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tv   Fox 29 News at 6PM  FOX  August 15, 2014 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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taney dragons win game one of the little league world series. the team from south philly making the city proud. they beat south nashville four to nothing. three of those runs coming in the first inning alone on homerun. good evening i'm iain page. >> i'm lucy nolan much a lot of in williamsport. i can never say that right. williamsport and right here in philadelphia tonight. i think it's just because i'm so excited about the team. fox 29's chris o'connell is live in williamsport where he just spoke to the dragons. hey, chris. >> reporter: lucy, everyone is excited. trust me, this was a crazy day. this williamsport you might consider the home crowd for the taney dragons much of course, their dream run continues now. winning fir the first outpatient four to nothing little we'll ago and much of the 16,000 that were attendance here in williamsport were cheering for the dragons. let's go to some of those highlights. it was an exciting game. dragons go off to a fast short.
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jared belting a three run homer in the first inning putting dragons up three to nothing. that's all they needed they had their phenom here the 13 your old fire baller, the darling of the world series here, monet davis. the fourth female pitcher in the little league world series. complete game shut out. two hitter, eight strike outs and with that the taney dragons advance. we just spoke with monet davis a few minutes ago. we asked her about some day becoming a professional athlete a role model for kids. >> it's very crazy. i didn't even expect that. so if i do stay in baseball hopefully i can pitch be a suck suss full pitcher. never thought at the age of 13 i would be a role model but now it's real. so always wanted to be a
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ambassador role model. baseball role model is really cool and hopefully more girls will play little league. >> we're going to enjoy every second of this tonight. i mean we're in williamsport, you know. >> reporter: the coach says they will head on over to another game in about an hour. they will watch the winner of new england and texas because that is who taney will play on sunday at 7:00 o'clock in the second round. so they a day off tomorrow to relax little bit and soak in this win. lucy? >> fantastic stuff. thank you very much, chris. the power of those dragons. the excitement pulled folks together for watch parties across our entire area and tonight the fans are thrilled with this huge win. fox 29's thalia perez is live in chestnut hill with the celebration. hey, thalia? >> reporter: hey, lucy. it's such an exciting time for everyone. we're live from the spring side chestnut hill academy where three of the players are
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students here. so imagine that. their classmates had a front row seat to all the action. take look. here's cheers and applause as fans celebrate their favorite teams win. it was celebration for the taney dragons victory over south nas nashville little league at the spring side chestnut hill academy where three of the players are students. >> monet davis, jolly hendricks and scott van dora. students say they're just he can stat tuck but there were tense moments. >> that last three and two count right i was pretty intense. like i was like i think she's got this. >> in the beginning she was like a little nervous and she was doing okay but it progressed during the game. >> reporter: leading to today's game fans gathered for a pep rally and viewing party at city hall with philly phanatic who got the crowd going. ♪ >> let's go taney! >> reporter: so lots of fun
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and excitement here today. the dragons are a step closer to achieving their dreams and to the finals. so let's go, dragons! we'll zen it back to you, lucy. >> i love that. good little sign there. thank you very much to keep up with the excitement at the little league world series and our taney dragons it's super easy go to >> now to developing story on on-going philadelphia school budget crisis. for weeks, the threat avenue delayed opening to the school year has been hanging over students, parents and teacher. well tonight some good news. the doors will open on time. our bruce gordon live in the newsroom tonight don't get too excited just yet. bruce? >> reporter: iain with $81 million budget hole still to be filled just to get to last year's inefficient levels, the threat of a delayed opening was very real. but diss track officials decided chaos it would have resulted was simply not worth the few dollars it would have saved. so the school bell will ring on
