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tv   Fox 29 News at 6PM  FOX  August 8, 2014 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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29 news at 6:00. three chirp shock tad local swimming pool. it happened this afternoon at a city owned pool in the graduate hospital neighborhood. chop is now treating those children. good evening i'm lucy nolan. >> oil dawn tim money 93. shawnette wilson is live for us right now at the pool. shawnette, exactly what happened here. >> reporter: some of those children reportedly told officials that they felt the shocks near the ladder in this pool behind me. in the meantime the three children out of the 12 in the pool who were shocked are at chop at this hour in stable condition. >> it was our first time and we just had a lot of fun yesterday. i'm really surprised this happened. >> parents in this graduate hospital neighborhood were surprised to learn their neighborhood pool at 25th and south street is closed indefinitely. this after three children were shocked while swimming that afternoon. >> one of the young kids he went to step out, grab the ladder to step out of the pool and that's when he initially got shocked. then his sister came over i guess to help him and the current went through her. >> this mother says her daughter
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was here when it happened but wasn't in the pool. it happened around 1:00 o'clock this afternoon. about a dozen kids were swimming but three were shocked. >> our lifeguards acted immediately. they observed the young people in the pool immediately went over, they were able to pull them out after the power was shut off to ensure they're safety. >> city officials don't know yet what caused the shock but they work -- but work was being done on the pump at some point today. some reportedly said they felt the shocks before today. >> this is the first time that were we've heard there was an incident that there were shocks to our young people or adults that use that pool. >> reporter: now, again, the pool has been drained. it remains closed. closed indefinitely we're told. l and i and the fire department are investigating. dawn? >> shawnette, thank you. investigators spending the day once again at pennypack park. that's where a mother of two was found murdered after she went out for a jog. tonight the reward for information leading to her killer stands at $50,000 and
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growing. fox 29's dave schratwieser is live in center city with the very latest for us. dave? >> report roar homicide detectives continue to shuttle through surveillance video looking for clues in this case. the reward has grown now to 51 to us season dollars. they are waiting tonight for a potential d inform a link as folks in that neighborhood continue to worry about a killer in their midst. >> so sad. we're scared. >> reporter: heavy equipment was brought in friday as crime scene investigators ramped their search for evidence in the five-day old mother of connie mur reach the body of the 46 year old mother of two was found here in pennypack park by a passerby tuesday morning. >> right now, no one has been labeled as a suspect. >> reporter: mur row was strangled to death sometime monday night after she went out for a power walk around 9:00 o'clock. she never came back. her husband and daughter searched for her, then notified police. investigators spent three hours friday looking for her missing cell phone and headphones. >> we're trying to find her cell phone which still has not been
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found. so there's a possibility during the struggle, you know, it's in that area or if it's not, then maybe we know we're dealing with a robbery. >> reporter: detectives have video of murray walking near the park before the attack just after 9:00 monday night. >> we see her speaking to someone in a vehicle for couple of seconds and then the vehicle pulls off. >> don't go out at night. i'm scared. >> reporter: while investigators searched the woods and a nearby cemetery they also confirmed they recovered dna they hope will lead to her killer. >> everything is being expedited. >> detectives were following up leads in the case friday as the reward climbed to $50,000 including $10,000 from the city parking authority where murray's brother works. >> this is scary. we're scared. there's a murderer -- there's a murderer around here. >> reporter: police did not recover the cell phone or the headphones. if you have any information at all you can call the police department's hotline. the citizens crime commission or just call the police department and give them the information. lucy.
