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tv   Fox 29 News at 10  FOX  July 28, 2014 10:00pm-11:01pm EDT

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fox 29 news in hd brought to you by xfinity the future of aweso awesome. >> we begin with developing story right now on fox 29. a car speeds through old city races down ramp at penn's landing and flips into the
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delaware river. it all played out in front of dozens of witnesses who say they couldn't believe their eyes. good evening, i'm iain page. >> i'm lucy noland the driver of that car did not survive didn't night we have learned what started this deadly chain of events. our chris o'connell is live at penn's landing. chris? >> reporter: lucy, this horrific seen played out in front of dozens of on lookers here at penn's landing. police say man in this 30s was driving a car right down this ramp here on to chestnut street all the way down to penn's landing. some say at a rate of 50 to 60 miles an hour. went airborne and then plunged into the delaware river. >> it was like the craziest thing i ever seen. >> reporter: rescuers rushed to revive the driver. >> unbelievable. >> you know, something that you only see in a movie you don't see in real life. >> reporter: eyewitnesses thought an action seen from a movie was being filmed when the black volkswagen came speeding down the ramp towards penn's landing. rosslyn green was working inside
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the parking lot booth at penn's landing when the car passed 10 feet from her. >> he came speeding down here and he couldn't stop. and he hit that wall and flipped over. >> i just froze because i never seen happen like that at all. >> reporter: some say the car never hit the brakes before going airborne on a usually busy summer evening. >> he went right across the pedestrian ramp thank god there was no function going on. if that ramp would have been crowd this would have been lot worse. >> reporter: two men who live at pier three can't dose jump in the river to try to help the driver mut it was too late. he was pronounced dead at jefferson university hospital. it all started as a hit-and-run about a mile away at fourth and arch streets. when police say the man fled after hitting this car. >> literally thought it was just in an accident, and was hit-and-run, and he ran. >> reporter: as crews spent the night removing the wreckage from the delaware, police are now trying to put all the pieces together. as on lookers are still in shock over what they saw. >> what was going through his
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mind? what would make him do that? fly from market street down the ramp and hit -- went through the gate, then hit the wall and go right in the water. it's crazy. >> reporter: amazingly no one else was injured. so far police have not identified that driver or a motive as to why he was on the run, lucy. >> all right. chris, a lot of answers hopefully by tomorrow. in a story that broken the hearts of so many in our area, philadelphia police say they have caught the men who killed three children on friday. as tragic as that is police now say the men also sexually assaulted the woman they carjacked before crashing her suv into the family. fox 29's sabina kuriakose joins us live where this accident happened in philadelphia's tie oh egg good neighborhood and is a bone in a, neighbors are family and friends are all looking for justice tonight. >> reporter: lucy, say they say they'll never have closures but neighbors and friends believing having these two men in custody does give them some
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sense of justice. >> we have these guys which are killers off the street. we don't have to worry about them killing no one else and justice will be served to the full extent and making that the family is very happy about that. >> reporter: neighbors and friends relieved news of two men police say plowed down three children and their mother are captured. 22 year old cornelius crawford and 19 year old jonathan rosa are charged with killing 10 year old thomas reid, september 84 old terrence moore and 1584 old key era williams. investigators say crawford and rosa carjacked a 45 year old real estate agent friday morning and took turns sexually assaulting her before blowing a tire striking the young children as they sold fruit to raise money for their church. their mother is in critical condition. >> da williams to use strong words as announced the arrest. >> i want to personally thank commissioner ramsey, captain clark, all the men and women of the philadelphia police dement
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for their exceptional work in bringing these two bastards to justice. >> me being a relative of them i'll apologize for them. they little kids. three little kids. i mean i sincerely apologize for him. >> apology from the cousin of craw for. he just got out of prison quote a good person. >> he tried his best to stay out of trouble. he did everything in his power to stay out of trouble. >> what they did was indefensible and unforgivable. whatever remorse they may are may not have does not bring back the children. >> cell phone rosa left at the scene led them to the suspects. rose is surrendered and gave a taped confession. both men face life in prison. >> they are thankful, grateful, you know, for all the out reach that they gotten, you know, it's a senseless killing that should have never happened. >> reporter: and as you heard, people who know the family say they are so touched by the outpouring of support from the community especially moved that former philadelphia 76er charles
