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tv   FOX 29 News at Five  FOX  August 15, 2014 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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winning just moments ago against south nashville the taney dragons showing why they're there in the first place going a three run homer in the very first inning. fantastic. fox 29's chris o'connell is live in williamsport right now. chris, this is great. >> reporter: it sure is. nothing like the little league world series. lucy, the dream is still alive for the taney dragons. winning the opening round of the little league world series just minutes ago. four to nothing behind a stunning performance by pitcher monet davis just mowed them down all day long. we'll catch up with them in just a little bit but first we caught up with some other international little league stars. >> programs! >> reporter: they come from places like nashville to philadelphia from the chech republic to japan. step into the little league world series and you realize it is truly an international event.
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>> they taught us their language and stuff. >> we met the australian team taking full advantage of their new found celebrity including taking selfies and flirting with american girls. >> it's actually amazing. great to be with your friends and ones from other countries. learn their language. just a real pleasure. >> reporter: these kids came from japan taking nearly two days to get here. they may speak another language but threw an interpreter it's clear these kids are having fun. >> great fun for me to see many friends from all over the world. >> reporter: they're favorite part high fiving other players. apparently they don't do that in japan. their coach says baseball is important but it's all about the experience. >> in japan we have only one coach in the country so -- international culture of people.
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very very important forwhy they will life and future i think. >> reporter: perhaps the most colorful team, mexico with diehard fans including a local mexican family that hosts the players for dinners. >> we actually try to play their best. feign they lose, they just say at least we tried our best. >> reporter: taney gets a chance to relax little bit and watch the next game 7:00 o'clock because that is who they're going to be playing on wednesday. the winner of the southwest regional and the new england regional team so thecate see their next game is on sunday at 7:00 o'clock. of course, we have a lot of people watching. we'll show you live a watch party coming up from philadelphia lucy coming up in just a little bit. >> we are all over this. thank you very much, chris o'connell. of course, we're streaming life right there. so sometimes the feed is a in and out. to a developing story. despite a huge hole in the
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budget philadelphia schools will open on time but the news is not all good. >> some painful cuts being made and students and staff are bracing for a tough year. fox 29's bruce gordon joins us with look at what's in store for the city's schools. bruce. >> reporter: this is a classic good news/bad news announcement. yes, cash strapped philadelphia schools will open their doors monday, september 8th on time. but some of those schools will be dirtier and more dangerous than they were last year. outside school district headquarters student activist blasted their school never en ending budget crisis. inside superintendent hite announced school will start as scheduled september 8th. with all staff in place. >> number one, we'll open on time. number two, we're not -- we're not going to at this time implement mass layoffs. >> reporter: transportation support will be eliminated for 7500 high school kids. school police vacancies will not be filled resulting in fewer cops in elementary schools. and district buildings will be cleaned less often with repairs
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delayed. >> kids on hand for the announcement were not impressed. >> our books are falling apart. our classes are overcrowded the teachers are not getting paid enough. after school activities are all gone. i mean, i think it's really going to be a crappy year. >> reporter: district officials say revenue from the philly only cigarette tax they want state lawmakers to approve when paired with the temperature cuts would fill this year's budget hole. but they also want big concessions from the teachers union. contributions to their health coverage. >> it all depends on the cigarette tax but also depends on labor. and if not we will be revisiting this in october. >> meaning layoffs. could be significant layoffs. no question about it. yes. >> reporter: union leadership says their plans to save the district money have been ignor ignored. and teachers say they go above and beyond what's that the contract any way. >> if we stop buying supplies, pencils, paper, kleenex, lysol wipes, hand wipes, granola bars, toilet paper in schools, paper
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towels, that would be whole different school. >> reporter: so the new deadline is mid october with district officials warning that without the cigarette tax and teacher concessions they could be force to do layoff many hundreds of teachers and staff. for now the doors will open on time but let's be very clear. nothing has been solved. iain. >> bruce, thank you. for more details on these cuts slated for the new school year head to police release surveillance video they say is a missouri teenager just moments before he was shot and killed by police. cops say michael brown was a suspect in a strong armed robbery before he was killed. the police chief says the officer who shot brown did not know he was a robbery suspect. tonight the controversy continues to grow. fox's mike tow bip is in ferguson where the shooting has sparked days of violent protes protests. >> reporter: the shooting death of unarmed teen michael brown touched off days of violent protests in ferguson, missouri and now police are telling their side of the story. officials revealing the name of
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the officer who fired the fatal shot. darrin wilson is a six year veteran with no disciplinary problems. they say wilson was investigate a strong armed robbery of a convenience store when he encountered brown. the chief suspect in that robbery. but some community members say they're not buying it. >> this kid was getting ready to go to school. why in the world what he want to go out and steal the day before he go to school? two days before he go to school. it don't add up. >> reporter: police also say brown stole cigars from the convenience store before being confronted by wilson who sustained injuries on the night of the shooting. missouri governor jay nixon urging calm as the investigation moves forward. >> there's a lot of steps between now and when justice is serve. and there are going to be lot of other bounces along the way. and they'll ab lot of tension at various times. >> reporter: now the focus turns back to safety. the state highway patrol firmly in command here in ferguson. they say the violence of the past week has largely subsided. law enforcement now reaching out to a traumatized community. >> i think yesterday we handled it just right.