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>> thank you very much, dave. a former willingboro teacher tonight faces charges of trying to meet up with a teenager for sexual encounter. police say 30 year old pot trick mcguire contact the now 15 year old girl on social media. he's now facing attempted luring and other charges. authorities say mcguire thought he was going to meet the girl but he met with officers inste instead. they say he taught the girl when she was a student at memorial middle school. >> philadelphia police are trying to catch the man who robbed a woman at an atm in frankford camera caught the whole thing and it did not happen at night. fox 29's dave kinchen talked to that woman this evening, dave, she understandably wants to get this guy off the streets. >> reporter: absolutely. you know this happened on sund sunday. she was on her way into church of all places when this happened and she is pretty upset. >> i had my cane i would have cracked his head. >> brenda 64 her share of anger and nursing her shoulder back to health after being jumped by a cowardly crook while taking
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money from this wells fargo atm on the 51 dread block of of a august 3rd. >> he reached over. we was tussling because i was going to hold on my money. >> brenda was dressed in her sunday best and she was getting her offering for church when the man rushed her. >> i fell violated you could come over here and see a person dressed in church clothes that, you know, have the fear of god. >> a camera catches a good luck at the suspect and he's ceiling milling around the area moments before the robbery. >> the victim taken to aria hospital for her injuries. she was treated and released there. in the meantime police release add description of the suspect in dig to the surveillance video he's described as a black mail between 5-foot eight and 5-foot 10 between 175 and 185 pounds medium build wearing white t shirt and black shorts. call police if you have any information. dawn? >> all right, dave, thank you. happening now, the u.s. launches another round of air strikes inside iraq.
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word coming late this afternoon that the u.s. launched a second round of air strikes against islamic state targets. yesterday president obama authorize the limited use of military force to protect american servicemen and women and religious refugees both surrounded by islamist extremi extremists. u.s. forces are also dumping supplies to people now caught up from searches by those extremists. the air strikes escalate us involvement in iraq since the war officially ended back in 2011. >> and a brief halt to the fighting between israel and hamas is over. as militants today fired more rocks into israel. it happened just minutes after a 72 hour cease fire expired. though israel then resumed its shelling of a gaza strip. israel defense intercepted some missiles while others landed in israeli territory. the renewed violence is jeopardizing indirect piece talks going on in cairo. the international community is urging palestinian and israeli representatives to reach a more
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permanent cease fire agreement. >> the world health organization is declaring ebola outbreak an emergency. the epp depth mick is ravaging west africa and reached unprecedented levels. the virus continues to spread and nearly 1,000 people have died. the centers for disease control and prevention is urging americans to refrain from unsearch travel to the west african countries hardest hit. >> the mother of three children killed in a deadly carjacking in philadelphia has now died herself. 34 year old keisha williams passed away in the hospital where she has been for two weeks now. and now the two suspects accused of the horrific crime face additional charges. thalia perez is live at the scene of that crash. thalia. >> reporter: keisha with jumps is a mother of five. her death coming just days after her three of her children were laid to rest. today we spoke with the sole survivor of this deadly crash and she tells us that she has a message for williams two older
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children. >> your mother is not suffering any more. your sister and your brothers are not suffering any more. and you have to take care of yourself now. >> thelma brown is mourning the loss of her friend keisha william who died thursday night at temple university hospital. her death comes just two weeks after an out of control suv that police say had been carjacked plowed into brown, williams and three of william' children who were selling fruits and vegetables on the corner of germantown and allegheny avenu avenues. >> when the car hit me i could just see my head, i grabbed my head like this. because oh, god, my head was going to come off. i said, oh, my gosh. >> brown said the hardest thing was learning all three children died. >> god have a purpose for me to still be here. he has a purpose for me. >> cornelius craw forward and jonathan rosa are charged with the children's death and now face four counts of second degree murder. people in the community still grieving this enormous loss want
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justice. >> i hope they have remorse for what they did. >> reporter: no word yet on funeral arrangements for williams. but neighbors tell us that there is talk of creating a permanent memorial for the family at the crash site. lucy, back to you. >> thank you very much, thalia. mysterious baggies turning up today all across philadelphia. fox 29' viewers have been e-mailing us and calling us... illegal drugs, what exactly are they? fox 29 gets to the bott testimony of it next. >> and go taken 93 dragons. philadelphia little league team is about to do something no city team has ever done before. the story that will put a smile on your face even if your in the a huge baseball fan. hey, tom. >> lucy, eagles gearing up for the bears in chicago tonight and coming up in sports what nick foles really wants to accomplish in this first preseason game of 2014. scott? >> and tom right now beautiful conditions stepping outdoors on this friday evening. temperatures are comfortable.
