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tv   Fox 29 News at 10  FOX  August 5, 2014 10:00pm-11:01pm EDT

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>> next, new information about a mother found dead in a local park after going out for a walk or jog watch we've learned about her final moments. >> and a nine year old tacked by a shark. what his mom saw right before that terrifying moment. your news starts in 30 sec fox 29 news in hd brought to you by xfinity the future of aweso awesome. ♪ >> a kitten bruised. dragged behind a car, overdose d on heroin a fast acting vet new just what topped.
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how an injection saving people across our area gave this kitten a second chance. >> and a woman's body discovered in a local park. a neighborhood now terrified wandering in there's a killer on the loose. >> very scared. very scared for my kids. very scared for myself. it's a story still developing right now. we do know it was right around this time last night that that woman went for a walk or a jog in pennypack park in northeast philadelphia. her family never saw her alive again. good evening, i'm lucy noland. >> i'm dawn timmeney to in tonight pour iain page. let's get right out to chris o'connell live at police headquarters. chris? >> reporter: dawn torque night philadelphia police are trying to figure out what led to the death of a 46 year old woman from northeast philadelphia. her death is being called suspicious. her body was found in a local park. tomorrow morning an autopsy will be done on her body. in the meantime, the discovery
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has left a neighborhood on edge tonight. >> homicide detectives spent tuesday night canvassing the trails around pennypack park near crispin gardens much this is where the body of a 46 year old mother of two was found by a passerby at about 6:00 this morning. police say she never returned home after going out for a jog about 9:00 o'clock last night. >> just very worried. scared a little bit. just want to know exactly what happened. >> reporter: residents who live in the area are still shaken including two women out for a walk who didn't want to be identified. >> we go walking a lot. so i just said to heck we have to be more aware of our surroundings. >> reporter: police are now looking at surveillance video from the area. a source tells fox 29 that the victim's cell phone may also be missing. police say they're looking into whether the woman was sexually assaulted. but they say until they know exactly what happened, people should be on guard. >> until we know exactly what happened out there, people
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should use extra caution. women out there jogging or walking they should be with someone else with them for protection. >> reporter: now, fox 29 is choosing not to identify the name of the victim since she has not been officially identified by police. an autopsy is scheduled to find out an exact cause of death tomorrow morning. >> dawn. >> chris thank you very much. breaking news right now in to fox 29 news. you are looking right now live at crews on the scene of a house explosion. now, this happened in port washington in new york. it happened just before 9:00 o'clock tonight. the blast leveling a home there. emergency crews on the scene right there. possibly looking for anyone who may be injured. of course, we'll stay on top of this story and keep you updated. >> a young woman on her way home from work gets attacked by three men repeatedly punching her on her doorstep in north philadelphia. police say this was all over herrism phone. police say the 23 year old
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victim refused to give up that phone. she fought back as you can see. tonight neighbors want these three men caught before somebody else gets hurt. our dave kinchen is live outside central detectives in spring garden. dave? >> reporter: we understand that victim dealing with cuts to her face much in the meantime, police say this is a tragedy that took place simply because of a cell phone. the disturbing video begins with a 23 year old woman walking to her apartment when she's attacked from behind. for several seconds, she struggles with the bush she eye browed man in baseball cap as another man watches. she even tries to fight him off in front of the surveillance camera. before long another man sneaks up and shrugs her as well. >> it's scary for me because that could have been easily have been me many i live right next door. >> reporter: we first told her about the july 27th incident and she feels for the victim. >> you're a a girl of a certain age trying to get home being in this type of neighborhood you're trying to acclimate to
