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tv   Fox 29 News at 6PM  FOX  August 10, 2014 6:00pm-7:01pm EDT

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right now on fox 29 news at 6:00 a developing story, police say, that they have the man who has confessed to strangling his wife, they is a jog shore thought he was found in penny pack park. good evening i'm karen hepp. i'm's joyce evans. forty-eight year-old christopher murray was charged this morning. fox 29's drew dickman is live with all of the tea tails, drew. >> reporter: joyce, police say christopher murray confessed to the murder after he failed a lie detector test when brought in for questioning as a person of interest. as you mentioned he was a arrested this morning around 8:00 o'clock. >> i'm in shock. i mean, you know, i was just
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over there telling him how sorry i was about everything and to find out that it was him, it is, a big shock. >> reporter: neighbors were saddened to learned christopher murray was charge with the murder of his wife, connie. >> then when we watch tape of the car last night after i had got that gut feeling i said why are they taking his car. >> reporter: investigators say surveillance video showed a brief conversation in christopher's silver taurus as connie went for a walk around 9:00 an argument with relationship problems, sent christopher off late their night, leading him to strangle her. earlier the next morning a passerby walking his dog discover 46 year-old mother of two lifeless body on the edge of the park near crispin garden rec center. police told us earlier christopher followed missing persons report and went looking for his wife with one of his daughters. >> there was certain parts of his story that just didn't add up, didn't seem his story about his wife was missing but contacted nobody. no friends.
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no family. to find out if she was with them. instead immediately went to hospitals and went to the the police station, it seemed almost a show. >> reporter: couple has two girls, ages 15 and 12, now one of their parents is dead and another could spend the rest of his life, behind bars. >> i just can't imagine, yeah, the hurt that they are feeling. it is unplea ofable, really. >> reporter: neighbors believe that this two girls have remaining family in the area but they are unsure on where they are staying. at for murray he has been arraigned and being held without bail. joyce? >> reporter: thanks, drew. four people are recovering, after a late night shooting in the feltonville section of philadelphia it happen on the 4800 block of tampa street around 11:30 last night. thirty he lease say it started when two people got in the argument. one person started shooting and stray bullets started flying all over the place. in the even, four people were hit, and victims are expect to be okay and cops say they are
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talking to two people, right now. and police are investigating a double murder in south philadelphia, police say two people were shot inside of a home on the 2400 block of hutchinson street. no word on their identities, it happened around 9:30 this morning. police say witnesses saw two men running from the home right after the shooting. so far, no arrests. lets get over to break news coming to us from maryland tonight. where 24 people were stuck on that roller coaster, and been stuck for hours. it is at six flags america in upper marlboro. we have a live camera right now, thinks a live look as you can see they have a bucket that they are doing the rescues right now from but they have been up there for quite sometime. thinks the joker's jinks roller coaster. they have been stranded since just before 2:30. good news is they were rattled but nobody has been hurt and still not clear what caused that roller coaster to be stuck, in the first place. lets get very latest on this crisis in the middle
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east, both israel and hamas agreed to eerie quips brokered cease-fire starting at midnight this will clear way for an even to the month long heavy fight ago long gaza strip. fox's rick levin that you will looks at violence that took place that led to more bloodshed. >> reporter: heavy equipment coughs through concrete slabs and ruble trying to clear flattery mains of the mosque leveled by an israeli air strike this morning. the the the mosque controlled by hamas was used to store ammunition is a cording to the israeli military. it is one of almost 50 mosques destroyed in the month long war. 170 more have been damaged. >> the mosque is one of the largest in gas, sits in the middle of a refugee camp in the center of the gaza strip. the it was hit by an air strike at 3:30 this morning just 15 minutes before the morning prayer. had it been hit 15 minutes later there could have been hundreds of people inside. as it is we're told they pulled three bodies from the ruble and they are searching