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barkley has offered to pay for the children's funerals. iain? >> all right. is a bone in a, thank you. over protective dad go too far? police say a man punch add wawa customer because you he thought the customer was eyeing his teenaged daughter. it happened at the store on south 69th street in upper dash bow around 5:15 on sunday afternoon. police say the victim denied even looking at the teen but they say the father punched him in the face so hard the 47 year old man suffered a possible concussion. >> give me break f somebody is looking at somebody else, it's not enough to get sucker punched and hospitalized. i mean, i could see if there was, you know, assault or thre threats or something like that. but just to be looking and then to leave the store in such a big hurry they're exiting and and they didn't identify themselves. they just ran out of the store. so far police don't know who the father or his daughter are there. they're asking anyone with information to come forward. >> wild weather in massachusetts
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and tonight residents just north of boston are cleaning up. tornado struck revere and injured at least one person this morning. as fox's ted daniels report the twister flipped cars, uprooted trees and left a trail of dama damage. >> reporter: when the tornado hit master auto on broadway victoria olsen went into survival mode. >> where can i go that's safe because there's no way? >> she was one of several working at the repair shop at the time. windows shattered, tools flying, the garage roof sucked up into the sky. >> there was a mechanic in the bay. he was trying to dodge flying stuff. >> few doors down more to clean up at this masonry business. the sky turned so dark so fast giovanni knew this wasn't a typical thunderstorm. >> i actually went in the back end of the garage after i saw the scene crashing in the back fence and everything. all right. you know what i think it's time to step balk and hope for the best roar report twister left its mark um and down broad ways.
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billboards and signs insteaded and toppled. cars smash. trees and branches everywhere. >> big pine tree in the backyard came up from the roots and knocked her roof and came through my bedroom window. >> reporter: here at 1065 broadway you can see all the today bee that ended up in the pool. what you don see though is the debris that the own are in already pulled out. including a refrigerator, his table, chairs, even a grill. >> tony says us took her brother nearly an hour to fish the all out. >> it was actually really messy so like all like the furniture and the pads and was floating underwater and everything. >> reporter: it's the last thing anyone expected or wanted today. even sounds strange to say, a tornado in revere. >> revere isn't the only city hit by tornado in the northeast. the town of will cot connecticut also had an ef0 twister touchdown the weakest classification a twister nonetheless. lawmakers strike a deal to spend billions to begin repair
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the veterans health care system. bipartisan plan would allow vets to see private doctors if they can't get prompt appointments with va doctors. it would provide money to allow the va to hire more medical professionals and staff to help address the patient backlog. lawmakers admit it's not permanent fix but they say it is something. >> today israeli prime minister netanyahou says israel must be prepared for quote prolonged military operation. and he says it will remain aggressive until its mission to destroy hamas tunnels within its territory is complete. the damage is extensive. hamas and a school, a mosque an school run by the un and gaza struck by missiles among the destroyed buildings there. dozens of israeli soldiers have died and as many as 1,000 palestinians. and a bittersweet story tonight out of gaza. doctors say they safely delivered this newborn from her dying mother. she was born at a hospital in the southern gaza strip and her mother, her father and all of her siblings died in an israeli
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air strike yesterday. the baby remains in an incubator in serious condition tonight. ♪ >> a pregnant woman says a police officer put her in choke hold. how a summer cook ought turned chaotic and could put a high profile police department on the defense. plus stealing from kids. thieves hit a low daycare swiping food and toys and that's not all. what else they took that is leaving little preschoolers heart broken. >> and the hunt for hero. this crash victim says a woman pulled her from a burning car and walked off. why she believes this good samaritan is an angel sent to earth to save her and she's got to find her. >> plus, pot infused candy and granola bars tonight we take you inside one of the first legal marijuana shops. you may not believe what else we found behind closed doors. scott. >> iain, temperatures are dropping and drier air is moving n coming up the weather authority has details on below average temperatures and why you might want to have a light jacket or sweater tomorrow morning.