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we shook hands and we hugged and were had great time. we'll talk about last night and move forward today. >> reporter: an attorney for brown' family says he was not involved in a robbery. they're accusing the ferguson police of quote character assasination. in ferguson missouri, mike tob tobin, fox news. >> delaware conte darby police arrested one man and they're looking for another in a deadly shooting. now this happened on darby terrace sunday morning. police say a man in his early 20's was outside of a home when he was shot. they say guy in car pulled up, pulled out a gun and opened fire. darby's police chief announce the break in the case and a motive today. >> argument over a woman, um, which caused this altercation in front of the house four hadn't dread block of darby terrace. oh cyrus pennel died at the hospital. police recovered four shell casings at the scene. a tragic discovery in center city philadelphia this afterno afternoon. a worker is found the body of a
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65 year old man at cherry and mole streets. we do not know the circumstances of the man's death. police say it is suspicious. we have a reporter there right now and we will keep you updated. all right. time to check in on your fox 29 weather authority. it was a beautiful day out there. scott what's in store for the week glenn looking at a pretty nice weekend ahead. high pressure in control right now. dry, comfortable if you're stepping outdoors fourths friday evening plans. no weather worries. the lows this morning temperatures well below the average low this time of year in the mid to upper 60s. exact in philadelphia. 57 in wilmington. 56 in trenton look at the pocono mountains in the 40s early this morning. so definitely light jacket and sweater weather for some. 76 degrees pretty comfortable. humidity low. 33% it doesn't get much better for mid august. 60 degrees already in the pocono mountains. 74 in wilmington. 76 degrees currently in atlantic city. so if you're going out for dinner, beautiful. 74 degrees at 7:00 o'clock. low humidity.
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70 at 9:00. upper 60s by 11:00 o'clock and get ready for another cool night. we do have some weekend changes. i'll tell when you to expect those as well as the next chance for rainfall iain and lucy coming up. >> all right, scott. thank you. a big mistake for some drivers in new jersey. diesel fuel was pumped into five cars at a quick check station in jackson township. the company says a delivery company put the fuel in the wrong tank on wednesday. the cars were repaired at the company's expense. quick check now says the tank was emptied. the lines were flushed and regular gas was pumped into the storage tank. >> a viewing is set for tonight for four kids who died in a massive fire in southwest philadelphia. the july 5th fire on gesner street killed four year old patrick, four year old twins maria and her sister. six year old baby died in the fire. a viewing is scheduled for tonight at divine mercy parish. the kids will be laid to rest tomorrow. neighbors and relatives have complained it took firefighters too long to get to the scene. the fire department says they
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got there win minutes of the first call. >> a single mom's mini van is swiped but she doesn't sit back and hope she gets it back. she texts the guy who a mobile phone of hers and what happened next left her shocked. >> also a woman owners a sweet tea to go and ends up in critical condition condition a chemical in the drink left her badly burn. how it got there coming up. >> plus though taney dragons my, oh oh, my they are on fire. we're on hand for a celebration that's got the whole city talking. >> a moment of kindness caught on camera and it's going viral. what a grocery store worker did that's lighting up the internet and making people smile. >> iain, the eagles play preseason game number two new england tonight. how war eskin and dave spadaro break down the the biggest areas of concern for the birds.