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everything that's ha*g happeni happening. maybe she should have given them her cell phone. >> the fight continues with a thick eye browed man losing his hat and two men out number the victim. police say it was all for her iphone which they never got away with. we showed the video to brand new neighbor kyle maclin. >> i moved in today. it's spooky and just having it be so close to where i am now living. it's scary. >> reporter: police froze images of the men in the video before they took off on 18th heading towards cecil b. moore you can give investigator as call if you recognize them. >> and neighbors on the 1500 block of north 18th street still shaken up at this hour. we do have some information about the main suspect that first attack the woman. we're told that the one with the thick bushy eye brows also has shoulder length dread locks with possible blond in them all the of the suspects between 18 and 21. dawn? >> thank you, dave. to tour buses collide in the
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heart of times square in new york city. nearly a dozen people are injured when two double decker buses hit at 47th and seventh avenue. three of the victims injuries are considered serious. that area near the discount broadway ticks booth and hershey's chocolate stores always packed with tourists especially in the summertime. >> a u.s. army general is dead after an attack in afghanistan. the pentagon says major general herald green was shot at a military camp near kabul. green is the highest ranking american to die in the afghanistan war. the pentagon says a man dressed as an afghan soldier opened fire at a military base full of foreign troops. 15 people in all are hurt. half of those are americans. the shooter was killed. >> meanwhile in the middle east a 72 hour cease fire between israel and hamas is now underw underway. israel says it is withdrawn the last of its ground forces from gaza. two sides are working on a lon long-term truce in gaza. a senior israeli official says
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his government is willing to discuss and easing gaza border restrictions. nearly 1900 people have died during the month long war. >> a second american diagnosed with ebola is now in atlanta for special intensive treatment. she arrived this afternoon. the aid worker is in good spirits though very much battling that deadly virus. fox's george franco reports tonight from atlanta. >> reporter: people lined the streets to see history in the making the arrival of ebola patient 58 year old nancy white bowl from skyfox five paramedic dressed head to toe in protective suits put her out of the ambulance. she was in protective gear herself when wheeled into emory university hospital. the missionary who contracted ebola trying to help others in liberia was in atlanta for specialized care. >> my heart goes out to them. >> more so questions linger about exactly how writebol contracted ebola in liberia when
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she and husband david were volunteering at a hospital with an outbreak of the deadly virus. >> she has the gift of help. how can i help. >> bruce johnson president of the christian charity fim which zen the writebol toss liberia says nancy served as a personnel director at the hospital. >> she did not have direct contact with patients. she wasn't working in the ebola unit. she was maybe spraying down people as they came out as i understand it. >> wright bowl is being treated in the same specialized ward as dr. kent brantly. the other ebola patient who arrived from liberia saturday writebol touched down at dobbins air base in the same medically equipment jet that transported before that timely. unlike brantly nancy's ambulance was accompanied by more than 30 dekalb county police officers. >> also, there are also some substantiatedsubstantiated thred been made so we wanted that make sure that we had enough officers on the scene. >> reporter: no elaboration on the threats but the bob squad
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swept emory tuesday morning and swat followed the ambulance to the hospital. protective measures for nan so wright bowl whose husband sent word to atlanta through their charity. >> a week ago he said we were thinking about a possible funeral arrangements. now we have a real reason to be hopeful. >> mr. johnson says cdc workers with his charity crews in liberia trying to understand how nancy wright bowl contracted ebola even though she followed all protocols. for now he says, he's happy that she is here at emory university hospital where they are trying to save her life. in atlanta, i'm george franco for fox news. >> the son avenue popular and powerful lawmaker from philadelphia is in big trouble with the feds tonight. chaka fattah, jr., turned himself to federal authorities this afternoon. his matter is a long-time congressman. prosecutors say fattah, jr.,
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lied on bank loan applications for his consulting firm, failed to pay federal taxes and even cheated the philadelphia school district on a consulting crack. he's also accused using more than $33,000 to pay off gambling debts at philadelphia casinos. fattah, jr., spoke to our bruce gordon. >> reporter: the indictment says you spent $33,000 in what were supposed to be business loans paying off gaming debts, gambling debts. what say you? >> i think it's inaccurate. that's the bottom line. >> reporter: did you spend any of that business loan money on gambling debts? >> i don't think so. >> fattah, jr., suggesting that prosecutors targeted him because of his father's position in congress. he will be arraigned next thursday and could get significant prison time. >> the boyfriend of an upper darby woman found strangled in her home under arrest in florida. police in jacksonville holding lowry for dui. prosecutors have not charged lowry in her death. griffin's body was found sunday. the medical examiner ruled she