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for at least one more the idea, says to second of the victims were hamas fighters. this man was saying he was sleeping when the the air strike jolted him out of bed. he and hundreds of locals crowded the site to watch as the the search for victims continues. that has been a difficult scene here, almost every day now for more than a month. but with both sides agreeing to a 27 hour cease-fire, there is hope for some quiet, and perhaps some compromise at the the bargaining table. in gaza, rick levin that you will "fox news". u.s. launches yet another day of air strikes in iraq. the attacks by u.s. air fighters, and drones destroyed three armed vehicles belonging to the islamic state. president obama ordered the strikes to protect u.s. personnel and religious minorities, facing possible genocide in the northern part of the country. today's strikes followed four that took place yesterday. and, to keep on top of the very latest efforts by u.s. in iraq just go to my fox
6:06 pm for all of the latest news. there is searching for a miss ing teenager who is mentally challenge. he is 14. his name is john. he was last seen on saturday afternoon at his aunt's home on the 2400 block of fourth street in the strawberry mansion section of philadelphia. if you have got any information please call the the police. and taking a look at your fox 29 weather authority, and the latest on the weakened hurricane julio now. fox 29's meteorologist caitlin roth here with the impact, good news. >> yeah, good news, joyce is that impact has been minimal for hawaii island when it comes to julio. thinks comes after iselle brought a big direct hit to the island earlier this weekend on friday morning. looking at radar it doesn't look like much at all, scattered showers across the the hawaii island but it is not uncommon. it happens almost every day. zooming out when we see satellite very tight circulation indicating is what still a hurricane. that is julio but it is moving away from the island and did not the bring the the direct hit. not enclose.
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right now, here's what julio stand a category one hurricane, 345 miles north east, of the hawaii islands. it is winds that are sustain the at 90 miles an hour, it is a strong hurricane moving northwest ward at 13 miles an hour and it was a category three on friday. so even though it is still a hurricane it has been weakening each and every day and it will continue that trend for the next 24 to 48 hours. here's hat which island. still far south east of julio's track. thinks not like isell. that went right across the big island but instead julio by monday afternoon will be downgraded to a tropical storm and continues to move out to sea in the pacific. by wednesday, it has weakened 65 miles an hour wind and should not be bringing impact as far as hawaii islands did still see abrupt seas and high is your in that will continue for at least another day. the that is latest on the tropics, quiet and beautiful weekend back home here i'll let you know how long that will last coming up in a bit, joyce and karen. >> for the latest on your local weather and major weather issues all across the country and world for that
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matter just go to my fox happening right now it is quest for little league world series. our philadelphia taney dragons are one win from the little league world series. they are playing right now against maryland west salisbury. they beat a team from new york on friday so if they win tonight they will head to the big game in williamsport, pennsylvania. lets get over to chris o'connell who is live from center city. people are gathering right now. big watch party. this could be a first. >> reporter: that is right, karen, i have been around here a long time there hasn't been this much excitement over a philadelphia's sports team in a long, long time. no we're not talking the phillies or eagles but we're talking about the taney dragons. we're at a watch party. they are one win away from going to the little league world series. we are here at the milk boy in center city. excitement and tension you could cut with the knife. dragons every playing here in just a few minutes but little league world series against a team from newark, delaware. jason king was a coach for
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taney for eight years. tell me judge is this so special. >> these kids are all kids from the neighborhood, local kids, they all got together. it is so exciting. we could not have imagined that this could have happened. we're just beside ourself. we can't wait to watch this game. >> reporter: made up of a group of kids from all different kind of background especially talk about the lady pitcher you have on your team she has been getting headlines. >> she has been getting headlines. monet throws the heat. >> 07 miles an hour. >> 70 miles an hour. the the guys, they respect her. they respect her a lot. it is a total team. it is not all about her. everybody is contributing, fielding, all the way around. >> reporter: good luck. game just starting to kick off. there is a couple hundred people here, one of two watch parties, this would be the first time anytime from philadelphia, has made it to the little league world series and they are just one week away, you can hear the crowd.
