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tv   Fox 29 Morning News at 6a  FOX  August 1, 2014 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more. jesse? >> new this morning philadelphia police opened fire open a suspected burglar killing him and another suspect on the run. why they opened the door for police. >> could be a case of road rage gone too far. a man jumps out of car and fires at. have a bit of good news if you plan to visit the delaware
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beaches. the status of the i-495 bridge. >> delaware beaches some of the prettiest in all of the world. good to everyone. friday, august 1. 2014 thanks for being with us. >> happy first day of august. news to cover following breaking news live at the scream of deadly police involved shooting where officers are being ing for second man they believe was involved in bringry. also jennaphr joyce live in delaware whereas we mentioned people are getting good news about the i-495 bridge. all that in a moment. first to caitlin ras for he weather on the ones. >> if they go to the beexs will they see tops of rain. >> there's a chance of heavy reign throughout the week. bus stop buty, cloudsy, muggy, temperatures 60s and 70s. umbrella on happened because there's chance of showers and thunderstorms. let's check radar. quiet here. we have showers looming down towards south as they approach
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the delmarva they'll start to spend showers in here as early as noon hour. right now 7. peaks of sunshine throughout the clouds there. 6 wrightstown and 7 atlantic city and 71 dover. it's muggier out there. more humid owe today. afternoon scattered showers may rumble of thunder 8 for the high temperature. scattered showers and thunderstorms early. overnight i think we see a break. low temperature 70. that rain ramping up saturday and sunday. we have the latest on the timing with that coming up in just about ten minute. but it's been a busy morning so far for kacie big problems in northeast philly is that where we start off this morning. >> two incident there yes indicate lip incident steve is deal with us police involved shooting and pedestrian struck. southbound side academy road shut down. crews open the scene northeast
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philadelphia. let go back to the map we get more up show shut down morel avenue. roosevelt boulevard great alternate. this is where steve is northeast philly. also in my opinionth block of hawthorne was closed we are hearing it might be reopened. steve is out there at the scene to get the update on that. for right this second, rutland street or large street if you want to head out this second that's great alternate. northbound side of route 21 oxford bypass. >> you made mention of sky fox over it right now breaking news in northeast philadelphia. a person struck and killed by a car early this morning, sky fox oaf the they're testing this the
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driver to see if in fact he was intoxicated. >> 6:04 now developing this morning police kill a map that i say aimed at them first. >> and second man wanted in this case. but you have to hear how the police and two suspects first came into contact. >> fox 29 live at the scene in northeast philadelphia, steve. >> well, police cleared the scene. so you is main treatment. castor back open. wakely even back open and side street happened on 5 doors in. only officers on the scene are one patrolman. faringing that patrol map. >> room a couple around presidential korer in the wushs after midnight when they came home they forced them into the house. one officer was graded and knows something is is wrong. one of the bad guys tried to shoo the cop away the woman says
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everything okay but tell cop with eyes and mouth no these dwiz have guns and cop then tells woman get out of the house and then one of the guys with the gun gets into struggle can officers and tries to shoot and kill the officer. the officer waving the gir's happened away pulls his own map and fires and killsp gunman. the other runs to the back of the house and got out okay. the second gunman got away. hopefully that car is not stolen maybe the car is in their name. they have to hope they found who his present was. >> castor avenue in northeast philly, maybe guys new something about this couple. >> there's a big part -- 6:05 now good news for drivers driving through wilmington delaware m families i-95 open again. >> but nobody side will not open
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for another few weeks. jennaphr joyce is live in wilmington. earlier than planned. >> it's absolutely great news we started to see traffic patterns along the i-495 bridge. that's evidence southbound lanes are open. traffic moving by quickly here. southbound construction project is complete month early. governor markle calls it major milestone and says there's still a lot of work to be done before the northbound lanes can reopen. 495 closed since june 2 when the bridge was notably tilting. crews have about working to construct new support columns and realign the bridge even though it's a priority to reopen the bridge completely. governor markle says he's placed with pacing of the promet and safety is top priority. northbound lanes not open yet still remains under construction expected to open labor day which is still early.