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>> search is on tonight for the driver in this hit-and-run caught on camera outside a were what in gloucester township new jersey. now, police say that dark chevy avalanche with tinted windows and a customer taillight or two pulled into a spot at the somerdale and chews landing road store. the driver neff gets out but while backing up hits a white mini cooper then just takes off. if you have any information, call police. >> a daycare and community center in north philadelphia is closed after their building is vandalized and some beloved pets missing. fox 29's joyce evans takes a
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look at the damage the crooks left behind. >> we've had break ins before but nothing to this extent. >> reporter: they used bolt cutters to get through several chained and locked fences. then this window. >> they spent the weekend in here. they weren't through every single room, opened every single door and took what they wanted. >> reporter: they took the kids computers not not all of them. >> there's no rhyme or reason. >> reporter: they took the preschoolers food from the locked cupboards. the freezers, even the vending machine. >> we have 266 pre-school children, three, five year olds we feed in this building every day. breakfast, lunch and smack snack. >> reporter: they didn't stop there. they took all but one of the class pets, hamsters, guinea pigs and rabbits the kids raised from newborn bunnies. >> when you explain to fear year old that their pet is missing how do you do that that won't make them afraid to come to school the next day. >> reporter: lighthouse is philadelphia's oldest non-profit
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community center and for the first time he can remember, people from preschoolers, job seekers and seniors around second and lehigh greeted by a closed sign instead of services. >> it's sadder. makes me want to cry. >> you want to steal something from kids? it's devastating because this is for people who have no income really. >> reporter: families with kids in tow stopped by after volunteers helped clean up the mess. the glass and recovered ruined goods from a cubbyhole outside on the grounds strewn with hypodermic needles. >> what's going to happen every seater will come in tomorrow morning and go through their classroom and say, okay, my radio is missing or my books are missing or my children's artwork from this corner is missing. we don't even know really. >> reporter: they even took the kids first aid kits. police are investigating and the lighthouse center is expected to reopen in the morning. but replacing what was stolen or damaged is going to be tough for them. since most of what they had was donated. joyce evans fox 29 news.
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>> five people ended up in the hospital after exposure to chemical at a recycling plant. sky fox over the scene. the 700 block of smith lane in northampton this morning. that's the green starry cycling plant there. we don't know the condition of the people nor what they were exposed to. firefighters however did decontaminate dozens of people at the scene just as a precaution. southwest airlines facing a hefty fine $12 million big. the federal aviationed station says carrier did not comply with safety regulations regarding repairs on its boeing 737 jets. southwest says repair issues do not impact any of its current planes. the company has 30 days to respond to the faa. this is the second largest fine the administration has ever proposed against an airline. if you live in delaware and you got to postcard in the mail about unclaimed property officials want you to ignore it. state officials say they did not mail them and the cards were sent in several states including delaware.
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the postcards tell recipients to call a toll free number and provide personal information. if you believe you have unclaimed property, contact the state. >> parents of 30 catholic students in philadelphia region are wondering to night what happened to their scholarship money that they were promised. >> one couple asked fox 29's bruce gordon to try find out. >> reporter: the news came as jared healey was graduating from eighth grade. he was the recipient of a $1,000 a year scholarship from the morgan and smokey brown foundation. based on character and handed out by neighborhood good guy pat brown, the money would help pay the tuition at neumann-goretti. >> your reaction immediately is? >> it's great. you know, it's a thousand dollars. um, you know, so the tuition goes from 6150 to 5150. report. >> i was excited. i was very proud. i was very proud he got it. um... >> reporter: basically for being a good kid? >> yeah. >> reporter: jared thrived in his freshman year at the high school played freshman basketball and made the varsity
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baseball team. mom and dad were to attend a mandatory gala and behalf the scholarship recipients at $300 a couple. >> it's smaller money to get bigger money. we'll do this. >> his parents were shorting their monthly tuition bill by a bit believing the scholarship was picking up the rest. it was not. the school year ended the healeys learned there were a thus san dollars short on their tuition bill. christine healey says she called the foundation to ask where is the money? >> you're told early june if not late may win a couple weeks this will be taken care of you'll have your thousand dollars. >> correct. >> reporter: and today late july. >> nothing has been paid. >> reporter: in statement the philadelphia archdiocese told us, ash of this date, the morgan smokey brown scholarship has not directed any funds to the archdiocese for the 2013-14 academic year. these funds were promised on behalf of the student six weeks ago. but have not yet materialized. when i reached pat brown by phone, he explained an on-going