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hopefully we will bring guy news later on. you will hear a roar copping from center city in a couple hours, guys, back to you. >> thanks, chris. fingers crossed. so nice to have something to look forward to and some good news. we do so much serious news including this tragedy on the race track. this is shaking up nascar fans. >> accident on the sprint car track that took a young driver's life and forced another driver out of today's race, that is next. plus a ten year-old girl attacked by a shark in shallow water, the way this was described, the terrifying scene they watched unfold on a florida beach, coming up. eagles are back at practice today and they took the team out for a little bit of a history and chip kelly talks about what the teams problems were with nick foles on friday, that is coming up in sports.
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a deadly car crash, is rocking nascar, racing champ tony stewart, pulls out of nasa car sprint cup just hours a crash last night that killed a fellow sprint car driver. >> we saw it happen at a race in upstate new york. fox's leland vetter explains what happened. >> reporter: at first stewart's team said he would be race to go day and just a couple hours before race time reversed their decision and now the nascar star is sitting out. crash occurred on a dirt track in upstate new york. thinks amateur video of the event which we cannot independently confirm. however it shows what appears to be stewart's car, colliding with a car driven by kevin ward junior.
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ward's car, spins out, and then word gets out of his car and starts walking on the track when stewart's car comes around again for another lap and it appears that ward tries to confront stewart hurdling toward him when his car collides with ward throwing him along the track. he was pronounced dead at the hospital. >> it is a shock. there is enough track and everybody else for track officials to keep things safe but accidents do happen. >> as in any death investigation, we are going to sit down with the district attorney and his staff and review it when the investigation is complete. >> people that witnessed it were who are filed. they were extremely shocked by what they saw. >> reporter: rest of the race was immediately canceled, nascar issued a statement saying in part our thoughts and prayers go out to the family, friend and fellow competitors of sketch ward junior. we support tony stewart's decision to miss today's race. officials say stewart cooperated with the investigation last night but there have not been any final reports issued.
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the the associated press reports that the investigation so far is not, a criminal investigation. in new york, leland vetter, "fox news". police in lakewood, new jersey say that a group of people attacked a man moments after they say that he struck and killed a woman. it happened last night along route 88. police say 41 year-old sandra martin was crossing street when a 26 year-old man driving an suv slammed into her. investigators say would the man's brother saw the whole thing happen. that is when police say the brother and other people started beating the man. he is now in serious condition at a local trauma center. so far no arrests have been made. missionaries who have been working with patients infected with ebola in liberia, are about to return to the united states. they will be quarantined, and monitored. health officials say the quarantine will last three weeks, missionaries are with a north carolina based organization, they will travel
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to the charlotte airport away from the public but officials are not saying exactly when, they will be returning to the united states. and a nigeria man is being tested for ebola in hong kong. he entered china on thursday and was immediately sent to the hospital. officials say he was vomiting. the 31 year-old man is being quarantined at princess margaret hospital. new details of the death of the lancaster county teen who died in the man in other pit. police say the five-year old whose name is jonas king died when farm equipment he was operating overturn into that pit. he was strapped in and could not escape. this all happened yesterday morning at his family's farm in the 300 block of centerville road in lecock township. police say it took more than an hour to retrieve his body. investigators are still trying to figure out exactly how this accident happened. and to your fox 29 weather authority now, what a gorgeous weekend. the here's a live look at cammal beach mountain water park.