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northbound lanes not expected to remain open until september. the project all in all is moving along quickly. kerry, chris. >> meantime in northwest philadelphia police opened fire on men who ipt veepd. this is wednesday afternoon. sudden eply green ford taurus pulls up behind them a man get out of front passenger side wheeleding d. headed to the police station. meanwhile suspected shooter jumps back into the taurus and speeds off. they're being laking for possible motives and they say road raiming may have been a factor. >> let's look at world news now oorks 0. heavy fires was reported in gaza
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- they agreed to truce. four pal stipulate commonwealth of pennsylvanias were killed and 15 others injured and new violence and this maya infect talks between israel and hamas that were supposed to begin in cairo early today. >> 6:08 now there are at least two americans with highly contagious virus in african making trip to united states. >> they'll be flown one by one. federal government may hepp us facilitate the trip. emory is table to treat patients with up fek ious disease snrz cigarette tax newspaper smoke you can say we're a month away cigarette tax newspaper smoke you can say we're a month away from the start of the
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>> 6:11, friday, firstle august with rain in forecast. frustrating forecast. pb ab le frustrating weekend for you if you have a lot of outdoor plans. who doesn't. clouds around now. humid, showers are far off south. you can see the develops of the system moving through the klooip s and virginia right now. that will spin north word and bring us chance for showers early as this afternoon. starting off dry. early afternoon showers and thunderstorms pop up. as you get caught under one of these. there could be downpours. everything is widely scattered and looks like farley quiet friday night. that said we have numerous khaps for rain as we head to the
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weekend. let's look at the 7 day forecast. 84 today. sun, afternoon showers possible. rain and thunderstorms likely. does and suspected. there's a chance for rain all weekend looks like heaviest could occur along the coast. we clear out monday get nice weather practice through thursday. busy here in the weather department. even busier on the roads this morning. kacie you have your hands full today. >> that's for sure. thank you, caitlin. clump road white mill accident number one and accident number two police activity -- not an accident but police activity this morning. castor avenue back open. wakeling street back open. everything clearing out of the way. hawthorne back openp from the police activity. oxford bypass, past 41 rav on dale. aside from that the majors look okay. >> kacie, thanks, it's just about 6 oovrmingt 13 now.
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new audio just released of former president bill clinton saying he almost killed osama bin louden hours before the >> 6:15.ane hit the first tr
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clip top claimed he could have killed osama bin laden it happened hours before the first plane hit the world trade center 9/11, 2001. >> i nearly got him an i could have killed him.
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but i -- it is hard in afghanistan to kill and i know i'm better that him. so i didn't do it. >> that audio was released by broadcast were sky news us veil why former news politician said he claims he for got about it until last week. >> shake shake ceo -- the accused shooter was employee meeting with ceo. there was a struggle. . ceo was shot in head and stomach and last listed in critical condition. the gunman killed himself. he was recently demoted as company downsized. >> first nsa and now cia is caught spying on americans. director of the agency apologized to a senate mit fee
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back in 2009. agency personal improperly accessed shared computer drive. it was set up for senate staff to review classified documents about cixt a inter ration he can techniques and possible tort tour. brennan asked to form a panel to scam whain exactly happened. director brennan taken all kind of responsible steps to address this situation and is something that has a difficult john that does it scored fairy bell. >> we'll keep you update open what is to be nermd. ter hees she loves -- lightning shot through her roof and grazed her. unlucky woman. not only was it not a direct hit but neighbors, her fire
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fightser, saw the bolt go through her roof. he rushed over and called 911. >> another strike came it was loud noise and she said she saw my head go backwards and then the blaster was falling she felt jolt go down my leg to her hand. >> it went to her toes and feet which turned purple shcould not shop shaking she's sxleemly cold and. >> disciplinary action in a texas school has the am by up. >> he told her mom she had no idea it escalated she said daddy i don't have a desk. what do you mean. i sit open the floor with a clipboard. the teacher said she
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didn't realize it was a month and she was just so happy down there. >> the family would like to transfer their children it a different district. >> back at home the district of philadelphia has a tough decision to make. state house of representatives cancelled a vote on cigarette tax to fund philadelphia schools. and it's just a month before cool is scheduled to start. city leaders are of course furious over this. they say schools like not only on time this fall. sabrina reubenerdly has two children in the district she's concerned about the funding fiasco and possibility schools may not open on time. >> i think it's all politics. i don't seen into understand levels of dysfunction and bureaucracy that stand between us and our children being properly educated. city officials say they'll send layoff notices now to teachers unless the tax is approved by august 15. more to come on this. speaking of schools.
