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tv   Fox 29 Morning News at 6a  FOX  August 13, 2014 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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police want to help them fine. >> dramatic escape as a man lost use of his legs is forced to plunge on a second story window, only window to escape the flames, how he in managed to save himself. devastate this area. >> so what will atlantic city to now. revel announced it is closing after just two years can the casino town bounce back. memorials are growing this morning in some of the
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landmarks of actor landmarks most beloved films, one of those movies the dead poets society film right here in delaware. we will talk to actors who work on that movie with him. good day everybody it is wednesday, august 13th, 2014. we want to know what are you doing to get ready for back to school season, your favorite items, what are you trying to find that you just cannot. >> i will drop kids off early, maybe tomorrow. >> yes, that is nice, chris. >> use hash tag fox 29bts and just i go inner him. >> we are covering your top stories, jennifer joyce, following a brazen shooting. the target, the town's police station and reward money is growing. steve keeley is in atlantic city as people there try to figure out what to do next as revel will shut down but first lets go over to sue serio with weather on the one #'s. what a weather night it was, sue. >> so many places yesterday
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got heavy downpours. we had some in media. i don't know about you but we had impressive rainfall totals which we will show you later on. we will give you this number right now, six out of ten, it will be sunny afternoon and humidity drops but muggy right to you and we have on and off showers this morning. still lingering a little bit so there is muggy the dog, with bus stop buddy. temperatures in the 60's and 70's eventually we will have a decent swimming pool day but not at the moment. a few showers around but not showing up on radar. drizzle here and there. future cast shows the cloud lingering even after the rain end. by ten, 11, 12, to the sunnies out, north and west of the city maybe a pop up shower later on. 71 degrees right now. 6:11 is the sunrise time. northwesterly breeze at the 10 miles an hour. that feels better. relative humidity is still 87 percent. here is your high today 48 and
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tonight as skies clear down to 60 in the city, 50's in the suburbs. kacie. >> thanks very much, sue. >> we have had some video here to show you on have that lincoln drive incident north bound side, a little bit earlier was completely shut down between city and gypsy lane. overturn vehicle here was shutting it down. good news is that this accident has been cleared and north bound side of lincoln drive has been reopen. no need for an alternate. this morning southbound side of i-95 we have an accident there blocking the left lane. can't see it in the camera but i will show you in a second. you can see right around walt whitman bridge at packer avenue nim exit 19. northbound there is in problem but southbound all of those headlights leading up to the scene of the accident. north bound over here on the right-hand side and then left-hand side we have got southbound delayed just past walt whitman bridge, dawn and chris. tension intensifies and breaking news near st. louis. there has been another police
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shooting in ferguson, missouri just outside st. louis at 1:00 this morning. police shot a man after he pointed a handgun at an officer. the suspect was taken to the hospital in critical condition. ferguson is the same town you'll remember where 18 year-old michael brown was fatally shot by a police office are over the the weekend. this most recent shooting happened in the far from the church where al sharpton spoke just last night. developing right new a clerk assaulted during a robbery in 7-eleven in the frankford section overnight. it happened on the 6200 block of oxford avenue about 3:00 o'clock this morning. police say two guys, walk into the store and pistol whipped the clerk. they emptied the cash register and got away with an unknown amount of money. clerk was taken to the hospital with injuries. gunfire erupting overnight in new castle county, delaware. police say three people shot in wilmington after two men entered a home in the 400 block have of north monroe street and just began firing. it happened before in midnight.
