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tv   Fox 29 Morning News at 6a  FOX  August 11, 2014 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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the death of amices sure i teenager shot by police sparking riots in the streets of st. louis, what started as peaceful protests now turning to violent raids, and what police are doing to restore order. nascar champion pulls out of his next race after a crash killed a young driver this video, taken moments were he was killed. what tony stewart has to say about this tragedy. >> you know, i was just over there telling him how sorry i was about everything and to find out it was him. >> shocked, from friends and neighbors after police say this man strangled his wife, her body found in the local park, why police say his story just did not add up from the beginning. biggest sports story in philadelphia right now has to do with little leaguer, these little guys, taney dragons are advancing to the the little league world series and how they are making history this morning especially with their pitcher, dawn.
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>> yes, monet davis. >> your daughter is friend with her. >> they are in the same class, they played soccer together. we will have have more on that coming up. >> how exciting for them, heading to williamsport. >> we will do weather on the one's and we will get right to it with sue serio. >> how did you like the weekend. >> great. not only was it seasonably warm but we had low humidity. we have another day before things start to go downhill. so what a perfect time have to have a day game, for the philadelphia phillies today. the it is, a business person special, one more with the mets, and we will see plenty of sunshine. it will be warm, more humid then it has been. wind south east at 10 miles an hour, so plenty of sun screen outside at the ballpark today. 68 degrees right now with the west southeasterly breeze at 3 miles an hour. relative humidity at the moment is 81 percent and sunrise, it is 6:09, moments from right now, fox cast for
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today, has upper 60's to around 70 by 8:00 o'clock. 80 degrees by lunchtime. some clouds in the afternoon but still enough sunshine to get to us 87 degrees, today, and then things change pretty dramatically starting tomorrow. we will talk about that coming up, that is your weather authority fox cast. our kacie has off today so we will handle traffic right here, at two minutes after 6:00 and in barrington, route 30, near 295, in new jersey, there are reports of an accident there, looking at your current travel times on the the schuylkill expressway westbound, 676 to the blue route is there a current travel time of about 14 minutes and if you are traveling i-95 southbound from woodhaven to the schuylkill expressway, there is i should say to the vine, is there a current travel time have of about 14 minutes. dawn. >> all right, thanks sue. fire in strawberry mansion overnight damaging two homes, flames broke out along 2700 block of north 24th street.
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red cross is helping two people displaced and there is in one injured. police investigating a robbery in the north east that happened 11:30 last night in the 1700 block of gulfford road. police say two armed suspects robbed a person of cash and a cell phone. they say after the robbery, get this, one of the suspects wound up shooting himself in the leg by accident. that suspect police say then walked to the hospital for treatment. in new jersey, pedestrian was hit and killed, in the hit and run accident, it happened just before 9:00 last night on the 900 block of west landis avenue in vineland. this is near cumberland mall. police say they think victim was struck by pickup truck or large suv, investigators are hoping that surveillance video from nearby businesses will help in their investigation. 6:03. husband under arrest charged with killing his wife and abandoning her body in fairmount park. >> steve keeley is live with the very latest, steve.