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meteorologist caitlin roth is here to tell us just how long all this will last for us, caitlin. >> joyce, at least within more day but it was a gorgeous weekend so pleasantly warm as we saw from cammal beach mountain which we showed you yesterday too past there. back down the shore. anywhere to get near water and spend time outside. it was just beautiful. ultimate doppler showing nothing but clear skies overhead. all across the northeast we have benefited from great weather. down toward the south a totally different story. storm system continuing to bring clouds, showers, thunderstorms slowly going to move off shore but just stay far enough south that we didn't really see cloud cover from this storm system. couple fair weather clouds that popped up this afternoon as we take a live look outside, partly cloudy, eight a degreeses. wind southwest at some miles an hour. that southeasterly flow will continue overnight into tomorrow and will eventually bring a bit more humidity as we using way in to a different weather pattern come tuesday. elsewhere we are looking at 83 pots town. eighty-three allentown. seventy-eight in the poconos. the beautiful sunday night in
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the week ebb. eighty in atlantic city. seventy-nine in wildwood. well, there is a super moon tonight. if you haven't heard bit, we have the the full moon that is the the biggest brightest that it can be all year long. mostly cloudy skies, right now but we do clear out after sunset. this is great viewing conditions, and 66 in the city, 58 in the suburbs. the that is overnight tonight. tomorrow looking great but then big changes by tuesday as some rain moves n we will time it all for you in the full weather authority forecast, karen and joyce. >> thanks, caitlin. still ahead on fox 29 news at six, police pulled a toddler away from a kidnapper caught on video. a very tense situation right here near st. louis, protesters are demanding answers after a 18 year-old man is shot by police what police say happened to these angry people, just don't believe, that is next. pets starting fires this happens more than you may realize. there the is a new campaign to keep fido from burning down the house.
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welcome back. we are seeing dramatic video of police storming the car of a man who ace accused of, kidnapping his, child. authorities in texas say, that he had just lost custody on
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friday as a two-year old. he grabbed the girl from his mother's home where she was, staying. the the two hour standoff ended with the child safely being taken away. the father who officials say has a record is now facing charges of burglary and kidnapping. and a tour bus crashes in to two vehicles before it falls off a 30-foot cliff, 44 people died. this all happened saturday in tibet, 60 miles from that country's capitol. eleven people from the bus were injured, and there is in word on the conditions of those and the other two vehicles. officials say the roads were very treacherous, in mountainous regions but extremely dangerous now following a landslide in that area, earlier this week. new york city rabbi shot and killed yesterday, while visiting miami, florida. police are searching for two suspects, in the murder of 60 year-old joseph, he was in florida, visiting relatives when rabbi was gunned down, while he was walking to the the local temple. miami dade police say
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there is no indication that the murder was a hate crime, meantime people in the area say they are stunned. >> that is unfortunate, very sad to hear, that is about the most extreme thing that has happened in that neighborhood in the ten years i have been here. >> anti defamation league says that it has been in close contact with the lead investigators and the crime does appear to be a robbery, gone bad. the pope is calling for a stop to the bloodshed and suffering to the mid ease. during his sunday blessing he expressed his outrage over the the violence targeting religious minorities in iraq. monday his personal representative heads to iraq to show solidarity with christians who have been the most targeted bias lamb i can state militants. he also shared his concern about the latest round of violence in gaza. angry protesters are demanding answers after an 18 year-old man is shot by police. things are very, very tense right the now, in the st. louis suburbs. what police say happened, that sent these angry people just
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don't believe, next. a south jersey couple isn't shore how long they will have together but no matter how much time is left they want to spend it a as husband and wife. we will take you to their dream wedding, next. caitlin. joyce, another beautiful daze this weekend. warmer, hot but not humid. 88 degrees is the the high temperature. eighty-six is the normal. that humidity will increase quickly and so do rain chances. we
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we want to update you on the breaking news we first brought you at the top of the hour. this is the roller coaster rescue, this is video of that rescue as it is happening. there is 24 people, including seven children, trapped since about 2:30, so going on four hours. they are getting them down. they have a ladder truck up there, 105-foot tower ladder truck and they are bringing them down, car by car. they think it will take in that bucket, they are putting safety hardnesses on each passengers about 30 minutes per car. that is latest on that rescue happening there in the maryland area, the six flags america location. and it is a tense
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situation right outside st. louis between community members and police. residents are outraged, they say, officers shot an unarmed teenager saturday afternoon. now, there are calls for the fbi to investigate it. fox's dominic denatal has both sides of this story. >> reporter: hundreds protest in the streets of ferguson, missouri holding signs saying honk for justice. after a police officer shot and killed an unarmed teenager. police say recent high school graduate's 18 year-old michael brown allegedly assaulted the officer before he was shot. brown's friend and family say they don't believe it and they are overcome with grief. >> he was just a kid. he didn't live around here. he came to visit me. he was spending the summer with me. and they did that to him for no reason. >> reporter: victim's friend said they were walking peacefully in the streets around noon time on saturday when the the officer started harassing them.