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♪ >> traffic trouble in send city midday when hundreds of teamsters in town for national convention rallied in support of their local union brothers and sisters. local carpenters have been squabble link with management at the pennsylvania convention center after getting shut out of jobs in fight over work rules. demonstration shut down the intersection of 12th and arch for nearly half an hour. >> police in atlantic city say a man has been found dead in an apartment elevator shaft. police say 25 year old brian jacob was an elevator company employee and was found this
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morning at the new york avenue apartments on the 200 block of north new york avenue. police say he fell while performing maintenance on the elevator. the building is 15 stories with 150 apps for elderly and disable people. >> in chester county, a shooting at a coatesville bar landed two men in paoli hospital. it happened early this morning right around 2:00 a.m. just outside the bongo club in south coatesville. that's on south first street. details well there's sketchy right now. we don't know how the victims are doing. the motive is unclear and we have no word on whether the police have any suspects. the decision by iraq's prime minister to step down is now raising hopes for a new government that can stop a powerful insurgency by islamic militants. prime minister maliki had been under pressure to both western nations and many inside his own party. he agreed to step down yesterday. so now his successor faced with the huge challenge of uniting iraqi politicians to put
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together a new cabinet. today he says his government will be based on quote efficiency and integrity. >> new travel restrictions about to hit over the ebola outbreak in west of a forty three casm the death toll in the region has risen to nearly 1100. another 2,000 people are sick. korean airlines now announced it's suspending flights to and from kenya and that begins next week. but officials with the wealth health organization do not think that is a good idea. >> it is very important that all the humanitarian resources that have to fly in these countries can continue to come in. >> meanwhile the american doctor kent brantly who caught ebola is now in atlanta continues his recovery. emory university hospital officials say he's getting better every day. he's even hoping to reunite with his family soon. >> i just love this next story. it's the kindness of a young florida store employee and spreading like wildfire on
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social media. this guy had to no idea somebody actually took this pictures. somebody snapped a feet tomorrow here the become cher. this guy gets on his niece to tie the shoes of a shopper in or manned florida near daytona beach not too far from or land dome the customer post thed it facebook and it took off from there. he says he was touched by what he saw. >> let's get a check of your fox 29 weather authority. >> look at that, you say it and i'm on camera. like a puppet thing going on. hey, scott. >> hi there. beautiful weather to talk about across our area. it's been a chamber of commerce day across the region. swift business folks are out and about just enjoying the weather. 76 degrees right now in philadelphia. williamsport we're looking at temperatures right now around 70 degrees for the little league world series. buffalo temperatures are currently in the upper 60s. and mid 70s right now for detroit. 70 in pittsburgh. so as we talk about the world series the little league world series in williamsport over the next couple of days this weeke
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weekend, saturday highs in the upper 70s. a pair of sevens on sunday. there could be the threat for few scattered showers moving in. otherwise, in a short term it is a dry delight. the front that moved through has sweeped all of the heat and humidity to our south. we're looking at a fall like preview again tonight for most. so if you're stepping outdoors, low humidity, temperatures tonight will bottom out in the 50s again and then for your saturday, it stays mostly sunny. it will be comfortable as well with low relative humidity. then as we move ahead into your sunday, we're looking at temperatures warming up a bit as well as that humidity on the increase and there's also the threat for a few scattered showers possible as we move into the seconds half of the weekend. but the bottom line stepping outdoors it's going to be beautiful for your friday evening. and the concern as we move into the second half of the weekend iain and lucy will just be the threat for a few pop up showers. we'll have the timing of that and also have the forecast for the pocono mountains and the weather down the shore all coming up.