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victims were rushed to the hospital, their conditions are not yet known at this hour. police are currently looking for the shoot are. off-duty police officer from philadelphia is dead after crashing his motorcycle. state police say set h stillfox was killed on the pennsylvania turnpike near cumberland county. now the investigators say his bike crashed after swerving on to shoulder and hitting a guardrail and then the officer fell on the roadway below. investigators say excessive speed and wet road may have contributed to the crash. a search is underway for person who opened fire on a gloucester county police station. talk about brazen. >> fox 29's jennifer joyce is live where this drive by happened and it is crazy, is there bullet holes all in that doorway at the police station. >> reporter: very easy to see. the five bullet holes still in the door here, the side security door, west deptford police department, a seventh
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bullet flew in the deputy police chief's office window. no one was hurt. lets take a look at that surveillance video released by the department. it shows a tark colored vehicle driving through the the parking lot. police are trying to determine the make and model of have that car. they are making good progress. people in the area say it is our police department a target for gunfire how can we possibly feel safe that the police department says it is taking extra precautions. anyone with any information on the drive by shooting is urge to call the west deptford police department. >> jennifer joyce, thank you so much. a paraplegic veteran forced himself out of the second story window, it is to save his life during a fire. >> investigators say the man was on his living room couch when the flames started in the kitchen. well, it happened at the the apartments in meadow lane in chester. the man managed to get to his wheelchair, and then over to the window. investigators say he suffered injuries to his torso.
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>> basically paralyzed from the waist down. he was able to maneuver his way to the window and pull himself up and actually jump from the window. >> wow. he just flung himself through the window. fire was isolate todd his unit, apartment building opened five years ago and houses veterans who are experiencing hardships. >> amazing he was able to escape. >> speedy recovery. representatives from the democratic national committee will be here in philadelphia mayor michael nutter and former governor ed rendell will give them a tour of the city as officials push to have 2016 democratic national convention held here in philadelphia now. now brooklyn new york, birminghammal bam, columbus, ohio and phoenix are all in the running to hold the convention. it is official, atlantic city's revel casino will shut down next month leaving thousands of people out of work and this is just what atlantic city does not need. >> steve keeley, and new
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jersey resident, keeping a close eye on this steve, there was such high hopes for the revel just a couple years ago. >> reporter: i was in at atlantic city resident 30 years ago this summer i would never dream it would be in this bad of shape, 30 years later. bigger and better than las vegas. we are in front of the revel, shutting down, september 10th, and then shutting out 3,000 plus workers. revel not even sticking around for miss america pageant week that always had a huge crowd here at the the shore. from here you can see three names soon to be gone from three casinos: trump plaza, show boat and revel that combine to employ 20 percent of atlantic city casino jobs. just to give you a sense of how nobody cares about how this place looks anymore and here we are look at the house of blues signs. it looks like an unsolved puzzle from wheel of fortune that reads hof blue. we are not happy mike jerrick is off but i can only imagine
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what he would be saying today. >> yes, not good. >> steve, thank you. mike will be back monday by the way. calls for calm after days of rioting and looting in the in missouri town spark by shooting death of the teen killed. now president obama is climbing in and what he has to say about the unfortunate ordeal and we have breaking news of another shooting in that same town, yes, early this morning. yes, also. >> it guided his career and in reverse robin williams career has kept this theater opened, for over a hundred years. >> robin williams strong ties to our area, will keep this theater in business for the next century, what he did to help save
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just by switching to progressive. so you'll be bringing home the bacon in no time. sorry. get a free quote at we will have a half and half day. a lot of clouds this morning but sun breaking out in the afternoon after 4:00 o'clock. temperatures in the lower 80's on the beach, westerly wind at 10 miles an hour. surf temp 76 degrees. moderate risk of rip current with the storms that moved off shore. eight is your uv index which is kind of high. it will get better. is there 8.9 inches of rain that fell yesterday in millville, new jersey. only an inch of rain in philadelphia a it really depended where you were if you got those heavy downpours. well, today we will start to dry out this afternoon as we
