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tv   Fox 29 Morning News at 6a  FOX  August 12, 2014 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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he certainly could do it all, robin williams found dead in his home at the age of 63 of an apparent suicide. we will talk to those who knew him and met him when he filmed in delaware. at home police in moorestown have their handful. someone break nothing homes, and we're talking hundreds of thousands of dollars in jewels and police found out about another hit just this morning. steve keeley is on it. just weeks before school is set to begin one district find their ipads gone, so what exactly happened to them.
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fox 29 looking for answers. >> good day, it is tuesday, august 12th, 2014, thank you for waking up with us and all week long we are asking what you're doing to get ready to go back to school. what are your favorite items what are you doing to get ready, tweet us using hash tag fox 29bts. >> but first reporters covering our top stories, jennifer gist live at delaware at the site off robin williams biggest films. steve keeley is in south jersey where vandals strike stealing more from one home and more people in one year but first lets get right to sue serio with weather on the one's, hi sue. >> good morning, we have as expect some rain this morning nothing to do but get to ultimate doppler radar. it is not much around the fill air area just light showers, and there areheier rain but mosm are north and west of th i as we see right there on ultimate doppler.
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thunderstorms out in western maryland but nothing like that at the moment. so out of ten we have a four today, on and, d, and and, and letting you know it is and t raining. seventy-three in philadelphia east southeasterly wind at 9 miles an hour, 81 percent relative humidity, not too much breeze, we could use one. seventy-seven is our high with on and off showers and some of those storms could cause heavy downpours at times tonight. overnight low of 70 degrees. we will tell you when rain will end, coming up in a few minutes in the seven day forecast but we will check traffic right new because our kacie is off again today. 6:02 is the time. flourtown bethlehem pike at wise wise avenue a report of an accident there so be on the alert for that. new lets look at travel times,
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blue route north bound i-95 to the schuylkill there is a travel time of about 18 minutes or so and on the blue route southbound land dale to the turnpike there is travel time of about 11 minutes. >> how many you go to before me? >> five. >> we are remembering the remarkable life of anchor robin williams this morning. there he is in his famed role in goodwill hunting. >> authorities in northern california say that the six three-year old robin williams was found dead in his home from an apparent suicide caused bias fix use. his agent said he had been battling severe depression. >> williams delighted millions of fans, industry experts say he will be remembered for his truly amazing talents. >> he could do it all and that is why people loved robin williams. you never knew what you would get but you knew would you get something great. >> that is true, isn't it.
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>> williams first became a big hit with mork and mindy, he won an academiard ward for goodwill hunting and golden globe for good morning vietnam and mrs. doubt fire and the fish are king. president obama released a statement on his death. he was a air man, doctor, genie, nanny, president, a peter pan and everything in between but he was within of a kind. 's arrived in our lives as an alien but ended up touching every element of the human spirit. he made us laugh, cry, gave us his talent freely, generously to those who needed us most from the troops stationed a abroad to the marginalized on our own street. obama family offer offering conn column answer zest to robin's family and friend to everyone who found their family and verse through robin williams. >> robin williams had a connection to our area he film dead poet's society in
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delaware. >> that is where we will find jennifer gist this morning. she's live this morning. the that is where he filmed this movie in the late 80's. >> reporter: that is right, 1989, and there are several locations throughout middletown, delaware like saint andrews prep school as well as here at everette theater. our sue serio was talking this morning as she lived in delaware when this movie was film and she said how cool it was to have that heavy hitting actor and comedian robin williams in town shooting what became a classic. here he is being honored this morning. last night we talk to philadelphia comedian joe conklin about the great talent that was robin williams, many people agree that the man had a gift. he could perform a wide range of characters from the genie in a laden to the familiar willly classic mrs. doubtfire. his work kept people laughing and feeling inspired. williams was found dead in his northern california home yesterday and died of asphyxia in an apparent suicide.