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>> all right. thank you very much, scott. so in hollywood they go take two when you can get something right the first time around. we wanted to show you this incredible sound an interview with this guy with kindsness store that's lighting up the internet. >> it happened at a publics grocery store down in florida near daytona beach. here's a guy he actually niels down on his knees here and ties the shoes of this old guy in line who couldn't tie them. customer actually posted it on facebook and it just took off from there. he says he was touched by what he saw. >> he's a busy guy and he stopped to help this guy and went above and i don't know by doing the other one and talking to the gentleman as well. >> all right. actually again the photo went viral. it's been going around. this is a great actual stuff going on on social media. >> he came back. >> what a great story. >> i love it. >> out of florida. >> all right. still to come, a basement
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collapse force as family out into the flooding rain. how a teen's quick thinking saved this elderly grandma from disaster. >> also have you ever heard of tex-mex because it could happen to any of us. how to avoid this affliction without ditching your smart phone. >> and charlie leduff travels to one of the most dangerous cities in mexico where some american companies have set up shop. he takes close look why they're companies have set up shop. he takes close look why they're dothe wonder of summer is thaty i never know what kind of adventure awaits. the days are longer, and the breeze feels a little sweeter.
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and, thanks to volvo, i'll pay nothing for repairs or maintenance for 5 years, nothing. they even cover my first month's payment. so, i'll be happy wherever the summer takes me. the wonder of summer event. the 2015 volvo s60 sedan with complimentary first month's payment. starting at $319 a month.
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>> happening now a crowd is gathered in center city to watch the little league world series. pep rally this afternoon getting everybody ready to watch those taken know dragons in the little league world series. >> win or lows there's nothing but pride for the city's first ever team to make it to the series in williamsport. we're right in the middle of the act. fox 29' thalia perez joins us live from philadelphia's chestnut hill neighborhood. thalia, it sounds kind of quiet because you're in the great outdoors. the fans have got to be pumped. >> reporter: well, we got to tell you fans of all ages were here to cheer on this favorite team. we're live from the spring side chestnut hill academy. and that's where three of the players are students. now, fans were out here watching the game off of that big jumbo
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screen cheering on monet jolly and scott. i got to tell you the students we caught them in action cheering on their classmates to their win. >> in the beginning she was a little nervous and she was doing okay but it progressed during the game. >> that last three and two count right there i was pretty inten intense. i was like -- i think she's got this. >> pretty cool watching her since we all go to school with her and she her in the hallways. >> reporter: so you heard it students here love the taney dragons and many of you may be asking so what does this win mean? well it means that they're a step closer to achieving their dreams and the finals. they still have to survive and within the championship and in the end, there's going to be an international winner and an american win are in. and both of those teams will go to the finals. we'll send it back to you guys. >> all right.
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thalia, thank you very much. of course, for all things taney dragons just check out our website there you can find all the interviews, pictures and video. >> a fiery tanker crash and explosion killed one person. it happened early this morning along i65 in franklin, tenness tennessee. witnesses say they saw a huge fire ball in the sky right after that crash. police say two southbound bridges over the highway are so badly damaged they both have to come down completely now. authorities have not yet released name of the victim and it's still not clear how the crash happened in the first place. >> thousands of south korean protesters marched through the center of soul today demanding a new panel of investigators in the ferry singing last april that killed more than 200 teenagers and they want pub initiate many for everyone responsible. some grieving families met with pope francis today during his visit to south korea. all right. a 16 year old boy barely escapes massive flooding after the basement wall starts to collapse all around him. check out that is video.
5:25 pm
josh sal low more was in his basement he heard a loud boom and the basement wall caved inform it happened monday his parents were not home but josh led his 91 year old grandmother and 32 your old sister out from upstairs. all that matter social security that he made it out safely. >> i'm in the as heart broken as you think i might be because i almost lost my life. so as long as i'm fine. >> the house has been ruled unsafe to live in right now. the family is staying with friends. so a woman order as sweet tea to go and ends up badly burned. >> how dangerous chemical ended up in a popular summertime dri drink. >> and a swat team turns into super heroes and drops in, i mean drops in on some young hospital patients. so cool. how one determined mom made all
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♪ >> it's one of the most dangerous cities you'll ever find. it is where war and drug cartels and low wages are a way of life. >> it's where many u.s. plants moved for cheap labor after the north american free trade agreement opens the borders 20 years ago. as charlie leduff believes it's living up to its promises. ♪
5:29 pm
>> reporter: just above the banks of the rio grand where thousands of women and drug are flooding into the united states, you can see the glimmering rooftops of factories, cranking out products that used to be made by americans. >> the gains from this agreement will be your gains, too. >> reporter: north american free trade agreement was s now 20 years old. back then it promised nata would create jobs for all of us. we have a happened to those jobs. >> and why are the immigrants still coming. >> in mexico there are dozens of new factories built by american companies. caterpillar from illinois is here. kohler from wisconsin. corning from new york. textiles from the south and delphi the auto parts maker from michigan.
