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tv   Fox 29 News at 6PM  FOX  August 14, 2014 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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video could help crack this case. fox 29's dave schratwieser is live at police headquarters tonight with the rest of the story. dave? >> reporter: lucy, within the the hour, police have identified the victim who was shot to death outside the dell music zen last night as 20 year old a lex situation cordero. he was shot in the stomach and leg. tonight police are hunting for his killer. with a concert for piece going on inside the dell music center wednesday night, bullets were flying outside when the gunfire ended a 20 year old man was dead and a killer was on the run. >> this individual was shot about 50 feet from the front gates. >> honestly, very disheartening. my heart goes out to the family. >> reporter: 600 young people were inside the dell just after 8:00 for a concert against violence. that's when two groups outside the parking lot got into it. the suspect pulled out a gun at point blank range and shot the 20 year old. >> the people who put on these concerts are well intentioned. the problem it doesn't always reach the street thug we cool
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with on daily basis. this is what they do. >> reporter: the shooting stunned concert goers and organizers who are campaigning against gun violence. in the crowd was the mother of a three year old girl shot and killed last week on her front porch. >> here it is another young person that will never make ho home. >> don't care if it's at a peace rally, in church, they can careless. >> reporter: homicide investigators scowered the area for clues. they believe the gunman fled in a white chevy impala. surveillance cameras capture the ago that many led up to the shooting. no video has been released. >> and they did record the shooting. they recorded the entire shooting. >> live means something to us. enough! >> reporter: now police believe the victim in this case may have been intervening on behalf of a friend when he was shot. the commissioner tells us they do have some excellent surveillance video but no arrests and no suspects at this point. we will keep you updated on this investigation. lucy? >> thank you very much, dave. breaking news now from missouri. the state highway patrol is now
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taking over security and the st. louis suburb of ferguson where violence has been erupting all week long. rioting and looting began after a police officer fatally shot unarmed african-american teenager michael brown. police received criticized for using tear gas and smoke bombs to stop the demonstrations some of them vile lenell much the governor says a highway patrol captain who is black and grew up in the community will now oversee security in that city. >> today is the day we renew or commitment to bring peace to the families of ferguson. the day we commit to our mutual responsibilities of ensuring the safety and security of our communities and making sure they are served with justice and respect by their leaders. >> the uss have tis department, fbi and local officials are all investigating brown' death. on social media tonight people are organizing protests against police brutality throughout the nation. a rally slate slated for tonight love park in center city. of course, we will have a crew
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there. and we are closely following this developing story on you can find video, pictures and the president's remarks right on our home page. >> breaking news tonight surrounding the death of robin williams. williams wife just revealing that the actor comedian was in the early stages of parkinson's disease and was sober at the time of his apparent suicide. in a statement susan schneider says williams was struggling we depression, anxiety and the early stages of par sin couldn't son's when he was found dead earlier this week. shely says williams was not ready to share his parkinson's diagnosis publicly his wife said "it is oh you are hope in the wake of robin's tragic passing others will find the strength to seek the care and support they need to treat whatever battles they are facing so they may feel less afraid". >> police are trying to fine the gunman had shot two teenagers in south philadelphia. cops say the shooting happened just before midnight at tenth and bainbridge. they say gunman fired off 11 shots. two, 18 year olds were struck multiple times in the leg.
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they are expected to be okay. that gunman took off. and eight people are under arrest in last month's heist at caesars in atlantic city. they made off with nearly $200,000 despite the casino's elaborate security and we now know this was an inside job. state police say a recently fired security guard helped plan and pull off the robbery. the security cameras captured the get away. >> they're everywhere in atlantic city within the cass soon notice and outside the casinos. they were able to track that vehicle into a specific locati location. >> the three state manhunt ended with delaware straight trooper getting shot but his bullet proof vest saved his life. >> to your fox 29 weather authority. i'll bet you didn't even break a sweat when you stepped outside today. some of you like me may have wanted if rushed grand grabbed a jacket. chief meteorologist scott williams is here to tell us what's going on. scott, i thought it was august? >> it is august. the middle of august, but it's going to feel more like fall and most of us are dry and quiet,
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however, as we look at ultimate doppler over the three hours you can see a few pop-up showers mainly to the west. spotty showers and once again this is just a reinforcing shot of some cooler air that will be moving in. so right now look at that activity. 79 degrees right now. humidity comfortable. in the low 40s. and take a look at some of the cooler air to our west moving in. coming up the timing of overnight lows in the 40s for some iain and lucy next. >> all right. scott. thank you delaware county man has some explaining to do. cops say that he was busted spying on another man in bathroom stall. police say 79 year old franklin berry tried to spy on man using the rear view mirror from his car under the stall. this happened at the home depot on the 5300 block of baltimore pike. cops say when the guy realized what was going on, he left and called 911. when officers got there they say he was already in his car trying to leave. he is now charged with invasion of privacy, resisting arrest and other charges.