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schedule. student activist left the announcement by superintendent hite with little to smile about. though he had given them and their teachers some short-term relief. >> i am communicating that we are opening on time without the significant layoffs that we were anticipating. >> reporter: but the distract will temporarily reduce transportation support for 7500 high school students. leave school police vacancies unfill, reducing the number of cops in elementary schools and clean and repair district buildings less often. in short, schools will be dirtier and more dangerous than before. >> we're not interested in stepping our children to a shell avenue building much we're trying to send them to vibrant learning institution and we're entitled to that under the pennsylvania constitution. >> reporter: you don see that happening. >> definitely not happening today report roar diss track needs revenue from the philly only cigarette tack they want harrisburg to approve along with those temporary cuts to fill its budget hole. school officials made clear they also expect the teachers union to agree to benefit concessions to save the diss track more money. >> if they don't the src will
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need to exercise its powers and act. that is not a threat. just a statement of fact. we will be forced to act. >> reporter: that could mean hundreds of layoffs come october. the union says it has put money saving offers on the table to no a veil so i asked president jerry jordan -- >> do you believe that your efforts to make concessions and save some money for the district have been ignore by school officials? >> yes. >> reporter: so students will go to school on time. but in schools ill equipped to serve their needs. said one frustrated proteste protesters -- >> we shouldn't have been standing here fighting autopsy every day giving messages we need our education. we shouldn't have to fit for it. it should be our right. >> reporter: governor corbett repeated his support for that cigarette tax and once again asked for teachers union concessions. so for now, schools will open on time. but with the next dooms day deadline now set for october. lucy? >> bruce, thank you very much. of course we are staying on top of that story. fast moving developments in the
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shooting death of unarmed teenager in missouri. police have now named the officer who shot and killed michael brown. they say he is six year veteran darrin wilson. they're also releasing video from moments before the shooting. police say the teenager stole cigars from a nearby convenience store before wilson confronted him. cops say wilson did not know brown was a suspect in that robbery before the shooting. but not everyone is buying what police are saying about the incident. >> this kid was getting ready to go to school. why in the world would he want to go out and steal the day before he go to school? two days before he go to school. the don't add up. >> spokesperson for the brown family has just released a statement saying there is nothing based on the known facts that can justify the murder of brown. atlantic county egg harbor township man facing drug charges. police say 33 year old robert torres was busted in a home at the stone 93 field mobile park off ocean heights avenue. he is charged with distribution of heroin and possession of drugs without a prescription as
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well as having drug paraphernalia. >> rain many today foreman accused of firing at police officers in south jersey. prosecutors have charged desean millage with the shooting in bridgeton comer land county. authorities say he fired a shot at police as they investigate add burglary. in maple shade, new jersey, police say a robber hit a second gas station win week and they say this guy is responsible for both robberies. police say he was wearing a black ski mask carrying a sawed off shotgun and demanded cash at the citgo gas station along route 73 north. he got away with an unknown am of money. if you know anything, give police a call. >> delaware state police arrest two men accused of stealing air-conditioners. troopers say they caught christopher porter and martin daniel stealing an air-conditioning unit from a home in magnolia. they later link them to two similar thefts from homes in felton. police are continuing their investigation and believe there may be more victims. >> still ahead tonight on fox 29 news at 6:00 the search for a guardian angel. >> a motorcycle crash left man
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literally dying on the side of the road until a good samaritan pulled over and kept him alive. he says, his mission now is to find her and he needs your help. >> lucy, eagles and patriots in new england tonight. ahead in sports the areas the birds have to be better in than they were a week ago in chicago. scott? tom, perfect football weather think evening in new england. we'll talk a little bit about the weather changes ahead for your upcoming weekend. also, when you'll need the rain gear. some changes ahead with that seven day forecast all coming up. >> all right. scott. a local seven year old trying to live the life of any average boy. the difference, he's doing it with diabetes. his family is now fighting to get him the medical alert dog that he needs tonight at 10:00 how you can help. ♪