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summer is just flying by as we know. it's already august 1 right? so, we really need your help to help the kids in need. >> we absolutely do come to our studio august to stuff the bus. we partnered with humided way and caidle to crayons to collect and stuff 22,000 back packs with school supplies. we're looking for typical stuff, extra on, highlighters, pens, folder, bipders, back packs, thumb drives, bring what you can next friday down to forth an market at the corner between 7 and 10. >> search a good turnout. >> how about the ones with the -- you know what i'm talking about. velcro. velcro and -- >> trapper keeper. >> flapper keeper. >> trapper keeper. >> all of a sudden showing picture arie. >> sounds like. >> four syllables. >> we have to talk about this i don't want to but we have to. the whole country is bad mouming
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philadelphia again. six philadelphia mroyvrdz end up open wrong side of lay in jail things they were doing dangling people overall bopys stories high ordering people while picking people up. more details. quite disturbing about this making good cops look bad. big questions about the philly this morning. future for team. you know trade deadline was yesterday afternoon at 4. we didn't do anything. we sat on our hands. is there any hope for the phillies? michael bradley is here to talk about that. how about cliff lee i thought traded to ang hes yankees probably thought phew. he hurt his elbow. >> we deposit do anything. sat like we're hitting here. >> completely late.
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>> it's 70 degrees. >> it is 70. feeling more humid out there. >> yes. >> it's back that muggy weather we didn't miss over the past few mornz returned. it's more humid out there today. also more clouds. we're anticipating showers to move in later on. we didn't rally see them last night. this afternoon we're seeing a better chance. widely scattered not bad overall high temperature of 4. that's forecast here in philadelphia. down the shore, we'll show you peek at that more clouds and thunderstorms and in and out of the sunshine makes it not the best beach day high temperatures in upper 50s. more on the weekend still more to come. let's check in and see how the roads are. >> we'll focus on one accident salford, closed between -- and allentown road. salford, closed between -- and allentown road. fuel tanker into
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>> good morning i'm kyle pallin. yesterday was not a good day
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fort phillies. they were not able to mack a deal by 4 p.m. not because the price tag was too high but because other gms were not being aggressive enough. then there was this. phillies, thats, cliff lee cruise ago long looking better than ever. things in the third go south. strikes out two allows a hit on and 31 pitch of the game he yells out, no mas waves arms and taken out ever the game. lext elbow strain. same injury he had before that kept him out two months. except this time he could be out for the season. for the game? phillies won 10-4. sorry. don't have any good news here that's sports in a minute. have a good day. >> and how about this for upgrade. this is texas a&m new locker room all digital even bathroom mirrors have televisions inside
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and get this even have barbershop there. >> in the locker room. >> 6:27 now commissioner charles ramsey brettty upset with daily news and has harsh words for the paper. >> fol a deadly police involved shooting overnight, steve, good morning. >> he may be upset with daily news but proud of his people here. this officer saved a couple and >> 6:30 you this in morning a
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hunt is on for wanting to shoot at a philadelphia police officer. one suspect dead and other on the run. we'll have a live report in a moment from steve keeley. >> if you head to the delaware beach. i-495 bridge back open. getting home may not be quite as easy. >> talk about a leap of faith professional jumps off a building and we see it all from his point of view. don't try it at home, kids, it's a video you have to see this morningen good morning to you. august 1, 201 shaping up to be knight a great weekend. >> humid out there caitlin ross. >> you know it's muggy summer weather is back. we had a few nice mornings. it was comfortable and down right cool to start.
