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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 9  FOX  August 15, 2014 9:00am-10:01am EDT

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august 15th, 2015. so, the kids, home alone. >> one mom says that seven, seven is at prep eighth age. why she's defending her decision. obviously that is not a seven year-old. >> yes. >> and we took our kids for a walk the the other day and we left our ten year-old at home for like ten minutes is that okay. >> how about this, northwest modeling debut is this something kim will be jealous of? new study says new mom suffers wardrobe envy over their baby'slothing. what moms end up s on themselves oenc ba this? ld i'mealo of my c everyey h better socks, under pants and everything. we will talk about that in a second. we h the atlantic symphony with us this morning.
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so sophisticad and amaze. they are grea famer. coach herb mcgee is with us. have a ball, buddy, it is on. >> i'm kind of a big deal. >> yes. >> we are ready to cheer on the dragons. kevin neilon just walk in. i loved him in happy gillmore because he talks the field is slow. they may need him today for their big win when we're predicting later in the little league world series. >> and, with the preview, you've got the good assignment here, chris. >> yes, chris did you say predicting or guarantying a win for taney. >> i will guarantee it, joe nameeth1969 super bowl right now. >> mark the tape right there, good morning guys, picture perfect day from south williamsport, pennsylvania. just you could not get much better then this. take a look at historic lamedi stadium, mountains
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behind it just to get a picture perfect day. it is baseball though. taney dragons they have been here, since monday, so, they are ready to play some baseball. this mid-atlantic team is considered a home team here. 7,000 teams from around the world, will be eligible to be here, only 16, made it, eight from the united states, eight international teams, and these kids from japan, from mexico, australia, it is not only a chance to play the best but to meet these kids from different cultures and that is what theski have been getting a chance to do over the the lhave. you really, being close to a professional athlete as you can with all of the traffic. new uniform, media interviews. people are getting their autographs. all these kids got a job to do and that is win a baseball game today. let's bring you back here live. see grounds crew at the stadium, getting last te
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preparat fnsor today's game, 3:00 o'clock. this is a doubly limb nation tournament. win or lose taney will play saturday or sunday. i should say when they win day theyill playunday. todas game 3:00 o'clock begins south nashville. the the south east regional team. taking theound g wrd davis the o can spit fire at 70 miles an hour fast ball will be taking the the hill for taney dragons today a lot of bus loads of people coming up from philadelphia too cheer them on, guys. >> you mentioned 7 miles an hour. from 45 feet that is like 95 miles an hour from 60 feet 6 inches. she can really rip it. >> yes. >> thanks, chris. >> reporter: these guys are just looking at this girl at the pitchers mound and shaking their heads saying we cannot hit this girl. boy or girl it doesn't matter. >> it is not just her fast ball but her curve ball is so good too. can't wait to watch her.
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we all know the movie home alone. every parent's worst nightmare but brings up an important question. >> you are here all alone. >> i'm eight years old. do you think i will be here alone? doi hi so. >> i don't think so. >> he was just eight years old in the movie and obviously inappropriate for him to be alone. how old do you have to be to leave your kids at home. one blogger mommies stirring controversy with what she thinks ace pope eighth, and she says she's comfortable leaving her son, seven, by himself. now she's not gone for more than 45 minutes at a time but she says these small instances, teacher kid to be confident and independent. >> seven. >> i think 45 minutes is long enough to burn the house down. >> that is a little young. forty-five minutes is a serious amount of time. it is not like you are quick running down the street and grab a gallon of milk. >> anybody that has had a kid knows that something can happen to them while they are
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sitting right there in front of you. you turn your head for one second and stuff happens. i know seven isn't the same as when they are a baby my son just turn ten a month ago. i feel comfortable leaving him alone for maybe 20 minutes. but if we're close by. >> it matters where you are. >> is there a park right next to our home. my daughter hoist six ape my wife and i took the dog to go to the park. we told him he would be right back. it was fine. daylight hours. doors lock. the whole thing. forty-five minutes with the seven year old. nia was a mature seven years old. >> still not even. >> una, at seven. >> not at seven, probably at like ten. i remember say don't let anybody in, don't answer the door. coming home one time after i took the dog for a quick walk around the block. it was my birthday there was a big bouquet of flowers on the table. i said how did these get inside. she said guy came to deliver them and i let him in. i said leave them on the