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williams publicly battled addiction and a representative for him said he has been suffering from severe depression. coming up on good day we will hear from doctor mike who is going to be talking and addressing issues of depression and suicide, chris and dawn. >> thank you. robin williams friends, colleagues are remembering him this morning. we just heard from president obama through his condolence. >> ellen degenerous i can't believe the news about robin williams. he gave so much to so many people. i'm heart broken. from scott winger the the voice of a laden farewell to my childhood hero and my genie. the world won't be same without him. our coverage of robin williams death does not even there. we will remember the anchor and comedian all morning long on fox 29 morning news and good day philadelphia you can find latest on our web site my fox at 6:07. breaking news in montgomery county an early morning fire
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in norristown send two people to the hospital. this happened in the 900 block of yerkes road, one of the victims was treated in smoke inhalation and another shoulder injury. cause of the fire is being investigated. police in new jersey are trying to find a jewel willry thief. >> fox 29's steve keeley is live, this morning with the very latest on the investigation, steve, good morning to you. >> reporter: police here think it is same people or same crew simply because they are going to the same neighborhood, east side of moorestown one closest to willingboro and within that doesn't have neighbors real close. shattering windows and shattering all sense of security too here this summer, six burglaries this summer already. latest just last night as another moorestown family came home to see someone had broken in and been in their home and stole their valuables. this new burglary police just got called on comes the day after, they took the same reports on what has been the
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biggest score yet this summer american 200 you this dollars worth of jewels stolen from this house while family was away at the shore. the broken burglar alarm was scheduled to be fixed when they came home this week. now they also need back window or back door fix with those breaking in are getting in and out without notice. thieves are also going straight to the master bedrooms where they told you, most people stash their valuables. chris and dawn, 200,000 in jewels were store in the safe but entire safe was stored that makes two stolen from moorestown homes this summer as own are says i thought everything would be safe in the safe. >> all right steve, thank you. >> we will continue to look back at life of actor robin williams. here's a look at one of his rolls that made us laugh, this is williams in the bird cage. >> celebration in advance you do saucey, saucey, do marcia
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make sure you are off the beach. is there a two for uv index, surf temperature is 75 degrees. looking at ultimate doppler shows you that the rain is scattered throughout the area and plenty of places where it isn't raining but by end of the day we will all have seen our share. so 77 degrees, is the temperature, for a high today, 83 tomorrow with rain in the morning and then sunshine hopefully in the afternoon. 80 degrees, by thursday and it will be a ten out of ten. >> all right sue, thank you. we are looking back at the life of the great robin williams and smiles he put on so many faces, next, wip big daddy graham here to talk about the the comedian while spill filming dead poet's society big daddy got to meet him. he has an interesting story that he shared for his
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this one makes me laughs. >> you cannot help but smile. >> yes. >> and cry, right. >> yes. >> actor and comedian robin williams all morning long the six three-year old as you know, died in an apparent you side in his home in northern california. he had been battling severe depression for decade. >> philly comedian big daddy graham met williams in the late 80's during filming of the dead poet's society shot in delaware. >> big daddy, every morning i turn you on getting ready for work at 3:00 in the morning. you share an interesting store which your listeners about how you met him and helped show him stage of one of the comedy clubs. >> here i am, performing at the comedy cabaret which was on the second floor of a
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restaurant called the greenery in wilmington. it was an extremely popular comedy club. first floor was a restaurant, which at this point some would say 11:15 was pretty empty except for me sitting down there. i have time to kill. i go on last in the show. i'm sitting there. in walks robin williams who i believe it was nanny, he ended up marrying. since i'm the only one there he says, excuse me, very quiet, very gentle and he says could you tell me where the comedy club is. i said well, i better be able to because i'm going on next. he laughed with that. we walk in the kitchen. we went up these back steps which took us in the service bar. here he is, mork and mindy made him a huge star, blah, blah, blah. the servicer didn't even notice him. any fact i got him and the
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woman two cokes and he kind of stood in the doorway of the service bar and watched the comic by the name of chris kosher very funny cat from this area, was on stage and he was watching. now, it is dawning on me what i might have just done that if he goes on, after chris and before me, i'm toast. i'm toast. he was famous for going on at clubs all around the country where ever he was filming but for some reason he watched 15 or 20 minutes. club was pack. it wasn't like it was empty. decided nothing to go on and he came up and said hey, i appreciate you taking time with me and i took him back down the steps. >> that was it. >> that was it. >> that was it. >> wow. >> by the way, in person if you put him in bono in the same room you cannot show the difference.
