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tv   Fox 29 News at 6PM  FOX  August 13, 2014 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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goshen tonight. shawnette? >> reporter: cleanup from this tragic crash continues at this hour. take look behind me. you can see exactly where that pickup truck went into the building claiming a life of the man. the victim has been identified as dr. robert white a well-known and long-time west goshen employee government official. white was recently lecked to a six-year term as township supervisor and has been in that position since 1992. before that, he serve on the planning commission since 1980. now investigators say he had just walked out of the shop rite on 1115 west chester pike around 12:00 zone this afternoon when a woman in a pickup truck hit white. he died at chester county hospital. >> came through the parking lot in reverse. striking him and then going through the store wall. >> it was devastating. all the employees, township residents i've received e-mails and phone calls across chester county with condolences he was very well liked throughout the community and greater chester
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county area. >> reporter: and the board of supervisors was originally expected to meet tonight. they have since canceled that meeting since this tragic incident. in the meantime police are still investigate wagon caused this woman to crash into the building. iain? >> shawnette, thank you. police in oxford circle are also investigating an accident. this one a hit-and-run that sent a 15 year old boy to the hospital. the teenager was riding his bike early this morning near the corner of bustleton and the boulevard when an suv slammed into him and then kept going. the teen is now in stable condition recovering from a broken arm and leg. police say the suv is a charcoal gray path finder with front end damage and was last seen speeding away south on the boulevard. >> if you seen this man? delaware police say he's been missing since the beginning of the month. guzman was last seen with his family on august 2nd around 10:00 at night before leaving with a woman and heading to cambridge, maryland. police say his family are concerned for his safety. guzman is about 5-foot nine,
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190 pounds with black hair and brown eyes. >> another blow to the family of a northeast philadelphia murder victim. police say two people are under arrest accused of trying to break into connie murray's home. police say the attempted burglary happened just before 2am. that's when cops say two people tried to break into the home and police arrived quickly nabbed those people. crowbar and all. prosecutors have charged them with attempted burglary and other crimes and on top of all of that, investigators say one of those people is a distant relative of the murray family and new no one was home. neighbors cannot believe what this family is going through. >> one defendant knew that there was nobody home, and knew the circumstances. >> that makes it worse. that make it worse. unbelievable. >> police say connie murray's husband killed her last week in pennypack park. less than an hour a vigil will begin to remember the victims avenue horrifying
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quadruple murder and carjacking that simply shocked the city. at a court hearing today, teenaged suspect jonathan rosa asked the victim's family for forgiveness and waived his right to hearing. keisha with yum and her three children died when the two carjacked vehicle then rammed them down on a north philadelphia sidewalk. rosa plans to seek a plea deal. prosecutors say they may call the carjacked victim to testify when cornelius crawford has preliminary hearing in october. a 28 those thousand dollars reward is being offered for information leading to the gunman who opened fire on a gloucester county police stati station. authorities releasing surveillance video of the car that they believe was used in the drive by shooting at the west deptford police headquarters. the suspect used high caliber gun to fire five shots at the side of the building. the door where officers enter and exit. investigators are trying to figure out if someone had a personal vendetta against them. in one was hurt. >> last week's atm robbery of a 64 year old woman who was just
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trying to withdrawal money for church has led to an arrest tonight. we showed you this surveillance video shortly after it happened. the 64 year old woman was at an attm at a wells fargo bank when the robber came behind her and grabbed that crash. she had minor injuries when he yanked the money from her hasn hasn't. police now arrested 37 year old djuan write when they responded that disturbance on ryan heart street and someone identified him as that robber. >> we're learning more about the true state of atlantic city casinos tonight. a revenue report has been released showing one thing on the rise internet gambling. it went up by about 500 to us season dollars from june while the casinos themselves find 11% drop compared to this time last year. regulators say the cass zen notice won 274 million bucks in july. that's down from 20 million a year ago. this comes as several casinos prepare to shut down revel is the latest to fold after saying