5:30 pm
♪ here's what's left of the area around the once sprawling delphi facility in flint, michigan. the birthplace of general moto motors. delphi one time parent company. and it's not just flint. recent study estimates that the total number of american drops lost due to nafta is about 1 million. delphi is one of mexico's largest employers with about 50 factories south of the border. >> they tore it down and took our jobs and put them over in mexico and paid them people peanuts. >> this used to be motor city.
5:31 pm
it's no longer motor city. where is the motor? what about the kids here that are going hun grow? they're not worried about those kids obviously. that's the kids they should be worried about. they shouldn't be worried about what's happening in some other country. >> flynn the murder capital of america. thanks to the drug and smuggling worse there. a former reporter and city official viced us not to get out of his van. he shows us the mexican workers ghetto saying life here is little better for a human than for an animal. >> humans like donkey, bureau, donkey.
5:32 pm
>> no running water, no power. animals working the sanitation trucks. >> this woman shows us her pay stub from app american earned factory. she earns about $1.15 an hour. >> alternateds. >> air-condition. >> she can't afford the air-conditioner she makes and maybe that's one reason the number of illegal immigrants living in the united states has more than doubled since the implementation of nafta20 years ago and cafta nearly 10 years. >> less likely that someone looking for a job will try to come to this country illegal. >> mexican men tried swimming to
5:33 pm
america because the mexican factories don't pay. they'll be deported but this man promises he'll keep trying. he's got six kids and no job after all. >> congresswoman miller is trying to motivate the government to do something about it's border. >> i'm calling on the president to reopen naft the north american free trade agreement and the central american free trade agreement as well as stopping all the foreign aid we are sending to these countries that are shipping their children up here illegally into mexico. >> temporary suspension of trade would require the cooperation of american companies that are making big profits under the trade arrangement 2005 when delphi declared bankruptcy there were 50,000 american workers. now there's 50,000 mexican workers and the jobs aren't good
5:34 pm
enough to keep anybody here. ♪ >> reporter: delphi now mose about 5,000 people in the united states. and after it declared bankruptcy in 2005, it dumped its pension obligations on to the american taxpayer. it also received billions in bail out dollars through general motormotors and according to ths delphi create add tax shelter in england to avoid paying its fair share of american taxes. delphi is appealing theism rs's findings and in the meantime, delphi recently reported record profits. we called delphi for an interview. we e mailed them. we even dialed into their quarterly earnings conference call but they'd only take questions from wall street. so we went to their operation al headquarters in troy, michigan to ask ceo rodney o'neal if he considers delphi to be an american company any more. o'neill wasn't there. so we got to talk to this lady. >> we're not going to comment.