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>> breaking news into fox 29. we have just learned revel casino in atlantic city will be closing earlier than first thought. casino will officially shut done the 11 a.m. on monday, september 1st that is right after labor day weekend. all concerts and events schedule for september 2nd or later are now officially cancel. >> motion packed employee from an accident victim feeling incredibly lucky that be alive. he says there is avoid he now needs to fill in his life. >> that is coming face to face with the one who saved his life. our jennifer joyce reports he's hoping someone out there can reunite him somehow with his angel. >> really like to find out who it was that saved my life. >> reporter: larry miles somerdale, new jersey, says he's alive today thanks to a mystery woman who came to his aid last week when he was lying on the side of the white horse pike bleeding profusely. >> i her the voice of somebody behind him come up and said, my name is debbie, i'm a nurse. >> reporter: miles was on has motorcycle and had just begun been hit by a car outside of a
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wawa in the waterford section of winslow township. someone sent him this picture of the accident scene. >> i severed the main artery in my leg. that's why it was bleeding so bad. >> reporter: quick thinking nurse by his side new exactly what to do. >> she asked if somebody had a shirt. somebody gave her shirt. and she went from what i'm told on the side of the road and grabbed a stick and made a tourniquet and put the on my leg. >> reporter: you her correctly. the woman made a tourniquet out of a t-shirt and a stick. dr. john, of cooper university medical center says the make shift medical pool controlled the bleeding and likely saved this local father' life. >> i would say he lost more than half his blood volume. >> reporter: the doctor says the ancient tool is back in style. the hospital has begun issuing these tourniquets to local emergency responders. >> so this is what every soldier in the united states military is issued. >> reporter: they're effective but only if you use them properly. >> con struck tiff band properly
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applied above the site of injury. >> reporter: the nurse named debbie proved she's a pro. but no one knows who she is. she left the scene once the medics arrived. >> she gave me a big kiss before she left and said get well and i wanted to give her a beg hug. miles is second for a second lesurgery on his leg tomorrow. he won't feel better until he comes face to face with the stranger who saved his life. >> debbie if you're out there, i'm here in cooper, call, plea please. i would really like to found out who it was that saved my life. >> we haven't her from debbie yet but we did get several tip calls at 10:00 o'clock. we'll hope larry will soon get the reunion he has been hoping for. which -- >> now i'm very curious about who turn a tourniquet with that stick. i heard about tying whatever cloth you can above the wound. but now that a stick is involved i'm trying to google how to do this because you never know --
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it's like learning cpr. the same same thing. thankful debbie knew. debbie if you're out there, call us or call him. >> here's something very fun. the philadelphia waterfront has a brand new park it looks great. mary nutter helping to open the washington avenue pier park this morning. could not have been better weather to be along the weather. thank you weather authority scott william. the new park celebrates the history of the area and of course the park has views of the river, center city and the ben franklin bridge and walt whitman bridge. >> speaking of weather on your fox 29 weather authority let's get you over to chief meteorologist scott williams for a look at the weekend forecast. beautiful weather as we head into the start of the weekend. we'll continue with the low humidity. temperatures by tomorrow morning will be in the 50s but we do have some changes to talk about. a nice friday evening out once again dry, low humidity comfortable no concerns. saturday, more sunshine. low humidity as we move into sunday. a little warmer and humid and
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also the threat for few scattered showers popping up but not anticipating a wash out. little league world series all eyes, of course, on taney. we're looking at conditions in williamsport on saturday in the upper 70s. on sunday there could be a few more clouds and once again that threat for few scattered showers. no showers right now on ultimate doppler as we take look at the area. nice conditions in west chester, bensalem looking pretty good. atlantic city. dry and comfortable. so we continue to follow some of that drier air moving in overhead. dropping dupont some of the dew points are in the 40s. unheard of for mid august. saturday morning, 8:00 a.m. we're looking at a lot of sun sheen across the region. so dry conditions for yard sales. wash the car looking pretty good for that but if you do that you know it will rain on sunday for sure. as we take look at saturday night pretty quiet conditions and then here's sun today. we're watching that disturbance move through. that will set the stage for more humidity as well as few scattered showers around sunday morning we could have some sunday afternoon as well.