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it has not found a buyer. it will close in september after the showboat and trump plaza pull the plug on their operations the atlantic club closed in january. >> happening now philadelphia is attracting highly anticipated attention from some very important people. representatives from the democratic national committee are here checking out the city of brotherly love as possible site for the 2016 democratic national convention. fox 29's bruce gordon is live in front of the art museum on the ben franklin parkway with details from today's visit. bruce? >> reporter: lucy, this was day one of a scheduled two-day visit by the site committee as the local delegation tries to separate philadelphia from four other finalists phoenix arizona and birmingham, alabama, columbus, ohio and brooklyn, new york. all for the chance to play host to the biggest party in politi politics. ♪ >> reporter: the philly delegation went with its trusted brands to woo the site committee. a midday stop in south phill the idea is to show local color
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and flavor. while reminding the committee this is not philadelphia's first rodeo. >> our strongest suit we did it in 2000 sand. got rave reviews. basically the same teams embra embraced to do it over again. >> reporter: philadelphia's 2,000 republican national convention was by most account as huge success. pumping big bucks into the local economy and showing the city in a most positive light. at the time convention company chair david l. cohen made clear this kind of big even could be duplicated. >> this is always going to be a success. you think about the possibility of failure you never take chance... philadelphia is not second class city. >> reporter: during the visit they'll be shown all the usual tourist sites that make philadelphia unique. but the dnc's decision will be based largely on nuts and bolts, hotels, reliable transportation, and state of the art facilities like the wells fargo center and pennsylvania convention center. >> they are focused on
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logistics, security, fundrais fundraising, the ability to get delegates where they need to get to. the site committee ended its afternoon at x fin into the live where convention events would be simulcast i reminded dnc director amy of philadelphia's past success a as host. she was not committal. >> we think the convention is unique and we're focused on what makes best convention here. >> reporter: democrats won't make their decision on convention site till late this year or early next. republicans have already chosen cleveland for their 2016 meeting. of course, ohio has become the swing state in presidential politic. so does that good columbus a leg up for the democrats? she played down any talks as swing states as factor. money may be the bigger issue. can you um up enough to host party like this? ed rendell said he's confident donations from corporate and private sources will raise $80 million to get this thing off the ground. should be an interesting next couple of months. iain. >> no doubt, bruce, thank you
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very much. septa bus runs into some trouble in old city. the bus got stuck in hole at third and mark. a tow truck had to come and get the bus out. no word on any injuries or if any passengers were on board the bus. >> tense moments in philadelphia's port richmond section this afternoon. skyfox over the scene as emergency crews were call out for a hazardous material situation in the 3700 block. a couple of businesses at aramingo avenue and east butler street were evacuated. the situation is now under control. no details have been released about the materials involved or if anyone was sick or injury. >> the city of philadelphia is rallying behind local team hit heading to the little league world series. you can head down to city hall this friday to show your support for the taney dragons. a big rally starts at 2:00 p.m. shortly before the team hits the field in williamsport. while the team is getting ready to play, they're also getting quite a bit of national attention. in fact a pitcher monet davis appeared on fox and friends this
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morning humbly talk bowing the big win that got them to the little league world series. >> i didn't really consider it a big deal. it was just a regular game to me win or lose it was honorable to make us this far so it wasn't really a big deal, but then when we won, that was a huge deal. it was very exciting, and there was a lot of emotion going. so it was kind of crazy. >> monet davis is a first female player to advance to the little league world series since 2004. the taney dragons are from south philly and we're going to have live reports from williamsport starting tomorrow at 5:00 p.m. and our coverage will continue all weekend long. northeast philly good samaritan ride righting a wrong. >> tire slashes almost prevent add mother from seeing her son. the random act of kindsness making all the difference. >> they're still in their teens but they've been helping others for years already. today, they're being recognized. years of service is helping
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children they will never even meet. colleen. >> one eagle wasn't looking forward to practicing with the patriots. we'll hear what he has to say now that the practices are over. >> colleen, right now, no need for umbrellas across our area. the humidity is dropping as well as the temperatures over the next couple of days. details with the seven day forecast coming up. >> and an officer pulls over woman for blowing through a stop sign only to see she's choking. he jumps into action, saving her life. tonight at 10 what she did next that left even the officer tonight at 10 what she did next that[ shelly ] as a graduate of devry university
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>> we're keeping an eye developing story out of northeast philadelphia. someone slashed the tires of several cars in the middle of the night. this happened along the 5800 block of akron street.
