm
♪ >> welcome back. the weather authority keeping a close eye on storms kicking up to our west. that system could make for a rocky sunday afternoon in parts of our area. caitlin roth is back right now. caitlin, what are you lookin lot in tomorrow' weather. >> we're looking at several rounds of showers and thunderstorms, joyce. potentially more dangerous one would be later on in the afternoon and the evening. if those storms are able to reignite we can see very strong wind and possibly even some hail right now we're watching two complexes of showers move across the western part of the state. there's pittsburgh they saw showers and storms earlier this evening. they're seen it again. it's dropping southeast ward staying out of our area but overnight