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was strangled. >> throughout the country tonight communities are hosting events marking the annual national night out against cri crime. fox 29 in camden this evening where the hope works and camden organization held several events to help strengthen the communi community. burlington county people night the in evesham township. police department gave tours at a police k9 demo and gave out a bunch of freebies. a big health scare tonight for long time flyers defensive man kimmo timonen. he has blood clots in both lungs and his calf. he's 39 years old. shortly after the season he signed another one-year contract to come back to the flyers for an eighth season. the flyers will only say he could be side lined long term. >> you get a blood clot in your leg and that clot can travel up and go into the lungs. now the problem with this is that it can be light threateni
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threatening. so i can guarantee you that he is being treated aggressively with medicines that thin the blood. >> timonen is in finland hospital. he will be coming to philadelphia in couple of weeks to see flyers doctor. ♪ a kitten dragged behind a car and injected with heroin. hope is on the road to recovery. next how the same injection saving humans across the delaware valley gave this kitten a second chance. >> and a house party gets way out of control turning into an all outrage with thousands of guests and police say young teens, too. >> i didn't force anything down anybody's throat. i didn't make anybody stay here until 7:00 a.m. >> why this host says don't blame me. plus a day in the water turns terrifying for nine year old boy attacked by a shark. what he says was going through his mind the moment that shark bit down and -- >> you feel like you have the whole world in your hands and now your life is on hold because
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you have to fight to stay alive. >> a devastating diagnosis followed by months of dueling treatment but a shoe box is offering new inspiration to fight. what's inside this special delivery. the weather authority is keeping tabs on a new midweek showers and storms. also, lower humidity the timing of when it all arrives coming up.
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>> a little kitten goes through a horrifying ordeal police say a man injected him with heroin and then dragged the kitten by a rope from a car. a veterinarian used the overdose
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drug narcan meant for humans to revive the kitten believe it or not and the good news is that little kitty is expected to be okay. the man who is responsible police say is under arrest facing animal cruelty and drug charges. fox 29's shawnette wilson has the story. >> had a rope that was around his neck that was pretty tight. a couple of teeth missing and he was bleeding from his mouth. >> reporter: doctors at hope emergency patient care in malvern have seen a lot, but when this three month old kitten was rushed in, they were shock shocked. >> sleeper to the point of almost comb mow toes minimally responsive to anything going on around him. >> reporter: this kitty had been tortured and given heroin by this man, 24 year old james myers of west chester. >> this is certainly an extreme circumstance of, you know, possible drug exposure. >> reporter: after given the kitten iv fluids and medication doctors thought it would have to be put down but decided to administer narcan the medication
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used to revive heroin addicts had overdose. >> just kind of maybe a coincidence and also, you know, reversal for this type of drug exposure we definitely don't see commonly. >> reporter: this is dunwoody road an officer on routine parole early sunday morning noticed the suspect sitting in a car with the door open. he spotted the kitten underneath the car. >> we don't know if the kitten was being dragged behind the car or it was being slammed down. but the kitten had substantial amount of trauma to it. >> reporter: chester county da tom hogan says myers is a heroin addict and that police found 22 bags of heroin on him hundreds of bags of used heroin in the car and 46 needles. he's been arrested and charged. meanwhile, hope is recovering surprisingly well. >> this is a strange case. >> reporter: in west whiteland shawnette, fox 29 news. >> hopefully that kitty will be all right. in berks county tonight two people are facing charges in an assault at a school for children with special needs. police say it happened at paramount academy in reading and