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said 84 degrees is the high temperature. eighty tomorrow. seventy-eight on friday. we've got two, ten's with lower humidity. so far weekend looks pretty good. kacie. >> looks fantastic what are you talking about. looks great. thanks very much. southbound side of 95 not so great this morning. pass walt whitman bridge, exit 19, left lane block. one of our bosses is coming in and she was stuck in this. southbound side leading up to the scene of the accident. you cannot see accident in the cameras but thinks enough to show you you will be in heavy volume heading southbound on i-95. centerville heading out you have a down tree, mill red between kenneth pike and mount shanon road, that
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if heaven exist what would you like to hear god say when
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you arrive at pearly gate. >> is there seating in the front, the concert begins at 5:00, it will be elvis and one of your choosing. >> or, laughter that would be a good thing. god goes, two jews walk in the bar... >> so quick on his feet. >> he was. >> in the wake of robin williams death that you tube video is making round over the internet as part of the six three-year old interview of inside actor studio from 2001. host james lipton asked williams the question if heaven exist what would you like to hear god say at pearly gates the williams joke that it would be nice to know that is there laughter in heaven and that is there a seat in the front row, right. >> yeah. >> tributes continue to pour in we will learn more about robin williams and what police believe happened inside his northern california home on the day he died. >> investigators say six three-year old body was discovered by his personal
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assistant. they say he committed suicide by hanging himself and toxicology reports will not be available for another, two to six weeks, so it is unclear if there were alcohol or drugs in his system when he committed suicide. >> he had been battling dixon for decades. >> and check himself into rehab. we will wait and see. in boston a memorial connected to williams award winning performance in goodwill hunting is growing. fans are showing their love at this bench right here where some of the the scenes were shot, williams won an oscar for best supporting actor. he played a counselor alongside matt damon and ben afflict who wrote it launching their hollywood careers. >> within of robin williams most memorable performances was shot right here in the delaware valley. now that town is paying tribute to the comic ledgend. makeshift memorial has been placed outside everette theater in middletown delaware where dead poet as so side was shot. many in the town were extra in that film. some remember williams for those days on the set.
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>> he finishes during a routine and comes down and talking and introducing himself and meeting people and it was memorabilia to raise money to replace theater's 100 year-old movie projector. because of that donation everett was able to buy a new digital projector which was installed three days before williams died. meanwhile another celebrity, has passed away, actor lauren bacall who starred in many films, musicals and broadway plays throughout her career. her rise to fame during hollywood's golden age where she worked aside her husband humphrey bogart in films like the of and have have not, and how to marry a millionaire. bacall won a golden globe and two tony awards. initial reports say that she suffered a stroke in her home in new york city. she was 89 years old. coming up at 6:19. local leaders in ferguson, missouri are calling for calm, following two nights of rioting and looting.
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the unrest comes following week even shooting death of an unarmed teenager by police. we are just learning about another police involved shooting in that same town where an officer shot a man, who allegedly pointed a handgun at that officer. meantime fbi and justice department launched separate investigation into this ago vice al sharpton is demanding answers after meeting with the parents of the victim michael brown. >> they want justice. and fairness in the process, of them, losing their son. this is in the a cause for them. protester deny a altercation and struggle for officer's weapon which led to the shooting. that officer is now on administrative leave pending the outcome of the investigation, at this point, we count as many as three separate investigations. president obama released a statement about the michael brown case late yesterday,
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michelle and i send our deepest condolences to his family and community at this very difficult time. he goes on to write, we should comfort each other, and talk with one another, in a way that heels, not the in a way that wounds. end quote. secretary of defense chuck hagel says another 130 u.s. troops have been deployed in northern iraq on a temporary mission to assess the the humanitarian situation there. hagel says deployment is not a combat operation but calls the the mission sensitive. there are already 250 u.s. military advisors in iraq but they are not in northern iraq they are working with iraqi security forces there. another cease-fire in the middle east is holding strong as talks resume in egypt. people living in the gaza strip are using the time to hand out food and supplies. the demands from both sides have not changed. hamas wants israel to lift blockade on gaza. israel wants hamas to disarm. both said they don't expect a break through agreement