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now police are looking at surveillance video from 94 by businesses to see if they can figure out who did this. fox 29's dave schratwieser is live at northeast detective that is night. dave? >> reporter: iain police are looking for that surveillance video and a suss who they say slashed tires on left cars on akron street early this morning. but for one of the victims tonight there seems to be silver lining. >> it's awful. >> dottie roy uses her white toyota camry every single day to go visit her 34 year old son joey in a nursing home in hatboro. so when she came out back of her house wednesday to find all four tires on her car slashed, she was devastated. >> i go every day to see him. 8:00 o'clock in the morning. >> with your car. >> with your car. >> her thoughts immediately went to joey who suffered a serious brain injury self years ago after being attacked and beaten. dottie wondered how she was going to get to his bedside every day. >> my son is brain damaged severely. >> it turn out her car was one of several in the alley behind
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the 5800 block of akron that had tires slashed overnight. police are checking nearby surveillance cameras, some victims had one tire slashed. others two. dottie had all four. >> a tire costs over $100 these people are working class people and they live paycheck to paycheck. >> all four tires just me. so you tell me about that. i don't know. >> reporter: while some neighbors changed their tires and tried to make the best of it, dottie got call from someone who saw the story on the news and offered to come tow her car and replace her tires. >> oh, my god! i'm like -- i'm shocked. there's an i wasn't gel out there looking after me finally. i wash it was for my son but, you know, at least i can still see him. >> reporter: now dottie should be ready to roll tomorrow morning. police still looking for that suspect. if you have any information you should call northeast detectiv detectives. lucy. >> thank you very much, dave. a celebration today for two local teens in the spotlight their years of dedication
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helping their community. years. they're only teenagers. the two have volunteers and work at teen children for more than six years. that organization benefits early childhood education. aston is on her way to college and justin is entering his sophomore year at widener. over the years, they have helped fix hundreds of computers to send to families and schools in our region. >> our computers are loaded with extraordinary learning software that anybody from a baby or toddler to a senior citizen can become an academic genius. >> over the past 15 years, team children provided more than 12,000 refurbish computers to children throughout our community. >> the ice buck challenge has been circulating popular social meet media sites like facebook to raise i wasness for als. the hope foundation team complete add big challenge in love bark. they post it online. those who complete the challenge
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actually nominate others to participate. >> and back to your fox 29 weather authority. get dumped with an icy bucket when it's 85 and humid. >> not a bad day to get dumped. >> don't do it when it's 50 degrees in the overnight in the future coming up soon, right, scott. >> we're looking at some below average temperatures iain and lucy over the next several days as drier air moves in. after all of the rainfall. look at the the rainfall totals from yesterday's system. south jersey hardest hit. cumberland county, atlantic county, southern burlington, sections of ocean county five to 9-inches or more of rainfall. so really unheard of. a couple of months worth of rain for some in south jersey. millville saw almost 9-inches of rainfall out of that system. we'll take look at some of those totals. you can see millville 8.94-inches of rainfall. manhawkin over 7.5. a half of foot in estelle manor. atlantic city over 5.5-inches. so the past 24 hours showing you ultimate doppler. you can see we're looking at all
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of that heavy rainfall as it started to trend south and east yesterday at this same time and that's exactly what happened. north and we have not whole lot of moisture out of that system, and as we look at ultimate doppler right now, we are dry and we are quiet and temperatures are in the low 80s so pretty comfortable right now. humidity at 47%. and look at the wind direction out of the west northwest at 20 miles an hour. so that will draw in some of that cooler and drier air over the neck several hours. sun and clouds by 7:00 o'clock. 80 degrees. lowering humidity by nine. 76. low 70s about 11:00 o'clock tonight. it's going to be nice overnight and really a nice couple of days ahead. take look to the west. quiet conditions for a change. things have finally gun to settle down across much of the lower 48. so as we look at the clock tonight, dry and quiet. tomorrow morning, looking good for that early morning jog or stroll. we're looking at a lot of sunshine. a few more clouds in the afternoon a little disturbance wants to come through so there could be isolated shower but i think most of us stay dry.