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the former workers tried to consist up. the happened back in april. they say ishmal seals a behavioral specialist slammed the 14 year old student against a classroom door before then pinning him to the floor. the teacher in the classroom according to investigators theresa bivens first told police the student had been disruptive. police say she later admitted she lied. the schools to's executive director says the incident is unacceptable and the school is terminating both employees. >> well, with a month until school starts, the issue of funding philadelphia's public schools remains a hot bed issue. parents, advocates, teachers and students all banding together outside green field elementary school in center city today. they want pennsylvania lawmakers to pass the cigarette tax. that would raise $80 million for schools. officials say the schools need that money that the tax would generate if they're going to open on time and time is running out. >> a fox 29 investigation now leads to federal charges. u.s. attorney says two former executives of a city non-life
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profit stole tens of thousands of dollars meant to help the homeless. fox 29 investigates broke this story two years ago. and tonight jeff cole shows where investigators say that money really went. >> get off my lawn. >> reporter: did you take a trip to nassau on their money? >> it was the winter of 2012 fox 29 investigates asked erika brown the former coo of the no non-profit self, ink, if they used the charity's funds as her own. >> erika, i've got receipts from the restaurant school, a course, a trip to the bahamas. a coat have macy's. >> brown wouldn't talk but america express credit card receipts obtained by fox 29 investigates told the story of travel, lodging, pricey meals, groceries at wawa, even ugg boots bout by brown on self, ink,'s credit card. the total charge focused on helping the homeless more than
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198 grand. >> they embezzled money from self. >> amy kerlin is philadelphia's inspector general. her office investigated brown and former chief program officer in a they yell robinson which led to federal criminal charges. she says the money should have gone to the people who needed the help. >> these people are so needy and self provide a valuable service, lodging, drug and alcohol programs, and that's just not going to work if the people who are in the organization are using the money for their own benefit. >> reporter: self, ink, of philadelphia is funded by millions in tax dollars. both brown and robinson left the organization back several years ago and have paid back self about $7,400 combined. philadelphia's former mayor wilson good brought in by self to clean up the mess told fox 292 years ago this was wrong. >> should not have happened. should not have happened in any way. >> reporter: self told us --
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>> brown has been charged by criminal information which means a defendant will likely plead guilty before an indictment robinson has been indicted. both face a maximum of a decade in jail. >> we want to talk to you about these expenditures. brown's attorney was not in when we called. he told the inquirer he looks forward to resolving this case quickly. inspector general kerlin wants to look harder at taxpayer fun funded non-profits. jeff cole, fox 29 news. >> on a warm and sultry evening chief meteorologist scott williams how is tomorrow shaping up? >> it will be another warm and sultry wednesday, lucy, but we do have the threat for few spotty showers in the offing for tomorrow but right now, yeah, it's warm. 78 degrees, humidity in the upper 60s. it feels like 80 degrees right now stepping outdoors. so that wake up weather for your wednesday morning, 70 degrees to start in the city. 66 degrees in the suburbs. coming up we'll have the latest timing on a threat for hours and
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storms with a frontal boundary approaching tomorrow and also the indirect impacts being felt down the shore because of tropical storm bertha is pulling away. we'll have the latest oh and your seven day forecast and the changes you need to know about coming up. >> all right. scott, thank you. high speed chase comes to an abrupt stop when the driver slams into a house. she even thinks it's funny. cheering at his actions. what sent him racing from police in the first place. >> we showed you this long line of people in old city last night camping out to get a coin. but we fop out it's not at all what it seems. why most gave away that prized possession the moment they got it. >> and,. >> it was great. i never been on live television before. >> so cute. little boy steals the show at a local fair. take good look. he could be sitting next t
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>> man leads police on a high speed chase in utah op sunday. he was drunk. police say the man was wanted for taking off from the scene of an accident. well, after short pursuit, the suspect crashed into a truck parked in a home's driveway. the man though appears to clap and cheer at the end. he was arrested and fortunately no one was hurt. >> in michigan a 12 year old boy faces murder charges.
