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tv   Fox 29 News at 10  FOX  August 15, 2014 10:00pm-11:01pm EDT

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>> one sip of sweet tea and a woman is badly burned. how a dangerous chemical ended up in this to go drink. >> a child tries to out swim a massive crocodile. what one witness did to try t >> fox 29 news in hd brought to you by xfinity the future of awesome. >> new developments right now in the story that has captivated our nation. new surveillance video releas rd today shows the moment police say a missouri teen robbed a
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convenience store. you're looking at what happened just before an officer shot and killed the 18 year old. that death has led to days of protests, riots and violent clashes with police near st. louis and tonight we know the name of the ferguson police officer who fired. good evening, i'm lucy noland. >> i'm iain page. the teen's family says authorities are attacking the victim's character. shawnette will sorry here with the controversy. >> top law enforcement say the officer who shot the teen to death is darren wilson six year veteran of the force. police say with no disciplinary problems. meanwhile brown's family is upset about video released showing their son moments before he was shot. >> we believe the most important thing, not any kind of pictures, is what happened that particular day in the middle of that street as that officer killed mike. let's not lose focus of that. >> attorneys for the family of 18 year old michael brown say the family questions law enforcement's decision to release this surveillance video
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and pictures of brown earlier the day he was shot. police are defending the move. >> we had this tape for awhile, and went had to review the information that was in the tape, determine if there was any other reason to keep it. anybody else would be charged in the crime, and we had determined that was not going to be the case. >> reporter: the images released friday show brown in a convenience store where police say he allegedly stole a box of cigars during a strong armed robbery. before his deadly encounter with the officer who shot him. >> the family feels that that was strategic, they think it was aimed at degrading their son. character assasination attempt. that is pretty much the sent manies of unwere i've dud. they think the timing is suspe suspect. >> reporter: the new developments follow a week of violent protests in ferguson where police used tear gas to disperse crowds causing even more outrage. it's been peaceful there since
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and at other vigils around the country. as for the surveillance video of brown, the police chief also claims it isn't indicated to what ultimately happened. >> this robbery does not relate to the initial contact between the officer and michael brown. >> reporter: so brown's family also asked through their attorneys that people not loot or riot in light of this new information released just today. iain. >> shawnette, thank you. happening now a coast guard rescue off the waters of sussex county, delaware. two men aboard vessel 20 miles off of bethany beach were air lived to the hospital after being stabbed. the coast guard says one man has died. another is in stable condition. the boat registered in hong kong was on its way to philadelphia. u.s. custom border patrol and u.s. state department are assisting the coast guard with the investigation into what happened. >> grand jury has indicted powerful texas governor rick per roo. he's charged with abuse of power. it comes after the governor carried out threat to veto funding for state public
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corruption prosecutors. perry has been in office since 2000 and is the longest serving governor in texas history. he ran for president back in 2012. perry has been charged with abuse of official capacity. that's a first degree felony. >> the revel hotel casino is atlantic city is closing soon are in than expected. it's officially shutting its doors at 11 a.m. on septembe september 1st right after labor day weekend nine days earlier than it had originally said. all concerts and events scheduled after september 2nd every are now canceled. the $2 billion resort opened just two years ago. >> a mystery tonight surround the death avenue man in quite center city neighbor. philadelphia police are calling his death suspicious. fox 29's drew dickman is live at the scene. drew, what happened and why are detectives calling his death suspicious? >> reporter: lucy, police say there are no signs of trauma to the victim's body and they say the doesn't appear that anyone tried to break into his home but they say the position of his
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body the way they found it when they went in there is the reason why they are calling this death suspicious. >> it's very quite. there's never any parties or anything going on. this is really weird out of the ordinary for this block. >> reporter: police say a worker found a 65 year old man dead on the first floor of his house on the 100 block of mole street around noon. what time he died is unclear. but neighbors say they didn't hear anything out of the ordinary. >> any time there's a lot of noise on the street really i hear it because i'm a very soft sleeper, and like last there was nothing. >> reporter: detectives spent several hours collecting evidence on the inside and outside of the victim's home. they also dusted the front door for fingerprints. neighbors say the man lived alone and mostly kept to himse himself. >> like i said like he knew any statistic going back as far as you want about any sports team but he wasn't really like a very socialable person at all. >> reporter: he lived in this house most of his life and always made an appearance outside during trash day.
