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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 9  FOX  August 13, 2014 9:00am-10:01am EDT

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♪ well good morning, welcome back to "good day" philadelphia. not necessarily the best day in atlantic city. >> it is getting better. >> that's the good thing. the air show. >> yes, a loft people keeping their fingers crossed that those clouds will move on out, sue serio. >> that's right. >> thunder, thunder burst over the board walk. >> real thunder. >> speaking of the sequestration eggs tryings last year, good to have them back, show beginning 11:30 this morning. >> good day, it is august 14th, 2014. showing women are the happiest at age 25. we're in trouble. >> not long before. the age women feel the most pressure. >> so, age 25, you're happiest. does that mean twice at happy at age 50? it is wedding wednesday this morning. we are talking etiquette. should you invite people to your bachelorette party even if you're not invited to the
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wedding? why that answer might surprise you. >> so many hurt feelings at wedding time. check it out. not a mask from a horror movie. people leaping with this thing onto improve their skin. >> strange products being called game changers. >> some women will do anything. right? >> friday the 13th? >> what's the rhyme time to start a family. >> we always hear about a woman's biological clock, ticking, right? my cousin vinny, whatever? but new study suggesting that it is the men who are watching the baby clock, not the women. >> this is casino of interesting. 88% of men surveyed say they definitely wanted to have children, while only 79% of women say they felt the same. >> well, they have to have the kid. >> right. >> now, average number of children? >> probably two, three. >> two. >> okay. >> and most men surveyed said they would like to have children no later, yes, women
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not -- no later than 35. women said their cut off was 416789 so the guys are way ahead of the women. men say the ideal age for woman to have her first baby is 25. which i don't know if that really happens that much any more. so women, 31, which seems more realistic. >> oh, i think people want to pursue their carreers. >> right, a loft women. judge couples wait little longer, you know, than in the old days when our paren got married. >> out every college, then the pressure was onto get married. >> yes. jen? >> i agree with all of that. >> oh, we have both of you. >> we have to get the man and woman's perspective here watch do you guys think? >> i think the woman with delaying it, you're right have, to have their career, and they know what's involved.
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as you know, quincy one of the most amazing stay away dads that we know. >> stay away? >> wow. >> quincy, come on, fight back, my man. >> the truth. >> i think 25 is really young. >> i do too. >> we just ran the survey earlier in the week. about men don't mat tour until what? >> women? >> seven? >> (laughing). >> i think 30 is good. i mean, because obviously out of your 20's, partied for about ten years, know what's
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out, there time to settle down in your 30's. >> yes. >> as usual, women have it right. you're in the minority, yes. >> yes, you know, the over thing is i think the guys, you know, when the men are asked a question, right? they don't want kids in their 30's, 40's, because they have this idea they'll be playing football or lacrosse with these kids, they don't understand do you have make the peanut butter and jelly sandwich. you have to sign them up for, and i have to give you notice, for all the work to clean the dishes and everything. all of the sign ups for different groups,.
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>> and chris murphy, date night with your lady? babysitter. thank you, chris. >> you're finding the babysitter? >> yeah! so here is the thing, you know, so, the kids, by the time you're like 55, still young enough, for the girl that's like 30, that's right. so, guys. >> double standard, i think, because men might be expected to -- but women, we men don't want to hear about it, one, as society, but the men when they reach that age. then what age did you start a loving cohesive family? when is my next hook up? my booty call?