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irs audit that left him short on cash but that he expected the situation to be resolved within two to four weeks. bottom line -- >> all the foundation money will be going out before the start of this next school year you're telling me? yes. >> reporter: okay. okay. >> patrick bound brown says the family should have known to pay their tuition in full at the end of each month. that the scholarship money would come at the end of the school year. of course it hasn't come. at least in the yet. and the archdiocese confirms, the majority of the 30 or so brown scholars this year are in the same boat. in arrears on their bills because of confusion over when that scholarship money would come. the morgan smokey brown foundation has helped lots of kids with catholic high school tuition. let's hope this situation can be resolved to everyone's satisfaction. in the newsroom, working to get results, i'm bruce gordon, fox 29 news. >> let's check in with chief meteorologist scott williams who has got a look at your tuesday morning forecast. iain, it will be cool and crisp tomorrow morning. in fact we're looking at near
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record lows potentially for the philadelphia area. the record low get this for tomorrow morning is 59 degrees set 100 years ago. so will we break that record? we'll come close. i think in the city temperatures bottom out in the low 60s. but in the suburbs you might want to grab light jacket headed out to work tomorrow. 57 degrees the average low mostly sunny it will be crisp as well as refreshing and still a little breezy. those drier northwesterly winds at about 10 miles per hour so perfect for that morning walk with the dog or just getting outdoors first thing tomorrow morning. as we look at how temperatures play out, you can see dropping into the 50s by 11:00 o'clock in the pocono mountains. low 60s north and west. over the next hour or so but by 6am, take a look at the temperatures. 60 in trenton. 60 in millville. and we're looking at mid 50s north and west with that drier air working its way in. pretty much unheard of for late july. so enjoy the refreshing change.
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what about high temperatures tomorrow? in the upper 70s to right around 80 degrees. once again, that's well below average for this time of year. we should be talking temperature in the upper 80s to right around 90 degrees. so it's not going to feel like late july come tomorrow afternoon with temperatures only in the 70s for most. satellite and radar right now showing pretty quiet conditions. there were a few pocks of showers north and west. we'll talk about rainfall chances plus how long this cooler air will stick around iain and lucy coming up. >> talk to you then, scott a man on the run shows up in new york city. things turned ugly. the violent end to two year manhunt on crowded manhattan street. >> one of the deadliest diseases known to man strikes two americans. where they contracted the sickness that health officials say is the worst they've ever seen. >> plus, are you fed up a little bit with the co-worker or two? maybe they talk too loud. maybe they wear too much
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perfume. whatever it is. how you can get your complaints off your chest anonymously how you can get your complaints off your chest anonymously coming up. have you seen tom corbett's negative ad with this actress. it's just not true. and more of the same from corbett. tom wolf's company is headquartered and files taxes right here in pennsylvania. and it's tom wolf who'll be the governor we need. he'll make the gas companies pay up to fund our schools. build a 21st century infrastructure. and restore manufacturing for the jobs we need today.
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take a look at his plan for yourself. tom wolf. a fresh start for pennsylvania.
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>> sex assault suspect from
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california is killed in a shoot out with law enforcement in new york. they were trying to arrest man when he started firing. the man investigators identified as charles, a wedding photographer, had been charged in san diego for molesting a young boy. he had been on the run since 2012. two federal marshals and police officer were injured in the shootout. that are now in the hospital in stable condition. >> in africa two american aid workers contracted ebola virus. there is no cure. symptoms include fever, sore throat, vomiting and bleeding. the world health organization says so far this year it has infected nearly 1100 people across several african country. the american became infected while treating patients in west african they were working for christian charity. this outbreak is the largest health officials have ever seen. >> international investigators still having issues getting to the malaysia airlines flight 17 crash site. they say their encountering
10:25 pm
heavy fighting between ukrainian government forces and russian backed rebels and now 11 days after the crash, experts say they have yet to see the sight they came to look a. >> we are psych and tired of being interrupted by gun fights despite the fact we have agreed that there should be cease fire. >> ukrainian officials say that the plane's black bosses confirm it was shot down by a missile. and the u.s. state depth says it has satellite images showing rockets being fired from russian territory something russia denies. >> pregnant woman's run in with cops is gaining national attention. how a summer cookout turned chaotic and left a mother to be in what appears to be a choke hold. >> a man and his daughter are walking on the beach when they're suddenly hit by plane. it doesn't seem possible. experts say they probably never saw it coming. >> and candy, granola bars just about anything think of infused with weed? rather unbelievable. fox 29 takes you unside one of the first legal pot shops next.