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anytime soon. nearly 2,000 people died during last few weeks. good day starts in 40 minutes. it is wedding wednesday. we will answer some of those questions, you are too embarrassed to ask like can i bring my kids to the wedding. >> no. >> should we explain why i captain go i can't make it, do i to have tell you why are say i can't come. >> it depend on how well, you know them good we will tell you coming up. >> school is just around the corner and there are some things you should do with your kids. three things teachers want you to do with your child before they walk the halls of school this september. tweet us your school must have's with the hash tag fox 29bts for back to school. sue serio, it is 6:21. you are looking at weather that is hopefully moving out. >> as soon as i do this forecast i will sign up for chris murphy school of etiquette. >> i wouldn't do that, sue. >> i'm in, man. >> we have the atlantic city air show today. people look forward to this so
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much. it is thunder over the boardwalk. by 11:00 o'clock when we get started we will have some clouds around and possibility of stray shower but i don't think there will be too much going on. it just depend on how low cloud deck is whether they can go inside those planes or not. by about 2:00, it will be 58 degrees in atlantic city. for us it is changing mild and muggy with a stray shower, today improving conditions sun and clouds and it should be dry for the one direction concert tonight we have thursday and friday with below average temperatures and lower humidity. kacie, i know you are not going but it sound like you wish you were. >> upper more land we had a malfunctions traffic light davisville road, that is out of the way, police not directing traffic anymore. thinks big glare issue this morning outbound side of i-95, accident past walt whitman bridge, packer avenue exit blocking left lane. it is just coming in. really bad this morning.
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you can see delay stretching all the way past that point, probably for about a mile. we will head out there right now. northbound we have no problems. here's southbound drama and southbound side of i-95 jammed
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phillies and angels wrap up their two game series tonight in anaheim. phillies bull pen needs to bounce back after a rough outing last night. >> come on angels are great and we're not so great. new phillies pitcher jerome williams did a nice job in the game. >> but when we hit a fly ball to right, you over run it. is that marlon byrd? i think it is, it is a mess. seven runs scored in that inning. angels win the game seven-two. rest of the night in sports here's tom sredenschek. good morning i'm tom sredenschek eagles spending tuesday in new england a joint practice with the patriots. still training camp coaches evaluating and installing but there are big time benefits
6:27 am
doing it against somebody else. >> it the is fun to be out there. we have been going with our defense which we get competitive every day. nice switch over for our defense and we have an opportunity to practice structure differently. we have an opportunity to sit back and watch them work. >> watching a guy like tom brady work can be invaluable. >> i think anytime you watch within of the great players in the league playing especially one at your position, you know, you can see nothing specific but you know how he functions and how he operates, you know, he has got a great level of professionalism and i'm sure nick can learn from that. >> major league baseball last night tigers and pirates, the pirates play with the golf, watch it again, the backhand and the pirates get four-two win over tigers. that is sports in a minute. have a great day. 6:27. new jersey governor chris christie taking on the ice bucket challenge but there is another politician who did
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not, who said thanks, but no than
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and, loses, and what is next, and what is next in future of atlantic city coming up in atlantic city. target add tack on a south jersey police station but police i have clue about who is behind the shooting. the car that they want to you
6:31 am
see. >> pacecally saved my life. through a sport called murder ball we will introduce you to the veterans who found hope, and brotherhood back home. wednesday, august 13th, 2014. we want to know what you are doing to get ready for back to school. what do you need? tweet us using hash tag fox 29bts back to school. >> lets do wet sort's at 6:31 with sue serio, hi sue. >> hi, we have an improving kind of day to day, still not a lot of clouds out there. a few stray showers and drizzle but it is not a big deal compared to the downpours we had yesterday. so improving but it is still muggy this morning. there is muggy the talk. thanks, muggy. we will put you inside in the air conditioning soon. temperatures in the 60's, and 70's, and clouds out there, maybe a stray shower, but most of the rain is gone. our weather by the numbers for today is a six out of ten.
