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tv   Fox 29 Morning News at 6a  FOX  August 8, 2014 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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the latest developments in the middle east. new this morning people forced from their homes when a fire broke out, in an apartment complex, a viewer sent thus video of the flames, we're live in montgomery county. take a real good look at this guy, police say he has stolen peoples credit card information by installing a skimmer at a local gas station, what police are telling people to take a closer look at their bank statements. good news for vets this morning how a new bill aims to cut waiting times to veterans hospitals across the the country. good day, everyone. we made it. it is friday. our reporters are covering your top stories this morning. steve keeley is live in montgomery county where we will show thaw overnight fire which forced dozens of people out of their homes in the hid will of the peoples and jennifer joyce is in newtown with warning for people who use their credit cards to gas up. big story on than end. caitlin roth, big story brewing out of the pacific and hawaii. we will get to that. but you have good news for our
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weather. >> here at home it is quiet. here in philadelphia we have a beautiful day ahead. we are giving our friday a ten. it is friday. that always. with seasonal temperatures, low humidity and sunshine we are enjoying fabulous august weather. it has been a great summer so far. bus stop buddy is down the shore. he will there been all weekend. in fact i think he want to be down there to meet jen fred. you should too. never in ocean city at music pier. cool, comfortable with temperatures in the 50's and 60's and we will check with her at 7:00 a.m. bus stop buddy has long sleeve shirt on because it is cool. he has a phillies hat on too because they have been winning so much. look at that beautiful shot outside olde city studios with the pink and light purple. that is sunrising. 63 degrees out there very comfortable. we are seeing 50's in the suburban spots. eighty-five is the high temperature, sun a and nice, but tonight 66 degrees. clear skies. beautiful night. great weekend.
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we will have that seven day forecast in a little bit but first to the traffic authority, we still have, a couple of issues out there this morning. the first one, in southford, at white mills road, there is a accident but no road closures at this moment. again that is in southford. also 476 northbound approaching conshohocken there is an accident and right lane is only getting by so we do expect some delays there. kerry. >> caitlin, thank you. 6:02. crews clean up the scene of the montgomery county apartment fire. >> lets get out to fox 29's steve keeley in ambler, steve, good morning. >> reporter: we told you all morning, and, and, red cross, a group of people, five families and ten people, one dog, all staying in the hotel right now. all staying alive thanks to the fire department, and we showed you this cell phone video shot by one of the apartment complex tenants.
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this is woods complex in ambler. two dozen different apartment buildings, each has different units, eight apartments in each one this one the fire was contained to, thank god for the fire department but a lot of the people in this apartment building that we met told thaws no alarms went off. only way they knew this building was on fire was when the fire department kicked in their door and shook them out of sleep. as we come back live we will show you the middle will second floor apartments. we talk to the father and daughter who were asleep in that building where the wall is now missing and that is how they found out that there was a fire, within feet of their heads. that the volunteer fire fighter who broke into their apartment and grabbed them out of the bed, that is how they are alive today and the guys broke down talking to us. he said this could have have been catastrophic. we will get answers or at least try to. the the bucks county fire marshall will get answers about what is the alarm cyst ways here in addition to
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finding on you the what caused the fire in the apartment next door. that jurist not even serious. volunteer fire fighters got that guy out of there and to the hospital in a nick of time. he is going to be okay, as well. that is story in ambler and it is a story chris and kerr that i could have been so much worse today. >> no kidding thank god for their hard work, steve, thank you. a serious accident in south jersey emergency crew where is called to the scene on the 200 block of delsea drive in, sewell, new jersey. what we know right now is that two vehicles were involve in this crash but we're awaiting confirmation of the victim's conditions. we will keep you posted on that. meantime a 19 year-old man is dead after a gunman opened fire in north philadelphia streets. police say victim was driving in his koran north tenth, around 9:00 o'clock last night when he was hit. they tell us that he was shot at least four times, before crashing into two other cars, no word yet on the suspect or a motive. we've got a warning for people in bucks county, check your bank statements, police say a credit card skimmer was used at a gas station and