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>> pregnant woman claims a police officer put her in choke hold right outside her brooklyn home then arrested her and it all started over a barbecue. this is a second recent incident involving new york city officers using choke holds on suspects. >> 10 days ago new york police were caught on cam are puttin pg err rec garnet a choke hold while trying to arrest him he later died. mayor bill diblasio addressing the growing incident. the most recent a woman seven months pregnant arrested for disorderly conduct. police say she refused to stop barbecuing in front of her home which is illegal. her husband under arrest for obstructing government business. >> shocked. they hold me and began to choke me. what's the problem? >> we are certainly focusing something that the officers have been telling us in their surveys they want more training.
10:30 pm
>> last two years the civilian complimentary vow board says there have been hundred allegations of police choke holds in the city only nine have led to punishment. >> the situation greece to take anger classes. he was ordered that take the classes to resolve some simple assault charges. sorrentino was charged after police say that he got in a fight with his brother at his family's tanning salon earlier this month. if completes the anger management program the charges against him could be downgraded. >> what is going on in north carolina? vultures are targeting boats and cars and ripping up leather seats costing owners thousands of dollars. the migratory bird treaty act protects the vultures wildlife experts say the only option is to try scare them off. >> here's bird screamer. they see this as danger that's one of our kind. don't come here. >> that is kind of gruesome. some of those carcasses are fake. others are unfortunately real.
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all meant to make the birds good away. local residents say, hey, they're okay with all of this so long as it all works. some call it the great green experiment. legalization of marijuana in some form has now spread to more than 20 states. new jersey is one of them and pennsylvania may be headed that way. >> legal pot my in the look at all like you're thinking of. not everybody agrees of course this is good thing. fox 29's chris o'connell went to the colorado area to see what this is all about. ♪ >> reporter: you macon fuse this place with an art gallery. john originally from upper darby thought he may have wandered in an apple store. but look a little closer. you'll see they're not selling smart phones. >> wow! never thought i'd see the day. >> reporter: that day was january 1st when recreational marijuana in colorado became legal for anyone 21 and over. since then, the pot industry has been smoking. >> i'm about to take you in to
10:32 pm
one of the first recreational pot shops in denver. ♪ >> reporter: this is the 3d cannibus center one of more than 340 marijuana dispensaries that have popped up in denver it lo loan. after flashing my id i was welcomed by billy a bud tender, a pot connoisseur, if you will. >> there's smells and flavors. >> he's not talking wine but weed. >> it's all buds. >> high grade marijuana each with a different name. >> we call the the presidential. >> and the different effect on the body. >> it's acold owen's curb. very did he day tiff high for the body. that's only a late afternoon early evening high. >> have you been here before. >> reporter: customers range from ball capped bartenders to teachers and politicians. >> as the cannibus educator i take everybody by the hand from the couldn't 93 sewer that's been smoking for that's right, 40 years to the person that's just wants to trite because there's no risk now.
10:33 pm
that want to what the talk is about. >> reporter: that's just the beginning. much of what is sold here is edible marijuana. pot infused granola bar, truffles, cookies. even red swedish fish all with doses of thc the active ingredient in cannibus. >> we going into one of our grow rooms here. that is our showroom. >> reporter: shots are required to grow 75% of what they sell in grow houses like these. >> our whole industrial here in denver i'd say more than 70% of those buildings are occupied by legal cannibus growth. >> reporter: what a legal pot done for colorado? some say the social and economic implications are staggering. in the last six months, according to denver police, violent and property crimes are down 10%. there's run on real estate and increase in jobs. then there's the estimated 30 to $50 million a year in tax revenue. most of that going to fund local
10:34 pm
schools. >> we have more money for schools. we have more jobs. we have reduced crime so where are we? we're in better place than we were before it was legal. >> reporter: die nan torn bock kerr runs a marijuana website devoted to women. she moved here from collingswood new jersey four months ago much the restrictive marijuana laws back east forked the move. >> if you regulate the system in way that understands that it's a market that needs to be answered to, it will work. >> reporter: but some say it's not working. >> i think that you should as state you should try very, very slowly. >> reporter: gina car bone with the group smart colorado is sending a warning to other states considering what colorado has already done. >> there's a big difference between decriminalization, legalization and full on commercialization and in colorado we unfortunately have done all three. report roar the group says legalization is sending the wrong message to kids. she says colorado has the highest pot use among teens.
