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tv   Good Day Philadelphia  FOX  August 8, 2014 7:00am-9:01am EDT

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>> yeah, beautiful day in ocean city and our amazing sponsors mazda has brought look at this, the ultimate beach care a miata, they will be here, our special guest as well. by the way, weather department called and it is a ten already. >> well, perfect. >> and, by the way, right now, we are kicking this off at fourth and market. donate your school supplies. it is our backpack-a-thon. quincy harris is out there getting the party started. >> good morning in. good to see you. nice to have some good weather. 22,000 backpacks is what we're looking for to stuff that bus. >> we will do it. >> i think we are. >> it always is such a great turnout. a little bit more each and every year. >> we are off, to a great start with chris who brought a whole big bag full of supplies. >> well, we have beautiful weather. it is already nice down the the shore. it is another ten no complaints here. hopefully you won't have any either. it is seasonal temperatures and low humidity. bus stop buddy down the shore too, it is his beach weekend.
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it is comfortable. he has a long sleeve shirt, phillies hat, because they have been doing so well. sun screen in hand. high uv index. he has swim trunks and flip-flops on ready to go. he has his feet in the sand. 64 degrees in philadelphia win northwest at 9 miles an hour, very comfortable and we should see sunshine breaking out through the rest of today. 85 degrees for the high temperature. later tonight we will see clear skies, 65 for the low temperature. another comfortable one letting fresh air in. warmer on saturday but still a great weekend forecast, we will have all of that coming up for you in just a minute but first though it is time to check the the roads this morning on what has been a fairly, quiet friday, at least so far, we're going to start off with a new accident, that is being reported in gloucester township, berlin cross keys road near the atlantic city expressway. watch out for any delays that may be happening, approaching, this accident. and also, in limerick, we've got neff road, at game farm
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road, a truck leaked fuel on the road, so be careful when traveling around this area. we've got some reports of some, slick spots. all right, guys back to you. 7:00 o'clock right now half which is bracing for two major storms. as of earlier this morning iselle downgraded from a hurricane to a tropical storm but iselle business to make land fall. she carries wind of 07 miles an hour. hurricane julio not far behind. that is in the the pacific but expect to pass just north of the island zoo time on sunday. >> yes. >> so caitlin, good news is in the last hour this has been downgraded at least iselle has been downgraded to a tropical storm. >> that is good news. it doesn't make a difference for anybody there. they are seeing hurricane to tropical storm force winds and heavy rain and they could have a foot of rain, in hilo or at least around hilo before iselle moves out. the here's radar first. you can see that tropical storm churning approaching the big island. it has not the officially made land fall.
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it is stopped in its track as it encountered all of this terrain. the friction on of the storm hitting the mountains. it will slow it down. it is still bringing in a ton of rain and wind to the big island which will get a direct impact. tropical storm iselle, the wind are weakening. they were 07 miles an hour. the last update now they are down to 60 miles an hour, so that is some good news. but horrible for anybody in hawaii. it has been 22 years since a tropical storm has hit any of the island. you see how small they are in the pacific. it is hard to do that. iselle's track is south of the west of the island as it weakens moving through pacific over the weekend. by sunday night it should be well west of the island. but hurricane julio is still brewing back east, of iselle and julio is a strong storm. a category three. which means wind sustained at 120 miles an hour, low pressure, moving 962 millibars. it is moving west ward. it i go moving almost in the same track of iselle. it will not have a direct
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impact from julio. but probably still some impact. >> sure. >> as these storms, even as it weakens you are at the very least talking about are your surf and waves. >> dealing with the earthquake from yesterday morning. >> that is right. >> yes. >> it just keeps on coming, caitlin, thank you. 7:04. clean up underway at an early morning apartment fire in montgomery county this happened at ambler and fox 29's steve keeley is their life with the very latest, steve, good morning. >> reporter: good thing only clean up is here and not at the the morgue and you can thank overlooked and not often thank enough suburban volunteer fire fighter who all injured and out of bed and in their uniforms and got over here real quick to keep this apartment complex fire from spreading from this beyond single apartment building and kept everyone being hurt serious liz saving property and saving at least a dozen lives. once again, this time here this ambler, montgomery county where a woman in the one apartment on the even, on the top second floor whose bedroom was outside wondering on the balcony and wondering whether
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to jump. instead she head back in and had to be rescued by the fire fighters. then the people sleeping right next to her place right in the middle of the apartment on the second floor told us that they never heard any alarms, so they were asleep and the the only reason they woke up was the sound of the fire fighters kick nothing their doors, and grabbing them out of bed to get them out of here alive. >> the first indication their building was on fire. >> we were sound asleep and they were trying to kick our door into get us out. >> reporter: the fire fighters had already been here and this building was on fire and that is how you found out your own building was on fire next door. >> yes, when you think of that you feel lucky. >> i do, i am thankful my 11 month-old was not here. >> reporter: what do you make of the fact that you didn't hear an alarm. >> it is ridiculous because you could die so easily without a smoke alarm. a kitchen fire could start and you still need a smoke alarm. >> now they're talking two days before we can get into get any of my stuff. >> my bed is right against the
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wall, look there. >> reporter: that is your apartment with the wall missing. >> right there with the wall missing. that is my bedroom. i'm thankful all of these volunteer fire department got out here. it could have been catastrophic. more catastrophic then it already is. we kind of owe our lives to these people. >> reporter: well that credit relieved father and doubt's monk five families, ten people, one doggies putting up somewhere. one woman at the hospital has to be put up because she was not hurt seriously. she owes her life to the fire department as well. that cell phone video we shotty don't know if key kwan run it again, shot by a young lady who lives in the apartment building right across this complex here. right across the grass about 45 feet away. she never heard any alarms either. how did she know the apartment building was on fire? she heard the sound of fire fighters screaming and she was a quake at time. coincidently what she was watching on tv, chris and kerry, super man on cable.
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she sees fictitious super man on tv to real super men and with men working and saving lives right here next to her apartment in the middle of the night last night. >> steve, thank you. a 19 year-old man is dead after a gunman opened fire in a north philadelphia street. police say the victim was driving in the koran north tenth street around 9:00 o'clock last night when he was struck. they tell us he was shot, at least four times, before crashing into two other vehicles n word yet on the suspect or a motive for that matter. and a 7:07 a serious accident in south jersey. emergency crew where is called to the scene in the 200 block of delsea drive-in sewell, new jersey. what we necessity right now is two vehicles were involved in this crash, but we're awaiting confirmation of a victim's conditions. and today investigators are expected to be back at the scene where a with man was killed at a northeast philadelphia park. >> forty-six year-old connie murray was found strangled in penny pack park on tuesday, so far there are not any suspects. a reward offer for tips though has increase todd 36,000 dollars from four different sources. with the killer on the loose,
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neighbors in that area are on edge. >> i'm scared to death. i have a 66 year-old mother at home, you you know, and she's scared to death too. i don't know what this world is copping to today. >> it is scary. i grew up here. i played football here. nobody wants to see that. >> reporter: police took away several bags of evidence from the scene, yesterday. and meanwhile at 7:02:48 morning people in bucks county are being warned to check their bank statements. police say a credit card skimmer was used at a gas station and some residents have already been ripped off. >> fox 29's jennifer joyce live from newtown township, is live with what to look out for, jennifer. >> reporter: that is right, we don't know exactly which gas station this incident happened at. we're not ensure police have that information, a this is point in time, but they are asking for your help. police want to know if you know the man or men in these surveillance photos according to police this skimming device was placed on to the credit card slot at a local gas station pump. two separate victims came forward. they realized their credit
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cards were charged for several withdraws in excess of a thousand dollars each, between july 22nd and july 24th, and police are urging everyone to check their bank statements and notify police of any fraudulent charges as they investigate this. police say skimming devices, extract, sensitive information, from your credit card. it records your opinion opinion number here using a debit card. if you recognize those men, or if you notice any issues with your credit card police statement,. >> jenny joyce, live, thank you. grim discovery in dover delaware. police say cremated remains of nine victims of the 1978 mass cult suicide in jones town has turned up in a former funeral home. the remains why in the former minus funeral home. state forensic investigators contained ashes in that building. mostly mark and identify. investigators are working to figure out identity of the unmark containedders so they can notify relatives.