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friday, beautiful conditions to close out the week and then as we move into the upcoming weekend at least the first half looks pretty good with low humidity staying as well as dry conditions. pretty much spot on for today as far as temperatures upper 60s for the low mid 80s for the high temperature. the normal this time of year is 86. our high was 85. upper 60s right now in the pocono mountains. so cooling down there. upper 70s in trenton. low 80s right now in dover as well as atlantic city. the dew point the measure of moisture for the remainder of the week it will be dropping into the pleasant and invigorating category. so dew points below 60. we always talk about that starts to feel really comfortable when you step outdoors. so 60 degrees in the suburbs tonight. mid 60s in the city that lowering humidity with that wind out of the north and west. tomorrow get outdoors and enjoy it. low 80s. winds out of the northwest. it's going to be a comfortable day across the region. what about the next seven days? you can see as we move into friday, friday morning,
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temperatures in the 50s. so, yes, some of that cooler air moving in especially to the north and western suburb. low 80s on saturday. mid 80s on sunday. the humidity creeps back up for the second half of the weekend and we could see a few isolated storms and then better chances by tuesday and wednesday of next week. a lot of people not complaining. >> he's got his thermals out. >> he like 90-degree temperatures. >> it is august. >> he'll be in a robe up here. sweatshirts. >> the only thing that will make me happy if we have a mild winter. >> that's not going to happen. >> sorry. >> just like the phillies hopes eternal. >> we'll look on the positive side. start with the eagle. they finish up their second day of practices with the patriots. one player has to leave the rain soaked field a little early and another is taking a more positive approach to the week i
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♪ >> all eyes have been on jeremy maclin this preseason. he's coming back from an acl injury he some people today when he limped off the field it was during touchdown pass from nick foles but he said after practice just pulled his hamstring and hopes to be back as soon as tomorrow. game two of the eagles preseason troy date night against the
6:25 pm
patriots. they spent the last two days practicing with the pats in foxborough massachusetts something eagles quarterback cary williams wasn't a fan of at first. but after talking to him today, he's changed his tune a bit. >> i'm good with it. like i said before, i make the best of my opportunities, man. i don't weren't to be that guy. i don't want to be negative force out here and i understand my role as leader. i don't want to any opportunities that's presented to me. i'll go out and practice as well as i can. and do everything in my power to play the way coach wants me to play. >> very positive of him. phillies out west wrapping up a two hiv game zeros again the angels. they imploded during last in it's sixth inn ago allowing six runs to score. there's really nothing else to si about it. aj burnett will go tonight. hopefully for much better resu result. last note in seattle check this out. mariner moose isn't real thrilled but toronto fan is in the front row.
6:26 pm
so to be continued he challenges the fan to a draw with a water guns. each of them will walk five paces. five paces blue jays fans gets something else other than water. noose job, moose. >> he's in the super hero. this player from german professional soccer league -- watch what he does after he scores the goal. a quick change of masks and magically he's spiderman by the way they won the game two-nil if you were wondering. >> i wasn't wondering. >> spidie senses working for him really well. >> how about that? >> clearly had that planned. >> i wonder what's next? had you do you follow that up? >> i don't think. maybe sharpey and sign it. >> something. >> that's right. that was a classic. >> thank you very much, cole leap. we'll see you back here at 10. >> and side edition is next. have great night. body.
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the man in black. inside the shop where robin williams drank his last cup of coffee. >> it is what he was wearing that disturbed the manager here. >> he was wearing black. >> and jimmy fallon fights back tears. >> he was one of a kind. he was one in a million. >> plus, shocking new details. >> he's probably been dead for 10 hours, 12 hours. >> deborah: and why are so many funny people haunted by depression? then, luckiest traffic stop ever. >> are you choking? >> she's choking to death. heimlich cop to the rescue. what you need to know about this life saving technique. >> push in and up,


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