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when is my next trophy wife? you have seen these shows. you've seen modern family. you, yes, you mess uphold the first family up, and -- >> right. two, three sets of children. >> right. >> and again we don't get if until we're 43, dudes. >> right. >> so give us a pass until then new reserve. , guys, that shows that women are the happiest at age 25, before you guys come in and ruin everything, right? most stress at age 34. this is all starting to make sense. >> yes. >> so true, right? >> think about it, we just talk about the pressure of work, raising a family, makes mid 30's little less fun than the mid 20's. women in their 20's also tends to worry less about their weight and looks, than older women. duh. beauty product firm conduct in the study, duh. also found 12% of women
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believe they are happier than men. so we know we're miserable, and we believe in it. but are you mad at men because of the perceived happiness that they have? is there this sort of -- >> we re event them every minute of the day, pretty much. you know what i mean? you know, ask your wife that, right? >> housework, things, how that is just done, taken for granted but when you scrub the toilet, you want a parade. oh, look what i did. >> guess what, there will be a par add at our house. last thing my wife said to me before we went to bed, tomorrow the barmes need to be cleaned. oh, no i do the bathroom cleaning, okay? >> all right, well, i love a parade. >> can't wait to hear that tomorrow, chris. >> all right, a fired georgia teacher suing her school board after her student found naked selfies of her. >> yes, little out there. the teacher was just terminated two weeks ago for being irresponsible with her
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phone. >> failed to properly report the incident, claims inch sub formed nation in their termination notice. she gave student her cell phone password then left unattended. >> found in addition to the school board reach these photos that got into a phone, and then put them on social media. well, i'm just curious. >> difference. >> right. where, i mean, whole thing is a mess. >> yes, they're savvy enough to know thousand do all that, and get into her phone, i mean, he said she said. even the password or not if she did, how stupid is that. >> right. >> i think terrible on all levers, though, that she had
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her phone with the pictures, then student won't do that. >> what does mike jerrick always say that never to do? >> take naked pictures of yourself. >> sing the national anthem. >> throw the fishes pitch out at the ballgame. >> don't even take the pictures in the first place. >> what is she doing with the pictures, though? texting them, sexting them, to her boyfriends? >> perhaps. >> i don't think we've heard the last of this one. >> can we go to that? >> no. >> all right, she is back with new installment of her unique exercise routines. you know the prancer size laidy? >> i dough know her.s johann a . and original video has well over 10 million views. i remember when john stewart discovered her on the daily show. this is hysterical. she calls it prancersize, walks down the street and she is a local lady, too. not alone. take a look at this.
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>> ♪ >> that's new video. that's where she got prancer sizing from, like a horse. >> well, just grab partner, and let's go. this is sure to become another internet sensation. and chris, you know, we were talking about your dancing earlier. maybe this isn't just for you. prancer size? let yourself go. ♪ >> with or without a horse, right? >> drive people out of the room. >> pretty bad moves, himself. we have this dancing. >> this is -- look who is doing it? >> his own form every prancer size, right? stick to the day job.
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i like this because she was in a neighborhood, and some kids challenged him to a dance-off. i like the fact he's interacting, young people, although, his intentions were good, clearly, his skills were not. ya. ♪ >> included dancing, because we can use it. local delaware offices. they're throwing the football. >> oh, you know what? great way to connect with kids. >> yep. >> all right, new jersey governor chris christie has accepted the ice bucket challenge. here it is. >> since i lover my youngest children so much, patrick and bridget, will be the ones who will take care of the challenge for me so at that time patrick, bridget, let's
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go. >> oh. >> so government nor nominated three people to complete the challenge, next, they are cory booker, mark zuckerberg, and jimmy fallon, the challenge raises money for the als foundation. >> you saw the challenge about a month ago in so much fun. you know those two have bonded. >> so i think he'll do it. justin timberlake called out jimmy fallon, as well. >> i just saw justin timberlake. >> you've been called out sue serio. >> low called you snout. >> my dear friend marilyn russell from ben p.m. thanks. >> so is this over twitter? >> she did it over twitter. >> so everybody knows. >> yes. >> so what are you going to do? >> have to doing something before the end of the day. >> what about tomorrow in the 9:00 hour of good day philadelphia. should we do it then? >> i think that's sound like a plan! >> up for the challenge? >> ya. >> now she. now she -- oh, and kacie wants to dump it on you?