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a detroit jury find a man who shot and killed an unarmed teenage girl on his front porch, last year, guilty, of second degree murder. prosecutors say 19 year-old, renee mcbride, showed up drunk, to theodore wafer's front porch at 4:30 and began, pounding on his front door. wafer could not make out who that person was and he feared for his life, he says. his defense attorney claimed the the the shoot wag in self-defense. jury didn't buy it. he faces life in prison. a new federal law aims to improve health care for veterans. >> president obama signed the will in the army base in virginia yesterday. veterans access to care act provides money to hires thousands of doctors and nurses hopefully cutting wait times for patients. it also establishes rules, making it easier to fire senior official whose under performed. the act's price tag is more than $16 billion. the the united states is now ramped up its involvement in iraq. launching a mission, to save thousands of iraqi citizens and air strikes could be the next step.
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president obama made this announcement the last night, from the white house. doug luzader has been following will this from washington. doug, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning. what the u.s. is doing already is u.s. military is dropping supplies in this western part of iraq where we have thousands of iraqi citizens that are essentially trapped on a mountaintop, and if ice is militants. move on the city of irbill, u.s. war planes may let loose. >> green light. this is what the u.s. mission in iraq looked like, pallets rolling off of cargo planes like this one dropping food, water and other supplies to thousands of iraqi citizens who are part of the small religious section trapped on a remet mountain threat went slaughter bias lamb is extremist officeis. today america is coming to help. >> reporter: president obama making a late night announcement at the white
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house promised to go help these people. the pressure on the the ad perfection to act had grown intense, there were protests outside the white house earlier in the day. >> an a impassioned plea from the a member of the iraqi parliament. beyond the threat of the genocide there are fears that isis militants could soon take over the city of irbill where the u.s. maintains a diplomatic facility. >> to stop the advance, i direct our military to take targeted strikes against isis terrorist convoys should they move towards the the city. >> reporter: they are not there yet ape this may serve as a deterrent but some say that the u.s. needs a robust response to beat them back. >> we cannot do pin prescription. we must have 24/7 air cover around here. i believe we can do it with bombers and their precision weapons and we ought to have very liberal rules oven gauge. and not just restrictive rules oven gauge. that they have come up with in iraq and afghanistan.
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>> reporter: president is taking a more cautious approach making it clear that u.s. involvement in iraq will not include any u.s. boots on combat forces on the ground there, chris and kerry. >> okay, doug luzader, thank you. >> one of the many international issues the president is dealing with, including this, tax talk resume between israel and gaza after a three day cease-fire stopped without an appeal. egypt had been mediating between the the cease-fire. talks focused on new border arrangements for gaza. israel has said it is willing to consider easing border restrictions but wants hamas to disarm. >> meanwhile another big story this morning the world health organization is declaring the ebola out break in western africa to be an international public health emergency. >> pho says ebola out break is largest, longest in history and requires a extraordinary response to stop its spread. the agency declared similar emergency for the the swine flu you might remember in 20 # on nine with that pandemic and
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polio in may of this year. more than 1,700 people have been sickened by this current out break and more than a thousand have died according to the world health organization. former national security agency whistle blower can live in russia for another three years. edward snowden's attorney says the country has granted him residency for three years but not political asylum. russia gave snowden one year temporary sigh lum last year and that expired last friday. snowden leak documents about the national security agency surveillance programs and is now a u.s. fugitive. it is 7:14 right now. and, we are getting a check of the weather with caitlin. it is turning out to be a pretty nice weekend. >> it is, good morning to everyone. we have been spend ago lot of this morning talking about iselle and julio, two tropical systems in the pacific affecting hawaii now and then again, possibly into next week. but home here, we are looking at nothing but sunshine. not just here in philadelphia but all of the northeast. a great weekend where he every you are traveling. fox future cast shows nothing
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but sunshine. but like yesterday, a picture perfect morning. unlike yesterday i don't think we will see the cloud returning in the afternoon. i think it will stay really sunny and beautiful. lower humidity and a slight breeze as we take new to tonight. clear skies tonight, clouds, showers, they may start to form along the mountains, back in central pennsylvania, but again, not affecting us. saturday looks just as sunny and bright. temperatures right now are kind of cool out there. fifty-six in reading. fifty-six in pottstown. fifty-five in allentown. it is 64 in philadelphia only 55 in millville. fifty-seven in atlantic city. a cool but comfortable morning down the the shore where jen freddie's in ocean city, and through your seven day forecast, 58 for today. sun up and nice. a 10678987, sunny and nice, on saturday. that is another continue. sunday, sunny and nice, 85. repeat. this is california weather taking us through the rest of the weekend but it is really really nice for us here. more clouds for you on monday. showers and thunderstorms return tuesday and wednesday, and even into next week when we will clear out, another cool air mass will come through, high temperatures on
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thursday, staying in the 70's, so we just seem to be turning cooler and cooler, possibly our hot days from july, in the 90's, they might be behind us. weekend getaway down the shore 78 degrees the high temperature today. sunny and warm. it stays drew through the the rest of the weekend. saturday and sunday. we have 80 degrees on saturday. seventy-seven on sunday. a few more clouds and maybe even a shower down the shore on sunday so you are better standing day out by the beach will be saturday and that rip current risk does remain low unlike earlier in the week where thanks to berta we had very high rip currents. not as dangerous in the water. that is your seven day forecast. let's get back to the roads there to morning where we have had a couple of accidents. an update on 476, northbound, this is approaching the conshohocken. the accident is now, clear. so any residual delays may still be there but we're okay. also, major roadways are looking pretty good this morning. too. there is an 11 minute travel time from 476, southbound, from lansdale to the turnpike
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and 76 westbound from the vine street to the blue route. there is about a 16 minute travel time, chris. >> caitlin, thank you. it is time. eagles kick off their preseason schedule tonight in chicago against the bears, for the team, it is a chance to hit somebody else. now, after weeks of practicing with their own teammates, even six year veterans like mal conn jenkins are looking forward to the new opponent. >> thinks a grateful for us here, physical number one. we go against a quality quarterback with big time receivers and a really good running back. good offensive line. so this is an offense that, you know, we're looking forward to going up against. >> michael bradley from 97.5 the fanatic license here in a few minutes to talk about the eagles chance these year. phillies opening up a series with the mets tonight at citizens bank park. the phillies made it, oh boy, late switch with the pitcher prior to the last night's game with the astros. roberto hernandez was traded a couple of hours before the game to the los angeles dodgers so the team called it sean osullivan to the minors to make the start.
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osullivan arrived just in time for the game and he struggled early. yeah, there it goes. giving up five runs, over six innings of work. nice trade. the big blow for the phillies came in the eighth. trailing by three runs, ryan howard, did what he used to do. a grand slam to put phillies on top, phillies win the game, six-five. nice to see flashes of the old ryan hour. phillies star jimmy rollins is trying to help families eat healthier. he and his wife partnered with the nutritionist to prepare healthy summer treats. the rollins are teaming up with the st. christopher's foundation for children to help families in need have access to fresh, and healthy food. >> wow. >> police, fire fighters and hundreds of resident gave a big send off to the marlton reds, in evesham township, yesterday. they are heading to the cal rip ken ten year-old world series in winchester, virginia. this is the first time the team is competing.
7:19 am
the game is tomorrow. we will wish them all of the best. go get them, teen. taney dragons in philadelphia are teaming up for the the little league world series. semi finals today in connecticut f they win today and then on sunday they will advance to the big game. and our birds are flying high, against the bears, we hope tonight in the first preseason game as we mentioned, so what should we be looking out for tonight, that may tip us off how eagles will do are rest of the season. michael bradley will be giving us a presue. quincy is outside for our backpack-a-thon. how are you doing. >> hi guys, we are going to fill this bus. backpack-a-thon. we have so many people here. we have dj, here. this is the, most amazing thing, this lady right here what is your name. >> i'm sarah, this is stella. >> they are second people to come down last year and second people to come down this year. >> again every year we try. >> every year she tries to be first and it just does not work out.