10:25 pm
police say he stabbed another child on a playground. they say the 12 year old did it repeatedly. the nine year old victim ran home screaming before collapsi collapsing. then dying at a hospital. cops say the 12 year old called 911, turned himself in. he has pleaded not guilty to murder in juvenile court. it's still not clear what started that attack. >> oregon mom missing for nearly two weeks has been found dead. 38 year old jennifer houston' suv was found in rural area of yam hill county. they found her body a short distance away from the vehicle. investigators say there are no signs of foul play at this time but it is an open death investigation. houston was last seen jul july 24th after leaving her husband and two children to go run some errands. >> a birthday party gets way out of hand with more than 2,000 people showing up and now several are facing charges. this happened this weekend in michigan. police say children as young as 14 turning out for the event that was promoted on social media. things quickly spiraled out of
10:26 pm
control. investigators say there were drugs, alcohol and even reports of a sexual assault. sick people wound up having to go to the hospital due to drug overdoses. the host he's saying don't blame him. >> if you're parent that's got a 14 year old child that's been able to be at my house all night and according to the police there was a lot of them here, so i think some parents should do some reflections on their parenting before they start getting mad at me. >> investigators say the party was modeled after a 2012 movie. a woman police say was speeding away from crime crashes right into a house. but it's what she was carrying that will really grab your attention. what police say she had just stolen they found wrapped around her neck. >> and a birthday party at the beach put on hold for this nine year old after a terrifying encounter in the water. >> i saw it come right to my foot then it just bit me.
10:27 pm
>> wow! the moment this boy's mom saw a shark grab hold of her son. >> talk about that food. drive through restaurant promising to bring your order in less than 60 seconds or it's promising to bring your order in less than 60 seconds or it's free.
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>> new york woman facing a slew of charges after a wild case paid. police say 22 year old sarah espinosa drove her car over a median, slammed into another car and then plowed into a long island firehouse this was monday night. get this. police say she had a python wrapped around her neck. emergency workers say she also smelled of alcohol hadn't marijuana on her. police say she stole the python from pet company. the snake was returned and the woman is being treated at the hospital. >> not just a day at the beach for a boy in florida as he tried to make his way out of the water a shark attacks. what exactly happened? fox's kelly joyce visited with the boy in his hospital room.
10:31 pm
>> reporter: today christian's ninth birthday. instead of having a party at the beach like he planned, he's in the hospital. he remembers just a little of his encounter with a shark saturday. >> i saw it come right to my foot and then it just bit me. >> reporter: he was swimming near his mom when she says he was getting out a little too f far. >> i was just going to grab him and pull him back in because he was getting too deep, and as soon as i was going to do that, um, a shark -- i saw a shark come up out of the water and he weren't under. >> a few seconds later, his head popped up. >> as soon as he came up, i grabbed him, held his foot up and iran. he was about 15 feet away from me. so i don't know how i got that fast. >> a shark bit his left heel his mom said it looked like a three footer. he's had two surgeries for severed achilleas tendon and ligament damage.
10:32 pm
he's expected to be able to go home to orlando on friday and his dad says there's asking for lots of prayers. >> i know that if it wasn't because of god, you know, this could have been, you know, a lot worse. >> kelly joyce, fox news. >> a south philadelphia mother who has a permit to carry gun but was aboved in new jersey where the permit is not recognized suffers another dee fet today. allen bought the gun after being robbed and beaten in an alley off of south street last year. she was arrested with the gun during a traffic stop on the ac expressway. now allen says she did not know new jersey doesn't honor permit. she's now facing a possible 35 year jail sentence. a judge today refused timeous dismiss the charges or allow her to enter a pretrial program for non violent offender. >> a story you saw first on fox last month a local daycare much safer tonight thanks to your help. burglars and vandals hit this hitter 86 daycare and community center in north philadelphia early this week. they left a mess behind at the
10:33 pm