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>> okay. >> all right, castly do it, too. but somebody tweeted me said if everybody is doing the ice bucket challenge like how are they raising the money, first like president obama and michelle obama won't do it, will make a donation, the ice bucket part bridges awareness to the cause. and people are donating so awareness, people also writing checks. >> coolest thing when the researchers at jefferson hospital looking for a cure, they did it, too. >> so nice weather tomorrow? >> it won't be hot, cool, comfort many tomorrow. >> here's what we've got going on right now, a the love clouds, over old city, in our neighborhood. and it will be lingering these clouds thousand dollars the west of the morning. looking at the seven day forecast, i tell you what i
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mean by that cool, comfortable weather coming up. so mid 80s today with the sunshine coming in the afternoon. already in the lower 70s, right now, then we have cool night tonight. clear skies. and low about 61 in the city. then you see, sunshine, for tomorrow, sunshine for friday, temperatures in the upper seven's, sews those are daytime high temperatures for mid august. that's crazy. by saturday, up to 82 degrees. eighty-five on sunday, and slight chance of a shower in the afternoon. and then monday and tuesday, of next week, we'll have temperatures in the mid 80s with some mix of sun and clouds, so all-in-all become he back to the pattern, middle of the week rain, boy do we get a loft rain in some places yesterday for our mid week rain. but it looks like it will clear out pretty nicely for the weekend, guys. >> all right. loving that, sue. thanks so much. time now for wedding wednesday. and today we're exploring wedding etiquette. things like should you bring your two year old child to the
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wedding, if the invite doesn't say no kids. so it, doesn't really specify. so we are going to look at things like. that will let's bring in sherrie white to explore. good morning. >> do's, and don't. >> what's the don't here? >> don't bring kids unless expressly invited. so if it is mr. and mrs. john doe and family, then your chinks are invited if it is mr. and mrs. john doe, get a sitter. >> i have a situation where it is a wedding party after the couple got married overseas. right? so now they are having a party for family and friend. my husband and i are going, my stepson and his girlfriends are going, but didn't say my 13 year old wasn't included on the invitation. >> i would ask. if it is family, informal thing, then it is reasonable enough to ask. >> i don't think she wants to go but -- >> still would ask. >> okay. >> so we had destination wedding, and everyone who came who had kids, we said okay,
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downstairs below of the church they can -- and we hired the babysitter for the kids. >> good idea. >> but sure enough in the middle of the wedding vows, one of them ran up and happened to be my cousin, hey, one of my groomsmen grabs him, like a clothes man, nails him, but highlight of the wedding. >> family, too. >> nothing worse than the middle ceremony with cribbing kids. >> if you are doing the baby thing, maybe off site. and what about rvp? i think sometimes people take too long, or they don't, don't get me started on there is i don't know how long you have. there ought to be a law. >> do not do it. >> like that old ad, just do it. >> if you don't do it right away you forget. you forget. you leave folks hanging, trying it plan, trying do seating arrangement, trying teacartment they don't know if you are coming. it is terribly rude. >> and can cost them money because they have to book ahead of time specially with the cater. >> have to guarantee a number, and you don't eat your lobster
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it, cost them a bundle. what about do you have to give an excuse? like not going to come, you know, you might feel gym bye it but sincere regrets, so sorry i'm unable to attends. >> this is major live event in the life of a couple. so you're saying i can't come i'm having my poodle grouped. that's rude. don't say why. >> you have to send a gift if you are invited. >> yes. >> really? >> yes. >> get on that. >> another question for you. >> worried about -- >> four sets every friends over the last -- now i know why. >> with a about like the bachelor party and the bachelorette party? that can be touchy. if you invite somebody to your bachelorette party, do you necessarily then have to invite them to your wedding? it seems sort of etiquette.
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>> we'll go for it. if the person is close enough for to you include them in that celebration, then the assumption is they are close enough to be included in the wedding. like yours, destination wedding, exception, if it is far, far away, would you probably widen the local celebration. if you are from philly getting married in bucks count which 100 people it would be kind of difficult to say to your friends you're not invited to the wedding but come by the batch lore party. >> the people would you invite to your bachelor party are your best buddies, or bachelorette party. friends you want to share that last hooray with. >> yes. >> then to not invite them would seem like a snub, snub, hurtful, they could be offended. you don't want that. >> most importantly, it is guys you can trust. >> yes. >> what happens at the bachelor party stays at the batch her party. >> what about work friends, like your boss, or, you know, things like that, like people may feel obligated to invite them to their wedding, but they don't really want them to come?
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how do that -- how does that work? >> that's a judgement call. you would be uncomfortable at your own wedding there, then just don't invite them. it is your wedding. the stay about you. >> what about size of weddings? i mean, sometimes people think the smaller more intimate weddings are in, they cost less money, but then you have all of these other people that may feel hurt if not invited this. >> strictly personal preference. do you just have to be mindful about it, if you are having 20 people at the wedding you need to be real selective of the 20 try not to have them in overlapping circles. hard to invite three people from your office but then not the other two on your team. >> right. >> you have to be careful of excluding people. >> my best friends gets uninvited. >> really? >> he started dating my ex before i met my wife and it created all kind of tension. my wife said i don't want him there. he was going to be a groomsmen. >> awkward. >> of all the fish in the ocean he had to find my exgirlfriends? >> did they get married?