7:20 am
>> it did work out because you gave us a bag. >> absolutely, giving a back works out and experience for her bye just the fact that she tried to be the first here in the morning, we have a gentlemen that beats us same one every year. >> we need to you come on down, we need to you fill this bus, backpack-a-thon and anything for school supplies, anything that you have that you can come on down here, we're excited. we're here at the good day. we will fill this bus. i'm sure of it.
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live picture from fourth and market where we are motivating everybody to get down and participate in the backpack-a-thon. the these are for people to donate school supplies only. we're talking about paper, pens, pencils, thumb drives. quincy harris i down there to receive them. we will be down there from 7:00 to 10:00. so in the meantime big news is, the eagles finally get their preseason schedule underway tonight. birds are in chicago to take on the bears. starters are only expect to play a few series, the first
7:24 am
series of have this game. what should we be watching out for tonight. michael bradley from 97.5 the fanatic joins is to talk about a preview of the game. first thing is chip kelly said yeah, starters will play maybe three, four or five snaps and get them out of the game, injuries, avoiding them is primarily concern. >> nice to get work in. nice to hit somebody else. but, lets get out of there before any damage can be done. >> do you want to start on the offensive side. >> offence. >> that is what chip kelly is all about. >> how does foles back. >> foles is fine, sharp. what you want to see is he crisp, running offense well, complete passes he is supposed to and does he stay clean and in one hit him. >> will he complete pass toes rookie wide receiver jordan matthews. this guy looks good. evidently he works really hard. >> he is a big guy, got speed. great hand. sev record for most pass receptions. he will to have complete them. riley cooper will in the play.
7:25 am
it is matthews, josh hough, brad smith. let see how backups as it were will perform and whether matthews can lift himself in that elite starting category. he is listed behind smith in the the slot the but he has a lot of potential. >> you think he might move to the outside. >> no, maybe, because maclin and cooper there are now. but right now he is a slot and maybe moves out there. let's let him get settled. this is first time he will be playing against the real thing. great to look good in practice but how do you go against a real opponent. >> what are you looking for from mark sanchez and matt barclay. both pretty good. both in their mid 20's. >> sanchez you don't want to see another fumble. if something happens to foles this guy can come in and dot job. barclay you want improvement. he threw a lot of interceptions. we her his arm looks stronger. second year in any owe even if for a young quarterback is, big. so, with them, we're not expecting fire works. we want some confidence.
7:26 am
>> how about, the the trade we made. we know we were knocked out in the first game of the playoffs last year at home, in that very cold january night, against the new orleans saints but we got two players here the on the offensive side of the ball. we have darren sprawls. >> and sprawls is someone that is a catch all. he can run the ball. help in pass protection. good slot receiver. he will do return work. a little older. you don't know why saints got rid of him. chip kelly will find something to do with him. >> we would be remiss we're all looking to see how marcus smith does our first round pick on the defensive side of the ball. >> don't expect a lot from him. he will not be playing with the one's. it would be nice if he got a little pressure on the pocket to say we pick a good guy here. >> michael bradley 97.5 the fanatic, thanks for your time. it should be a fun season. >> we have been waiting for this, after the 76ers and the phillies. serious stuff here, closing arguments time in the murder trial begins olympian oscar pistorius.
7:27 am
what the blade runner's chances are of avoiding jail time. we will talk with lawyer ken rottweiler and see what he thinks about this case. jen freddie's partying in ocean city with very special guests, hi jen. >> speaking of that special guest our sponsors mazda helped us out with that. here's your first clue on who the special guest, i'm mad hot him because he has a favorite on the good day crew and his favorite is sue serio. so who can pop out of this and their favorite person is sue serio, you'll find out at
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we have a half an hour into our backpack-a-thon. come own down to fourth and market and say hi and deliver school supplies, we will take your toe nations and then, we will get ready to kick off the school year, caitlin. >> what a wonderful morning, hard to think about school with the beautiful summer day and weekend. it will be here before you know it. that being said lets enjoy what we got another ten, seasonal temperatures, le humidity, buddy is down the beach. sue is off. she took budd which him down the shore. he had ace long sleeve t on, and it is cool, temperatures in the 50's but sun screen and sunglasses, accompanying him. phillies hat on, and hopefully will again tonight.
7:31 am
sixty-four, wait for it, 64 degrees the temperature in philadelphia we have hit lower 60's. we will rise quickly. your fox cast for today mostly sunny, 85. mostly clear later tonight with the low of 65. that is your fox cast. lets get back to the roads this morning. we're going to start off in gloucester township berlin cross keys road near the atlantic city expressway. there is an accident there. it is causing minor delays on both roadways. berlin cross keys road near the ac expressway. updating 95 northbound, there was an accident that is new cleared. we can see residual delays as well, chris. a lot of delays in this case defense in the pistorius murder trial delivering final arguments in south of africa, judge is expected to adjourn and then begin deliberations. pistorius is accused of murdering his girl friend reeva steenkamp on val types day last year and he claims he thought she was an intruder.
7:32 am
let's bring in ken rottweiler, and each side chance of success in this. we mentioned delays this trial was scheduled to take weeks, it started in march, here we are in august. >> a lot longer than people thought. lots of evidence and wiinesses and new they are in closing arguments, prosecutor made a dramatic closing yesterday and today defense lawyer is making a closing. we will see what happened. >> when it comes to the defense, a traumatic change in the approach from the defense. >> you know, originally chris, they seem like they were arguing self-defense, he thought there was an intruder. he got his gun. he was there to protect himself. then during his cross-examination in the case he seemed to change his defense, he seemed to say it was an accident. he didn't mean to shoot the gun. that is what the prosecution jumped on during their closing. they are basically calling him
7:33 am
a liar. they are saying this was a fight. he did this premeditated. he meant to kill steenkamp. it will take why's assessment to see which side she believes. pretty dramatic stuff. >> so a mistake but the gun just went off. there were four shots fired. >> that is exactly right. that is what the prosecutor said. there were four individual shots, four bullets in the door what pistorius testified to under credits examination was, you know, it was a mistake. he didn't know what happen. the gun just went off. chris, problem with that was if you will remember there was a gun charge where's discharged the the gun through sun roof of the car and at that point in time that was an accident too. the problem is that there were two witnesses in the car that contradicted his story that it was accidental. they said it was purposes full. that is why prosecutor is calling him a liar. he is trying to bring up these instances of lying to the judge so judge can basically discount all of his testimony. >> okay. so that brings us to the judge
7:34 am
in this case. she's surrounded by two advisors. live picture right now. she has to take months of testimony, and then, the back story here with the gun having gone off from the car, before, and then how long does she have to decide this case because unlike here where a jury then sits down, she can take months to decide. >> she can take as long as she wants, there is no time frame that she has to live with, so what she will do is sit down with those two assessors and as you look at the two people sitting to the right and left of her down below they are there to marshall the facts. they are going to help her with the facts. they will have the testimony. they will be able to reread deliberate. what is interesting is this is the judge's call. it is her call but if the assessors, if both of them unanimously come up with the same verdict and if that verdict is different from what the judge says then the
7:35 am
assessors verdict is what will stand. it is an interesting dynamic f both say we think that he is guilty, and judge says no, no i think he should be acquitted, then it is assessors both of them together their verdict will stan. >> three verse 12 like we see with the jury trial here in the u.s. real quickly, ken, you have been stud thinking from the get go all of the nuances and back story what do you think. >> you are putting me on the spot here chris, to come up with a prediction. i think it will be culpable homicide and that carries no sentence to 15 years in jail. he also will be convicted i believe of the weapons charges, the shooting of the gun through the suffer room and in that restaurant and that can carry a five-year sentence. i do not think it will be premeditated murder. it is hard to convict somebody of because you have to say that they planned it, it was premeditated, thought bit. >> burden of proof. >> and they went to bed that
7:36 am
night, it was, valentines day the next day. it didn't look premeditated in terms of killing her. it was a rage, thing. all of that will lead to a verdict of culpable homicide. do i think she will sentence him to time in jail. >> we will see how it plays out. we don't necessity when this verdict will be handed down. ken rot realer, as always, very interesting perspective. ken said he saw the the movie chef, and loved it. so we are talking movies. action pack weekend at the box office. big screen will light up with crime fighting turtles and disaster film that throws you in the eye of the storm, so what should you watch, this weekend. we will talk to our movie critic kevin mccart toy talk about the big films this weekend. see what he thinks of the movie boyhood. quincy is outside our studio at fourth and market. how is it going out there, quincy.