live house center after breaking in, stealing computers, food and even the pre-schooler's beloved classroom pets. well donations have been pouring in to replace it all and today envision security installed a high-tech state of the art $8,000 system. >> we first told you why these people were standing in this long line last night camping out just to get their hands on the first ever gold half dollar. well darks we've learned there is a little bit more to this story. get this. many of them were actually paid to stand in line. >> our karen hepp explains who exactly was shelling out the big bucks. >> reporter: these folks aren't excited coin collectors anxious to get their hands on piece of history. the 50th anniversary gold kennedy half dollar. most like erika mel are looking forward to the two to 400 ben gentleman mens they're about to go handed by big-time coin collector. >> pretty pysched about it. >> reporter: this is quite an operation with two libel coin dealers. the green wrist band side who
10:34 pm
found out through word of mouth and the red star group noticed gleaming smiles and chiseled jaws. they're actor who's responded to a casting call. >> the money was warning it for us. we decided to come on out and spend the night and -- it was good time. a little tired right now but we made it. we're here now. got our ticks and we're ready to go. >> here's what happens at go time. they get a yellow ticket from the mint to get inside. an envelope to pay. they buy the coin. bring it outside and dump it in this cardboard box to one dealer holding their id' are they walk around to the hoe physical around the corner where they're paid. you're watching thousands of dollars changing hands on the sidewalk. >> we're with a large group that came in from indiana and we are just trying to get as many of the coins as we can as they're being release. >> why? once the dealers have the coins they're flying them out to to a special convention in chicago where they can get a first day of issue sticker and
10:35 pm
suddenly that beautiful $1,240 coin may be worth even more beautiful four to $6,000 to a collector. >> if you're interested in getting one of these special coins they are available to anybody that wants one. go to the us minute website or call them over the phone and get one of these coins. they're the very same coins that are being sold. the difference is, these collectors that happened to get them on the very first day and that means something very special to that collector crowd. i'm karen hepp fox 29 news. >> google admitting snooping through your e-mails. what they're looking for and how it landed at least one person in handcuffs. >> and fifth graders at one elementary school are about to bring home more than just homework. why officials are sending drug tests home with the ledge and 12 year olds and -- >> i'm a kid and apparently grandpa gives me the remote to watch the powerball. >> he's now known as the
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>> marlon reds baseball team getting ready to compete in the cal ripken den year old world series in virginia. the regional champions practiced at kessler field in marlton new jersey. the royal zero -- world series begins this saturday. good job and good luck. isn't taken know dragons are getting ready to compete for a spot in the little league world series. they play in the mid atlantic regional semi finals in friday a win and sunday lands them in the world series. they lost to colony new york five to three in game by the way that no bearing op their spot in friday' semi final. >> good. your money news google coming under heavy criticism for searching user's e-mail. it discovered one user was e-mailing child pornography. and it then alerted police. google says its rules explici explicittedly allow the search of e-mail content according at the company it only uses the technology to identify child sexual abuse images. not other content which could be associated with criminal
10:40 pm
activity. google says it partners with the national center for missing and he can polited children to identify certain images. >> mcdonald's wants to see if you'll be loving lunch in minute. eighths test program the chain is trying out in south florida. the trial runs weekdays from noon to one until the end of the month. customers get a timer after they have paid. if their food is not ready they get a free lunch item oh and that very next visit. >> 60 seconds negotiation. >> precocious youngster getting a lot of attention and all from a very can dade interview at pennsylvania's wayne county fair. >> that's right. noah ritter was asked what he thought about ride. guess what? he took the microphone and you'll see what happened next. >> it was great. i never been on live television before. but apparently sometimes i don't watch this -- i don't watch the news. because i'm a kid apparently every time -- apparently grandpa gives me the remote i watch the
10:41 pm
powerball. >> well, that little boy likes the word apparently. his name again noah he's from wilkes-barre pennsylvania. he might just be perfect for this business. of course, the video of know what has gone viral. >> i maintain he is a young howard cosell. i do. >> helping those battling cancer with a shoe box. next one woman's mission to give fuel for the fight against a deadly disease. >> plus -- >> i never thought about that as 10 year old. i'm 44 and 10 years ago, ooh never would have imagined that anything like this would be happening. but even when i was this age. >> why one elementary school is sending drug tests home with fifth and sixth graders. >> scott? dawn, coming up the weather authority is timing a few midweek showers in the forecast and also some lower humidity and heat relief on the way. details next.