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>> could there be help for revel cass zone know. they announce it will shut its doors september 10th. revel's attorneys postponed an auction. what was supposed to be on the block today basically all of the stuff and side of that hotel and cass soon know, but it's attorneys told a bankruptcy judge they're still negotiating with potential buyers for the business, however they did not give details about who those buyers might be. >> meanwhile, new jersey governor chris christie says he will do everything he can to help laid off casino workers find jobs. revel is just one of three casinos due to close by mid september. new jersey's unemployment rate etched down last month but, of course, there's big concern that it will spike. christie will hold a summit september 8th with stake holders that discuss the city's changing landscape. >> control over philadelphia schools is the topic of a town hall meeting tonight. parents, teachers and school staff are getting together right now monumental baptist church on the 4900 block of locust street in west philadelphia. they want what torch city
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council members to support a petition signed by nearly 40,000 people calling for local control of city schools. they want voters to decide whether to abolish the school reform commission. city council and the mayor must approve such a ballot question first before it goes to voters. >> all right. happening now. the games are underway in williamsport, pennsylvania. that's where the teams are battling the out for the title of little league world series champions. >> yes they got underway after opening ceremonies this morning and our local team is standing by tonight waiting to its time to shine. fox 29's chris o'connell joins us live from williamsport. chris, are those kids kind of sizing up, scoping out the competition? >> reporter: i tell you the dream of a lifetime is about 21 hours for 12 kids from philadelphia. the taney dragons will hit the stadium here hyped me tomorrow at 3:00 o'clock for their first game of the little league world series. today, though, was opening ceremonies, a little batting practice and a chance just to
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soak it all in. at the batting cages it seemed business as usual for the team from philadelphia but this isn't just any day at the ballpark. whoo! >> reporter: this was the day these kids will never forget. not to mention their parents. >> kind of describe it as my head is spinning a little bit. you don't even though what's coming but it's fun much it's a blast and i'm so excited for the kids. >> yes, the kids. the tawny dragons who just got their little league charter two years ago are now walking in the opening ceremonies for the 75th little league world series. sharing the international spotlight with teams from across the world. something most of them only dreamed of doing. >> it's extraordinary. it's a once in a lifetime experience. >> reporter: charles danley has been to 19 little league world series. he says there's nothing like it in sports. a mix of pure talent and innocence. >> it's all about their dreams. like us coming to watch them,
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and you never know one of those days you can see them up in the big leagues. >> reporter: jim weismann from morrisville raid made the trip like he does every year. he says he'd rather be here than a phillies game. >> i love the game of baseball. but you can't find the enthusiasm and the pure love of all this, like you can with these kids. >> reporter: well the team is right now in their dorms having din are in. they'll have curfew tonight and tomorrow their first game against south nashville at 3:00 o'clock, of course, on national television. iain and lucy. >> exciting times. thanks very much, chris. a pep rally and viewing party of the dragons game is tomorrow at city hall. it all starts at 2:00 p.m. and the mayor says the city is going to stream the game on a big screen in the courtyard. apparently you can also get light refreshments. i don't know what that means. tea and crumb pets or something. also available our coverage of the dragons big game begins on "good day philadelphia" and we would love for you to join us.