9:20 am
>> no. >> we want to hear more about this. >> no. >> very interesting. >> guys, thanks. still ahead: what is your favorite thing to get at the reading terminal? ranks the best foods at this philly hot spot, and we'll tell you the top five. >> oh, it has to be the sandwich. get ready to moon wall. michael jackson is back today with a grand new video. ya, we will tell you what will be released on twitter
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time now, 9:23, one of the best spots in fill toy get food is where else the reading terminal market. but, there is so much to choose from. what should you get? well, the best food to eat while visiting this famous hot spot. >> you know what i call it?
9:24 am
a food orgy. >> i love it. >> all right, number five, the maple bacon donuts at dealers donuts. they're coated when homemade glaze, topped with vanilla frosting, carmel swirl, and subpoening recalled with bacon. >> that's the thing, maple and bacon flavors, people love that with a lot of stuff. >> sounds really good. i don't even like bacon, but sweet and salty. >> sweet and save savory. >> it is good. >> four, the famous rubin at herschel's east side deli. get choice of donned beef pass trom i or biscuit. just all that. >> oh, how about the chicken pot pie? creamy chicken veggies and has warm flakey crust evidently. >> ultimate in comfort food. >> yes. >> and we needed it yesterday and last night, too. >> and chicken that goes in the pot. >> you will like this, too,.
9:25 am
>> molly malloy's. >> yes. >> coming in at number four, the original row tis are you wing. >> now looking at the wings. >> right. >> ii am not familiar with this. >> diener barbeque chicken. looks good. called the city's most tender and flavor full wings can be about a half hour long, so you can order them by the pound. so if you are going to wait in line make sure -- >> before the next eagles game, great place to stop by. number one, fried mac and cheese balls from beck's casean cafe, they were coated with panco bread crumbs, so good for you. >> (laughing). >> they look delicious. >> so what about the denicks pork sandwich? >> oh, i can't believe they're not number one. >> just one ranking by, you know? get in line, you know you'll get food food. >> other foods that didn't
9:26 am
make the top five, chocolate chip canoli's from term any, famous it ate qual hoagies, cage us cafe. so many good places there. i think it would be hard to -- >> scrapple for the first time, by the way. >> the great amish food they have there. and the ice cream. >> thumbs-up or down counts of three for scapel. one, two, three. >> i'll eat it. >> one. >> all right, still ahead, game changers. looking for clear skin, and silky smooth hair, we have the strange product that experts say will do the trick. you'll like these. >> strange and scary. >> yes.
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i'll tell what you um iser is just flying bias we look at penns landing. it is starting to be a beautiful day but before you know it, fall is going to be just here and within the the -- with the change in ease on come change in beauty products. lifestyle editor, is here with some products you might call game changers when it comes to beauty. these are different kind of products. >> they are. they are the new innovations in the beauty space and i'm so excited to talk to you bit. i'm kind of stunned that summer is almost done. >> hard to believe. >> but here's how you can do to spruce up your look for the the fall. >> yes. >> i love this. this looks like a flat iron but much more than. >> it is so much more. hot tools conditioning vapor flat iron. what is really innovative about this is there is a reservoir that comes as an hot treatment for your hair. as you will see here. >> this is kelly, our intern.