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>> what would you think if your child's school sent home free drug tests. school officials say new research shows by 813 and 14 the students have been tempted to try drugs. >> i would have never thought that as a 10 year old. i'm 44 and 10 years ago, i never would have imagined that anything like this would be happening. even when i was this age. oh, my gosh. >> school officials say they are just trying to think outside the box to address drug abuse. east falls woman has already beat cancer herself but continuing her battle against the deadly disease. her new mission centers on helping others fighting cans sr. the best way she knows how. >> fox 29's drew dickman was there as she delivered one of her first treatment boxes. >> i'm been thinking about you and your journey while we were going -- trying to decide --
10:46 pm
>> kimberly finger first met rebecca at a grocery store last fall. their bond was instant. >> you will whichly kept your picture up above my desk and thought about you a lot. i wanted to give you one of first boxes. >> thank you. >> it may look like shoe box but inside is fuel for the fight against cancer. through gifts and messages of love meant to inspire. >> the 27 year old car pinot could use those up lifting wor words. >> you don't really want to hear the c word especially at your age being young and, you know, you feel like you have the whole world in your hands and now your life is on hold because you have to industry try and stay alive. >> reporter: she learn the devastating diagnosis last summer. since then she's undergone more than 15 rounds of chemotherapy and 31 treatments of radiation to ward her her bone cancer she
10:47 pm
knows there's light at the end of the tunnel receiving a treatment box helps keep her going. >> people actually thinking about you. it's actually something that really motivates you during your treatment. >> reporter: that motivation is precisely what led finger to start this subscription based service. >> a lot of people come around at the beginning, but people don't know how to continue to support you. >> reporter: threes years ago finger was diagnosed with uterine cancer she's now in remission after a year of treatment. she learned through her own journey how critical it is to have someone to lean on consistently. >> that's really when you need it the most you're in the middle of your treatment. and you feel like you can't pick your head up off the pillow and at that point, sometimes there's not lot of people around. >> the name comes from providing treatment keeping in mind the soothing principles of a mint packages come in three, six and 12 month installments which different teams each month. the boxes keep in mine the needs of women and the needs of men. >> it's a little less
10:48 pm
inspirational and more comfort items. >> men got to be comfortable. >> exactly. >> all jokes aside, finger wants to bring a little light to a journey for some that can seem so dark. >> what great idea. the program extends all over the country. you can roach loved ones hundreds of miles away. >> to learn more about treatment box head to our website and click on the as seen and tv tab. wonderful program. absolutely. >> time now for your fox 29 weather authority. hopefully we've seen a little relief of this humidity, scott. >> we'll have to wait at least one day, dawn, and lucy, but in the meantime, it stays pretty warm and muggy during the overnight. there might be a spotty shower in the pocono mountains and then for tomorrow the middle of the week, it's warm, it's humid and a few widely scattered showers and storms. not anticipating a when he will lot of rainfall during the day tomorrow. but tomorrow's system will bring
10:49 pm
dry conditions and lower humidity as we move into the latter part of the week. so some relief is definitely on the way. 90 degrees that was the high temperature today. so above average for a change the normal this time of year is 87 degrees. stepping outdoors right now, temperatures still in the upper 70s. but the humidity in the upper 60s. so the still feels like 80 degrees right now at this late hour. item which are wise across the area we have 70 in millville. low 70 in pottstown. mid 60s right now in the pocono mountains. let's talk about our weather system. we're kind of in between systems. we have tropical storm bertha moving well out to sea. but a cold front back to the west. that will provide enough lift in the atmosphere for those widely scattered showers across the region tomorrow and indirect impact from bertha down the shore, yeah, dangerous rip currents because of those large swells. so the water conditions will be dangerous only swim where lifeguards are present and if you're caught in a rip current
10:50 pm