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table. >> anybody -- >> she was a local florist, she felt like she knew him. >> we ran in the neighbor at the park. where is jack? we're going right down the street. >> i think ten is okay. >> okay. >> this is interesting, we're so judgey. >> a new mom. >> being judged, yes. >> new moms. >> new moms are frustrated by something you might be surprised by. moms say their babies, dress better then they do and that is because theseays babes and to the have have their pickf degnerrvey o nfhowshat nearly three-quarters of the mo thi their babies haveer clot. afterng a baby they spent more time on how their bbies look then on emes. jen, dyou think that is true. 1,000 it think that is true. >> nquestion. >> when you are the one buying the the clothes how do you envy them. >> do i envy them. land dry jane my daughter is
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five. i remember at the beginning of the summer going into her closet. she has a lot of clothes. i have a friend with two daughters. we still buy her clothes. she had 24 dresses, this is not kacie mcdonnell, this is not someone who needs to be on television. she has 24 dresses. that was just for summer, you know, i go over to my son's drawer and thankfully we now fit in the same size socks, he has got under arm or. i have got target, wal-mart and none of them match. i think part of it is they outgrow stuff, so we are buying them new stuff. we kind of fit the in the same stuff. but it is a total buzz kill when those kids are dressed up so cute. >> we love our neighbors up the street. they have a older daughter and my daughter and they buy all designer. they buy all designer stuff. >> they don't even care, north, baby of kim kardashian, she doesn't care. >> no, no.
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>> good point. >> they are probably not paying for those clothes. would i guarantee you that 90 per isn't of those kim, kanye and baby nori, it is all given to them, that is a whole situation. it is embarrassing. we will go out to dinner. landry will be in the cute dress. brody will have a cute outfit on. i'm wearing my sweat shirt. >> come on, jen, you always look cute. i see your picture on instagram, young lady it is always the rich celebrities who get free meals. anytime kevin neilon, he is always comed and he is a famous movie star, not us normal people. >> you know what, that makes me hate kevin neilon even more. i'm so disappointed i can't be there to hug him. >> he will be here shortly. >> new study shows that 75 percent of workers with paid vacation didn't actually take time off in 2013.
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>> according to a study. what do companies do to combat this situation in some are resort to go paying their workers to go on vacation. a according to a wall street journal story a california software company gives its employees a thousand dollarso vy and then an extra thousand dollars. >> is our boss listening to this. >> you don't to have pay me. >> i wanting to on vacation. >> we both are going on vacation, separately, interestingly enough to the same city. >> yes. >> with preseason underway many men are glued, to their televisions, again, game two of the preseason tonight in new england for our eagles. i know what i'm doing tonight. according to a survey by on line retailer that means romance is on the back burner, ladies. survey found 30 percent of men would rather watch a sporting event then participate romance.
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>> really. >> unless you do it at the same time. >> the eagles play once a week. give us these three hours, without any problem. >> i sit in front of the tv and my husband will go like and i'm just trying to have a chat with him. i'm watching this. >> this is not big news. >> here's big news as far as i'm concern, men wearing spanx. >> men are man enough to try them. i want your opinion on this one. >> i want kevin neil on's opinion. >> spanx are something ladies wear. >> you squeeze your fat in. >> i don't know where that fat goes. >> truthfully i think spanx are kind of dumb. >> i'm willing to cheat to look sex y. >> very masculine, very, very strong. >> it feels like a french
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person is hugging you. >> oh, yeah. >> this is hilarious. >> what did he just say. >> welcome to my life. >> i don't get this what is going on here. >> these are compression garments. >> they are girdles. >> and now they are called spanx. >> men are finding out what it is like to be a woman, trying to smooth you out. >> yes, do sit-ups and layoff the coke. >> everything is nice and smooth. >> they do make span x for men don't they. >> i don't know. >> they probably don't look exactly like that video but what do you think, chris. >> i don't know, i think it looks restrictive. >> yes. >> they give me a stomach ache. >> it is funny where does the fat go. >> that is good. >> the extra mass at that point. >> yes, exactly. >> well to day marks the forty-fifth anniversary of wood stock.