7:37 am
>> how are you doing. >> ed o'donnell, we brought a couple hundred pens. >> that is amazing what did you bring, gracy. >> i brought book bags and some school supplies. >> amazing bring some stuff down. we will stuff, we will fill this bus right here for backpack-a-thon. fox 29. awesome!
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we are trying to stuff that bus with much needed school supplies. quincy harris is outside, good morning, quincy, how sit looking. >> good morning, guys. we just started. people are coming down. but we need to pack, we need to fill this bus up with school supplies. that was good. we partner with organizations, we have kevin, from the united way, how are you doing.
7:41 am
>> i'm well, how are you. >> we have michael smith, executive director of cradles to crayons. >> we are looking for people to come down and bring school supplies. what do we need. >> we need folders, pens, pencils, erasers, anything that a child could need to start school right. >> okay, now, i started school i had a bunch of supplies growing up. kevin, how long have you guys been doing this event. >> we have been out here doing this event for four years, partnership with cradles to crayons for four good solid years. >> now, come on down, you guys, have been distributing the backpacks, correct. >> we distribute backpacks, and in fact, kevin and i partnered, a day or so ago where we pack 22,000 backpacks for children in the region. >> we will keep them filled year round. >> so now, kevin, if you can come down here with the web site that you can go to. >> united for dod
7:42 am
back-a-thon. >> so listen, guys, we're here, i want to make sure that we can, not even move, we need supplies. come on down here right in front of fox 29. you know where we are. >> quincy, sent grace backup i got some stuff to help stuff the backpack. >> yes, grace is going upstairs and she will be our transporter. >> daughter of our executive producer. we love you. be honest. have have you ever lied on the resume. thought you got away witt. your employer may be on to you. why they may have caught you, but probably didn't mind. and jen, you're down the shore this morning. >> yes, it wouldn't be ocean city, without an adorable guy, what is up, buddy. here's the cool thing, he is american but he has a crazy australian dad. we will show you all of the favorites that ocean city has to offer, and we are inviting you to vice i.
7:43 am
7:44 am
7:45 am
we are into your backpack-a-thon at fourth and market, at fox 29 studio. there is quincy harris who doesn't know he is on cameras being affable, having fun out there say hi to quincy. this is a donation only at
7:46 am
this point. it is for some very needy kids before school starts, caitlin roth. >> great to see everyone out there, filling in, donating for such a great cause. great to see sunshine off the school bus because it is another beautiful day, gorgeous morning in philadelphia big story is in hawaii where tropical storm i iselle bears on the big island. it has not officially made land fall but it will happen soon. it has grind todd a halt approaching the the island. 45 miles south of hilo, 60 miles an hour wind. it is weakening. it is bringing tons of rain and wind to the big island and will continue to bring a foot of rain, specifically near hilo. here is track of iselle for rest of the the day and weekend, straight across big island but stays south weakening into a post tropical low pressure system. biggest impact heading up toward honolulu, maui will be rough surf and win. they are seeing rain
7:47 am
themselves from those feeder band of the tropical system. we have hurricane julio on the heels of iselle. been 22 years since tropical storm hit island and iselle will do that. take a look at this path of julio staying north of the hawaii island and will continue on that track even though they will see impact with the wind and rough surf. fox future cast through today, lot of sunshine here in philadelphia, down the shore, up in the poconos we are looking at great weather today and in the weekend. as we move into saturday morning lots of sunshine not even looking at clouds. temperatures are comfortable right now, mainly in the 50's and 60's. sixty-four here in philadelphia your forecast, 85 degrees, it is a lovely looking day and a great looking weekend too. ten's after ten's after ten's, sat the day and sunday. eighty-five on sunday. few more clouds sneak in by monday with the chance of the shower and then those showers and then are storms do return next tuesday and wednesday.
7:48 am
so that is your seven day forecast. lets get back to the road and start in west fairmount park. we have been talking about this all morning. montgomery drive at 76 west, cautious of the down traffic light at 76 off ramp. also an update in upper more land easton road at sycamore avenue there was an accident, now cleared but there may be minor delays in that area, kerry. >> thanks, caitlin. 7:48 right now. you know what friday is, our trip down the shore, they will continue today. gorgeous morning. why not hang out with us in beautiful ocean city or hang out with jen fred because that is where she is all morning long ready for visitors. are you on the music pier. >> i am, we have visitors. we have a visitor from broomall, one from glen mills. good morning, ladies. >> tell everyone what my first clue about our special guest that will get out of this mazda miata brought to you by our sponsor. >> first clue was that sue
7:49 am
serio is his favorite good day host. >> here's the next thing. mike says i have already given ate way. be quiet, mike. here's the next clue. because of his job, he has a very specific job he does to have pay attention to the weather. that is why he likes sue so much. he clearly has a job. you air adorable. thanks for visiting. you know ocean city has so many amazing things. we will talk about the treats in a second. good morning. but we have to begin with seriousness. you guys are here to keep us safe. ocean city beach patrol, good morning. >> good morning, how are you. >> it is shame you could not get better looking people on the staff here. >> i did the best i could. >> we talk off camera, i said what is number one hardest thing about the test to become one of you guys and i predict it was to swim and i was dead wrong. >> we also do a rowing test as part of our race, our
7:50 am
participation to join the beach patrol and the the orrs are 9 feet long. it is a 17 the foot boat. people aren't used to moving in the boat like that unless they practice a lot. >> thanks for keeping us safe. we appreciate it. i have noticed clearly you are not eating treats behind me. >> we try to stay away from them even though they look good. >> they are always trying to trick me into eating everything. >> if you are an frozen fan tell me this little girl, look at her new braces with the elsa color. it looks like you have given birth to el sa. >> she likes the the movie just as much. >> talk to me, about brown's everybody loves doughnuts. >> we have different flavors. these are homemade, we make them fresh starting at 7:00 in the morning. >> insane good what is number one flavor. >> i have to say cinnamon sugar. >> do you have a favorite. >> probably vanilla. >> would i talk to your
7:51 am
brother but we have talk about this. >> everyone knows i have a twin brother. so i will be team twin girl on this so we will not say hi to him. we are in the saying anything to you. you might be cute and adorable but nothing for you. thanks for joining us. you have a couple more and then those too. >> we have to keep it moving. the we are having so much fun. >> oh, my goodness we have to say hi to you good morning. >> good morning. what do you think is your number one flavor. >> number one flavor, of candy salt water taffy, probably check late, vanilla or strawberry. >> you had an amazing season. you are happy it is in the too hot or too much rain. >> we are doing wonderful. >> did you hear my teases for who this mystery guest could be. >> no. >> we will come around, how are you, sir. >> i'm fine. >> don't these treats look yummy. >> do i. >> i know someone who can get you some treat. >> sound good, thank you. >> clearly this you have to
7:52 am
have johnson's popcorn, right. >> most people would say so. >> when they are riding their bike by it is still warm when they come again. >> all warm from 9:00 in the morning until 11:30 we cook it every seven minutes is there a new batch at all three stores. >> what people don't know is you are not only business friend, but buddies. >> you try to get her stuff and she tries to get your stuff. >> i mean sometime if we need to. >> absolute thely. >> awesome. >> well here are the clues to who the secret surprise guest is, are you ready. >> ready. >> it is sue serio is this guys favorite. because of his job it is very specific job he a has to pay attention in the weather. think in your brain but don't use your mouth because you might know the answer. >> i like to yell at people at 7:00 in the morning. >> here is bad news, last night i got a lot have sleep so these people are in for a world of hurt in ocean city.