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but most of the coverage will diminish as we move into your sunday after about dinnertime. 76 degrees right now, humidity at 35%. pretty comfortable. 60 that was the low this morning in philadelphia. but in the poconos we saw temperatures in the 40s believe it or not. the afternoon high we made the up to 77 degrees. the normal this time of year is 86. so temperatures well below where we shall be much item which are right now, trenton 71 degrees. we're looking at 60 already in the pocono mountains. 69 in allentown. low 70s currently in millville and take a look at those dew points. any time it's below 60 we're talking about pleasant conditions when you step outdoors. dew points right now in philadelphia are in the 40s. so as we watch how those temperatures play out for tonight, we're looking at those numbers dropping into the 50s by midnight in allentown the pock know mountains you'll get back down to around 50 upper fours not out of the question as we move into the lancaster area, low 60s in millville and then as
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we move toward your saturday afternoon, we're looking at upper 70s. temperatures in the low 80s along the i-95 corridor. but once again it's still below average for this time of year. so recapping that forecast for the shore. conditions pretty nice as we move into your saturday. low humidity, 76 degrees will be the high temperature. sunday a few more clouds. temperatures in the upper 70s and the water temperatures right now in the low 70s. sunday we could see that threat for a few scattered showers. the pocono mountains looking equally as nice we're looking at temperatures 74 degrees on saturday. sunday upper 70s once again a few scattered showers around. so 50s in the suburb. exec degrees in the city. open up weren't dose let some of that fresh air in. low 80s for tomorrow. comfortable low humidity get outdoors and enjoy. forecast by the numbers on scale of one to 10, tomorrow is a 10 as were move toward sunday an eight. a little more humidity. that shower chance and then as we move nearly n week low 80s. better chances for some scattered showers and storms as
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we move into tuesday and wednesday of next week. >> you know tomorrow i don't need a comp day because i'm off. i'll take advantage of that. >> perfect. >> go golfing in the afternoon. >> very nice. >> not saying that you've ever done that before. >> no -- >> comp days are legal. it's thing is days that would be the bad thing. >> have you ever done that. no, never. we would never do that ever. >> we have an investigative guy named jeff cole. >> very nice. we've got a big game tonight. >> football game up new england. the eagles getting ready to face the patriots a little over an hour. lesean mccoy dreaming of 2000 sand yard season. mccoy is talking about big goals. the eagles defense talking about a better performance than they had a week ago. where things have to be a lot better. we'll talk about it next in sports.
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♪ >> eagles and patriots from foxboro massachusetts tonight. now late word from the eagles neither riley cooper nor jeremy maclin will play tonight. once again due to those injuri injuries. tom brady expected to play for new england tonight after sitting out the patriots preseason opener a week ago. he will give the eagles first unit defense a pretty good test.
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mixed reviews from last week. they gave up this jay cutler touchdown pass in the first quarter. didn't force any turnovers. malcolm jenkins on to expect from the eagles defense tonight. >> we just got to be better than we were last week. i think we still want to build on how we stop the run last week. i think we want to continue that. the past game, you know, we know they'll complete some balls. we want to keep the balls in front of us. last game we that too many go over our head. we want to win the turnover margin and clean up some of the penalties. >> on the other side of the ball lesean mccoy won't see much playing time tonight dreaming about 2,000-yard season. >> i have fun with it, man. you know, um, i'm blessed to be the time of scheme like this to get the ball catchly reason you know i'm surrounded by good players, foles, maclin and sproles. the ball will be spread around a lot. 2,000 will be tough. i have fun with it. the media and the fans react it to fantasy people. the biggest thing is winning
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much that's what i want to do. >> lesean finally tonight common sense is finally prevailed. six days after kevin ward, jr. was hit and killed dirt track race in new york when he left his car of course you know and was hit by tony stew war. nascar today stepped up with a new rule. drivers now can no longer leave their cars on track incidents unless quote extenuating circumstances exist. drivers now must turn off their cars and wait for safety personnel or a nascar official to arrive that is nascar will handle penalties on case to case basis. they obviously had to do something. common sense won out. these guys are emotional. that's why they're good. you're good because of your emotions. you got to temper them. we saw what happened last saturday. >> tone know stewart has done that exact thing before. he's gotten out and -- >> right. in the heat of the moment like you say but this is obviously a whole different situation. >> nascar had to do something. >> very reasonable. >> absolutely. >> thank you very much, mr. srendenschek. >> that does it for us here at
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6:00. have a good night. inside edition is up next. ♪
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shocking new information. did the young man shot dead by a cop strong arm a store clerk just before the shooting? the tv fireworks. >> changes the tone of the investigation. >> stealing cigars, are we serious? and he was falsely identified as the cop who shot the seen. now he says -- teen. now he says his life is in danger. >> you have a uniformed officer standing behind you. >> yes. then dinner with robin. robin williams and his wife. just before his suicide. and what michael j. fox is saying about robin's secret battle with parkinson's disease. and death by firing squad? the teen and her boyfriend accused of shoving her mom into a suitcase. >> they could face a firing


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