6:32 am
things will be improving but we still have the clouds and the showers around this morning. every once in a while in this loop of ultimate doppler radar you will see green popping up and that means a stray shower. you see all of the clouds. seventy-one in philadelphia with 87 percent relative humidity. high of around 84. tonight we're down to 60 in the city, 50's in the suburbs. that is your fox cast from the weather authority. kacie, how is wet roads doing this morning. >> well, we are leading with this story sue, this accident, southbound side of i-95, pretty bad, past walt whitman bridge, packer avenue left lane blocked. e delay leading up to and past the scene, pretty jam. northbound you have nothing going on and then over here southbound you have a big delay, so southbound approaching the walt whitman. in abington washington lane at township line road we have another accident and centerville, mill road still
6:33 am
completely shut down down tree there kenneth pike to mount shanon road. the majors look fine. except for that 95 south slow down, chris and dawn. meantime we have a developing story right now. philadelphia police are investigating a robbery at 7-eleven in the frankford section that left one person hurt, and this happened on the 6200 block of oxford avenue around 3:00 this morning. just a couple hours ago. police say two suspects walk in the store and pistol whipped the clerk, the suspects emptied the register and got away with some money. clerk was taken to the hospital with injuries. atlantic city police officer hospitalized after being struck by a car on the 16 hup block of albany avenue. the officer's injuries are not clear at this point. driver of the carries being held on suspicion of dui. three people were shot overnight in new castle county delaware. police say two men entered the home on the north monroe street in wilmington and began shooting this happened before
6:34 am
midnight. victims were rush to the hospital. at this point their conditions are unknown. police are right now looking for those shooters. an off-duty philadelphia police officer is dead after crashing his motorcycle. state police say seth stillfox was killed on the pennsylvania turnpike near newville, cumberland county. investigators say his bike crashed after swerving on the shoulder and hitting a guardrail. the officer felon to the roadway bee go, investigators say excessive speed and a wet roadway contributed to that deadly accident. and search is underway for person who opened fire on a gloucester county police station. >> fox 29's jennifer joyce live outside west deptford police station where this drive by happened and evidence is right behind you on the door there, jennifer. >> reporter: that is right, police are still working to determine who was behind this crime against police. they say they are making progress however they are asking for public's help. five bullets left their mark on this side security door of the west deptford police
6:35 am
department, none penetrated. thinks main door they use to enter and exit the the building. a sixth bullet hit a rain spout and a seventh flew in the deputy police chief's office window. no one was hurt. looking at surveillance video released by the department shows a dark colored vehicle driving through the parking lot. police are still trying to determine the make and model of the car. they are working to enhance the video. the police department say this was clearly a targeted act. >> we have not received at this point any specific threats. it is clear we were the targets of it, given the fact that it was 4:00 o'clock in the morning and it was the door while it is the back door it is programry door that the patrol officer used. >> someone brazen enough to put five round in the police back door and another round in the side of the building and within through a window. they are definitely targeting one of our officers and it is real great concern and our
6:36 am
guys are on high alert and told to be very vigilant. >> reporter: police plan to reach out to local business toss try to pull additional surveillance video. officers are pulling recent police report to see who they have arrested and see if this could be retaliation. the the reward has increased to $25,000 for anyone who offers any information leading to the conviction of the person or people responsible for this crime. chris and dawn? >> all right, thanks jennifer. as expected atlantic city's revel casino is closing its doors in september and thousands of workers will lose their jobs. this is just what atlantic city does not need right now. >> so d-day is september 10th at this point, steve. >> reporter: yah, right between other two that will close august 31st and september 16th. so revel will at least stay opened for labor day weekend but they are getting out of of town before the miss america pageant comes to town. you would think that ace i big weekend here that is why they have it, week have after labor day to extend the season but
6:37 am
revel is getting out of business and shutting down unless some miracle happens before enemies america. from our vantage point you've got revel, show boat and trump plaza in the background and all three casinos that will go out of business and going down like dominoes like somebody kick them over. don't be surprised you are mentioning the democratic national convention possibly coming to philadelphia. the name revel will likely be resurrect a whole lot around that convention and a whole lot in the national headlines because chris christie, kept saying, give us five years that five years would be up at year number five in 2016, it turns out, revel itself could not stick around for those five years only in business for two and a half years. a lot of people who may run against christie both republicans first and any race for republican nomination and then i'm sure a democrat if they run against christie saying hey, this guy runs the
6:38 am
national economic plan like he planned to have revel turn around atlantic city, our country could end up revel like and go out of business. don't be surprised if we hear the name revel long before, long after this name is gone. here we go atlantic city more bad news. i have a good friend down here who knows a whole lot about economics, politics and running a business. frank formica happens have to have the greatest bakery in the world. he makes the greatest bread in the world right across from the white house sub shop. his grand dad opened it 95 years ago. he makes this fact, 1994, there were 130 businesses here in atlantic city that had been opened for 30 years or longer. today, of that 130, there are just seven. so it is just not casinos going out of business but regular businesses are going out of business. whether he these three businesses go out one fourth of his bread business will go because that is where he sells a lot of bread and rolls to is casinos.