7:53 am
>> we are going to ocean city think weekend, i can't wait. we have family in town. see you. 7:53. doctors say they have found a new piece to the puzzle when it comes to diagnosing breast cancer will this new gene just discovered, be part of the general screen process. are you at higher risk for developing that disease. we will break it all down for you. also you know him as harry potter we are talking to daniel this morning about his new role in the romantic comedy, what if.
7:54 am
7:55 am
7:56 am
7:57 am
joining us now is doctor nina radcliff so nice to have you in the studio, thank you for being here. >> thank you for having us. >> can you talk to us about the significant of this study, does this mean that more women are at risk or that we can at least identify women at risk. >> let me put this in perspective. it is 15 years since brca one and two queens have been discovered. this is something are exciting. this is the pieces of the puts that he will we call breast cancer. what we are seeing is people who have, tested positive, for this tumor increase their risk by 58 percent. that is a significant number. >> what is the way to this gene works. this is a gene that actually is a cancer suppressing gene when working the way it is supposed to but this is a mutation of this gene. >> let me give you biology 101. basically our cells incur damage from radiation from x-rays or from smoking, drinking or things that we eat. overtime this damage accumulates and can cause a
7:58 am
cell to replicate uncontrollably which is what we call tumor or cancer. our body has a system to fight this off and repair these types of damages. thinks where genes like brca one and two and the gene that we have just discovered can help out. but if there is a mutation, it is like having a shield that now has a hole in it. so more can get through. it decreases our ability to fight cancer. >> how aggressive thinks sutation, that causes this. when people have mutation in this particular gene, we're find would go men are more lakely to get cancer at a young age and this type of cancer is less, sensitive to hormone therapies as well -- >> i'm sorry. >> more lakely to recur again after that. >> that too, after remission it is more likely to have reoccurrence. this is more aggressive. >> so, are there any recommendations i guess right now that experts are making in
7:59 am
terms of screening the general population or maybe even screening people that could be at a high risk. >> at this time if there is in family history there is no recommendation to get screened. even in people with family history it is only 4 percent do have this type of gene but that 4 percent kills 40,000 women every year. that is something to the at least look at. >> i want to mention this because this is a story very close to your heart. you tested positive for the brca gene yourself. >> yes, that is correct. >> did you have a mastectomy to try to take care of that. >> i did do that. >> is that something you recommend to women. >> it is a very personal discussion, it depend upon your value system and what your expectations are. so it is something you have to discuss with your physician as well as your family members to make sure it is right for you. some people can opt for surveillance such as mri's yearly or more commonly. >> doctor nina radcliff thanks so much for joining us. we will see you. good day, friday
8:00 am
august 8th, 2014. >> reporter: police are urging people to check their credit card statements. they are saying there than an issue with credit fraud, involving a skim device. maybe a hundred victims. we will have the story coming up next. another ten out there today, we have sunshine, low humidity, look at that beautiful picture right now, nothing but blue skies every where you turn here in philadelphia. i'll let you know if the weekend looks just as good but for now great down the shore, right jen. >> reporter: it is amazing. we we have new friend from margate and ocean city little leaguer. i will tell you what is special about that geese who we wait to see who our special guest is our mazda mazda brought a beautiful miata and everyone is trying to get who it could be.
8:01 am
we are here at backpack-a-thon in front of the fox 29, bring all school supplies, we are trying to pack this school bus. just say hey, i can change lives. i cannot stop. you can pull out right in front of the fox 29. >> is what your name. >> jackie. >> you have some school supplies. >> yes. >> what is this right here. >> backpack. >> thank you so much, we appreciate it. >> you's welcome. >> come on down, we have school supplies. >> you're welcome. >> thousands of people, hundreds turnout, every year we do this we are taking your donations. we will pass them along to the kids who need these school supplies. they get expensive. >> especially backpacks. very nice generous donation. >> very nice. >> very nice as well, the weather. just a string of ten's in a row. >> we're showing those three, ten's in a row what do we call that. >> a 30. >> a 30. >> three, ten's in a row as you will see in the seven day forecast. it is seasonal temperatures and low humidity.
8:02 am
do enjoy it. bus stop buddy is off, but he is not going to camp, he is down the shore, perfect shore day, it is cool, in his long sleeve shirt but he will want to jump in soon, because it will warm up, he has swim trunks on, sunglasses and sun screen on hand. sixty-seven in philadelphia right now. we will started day in the lower 60's. gorgeous morning, just like yesterday but it is this afternoon it will be more sunny, in real included around 85 and 65 later tonight under clear skies. the that is your fox cast, lets get to the roads. we have a new accident reported in upper moreland east county line road at north warminster road. there may be a delay due to this accident but in lane blockages reported there. lets look at travel times heading out the on the majors. traffic building up atwood haven road to the vine with the travel time of 21 minutes. seventy-six westbound at the vine to the blue route there
8:03 am
is 27 minute traffic time, kerry. 8:02. we have awful news this morning. breaking in the fox 29 news room. keisha williams, mother on have the three children in the carjacking in north philadelphia we have just received word that she has died. she has been hospitalized since that carjacking and crash last month. jonathan rosa and cornelius crawford were arrested and charged in connection with that carjacking and crash. the information just coming into us, here in to fox 29 news room. we are working on getting details. she has been hospitalized ever since this happened. as soon as we get more information we will bring them to you. >> we understand she's survived by two other children. >> what a sad story. we have a warning for people in bucks county, check your bank statements, police say a credit card skimmer was used at a gas station and some residents have been already ripped off. >> jennifer joyce is on top of this telling people in newtown township and other people to
8:04 am
really study your next bank statement, right. >> we have an update from police saying there may be as many as 100 victims out there across a dozens municipalities in bucks county. police want to know if you want to know who they are according to police a skimming device was placed at a local gas station pump, 50 to 60 victims come forward and realize their credit card were charged with several withdraws some in excess of a thousand dollars each between july 22nd and july 24th. police are urging everyone to check their bank statements and notify police of fraudulent charges as they investigate the the situation. skimming devices extract sensitive information from your debit card including your opinion opinion number f you recognize those men in the pictures you're urged to call newtown township police or your local police department and if you notice fraudulent activity on your banking
8:05 am
statements, thanks very much. so hawaii is bracing for two major storms. now as of this morning iselle has been downgraded from a hurricane to the tropical storm. that is big news. but iselle is making land fall carrying wind up to 70 miles an hour. a lot of rain as well, up to 12 inches. hurricane julio not far behind. that storm is still in the pacific but expect to pass north of the island, sometime on sunday. of course they dealt with the earthquake yesterday morning as well, as caitlin mentioned things come in three's. you have been keep an eye on things all morning. >> this is so rare, they are so tiny in the pacific. you can see how hard it is for a storm to make direct land fall on a small island but that is what is happening with iselle. it has not happened no 22 years. it is the big island. it looks like this storm has just about made land fall.