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this morning muggy weather creeping back in. with that weather comes chance for rain. weather by the numbers. six this friday. mainly dry through the day and not too hot. it's more humid and we have a chance for afternoon showers and thunderstorms popping up. closed umbrella. temperatures in the 60s and 70s now. mostly cloudy out there. it's not a bad morning by any stretch of the imagination. we're waiting on rain to come in. here's doppler right now showing on very bottom edge of screen approaching showers into the delmarva. they've been moving to carolina and virginia overnight tonight. look at that beautiful shot outside the old studios you can see rain peaking not rain but surprise peaking through clouds as sun rose the last hour and even they whoa have cloud cover that gives red and yellows with sun peaking through. today, 4. high temperature more humid and afternoon showers and thunderstorm. not a chance of rain tonight as
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there is tomorrow and sunday. 70 overnight low. we'll talk more about the weekend rain in the 7 day forecast and better days following the weekend. not great weather following on the weekend. we have that to come let's get you to busy morning so far. >> abouty morning bright spot southbound lanes on 495 christina river bridge are back open. not northbound but southbound get to jenny joyce out there in a minute. let's talk about the incident. northeast philly southbound academy breaking news here. closed morell to president streak and nice road or roads open that. saw jp ford between wrightville andal tone. if you head westbound on the pennsylvania turn pike. motorcycle accident past valley forge. 34 miles an hour open portions of 95. elsewhere in the 50s, 6 0s,
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northbound side of i-95. >> the person hit and killed by a car early it morning in northeast philadelphia. sky fox over the scene. earlier today the accident happened:30 this morning academy and morel street. the driver of the car did top stop they're test the driver to see if he was intoxicated. >> also developing this morning police kill a man aimed at them first. >> and you have to hear how police and two suspect came into contact and live at the scene on northeast philadelphia this morning, good morning. >> not just aimed at them but actually shot at them and maybe two or three times at least and police were still investigating that. the only officers here opt scene now wum just guarding the car they suspect two gays with two gun arrived in to reason a couple waiting for them to come
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hope around the corner, shs wakeleing street busy castor avenue in northeast philly. here we are second time now less than three full days police forced fire back shooting at them and again, luckily it is bad guys that missed and good guys with good aim and training practice don't ever miss usually. police shot and killed a guy before 1 this morning. you can see these guys were laying in wait outside this house five doors off castor avenue in front of a middle of a block. a man and woman come in from being out. as they get to the front door two miss panic bhen guns for them into their house to rob them and maybe more. this couple wisely set burglar alarm. so the alarm company called cops.who quickly arrived. one of the armed men answers the door. a police officer shows up and
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says she everything okay. the cop's instincts tell him something is not right. he forces the home own to go to the door and with words she says it's okay and facial expressions let the cop know everything is far from okay. the cop tells the woman to walk out of house and george picks up now. >> the female said yes but told officers with patient extreme home and not well. the identify as smart as he was knew something was not right. so ot officer told the female to wait outside. officer enters foyer of the property unbeknownst to suspect suspects now is khaiing the other male homeowner resident out of the house with his gun. he sees the officer and turns towards officer and points the gun at the officer's head and officer in defensive mode kind of puts his hand and swiped the
6:36 am
suspect gun and reaches for his gun. suspect actually fired two or three times at the officer. didn't hit him. but the officer fired his block and multiple times and did strike the suspect knocking the suspect to the ground. all right. well nothing like good timing. let's go to a live picture. police now bringing man. house back to the house. that's the man you see in the white shirt being accompanied by a mroyv. obviously not staying. that officer just sped up to the scene here an they looked like they're walking briskly into the house to look for something. again because it was dark this will be first daylight look to get around. the second guy with the gun ran out of back of house and gotta we and guy in the shirt man of the house got out safely too. you can tell timer hurt thanks to those smart moves by them and setting that burglar alarm and lady making faces to the dop
6:37 am
signify they needed help and thanks to philly cop, kerry, chris. >> we'll get to bad cop story in a minute. >> good news those planning to travel to tell dell beaches today. >> southbound lanes i-95 reopenedp along the bridge. >> live in ill. >>. >> many good news for most riingts that claim physician and form every say let to live at sky fox. southbound lane center now back in business. governor markle calls it a major milestone in construction project. but he says there's a lot of work to be done before the northbound lanes can reopen. i-495 has been closed since june 2 when the bridge wasnessably tilting. crews were working to construct
6:38 am
new under ground support columns and realign the ridge even though it's -- safety is a top priority. nobody lanes were not supposed to open until mid september and are expected to reopen by labor day. so all in all this construction project seems to be moving ahead of schedule. and perfect timing. it's friday. anyone headed to delaware beaches has nice trip for themselves now they can go back on i-495 and avoid detours. >> commissioner will now have power to move officers in and out of departments. the new contract comes just one day after six is narcotics officers were arrested for corruption. this is what steve keeley was eluding to. mayor says contracts would help avoid corruption in the future. commissioner charles ramsey addressed cover of.