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residents have been already ripped off. >> fox 29's jennifer joyce is looking into this surveillance picture of this guy but we only wish the picture was a little bit better. >> reporter: yeah, pictures aren't the the greatest and it is hard to tell fit is one guy or two separate suspects at this point. police have have not told us which gas station this skimming incident is apparently occurring at. lets take a look. police want to know if you can recognize the the man or men in these pictures. according to police the skimming device was placed on the credit card slot at a local gas station pump, two separate victims have come forward and they will realize their credit cards were charged for several withdraws in excess between july between the second and july 24th. police are urging everyone to check their bank statements and notify police of any fraudulent charges p30 lease say skimming devices extract sensitive information from their credit card, and records your opinion opinion number if
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you are using a debit card. so again if you recognize the man or men, in those pictures or if you notice any suspicious charges on your credit card account you are urged to call newtown township police, kerry and chris. >> jenny, thank you. 6:06. investigators are back at the the scene where a woman was killed at a northeast philadelphia park. >> forty-six year-old connie murray was found strangled, in penny pack park on tuesday, so far, no suspects, have turned up. a reward offer for tips, have increased to 36,000 dollars from four different sources. now with the killer on the loose, neighbors are really on edge in this area. >> i'm scared to death. i have a 66 year-old mother at home, you know, she's scared to death too. i don't know what this world is copping to here. >> i grew up here, i played football here, nobody wants to see that. >> absolutely not. >> police took away several bags of evidence as you can see from that scene yesterday. for the the first time
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since american soldiers pulled out of the country in 2011, president obama is considering another military invention in iraq. while the president says u.s. is not sending combat troops he is authorizing targeted air strikes on militant if necessary. in fact, here's what he said last night. >> to stop the advance on irbill, i have direct our military to take targeted strikes against isis terrorist conveys should they move toward the city. we intend to take action if these terrorist forces threaten our personnel or facilities anywhere this iraq. >> the president says he will provide any support necessary to the iraqi government, in his fight against the islamic state the group formally known as isis. the united states has begun a humanitarian effort at the request of the iraqi government. meanwhile hundreds of iraqi christians are taking refuge after fleeing is are islamic terrorist. they spent the the night inside or on the ground outside st. joseph cathedral
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many without blankets or mattresses, some holding photographs of children killed in the violence. plus, talks between between israel and gaza after three day cease-fire expired without a peace deal. egypt had been mediating between the two sides during the cease-fire, talks focused on new border arrangements for gas a israel has said that it is willing to consider easing border restrictions but want hamas to disarm. happening right now people in hawaii bracing for the first hurricane to hit the island in decades, this is after an earthquake, just hit, how people are fairing there right now. and the the paulsboro train derailment could have an impact on rail systems throughout the country, what one new jersey politician is throughout the country, what one new jersey politician is trying to
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storm has been downgraded from an hurricane earlier this morning. forecasters say a second storm is right behind it hurricane julio and expect to impact hawaii this weekend with more rain, forecasters don't believe it will maim land fall. the yesterday they had a 4.5 magnitude earthquake that rocked the island. >> just a series of bad luck, caitlin. >> they say bad things come in three's and thinks the the case for hawaii, with what is now tropical storm iselle. twenty-two years since a tropical system made a direct land full on hawaii. that is how rare this is.