9:31 am
>> this is kelly, our model here. >> you can look and see how this works. there is basically a vapor. so this is not your hair burning. the thinks wet styling. so it will give you more moisturizer, more beautiful conditioned hair because there is these tiny little holes here. it might be hard to see but they are releasing this beautiful, oil, vapor, that is again vitamin e very good condition for the air. >> basically put this in that little area here and hutch does something like this cost. >> yes, thinks $90 at ulta. >> which isn't bad when you consider some of the prices on have the flat iron and this is something that does not damage your hair. >> exactly. >> what is this. >> this is really interesting. this is a neuropeptide serum and what i think is most interesting thing about this is a neurologist came up with this product. so doctor reid was working with, to try to figure out how to work with multiple sclerosis. he says there is a the lot of
9:32 am
interesting beauty benefits to it. so there is a positively charged cell peptide in here that allowed products to absorb deeper. what you are getting is anti oxidant, marine algae able to absorb deeper because of the cobra venom. >> when do you use it. >> two pumps twice a day will help everything absorb deeper. it is great. >> price? >> $150, just a little steeper price. >> we have been talking about these all morning long. >> yes. >> i thought this looked like a mask from a horror movie. >> right. >> what do they do. >> i wish that jason had a mask like this years ago because we could have seen him coming in the woods but then again he would have beautiful skin so you wouldn't no have minded. this is a mask that you can get for 30 bucks at target. same technology would you get at the the determination toll goodies getting blue and red light causes
9:33 am
acne a lot of people have sensitivity to the acid, and products so thinks great option if you have sensitive. >> do you people sleep in these or wear them for $15. >> a dollar a treatment. if you go to the dermatologist that is $150. >> i love this. thinks colored mass car a so, how does this work. these are cool. >> they are having such a moment right now. this is from ci ante, you can pick it up at is he information a. thinks a lash highlighter which you put over your mass car a everybody is committed to their mascara. >> yes, you have it on. we can create a highlighting effect. this is a muse like texture. so you go in and you can actually accent, can you see that? isn't that beautiful. >> do the the other side. >> yes. >> people will be wondering like i like that. >> yes. >> you can do an effect which is what she has in hair too.
9:34 am
you can see the great color. you can use that on the tips of the lashes or you can do lash highlighting which is really in right now too. >> yes. >> and there is green, you can do different colors. >> we will get you all colorful here. >> so, right do you see that. how beautiful is that. >> yes. >> fun for a night out if you are going out with friends or whatever. >> so pretty. >> and this is beauty multi tasker, two in one you get sonic brush but you are also getting the blue light which will whiten your teeth faster, i love this. >> how much is this. >> thinks 129 at ul. ta. >> thinks one last thing. >> this is the cheek to cheek. a lot of great water based beauty products, something to definitely look out for this is new trend in beauty, and what is really cool about this is you get two in one in just one bottle. if you use it like this it
9:35 am
gives you a beautiful water color type of scene. if you shake it you will get more textured effects which is really great. you are getting two products in one basically. >> quickly show what it looks like. >> before we throw it out there. >> we will put some right on your cheeks and last all day. you have to look for products that water based texture so it will blend in with your skin beautifully. >> yes. >> really pretty. >> yes, okay. >> we will do some on you too. >> and thanks so much for coming in. >> thank you. >> all right. >> quincy, i will toss it the out to you in my scary mass thank will make my skin look so much better. >> yes, i'm here in moorestown, new jersey, 34th annual veteran wheelchair games. athletes are all working out right now. you have been working hard.
9:36 am
>> yes, sir. >> this is your first race. >> no, my fourth. >> fourth race. >> we will talk to more athletes up
9:37 am
9:38 am
9:39 am
hi, good morning. >> as were you saying. >> yes. >> so the 35th annual veterans wheelchair games are here in our area for the first time, ever. >> quincy is live in moorestown, new jersey checking out one of today's events. i love that everything is free, quincy, it is so great. >> yes, come on down to support, come on down to support moorestown high school, we've lane and julia here how are you doing. >> good, great morning. >> tell us about the events that are going on today. >> so today we have a fun filled day, we have a tennis
9:40 am
exhibition we're in the middle of the track event now and we also have a field event. >> now i see a lot of people out here these guys after lot of volunteers, we have everyone in orange shirts, we have 2500 volunteers. >> in total for the event we have about that many, all of the local community in the philadelphia, new jersey has embraced us, we have had good success with that. >> i have to talk to the athletes this one guy right here, this guy right here is amazing, is what your name. >> scott. >> it is almost not fair because i saw you in a race, i felt like you had a false start but you were going. >> yes, i'm primarily a quad rugby player so i'm used to having that good first push and getting off in a hurry. >> how many events are you doing this weekend. >> i think in total 13 events. >> they total from you are doing race, track, what else. >> track and field, swimming,
9:41 am