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>> reporter: it was a week ago today that the homicide crew first got the calls about this case a murder a week ago today, the funeral now later today, the body held because they had to do a autopsy and investigation. that is why the funeral was not normal three or four days after. because of that her husband will not be at the the funeral because he will be lock up, since the weekend began, we have learned that the husband was suspect and now charged. he came in here saturday night and confessed after failing a lie detector test badly and then arraigned already and then sent off to jail. forty-eight year-old christopher murray man in custody after failing that test, and police say they learned some details about what happened, where he threw his wife's missing cell even if down a sewer near murder scene and it was his silver ford taurus that you was car seen on surveillance and last video of connie murray seen alive. police figured that they thought that this guy driving the car was someone close to her because she stopped not
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only to talk but lean her body in the car to talk to him and police figured he knew, they knew that because they saw the silver tar news his possession as well. so what is the latees today. well, funeral this morning and the swim club where this couple was stowe big and leaders of will be opening later today because that swim club like a large fallly to northeast philadelphia everybody that works there and there's will attend this funeral. all right, steve keeley live for us, thank you. at 6:05. philadelphia police are investigating a double murder in south philadelphia. investigators say two people were shot inside the home in the 2400 block of hutchinson street sunday morning. witnesses saw two men running from the home right after the shots were fired. so far no arrests. four people are recovering after a shooting in philadelphia's feltonville section this happened in the 4800 block of tampa street saturday night. police say that it started when two people got into an argument. the victim's are expect to be okay, police say they are
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talking to two people right now. anger turn into mayhem following a fatal shooting of an unarmed teenager killed by police in the st. louis suburb. investigators say business where is looted and vandalized late last night following a peaceful vigil held to honor 18 year-old michael brown. brown was shot several times in the confrontation with police on saturday. tensions have been building, since that time, and various local law enforcement agencies had to be called in in order to restore order, it is not sure how many people were arrested, but no injuries were reported. civil rights organizations are and calling for the fbi to investigate michael brown's death, and they have conflicting accounts of what led up to the shooting. police say brown assaulted a police officer but witnesses say he was surrendering to police, before being shot. and it is a story everybody is talking about, three time nascar champion tony stewart says there are no words to describe his sadness over the crash that killed a
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young sprint car driver. >> take a look for yourself, this is cell phone video of the race here. you can see stewart here will bump one of the drivers wheels and knock him into the wall there and turn him around. this happened in the race track over weekend. amateur video obtained by "fox news". kevin ward junior's car spun out of control. ward gets out of the car there and is pointing at stewart. the caution flag had gone out and bam, right there we froze video this is what stewart runs into ward. what you won't see is that ward is thrown along the track and later pronounced dead at the hospital. >> as in any death investigation, we are going to sit down with the district attorney and his staff and review it when the investigation is complete. >> people that witnessed it were who are filed. they were extremely shock by what they saw. >> officials say stewart has cooperated in the investigation, and final
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report, has yet to be issued, but i want to pass along "fox sports" one legal analyst has stated he anticipate tony stewart will face second degree manslaughter charge in this case. d.a. will review this and to that end sheriff has asked for anyone who was there and may have shot more cell phone video to come forward to help with the investigation. >> this is just the beginning. >> wow. >> philadelphia's own tany dragons has punched their tickets to the little league world series in williamsport. fox 29's jennifer joyce is live in south philadelphia where kids are practicing. all that practice really paid off, jennifer. >> reporter: it absolutely has, this is great for philadelphia. this is obviously great for this team. we are at 18th and fitzwater at one of the fields where the young team practices. it formed just a couple years ago. they are already heading to the little league world series. >> in a championship game fast ball on the ground, to the second, they will go to short for one and double play. and monet davis and taney
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little leaguers with the complete game and ticket to williamsport. >> the final play of the game evoke strong emotions from the team made up of children 12 and under, of various backgrounds and various neighborhoods in philadelphia. coming together, to seal the deal and secure their spot on the national stage at the little league world series. the taney dragons beat a team from newark delaware last night eight to nothing. their pitcher monet davis is shining brightly in the spotlight. she will be the 17th female to play the in the little league world series and she's a stan out with a 07-mile an hour fast ball. team is heading to williamsport. they are leaving today, and their first game is friday. dawn and chris. >> how exciting, okay, thank you. this is not the type of scare you would want to see at an amusement park. two dozen people trap on the roller coaster for hours. what an official says it was supposed to do next.