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then we have another one behind it. doesn't look to make land fall but we will have i am pack. wind sustained at 07 miles an hour moving west at 10 miles an hour. it has not made land fall but it is hitting the big island with rain, wind and parts of the big island near hilo, seeing a foot of rain. iselle's track will track over the big island today and saturday well out to sea, downgraded to a tropical low pressure system. staying south of the west of the island. it is just hilo, big city on the big island that will be most impact. back home here, your shore cast could not be better. very calm after which we had rough surf earlier in the week thanks to tropical storm berta which passed by far north. low 80's today with a lot of sunshine. we will see less clouds then yesterday. surf temperature of 74. that rip current risk is low. that is your shore cast for friday. lets get back to the roads where we have a report of a new accident in upper moreland, easton road at
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sycamore avenue. we don't know of any road closures or delays but beware of this accident. west fairmount park montgomery drive at 76 westbound, still be cautious of the down traffic light that is again at 76 westbound off ramp. kerry? thanks. the property taxes in the atlantic city are about to go way up, but apparently it could have been worse. why the mayor says that his hand are tied. there's a great way buy high quality cars at low. ...and i iall starts here, at carma log on to and start your search today... ...and choose from over 35 thousand carmax quality certified used vehicles. from cars and trucks to suvs and minivans. browse the store nearest you... ...or shop from our nationwide inventory
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world health organization has declared the ebola out break in west africa an international public health emergency. the the who says ebola out break is largest, longest in history and requires an extraordinary response to stop its spread. the agency declared similar emergency for the swine flu pan democrat nick 2009 and
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polio in may of this year. defense in the oscar pistorius murder trial delivers final arguments today. case now coming to a close. judge deliberating on a verdict with the help of two legal assistants n fact here's a live look in the courtroom. there is no jury system in south africa. the pistorius is accused of murdering his girl friend reeva stein cam in valentines day last year. he says she thought she was an intruder. >> our ken rottweiler will be in at 7:30 to discuss this. 6:16. former national security agency whistle blower can live in russia for at least another three years, edward snowden's attorney says the the country granted him residency for three years but not political asylum. russia gave snow den a one year temporary asylum last year which expired a week ago. snowden leak documents about the national security agency surveillance programs and is now a u.s. fugitive. thousands of people in mexico have been evacuated
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following a major gas line explosion that created a burning crater in the middle of the san pedro highway. look at this video. a water leak near a construction site caused the ground to soften, loosening an electrical pole which then felon to the pipeline, and which led to an explosion. what a concurrent of events there to lead to this. no injuries have been reported. 6:17 right now. a destroyed jury finds a man who shot and killed an unarmed teenage girl on his front porch last year, guilty of second degree murder. prosecutors say 19 year-old, mcbride showed up drunk at theo dor we haver's front porch at 4:30 and began pounding on his front door. we haver said he could not make out hot person was and he feared for his life. his defense attorney says the shooting was in self-defense but jury didn't buy it. mcbride's family says this verdict is a victory. >> she was not violent. she was a regular teenager. she was well raised and
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brought up with a loving family. her life mattered. we showed that. >> a judge scheduled we haver's sentencing for august 21st. he faces up to life in prison. a new federal law aims to improve health care for veterans. president obama signed a bill in the army base in virginia yesterday. the veterans access to care act will provide money to hire thousands of doctors and nurses, there by hopefully cutting wait times for patients. it also establishes rules making it easier to fire senior official whose under perform. that price tag is more than $16 billion. back here at home, state investigators say they have busted a big scan targeting grand parents of all people. >> unbelievable. >> three people accused of duping elderly victims, the three people are charged with criminal conspiracy, theft the by deception, and identity theft. in fact, these guys here are accused of stealing more than $162,000 from their victims.
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at rest come after a nine month investigation. based in pennsylvania, their illegal activity targeted senior citizens in at least eight states this window creates false fears among our senior citizens that their loved ones earn some kind of serious trouble and urgently need their help. >> the the suspects are being held in jail on one million-dollar bail, they are all scheduled for a priest limb nature i hearing august 21st. investigators say there is one other person believed to be involved and that person is still on the loose. also, coatsville police in chester county are searing owing in on a couple of men who beat a elderly man. police say steven reeves and desean duncan silently attacked and robbed a senior citizens as he sat the on the been inch east lincoln highway. they have arrested reeves. they are still after duncan. the man has bruises, lacerations and a black eye. the paulsboro train derailment nearly two years ago could change the way things work across the country. the here's is what going on. new jersey senator bob
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menendez wants tougher penalties for railroad that violate safety rules to prevent similar accidents. federal investigators blame the railroad for derailment that leaked a hazardous gas in the community. menendez wants emergency officials to have more information on hazardous material, and it is calling for new safety procedure for new safety procedure for operations. property taxes are about to go up in atlantic city. we are talking about a 29 percent tax hike. as part of the new budget passed yesterday, the the mayor says the city had to approve the spending plan in order to get, 20 million-dollar, from the state, without that money, he says taxes would have gone up, by 47 percent. council members say tax appeals by casinos and no hotel or luxury taxes, put the city in a compromised position financially. 6:20. eagles getting ready to spread their wings. >> thinks it, and it really starts tonight. our birds are playing the the bears tonight, in chicago, and the the first preseason game. so what should we be watching
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out for tonight? oh, boy, what do they need to do for the rest of the season. our michael bradley from 97.5 the the fanatic will be here with a preview of that game. we need the eagles this year. >> i know, we do. >> the sixers, the phillies. >> we are depressed. >> doctors say they have found a new piece to the puzzle when it comes to diagnosing breast cancer, will this new gene just discovered, be part of the general screening process. and are you at a higher risk of developing that disease. the doctor is here to break it all down for you. >> 6:21 is the time. lets do weather on the one's with caitlin. >> good morning to chris and everyone else. if you are just joining us, the the alarm clock just went off, we have beautiful wet tore take us through today and weekend. friday, nothing but sun glare. that is only issue out there. 65 degrees. it is comfortable and down right cool in the suburban spots starting off in the 50's. seventy-nine by noon time. eighty-five will be that high temperature later today as we hit the drive home. sunset, at 8:06 p.m.