wheelchair rugby and softball. >> do you think you will beat these guys out here. >> you won the first meet. >> i hope so i have lost one so far and i don't want to let that happen again. >> you are very serious. i don't want any issues with you. thanks, good luck. >> thanks. >> thank you. >> this is a great event. we have a lot of people. the tennis exhibition is going an what time is that. >> that thinks afternoon at 1:00 o'clock i believe. >> most of our other sports are competitive sports where people are medaling that is an exhibition sport, more of a learning experience people can do it in their community afterward. >> people can go on what web site because you guys are running event all week. the it started yesterday and you end on saturday. >> yes. >> we're in the middle of the race. >> we have a couple different race, national veterans wheelchair games web site, and that is information the philadelphia va medical center
9:42 am
facebook page, we're all over the place. >> you can google the 2014 national veterans wheelchair games and that will take to you one of those sites. >> some great events here, now back to you in the studio. >> all right, quincy, thank you that is wonderful. wonderful. >> all right. >> lets head out to jen. >> okay, here's the the situation you are in fourth grade, you are fabulous, your locker needs to represent that. seriously get crazy. we will have some fun. locker decorations not just for eighth grade anymore and
9:43 am
9:44 am
9:45 am
beginning as early as fourth grade, kids get lockers, forget about learning the combination of the lock, you need to help them get those lockers decorated. >> that is right with things like little chandeliers, hanging from the top of it. >> you need an interior decorate or for a locker now. >> jen has perfect team getting the lockers ready. >> absolutely and joey portman is back because she has seen all of the stuff and they are loving your stuff. we will get to you in a second. good morning by the the way. >> good morning good we're here with the principal and one of the gentlemen that came through this amazing school. we want to know what the rules are. this looks ridiculous. give me don't's first. >> we don't want it to be a distraction. if you put something in your locker we want to make sure you are able to get to the
9:46 am
class on time. newsing would stick to the locker because then custodians would need to get it cleaned off. >> you have one last one. >> they cannot be bad messages, they have to be good positive messages, nothing that will be bad. >> there is no locks. >> there are no locks on the lockers. the not a problem, hasn't been a problem. >> nothing valuable. >> please don't bring in any valuable but pictures of families, pets, little sisters. >> pictures of the principal. >> yes. >> you sit tight and watch what we will do. you will help. you love this thing right here. ladies, you will get party started down there. one thing you have is you have these things that looks like wallpaper but show me what that that, so you are with the rules. >> put it back so you can see how it works. >> every locker needs a chandelier, right? these are cool. these are chandeliers that are motion detected so when you open it up that is when they
9:47 am
go on. >> um-hmm. >> you don't think that is distracting, do you. >> no, of course not. >> it is not distracting at all. >> gentlemen, i love you. >> i love that you guys are boying it up. you cannot have hair like this and not have a mirror. apparently a mirror is an important thing. >> yes it is. >> so you will decorate mirror and you think this is a little plane so you have something you will show us. >> yes. >> what are these things you will show me. you don't have to know the name. >> lets get joe toy explain it while do you it. >> so i will come up, joey what are those things he business to use. >> it is very similar to napkins but different ones to create them, flip them insight out, sometimes you can do it the for halloween a ton of them. >> basically sort of like magnet advertised wallpaper where it doesn't stick but makes your locker look cooler. >> gives it a little style. >> i love that he will
9:48 am
decorate this and put that up. shelving. these lockers don't have shelves. >> me ad and five star are a go to brand that people go to but for long lockers is there a long locker patty. this would have come in handy when i was in school. i love this thing. >> that is cool. >> we will keep it moving. we will go back to the other locker. you love this. what is this. every mom, teacher, and they are like where do i get this thing. >> toy fair in new york city any february. i see 40,000 different toys this year this is one thing i was like when is that coming out. the it just came out this summer. the it is a through playdoh and brings out inner artist of you, but they are handy sand a figures here and any designs you want. >> dry it, white it off. here's one that is totally dried that i deck out myself.
9:49 am
i don't have any boys in my house. you know how much fun that is. it is a mirror what most kid like in their locker we have about 30 seconds left, this is kind of keeping them organized. >> organized and kids love to write notes down believe it or not, call mom, whatever it is. it comes with the mirror. me ad and five star have everything you can imagine when it comes to organization. >> let me see what you have here, the locker is rocking it. >> they have enjoyed it. >> yes, so we have followed the rules, correct. >> yes, we have. >> okay, awesome. >> ladies, you air adorable. turnaround because i think, look at that, it is a maxi skirt for little ladies. kind of chilly with the air conditioning in the classroom. i think it is amazing i'm just saying. >> you guys did awesome high five up top. >> this is back to school week. >> my daughter had a little carpet, a chandelier and carpet. >> some people have carpet. >> hot pink fur carpet.