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>> wood stock was held in new york. this is how jimmy hendricks woke everybody up, who could forget this. his best rendition of star spangled banner, 1969 was the year. concert had performances by the the way, janice joblynn, crosby, stills and nash, you might remember jimmy as he played star spangled banner on the electric guitar. wood stock remains a sim about of freedom in the 60's. they had the 20th anniversary of wood stock. >> they had another concert. >> they tried to redo it in the 90's but wasn't quite the show. >> forty-five years. >> yeah. >> cool. >> year after i was born. wish i was there. it would have been miserable as a one year old. terrible. >> you would have been left behind. >> yes, mccauley caulkin at one. >> yes. >> your birthday is this saturday, saturday, right, happy birth the day by the way
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>> thanks. birthdays are not fun anymore. >> do you remember any wood stoc >> no, i was little. >> yes. >> the sad thing is i made the stupid mistake. i never thought i would be working here, still, this many years later, i told people that my birthday was the exactly the same asthma done, same day, same year. >> google madonna. >> you know how anxious i am, yes. >> wikipedia. >> yes, so who cares. lets take a look at the weather. we care about that for the weekend. here's a look at olde city, and beautiful weather that we have here today. it is sunny. hardly a cloud in the sky. it actually feels like fall with 77 degrees. eighty-three tomorrow. we have a ten. i made sure to arrange a ten for tomorrow. sunday is the the day that we will have a little bit of rain probably late in the day,
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86 degrees. more on the humid side on sunday, monday's high 84 degrees, another chance of rain on tuesday and wednesday and seasonable temperatures by wednesday of next week. >> now with an editorial on the nancy reagan biography here is mr. subl imal, welcome. >> last night i finish reading the the sickening piece of trash pulitzer how could kitty kelly lie about such a classy lady like nancy reagan. i mean what kind of position do you think this puts our first lady in. i mean, after all this is woman that taught us to just say no, i mean frank sinatra. ronald and nancy have a special relationship. >> i hope you are bleeping that. >> yes. >> saturday night live.
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kevin neil on is here, to join us on good day. >> good morning, thanks for having me. >> i love your show. >> did you come up with that character. >> i did. sort of. i knew a guy in hollywood that used to hang around at the the i am have prove. he would do thing called tagging where we would go to the deli. watch what i will do. he would, order food, you know, from the waitress and then call her, you know, despicable names and she would not hear them. i went to school for advertising and marketing. i learned about that kind of advertising. good to get things you wanted by inserting different words in there. >> wow, yeah. >> do people come up to you and relate the characters that you play. >> yes, you know, the... unaudible. >> i love that. >> yes. >> who came up with you, you or tana or both. >> i don't remember. we watched arnold up close and
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personal where they interviewed him and they were saying you have to watch this show. so we were on tour at the time, stand up. the rest of the tour we talk about arnold. we thought we would have to come up with arnold. we got a room and we came up, body build their bee rate people. >> yes, dana cruz is what got you on saturday night live he recommended you. >> he recommended me. i had to do some of the foot work to get on there in. i was not person not nervous. >> the the big news this week, on a much more horrific note with the loss of someone that you knew and work with, in robin williams. >> i have known him over 35 years. it was, obviously to everybody it was such a shock and stunning news. >> what was he like in person. >> very gentle, very kind. you felt like he was your friend. he was my friend.
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he wasn't the type of personally wouldal a lot. would you see him. he was alwaysthe clubs d i him in san >> good to see you. >> and, you felt like you really knew who he was though because he was always doing characters. you weren't sure. is that your real voice. is that how you talk. >> you have have known him for 35 years and you tweeted out after hearing about his death and we will put the tweet up, you can read it yourself if you'd like to. >> i'm reading it right now. >> i miss you, and pa hpo h. >> no. >> so you were such a part of all of our lives. there will never be another you. a sad, sad day. >> there will never be another him. >> i remember first time i saw him, it was in new portch, california, a,nd at comics. had seen letterman and leno before you knew who they were. then i saw him, and i thought what am i doing here.