6:39 am
he has 50 employees. he may not have the need to have 50 employees if he is not making as much both philosophically and figuratively you mentioned the democratic national convention, that was held in atlantic city 50 years ago in 1964. interesting history there. who would have saw that coming. is this the end of keeping up with the kardashians. oh, why kim, chloe and courtney are threatening to quit. shame for mayor coming in this small up to who is coming to sit is and
6:40 am
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6:42 am
we are looking at your shore cast for today, unlike yesterday which was a lousy beach day, today will be improving. it is in the great right new with all have of these clouds and an occasional shower but eventually the sun will come out this afternoon, maybe late this afternoon but temperatures will be in the lower 80's. wind west at 10 miles an hour. surf temp at 76 degrees. is there a maryland rate risk of rip currents and uv index is eight for today. not really that bad but yesterday in atlantic city, almost 4 inches have rain recorded yesterday and then a few more inches in the early morning hours, so they are over five and a half inches of rain for this whole entire storm but millville takes the
6:43 am
cake with almost 9 inches have rain from this storm. just an inch or so at philly international. ultimate doppler nothing much except a few rain drops here and there. the big stuff is gone, in fact there has been flooding this morning in long island and some cars trapped in flooded roadways and things. heavy downpours moved up there, early this morning. so as we take a look at temperatures, over the past several days we have had no 90's in the last week but you we got close on sunday with 88 degrees. yesterday with the clouds and rain, 79 was our high. we are at 71 in philadelphia temperatures in the upper 60's and dew points in the 60's, so when temperatures close to the dew point or dew point close to the temperature, what that means is it is humid out there we are between oppressive and uncomfortable. so 84 degrees today, improving conditions by tomorrow and friday is up to a ten because not only will we have cooler temperatures but lower humidity.
6:44 am
saturday looks great. sunday looks good. maybe slight chance of the pop up shower in the afternoon. that is your weather authority forecast. >> getting out to the biggest problem of the morning southbound side of i-95, past walt whitman bridge and packer avenue exit number 19.