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three, ten's in a row, we call that a 30, by the way, 87 on a saturday. eighty-five on sunday. sunshine low humidity, really nice weather all weekend long. cloud return maybe a shower on monday and then we will deal with the rain as it is handed to us tuesday and wednesday, showers and thunderstorms look likely before we clear out again next thursday. that is your seven day forecast, lets go to the traffic map in north coventry where we will start off, schuylkill road at kline avenue there is an accident there, we've got debris on the roadway, liquids on the highways. whatever that means you want to be careful traveling on the this road. also in southford an accident at clump road at white mills road is cleared. you good are to go in
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these changes for phillies starting rotation, robert hernandez was traded to the dodgers for two players s to be named later and cliff lee was sent home to rest his elbow. he won't need surgery but he will miss the rest of the season. as for the game the series finally last night against astros sean osullivan replacing hernandez after the
6:26 am
trade. 's allows two home runs in the first giving astros a three to nothing lead. but everything changes in the eighth. phillies down three-two, two outs for ryan howard and he hits the grand slam. phillies go ahead six-five. part of the five run eighth inning and they win it, six-five the final. eagles taking on the bears tonight in preseason game number one and even six year veterans like mal conn jenkins are looking forward to a new opponent. >> this is a great opportunity for us. it is a quality quarterback with big time receivers and good running back, good offensive line. this is an offense that we're looking forward to going up against. >> 6:26 this morning. phillies star jimmy rollins trying to help families eat healthier. he and his wife joining us partnering with the nutritionist to prepare healthy sum are treats. rollins teaming with the st. christopher's foundation for children to help families in need to get access to fresh,
6:27 am
healthy food. police, fire fighters and resident give a big send off to the marlton team in evesham township yesterday evening. they are heading to the ten year-old world series in winchester, virginia. the game is tomorrow. we wish them the very best. take a look at this one, it looks like a cute picture, right. well, is there more to this photo that meets the eye what this woman is accused of doing and why a store employee snapped this picture. jennifer joyce is live in newtown pennsylvania with the warning for people there, good morning, jen. >> reporter: police are saying check those credit card statements, there is someone out there with the skimming device stealing sensitive credit card information from a local gas station, we will talk about it
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good morning, 6:30. dramatic rescues overnight from this apartment complex in montgomery county. people telling thaws they were woken up by fire fighters, with a fire just feet away. we are live with steve keeley this morning. i went through this disease. i have done something i have never done before. >> this couple wishing upon a wedding how they are not letting cancer get in the way of their love. she just doesn't seem to learn why this woman who was banned from los angeles international airport is under arrest, yet again, this morning. >> she's a habitual offender.