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i could never do what he is doing. i thought maybe i should not even attempt this business. then i thought he cannot be every where at ones. so i will do my pathetic act. >> you have done movies. were you in daddy day care because i watch that move which my daughter lots of times. you always go back to the stand up. you started 30 years ago with the johnny carson show. >> stand up is what i wanted to do. that was my forte and passion and acting came secondary. i never stopped doing stand up. sometimes i'll do a tour in the summer. is it good to go bob being a stan up. fact is i never left it. even on snl and weeds i was always doing stand up. >> yes. >> you play quite the character. >> that is not a charge ter. >> so, speaking of stand up you will be performing at helium club this weekend. >> tonight and tomorrow night, two shows. i was there last night but that is too late to go see
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now. >> darn. >> you draw, you even wrote a book about your wife being pregnant. you draw from real life when you do your stand up. >> they always get all the attention. i'm over here. aim get grocies and stuff. >> what do the men do. >> well, it did well. it was fun. i wish i had written it after twitter had came out because now when people write book they twitter. >> do you tweet a lot. >> i do, yeah. i started when it first came out. >> who do you follow on twitter, we will wrap with that. go go towards like what. >> steve martin. i like steve martin. i like there is a good kelly oxford that i follow. there is so much. i could give you my phone and you can look. >> i will follow you. >> kevin neilon thanks for coming by. >> good to have you. >> thank you. >> all right, have fun. >> well, still ahead halloween is months away but if your child wants to be elsa you
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better start looking new because costumes are already, believe it or not, flying off the shelf. have you seen tom corbett's ads attacking me... get real. it's tom corbett who's been sticking it to the middle class on taxes. rbett cut a billn dollar from almost 80% of school districts plan to raise property taxes. meanwhile, we're the only state that doesn't charge oil and gas companies an extraction tax. but corbett raised your gas taxes through the roof. i'm tom wolf, i'll be a governor who stands up for the middle class for a change.
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i li that, this opportunity comes once in a life time, number sen, shanahan, lou yo and way to th little league world sei love thn sney's box office hit frozen isce again, leading the the way. >> this i halloween cost miami costume store wonder costumes says the demand is very high for disney's frozen merchandise, storentre elsa cos best selli items forhe season. it is ridulous thatre w talking about this for halloween. what sit, august 15th. but, apparently, parents are,
9:24 am
little girls, i mean they want their costumes and it will be tough, on, you know, halloween rolls around because they are already selling them out. >> now that we're talking about, they will goline. >> look at that. >> yes. >> what a huge, huge hit for disney. they have come back so big. >> yes, before that it was little mermaid. mermaid before they had a marketing hit. >> frozen is right ang those same lines with that costume. >> we have # months to get that ordered and delivered. >> pizza lovers will love this next invention. >> an australian company has created the pizza geo saying it like chris murphy. an machine that delivers piping the hot pizza. how does that pizza a burst of head in three minutes, it is delivers delivered, so basically warming up a pizza like you do. >> microwave. >> that silver thing underneath it that is the key, probably. pizzas are 11 inches in size
9:25 am
customers get two choices hot salmi or margarita. >> the difference with this is it looks like with the convection oven or whatever they are doing it is moot microwaved. is there nothing worse that microwave soggy chewy. >> i bought so they get crispy. >> are they good. >> it is okay. >> we have been here almost six hours, we think it looks good. >> $12 is a little bit much if that is what they are going for. still ahead, our boss jim driscoll took his teenage daughter, over the weekend to one direction and five seconds of um iser philadelphia, so, while you thereren videos from the that happed hugh dylan knows ab. he is in here with the the gossip, next.