9:50 am
>> yes, exactly. >> thanks, jen. >> more of a throw rug. fashion icon audry hepburn made a modeling debut on the cover of harper's bizarre. >> she's beautiful. >> yes, channeling her legendary grand mother in her first photo shoot. >> wow. >> look at that the breakfast at tiffany's post from audrey hepburn on the right there. >> she passed away before her emma was even born. you can see the family resemblance both beautiful women, and cheekbones. >> yeah. >> i think emma has a modeling career in her future. >> yes. still ahead get ready to moon walk. michael jackson is back with a brand new video. we will tell you what will be released on twitter tonight.
9:51 am
9:52 am
9:53 am
9:54 am
that looks nice, doesn't it. >> and skies above atlantic city will be bosnian hour and a half when air show gets started. >> they are getting their spots early yes, perfect spot. we will see something brand new from the late king of pop, the new mike inial jack son video is set today buy on twitter. he died five years ago in the summer of 09. >> yes, place with no name is what it is called release on twitter tonight at 10:00 o'clock. the video will be first to be featured as part of the tweet, not as a link, leading to an off site page. so you be able to watch the video right on twitter then and not have have to click on it and then get to you tube. >> just reading here that the before the premiering of this preview of the video will air on the special michael jack son episode of fox 29, so you
9:55 am
think you can dance. >> that is cool. >> that is right. >> we have been running those promos all day for michael jackson. >> justin timberlake has accepted the the ice bucket challenge. here it is, take a look. >> here it is, ready. >> ready. three, two, one. >> he was with the boston marathon survivors, both injured in the bombing and he nominated jimmy fallon and roots to dot challenge. he dit last night on the tonight show, lets take a look. >> one, two, three, four... >> oh, boy. >> fallon in tern nominated the entire new york jets football team, governor
9:56 am
christie many in nateed jimmy fallon. they did i dance together. >> look at him. >> he is so funny. >> we got a tweet that said if you don't do it and nominated you have to send a hundred dollars to als. if you do $10. >> people are wondering how they are raising money. >> that is how. >> justin beiber is getting out of a dui charge. >> can i bring in mike jerrick here. he is such a tool. >> we are all in agreement. >> beiber will take 12 hour anger management class, does he only need 12 hours and donate $50,000 to charity to have the charges dropped. in exchange he will plead guilty to careless driving. beiber had been charge for dui after his incident in south florida in january. tool. >> he is getting off easy there i think. >> zach efron fans my daughter used to love him. >> from high school musical. >> i think we have moved on, , 13 i don't know. >> who does she move on too.
9:57 am
>> i don't know. >> as were you saying. >> she likes whoever is playing tonight. >> yes. >> zach efron fans have a chance to drive off in his first car. he posted this picture on instagram and he is offering fans a chance to win his car and trip to l.a. to hang out with him in exchange for donations to the make a wish foundation. great idea. contest is being run through >> wonderful idea. >> yes. >> all right. within direction is in town tonight. >> tonight at the link. >> as we talk about the young up and coming stars so expect traffic around the link. no ballgame tonight. >> they are on the west coast. >> phillies are on the west coast. >> all right, so cold weather challenge tomorrow, sue serio, you and kacie will do this tomorrow in the last part of good day. >> right. >> because after that we dent care how our hair looks. >> there you go. >> have a great morning. >> there you go. >> haat ikea, we don't just design furniture.
9:58 am
we design good mornings. little experiments. big ideas. brighter ways. and better tomorrows you can take home today. imagine if everyday was just a little bit better for everyone.
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10:00 am
. live, from new york city, it's wendy williams! today, always outspoken, joy behar, gives her take on today's hot topics. plus, straight from broadway, nikki m. james, gives us a very special live performance. and all the latest juicy hot topics. now, here's wendy! [ cheers and applause ] >> wendy: beautiful! yeah! here we go again! thank you for watching! say


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