10:35 pm
the children's hospital in den very has already reported six children who became seriously ill after ingesting edible marijuana. >> right now, to have, you know, a piece of candy that's a bite size piece of candy that has 10 servings of marijuana in it i mean it's sending people to the er. >> reporter: but for most in colorado, this is the new normal. and for john mccoy, it's about time. >> i think we're heading towar s legalization in most of the can't tree and for people like us, we don't do alcohol. you know, we think this is a much safer thing. >> reporter: but whether or not this will be what new jersey and pennsylvania look like in the future, remains to be seen. in denver, colorado, chris o'connell, fox 29 news. >> of course, legalized recreational pot is very controversial subject. we've also covered many a study that shows the affects of marijuana on developing brains and it's in the good and of course our brains continue to
10:36 pm
develop into our 20s. >> a lot of these people proposing the age should be 21. just reminder for you. pennsylvania senator dale lynn lynch will be on good day tomorrow. he just got back from colorado and leading the charge to legalize marijuana in pennsylvania. tune into that. it should be an interesting discussion on good day tomorrow. >> his is about medical marijuana versus recreational one. expired meat repackaged and sold to popular restaurants? no. oh, yes. the u.s. company that admits it happened and where the old chicken and the old beef may have ended up. >> country chaos fans to keith urban concert rush to the hospital. what happen at the crowded show that had cops and ambulances rush to go the scene. >> got beast with a co-worker? new way to get the off your chest anonymously much the website that might change your
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>> keith urban fans may have had little too much of a good time saturday night. close to 50 people needed medical assistance after getting drunk outside of boston. police rounded up more than 50 people and some may face charges. all about 18,000 fans attended the concert. >> in your money tonight, a fast
10:40 pm
food meat scandal an american meat flyer admits its chinese operation doctors not meet standards. osi group says meet to mcdonald's starbucks and cfc it's china unit sold out of date beef and chicken. food chains have been apologiz apologizing to their customers osi plans to set up a food safety center in shanghai. >> it's an $8.5 billion deal between two of the country's largest discount retailers. dollar tree is buying the larger rival family dollar and the combined company will operate more than 13,000 stores across north america. the deal is expected to close by early n year. all right. not feeling the love for your co-workers? well, the internet has got you covered. >> you can complain about your colleagues online and do it anonymously but i kind of thought that's what people did already. however, this site is just it let's you e-mail anyone you want, co-worker, a friend even your mom, you can write any
10:41 pm
message at all and the recipient will have no idea who it came from. iain. >> how do you know you get the message. >> i don't know how it gets to them. i don't even care about it to be quite honest. i think it's cowardly. just can't we all get along? you know, just talk. all right. >> interesting. something for everybody it there. >> yeah. all right. a man and his daughter are walking oh the beach when they are suddenly hit by plane. it doesn't seem possible but experts say they probably never saw it coming what went wrong that's coming up next. >> the hadn't for who are row. this crash having tim says a woman pulled from her burning car then just walk away. why she believes a good samaritan could be an inn gel next. >> and the calendar still says summer but there will be a fall like feel in the atmosphere summer but there will be a fall like feel in the atmosphere we're tracking below average
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more on car insurance.
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>> a pale lot crash landed on a florida beach killing a father and critically injured his daughter. >> kimberly has the story. >> reporter:. >> the wreckage and the aftermath have left many wondering what happened as pilot carl cocoa more crash landed on kasper son beach.