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both eyes, similar noses and all that. very quiet, very gentle and thank you for robin williams for not going than that night. >> no kidding. >> ain't crowd never even knew he was there. >> you wonder what he was doing. he had such respect for stan up comedy he was probably just there to take it all in and stay fresh. >> he was within of these guys that didn't necessity how not to work. he spent along chunk of his life without doing stand up. i remember when he came to the tower not that long ago maybe five yars ago he had not did any kind of a comedy tour in like at least a decade but kind of guy that just could not stop working. hey, you know what, what is always the number within trait woman love in a man a sense of humor. there is a reason for. that he was love people to make us laugh and it is a sad day regardless of the reason
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why. >> right. >> it is a sad day he is no longer on the planet because he was arguablably in my opinion top three funniest guys ever to sit in the chair ever in a talk show. he was the best on the talk show. >> what do you think set him apart. >> it was that manic insane energy and that quick witt. he was just so fast. i mean sometimes i see a comic and they say something and i go wow, how did i not see that joke. such a great joke. it is obvious. i should have got that joke. williams tells 30 of them in a minute, you never have have time to say why didn't i think of that. he was just so quick. i think what separated him from everyone else was the quickness and that manic energy that he had. he was always just ready to explode. >> it was couple with the very sensitive, deep some times
6:20 am
more rose rolls. >> now you talk as an actor yeah, he did it all as an actor. not just like moscow on the hudson he plays lonely, so well. you know, this guy -- >> drawing on real life under current of depression is what we have now come to realize which is so darn sad. >> welshing you know, i don't know what comes first because to even do stand up comedy you have to be kind of out of mind. if i had a nickel for every time somebody comes up to my wife and goes, oh, your big daddy's wife, he must be great to live with, all that laughter all the time. my wife rolls her eye, yeah, barrel of laughs every day. it takes something, i don't have the answer. i have done thousands of shows in my career and i'm a nervous wreck before every inning is
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will one of them. i don't know what comic who isn't. >> we know you from sports and of course from your stand up but also you really are into media and film. you are a student of film. >> i wouldn't call it a student but i love movies. >> is what your favorite robin williams film and why, we will leave ate that. i will go with moscow on the hudson because it was first one where i went wow that is mork. this lonely sad guy who misses his family in russia. it just completely blew me away. it remain my famous performance. >> thanks big daddy graham, thanks so much. we appreciate it. >> interesting story there back from the late 80's too. >> 62:00 is your time. hi, sue. >> we will get outside and see is what happening, now that it is getting light out and inn teed we do have cloud cover out there, even when it is not
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raining and there is not a lot of rain right now unless in the lehigh valley and poconos, in berks county where we will be seeing heavy rain this morning and showers are moving in and they will be there with us for a while. mostly cloudy skies this afternoon, a few scattered showers will be around and this evening the heavier rain arrives and it looks like we will have heavy downpours at times when you get a thunderstorm. that is your forecast, from the weather authority for tuesday, and here in the philadelphia, traffic route one roosevelt boulevard at broad street we have an accident that has all lanes block, that would be a mess. hunting park avenue is your ultimate nate. in worchester skippack pike at valley forge road there are also reports of an accident. we will have more on the
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phillies wrapping up a four game series with the monday national in a with the mets. phillies needed a win to split the four game series. we are tied at two in the seventh inning and he cannot bear to watch. he knows justin defratus is in relief and knows this is gone.