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beautiful friday. great way to start the day. >> all right, one of the worlds' hottest boy bands in the world ever was in philadelphia this weekment took over the city of brotherly love. >> one direction filling the linc with thousands of screaming fans, two nights in a row. >> i'm getting married to leo tonight. >> i'm getting married to nia. >> i'm marrying eric -- >> now, another popular boy band, five seconds of summer, was the opening act. >> so huey dillon was there for there for this sociology lesson, we've all learned in the lace
9:30 am
48 hours. good to see you. >> amazing. >> inside you had all of these screaming girls. outside you have the parents? right. >> we'll get to in a in just a minute. first every all, how was the show in you took all kind of pictures. >> the show was really great. actually a.m. still like deaf, it was so loud. >> screaming fans. >> screaming fans. music was great. very loud, also. but what's interesting with one direction is they don't have any gimmicks. they don't do any costumes changes. in fact, i think they wear the clothes they wear on the street on stage. but what they do, they seduce the audience, which is full of tweens, and little girls, and, you know, teenagers, and it is really amazing. and they sing love songs, appreciate everyone, inbetween each song, they would thank them, tell them they were the best, in fact, they told philadelphia that they were the best on the whole stop. but i'm sure in detroit they will tell them the same thing. the girls believe it, they love it. not that they don't have to believe it. they are very great. they are very personable. >> i thought interesting some
9:31 am
of the fans were showing up from wedding dresses. i mean, these fans are crazy. >> well, what happens is they are the paren outside, and there is a wedding dress. who wouldn't want harry styles to say will you marry me? harry actually goes from the stage and he yells out where are my brides. and then for each one he looks right at them and says will you marry me? i mean that's a girl's dream. they're all there to be married to one of those folks, and dreams. but i bet, you know, when they grow up, a lot of british men will be married. this is, you know, one direction is from the uk. they won the xfactor. >> simon cowell -- >> yes. >> then the other band, five seconds of summer, they're from australia. they were youtube, they did a loft songs on youtube, a lot of covers. so, one direction lou fry one direction discovered them. >> and they are pretty popular, right? >> he tweeted them and said follow these guys. and so now they also have the one direction fans, they have as many, i would say, nearly as many, because they're touring, they were discovered
9:32 am
in 2011, now it is 2014, huge. okay, this is q102. these are the fans waiting for five seconds every summer to come and do a q stick. >> unbelievable. >> concert plus meet and greet inside the radio station, unfortunately, because it was so crowded, they went in the back door. which is sad. >> dis a monthing. >> after the little meet and greet, and the concert which was great, and q and a with about 50 contest winners, they went upstairs to second or third floor window, and they waived to the crowd. that was enough. pretty much enough for everyone. some people did get in their cars and follow them to see where they went. i talk to couple of fans. and the car tried to loose them. they went over the ben franklin bridge, then made u-turn at the bottom. came back over. can you imagine? no one is safe. it is insane. then the fans got stuck at the toll boot. but they ended upgoing to steve's steaks on 16th and chestnut. >> right? >> where four fans found them. my friend molly actually got a
9:33 am
photo with each and everyone, they were very -- no one could find one direction. i hear some of the fans that were going to the concert a lot of them did diy shirts, and signs, that one up on the right side, i really -- >> i like that. create disbelief this is mytene. each one has a name each of the one direction bands members names, and their favorite lyrics, and they did themselves. like this is what they did during the summer which is grt. >> what does one direction snipping. >> one of the wear moms went in with their daughters, so nice, because most stayed tside. and they alsoad ear plugs. this is -- >> i always went in with my daughter, you know? >> oh, yes. this is actually, okay, this is rittenhouse hotel yesterday. rittenhouse, the four seasons. >> now what about back stage? how was that? you got to go back stage? >> actually friend of mine, very strict with back stage. this is the cake boss family, from new jersey, they have a tv show this is fan back
9:34 am
stage, she was wandering around, and well she must have known someone to get there. because they are pretty strict. >> how about harry styles? it was eagles jersey at one point? >> he was in a eagles jersey. see, the one direction did not stay at any hotels in philadelphia. they stayed at the stadium in the tour bus, five seconds of summer stayed at the four seasons. so it was sort after decoy hotel. because everyone thought they were there, because their personal assistant stayed there, their trainers, bodyguards, but toolly the boys stayed over there at the stadium. but yesterday, miles snuck out and he went and played a rounds of golf at donald trump's golf course in pine hill. >> fun. >> but otherwise, no one had any sitings of one direction, they really stayed and then left last night, in detroit saturday. >> that trump national course is a good one. >> beautiful. >> good choice. hey, huey, good one. >> thank you. >> still ahead, are you in the mood for little smooth jazz?
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this weekend, big names coming to philadelphia next.
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♪ the world famous fries you love, plus a shake of three new flavors you add. introducing mcdonald's shakin' flavor fries. shake up something new to love at mcdonald's.
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money on my mind, cheering on the taney dragons today. all right, the eighth annual jazz on the avenuel set to tke place tomor in north philadelphia. patio, listening townstairs, beautiful music. let's meet the bands. >> yes, well, the organizer rst. this i kansa scott. you organized this event, what, eight years ago, and strong? >> that's right.