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this is the "name your price" tool. it gives you options based on your budget -- it's a piece of cake. i was told there would be cake. get a free quote at it will be a great beach day. up there the the the beach it will be in the 70's, it looks like probably the upper seven's today with the ocean water temperature 75 degrees, moderate risk of rip currents, keep that in mind swimming today and eight is your uv
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index. we have a high of 87 inland today here in the city, nine out of ten, one more phillies afternoon game today and then rain comes late tonight tomorrow lasting in the early part of wednesday, could be heavy at times. could have some thunderstorms. pay off is cool, comfortable weather for the even of the week and even the weekend. so that is the look at your weather authority forecast. now we will go to the roads at 6:13. on i-95 southbound approaching walt whitman bridge is there an accident there blocking the left lane there. that will slow you down at this time of the the day. now, update on townseven, du pont highway in delaware and summit bridge road will be closed for another hour and a half so plan on using route one, hopefully you check things out, before you leave the house. we will have more, of the male announcer: the magic of the bay is waiting. explore maryland's coastal villages, scenic waterways and the land of our national anthem along the star-spangled banner national historic trail.
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there's an adventure waiting for you in maryland. land of discovery.
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u.s. launched fourth round of air strikes in iraq early yesterday. at tax by u.s. fighter jets ape drones destroyed three armed vehicles belong to go isis. senior u.s. officials say the obama administration has begun directly providing weapons to kurdish forces, who started to make gains against islamic militants in iraq. u.s. insisted on only selling arms to the iraqi government. u.s. military completing four rounds of aid delivery to the tens of thousands of iraqis driven out of their homes bias lamb i can militants. military just releasing this footage of food and water aid drops over northern iraq. they have been working with the iraqi government to deliver almost 75,000 meals and more than 15,000 gallons of water. a former member of the president obama's cabinet is criticizing his foreign policy efforts. in an interview with the atlantic magazine, former obama secretary of state
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hillary clinton suggesting that the president's foreign policy mantra of don't do stupid stuff lacked sufficient depth. wall street journal, nbc news poll shows americans are losing confidence in the president's foreign policy procedures. israeli forces -- >> i'll take it. 6:17. israeli forces as dawn said and hamas militants accepted a new cease-fire proposal early yesterday in hopes of finding a long term truce in the violence in the gaza strip. hamas broke a similar three day cease-fire friday night firing rockets in to israel, hours before the truce was set to expire, fighting has killed nearly 2,000 palestinians, many of them civilians. the israelis have lost nearly 70 people, including, three civilians. thirty-nine people are dead and nine others injured after a plane crashed, this weekend in iran. the the small passenger plane crashed during take off, from an airport in tehran after an engine went out.
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eyewitnesses say the plane hit a wall, following the crash, there were several explosions, and the plane was heading to a town in eastern iran. a tour bus crashes in to two vehicles before it falls off of a 30-foot cliff into tibet. forty-four people are dead. this happened saturday about 60 miles from tibet's capitol city, 11 people were hurt. there is no word on their conditions or of the people in the other two vehicles. officials say that the roads are treacherous, in that mountainous region but conditions are extremely dangerous right now, because of a land slide that happened in that area, earlier this week. new york city rabbi is shot and killed while visiting miami florida. police are searching for two suspects in the murder of six year-old joseph, he was in florida, visiting relatives when rabbi was gun down while walking to a local temple on saturday. miami dade police say there is no indication that the murder was a hate crime. in the meantime people in that area are stun. >> that is unfortunate.