6:26 am
anthony wrecker hits 424 feet, when it land, mets have a five-two lead they held on for a five-three win, and split the the series. eagles start today in new england against tom brady. carry williams said patriots are cheaters. he said he was done talking about the cheating. he knows patriots players and fans will have plenty to say this week. >> i don't care. i play this game to play the game well and, if i hear the fans it is not the the first or worst i have heard there anybody. just another day in the office for me. >> that is sports in one minute i'm tom shredchick have a great day. hundreds hit the race track in england but not with horses or cars. >> but rev up the lawn more believe it or not competitors raced for 366 laps, 366. >> i don't know it takes several hours to compete, and
6:27 am
complete, the average, speed for these by the way, 42 miles per hour or is that kilometers. no, they would do miles, right? yes. >> phillies first base man ryan howard jumping on board the taney band wagon team headed to the little league world series his add rise for these little leaguers straight ahead. and we're remembering rob up williams ape his ties to our area, jen. >> reporter: well, that is right we are live outside the everette theater in middletown delaware, also honoring the life of robin williams, this is where he shot, scenes from dead poets society we will have more coming up at 6:3 male announcer: hit the road with our new maryland scenic byways guide and map to explore all the beauty, history and culture along our 18 byways and other driving tours. order yours today at land of wonder.
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le announcer: coand join oure wtraveling celebrational as the chesapeake campaign visits town festivals up and down our shores. visit presented by at&t. maryland. land of discovery. today we are looking back at his life. burglar in south jersey making off with more money and jewelry which some people made in an entire year and police are just hearing about another house that was hit we are their life with steve keeley. talk about a close call a stroller plummets on the train tracks, seconds later the baby's mother dives down to
6:31 am
save his mother inside what happens next that has officials baffled. good day everyone, it is tuesday august 12th, 2014, thanks for waking up with us. >> all week we are asking you what are you doing to get ready for school. what sort of things are your favorite items. tweet us using hash tag fox 29bts back to school. >> sadly we have another hash tag, it is fox 29 robin williams, as we remember his body of work, sue, you have had some favorites we have been talking about this morning. >> everything from the world according to garp which was his big movie role after mork and mind toy hook when he played peter pan. some of the things we don't think about necessarily right away. somebody just tweeted that the movie patch adams inspired their career, to go help people. pretty amazing stuff on social media. we will share as much as we can all morning long. lets get to the weather. it is raining, in many places and we see rain moving in.
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it will be sporadic, spotty at times but it went be a great pool day. we saw buddy there real quick, showing you that there will be a lot have of clouds and some rain and maybe even some thunder and light edge. we will get with a four out of ten. 73 degrees. we see how cloudy. 9 miles an hour wind. 81 percent relative humidity. sunrise happens at 6:10 this morning. we have had 77 degrees for a high temperature with on and off showers and late day thunderstorms. some of those thunderstorms could have have heavy downpours and there will be times of heavy rain late in the day and tonight with an overnight low of 70 degrees, flash flooding could be a problem in some places tonight. that is your weather authority forecast, people asking about the atlantic city air show, tomorrow, and if they are going to get that in, we will talk about that coming up. lets look at your weather. here's traffic in bala cynwyd, belmont avenue at saint asap
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road, there is report of an accident and we will get more on that in a bit. on the new jersey turnpike, northbound, just past delaware memorial toll plaza there is road work that is causing the left lane to be blocked. >> chicken ala king. >> caesar salad. >> aha to make a prince. is that an official wish say the magic word. >> genie, i wish for to you make me a prince. >> all right. >> the many voices of robin williams, as the genie a laden. we are remembering the anchor for his many rolls that delighted fans for more than 40 years. williams was found dead yesterday in his home in northern california, a preliminary investigation determine that the six three-year old's cause of death was suicide caused bias fix use. >> he had been fighting a battle with deep depression. news of his death left his
6:34 am
neighbors in shock. >> we loved him as an actor but as a person he was such a great neighbor and he looked like he was happy, he was content. >> williams first break came in the 1970's with the favorite show, mork and mindy, he won an academy award for goodwill hunting and golden globes for good morning vietnam, mrs. doubtfire and fischer king. here is last social media post sent you the by williams on instagram on throw back thursday, throw back have of him holding his daughter when she was just a little girl. williams posted it july 31st and fans are using post as a shrine to pay tribute to him. in the post williams says happy birthday, to miss zeld a ray williams, quarter century old to take but always my baby girl, i love you. heart break. >> she being one of his three adult children who he is