9:39 am
our eighth annual jazz on the avenue. celebration. >> why does philadelphia love this event snow. >> because it is jazz. yo musicn't beat the price, right, free, free, free. but it is a great community event. also, sponsoring some health, and back to climb, main headliners. >> today we have jeff bradshaw, thanon flow, we also have the club youth mr. david p stevens, mr. guitar himself. and, yes, so it will be a great event, weather is supposed to be ideal, fun, food, excitement. can't beat it. >> kennel, thank you very much. mr. stevens, what will we hear? >> song called moon walk interesting my brand new albumn. >> take us, thanks for many
9:40 am
here -- thanks for being here. >> ♪ (music playing) (music playing)
9:41 am
ms. harris: camden students face a lot of challenges but they meet them with determination and drive. chanelle: teachers like ms. harris made me feel like i'm part of a team. not just on the basketball court. but in the classroom. ms. harris: chanelle is not just a star athlete. she is a star student. but in the classroom. chanelle: i headed to clemson university where i can combine my love of sports and learning- and maybe even win a championship. ms. harris: i wouldn't bet against her. or any of my students reaching for their dreams.
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talk about perfect day for come back down the shore. it is friday. that means jenn fred is at the beach. >> yes, she is at the wind
9:44 am
rift in avalon. notice when you were at the wind rift, they had the fire pit on. because it was so cool this morning. >> it was a little cool, perfec now. so magee was our special guess. thank you. amazing businesses of avalon that stepped up. but here is the queion. guys ts is a quiz. do you recognize any of these childr? smil look at the c any of these childn, ath b, i'ly youdon't raise your hands if you are the one. we will be back in avalon. quiet. >> all right, jen, thanks. >> we will sorry, this is the not the tees. the thing is are karen help'sre you guys? >> good. >> let's do it.o do some >> whenever you say, i'm ready. jacks? you doha >>igh gorgeous so happy t see,oureat, great people are he,i, daughter,
9:45 am
herb's granddaughto do some of the work out, yes? there is another daughter. get overn't sneak out. >> okay, the great team from surround every side is here. good morning to you guys. so you're going to work out these people, right? >> great. great work out. >> i love it. so take us through what everyone is supposed to be doing. >> have you ever seen battle ropes before? >> for sure. >> this is our favorite thing, we love to bring to the beach. >> okay. >> little bit of. >> this you make sure your knees are bent, shoulders are back, we've got great perfect form, so your core -- >> i think show that to kay. >> okay, you're going to love this. >> herb, she good, right? come over here. >> she's done this. >> this is the one trying to get married, so everyone knows who we are talking to. >> oh,y mod. etting married and could you hding here. show us what you have. she is math teacher, rap star. >> and i'm doing the ropes. >> bend your knees. >> y. >> chest up, shoulders back, eyes up.
9:46 am
>> okay. now, we have another daughter get over here. let's teach her thousand do something amazing. howing?right, all right. >> i don't see why not. what people love about working out on the beach, mary lou, you though this, you usehe sand, you use all of this? >> all of the uneven surface and everything that makes it real a core work out, along with it, look at this, look at this. everything is up. legs are burning. >> you guys do workouts on the beach? >> absolutely. >> forty-sixth street. >> kp going, eileen. >> you're not as nice to eileen as tour kay. >> let's go. >> oh, good. okay. go. ya, come on, go, jen. let's count. one hundred. ninety-nine. ninety-eight. ninety-seven. wow. yes, the kids, they're showingye
9:47 am
guy, karen hepp, hi, karen, you look adorable. you have never had a bad looking day in your whole life. i know it is crazy. i have to come back here, you guys have been crazy. thank you so much for having us here in avalon. yeah! >> fast hundred jumping jacks. >> hey, do you have do some pushups. >> i mean, congratulations. >> thank you. >> we're doing ten jumping jacks? >> hand i to do tm. >> oh, and still going. >> could just go on all day. >> looking for something fun to do today beyond that, look up, lots of great things, you really should know about. >> today you can visit the national museum of jewish history, love it, won't cost you a thing, free all day long in honor every philadelphia's kin taney dragons who are ta part in the little league worlds is her neice h williamsport. while there check out the
9:48 am
museum baseball exhibit. it isreat. i've seen it. >> right down the block. >> right next-door, yes. then tomorrow, head on over to the winds field section of the city for the3th annual bks medil n ftival. 11:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. office of doctor david avenue, will host block par free health screening, kar as g, u fora fay going back to upper darby theater, helping them eyra kic seaso avenue to some of t those summ productions, ey are azi for these kids that do them. specialning, mean gls, will host. that willo.nd g so we will have the number for you on our website >> and if you are still trying to make it down to the shore, i'll tell you what, this would be the perfect time to do it.