6:31 am
>> yeah, mental issues potentially going on there. time right now 6:31. lets do weather on the one's with caitlin roth. >> yes, good morning, to everybody else. beautiful friday. it is a friday. they are always beautiful no matter the weather but we have great weather to go witt. a ten, seasonal temperatures, low humidity and we will that have sunshine but we will be even better than yesterday. i think we will have less clouds late in the day just like we did down the shore. more sunshine. buddy is down the shore today and weekend. he has long sleeves t on right now. it is cool. temperatures in the 50's. his swim trunks are on, flip-flops, beach ball, sun tan lotion, phils hat too. they are playing again tonight. your forecast today starting off with 63 degrees in philadelphia how comfortable is that. widespread 50's around the area 85 is the high temperature with that comfortable sunshine and tonight we are looking at a gorgeous friday evening, open
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up the windows again as we fall back in the 50's and 60's. sixty-six the low here in philadelphia under clear skies. that complete seven day forecast and your shore cast for the weekend still coming up in ten minutes. but first an update on the accident, this is 476, northbound approaching conshohocken. left lane is now block due to the crash, so you will have to use caution, it will cause some delays, 476 northbound approaching conshohocken at 18a. west point mount park at 76 west of the down traffic lights, at the westbound off ramp. kerry and chris? >> caitlin, thanks. 6:32. clean up is underway at an early morning apartment fire in montgomery county this happened in ambler. steve keeley is their life with the latest. steve, good morning to you. >> reporter: well, chris and kerry, i'm sure an hour ago you remember me saying the fire marshall will get out here and will likely have serious questions when he does for this apartment complex in woods in ambler.
6:33 am
the here we are an hour later and fire marshall is on the scene. he is starting to answer some himself by starting his investigation about the cause of this fire but we said the questions would also, eventually be about the alarm situation here. because fire in one of the 20 to 25, eight unit apartment buildings here, some of the renters of the building that burned here told thaws this real tough story of survival. they were all sound asleep until the sound of not any smoke alarms woke them up. we're talking about the people asleep right next to the bedroom that started this whole fire where it originate i. they told us they didn't wake up until fire fighters shook them out of their sheets. >> first indication their building was on fire. >> we were sound asleep and they were trying to kick our door into get us out. >> reporter: fire fighters had already been here and that is how you found out your own building was on fire next door. >> yeah. >> reporter: what do you think about that, i feel lucky i guess. >> i'm thankful my 11
6:34 am
month-old was not here. >> reporter: what do you make of the fact thaw didn't hear an alarm. >> it is ridiculous because you could die so easily without a smoke alarm. a kitchen fire could start and you still need a smoke alarm. >> now they are talking two days before we get in and get our stuff. it is just... it is unreal. my bed is right against the wall. >> reporter: that is your apartment with the wall missing. >> with the wall missing that is my bedroom. i'm just thankful all these volunteer fire departments got out as fast as they could because it could have have been catastrophic, more catastrophic then it already is. we kind of owe our lives to these people. >> reporter: is there the the story in itself right there. it was a happy ending story, even though all of their possessions are all this that pile of burned debris right there i don't know if you can make it out from our angle right now because he is moving around but the fire marshall is up on the rooftop right now
6:35 am
where the fire fighters had to remove the roof because they told us that they had been here before and they said that these buildings are prone to fire spread through the roof and they had to cut the roof off hike we see in forest fire to stop the woods from catching. that is what they did here. they ripped that roof off before the fire did because if they didn't they said the whole building would have burned and then maybe spread to another building. through can see the the fire marshall on the scene, taking pictures and you have got to question these guys butt their lives on the line when the the fire is on fire, it probably isn't too save walking around there so these guys having hear life at risk. hopefully they will find out some answers about what caused this and some answers about the the alarms that didn't sound at all or whether there are any working to begin with. >> it sound like that response was quick, heroic and strategic as well with that roof, thanks steve. a 19 year-old man dead after a gunman opened fire in a north philadelphia street. police say the victim was driving a koran north tenth
6:36 am
street around 9:00 o'clock last night when he was struck. they tell us that he was shot at least four times, before crashing into two other vehicles n word yet on a suspect or a motive. a serious accident in south jersey, emergency crews called to the scene along the 200 block of delsea drive-in sewell, new jersey. what we know right now that is two vehicles were involve. we're awaiting confirmation of the vick them's conditions. a warning for people in bucks county, check your bank statements. police say that a credit card skimmer was used at a gas station and residents have been ripped off. >> fox 29's, jennifer joyce is live, how frustrating when you open your bank statement and you see these charges. >> reporter: frustrating, yes, also that we don't know which gas station this skimming incident occurred at. police are not sure they have located the exact location at this point in time. police want to know if you know the man or men in these surveillance photos. according to police, the skimming device was placed on
6:37 am
to the credit card slot at a local gas station pump, two separate victims came forward and realized their credit cards were charged with several withdraws in excess of a thousand dollars each between july between the second and july 24th, police are urging everyone to check their bank statement and notified police of charges as they investigate this skimming devices extract sensitive information from their credit cards and record their pin number. so again if you recognize those men or any issues with your statements are you urged to call newtown township police. >> absolutely, lets the's get these guys, thanks very much. 6:37. pennsylvania spca busted a cock fighting ring in berks county. officers got the a search warrant and rescued more than 60 bird from the farm, in addition to a goat and four dogs. all because of animal cruelty violations. one person was arrested. the animals are being evaluated. stay cheese, why a store worker said she just had to take a picture of this woman
6:38 am
who was later arrested by police. talk about wild commute, why these people are singing the song from the lion king.