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>> he just reached his hand out the window and grabbed my friend around my neck and was trying -- as he was trying to choke my friend. he was trying to get away and officer then reached out a grabbed him. >> reporter: lewis county police who have taken over the investigation are telling a very different story saying it appears that the victim acted aggressively toward the officer. >> it is our understanding at this point in the investigation that within the police car there was a struggle over officer's weapon. there was at least one shot fired within the car, he exited his vehicle, and there was a shooting that occurred where the officer, in fact, the shot the subject. >> reporter: police say officer involved in the shooting is a six year veteran of the force and has not been involved in incident like this before, as per policy he is being put on paid leave. in los angeles, dominic denatal, "fox news". to another controversy killing of the u.s. marine in mexico brings out protesters
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in texas. sergeant andrew remains behind bars. he is in jail on gun charges. about 30 people gathered at a international bridge, between mexico and texas calling for his release. the group believes he is being unjustly jailed. >> clearly there was an infraction on but it was not intentional, and there was no intent to import weapons into mexico. >> reporter: the the group also sent a letter to the mexican consul, calling for marine's release. legendary actor charles keithing known for his work on television and film is death. representatives say he had been fighting cancer. he work on daytime drama like all my children and port charles but it was his role as karl hutchinson another world, that won his an m.a. ward. he also worked on the big screen, in films like the thomas crown affair and the body guard. he was also nominated for tony for a best actor in the rerifle have of joe orton's
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loot, he was 72 years old. this group is called wish upon a wedding and they give dream weddings to couple facing terminal diseases and life changing circumstances. tonight we will bring you a dream come true for a camden county couple. we are thinking you may just fall in love with them. lucy nolan has more. >> reporter: first thing you note business pierre freeman and melony gaskins is how much they laugh. even goofing around for our camera when we caught up with them, one day before their wedding. >> you were walking in slow motion to be smooth. >> i know. >> reporter: pierre and melony are madly in love. they fell head over heels in 2005, three years later though, doctors told pierre he had an inoperable brain tumor, and then came a secondary cancers: liver, lung and bone. but this couple's focus on the good that has come from their battles with this disease.
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>> going through the the disease i have done something i have never done before i have seen strangers, i can see that they are sad. i go up to them and say i love you, can you give you a hug. >> reporter: marriage is something pierre and melony have always wanted but it seemed, too overwhelming, with pierre's ongoing fight begins cancer. and, emotions are overwhelming. and, i thought i know what we could have done for myself and it is like a dream come true. >> reporter: wedding planner, musicians, everything taken care of so you could forget your troubles and look toward the future. >> you have the biggest heart of any manny ever met. >> reporter: surrounded by family and friend, 2b came one.
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>> mr. and mrs. melony and pierre freeman. you may kiss the bride. >> reporter: what you might not know by looking at the new mr. and mrs. freeman are the socks the groom has on. super man socks, man of steel. just like a super hero pierre and his lewis lane melony have leaped tall building one day, finally beating the disease that they refuse to let it hold them back. >> such a beautiful ceremony. that was lucy not and reporting. if would you like to know more about wish upon a wedding come to my fox and click on the scene on tv tab. beach goers raced to help a ten year-old swimmer attacked by a shark, coming up, they will describe the scary scene that unfolded in less than 4 feet of the water. plus... >> how bacon flavored milk shake sound why this is being served up and what it will cost you coming up next.