9:49 am
>> just in time for the debut every wildwoods new dog beach art sculpture. i love this. where can bring your dogs, and this is 5,000-pound piece of art, actually red fire hydrant, whic stands 25 feet tall, the art dplay gift toheity from maury's peers and beachfront water park in celebration of the first ever dog dedicated beach. i think -- >> can find the dog beach very si. i want qte sure where it was, next time we're down there, take rufus down, yes. >> so all over social media. baby northwest first solo modeling picture, and here it is, she is so cute. >> isn't she a cutie pie? kim and kanye's daughter gracing the pages of core inch riot field fashion book. and west, baby west, or baby north, dress in the cash meal channel cart began >> really? >> with tiny sheinelle purse,
9:50 am
baby flower broch, and of course, pearl earrings. she is precious. the spread entitled legends celebrates unconventional style icon. >> now does she wear pampers or huggies though? >> i'm sure -- >> we notice she wears sheinelle. >>asere, i'm sure miley cyrus the latest celebrity of behaving badly. what else did you expect? according to life and style miley through his i fit at new york city hotel earlier this month, the magazine is reporting she started screaming and yelling at staff about how much money she was paying that hotel when they confronted her about the alleged bad behavior. a source tells the magazine it was the kind of behavior ulexctd yo from a bunch of juvenilee ih wentz. >> that's too bad. you would think she has been in show biz for awhile, she would know better. >> there is an attitude. >> video getting a lot o attention, four year old girl isn't happy to learn that one day she is going to lose all of her baby teeth. than her adult teeth will grow
9:51 am
in. >> (crying) >> oh, her mom tried to reassure her, but this little girl not happen that i she will one day get big. mom is not convincing her. >> can you imagine the fit she will throw at 40 years when she has her first gray hair? >> or whether the big teeth fall out. >> quick break and be right back. ♪
9:52 am
come have fun at sesame place with everyone's favorite furry friends. enjoy rides where you can splash... and whirl. and, play in the all-new cookie's monster land. with 5 exciting rides, a monster clubhouse and more! buy your 2015 season pass and get the rest of this year free. ♪ meet me at sesame place!
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9:54 am
before we leave this morning we have bittersweet probably know now, because mike, our dear
9:55 am
friend mike words vomits all the time, aaron was drat dollars to the kansas city chiefs. down side being a football player is that i've spent about every other weaken for the past year stuck in a airport. >> yes. >> so aaron and i talked a lot about being together in the same citiment and both of us know that that's going to happen down the bosses here at it about my personal happiness, and have granted my request. is the hardest decision of my life. today -- >> oh,. >> breathe. >> is your last day? >> whew, okay. >> you yes. so, today's my last day at fox 29. with a heavy and happy heart, i'll be leaving philadelphia next month to join aaron in kansas city. >> i know it is so hard. >> you know, it is a happy time. this is the happiest time of my life. i want to thank everyone here
9:56 am
at fox 29, on the air, behind the scenes, produce he is, writers, directors, managers, sales, security people over the course of the past two years have become my family and although i am following my heart to kansas city, a big fat piece that f heart will stay here in philly. you welcome me with open arms, they have loved me more than i could ever have imagined. >> to each and every viewer at home, word, facebook twitter, facebook friends, thank you for making my first job in television nothing but fun, rewarding, it is an experience that i'll never forget. please understand and believe it. all the joy that good day has brought me is directly because of you and words just can't describe how much i love you the viewers and the city of philadelph, and again to my fox 29 family, i'm so greatful for this opportunity, and giving me so many great enjoyments out of all of the mornings here, and thank you guys for under standing my decision and again to my bosses here for helping me out with this.babe. appropriate. look. >> i know, i'll be working out there in kansas city.
9:57 am
>> and i know, i know. >> we're all going to miss you so much. you've been such a shining star here, kacie. kacie sunshine, and we're going to really miss you. >> we are hey for you, too, because we love you. >> you are following your heart.
9:58 am
9:59 am
>> live from new york city, it's wendy williams! today, just back interest his hun eny moon, super star john legend shares about his wedding to supermodel christy teigen and performance his new son. plus, kris and bruce's dramap. and all the latest juicy hot topics. now here's wendy! [ applause ]
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