6:45 am
left lane block at the scene. it is blocked, it will be slow, past the scene, we will head out there, right now, and it is loosening upright around the bridges, this morning, and the accident is still sticking with us but still southbound you will face about a 15 to 20 minute delay, right this second. abington washington lane at township line roane accident number two and looking at your majors slow down is starting to build on i-95 south, dawn and chris. >> mess on i-95. after months of turmoil surrounding l.a. clippers have the sale of the team has gone through. that makes microsoft ceo, former ceo steve ballmer the new owner of the team. sale closed yesterday after california court confirmed that shelley sterling could in fact sell the franchise. her husband was fighting the sale in court. nba banned donald sterling after a tape of him making racist comments. thirty-fourth annual veterans wheelchair games are opening up the ceremonies, they were held yesterday in philadelphia. >> more than 600 athletes are competing in 19 different sports. thinks big time action. even bigger inspiration. as fox 29's bruce gordon, found out for himself. >> reporter: twenty-five year-old mason simons could hardly contain his energy as he waited for opening ceremonies in the wheelchair games to conclude. he was about to participate in quad rugby otherwise known as murder ball and he wanted to got at it. >> it had has gotten me back on my feet. saved my life in that context. >> reporter: remarks made from the podium could have been aim directly at simons. >> these event help people recover from serious injury
6:46 am
but does result in life changing attitudes but help improve their quality of life. >> reporter: back in 2001 simons who grew up in schuylkill county pa was paralyzed in a motorcycle accident on his way the to the army national guard training drill. he spent weeks in the coma and months on the mend and his life was all but over. >> i was really depressed. it pick my spirits up and said there is people out there, and they are still going hard. >> reporter: like so many others of these games, figure out disabilities do not end our possibilities. al co vac heads paralyzed veterans of america. >> i found out being here it is nice. it is really remarkable to see these guys not accept their disabilities sitting downey guess you can say. >> reporter: murder ball combines rugby, basketball and demolition derby. we cannot function from the mid chest down, simons is well
6:47 am
suited on this sport. >> i have long arms, big hand, works to my advantage. >> reporter: do not the let this fool you, wheelchair athletes are every bet as competitive as those on 2 feet. two years ago simon's team took a bronze metal, last year was silver, this year he says only goal will do as his motto is that dude on his left biceps. >> go hard or go home, that is pretty much it. >> reporter: the games will be played throughout the game, on friday throughout the pennsylvania convention center, with the tie will will game set for this sunday. go to my fox for a link of complete list of sports and schedules this week. the admission is free and your inspiration is guarantied. in the news room i'm bruce gordon fox 29 news. okay, a our own quincy harris will be in moorestown to talk more about those events and that sport coming up. president obama says no thank you, by the way, to the ice bucket challenge. >> instead he donating to the als foundation this week. you may remember ethel kennedy
6:48 am
called him out while she and the rest of the family took the ice bucket challenge that is going on all over facebook on martha's vineyard. ice bucket challenge has led to a 1,000 percent spike in donations to the als association. that is good news. the president said he will not dot ice bucket challenge but not new jersey governor chris christie. >> governor completed the challenge after he was nominated by ceo of the new jersey devils. he got his two kids in the act to help him out. >> since i love my two youngest children so much, patrick and bridget, will be the ones who will take care of the challenge for me. patrick and bridgette, let's go. >> is he wearing like tube socks in this. >> does he just have a really bad tan. you cannot see in this shot unfortunately but, anyway, the governor nominated new jersey senator corry booker, mark
6:49 am
zuckerberg and tonight's show host jimmy fallon to complete the challenge next week i'm speaking slowly hoping that the video will pan down again so we can see governor's legs. maybe we shouldn't see his legs. granddaughter of aubrey hepp burn makes her model debut on the harper's bizarre. >> she's very pretty. >> emma ferris channeling her ledgendry grand mother in her first photo shoot. that is her on the left and aubrey hepp burn on the right. while she passed away before emma was born you can see the family resemblance there both just beautiful woman. >> aubrey hepburn died in 1993. courtney, kim and cloudy kardashian are refusing to film for the next season of their family's reality show after some family members were robbed last month. someone burglarized courtney's home in the hamptons and chloe's jewelry was stolen earlier this year. source told tmz that the sister thinks it is an inside
6:50 am