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this is very sad to hear. the that is most extreme thing that happened in the neighborhood in the ten years i have been here. >> anti defamation league says it has been in close contact with the lead investigators and the crime appears to be a robbery gone bad. a really sad story out of utah today. salt lake tribute is reporting the death of the teenager following a tragic accident outside of her home. police say that the teenager was sun bathing in her driveway and listening to music on her headphones when her older sister back out of the garage, accidentally running her sister over. the girl's sister is overwhelmed with grief. >> she's having a very difficult time, getting herself up. all we can do is encourage her. it was just an accident. it could happen to anybody at anytime. the teen's sister is not facing any charges. within person is dead and several others were hurt after a truck plowed through a
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crowded new jersey farmers market. this happened in howthorn, new jersey around 2:00 o'clock yesterday afternoon. police say woman at the vegetable stand was hit when a truck plowed through the street barricades and hit her. the driver just kept going, dragging that woman for about a half a mile until stopped by police. >> i just got knock over by the tables that he hit. i remember seeing tomatoes flying up in the air and that was pretty much it. i really can't recall what is happening around me. >> witnesses say driver did appear to be upset when he realized what had happened. police are still investigating what caused the crash. very high drama for people on a maryland roller coaster 24 people had to be rescued, after a ride there got stuck at six flags america, in upper marlboro, yesterday. officials say it took about five hours on sunday, to reach and rescue the 17 adults and seven children from the joker's jinks roller coaster, look at how high up they are
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stuck on that roller coaster. police say some people did complain of cramps and back pain but overall though and amazingly there were no major injuries. it is unclear what cause that had ride to stop but six flags in america says the ride does have a computerized safety system that quote performed as it is tea signed to. 6:21 is the time. coming up in 40 minutes we will start good day philadelphia how about the birds over the weekend. were you watching friday night? >> yes, iowas. >> hopefully this is not a look at what things are to come. what does nick foles need to do to bounce back. jon and sean from 97.5 the fanatic will be here to talk about that on good day if you logged on to facebook chances are you saw your friend posting articles about the facebook messenger app. i got messages from people about this. a lot of people are complaining about privacy issues, if it can happen in your contacts and your camera. can you do that? we will have a tech expert in, to talk about what we can do
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to protect ourselves. >> all right, sue good morning. >> it is a good day, right. >> a little creepy but we will get it all sorted out for you just stay right here. when you go outside a little later on it will be pretty nice, if you like the weather over the weekend you'll be happy with today. upper 80's for a high temperature. a few more clouds by the end of the day but we're off to a mild start. we will be in the 80's by lunchtime, sunset time 8:03 this evening. 6:22 is the the current time and lets get traffic. starting out in norristown, and west main street and as for street, reports of an accident there we will get more information on that one when it comes in. update on the accident on i-95 southbound approaching walt whitman bridge boy this is a bad spot for this to happen, two left lanes are new block i-95 southbound approaching the the the walt whitman bridge. we will be right back.
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eagles held their last open practice at a shrine in eagles history. eagles won their last championship at franklin field in 1960. some of the 28,000 fans, may have been there for that game but that championship was 29 years before nick foles was born. >> amazing just walking out on the field knowing there is so much history here. i have never been here before. it is an amazing stadium. it is like the oldest in merky think someone said. it is unbelievable. >> phillies came back from five runs down to beat mets, lets go to the ballpark. first inning didn't start well and was president a good game for kyle kendrick. gave up six runs in five innings this error led to an unearned run. then ryan howard makes up for
6:27 am
it. ninth inning phillies score won and ryan howard, three-two pitch with two outs forced a run, phillies win seven-six. that is sports in a minute. i'm howard eskin. at 6:27, the woman seen in this video getting beaten by a california highway patrolman is now out of the hospital and now she's speaking out what she had to say about that beating. steve keeley live in philadelphia police headquarters when police made an arrest in the case of mother found strangled in the local park, steve. >> someone killed and killer is not caught yet, funeral police will show up to see who else shows up and see reaction. they won't to have do that today because woman from northeast philadelphia was wife mother and murder victim will be burr toyed day and her husband, father and admitted murderer won't be attending a after police figured out there was no random strangler on the
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disbelief from neighbors after hearing a mother found extractled at penny pack park was killed by her husband. why police say his story didn't add up from the beginning. kay uses at a cell even if store when a car comes flying through a front window pinning a man to the wall. what the driver says caused her to crash.