10:45 pm
>> it's a tough call. it's really -- you have to make split decisions. >> pilot leonard van lib ken spent 10 years in the sky. the pilot didn't have much of a choice. >> he would flip over. the gear would hit the water first and he would go upside down. >> reporter: he was flying his plane sunday afternoon when something went wrong. he radioed into the haven'tness airport he would try landing the beach. >> not really seeing any persons at that point. you're just focusing oh and your instruments and your glide speed and it's tough. it's really tough. >> reporter: he hins familiar wl walking. they were visiting venice for his ninth wedding anniversary. and and in your old daughter were in cocoa more's path. >> the and gin quits it's just a glider and the waves of the water also kind of disturbs the sun of the plane coming in. if you're not facing where the plan was coming from, impossible to hear the coming in. >> he was killed. ocean anna sent to the hospital.
10:46 pm
neighbors saw them taking off from their flying community. >> dave got in the plane and they taxied out. >> i was few hours they learn of the tragic accident. >> i said, jeez, that's archer two the one he took off in. >> he walked on his door. he opened say he was sorry and feels awful. >> it's an accident that took seconds to unfold but will alter the lives of those involved forever. >> an arizona woman is on mission to find a stranger who saved her from a fiery car crash. it happened about two months ago. 23 year old christina, said she tried get out on her own, but couldn't. she realized her leg was just shattered and just as she was about giving up a woman named renee' showed up, telling her she was gettin getting her out e burning car and to be very careful and not move her neck or spine. chris tone in a wants to say thank you. >> it might sound sill it but
10:47 pm
she so many likes an earth bound angel. she really just showed up at the perfect time for me. i mean, i -- i don't think anyone could have done what she did. >> doctors say christina injured her spine so badly had renee' that mist row woman not been so careful, she could have been paralyzed and the strange thing was renee' just disappeared. she was there one minute and the neck minute she was gone. interesting stuff. >> absolutely. >> so a big thank to you note from a little itty bitty kitten the generosity of fox 29 viewers is heart warming. >> things were not looking too good for hope. she was found in the streets and couldn't see because of an if he can. a family found her in the middle of traffic in delaware county during thunderstorm few weeks ago. they decided to keep her but they found out the bills to treat her were high. she needs her eyes zone shut to prevent further infection. hope also needs to be spayed and get all her shots. minutes after our store you sonned and surpassed the fund raising goal of thousand dollars. the family is can't tacking the
10:48 pm
vet to schedule hope's surgeries then plan to keep their cute little kitten. >> i love that story. that little kitty she was batting the toys even though she couldn't see. so sweet, scott. i think she's rejoicing because the weather is so nice. no thunderstorms for hope tonight, of course, we are lookinlooking at some cooler air moving in near record lows for that matter. the record low for philadelphia tomorrow morning 59 degrees. set back in 1914. so some unusually chilly air is moving in during the overnight. we'll come close i think in the city lows bott testimony out around 61 degrees but in the suburbs temperatures will easily get into the mid 50s. so fair skies but pleasant conditions for tonight. the high testimony cher today below average. 84 degrees. we should be looking at temperatures in the upper 80s. look at the record high for today's date. in fact 100 degrees set back in 1941. we haven't even hit 100 degrees this your. 73 right now in atlantic city. upper 60s in trenton.
10:49 pm
already into the upper 50's towards the poconos. 64 degrees right now in lancaster. the dew point the measure of moisture in the atmosphere dew point temperatures dropping below 60 degrees. so starting to feel pretty comfortable stepping outdoors and really for the entire week we're looking a ridge out west so that's where most of the heat and humidity will be. but a trough across our area. some cooler air coming down from canada will keep temperatures below average. let's watch how future temperatures play out as we move into the overnight early tomorrow morning. you can see by 7:00 o'clock temperatures in the low to mid 60s along i-95. but in the mid to upper 50s once you move north and west and then during the afternoon, we struggle to hit 80 degrees. we're looking at 2:00 o'clock temperatures right around 79 in trenton pair of sevens in millville. mid 70s in allentown as well as reading. so what about wednesday morning more of the same. low to mid 60s along the i-95 corridor back into the if you have hes again you can see the
10:50 pm
pat turn change keeping temperatures below average for the highs as well as for the overnight lows. satellite and radar right now showing some clouds. we were looking at a few spotty showers earlier north and west but drier air moving in behind the system that brought the severe weather last night. all of the heat and humidity moving out to sea as well as down to the south. so as we watch future fox cast, you can see sunshine tomorrow morning. looking perfect for that early morning jog as we move through the the day we stay dry and comfortable. wednesday sunshine, dry and comfortable. the shower chances well to the north and west of our area. so looking pretty good. once again for tonight. mid 50s. low 60s across the area and then what about tomorrow? fantastic. 80 degrees for the high testimony cher forecast by the numbers on scale of one to 10. tomorrow is definitely a 10. so take look at that string of tens for wednesday, thursday. sunshine, low humidity.