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welcome back. the 2014 teen choice awards have arrived, this is a live look at the red carpet as those celebrities are a arriving for their show in hollywood. the awards honor this years biggest achievements in music, movies, sports, television, fashion and more. all voted on by teen viewers, of course. you can watch the show right here live on fox starting at 8:00 o'clock tonight. >> fun. check out grammy award winner entertainer olivia newton john. the she's enjoying her come back at madam toso wax museum in vegas. it has been out there for about a week and then will make its permanent home in los angeles. >> johnnies performing her hit show summer nights at flamingo
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hotel in sin city and she's getting ready to record some new music. can't wait for that. topping your money tonight, bacon milk shakes, a tulsa restaurant is giving customers something new to try. recipe is very simple. the it is milk, ice cream, mapel syrup and three strips of bacon, in a high speed blender. customers seem surprised and pleased at the taste. so, if you're in the tulsa area and want to try something new swing by the quick trip for a bacon shake. they start at about $2.50. true story, sea isle scoops, they have mapel ice cream ape little crunchy bacon on top. do not make that face. >> no. >> you can tweet us and let us know. it was kind of good. i thought it was pretty good. this is interesting, concerning we don't realize so many people turnout to lose their houses because of fire every year and fire experts are saying a lot of those
6:39 pm
fires are started by a unlikely culprit our animals. >> now is there a campaign to stop pets from starting those fires. fox's jennifer kendell takes a look. >> reporter: this may look like the face of an innocent animal, but philly here could also be guilty have of accidentally starting a deadly house fire. >> what the statistics say from the national fire protection association that is they are actually around a thousand fires a year that are caused by the animal itself. >> reporter: that is not all, about 500,000 pets are affected by house fires, every year, and there are several steps that you can take to protect your pet, and your home. >> we toured a home with fire chief, thayer smith to see what common household items cause fire danger. the first up was kitchen to remove these during the time they are gone, they pull off and you can leave them there and is there nothing for the animal to bump. >> reporter: not having anything on top of your stove could be just fine as well because it does get bum
6:40 pm
president by a dog and come on, then as long as there is nothing on top of the stove, you know, it is not good but it will not that be big of a deal. >> reporter: national fire protection association says the majority of home fires are caused by cooking equipment. >> this would be something certainly we would not recommend even if you don't have pets that gets bumped, oven comes own. we have combustible in there. we will have a decent raging fire. >> reporter: another fire has air, candles. >> candles will get knocked off, it will be near combustible and then you'll have a fire. recommendation is that you not have any opened flames of any kind around your animals. >> reporter: fire officials say you should opt for flameless candle instead. there are precautions you could take in case a fire does occur. only cage an animal near a doorway where fire fighters will easily see it when they enter. make sure you have a working smoke detector. keep animals a waste from any loose wires and put a barrier around your fireplace. jennifer kendell, "fox news".
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and, this may seem a bit odd but fire officials say be careful what material your dog bowl is made out of and where you place it. a clear glass bowl may act like a magnifying glass when it hits, it is hit wye direct sunlight. what it does is it goes through it and bowls sitting there on the even deck and can reflect enough to heat up and ignite a fire. that is what they say. a ten year-old girl is attacked by a shark, in shallow water. >> this is just latest in one of the string of shark by the in florida, coming up next, witnesses describe a pretty scary scene thawn folded in less than 4 feet of water, caitlin. >> karen, enjoy beautiful but comfortable weekend. i'll have the latest. rain chances quickly returning and then cool down that could beat all of the cool downs we have seen this
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♪ the world famous fries you love, plus a shake of three new flavors you add. introducing mcdonald's shakin' flavor fries. shake up something new to love at mcdonald's.
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welcome back. some football players doing good. this is members of the charter high school football team serving up breakfast with players helping to give out food to people at ronald mcdonald house in center city. when they are not doing good all over our city, they are on track doing so well, playing football, they may become the
6:45 pm
first philadelphia public school to win the state football title. so ten year-old little girl from florida who spends a day at the beach. she will not forget this one anytime soon. >> while waiting in niece deep water a shark bit her on the leg. fox's kateberges tell us how she's doing tonight. >> reporter: a calm day in the surf interrupted by a shark attack. soon to be ten year-old little girl bit own the right foot. >> we had a girl, in the the water, limping, and two people came on the side of her to carry her and she could not walk. she probably walk 3 feet and then she dropped. then i looked over and i seen four puncture wounds and everybody was saying shark. so when i looked, next thing you see wound. >> reporter: these two were among first to respond when the call came in around 1:30 this afternoon. >> at that point our main priority was to stop bleeding and get her off the beach and get her rescued.