8:06 am
it looks like eye wall is on land but we have in official word. it is basically there. it is bringing heavy rain and wind all night at least on our time. tropical storm iselle has been weakening over morning hours. wind sustain at 60 miles an hour, technically 40 miles south southwest of hilo. it has approached mountains, volcano and that can slow storms down and it can weaken a storm. we have seen wind speed drop 10 miles an hour over past two hours. here is the the future, tropical storm, through today by 8:00 o'clock tonight it is off shore and moving out of the pacific weakening into an extra tropical low pressure system by saturday afternoon, and remaining largely out to sea. rest of the island are still seeing rain and wind and high surf will continue basically all weekend long. preparations they have made is a very good thing. right behind iselle we have julio much stronger storm, category three hurricane wind
8:07 am
sustained at 120 males an hour moving west northwest, this is well off shore, 970 miles away from hilo and path of julio looks to be further north. that makes all of the difference. island should in the get a direct hit. that will move north of the hawaii island but they can expect to feel impact from the high surf and rought seas, guys. >> caitlin, thank you. >> you probably have heard of wishing upon a star but what about wishing upon a wedding. >> yesterday we told but a special camden county couple who finally are getting their wish. >> melony gaskins and pierre freeman fell in love in 2005 but three years later doctors told pierre he had inoperable brain tumor. pair wanted to get married but it seemed overwhelming with pierre's battle. enter wish upon a wedding. it is an organization that grants wishes to couples facing life changing circumstances. >> it is more than anything i
8:08 am
know we could have done for ourselves and it is really like a dream come true. >> mr. and mrs. melony and pierre freeman. you may kiss the bride. >> everything from the wedding planner to the venue at hotel monaco was donated, surrounded by family and friend, melony and pierre finally said i do. >> i love this. i love it. good for them. they wanted to be together. they don't necessity how much time they have, hoping it is a life time. >> true love. >> new they have today. >> she looked beautiful. >> she did. >> hotel monaco is a great venue. excitement building for some young athletes. >> taney dragons from philadelphia are gearing up for little league world series, today in connecticut. if they win today, sunday they will advance to the big game, and one of their star player is their pitcher, monet. >> yes.
8:09 am
>> she can fling it. >> the only girl in the past 17 years or so. >> making it to the finals. >> so darn good. >> we wish them the very best. still ahead, children's birthday parties have all come down, to competition. >> this is true, unfortunately why most moms feel it about impressing their friend then the kids themselves having the party but first, mother nature, blows in the box office into the the storm, it is making its way in the movies to day but sit worth your money. our movie critic will tell you next.
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just by switching to progressive. so you'll be bringing home the bacon in no time. sorry. get a free quote at good day, it is a beautiful day outside, clear skies here in philadelphia, we have been talking about iselle and julio and passing the hawaii island and rest of the weekend. what about here?
8:13 am
we have showers through tennessee valley moving slowly northeast ward and i don't think we have a shower chance until about tuesday of next week, maybe monday but for the most part weekend looks okay. here is your fox future cast starting off with sunshine, all we see as we go through this hour by hour and into this afternoon a few fair weather clouds. we will not see the thick of cloud cover, especially down the shore it is a much brighter afternoon. sixty-seven in philadelphia, right now. sixty in reading. sixty-three in millville, just a beautiful, comfortable morning. we have been blessed with these nice mornings. phils forecast. the mets are in town. we will see if their luck will continue from the astros. 80 degrees, that first pitch temperature, beautiful evening for baseball, but where ever you are heading it the looks great for next few days, this weekend making up for last week even. eighty-five today, warmer on saturday. eighty-five on sunday with a few more clouds sneaking in, maybe a shower towards our
8:14 am
south on sunday. that is a big maybe. eighty-three on monday with the slight chance of shower. showers and thunderstorms return tuesday and wednesday and cool, temperatures several degrees below normal. but fair weather returning. lets look at had shore cast for the weekend. eighty and dry on saturday. more clouds sunday. slight chance of a shower but for the the most part it looks g that is your seven day forecast from the weather authority, lets get back to the roads this morning. we have had a few accidents but it is a friday morning. nothing too out of the or. lets go to montgomery township. we have new reports of an accident at bethlehem pike and mclaughlin road, no records of any lane blockages but might be a delay building up. we have a accident in upper more land east county line road at north war minister road no reports of major delays. ab wear of your travel times using these two roads, kerry. >> very good, thanks. 8:14. it is an action pack weekend at the box office. big screen lighting up with crime fighting turd also, and
8:15 am
then a disaster film that throws you directly in the eye of the storm. >> tornado is coming your way you will in the know it. >> unaudible. >> our movie critic kevin mccarthey joins us weighing in on these new flicks. we have to get through into the storm and teenage mutant ninja turtles because i cannot wait to talk but boyhood which we just saw last week. the let's start with into the storm. >> into the storm, i grew up on twister which came out 18 years ago which is incredible to me. remember the flying cow in that movie. they have an homage to the flying cow in this film. the film here, the plot doesn't matter. the basically about a storm that hits oklahoma and documentary about people trying to survive. the plot and dialogue and
8:16 am
acting are horrible but the axis insane. the that makes the movie worth watching is pure popcorn film. turn your brain off. eighty-five minutes long. i recommend if you want to see it in theaters. axis insane. they use a lot of effects. sequences where people are flying around they are on wires. they have 140 miles an hour win machines, real rain, hail. everything they did was practical except cgi tornadoes and flying cars and the planes but there was cool effects on this movie. if you are in to a movie turn your brain off and watch it. i gave it three out of five. don't expect an academy award winning script at all from this. >> another film so many people grew up on teenage mutant ninja turtles. how was that. >> i grew up on this. i had bed sheets as a kid, t-shirt, i was a fan of these characters in the tv show. yeah, i had pajamas, everything. i loved that show so much. this is a reboot.
8:17 am
megan fox playing april o'neill who teams up with the turtles and they fight evil the shredder. movie itself not a great script but character, turtles are so much fun. action great. slow motion great. turtles played by human actors in these sues like dawn of the planet of the apes. it is fun to watch if you are a turtles fan. i gave it three out of five. skip 3-d. save yourself $3. within question i get is it appropriate for my child. it is pg13. but it goodies for ten and up. it is definitely a fun movie complete 180 is a great film and we throw word great around not too often when talking about films with you. boyhood is wonderful. >> yes it is a masterpiece, chris. i haven't seen this film this good many years. this move was shot over a 12 year period with the same four leading actors. patricia arquette, ethan hawk
8:18 am
and this young boy when they found at five years old. it takes place from age six to 18. fictional story. but they put in a lot of his own story line as well. it is one of the most beautiful films i have ever seen. one thing you have to bring up here it is an amazing film in concept but an execution, the the story is great. you sit there and it could be a gym milk but it is not. you watch him grow up. care about the characters. everything about this movie is so well done. it is directed by richard linkletter. i don't know, but i loved it. >> this is weird, i'm getting chills looking at these scenes again because you leave the theater when movie is over, it is two hours and 40 minutes but it flies by. it was silenced in the theater. people were blown away. it makes you think burr own life. i saw this movie. i wanted to be a tad just like ethan hawk after eag this film. went home wanting to connect with my kids.
8:19 am
>> i was the same way. i don't have kid. i can't wait to watch the movie as a parent and experience it from that particular standpoint. right now it reminded me of my own childhood. i can't wait to experience that as a dad myself. it is a movie that it is so subtle. everybody tells you you are in year one, two, three, four. you hear a song that took place in the last 12 years that remind you where you are in the time period, everything is done beautifully, subtlely. it was an amazing film. my number one movie. top five i have that movie, grand budapest hotel, guardians of the galaxy, captain america and dawn of the planet of the apes. my first and only, five out of five i have given in 2014 so far. >> i'm so with you on this kevin, thank you as always. see it the if you get a chance. >> by the way, in your area playing at ritz five, amc, cherry hill 24, cinema 16. >> and bryn mawr.
8:20 am
>> it is playing all over. just combo to fandego but it is getting a wider release. richard linkletter did dazed and abused is so brilliant. >> he puts his daughter in the movie as one of his characters. >> yes, actual daughter in the movie we could talk two hours on this film but we have other stuff to go to, thanks very much. >> bye chris bye everybody. >> 8:20. daniel radcliff speaking of movies is on good day this morning so he has done a lot since harry potter, horror films, broadway, full frontal new romantic comedy but first quincy good in morning to you. >> good morning. >> people are bringing supplies for backpack-a-thon, we will pack this bus. we have boys from roman catholic high school. >> what did we bring down. >> notebooks, and what did you bring down. >> all kind of stuff. >> he is asleep and still bringing stuff down here what did you bring down.