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so you know what, it minot be water under the bridge for the garden state governor. >> chris christie has been doing damage control since the george washington bridge scandal but is it working? new poll that suggests not really. plus, a baby girl living with a rare medical condition. insurance won't cover the special formula that she needs and the family can't afford it on its own. response to our initial report may make you smile or maybe a little upset but it sure surprised the baby's mom. hey, colleen. >> hey, lucy. the eagles are preparing for their second preseason game without a couple wide receivers but help is on the way. that's still ahead in sports. >> and little boys playing in park wave down stranger for he help. the four young brothers are a lone. one stuck upside down in baby swing. he even needed firefighters to help free him. the question becomes, where was their mom? just how long an the question becomes, where was thei[ shelly ] as a graduate of devry university
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>> now update on this week's story about a baby girl living with a rare medical condition. her parents are struggling to afford a special type of formula the only way they're daughter can eat. now help is coming in. some of it from a mysterious source. fox 29's bruce gordon in the newsroom tonight with the latest on this sweet little girl and her family's struggle. bruce. >> reporter: iain, eight month old indicate tin was born premature suffers from digestive ailment to requires mom and dad to by an expensive baby formula. 2500 bucks a month. her insurance carrier did not cover the cost. they denied her again saying in a statement, united health care understands the family challen challenged to provide lactose free nutrition for their child and reviewed all sporting information received to date as the administrator for the cobra's benefit plan united health care must review claims and appeals based on the benefit terms which do not allow reimbursement for infant formula "but the story does not end
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there. >> it's been highs and lows and i it didn't expect that at all. >> reporter: reaction to our report monday on the specialized baby formula pregestimil needed by eight month old caitlin cober did not seem to phase the baby herself. she slept right through our return visit during which mom described an outpouring of moral support from viewers. >> in the praying community it's overwhelming, and i'm very grateful we are a praying fami family, and the more prayers the better. >> reporter: then there was the knock at the door on tuesday. a mystery man bearing a gift. the powdered form of pregestimil not the real stuff but caitlin can mostly keep it down. >> hands you this can of powdered pre gist mill. >> yes. >> and says what? >> this is dr. x, nurse ab and c helped me coming from hospital b and here you go. don't ask me any questions. please. please, we're praying for you and i wish you the best and left.
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>> news hasn't been all good. sherri kobr deleted posts from her facebook page blasting her for not breast feeding her baby. >> they don't know what we've been through. i have medical condition where is i can't give the baby my breast milk i'm on a seizure medication which will ruin my baby if they that is a in her system. >> her response -- >> to my critics, thank you for making me stronger, love sherri cober. >> moments ago,. joe pa if you have company at lincoln in broomall saw our monday story was moved by it and has now offered to buy a month's worth of that special formula. $2,500 worth for little caitlin. i just got the phone with sherri she's ecstatic and right after that call ended literally seconds ago the folks from inn familiar mill called me back they make the formula and they are offering some of that formula free of charge as well. gives the folks in that familiar al little bit of breathing room, lucy.
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we'll good news. >> amazing news and changing lives. thanks so much, bruce. >> democratic party officials are wrapping up a two day visit to philadelphia sizing up the city as a sight for the party's 2016 convention. march nutter leading a big thank you rally this afternoon. philadelphia is one of five finalists. the convention, of course, would bring 50,000 visitors and millions and millions of dollars to the local economy. the visit will end with reception at the art museum. the dnc will make its convention choice by late this year or early 201515. >> do new jersey voters really believe governor chris christie's explanation of the bridge scandal? apparently not really according to new poll. by the rutgers eagleton foundation. it says that it found 47% of registered voter doctors not believe his claims that he had in idea his staffers ordered the closure of the george washington bridge in an apparent act of political retribution. 23% say they do believe him. while 24% somewhat believe him.
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more than half of the voters think the scandal remains a serious issue for the governor. ♪ >> turning back to your fox 29 weather authority now. >> yes. scott williams hoping for a little bit more warmth because we've got that ice bucket challenge tomorrow. >> we better wait until tomorrow afternoon then because in the morning temperatures are going to be in the 50's and 40s across our area. it's going to feel like fall stepping outdoors tomorrow morning. as we take look at ultimate doppler couple of spotty showers showing up around the limb mr. rick area also moving toward honey brook. most of us will stay dry. as i expand the view you can see south jersey, sections of delaware, quiet conditions just couple of cells that we're watching that will quickly move through and usher in even cooler conditions by tonight. 79 degrees currently in philadelphia. humidity comfortable at 42%. as we watch how the temperatures play out over the next several hours, you can see that they will be dropping rapidly as we roll the clock 11:00 we're looking at mid 50s in the pocono mountains much it will be in the low 60s north and west.