5:35 pm
there's way to do this and if you have specific questions we're not agreeing to do an interview. >> i'm here. would somebody like to say on camera we don't want to talk. fair enough. that's why we're here. >> we're going to ask you to leave now. okay. >> okay? >> i wanted to congratulate him on the profits. ♪ >> one and only charlie leduff. ice bucket challenge is hitting fox 29 scott william call out by our own jennaphr frederick. did dough it? do you think he did it. i think did he. >> did he write check. maybe he did both. he might have done both. >> we'll find out in just a couple of minutes. >> plus, text neck a serious problem but you don't have to ditch your cell phone to prevent it. how to avoid it that's coming up. >> the taney dragons win they are first game of the little
5:36 pm
league world series four to nothing. that is a score. fox 29's chris o'connell is in williamsport talking to players and he's joining us live at 6: 6:00. hey, mr. ice bucket challenge. >> hi there lucy and iain. the suspense is building over that. you'll have to tune in to see what i decided. but in the meantime the weather is nice. 76 degrees. humidity is comfortable the 33%. we'll have your complete e
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♪ >> we were just looking at that gotham thing. he's are super heroes. what day for patient tas children's hospital in colorado. spiderman, batman dropping in on the youngsters as dropping in on the youngsters. actually swat officers dressed as super heroes propelling off the building. how excited are those little guys. mom, look whose here. the idea is a brain child of a mom whose son has been a patient at the hospital. she suggested the stunt on facebook page title the buck list life. >> in health news tonight what looking down at your cell phone may be doing to your health. new health phenomenon being
5:40 pm
treated across the country and they're calling it text neck. doctors say it's unhealthy curvature in the spine and it happens when you lean over technology for longer periods of time. it's most common in kids and young adults. doctors say to prevent text next you should sit straight and hold your phone at eye level. a study found that 79% of 18 to 44 year olds have their phones with them get this 22 hours a day. but iput it down. >> new moms in massachusetts have a place to go if they need breast milk for their newborn. a hospital in plymouth has become the first breast milk deport for the area. doctors say donat donated breask helps babies whose moms may be not able to make enough for one reason or another. it's all screened and pat cher arrived. >> a kennett square artist is creatincreating art. this is neilson showing sketches of an image for the archdiocese
5:41 pm
it is the holy family. wow, more than 67 right there. carlin says the painting will be more than 4 feet tall and he used local parishioners to pose for it. thousands and thousands will see it up close and personal during the event next year. pope francis is expected to attend although we're still waiting for the vatican to couldn't fir that right now the pope is on a trip to south korea holding his% public mass in asia today. >> it was supposed to be a refreshing drink a cup of sweet tea leaves a woman badly burned. the dangerous chemical that nearly killed her coming up ne next. >> plus a thief steals a single mom's mini van leaving her in a lurch. she teched the guy who had her mobile phone. what happened next will shock you. >> nick foles had two interceptions last year and two last week against chicago alone. is there a blueprint out on nick last week against chicago alone. is there a blueprint out on nick fothe wonder of summer is that
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i never know what kind of adventure awaits. the days are longer, and the breeze feels a little sweeter. and, thanks to volvo, i'll pay nothing for repairs or maintenance for 5 years, nothing. they even cover my first month's payment. so, i'll be happy wherever the summer takes me.
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the wonder of summer event. the 2015 volvo s60 sedan with complimentary first month's payment. starting at $319 a month. >> a woman suffered serious chemicals burns from a cup of sweet tea. police say 67 year old january harding bought the drink at dickie's barbecue pitt restaurant. as soon as she took a sip her mouth began to burn and she knew something was wrong. >> first words to her husband she turned to him and said i think i just drank acid. >> substance called clean forest friar cleaner. >> police said a restaurant mixed the chemical into the drink thinking it was sugar. it's believed this was isolated incident. the company is cooperating with
5:46 pm
the investigation tonight. >> mom's mini van is stolen while she's shopping at a missouri k mart. but this mom had plan. >> she grabbed a mobile phone and started teching the crook begging for her van back. robert town zen has the rest of the story. >> reporter: tuesday evening meghan dashed into k mart for last minute school clothes for one of her kids. >> it was 6:30 i was in the store for like 15 minutes. >> reporter: only to step outside minutes later to see someone stole her van. >> i came out i'm looking and i'm looking. yeah, yeah, yeah, i was flipping out. >> reporter: angry mom remembered her hub's was still inside the missing van. she sent a text message to the crooks who took off in her vehicle. >> roughly i said, hey, you just, you know, stole a single mother of five's only vehicle to work. you're ruining my life here. >> six hours later, still no sign of the van. the 30 year old single mom depends to get her five children
5:47 pm
around and she uses for inflatable party rental busine business. the mad mom femurly pleaded to the perpetrator. >> can you just drop it at quick trip. were one i'm at home and i'm crying and there's no hope. i've given up. >> reporter: the thief teched her back and told her she could find her stolen van about a mile from the k mart. >> in the text he said it's in driveway at a house for sale. >> reporter: and she was real rude with him. like telling hem how, you know, karma will get you one day. >> reporter: whether fear, guilt or a touching change of heart. the van snatcher returned her ford windstar. >> he had a change of heart and he did the right thing. i'm just glad to have it back. i wouldn't even press charges right now if they caught him. >> good ending. absolutely. >> the thief actually ze actuala text to the having tim he felt bad for talking the van but he recently lost his job and was trying to feed his kids.