6:31 am
and celebration, no, not for our phillies, or eagles but for taney dragons. who are they and why are they making history. we will introduce to you these guys with the big dreams, how exciting. >> yes, very exciting. good morning everybody. with a gorgeous weekend we are hoping for more of the same. >> so sue serio at 6:31 doing weather on the one's will we get more of the same. >> we will realize your hope today, and today only, because by tomorrow we will talk bay completely different forecast. a lot the weather than today. on a scale of one to ten, we will go with the big old nine with sum are warmth and in rain. only minus is higher humidity. so, it is a great pool day for buddy. sun screen in hand. he has got the the beach ball there, ready to do cannon ball in the pool. sixty's and 07's outside right now but temperatures will be warming up, and the phillies have a daze game today, a business person's special,
6:32 am
85 degrees, one more game with the mets in the series, sunny and warm, it should be nice but just like buddy don't forget that sun screen at 68 degrees. we will see a few clouds in the sky which makes it so gorgeous out there right now. 3 miles an hour breeze and 81 percent relative humidity. fox cast has upper 60's by 8:00 o'clock. eighty by lunchtime and 87 degrees by later on today. a few clouds here ape there, and a few extra clouds by end of the day. but in the bad at all for today. the rest of the forecast is coming up. the right now it is time to check traffic at 6:32. that accident on i-95 southbound approaching walt whitman bridge is luckily cleared now. we have smooth sailing again. just the typical volume there. and now in the philadelphia metro area i-95 north bound at girard point bridge a disable vehicle, on the right shoulder, chris? okay, we've got breaking news out of south philadelphia, fire fighters on the scene of the fire at a laundromat math on the 600 block of snyder avenue, we
6:33 am
have just got a crew in place to bring this to you live now, there are apartments above that laundromat so that is the biggest concern of fire. e one has been evacuated, it doesn't look like like this are quick work by philadelphia's fire fighters. police arrest a husband of the woman found strange told death at penny pack park last week. >> fox 29's steve keeley is live with the details of this police had a feeling all along that it might be the husband, steve. >> reporter: they do in every case. they usually look at the family and then look out. that is what we learn again yesterday here when phil talk to us about this case. police, who investigate murders every day, every week have heard every excuse. they know every red flag that will come up when interviewing people that are suspect, connect or trying to deflect attention off them. in this case man we are looking at is 48 year-old christopher murray made huge mistakes. his cover up blew blew up
6:34 am
right away. from the moment he tried to act like a worried husband when he first reported his wife missing calling hospitals and police instead of calling who a husband would normally call if his wife didn't come home from a power wall her close friend, neighbors and her family. hey, is connie over there? is she with you guys because she has not come back yet and she just went out to exercise. that raised suspicions first. then when detectives got some surveillance last video, the last time she was seen alive, the car that drives up to her is eye same car her husband drives. silver ford taurus the car that she was last seen near and car police suspect the killer drove. talking to the victim's close friends and family they knew the couple was having marriage troubles as well. finally their missing cell phone. police found that after the house wand confessed saturday night thrown down a sewer. they had him take lie detector test. when needles went off, his nerves did too. he confessed.
6:35 am
>> premeditated i don't know fit is premeditated. i think it is more of a rage incident, more than premeditated. the unfortunate part of the case like this we only have one side of the story. there was some ongoing domestic discourse between the two that i will in the comment on. >> the the detectives that processed the crime scene notice there had were some things that didn't add up with her being grabbed and drug up to that area people air zooming she was running in the park. she was long the outskirts of the park walking. that is clear from the video we have recovered. she's out it looks like power walking. so we believe he followed her and is there a berm there, 5-foot high berm, it would be very hard to drag somebody up that berm. we believe she went up there voluntarily to talk to him. but whatever was going on perhaps away from the children and things went bad. >> reporter: couple's two girls 12 and 15 will be comforted as much as possible