6:35 am
survived by including his third wife. robin williams had a connection to our area as well. he film movie dead poets society in delaware released in 1989. >> that is where we find jennifer gist in delaware she's in middletown new castle county, jennifer. >> reporter: that is right, some scenes from that move write shot at saint andrews prep school while others were shot here, you can see already paying tribute, with the sign on the marquis earlier this morning someone dropped off a flower and candle which has since, stopped burning. last night we have talked to philly comedy yan joe conklin about the great tall event that was robin williams, many people in our area agree that the man had a gift. he could perform a wide range of characters from the genie in a laden to the family classic mrs. doubtfire. his work kept people laughing and feeling inspired and many are shock by his passing. >> robin williams was an absolute genius. there was nothing he could not
6:36 am
do. >> great guy he made us all feel good about being here. >> an dult child living in an adult, he enjoyed reliving his youth, we vicariously did it through him. >> reporter: williams was found dead in his northern california home yesterday and he died of asphyxia in an apparent suicide. williams publicly battled addiction and a representative said lately he has been suffering from severe depression. joe conklin also mentioned last night that williams had a number of upcoming projects including a tv series and sequel to mrs. doubtfire. we have been saying battle with depression you never necessity what somebody is struggling with on the inside despite seeing their great works on the big screen. chris and dawn. >> so true. >> to that end doctor mike will be in a exactly half an hour from now to talk about signs of severe depression and how debilitating it can be, jennifer, thank you.
6:37 am
at 6:37. we are following breaking news in montgomery county an early morning fire in norristown send two people to the hospital. fire broke out in the 900 block of yeres road at 3:30. one of the victims was treated for smoke inhalation and both are expected to be okay. the cause of this fire is under investigation. police in new jersey are trying to find a jewelry thief this morning. >> fox 29's steve keeley is live in moorestown with the latest with the latest on this investigation, and steve you had advice about how to hide these valuable jewels. >> reporter: how is this for advice people here in picturesque moorestown have candles lit in their windows, some may think of having bars like we have seen in the rougher spots in camden and philadelphia, but burglars not only hit one family home at the shore this weekend but burglars hit the jackpot, for jewelry valued at over 200,000 bucks but now another family who just got home last night
6:38 am
were also hit, but we are back in moorestown where we are one week ago last tuesday and back doing this same story because burglars are back and we have just learned this morning that while we were getting ready to report on that big score burglary at this house number five already this summer, in this normally super safe suburb we have just learn a burglary number six overnight as police did as well. so that makes six successful break ins and one attempted break in the a attempted break in because the break ins set off the alarm and scared off burglars. in other home owner had burglar alarms and did not set them because they feel so safe here in moorestown and let them turn off. that is why these burglars are break nothing because people go with that. here is advice from police and lesson learned, turn your alarms on for short quick shopping trip and any safe valuables do not store in your master bedroom, chris like we told you last tuesday that is where thieves are going first
6:39 am
and that is where all of the big scores are happening right now. in fact, this two hup thousand dollars score, dawn and chris, burglar alarm was broken and scheduled to be fix when the family got back from the shore this week. >> wow. >> worst timing of the year in moorestown. >> horrible, all right steve, thank you. all right. much dramatically better tone here all aboard the taney band wagon little leaguers are heading to the little league world series. they are even catching the attention of ryan howard. his words of advice for this team. and we will continue to look back on the life of actor robin williams, here's one of the rolls that may have made us laugh this is williams in good morning vietnam. >> mr. leo, you know, camouflage thing doesn't work very well for me. why is that? because you go in the jungle i cannot see you. >> that is not what we programmed here. >> surprise, surprise, surprise. ♪
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lets look the at ultimate doppler. it shows that we will probably get some rain before the day is through and as we zoom in closer down in delaware around dover, we are seeing light rain in new castle county, lower parts in that county in delaware we are seeing rain, widely scattered but few pockets of heavier rain in