5:48 pm
>> army specialist trace so kowalski returned home from nine month deployment in afghanistan. and friends and loved ones were waiting at the philadelphia international airport to greet him. tracy grew up in deptford township and he's been in the army for three years. >> it felt great. felt amazing. good to be back, you know. different. change of pace. it feels good. >> tracy now lives in woodbury is a graduate of deptford township high. >> welcome back home. >> fox 29 news continues to meet the challenge of the phenomenon gripping the nation, of course, we're talking about the ice bucket challenge raising awareness for funding for als lou gehrig's disease. >> scott williams was dared to do it and he did. i told you i thought he will. now he's picking others here at our station to keep it going. check this out. >> here's who i'm nominating. a awesome fourth grade teacher drew behind rick. what up! >> i would like to nominate a hockey player. he's tough he's going in sickth
5:49 pm
grade. what up? and finally, scott williams the weather authority. ahhh! >> it feels cold. is it cold. >> nice and warm. >> whoo! >> thank you fred for nominating me for the als ice buck challenge not only do i accept i'll also donate to charity. but before i dump this cold ice water on my head i want to challenge three other co-workers here at fox 29. that's how war eskin, bruce gordon and the weather authority's caitlin roth. >> who, that was cold. just kidding. now that was cold. >> was there ice in in that? was that ice? >> yeah. >> plastic chunks and warm wat water. >> i'm trig to warm up. >> it was great experience for a good cause. >> that's what it's all about.
5:50 pm
>> it's so amazing the als association says that since this when he will started the brain child of some genius they have received 1,000 times more in funding they've had in the past. amazing. we did this yesterday. the knuckle bump thing i got challenged by dawn tim money knee the bottom line last night i was writing a check out. i didn't have time to find an ice bucket don the whole thing and a hairdresser so i wrote out a check and then i tried to give that to the station the little feed i did the video it wouldn't up load. i got to really do the whole thing. i'll do it monday. >> okay. >> and write out a check, too. >> sounds good. >> let's talk about this great weather as we head into the up coming weekend. of course, low humidity out there. comfortable really no concerns until sunday. that's when we have a chance for a few scattered showers but i don't anticipate a washout at all. all eyes this weekend will also be in williamsport, pennsylvania, we're looking at sunshine for saturday. temperatures will be in the 70s and then as we move into sunday once again there could be a few
5:51 pm
scattered showers around but temperature in the upper 70s. ultimate doppler right now it's dry, quiet in willingboro, cherry hill looking pretty good. drexel hill no problems in radnor. high pressure moving in behind that front push the heat and humidity out of here. 70s right now. humidity at 33%. 77 degrees. that was it for the high temperature today. we should be in the mid 80s for this time of year. 60 in the poconos right now. low 70s in wildwood and the dew point, dew point temperatures are in the 40s right now. so a very comfortable air mass overhead as we take a look at the future temperatures, by midnight, 50's right now in the north and western parts of our area. we could even dip back into the 40s by 6:00 a.m. 49 in lancaster. 50 in the pocono mountains. high temperatures as we move into your saturday will be in the 80s but once again fairly quiet and comfortable conditions as we take look at what's happening. saturday a lot of sunshine out there. get outdoors and and joy it. it will be comfortable. low humidity continues and then as we move into your sunday,
5:52 pm
we'll watch another disturbance approach our area. ing see the clock. sunday morning watching for some scattered showers that activity could linger as we move into your sunday afternoon as well. down the shore looking pretty good though both days temperatures in the mid to upper 70s. sunday that chance for few showers water temperatures around 74 degrees. the pocono mountains comfortable. dry, 74 tomorrow. then mid and upper 70s as we move into sunday with that shower chance. so 50's in the burbs. 60 degrees in the city open up those windows. 80s low 80s for high temperatures tomorrow. once again that's a few degrees below average. it feels more like summer moving into sunday. 86 degrees for the high testimony whichever with that shower chance as we move into next week especially tuesday and wednesday we have more chances for a few scattered showers and storms. >> all right. thanks, scott. >> all right. >> what's going on. >> you ready for football. >> yes. >> after pair of practices with the patriots earlier this week the eagles and patriots play preseason game number two against each other in foxboro tonight.