don't panic swim parallel at the coast until you can get out. as we watch how things play out for your wednesday, it's going to be a warm and muggy start. but a dry start and then during the afternoon, the heat of the day once again widely scattered showers most the energy looks to stay to our south and west. you can see by five, 6:00 o'clock watching a few pockets of showers but it's not going to be wash out and not a big deal. nothing severe is expected tomorrow either. 70 degrees the low in the city. 60s in the suburbs. mild and muggy, 86 degrees. that's the high for tomorrow. a few scattered showers and storms primarily during the afternoon tomorrow, and then we get some heat relief. temperatures in the low 80s as we close out the week and the humidity is going to drop. it's going to be really comfortable headed into friday and look at the upcoming weeke weekend. highs only in the low 80s. that's below average for august. once again we shall be in the upper 80s for this time of year. so today was a hottest day of
10:51 pm
the week. it looks like it will be the hottest day over the next seven days, too. >> all right. looking forward to a nice weekend. >> it's actually quite nice outside. i was out strolling around center city tonight. beautiful. >> howard eskin in the house with big news. >> strolling around. all right. i'll try that one night. >> the flyers got some bad news about defenseman kimmo timonen. how long could he be out? i've got a medical opinion friday night the eagles will be playing their first football game and what is lesean mccoy looking for from himself in this gam
10:52 pm
10:53 pm
10:54 pm
>> the flyers did not get good news today. but it was much worse for the flyers defenseman kimmo timonen. he play played his last game with the flyers and in the nhl. the flyers were told yesterday he has blood clots in both lungs and the calf of his right leg. he has played seven years with the flyers and signed on for another year in this off season but now i'm hearing from three doctors he has to go on blood thinners and can't play during that time and that could be at least five months. it was not good news for the general manager. >> apparently what happened kimmo was having some pain in his one calf. he said something to his -- his buddy who is a doctor and he told hmm he better -- he better get at the hospital. so he went to the hospital and
10:55 pm
they thankfully they found the clot and treated him. >> all right. since there's a good chance timonen may not play this season he might just be his career, flyers general manager ron hextall signed free agent michael dell sad dough who played with rangers and nas nashville. eagles getting close tower to playing football in game and for some players it's really exciting. we know the rookies and the new players on this team have to be really excited. but there's one vet that's pumped up as well that would be jeremy maclin the wide receiver. he played four years as an eagles in his career but missed the entire 2013 season. this will be his first game since december of 2012 because in the last training camp he suffered a season ending knee injury so don't think the rookies are the only players that are excited. >> i'm trying not to let it get to me but it's going to be special. you know like i said, man, like you just said, i haven't played in two years.
10:56 pm
i mean, i'm looking forward to it. >> but lesean mccoy is looking for something else friday night. >> not too much playing time. no, just go out there and have fun. you know, get back in the flow of things. >> we were just talking about how good a guy jeremy maclin is. >> the phillies -- he is a good guy. phillies began home stand tonight against another last place team the houston astros. let's go to the ballpark. john singleton who the phillies traded in the hunter pens deal here in the seventh with a one to nothing phillies lead. he knocks in run. it is one-one and guess what? extra baseball for those fans. they're now in the bottom of the 11th inning and a game that's gone to the dogs. to oregon western oregon simon frazier -- there's the dogs. >> the dogs did not get fed. give him a treat. will you? he just likes gloves. >> in oregon they don't feed the dogs. >> that's awesome. >> he's liking that. new chew toy.
10:57 pm
>> go for the ball, too. >> eventually they get the glove. >> thank you, howard. >> love it. >> thanks for spending your night if you us much the seven morning news begins at 4:00 o'clock. >> coming up next tmz followed by inside edition, dish nation and chasing new jersey. have a great night.
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[captioning made possible by warner bros. domestic television distribution] >> today on "tmz," >> from "star trek" voyager spent three hours with bill nye the science guy. in a bitter, bitter, divorce. the science guy.apparently the p.i. claims they spent three hours together inside bill nye's bedroom doing experiments. >> they just wanted to see what happened when you mixed fluids. >> chris pratt is on his media tour. they said, what can you rap? there's no feeling in it. >> we figured out what michael strahan might have done. >> she had an inkling he w n