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coming up that complete weather authority seven day forecast taking us into the upcoming weekend. >> and snakes invade one famil family's rental home. more than 50 slithering around climbing walls, even creeping into a toddler's room believe it or not. they've called the he can terminator but no luck. the bizarre their rental company terminator but no luck. the bizarre their rental company is telling the famil
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>> these paul your bags are popping up all over city streets. old city near south street and as far west as university city they stirred up such buzz many of you have been reaching out to us, hey, what's inside those baggies? come to find out it is catnip, and a marking campaign for retailers think apparel. 2,000 of these were given out last night at a party. >> now, we know. mystery solved. >> group penn state trustees want to call special meeting to talk over the ncaa's sanctions
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against penn state university. nine alumni want to talk about so many discussions with penn state,. ncaa and the state of pennsylvania. they say they have questions over the handling of the jerry sandusky scandal. >> yesterday a judge gave all parties federal lawsuit over a $60 million fine issued to penn state a month to possibly settle that case. >> well the dream team keeps its dream alive. philadelphia's taken know dragons will be playing for a spot in the little league world series. >> they won today to advance to sunday's mid atlantic region fondle. now fox 29's bruce gordon has been following the dragons who are now one win from a trip to william port, pennsylvania. hey, bruce. >> reporter: hello, ladies. philadelphia does to have winning baseball team. who cares if they're just kids taney dragons beat suburban albany new york this morning in regional semi final in bristol connecticut. i watched the game with fans back home. it was a white knuckle affair.
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>> it feels so great. >> reporter: the calf calf photograph wasn't officia officy open yet when the first pitch was thrown. the owner has been sponsoring taney youth baseball for the avenue four years. making this the unofficial watch party headquarters. >> i'm not usually watching sports at noon on a friday. but here we are. >> reporter: we included education activist helen gim. not a big sports fan per se but supporter of city kids black and white, mail and female working together for a common goal. >> we need to remind ourselves why we celebrate when people are having the time of they are lives. >> reporter: the game started poor with taney down three to nothing and looking over matched heading to the bottom of the fourth inning. came the kind of unscripted magic that makes sports even kids sports the ultimate reality show. >> whoo! >> spear man's three hun homerun
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changed everything. now it was tied and the momentum had been flipped boy philly. >> the bottom of the fifth, jared spraying puts the dragons on top. and taney's fee mal ice pitcher mow knee davis got the final out on a ground ball -- >> taney little league wins it. >> it was over. a six-five victory. the cafe chef let it all sink in. a philadelphia little league team one with away from williamsport. >> one more game. after that international. >> it's fun to be part of that. >> it's very fun. >> oh, my god! >> helen calls taney's dragons the city's feel good story of the summer. >> to have a group that is wonderful of a team integrated and wonderful full of spirit and sports to bring the best out of young people in the city it's great. >> taney will play newark delaware in sunday' mid atlantic regional file.
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newark held on to beat the team from toms river, new jersey, late this afternoon four-three. it was a thriller. no little league team representing the city of philadelphia has ever made it this far. if it's dream, do not wake a sleeping dragon. lucy. >> fantastic, bruce gordan, thank you very much. newark, take knee who are we going route for? i don't know. but i'm just happy they're both in it. hey, scott williams. i'mly happy about the weather. it's fantastic. >> winning weather forecast on this friday evening if you're stepping outdoors or maybe going to stay at home. get outdoors in the backyard. maybe throw something on the grill. look at the temperatures by 9:00 o'clock 79 degrees. mid 70s by 11:00. low humidity so it's comfortable on this friday evening area wide. with that low humidity settling in. what about saturday? a mixture of sun and clouds. it will be warm and stay pleasant right through the weekend. sunday a few more clouds but once again it stays dry and it stays below average with the temperatures. headed down the shore, dry on saturday. 80 degrees for the hee. a pair of sevens as we move into
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your sunday water temperatures in the low 70s. the pocono mountains, more of the same looking pretty good. saturday sunday temperatures top out in the upper and ifs and it stays dry. the low this morning, 63 degrees. and the afternoon high only 82 degrees. the normal this time of year is 86 and look at the record for today's date back in 2001, it was 100 stifling degrees. we haven't seen 99s in while and we also haven't seen 100 degrees this year. 81 stepping outdoors right now. it's comfortable. humidity at 38%. the wind is calm as we look at those temperatures, toward the lee his valley, 80 degrees right now in allentown. we're looking at low 70s in the pocono mountains. 79 degrees currently in atlantic city. 79 in wilmington as well as dover. the measure of moisture in the atmosphere, any time it's below 60, it's going to feel pretty comfortable. we're looking at low 50s along the i-95 corridor. 50 is the current dew point reading in the poconos. so once again as we look at that