6:46 pm
>> she was crying and they took her a way. >> reporter: all over swimmers back on to the beach the ocean county rescue team got the girl to the hospital within minutes. then collect all of the blood off of the sand and out of the water, so the sharks would not come back but there was another shark spotted a mile and a half a few minutes later n1 knows if that is the same shark. thinks third shark bite in cocoa beach this week and we are told they all happened in shallow water. everybody bitten in under 4 feet of water. >> anytime you step in the ocean it is always semi risk, but i mean shark by the don't happen all the time. >> reporter: tell that to the other swimmers. >> i was here, she was there and i was right next to her. >> it was scary. that could have been me. we're just in the water and then we saw everybody huddling around so we just got out the. >> reporter: although scar may loany says the little girl put on a brave face throughout. >> she was very tough, she was nine years old and she kept it together the whole time.
6:47 pm
you don't want to see that but tough cookie on that one. >> all right. scary stuff down there in florida. >> now tour fox 29 weather authority. we've got nothing but goodness going on here. >> this weekend was great. we had ideal summer weather friday, saturday and sunday. this has been a nice summer too we have not had too many bad weather to talk b we have some rain in the forecast as early as tuesday but, just sneak peak, by next week even it looks like it will be great all over again. days of the the week not too bad but we have some rain to talk b first ladies, we have to talk about the super moon tonight. it is all over social media. it is not just super moon but super of all of the super moons because there are three. there was one july 12th, there is one september 9th but this one is yes, in fact, the best or biggest. it is the the one that is the closest or the closest to the earth in its orbit, and it is 14 percent larger and 30 percent brighter. that is at least what you see when you look at the moon which should be in its peak.
6:48 pm
the bonus for all this there is a persaid meteor shower that begins tonight and last through 13th. moon will take away from the meteor shower because it is sobriety, glare of it might make it hard to see that but, do take a look. the the clouds that we have seen throughout the today, will diminish and give a good view of the super moon later on tonight. also at result as a large moon, is coastal flood advisory from effect this is all along the the shorelines. atlantic faithing jersey counties and raretan bay new jersey, delaware bay and eventually in the back bays, all of delaware and south jersey has a result of under this coastal flood advisory for high tides. so from 7:00 p.m. to midnight high tides around 8:00 o'clock and it will take a couple hours for what the tours come n nothing but just astronomical. no storm systems out there but it could cause minor flooding as we go through tonight. besides that it is very quiet. so along with the moon and a lunar effects we are not seeing any effect weather-wise heading in to tonight. showers and clouds down towards the south this is a storm system that we thought
6:49 pm
might bring clouds and showers in the weekend but it didn't. it will continue to stay south of us. today's high in your weather almanac shows 88 with the high temperature in fill at normal is 86. record high for the daze is 98 setback in 2001. temperatures very nice. only 78 in mount pocono but 38 in lehighton. eighty-three allentown. eighty-two bethlehem. warm day and nice pleasant evening but just goes to show when you don't have humidity it feels tolerable. seventy-nine in warminster. eighty-two bensalem. will five in philadelphia 83 in bridge ton. eighty in atlantic city. "fox news" tour cast shows a quiet night tonight. moth much cloud cover. early tomorrow morning we will start off with sunshine but might see a few more clouds in the mix in the afternoon ahead of our next storm system which will arrive object tuesday. some point on tuesday. here's tuesday afternoon. clouds are first. then showers, coming in. this timing is not written in stone yet. it could be earlier or a little bit later but we will see rain on tuesday and at times it might be heavy this
6:50 pm