john. new season of keeping up with the kardashian is set to begin filming in october, so we will have to wait and see. i know you would be heart broken, chris. >> my god. >> it is just so weird. >> the most weird one is bruce jener, all that work. has he had the most work done of anyone involved in the show. >> it looks like he has had a lot of work done. congratulations are in order to our own dawn timmeney. >> yes. >> she has been nominated for a regional m.a. ward. as of many of our staff. >> nominations were announced last night and hats off to the good day crew as well, show has been nominated for the best morning newscast, which we, of course, think it is. other members of the fox 29 family on that list of nominee, jeff cole, shawnette wilson, dave kinchin and joyce evans. the award take place next month, so good luck to all. i know that two of our editors jim ring and michelle green were also nominated, for best
6:51 am
editors. little competition in house. >> i love handing off stories for them and eag with they bring back. >> they are awesome. >> fabulous. >> summer is nearly over just a few weeks of sun and sand left and ladies, it is time to start thinking about the new beauty routine. >> we're going to tell but fun new products that will help keep you hair and skin healthy as temperatures start to dip. >> as we head in the fall and winter. >> and do you get nervous flying. one airline is hoping you'll hit the pause button so to speak and just relax thanks to the the in flight channel, the cute and cuddly science behind this adorable idea. how about dawn timmeney with the emmy nomination there sue. >> wonderful. >> and good day. >> well deserve. yes, we were nominated for best morning show, yes, that is nice to hear. let go outside and we will talk about what will happen outside today and i'll tell
6:52 am
you what looking ahead after today, thursday night, tomorrow night is probably going to feel kind of autumnal, we will have a very chilly night, and then for us, for right now, it is in the 70's in the city, upper 60's in the suburbs and still quite muggy with a stray shower not out of the question but absolutely not a big deal. some unis shine, this afternoon, and 84 degrees should be our high temperature. sunset time is 8:00 o'clock. so it looks dry for the aforementioned many times one direction concert at the the link. >> at the link, it is outside. that is at 7:00. expect a lot of extra volume in the south philadelphia area lots of little girls screaming around this evening. southbound side of 95 we have an accident here just past walt whitman bridge and packer avenue left lane was block. huge delay at the scene. that is just now loosening up. we will look elsewhere, 76 jamming around city avenue
6:53 am
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le announcer: coand join oure wtraveling celebrational as the chesapeake campaign visits town festivals up and down our shores. visit presented by at&t. maryland. land of discovery. good morning, welcome back at 6:55. what a nice beautiful picture from bush kill falls in the pocono mountains. landslide victory for newly elect mayor of the small town in minute so the a meet duke, the new mayor, of this small village, they call it a village, seriously of 12 people. on voting day they decided to make the seven year-old dog
6:56 am
their leader. duke may not understand politics but has been doing a great job guarding the town or village. he even makes sure cars are not going past the speed limit. >> cars are coming through town here, they are hitting this town at 50 miles an hour and he slows them down. >> he didn't even have half as many votes as duke did in the store. >> would i sound like such an outsider there. duke will be sworn in this sunday. won't be getting a salary but a pet store has agreed to donate a years supply of food to reward duke for his services. hey atlantic city loses a gamble big time and now their new casino is shutting down. ripple effect this will have is so much bigger, especially on unemployment that is expected to shoot up near 20 percent. the future for ac coming up. and school starts in just a few weeks why not make a good impression. we will tell you three things
6:57 am
teachers want your student to
6:58 am
6:59 am
retaliation, someone opened fire on a south jersey police station and this morning, the reward is growing. the car involved that police want to you find. >> devastate this area. >> what will atlantic city do
7:00 am
i now revel announced it is closing after just two years after all that hype and fanfare can casino town bounce back. another police involved shooting in ferguson, missouri, thinks after days of protest and sparked by death of the teen hot shot and killed by police over weekend. how the president is now getting involved. memorials are growing this morning in the landmarks of actor robin williams most beloved movies and one of those films the dead poet society filmed here in delaware. we will talk to actors who work as extras on that movie and hear what they have to say about robin williams. such a nice guy. >> all these back stories are coming out and it is under scoring what a loss it really is. >> yes. >> how great he was. every story of him being so kind. >> you don't hear bad stories about him. he was a nice genuine guy, who


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