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dew point scale, you can see any time it's below 60, it's going to be invigorating and pleasant, and that is definitely how the weather is on this friday night across our area. high pressure simply in control across our area for much of the northeast and new england. most of the clouds and showers well to our south and that's where they will stay throughout the up coming weekend. double trouble as we take look at hawaii. iselle it's weakening but take look at julio. it's still a cattle goer two storm. that will miss a direct hit in hawaii but certainly cause some swells and some wave problems there. recapping our forecast for tonight, 50s in the suburb. open up the one dose let fresh air in. 64 degrees in the city. and then for your saturday, it stays nice. the winds will be light. low humidity. 85 degrees. just get outdoors and enjoy it. forecast by the numbers on scale of one to 10, tomorrow it's a 10. it's a 10 as well as we move into your sunday and look at those temperatures into early next week staying in the low
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80s. our next best chance for rainfall tuesday into wednesday but look at those temperatures. i mean 81 on tuesday. 82 on wednesday. we should be in the mid 80s for this time of year. >> we'll take it. >> yeah. >> thanks, scott. >> keep going. >> keep going. give me next weekend or am i getting selfish. >> do you think tiger woods is looking forward to next weekend. >> i think he's looking forward to this weekend he won't be playing golf this weekend. >> that's what i was wondering. >> it's been a struggle big time at the pga. tiger woods in trouble in round two of the pga championship. update the leader board when we come right back. the eagles nick foles will get limited snaps tonight. he says there's plenty of work to do. what nick foles wan
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♪ >> all right. jeremy maclin expected to play. riley cooper will not. eagles open the preseason in chicago tonight. real list three there's very few job openings on this roster. preseason game number one it's a chance for the coaches to look how the rookies how they perform in game zigs. eagles starters including nick foals only expected to may maybe 10 to 15 snaps. goal number one come out of two night, torque night healthy. the 10 to 15 plays that he will work in with the eagles starters their important for other
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reasons foles says. >> just getting back on the field and in a game atmosphere, in stadium, going full speed, getting hit, because we haven't been hit for while. so usually when you get hit and you haven't been hit for while you get pretty sore. just feeling that. getting up from a hit. delivering our throw. just the feel of the game. i think the preseason is very beneficial to learn about the guys you have. >> all right. nick, back here in philadelphia it is alumni weekend for the phillies down at citizens bank park. tonight phillies start four game series with the new york mets. big night for lump night weekend is tomorrow night when charlie manuel will be inducted into the phillies wall of fame. last night fill less wrapped up a sweep of the houston astros thanks to eight inning grand slam by ryan howard. phillies looking for anything, i mean anything these days to build on. at this point in the season it's about the p word. >> yeah, it's about pride, it's about the team and the guys being together and playing
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together and i mean that was -- that was fun last night celebrating the win in that fashion. i mean that's fun. and so that's, you know, look forward to more of that. >> ryan round two of the pga championship outside louisville. roar row mcilroy fops of follows up a five under 66 yesterday with a four under 67 today. two stroke lead. others on the course including jimmy furyk and jason day. tiger woods at seven over still on the course the cut is projected to be at plus one. tiger six strokes off of that. he's not going to make the cut. he will enjoy scott williams weekend forecast. he will not be enjoying round three for of the pga championship. he is obvious pain. he came back from the back surgery. didn't play last weekend the bridge stone left that tournament early. he is in grimacing pain out there. it's tough to watch champion like he is struggle the way he is right now. he is really, really struggling big time. >> all right. thank you very much, tom. >> you got it. >> that does it for us here at
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6:00. >> we'll see back here at 10:00 o'clock and have great night. inside edition is coming up next. ♪
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shot on the highway. >> i just got shot at. >> are you hit? >> yes, i'm hit. >> the injured driver chases the gunman. >> i'm trying to catch up to him now. >> why in the world would you follow? but did he do the right thing? then, for the first time ever, the model who escaped the manson family massacre, on her way to sharon tate's house that horrific night 45 years ago. >> the miraculous twist of fate that saved her life. >> this was something so incomprehensible. and she thought she got a steal on one of the most expensive handbags in the world. but -- >> it's totally a fake. >> should she get stuck holding the bag? >> everything in my


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