6:43 am
berks and allentown as well, this morning, and heavier rain in mount pocono, it will switch around, at times, where the the heavier rain will be and then we will expect a few thunderstorms by end of the day, couple systems coming at us and that is why rain will be around rest of the day, tonight and even into tomorrow morning. looking at future cast we will see heavier rain by end of the day. here's tomorrow and we have been getting questions about thunder over boardwalk tomorrow the atlantic city air show that everybody looks forward to so much. it looks cloudy. they say if they have a low ceiling they will not send these planes up. it is doubtful for morning but it does clear up in the afternoon, but maybe postpone it, and get that air show in atlantic city. people looking forward to that tomorrow. 77 degrees, today with showers and thunderstorms, rain in the morning on wednesday, 83 degrees if the sun comes out in the afternoon by thursday you're up to a ten,
6:44 am
80. seventy-nine on friday. 79-degree high temperature in the middle of august sound crazy but that is what we will get, saturday and sunday so far so good with temperatures in the 80's and dry weather during weekend as well. that is your weather authority forecast, time is 6:44. let check traffic for you, because on 495, northbound at i-95, we have construction that is blocking two left lanes at the southern split, also in philadelphia, route one roosevelt boulevard at broad street, that accident has been cleared, so all those lanes are opened again but we still have minor delays left over from that accident, chris. time is 6:44. teenage football player in georgia collapsed and died from what doctors believe may have been over hydration, 17 year-old jarise oliver, was about to continue his senior year in high school. he collapsed last tuesday. he was at his home a half an
6:45 am
hour outside atlanta he complained of cramping during practice. he was rush to the hospital where he was put on life support. his parents decided to remove life support but doctors said he had had in brain activity. he was a great young man he carried a 3.8, g pa participated in football and track and left positive impact. he was a lead's machining our students. >> relatives say oliver drank 2 gallons of water and another 2 gallons of gator aid the day he collapsed. doctors say he had massive swelling around his brain from over hydration and coroner says they are still investigating his cause have of death. >> heart stopping moments captured by surveillance camera a scene british train platform where a gustt of wind blew a stroller on the tracks with the toddler strapped inside. toddler's mother just seconds, jump on the track and got stroller out of the way. stroller by the way landed
6:46 am
inches from a electrified rail. family then left the station so police are asking witnesses to come fwa family and to mack sure that toddler is in fact okay. local baseball players are set their sights on the little league world series, taney dragons are heading there after winning eight to nothing over a team in newark, delaware. now they want to win it all. fox 29's karen hepp has been hanging out with some of the player's parents who could not be more excited for the team. >> they will go to short for one, double play. >> monet davis and taney little leaguers with a complete game and ticket to williamsport. >> on top of that pile, ty shanahan, pure joy and pride on the field and stand. kids hopped a bus to williamsport. most of the parents made the late drive home from connecticut. quinn got home at 2:00 a.m. >> it was crazy. almost like a dream. a lot have of us haven't seen anything on tv yet so we have
6:47 am
been traveling and hanging out with kids. >> reporter: like most of the dragon parents it is back to work, the associate general manager of wxpn, she loved music and had their kids pick up a wish and walk up to that song. monet the davis, girl on fire. they are all on fire. just in case quinn is packing her good luck charm. >> doing everything i can to do my part. >> i'm confident in taney. we will go all the way. i just know. >> reporter: keisha maclean knows witt her heart, her daughter has been one of the big story lines because of her arm and her gender but it is what the whole team has done that has her convince that had these scrapy upstarts from philadelphia are winners. >> they work hard, they deserve it, they work real hard, for the whole team. >> reporter: karen hepp, fox 29 news. >> several of the taney parents will be here later on good day this morning. >> phillies first base man ryan howard of all people is
6:48 am
one of the biggest fans, he had advice for the team and here it is. >> just take it and enjoy it, it is a special place to be able to make it there and any kid that age has always dreamed about being able to play in the little league world series. >> i remember i was, watching it, and to be there to play at that age. it is something special. they have achieved something special. but i mean getting there is first step. they have an opportunity to go out there and try to win the whole thing. >> taney first game in the little league world series will be on friday. looking forward to that. begins tennessee. >> can't wait. >> topping today's entertainment headlines news that has shock millions of people around the world, death have of actor and comedian robin williams. >> six three-year old was found dead in his home in northern california from asphyxiation in an apparent suicide. his agent says he recently suffered from severe depression, williams got his