5:53 pm
tom brady you know the guy expected to play after sitting out new england' first game last week. howard eskin dave spadaro expected to be there. >> i'm here with a brilliant mind of football that would be dave spadaro philadelphia and obviously part of our pre-game show on sundays. dave, here in foxboro in the middle of nowhere the eagles and patriotpate a if the ballgame. what do you think the eagles in the second game should try to accomplish? i think this week of practice with the patriots built confidence in the eagles after year when tom brady came down to the novacare complex and was perfect for one day of practice. they feel very confident going into game two. so i think they build off the week of practice, they work it on third -- they weren't good on third downs against the bears. i think against the passing game they want to go out there and slow, you don't shut down tom brady if they can him down. without nolan car recall they'll
5:54 pm
feel great defensively. this is great game to evaluate the dee finance seive backs again the quarterback like tom brady who gets the ball out so quickly. who is so accurate such great timing. keep it vanilla. remember the preseason. the objective of the preseason is not to win the games. it's to get the best 53 men for your roster. they're still in the evaluation process. >> you're coming off game one, and -- i think you probably feel the same way. nick foles i'm not worried about that. but don't you have to see something better or how much do you have to see from nick foles? was ton see the offense get into a rhythm and put some points on the board the first team offense needs to score points here and keep the ball and make decisions. what i think the formula will be against nick foles is pressure. they're going to come with the blitz. these teams are now seeing a little blueprint here. how will nick handle the pressure in the pocket? and i think that's what you want to see in this game. >> okay. the eagles and those cheaters, the new england patriots -- all right, cary williams. >> they were cheaters. that's right, they were. >> they were cheaters against
5:55 pm
those cheaters bill belicheck and the new england patriots that will be tonight. back to you, tom. >> coming up howard answer the question is it better or worse to cheat or worse to get caught different subject. phillies west coast road trip continues. phils are in san francisco for three games with the giants starting tonight. phillies lost the first two games of the trip both in los angeles and if you still care and still can look all the way down phillies are 53 and 68. a whopping 14 games out of first place in the national league east. the only hope they have these days comes every five days when cole hamels pitches. ham mims on the mound tonight. he wouldn't world series, been a world series mvp but the last five games might be the five game stretch of his career. how did c have they been? look at these number. 37 inning, three earned runs allowed. hamels averaged overstruck out an inning in that stretch. he's and unbelievable. phillies are three-two in those five games. they don't score any runs for
5:56 pm
the the guy. >> no run support. >> averaging less than run and game and they're three and two in those five starts. >> thank you very much, tom. >> thank you. coming up at sick motorcycle crash left a man dying on the side of the road until a good samaritan pulled over and kept him alive. how you can help find her. >> and the taney dragons within a shut out in their first game of the little league world series. we are live at the game talking to the players. we are live at the game talking to t[ shelly ] as a graduate of devry university
5:57 pm
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>> live from center city in philadelphia this is fox 29 news at 6:00.
6:00 pm
>> happening tonight at 6:00 the taney dragons win game one of the little league world series. the team from south philly making the city proud. they beat south nashville four to nothing. three of those runs coming in the first inning alone on homerun. good evening i'm iain page. >> i'm lucy nolan much a lot of in williamsport. i can never say that right. williamsport and right here in philadelphia tonight. i think it's just because i'm so excited about the team. fox 29's chris o'connell is live in williamsport where he just spoke to the dragons. hey, chris. >> reporter: lucy, everyone is excited. trust me, this was a crazy day. this williamsport you might consider the home crowd for the taney dragons much of course, their dream run continues now. winning fir the first outpatient four to nothing little we'll ago and much of the 16,000 that were attendance here in williamsport were cheering for the dragons. let's go to some of those highlights. it was an exciting game. drag


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