is showing a break in the evening before a second round comes n this could be heavy rain, again, tuesday night into very early wednesday morning. that is five or 6:00 a.m. midday on wednesday it is out. chance for rain begins tuesday morning and last for about wednesday morning although we will see some breaks. so for tonight great viewing out there with the clouds giving way to clear skies, 66 in the city, 58 in the suburbs. for tomorrow's forecast one last really nice day before the rain comes in. 87 degrees for the the high. still not too humid. winds south at ten to 15 miles an hour. now even though we are talking about some unsettled weather moving into tuesday and wednesday, it will turn itself right back around by thursday. the it will be beautiful again. seventy-eight, kind of cloudy and cool with showers and thunderstorms on tuesday, and then by wednesday, 80 degrees with early rain giving way to probably late daze sunshine and it looks to be fairly quick moving even though we have lousy weather for 24 hours. then we will turn cooler on thursday highs only in the upper 70's, lows in the 50's for most of us and high temperatures in the lower 80's as we head into next weekend with a lot of unshine. our summer weekend are
6:51 pm
starting to twinkle so they will could and this one coming up at least right now looks like no exception, repeat of this weekend maybe a little bit cooler. >> we will take it looks great. >> thanks, caitlin. >> thanks caitlin. >> lets head over to howard now for some sports, hi, howard. >> hey, hey, hey, hey i'll have a race with a runner, literally lost his pants. eagles got a history lesson along with practice today and the fans, they are excited inside that shrine of football hist
6:52 pm
6:53 pm
eagles were back on the practice field to take after friday's preseason loss in chicago. today was last opened practice for the eagles but this one was at the place where the eagles had won their last
6:54 pm
championship in 1960, over 28,000 fans showed up, at franklin field on the penn campus. now nick foles is one player that wanted to give back and work on the problems he had friday night. he threw you two interceptions. it is only preseason so i don't think there is concern. there were a few factors that i'm sure contributed to what he did and the problems. >> on the one throw on second and help tried to throw ate way. he knows that. and, we had a twisted game on the other interception where he got moved off his point a little bit but still got to set his feet and throw the ball. sometimes you don't to have complete are have pass sometimes an inn completion is better than an interception. >> just making smart decisions. just staying on time, moving in the pocket. it is just little things you are getting back to what i was doing last season just making good decisions, moving the ball. >> many of the fans who came out today may have been in franklin field for the first time in their lives.
6:55 pm
that is right. it was franklin field. think about this. it has history. old classic football stadium. eagles won their last championship at the that stadium against the green bay packers. that was 29 years before nick foles was born. >> it is amazing just walking out here on the field knowing there is so much history here. i have never been here before. it is an amazing stadium. it is the the oldest in america. it is unbelievable. the fans were unbelievable. i know there is probably more that wanted to come out. it was awesome. it was an honor for us to be practicing here with so much history, so many great eagles players here watching us. >> yes, it was, a place of history. today, tonight on sports sunday former eagles defensive back quinton michael will join us in the studio and talk about that game sports sunday tonight at 10:35. after losing first two game with the mets in the nurse two series and then mets became the mets. lets go to the ballparks.
6:56 pm
the first inning, kyle kendrick who did not have a good day for the phillies, thinks curtis grander son and that ground ball goes right through the legs of ryan howard. that led to an unearned run in the first. but that wasn't the only problem here. kyle kendrick, gave up six runs, and five innings, and two of those in the fifth inning. this is, lucas duda hits a home run. that makes it-one. next batter, and the next pitch, travis darin hits a home run. phillies were trailing. they tied it up in the ninth with the run to make it six-six. then with the man on second ryan howard up three -two pitch, two outs, pulled the ball just inside the line. phillies go on and beat those tough mets, the score there seven-six. a lot of different places and things to go on in baseball stadiums. it is kids hot dog race. lets go to kansas city and watch this closely. they put kids in the hotdog costumes.
6:57 pm
look at the little guy, he lost his pants. >> they help him out. they try to get his back on. they finally pulled up his pants. >> oh, no? he goes down hard. >> you feel so sorry for him. >> he has padding there. >> yes. >> wow. >> that is pretty funny. >> thanks, hour. >> be sure to join us tonight for fox 29 news at ten, coming up, the pill that is protecting people from hiv, it is called prep. it is changing lives. who is taking it and where you can get it, tonight at ten. that is our news for this sunday night american daddies next, have a good night.
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