6:39 am
6:40 am
6:41 am
sunnies shining through the olde city philadelphia sky. not quite as calm though, much further, to the west with what is going on in the pacific right now, caitlin. >> that is right all eyes are on hawaii as tropical storm iselle are bearing down on the big island. it could ab a while before they see sunshine. we have hurricane julio in the iselle's heels. we will show you radar that very clearly define counterclockwise flow, eye of the storm, which was downgraded to a tropical storm from a hurricane earlier this morning, but it doesn't matter. iselle is hitting the big island with rain and wind already. wind sustained at 70 miles an hour and showers and thunderstorms air moving across all of the islands as the big island will take a direct hit and we will let you know once iselle makes land fall. it has not happened just yet. the lets go back home as we travel across the globe here to the northeast. clear skies and high pressure in control today, a lot of sunshine. showers off to the far south and west. nothing but sun. a few afternoon clouds.
6:42 am
i don't think we will get as cloud is a we did yesterday. it will be gorge us from top to bottom. cool to start. fifty-two mount pocono. fifty-six in pottstown. sixty-three here. fifty-six in atlantic city. fifty-nine in wildwood. so we are all starting off with sweater weather, on august 8th, that is hard to believe. tonight the phils going at it again. a new series with the mets in town. they will go for another sweep. 80 degrees the first pitch temperature and really a beautiful evening with daylight extending until about 8:00 p.m. seven day forecast, 85, sunny and nice today, it is a great, great weekend. here down the shore on saturday, 87 degrees here in philadelphia, sun and clouds and 85 sunday. maybe more cloud at the beach on on sunday and definitely machine when we could see a shower or storm. those temperatures at the beach, friday 78 degrees which, by the way, we will check with our jen fred. she's live from ocean city at music pier starting very soon in less than 30 minutes i believe. saturday 80 degrees for a high
6:43 am
temperature. seventy-seven. still dry there on sunday. so offer all, weekend getaway down the shore looks good that is a look at your seven day forecast from the weather authority. the lets get to the traffic authority. we have reports of a new accident, i-95 northbound, this is approaching ridley park. the the cars have been moved to the right shoulder, and you can still probably expect some delays, 95 northbound approaching ridley park. also lets look at our travel times this morning, 76 westbound starting at the vine street to the blue route. there was a travel time of 15 minutes. on i-95 southbound woodhaven to the vine traffic building up in about an 18 minute travel time, chris? caitlin, thank you. an alert store employee has police and a robbery investigation and you won't believe how. you've got to see this. so, she snapped the picture of the woman, police say is a thief. the worker at the the beauty supply store said she got a little suspicious about the the amount of monday think customer is spending so she asked the woman, excuse me, you look so beautiful, would you mine taking a photo? it turns out the woman says okay, smiling, you can see her
6:44 am
holding up a stolen credit card in a right-hand. out of the stolen wallet. police are hoping that someone will help identify her. just would i dan a important lee caught her slipping on the airplane a california woman shows up at lax without a boarding pass again. police arrested marilyn gene hart man yesterday. she's accused of trying to sneak on another flight violating her stay away order. hartman was given 24 months probation from a los angeles judge on wednesday, and said that she learned her lesson. well, obviously not. hartman has been caught, half a dozen times trying to sneak on to flights. >> wand fur she ever made it. >> 6:44. you have heard of wishing upon a star what about wishing upon a wedding. it is an organization that grants wishes to couples facing life changing circumstances. fox 29's lucy nolan introduces us to a couple who say that cancer would not stand in their way. >> reporter: first thing you note business pierre freeman
6:45 am
and melony gaskins is how much they laugh. even goofing around for our cameras when we caught up with them, one day before their wedding. >> you don't walk in slow motion, to be smooth. >> reporter: pierre and melony are madly in love, they fell head over heels in 2005. three years later though doctors told pierre that he had an inoperable brain tumor, and then came the secondary cancers, liver, lung, bone. this couple focuses on the good that has come with their battles with this disease. >> i went through this disease. i have done stuff i have never done before i have seen strangers that i can see that they are sad. i just go up to them and say, you know what i love you, you seem like you need a hug. >> reporter: marriage is something pierre and melony always wanted but it seemed just too overwhelming with pierre's ongoing fight against cancer. in came wish upon a wedding.