6:49 am
big break many of you may remember in the 70's an as alien in the teenage star mork and mindy. he won for his role in the film goodwill hunting. williams is being remembered by fans and fellow stars for his truly amazing talent. comedian tracie minister again is struggling two months after he was injured in a new jersey crash that killed a fellow comedian. minister again's lawyer says former the saturday night live cast member is fighting hard right now. morgan suffered a broken leg and ribs when his limousine van was hit by a wal-mart truck on the new jersey turnpike in june. the wreck killed six two-year old comedian james mcnair and injured two others. morgan's lawyer has filed suit claiming that the retailer should have men that truck driver was much too tired to drive. happy news for actress susan surroundon, the actress is now i grandmother. her daughter gave bit to a healthy baby girl over the weekend and they named her
6:50 am
marlow. one thing for sure surroundon won't be called grand mom. earlier this year she told people magazine she wants her granddaughter to tall her honey. >> i like that. >> honey. >> good one. >> kennedy family is daring the president to take on a challenge that is working its way across the country. we have talk about this yesterday. >> there is ethel at the even of the line there. >> family members, she also takes the the ice bucket challenge at kennedy compound in massachusetts. it raise's awareness for lou gehrig's disease. family wants president obama to join in. he is currently vacationing at martha's vineyard right there in the same area. >> ice bucket challenge they have raised over a $160,000 so
6:51 am
far, for doing this. it is really catching on. >> good cause for sure. >> good day starts in ten minutes and next up when was last time you check your credit score. welshing we will have tips on how to improve your credit score and some things you may not know that can actually help out. we are taking a look back at life of actor robin williams. >> be gone, rip it out. i want to hear nothing but ripping. >> that film dead poet's society film right here in delaware. what is your favorite robin williams film, favorite memory, favorite tv show, tweet us with the hash tag fox 29 robin williams. coming up we will look at his most memorable lines from his fans favoriter on the one's, su. >> i remember from that movie when he said carpet die em, boys. we have a look at the weather for today which will be rainy at times, not raining every
6:52 am
inning is will minute but there will be plenty of time for to you use your umbrella today, we have not had it necessary for a while, temperature stay in the 70's all day long because of the lack of sunshine. we are off to a miler start this morning and it is very humid out there, so, showers are around, especially by lunchtime and thunderstorms popping up late in the day and with some of those thunderstorms we could have heavy downpours at times. so flash flooding is not out of the question. with the thunderstorm today, high temperature 77 degrees. that takes care of, your weather authority planner for tuesday, lets talk about traffic and now that we're getting close to 7:00 it is getting crowded out there and near pottstown route 422, eastbound past arm and hammer boulevard is there an accident out there. vehicle hit the guardrail. watch out for that. also in norristown markly street at roberts street there are reports of an accident that could slow you down this
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nearly falls on to the camera. don't you ever get that close. good day is next and we will look back at the life of actor robin williams. here's a look back at one of his rolls that made us laugh. this is williams in hook.
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good morning vietnam. >> so many memorable lines, from so many years of wonderful films, this morning, of course we are remembering life of actor robin williams found dead in his home at the age of 63 in northern california. we will talk to those who knew him and met him when he film here in delaware in the late 80's. >> we think of robin williams and think of comedy but he suffered from severe depression for years. how can you tell? doctor mike is in and will tell us warning signs thaw
7:00 am
will need to look out for. >> closer to home police in moorestown have their handful someone is break nothing to homes ain't bone believe what they took, we are talking hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of jewels, police fun out about another hit just this morning steve keeley has this live. >> are you getting your high school grad ready for college? we will tell what you to pack besides that care package. jen fred will be along showing us must have's on campus and tweet us what you need for back to school with the hash tag fox 29bt. is. >> very good morning to you at 7:00 o'clock on this tuesday morning, somber morning, our executive producer just walk in. she said i'm's sad. we are mostly add. we all felt like we knew robin williams for work he has done over the decades. >> when you hear about what


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