6:39 am
>> there's -- i think we need toe keep it in context. >> commissioner ramsey says the ability to locate officers will not only help we'd out corruption but help development for officers. >> welcomed site in atlantic city. the party with new life in a city. the party with new life in a struggling c c
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here in york, pennsylvania we've built the largest distributor of kitchen cabinets in the nation. we've got american-made products that are beating out chinese imports. so, i know pennsylvania can be a leader in manufacturing and we can make things again. but we have to invest in education and a skilled workforce today. i'm tom wolf and i have a plan. we can do great things, but we have to think ahead. tom wolf for governor. a fresh start for pennsylvania. >> ♪
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good morning, everyone, good morning sunshine. look that out of atlantic city. that is beautiful sun peeking through clouds over the atlantic. not sure how much sun we'll see this week f you're up and down the shore take a peek or look at our screen now we have rain moving in. let's get off if the copics. prop call storm of the s. wind sustained 45 miles an hour as of 5 arm this morning, 10
6:43 am
miles east of barbados. if affect purs ricoh. >> clocked in put ricoh and haiti and ba hams early monday morning that's where it will be and then turn north eeblly and good news we're not dealing with tropical storm but tropical looking for this week. here's how it shape out. this morning, clout, humid by the ach showers and thunderstorms pop to be unseatsleed nephew could get trapped under a downpour but not looking for steady rain until tonight. you see rain move through early into the coast saturday morning and few breaks possible. there's more showers north and wet of us throughout the weekend chance of rain going into sunday by noon. you can still see green filling in on sunday. both days chance of rain. it won't rain all weekend. if that's makes sense. unsettled to -- 84 today reign
6:44 am
and showers and thunderstorms lookly at times does and sunday we slowly clear out monday and after a cool weekend temperatures. >> the good news is 495 kacie and bad news northeast philly and around the city when it comes to traffic this morning. >> a little treat for the weekend. southbound lanes like caitlin said christina river bridge back open. we have so many incidents. northeast philly southbound side of academy road still shut down. pedestrian accident there. merel after president street to roosevelt. clump road shut down, white mill to allentown. they're trying to get that rectified. ridge road alternate. ending grove route 1 oxford bypass past route 41 thaep
6:45 am
accident just cleared was motorcycle accident westbound side of pennsylvania turnpike past lal di forth. what owe could here in that test. everything looks great:41. >> a in my opinion-year-old boy launched a profitable lemonade stapt. the money is for him not for what you think. like for a video game. fox 29 doug timoney explains. >> outside my house i'm. this boy wants to help him here. >> i didn't expect people to sglom they're coming in numbers, by car, on foot on skate boards and scotters. even fedex driver toing by. >> thanks, buddy. >> you're welcome. >> i trusted my trouble thank
6:46 am
you. >> you're welcome, >> and up and up thanks to jen rossi of freepdz, maibz and perfect straivrpingzer that heard about logans efforts to raise opinion for a knew area. he was wearing them since five and they now need to be replaced. >> this is every day life he needs these to survive. >> he's one of five children and hearing kids cost between 3 and 6,000 and insurance covers a small portion. so logan came up with the idea of a lemonade stand. >> we get the table and then get the table clothes from in here. and we han the sign up. and then we just. >> -- we i'm really excited. >> logan's mom thought it would take a year to raise the much needed money. >> we sold him mate and more
6:47 am
people but they cocome. >> the police department chipping in. the fire department. rolling badges motorcycle club stop by with a check for $525. >> i really never thought this is what would happen. i want to take thank you from the bottom of my heart. >> phelps have an appointment next month to get sited for the hearing laid and logan can't wait. >> it would mop a lot becausefy deposit have hearing aids i wouldn't be able to hear anything. and i just like to hear. >> between his lemonade stand and donations logan raised close to 4,000 dollars: and if his family was better pay it forward. in gloucester city,
6:48 am
forward. in gloucester city, dawntimmeney, fox 29 if you want more information about logan lemonade stand or like to make a donation head to our web site,. dix dix you'll find a link for lover. >> 100,000 packing the beach for a free concert featuring blake shelton ♪ >> he drew a big crowd last night. families from as far as away as pittsburgh amade their way here for the free concert on the beach. they're trying to come to bring people to come to ac. >> this is what be act act are act and hundred extra people is the way we're rolling the red carpet for everyone to come down.