6:36 am
this that is even possible today at their mother's funeral. not only dealing with the fact that their murder was murdered but that their father is murderer, dawn and chris. >> so sad, thanks steve. 6:36 is the time. new jersey governor chris christie will be in trenton today signing the state's prison bail reform bill. the bill allows judges to deny bail to violent repeat offenders until trial, and keep them off of the streets. it also, expands ways to release non-violent suspects who cannot afford bail and would have to sit in prison, until their trial date. pennsylvania counties are scheduled to pray for mosquitoes, montgomery county will spray from 8:30 to 11:30 tonight in several communities. delaware county will spray in portions of upper chichester township. philadelphia may just have its biggest sports story of the year, center city own taney dragons have punched their ticket to the little league world series. it was such a great game. >> really fun. now they are heading to williamsport. fox 29's jenny joyce is live
6:37 am
there south philadelphia where they have been practicing. they are really good. >> reporter: it is paying off. this is one of their practice field at 18th and fitzwater. now the taney dragons as you said heading to williamsport for the little league world series. >> in a championship game, fast ball on the ground, to second, it will go to short for one and double play. monet davis and taney little leaguers with the complete game and ticket to williamsport. >> reporter: a big final play from the team made up of children, 12 and under, and various backgrounds and various neighborhoods of fill like rittenhouse to grays ferry. they are coming together to seal the deal and secure their spot on the national stage at the little league world series. the taney dragons beat a team from newark delaware last night eight to nothing. their pitcher monet davis is shining brightly in the spotlight. she will be only the 17th female, to play in the little league world series, and she's
6:38 am
a stan out with the 70 miles an hour fast ball. supporters pack the milk boy bar to cheer on this philadelphia sensation. they say they are amazing by this. >> it has only been two years. so putting this together in this short period of time is astonishing. it is absolutely incredible. i've got my hat for when i played for that team, years and years and years ago and it is incredible. there is almost no words for me. watching her pitch and watching them may together it is great baseball. >> so great to sees philadelphia kids, black white, asian, mail, female to play as one and represent the the city so well. >> reporter: that excitement will continue all week long. the the taney dragons leave for williamsport today and their first game is on friday.
6:39 am
dawn and chris. >> it would be fun to make the drive from philly up there just to check it out. >> we wish them lots of luck. that would be so cool. 6:39 is the time. a california woman seen in this tape getting beaten by a los angeles officer is out of the hospital, and now, she's talking about the the whole ordeal, why she has, what she has to say about what happened that day. a special surprise for families grandfather why this little puppy brought him to tear. mara: it's easy to lose your way in a place like this.
6:40 am
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ms. winnie earle: kids in paterson face lots of obstacles - but nothing can stop their determination. mara: my dream is to be a pediatric nurse. ms. earle taught me if i work hard - i can do anything. ms. winnie earle: mara had so much potential, it was my job to help her reach her goals. mara: now, i'm headed to college to study nursing! ms. winnie earle: there are so many talented kids like mara - and they all deserve to live their dreams.
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time for weather on the one's, and this one is where we tell you what is going on, and then what is going to happen. you see it right there. rain tomorrow, but not yet. you can see where it is coming from. we have a couple of frontal systems that will be making their way through the area it is humid ahead of the warm front and it will be humid tomorrow as well but tomorrow is the day that we're going to see some rain. so as we go through the future cast we will see today is okay. just a few extra clouds by the end the of the day. overnight we will start to see the rain moving in and then by 5:00 in the morning we could have showers around here during the fox 29 morning news and the "good day philadelphia". some of those showers could be heavy at times tomorrow, on and off throughout the day, throughout the night, tuesday night and then into wednesday morning. that is when we will see heavier of the rain. last gasp of the system moving through between midnight ape 5:00 a.m.