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and then by tomorrow morning, 56 in trenton. upper 50s in philadelphia and wilmington. low 50s in allentown. upper 40s even in lancaster. we'll probably make it into the 40s in parts of the poconos as well and then as we move ahead to tomorrow afternoon, temperatures below average by about 10 degrees. only in the mid to upper 70s. so it's going to be beautiful to get outdoors and enjoy. satellite and radar right now showing that weak disturbance coming through with those spotty showers but behind it, even drier and cooler air for this time of year. friday morning, lots of sunshi sunshine. throughout the day looking good. if you have friday evening plans, it's going to be a great one to get outdoors and enjoy it. saturday looking good. sunshine, dry conditions and then as we move into your saturday night and sunday time frame, another disturbance will move through with the threat for a few spotty showers more humidity and warmer temperatures for the second half of the weekend. so for tonight, low 50s in the suburbs. upper 50s in the city. open up those quinn dose let
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fresh air in. and look at tomorrow. 77 degrees. it's going to be fantastic. fantastic baseball weather as well for the little league world series. of course, in williamsport friday the high temperature only in the mid 70s. saturday looking good upper 70s and once again sunday there could be those showers moving through. recapping everything for you the weather authority seven day forecast showing you tomorrow is definitely a 10 on scale of one to 10. saturday is a 10. it stays nice. temperatures rebound a little bit seasonable for this time year by sun today and that shower chance is in there. then as we move nearly next week, we're looking at temperatures in the mid 80s. once again that's average for this time of year, and then tuesday and wednesday of next week could also bring a few scattered showers and perhaps a thunderstorm. but enjoy it. >> i wish i had a comp day to use tomorrow. i just had a vacation. >> scott is giving them out over there. comp days for everyone. >> i'll tack it. >> eagles on to the eagles. we always go there. they're finishing up their week in new england. tomorrow night when they they
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play the patriots. coming up next who might be sitting this one out and who is
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♪ >> well the eagles getting ready for their second game of the preseason tomorrow night against the patriots. they held a final walk through this morning without wide receiver jeremy maclin. now maclin tweak his hamstring
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yesterday during practice on touchdown pass from nick foles. he said it was nothing to we are about. but since he didn't participate today he probably won't play tomorrow. don't panic yet though. riley cooper will return to practice on sunday. and hopes to play in the third preseason game against the steelers. and the eagles still have the run game plus plenty of tricks up chip kelly's sleeve. so many that lesean mccoy might actually reach his goal of 2,000 yards rushing. >> i think this offense is based around so many different skilled players. it's hard to say one goo. because once you say mccoy, then, when desean wants 1300. it's hard to really focus on one player because we have so many different options i think brin bringing in sproles that's another one to watch out for. we got some things coach kelly whips up and gets going. >> all right. on to the phillies. they can't lose their fourth straight game night. because they're off. angels beat the phils last night four-three with another ugly
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sixth inning. they'll try to break the three game sid tomorrow in it in san francisco. all right. down atlanta. the braves hosting the dodgers this afternoon. la up five-four in the ninth. aid degree yann gonzales drives it deep to right centerfield. gordon comes in to score and here comes puig trying to score from first but he's nailed at the plate. dodgers do hold on for the win six-four the final. >> and finally tony stewart will not race this week mend the nascar sprint cup event in michigan. this comes in the wake of kevin ward's death the 20 year old driver was struck and killed by stewart's car last weekend. ward's funeral was earlier tod today. so he did pull out of that race and -- >> the investigation continues, though, in all of this, right yes. >> yeah. they're still -- criminal charges pending. the race is really the least of the concerns right now. >> absolutely. condolences again to the drive who died. >> yeah, that's the bott testimony line. >> all right, thank you very much, colleen. that does it for us who are at 6:00. >> have a great night.
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inside edition is up next. ♪
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stunning revelation, from robin williams' wife. >> he had parkinson's disease. >> reporter: one witness said robin williams had more than one cocktail. and then battlefield usa. >> you must disperse immediately. >> can you believe this is happening in america? >> they're firing rubber bullets. and murder in paradise, the american mom on vacation, stuffed inside her suitcase. what did her own daughter who -- was it her own daughter who killed her? >> stuffing a woman's bloodied, battered body into a suitcase and say, bye-


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