6:46 am
>> reporter: when something like this comes into your life the emotions are overwhelming. >> it is more than anything, i thought i know that we could have done for ourselves, and it is really like a dream come true. >> reporter: wedding planner, musician, everything, taken care of, so you can just forget your troubles, and look towards the future. >> you have the biggest heart of any man i have ever met. >> reporter: surrounded by family and friend, 2b came one. >> mr. and mrs. medical any and pierre freeman. you may kiss the bride. >> reporter: it was what you might not know by looking at new mr. and mrs. freeman are the socks that the groom has on. super man socks. man of steel it is just like a super hero, pierre and his lewis lane melony, expect to leap tall buildings one day,
6:47 am
finally beating the disease they refuse to let hold them back. >> that was lucy nolan reporting. a veteran marine is reunited with his combat partner a dog named mick who insured their survival in afghanistan. you've got to love this story. form mare reen corporal matt foster spent eight months in afghanistan as a detection dog handler. his partner was seven year-old black lab nick, who you see here, who sniffed out devices and saved many lives over there. the two formed an unspeakable bond and since coming home a year ago foster's mission has been to adopt mick from the marine core. after a lengthy process, mission accomplished. >> come here, boy. >> the things that these dogs can do, they are amazing, and i don't think a lot of people really understand or know about it, or do know bit but just don't give them credit that they deserve. >> is it interesting that the marine's last name is foster. thanks to the american humane
6:48 am
association and mission k-9 rescue these two veterans are back together once again and now it is for good. >> yes, forever. >> eight year-old college foot the ball star is, again, fighting force his life, let will jack hoffman won it all over when he won a 69-yard touchdown during a scrimmage game. >> i remember this video. >> this will year-old has been battling brain cancer for past couple of years. he was declared in remission in october. now his brain tumor is going. he will undergo chemotherapy and possibly another operation but his family remains vigilant. >> 6:48 is the time. critics are calling a new book cover released to celebrate the the 50th anniversary of charlie and the chocolate factory a little creepy. it is creepy. features a heavily made up girl sitting on her mother's lap. new addition is being released aimed at adults to celebrate the milestone anniversary, representatives for penguin,
6:49 am
the opinioner say the cover is supposed to represent the twisted, parent/child relationships depicted throughout the book but many think this cover is just inappropriate. the the addition will be on store shelves, if you are so inclined, next month. now for a look at entertainment headlines, this friday morning. son of anchor robert downey junior is now charged with a felony. >> according to tmz, downey junior son has been charged with felony possession of a control substance this follows his june arrest when cops say he was in possession of cocaine. sources tell tmz as a first time offender he will be entitled to a drug program. robert downey, junior, had his own battle with drugs actually thanked the the police. kristin stewart says that there is a reason she doesn't smile, for the paparazzi, in the new issue of el magazine the 24 year-old actress said she showed off her pearly white she would be quote desecrated for it. stewart believes that she started smiling now people
6:50 am
would call her a sellout. >> can't win. she just can't win. >> she can smile and just be nice. >> broadway cast of the lion king gave riders of the subway a little surprise, a circle of life, check this out... >> ♪ so much for reading. i don't know. >> i don't believe that. this performance gathering cheers from people on the train who would typically to have pay good money to see any broadway show. >> i think it is kind of cool.