6:43 am
so, it should be out of there by the end of the morning. then we will make way for a really couple nice days, much cooler then average. so, the rainfall in the forecast about an inch the on the ground by 6:00 on wednesday morning. all told about an inch and a half, maybe 2 inches of way on the way with this system. temperature trend overpass seven days and then tuesday's high of 90 degrees, so we're where we would be for this time of the career in august. yesterday's high 86. i think we will be high this again today. 68 degrees in philadelphia the at moment. fifty-seven the atlantic city international. fifty-six in mount pocono. fifty-nine in lancaster. so from that 68 degrees we will head up to 87. it will cool off tomorrow. it will still be humid with these thunderstorms around and clouds when it is not raining. that rain will last into wednesday morning. heavier at times. and then sun breaks out at the end of the day on wednesday, and then, the pattern changes to cooler. you are almost feeling a
6:44 am
little bit on have that crispness in the air on thursday, and especially friday, when we may not even make it to 80 degrees. there it is, seven day forecast from the weather authority, it the is now 6:44. let's check traffic for you on the bound, we have an accident block will left lane there ab wear of. that also upper providence pennsylvania, commerce drive at broad street, there are reports of an accident there, chris? sue, thank you. how about this june bugs are causing a pesky problem for people in nashville. the late blooming bugs have taken over, local parks, experts say that the city's recent rain may to be blame. >> a good rain especially since it is a soft, gentle rain, can trigger a large number of the adults to emerge and land at the same time. >> buzzing around there experts say june bugs are only harmful to plants and not hume man's. >> los angeles homeless woman because of a controversial
6:45 am
controversial stop. marlene pinnick said she thought she was going to die as a california highway patrol officer straddled her, repeatedly punch her head on the side of a los angeles freeway. this is truly hard to watch. 591 year-old woman was released from the hospital last week. >> eighty-two year-old driver says confusion behind the steering wheel caused her to slam in the florida business sending a man to the hospital. woman said she hit the gas and instead of the brake and that sent her crashing into the front of a verizon store. the driver ended up pinning a nine three-year old world war two veteran to the wall. he was flown to the hospital for surgery and he is in critical condition this morning. >> when i came in here, he is laying on the ground and i said are you all right, but i don't think he moved away. all this happened and i don't like that messy made.
6:46 am
>> the the driver said that she is very sorry for the crash telling authorities that she has a clean driving record. ten year-old florida girl has quite a story to tell after a day at the beach this past weekend while waiting in just knee deep water, a shark bit the little girls leg this happened near laurie wilson park in cocoa beach. witnesses saw the girl struggling to get out of the water. >> i seen a girl, hopping out of the water, limping, two people came on to each side to carry her and she could not walk. she walk 3 feet and then she dropped. >> medics rush the girl to the hospital. she had a few by the in her right foot but she's expect to be just fine. beach remained closed for about an her. a 13 month-old minute so the girl is in intensive care after one of those laundry gel packs exploded in her mouth. little girl had been eating blueberries where she pick up the pod mistaken it for food. whether he she bit down the
6:47 am
jell packs opened and little girl received near fatal chemical burns on her mouth and her throat. she's expect to survive. and closer to home this morning volunteers are getting a chance to dig up some history, an arc logical dig is coming to a close at the indian kings tavern. that is in haddonfield, new jersey. the tavern got three grants to fund excavation projects on the ground, it is an end to a month long project searching to find the foundation of the 1764 tavern. that was demolish. in entertainment news, this morning, some sad news to report legendary actor charles keithing, known for his work on television and film has died. >> a representative said that he had been fighting cancer. he worked on daytime dramas, all my children and port charles. but it was his role as karl hutchinson another world that won him an emma ward. keithing work in the film screen such as thomas corona fair and body gar. he was also nominated for a
6:48 am
tony in the best actor in joel orton. charles keithing was 72 years old. the the rock sharing his emotions on instant gram this weekend after an accident involving a mother and cousin. rock posting this dramatic picture of the crash along with an emotional message about how grateful he was that his family member survived that crash. in his post he claims that a drunken driver crashed into his mother and cousin, head on. >> teenage mutant ninja turtles, yes, they take the the number one spot in the the box office over the the weekend. the big screen reboot of the ninja turtles franchise starring megan fox earn 65 million-dollar in the opening weekend. big numbers have already prompted studio to say let's do another, a seek wet set for june of 2016. marvel's guardians of the galaxy slid to the number two spot, the in to the the storm film touched down, in third place. the hundred foot journey and
6:49 am
lucy round out the top five. pop sensation demi lovato and cher lloyd kicking off 16th annual teen choice awards. >> ♪ >> demi also picking up an award, other big winners of the night include shealen woodly and anville from the fault in our stars. teen choice awards honor movies, television, comedy, sports and fashion stars. a little boy ace first rodeo goes off without a hitch after he shows the bull who is boss. take a look. this four year-old shows no fear as gate opened and bull was released. even though the animal was tamed this little guy seemed to know what he was doing and he may have a future in the extreme sport. the young bull riders made it past the 82nd mark. >> well, hold the video for just a second. >> i know, i wanted to see how he did.