10:51 pm
temperatures below average. friday into the upcoming weekend we could see a few pop-up showers around. but still temperatures are staying in the low 60s for the overnight time frame and low 80s for high temperatures. so it really doesn't get much better than this. we're talking late july, almost august and below average temperatures. >> perfect. >> no heat waves. >> sorry. >> iain wants whe what the wind chill is going to be. >> parka tomorrow. >> exactly. >> we might flirt with a record low tomorrow, how war. >> this is unbelievable. >> it's below average. let's get to average. chip kelly found with to slow down but it's during an you can't have the that the fans turn the up. and another skirmish today at the eagles training camp and the fans got a chance to see it a
10:52 pm
10:53 pm
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and no monthly fee checking with just a $100 minimum balance at td bank. america's most convenient bank. ♪ >> those eagles they've had some interesting activities at training camp the last couple of days. they had a little scuffle yesterday and another today. and this was in front of the fans. that's right. the eagles had their first open practice for the fans at the linc and they had a little extra when jeremy maclin was not happy with the way bradley fletcher was covering him. maclin were not talk to the media. but fletcher did. >> just playing ball. like i was saying emotions got
10:55 pm
going and, you know, one thing led to another but were jut come back, practice again. >> guys out here giving everything they got on every play. you're tired. you're not getting too much sleep. you know you're in different environment from where you were at home it's hard to get those nine hours, 10 hours of sleep, man, and just frustrate frustrad everybody is out there competing. two guys that didn't want to back down at a particular time, and those things happen. >> who the hell gets nine, 10 hours of sleep? >> i try. >> we all do. chip kelly -- >> that's unbelievable. >> chip kelly made an interesting point. let's get some sleep after the show. made an interesting point today the people with too much into the draft way too much hype. >> the fact that people would watch the combine there's times the combine i fall asleep so i don't know why people watch it on television. i mean they're running 40-yard dashes. you guys are in the newspaper business if someone is rookie coming into the newspaper thing i don't think you all start applauding and saying oh, my god
10:56 pm
our paper is saved because we signed a kid out of northwestern. it's not that big deal but in football, it seems to be the biggest thing in the world. >> chip kelly found with to get sleep. baseball trade deadline is this thursday. the hottest names to the phillies or marlon byrd and antonio bastard. phillies and those mets. the scouts are there taking notes. the notes on the phillies pitcher tonight were not good. aj burnett. first inning gave up four runs and this travis three run homer in the fifth seven runs in five innings. not a good night. phillies lose seven-one. some people do thing that are crazy and they're dangerous this one is into a pool from five stories up. let's go to the rooftops. this guy is nuts. >> no way. >> oh, goodness. >> pretty good dive. >> yeah. that's amazing. >> it sure is.
10:57 pm
even the russian judge liked that one. >> he's sick, too. >> yeah. >> he can sleep now. >> he didn't die. >> exactly how about you guys but i'm ready for nine or 10 hours of sleep. >> i get that about three nigh nights. >> thanks for watching the fox 29 morning news comes your way at 4:00 a.m. after you've had [captioning made possible by
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warner bros. domestic television distribution] >> today on "tmz" >> how to say we got justin bieber by the short hairs. he's got a little teenie mustache. >> it was a rough estimation of a hundred hairs sprouted out. it looks like you're holding up a selfie, dude. >> during the annual zombie walk, car pulled up and went through the parade route. hits a person and her arm went under the wheel. >> because it's comic con not everyone's in the best shape. everybody gives up after like -- >> we got ke$ha at l.a.x. >> i love your story about prince how you broke into his house. >> she paid prince's gardener $5 to sneak into