6:51 am
>> absolutely. >> good day starts in about ten minutes. today is a beautiful day to head down the the shore. >> so why not meet up with our jen fred, she's live in ocean city. she's really out there to see you. she wants to see you. go down there and bug jen fred. >> yes, she's at the music pier. >> yes. >> very cool. >> she will check in ten minutes from now. >> also your child may be ready for school but what about those who still need a little bit of help? we are's partnering with the united way, cradles to crayons for our backpack-a-thon. the head down to fourth and market, here at the corner of our studios, bring some school supplies. pens, crayons, paper, binders, thumb drives, all of this good stuff, highlighters. >> i didn't bring a thumb drive. >> that is all right, you brought other good stuff. >> yes. >> you don't to have bring a lot. anything you can to help kids in need. we will be right outside collecting your donation from his 7:00 to 10:00. >> all of that back to school stuff good weather for it. perfect timing. >> no excuses right now to help out others and to
6:52 am
unfortunately realize that the school year will be upon us very quickly. as the count down to labor day weekend is on. we've got some nice weather this weekend hopefully making up for last. today 64 degrees for the drive-in. seventy-nine by noon time a lot of sunshine with a few more afternoon clouds. eighty-five, beautiful degrees. early august weather. and then down the shore, today, we will see more sunshine then yesterday, kind of cloudy and a little bit breezy there for yesterday. temperatures in the lower 80's. beach winds out of the north at 10 miles an hour. surf temperature 74 degrees. rip current risk is low but the uv index is very high. that would be an eight, and if you are down there, another reminder to join our jen fred in ocean city she will be at the music pier in just a few minutes. so a great shore day and a nice looking weekend. we will have the seven day forecast coming up for you in the 7:00 o'clock hour. but back to traffic where we have an update, in north coventry, the accident at schuylkill road, and kline avenue has now been cleared. you are okay. good to go there. now moving on to the 476 northbound accident approaching conshohocken the right lane is still blocked
6:53 am
due to this accident, so use caution. and the fox 29
6:54 am
6:55 am
this is the "name your price" tool. it gives you options based on your budget -- it's a piece of cake. i was told there would be cake. get a free quote at the state fair, the exhibit is project of the midwest dare a so, and paid for by its local farm members.
6:56 am
craftsman spent two days and 500 pounds of unsalted butter, sculpting life sized figure. it will be prepared and removed and used in other sculpture. >> awesome to be here and to kick off the official state fair season traveling all summer, this is find round out of the my summer being here at state fair. i'm so excited to be where making memories started here for me at the dairy farm and with the butter cow that smile contest were always my first two stops. >> the butter cow has been a fixture at the state fair, since the 1920's. recognize this guy police say he stole peoples credit card information by installing a skimmer, at a local gas station where police are telling people to take a closer look, at their bank statements. we are following the developing news out of iraq, president threatening air strikes on iraq and promising aid this morning. we will take you live to
6:57 am
6:58 am
6:59 am
hugh people are bracing for the storm. warning for people in bucks county check your bank account records what this guy did at a gas station that could have people's personal information in jeopardy. our jen freddie's down the shore today in ocean city, good morning.
7:00 am
>> yeah, beautiful day in ocean city and our amazing sponsors mazda has brought look at this, the ultimate beach care a miata, they will be here, our special guest as well. by the way, weather department called and it is a ten already. >> well, perfect. >> and, by the way, right now, we are kicking this off at fourth and market. donate your school supplies. it is our backpack-a-thon. quincy harris is out there getting the party started. >> good morning in. good to see you. nice to have some good weather. 22,000 backpacks is what we're looking for to stuff that bus. >> we will do it. >> i think we are. >> it always is such a great turnout. a little bit more each and every year. >> we are off, to a great start with chris who brought a whole big bag full of supplies. >> well, we have beautiful weather. it is already nice down the the shore. it is another ten no complaints here. hopefully you won't have any either. it is seasonal temperatures and low humidity. bus stop buddy down the shore