6:50 am
>> there we go. >> look at that, sue. >> wow. >> how cool is that. >> yes. >> such a pro. >> the bull was definitely tame. what are you doing with the four year-old on a bull. >> if you are a parent do you put your kid on a bull, this is great. speaking of kids are you ready for them to go back to school. >> aim not the sure. our jen freddie's talking about everything from the bets gadgets to is what keeping them organized. i like. that we want to know and hear how your children are getting ready to go back to school. tweet us with the hash tag fox 29bts, for back to school. >> absolutely. you probably saw video like this, on your twit error instagram feed over the last few days, it is called the ice bucket challenge. so, what is this all about? why are celebrities getting involved. we will tell you how this all started, and it is for a very important cause. >> not so bad. >> sue serio, good morning,
6:51 am
6:51. >> what a cool customer that martha stewart is. nothing gets to her. the not even an ice bucket on her head. >> get it, cool customer, he get it. here's your weather. it is so gorgeous out the side right now. we will look outside the the window as we lot at weather changes we will be experiencing. we're off to a mile start this morning. and a few areas of fog, and south and east of the city of philadelphia for the the most part and then today sun and clouds. it will be a bit more humid then it was yesterday, but a pretty similar day. and then the rain, lives, and it will be with us, for tomorrow, and for wednesday, and heavier at times with some thunderstorms possible as well. so, get the rain gear ready, you will not need to it day but you will tomorrow. that is your weather authority forecast. let's check traffic. we will start off with the schuylkill expressway, eastbound, past conshohocken. we have an accident that is now, moving the to the right shoulder, so, it will slow you down a little bit.
6:52 am
also on i-95 northbound between girard and allegheny a disable carries blocking the right lane. we will be be right back after this.
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6:54 am
good morning, welcome back at 6:54. nice way to wake up in bushkill falls in the pocono mountains. thanks for being with us on this monday. there is no match that can heel a man grieving the the lost of his wife for 63
6:55 am
years except maybe for a puppy. >> unaudible. >> the puppy was from the man's grandson who shot the video of this as he was crying. he told his grandfather, you don't need to be lonely anymore. how sweet is that. >> even if you don't come from a big family, you know what a struggle it can be to fight for the remote all the time. there is a baby out there that has learned that struggle at a very young age. look at him, for that remote. as soon as his mom takes that remote away, the baby cries.
6:56 am
so cute. you can watch that all day. high diving competition takes place for the the first time in, 15 years, take a look at this competition has been around for 60 years. would you ever? hundreds of people checked this out yesterday, spectator the sat along the banks of the white river to watch 27 divers compete for first prize. each competitor dropped from the edge of the bridge 72 feet. wow. is your phone watching you? even fishing through your personal contact to find information? what the new facebook messenger app is doing and how you can protect yourself coming up. nascar champion pulls out of his next race after he hit and killed a young driver. this video taken moments before this tragedy. what tony stewart has to say bit straight ahead.
6:57 am
6:58 am
6:59 am
shock from friend and neighbors after police say this man strangled his wife. her body found at a local park. why police say his story just didn't add up from the beginning. tragedy on the track nascar champion tony stewart hits a fellow racer standing in the road what made that driver get out of his car and what stewart is saying about all this this morning. missouri teen shot dead by police and now peaceful protest turns into an all out
7:00 am
violent episode, people looting stores, rides break out, even reports of the fire being said. what witnesses are saying about the whole incident that spark the ordeal. a big, big story in philadelphia right new has to to with these little leaguers. the taney dragons are advancing to the little league world series in williamsport, a pennsylvania. how they are making history, this morning. so nice to start with good news, dawn, this week and dawn, your daughter goes to school with young pitcher monet. >> yes, she's an eighth grader. she daughter plays soccer with her. she's an incredible athlete. i watched that game last night because i wanted to root for her. she was so focused. she kept her cool.


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