8:21 am
>> pens, books. >> drop it off over there, greg is here. we need you to come on down and bring some school supplies, we are trying to pack this bus. ms. harris: camden students face a lot of challenges
8:22 am
but they meet them with determination and drive. chanelle: teachers like ms. harris made me feel like i'm part of a team. not just on the basketball court. but in the classroom. ms. harris: chanelle is not just a star athlete.
8:23 am
she is a star student. chanelle: i headed to clemson university where i can combine my love of sports and learning- and maybe even win a championship. ms. harris: i wouldn't bet against her. or any of my students reaching for their dreams. come have fun at sesame place with everyone's favorite furry friends. enjoy rides where you can splash... and whirl. and, play in the all-new cookie's monster land. with 5 exciting rides, a monster clubhouse and more! buy your 2015 season pass and get the rest of this year free. ♪ meet me at sesame place! it gives you options based on your budget -- it's a piece of cake. i was told there would be cake. get a free quote at
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welcome back at 8:24. you know it is our backpack-a-thon, we are as3ing our viewers to come down and donate school supplies, backpack, sundries, all that stuff, all of the school supplies that kids need. >> one of the things you mentioned sundries, you don't see that these days. >> it is something they could use. >> it gets expensive if you have more than one kid. so many of you are turning out to our studios at fourth and market, helping us fill this bus with backpacks. we are checking back in with quincy harris, good turnout this morning. >> people are bringing book bags, notebooks, scissors, pencils, globes. we have some ladies, here, what is your name. >> my name is angela. >> i'm sandra. >> what did you bring down. >> we brought a whole bunch of school supplies, paper,
8:25 am
folders, markers, crayons, everything you could imagine. >> thank you, we appreciate it. >> people on twitter, the franklin institute, they tweeted me, they are on its way to help fill the bus, see you soon, q. we have people here from the franklin institute. >> i'm doing very well. thank you. >> so, what did you bring down. >> we brought a bunch of stuff. as you know, we love kids. we brought materials for students to help them study, learn, get excited about science, technology and math. >> i appreciate that. >> but we do in the forget teachers. these are flash drives that have incredible models of the stuff we dot a franklin institute. teachers can do that and keep kid jazzed. >> appreciate it. >> thank you gar field. thanks franklin institute. if you you are in your car and like i can mountain stop. park right in front of fourth and market in front of fox 29, pull up, get the stuff and you
8:26 am
can go on to work. it is getting filled. we will have more stuff by end of the day. >> backpack-a-thon drive through you don't even have to stop just roll down and we will pick it up for you. >> thank you. >> it is 8:26. still ahead vanity fair named very best dressed stars, lu pit a makes the cut. we will tell you who else lands on the list. jenny is on the best dressed of fox 29. >> yes, okay, we have many contestant from miss ocean city and our amazing sponsor mazda is helping us out, with our special guest here's the last clue you said, best dressed list, this guy is always changing outfits so you will meet special guest and some of these gorgeous ladies after the break.
8:27 am
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8:30 am
companies abe regular old folks out donating school supplies, the approaching of the beginning of the back to school so come on back to fourth and market and bring whatever you can. and the weather will be good for it. >> i like that song. >> i like that. >> bus stop buddy is still enjoying his summer and he is down the shore with saw serio still on vacation i would like to think. temperatures in the 50's and 60's. you have sun screen and sunglasses ready to go. it is 67 in philadelphia we will make it in the 80's. very nice afternoon. sunny, comfortable 85 for the high and we will fall in the mid 60's. beautiful looking fox cast. not so beautiful on the roads. it is a friday morning commute, lets get straight to the traffic authority in
8:31 am
philadelphia, patco high speed line, eastbound service is experiencing a delay, like our computer is experiencing a delay right now getting over to your traffic map but i'll let you know bit. patco high speed line it is experiencing a delay of five to ten minutes. it there we go. you will be held up a little bit there. west fairmount park montgomery drive at 76 westbound still the cause of the down traffic light at 76 off ramp, kerry. >> thank you. it is 8:31. we will go outside the studio this morning if you there is a lot happening down the the shore. >> jen freddie's in ocean city to reveal our mystery guest, hi jennifer. >> our mystery guest brought to us by our great sponsors mazda. our mystery guest has such a big personality he could in the fit in the miata. we have to say hi to the reigns miss ocean city.
8:32 am
>> and all these ladies behind you will try to steel your crown. >> yes, sad, yes. >> i have given you clues. only thing you can say, you sigh what. >> very handsome. >> he is sue serio's favorite, sue serio loves him and he loves sue serio. >> it is bus stop buddy, hi, how are you. >> you guys got to bring him over. you are the ocean city new jersey little league team, yes. >> yes. >> you went all the way to the state championships. >> how cool is that. >> really fun. >> what is more fun going to the states or meeting buddy. >> going to the states. >> you had to work as part of the team to get this ton. >> yes. >> do you feel like you have done something a big accomplishment. >> yes. >> you are so adorable. >> what do you think of my friend buddy. >> good. >> happy that i brought him to see you. >> yes. >> so again, thanks so much.
8:33 am
we have talk about this. all have off have different talent. jazz dance is what you will try. >> i will dance with the hot notes very excited for tomorrow night. >> and what are you going to do. >> i will do a jazz dance to a little party. >> i know you guys are focused on the competition but there is cute boys over there, surf team. >> yes, i went to ocean city high school. i necessity those faces. >> let's go say hi to them. >> hi, boys we figured we would come see you. because you are too good for school i wouldn't bring any unattractive women to bring the ocean city new jersey surf team. >> yes. >> you surf competitively. we have talk about this off camera. who is your biggest competition. >> that would be probably saint a's prep and manasquan high school north of us. >> a lot of people don't know about your season. after all of these tourist go
8:34 am
home you are competing in these waters trying to represent for ocean city high school. >> yes, that is what we're doing, surfing after school and we're preparing for our competitions in november. >> what is most you have said to me all morning. >> he was like yeah, my friend matt, pat, matt and andrew. >> i said there is two pat's, and a matt and an andrew floating around. >> yes, two math the math's in a a pat. >> they are all cute. >> isn't this fun. >> cute boys on one side of the dance pile and cute girls on other side of the dance pile and i don't know, whatever, it is ocean city, and then we have baby-sitter, bus stop buddy. >> real quick say hi to my friend albert. world war two, veteran, thank you for your service.
8:35 am
we are so happy to have you with us. what do you think about the cute girls. >> they are all beautiful. if i was a judge i would pick all of them. >> thank you again, adorable. look, pop pop, we will be visiting with him later. now you know who our super special guest is, bus stop buddy. >> i think we had a clue. >> we figured he was down the shore enjoying august. >> yes. the best all day. >> still ahead proofread those resume new research shows more than half of all employers, catch a lie, on your resume but do they actually care? um, we will explain next. but first are your kids looking to dress to impress on the first day of school? you can send them back in style on a budget, we are having a fashion show in a bit.