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>> everything wins. >> there's another free concert scheduled for sunday featuring lady antellum. >> lady a. >> let's look at entertainment headlines. reports of impending divorce twirl around beyonce and jay-z he's making a plea to take her on a five week vacation during the last leg of the tour. he's bes vat to same his bottles quality time. >> they're open the run tour. they were holding hands and smiling. di enter know. >> they knew cameras were there. >> arnold swats naiinger celebrated 67 birthday yesterday, two days ago, 30th. >> wednesday? >> he thanked fans for birth day wishes and a video with a famous
6:50 am
line. >> i want to thank you for birthday wish it's made me feel great i life all my fandz. haingt ala vista painy. >> he could use better lightni g lightninging. >> it is shared thousands of times on sfais brook and read it. >> what is read it do you know? >> let me get that for you sweet kheekdz. >> yeah. >> what is is read it. >> i don't know. >> you're sharing photos and stuff like that. >> it's another like -- >> nobody knows i feel better about this. >> put an intern in it. >> i heard kacie say something. >> you never know. hey good days starts in ten minutes. we're taking you down the shore. again it's friday, right? i don't -- don't each shower just get out of bed and get over to the car help's place. the seafood there is fantastic ina sea isle city. janet there. camera is ready to go. we'll put you on tv in a matter
6:51 am
of pipt, step app a special guest shows up comic con. oops homer simpson on stage how do they do that. you know the questions. where is springfield. which state is it in. why are character all yellow and creator of the simpsons. >> he'll sign autografts anywhere by the way if you run into him on the streets. sharpy in hand. >> all right. friday, planning forecast, more humid out there with cloud. 7 3 for the morning temperature. lunchtime we should hit 80. by later this afternoon we'll have showers and thunderstorms pop up. down powers are possible. although everything looks widely scattered. we'll have steadier rain move in
6:52 am
later this weekend. saturday, chance of rain. sunday chance of rain. not best forecast i can serve up for you. that's all right we'll get through it together. 4 for the high temperature today and mainly dry except for afternoon scattered showers. that's a look at forecast 7 day ahead. kacie. >> read it as a page that has no color and exciting front and people don't post pictures of drywall. >> you have green on everything this morning. you have accidents. coming up. pretty bad ones. >> good morning, welcome back,ys
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6:55, 72 degrees out there. notably i more humid this friday morning. okay, this video we're about to show you truly insane. you're properly keyed up. here it goes. ♪ >> wow i would have broken
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"action news" a leg and ankle or more. eeming an swanson is proving at stunt man from check khiing and that's a sneak into high performance world thanks to a go pro. if you see a mouse in the house changes are you shoe it out the door and not invite him in. >> yes mighty star pets two this learned how to ripping the doorbell and knows how to gets out the door. shark jp nado takes a bite out of the ratings. with broke a. >> i hate to sigh it despite last night's big win phils are nut not good. whose the future of the film.
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especially we didn't do an
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