8:36 am
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8:38 am
8:39 am
we have breaking news troopers on the jean near jenkins airport in wyoming, delaware this happened just after 7:00 this morning. plane landed on a grassy runway at the airport and then continue to cross, westville road and came to a stop in the. i yard. six two-year old pilot and passenger were not hurt. still no word what caused that crash. u.s. has ramped up its involvement in iraq launching a mission to save thousands of iraqi citizens and air strikes could be the next step. let's bring in "fox news" chris wallace to talk about president obama's announcement last night, chris, good morning. >> good morning, chris. >> so this looks like according to president obama at this point that he only wants to have limited air strikes, no boots on the ground. >> yes, absolutely, very strong about that. not even the air strikes. first of all it is a humanitarian air drop for tens of thousands of refugees
8:40 am
trapped on the mountain surrounded biasis that fears some islamic extremist group and have been told if they come down they will be slaughtered. so he has dropped water and food there, tons of to it try to provide them with support. he has threatened is is with limited air strikes if they advance either on baghdad or irbill the kurdish capitol or advance on the refugees on the top of mountains. while he has authorized strikes he has not launched any yet but still far from boots on the ground. while having said that we are back in the conflict. even the humanitarian air drop puts us something in the conflict this is that president obama prided himself that the president that got us out of iraq and now back into it. he only did this as a last resort. >> did he use the word genocide. >> what they are talking about is isis this islamic extremist
8:41 am
group has basically swept over areas where christians are, areas where this minority religious sexist and they have been told you can convert or we will slaughter you. this is, a genocide were it to be carried out and he is trying to prevent that. >> how long do these relief supplies get to drop there and at what point does it become dropping bombs and instead of relief supplies. >> that is a good question. i think the president has set a marker and i suspect he hopes he will not drop the bombs and missiles, but isis will go back and in the advance on either ref goose on this mountain top or capitol of irbill but trying to reason with isis is like trying to reason with the great white shark. there is not a lot of sensible negotiation that goes on. if they continue to advance
8:42 am
i'll suspecting you will see those planes in action. >> chris wallace, "fox news" sunday will be at this sunday at 9:00. you'll have it all this coming sunday. chris, thanks for your time on this friday. >> you bet. >> still ahead, 8:42, kim and kanye comes with a big new home and one bug worry. we will tell what you they home and one bug worry. we will tell what you they are, worry about save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance.d everybody knows that. well, did you know pinocchio was a bad motivational speaker? i look around this room and i see nothing but untapped potential.
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you have potential. you have...oh boy. geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance.
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8:45 am
all right. you know, celebrities are people too. it doesn't matter how expensive their carries it can still run out of gas. the that is exactly what happened to adam le vine, tmz dax holt joins us from l.a. oh, i like your hair, sorry. >> okay. >> i was difficulties frank, beautiful, it is so shiny. >> yes. >> so, he tried to play this whole thing off. >> yes, so, him and his new wife, they were out, kind of the first time we have seen
8:46 am
them since they got married by the way and his car ran out of gas here in l.a. he had has a class mercedes, gold wings, whole thing, beautiful. runs out of gas on one of the main treats in l.a. he is pulled off, asked a friend to run down and get him some gas. people start recognizing that he is pulled over and started to get frantic we need to get out of here. he end up getting some gas, and got out of there quickly. we have photos of the whole incident of him pulled over, on the phone, and practically trying to get gas into that car. >> he was riding with him or he just happened to go get him gas. >> he was out clubbing earlier in the the night so may have been one of his friend. he said look dude can you get me some gas real fast. i'm out of it. >> does he have a posse, people following him around as they go out clubbing or is he a solo guy when he goes out.
8:47 am
>> i don't think he is everyone of those people that rolls with a massive entourage by any means. it seems like him or whoever he is hanging out with but maybe this guy was till in the area. >> do you think she will dump him because he is a dope for running out of gas. >> no she luck out a good one. >> so what is this whole nonsense about drones flying over the kanye and kim's house is this the real thing or is this something he is going off about. >> this is kanye freaking out, basically in his latest deposition he was talking about how he is super nervous about a drone flying over his house and following in his pool while teaching his daughter how to swim and it electric cutes her. >> is that what he said. >> yes, he is worried about that. everyone is like kanye, drones don't plug in. it will in the electric cute her. it will short out if anything.
8:48 am
i think he is a little too worried. i mean listen drone thing people are freaked out about the whole drone thing right now. i don't think he has to worry. he purchased a house in the middle of the gated community far away from access with someone flying their drone around but whatever if that is his fear that is his fear but i don't think he has to be concerned about that. >> he talk about this in his deposition. is this a deposition where he claims that the paparazzi presented similar issues and disturbances in his life and compared it to the civil rights movement is that the same thing. >> that is same one, also the same one that he is the smartest fing person and he is not a brittany spears. >> he didn't swear, not kanye. >> he also, the the lawyer asked him where he currently lives and he said, earth. >> okay. >> he is a genius. >> hey man.
8:49 am
>> love the hair. why did you change it real quick, the up due was fun too. >> it will probably be up by monday, just doing something different for the day. >> casual friday in los angeles. thanks, appreciate it. >> it is about ten of nine, we will check back with quincy harris who has been busy all day long. >> he is right outside our sued joost at fourth and market. >> backpack-a-thon is here. we have dj greg nety. >> how are you doing, q. >> amazing. >> people are bringing stuff down. any school supplies you guys have. this is a friend of good day. every where we go, is what your name. >> joan from port richmond. >> what did you bring down. >> i brought some glue, crayons and pencil case. it was heavy but worth the effort. >> you caught the bus and el down here. >> yes, because i love you guys. >> we love you back. >> look at all this stuff. we will pack the bus now. come on down fox 294th and market.
8:50 am
we have kevin dow, vice-president of the impact, united way and michael smith executive director of cradles to crayons how are we doing. >> we are still doing well. if you are ready to come down we will be here until ten. >> what do we need. >> pencils, paper, book bags, notebooks, we could use those composition books that everybody loves. >> come on down fourth and market right in front of fox 29. >> awesome, thank you. a new study shows women man mature at 32 but when do men mature? do they ever actually? why women in their 30's shouldn't expect their men to mature anytime soon.
8:51 am
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8:53 am
8:53. welcome back. weekend is upon us, great weather upon us too. clear skies right now outside. beautiful morning. very comfortable. om have us starting in the
8:54 am
50's. we're respond to go that sunshine 67 in philadelphia. sixty in pottstown. zero seven in wilmington. sixty-three atlantic city. let check out that seven day forecast. three, ten's in a row. eighty-five, sunny a and nice, warmer saturday 87 degrees. we will keep that low humidity and few more clouds towards monday 83 degrees. next system arrives tuesday and wednesday. this looks like rain or at least a chance and temperatures will be cooler too as we head into later next week but energy today and weekend. lets check roads, less than perfect, as it is already, friday morning commute. we have a new report of an accident in cobbs creek 63rd street is closed between pine and spruce. you can use 62nd as an alternate. we have an accident in upper more land at moreland road anal son road no reports of closures but there may be some delays, kerry. >> very good. 8:54. still ahead, ladies, we are not only won.
8:55 am
sometimes guys need man time, how much alone time should your man get every single day. >> three or four hours. >> enough to get 18 holes in. ♪
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you can see very little traffic on market street, perfect time to come on down to our backpack-a-thon we're looking for school supplies at fourth and market. we will get to quincy on that in a minute. good day, friday august 8th, 2014, thanks for being with us. >> daniel radcliff is on good day later on. he has done a lot of work since harry potter. horror films, broadway and now doing a romantic comedy. >> um-hmm. >> plus, quincy. >> yes, we are here backpack-a-thon we need to you
8:59 am
bring your stuff down. what do you bring down. >> i brought folders, binders, and a notebook. >> come on down to fourth and market. we are trying to pack this bus, we will pack the bus. >> jen, i know you are in ocean city. >> yes, i have the littlees, guy this is rowan from pottstown. rowan you are so adorable and cute keep rocking it. i have some real deal ocean city kids, good morning. >> good morning. >> party is just getting started because bus stop buddy is here. his mascot friend to have say hi. the mayor. all kind of people we're having the best time ever. >> thanks, jen. >> a according to nut study men don't think they have enough time for themselves. remember the scene from knocked up when pete just wanted me team. >> i need time for myself too. you know, you are not the only one. >> it is no that the big of a
9:00 am
deal. >> i like spider man. >> so let see spider man three next week. >> i don't want to see it now. i don't want to ask you to ask me, i want you to just come up with it on your own. >> oh, man. the average man just gets 58 minutes of man time a week. that is just eight minutes a day. study commissioned by just foremen, found eight in ten men consider this time essential but only quarter tell their partner how they feel. half of the men surveyed admitted to thinking that their partner gets more free time, then they do. >> that is bar gauge. >> quincy, are you getting enough man time. >> if you call, driving from job to job, man time, i guess i'm getting a ton of man time every day. i guess an hour of man


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