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but it's what he didn't throw away that police say adds to the mystery. neighbors say he had stacks of old newspapers up to the ceiling in his home. >> having a lot of things in the house and being that age and not in the best shape that could also be something that the cops wouldn't think about. >> investigators continue to piece together the suspicious death, neighbors are left feeling uneasy. >> i'm sure everybody will be doing a lot better if we knew exactly how everything happened. i mean if it was, you know, an accident or a natural causes or something like that, we'd feel a lot better hearing the word murder getting thrown around is a little off putting. >> reporter: police say they're now waiting on the medical examiner' office to perform an autopsy for them to rule on the official cause and manner of this man's death. those results might not be available until monday. iain? >> drew, thank you. police say a robber used a sawed off shotgun to hold up a south jersey gas station on wednesday just after midnight at the citgo on route 73 in maple shade. cops say the manmade off with
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some money. the clerk was not hurt. investigators say this robbery sounds a lot like another one earlier in the week. give cops call if you know anything about this. >> a community is coming together to say goodbye to four young victims of a devastating fire. the july 5th fire on gesner street killed four year old patrick and four year old twins. six week old taj also died in the fire. a funeral is schedule for tomorrow. neighbors and relatives have complained it took firefighters too long to get to the scene. but the fire depth says they got there within minutes of the first call. >> despite the philadelphia schools budget crisis, classes will start on time next month. but the district is also enacting painful cuts. as fox 29's bruce gordon shows us students and staff are bracing for a tough year. >> reporter: student activists left the announcement by superintendent hite with little to smile about. though he had given them and their teachers some short-term relief. >> i am communicating that we
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are opening on time without the significant layoffs that we were anticipating. >> reporter: but the district will temporarily reduce transportation support for 7500 high school students. leave school police vacancies unfilled, reducing the number of cops in elementary schools and clean and repair district buildings less often. >> in short, schools will be dirtier and more dangerous than before. >> we're not interested in sending our children to a shell avenue building. we're trying send them to vibrant learning institution and we're entitled to that under the pennsylvania constitution. >> reporter: you don't see that happening? >> that's definitely not happening today. >> reporter: diss track niece revenue from the philly only cigarette tax they want harrisburg to approve. along with those temporary cuts, to fill its budget hole. school officials made clear they also expect teachers union to agree to benefit concessions to save the diss track more money. >> if they don't the src will need to exercise its powers and act. that is not a threat. just a statement of fact. we will be forced to act. >> reporter: that could 1900's of layoffs come october.
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the union says it has put money saving offers on the table to no avail. and so i asked pft president jerry jordan -- >> do you believe that your efforts to make concessions and save some money fort district has been ignored by the school officials? >> yes. >> reporter: so students will go to school on time. but in schools ill equipped to serve this needs. said one frustrated protester. >> we shouldn't have be standing here fighting every day giving out message we need our education. we shouldn't have to fight for it. it should be our right. >> reporter: in statement governor corbett repeate repeats support for that cigarette tax and called for teachers unions concessions. both still very much up in the air. for now, schools will open on time. with the next doom's day deadline set for mid objection. in the newsroom, bruce gordon, fox 29 news. >> and for more details on those cuts slated for the new school year,ed when to our website the taney dragons are the pride of philadelphia tonight. our hometown team winning the
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first game of the little league world series. the team from south philly beaten 104 to nothing. it was an exciting start to the world series. the taney dragons scored a three run homer in the first inning. >> fox 29's chris o'connell is in williamsport where he spoke with the players right after the game. >> reporter: the pride of philadelphia the taney dragons are enjoying their first win in the little league world series. the very first win for any philadelphia team in the 75 years of this storied series, and they did it in spectacular fashion. taney going up against south nashville in the first round and jared spraying lot one of the heroes today two on base, a three run homerun to left field. the crowd mostly mid atlantic fans went bananas. >> it was grat. got a lot of nerves out of me, and i just wanted to help mo me out. i knew she was going to do well
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but she needed a couple of runs. as soon as it went out, i was very excited. >> reporter: and that one homerun was raully all taney needed. especially when you have this young lady on the mound. mo' me davis the super star of the little league world series and she did not disappoint. a complete game, two hit shut out, eight strike outs and only the fourth female ever to pitch in a little league world series. they played in front of a crowd of 16,000 people. the game nationally televised. we caught up with davis about being a role model. >> very unreal. i never thought that at the age of 13 i would be a role model but kind of now it's real so i always wanted to be a basketball role model but being a baseball role model is really cool. >> taney's manager tells us they will enjoy this win oh night but tonight only. tomorrow it's back to work in the batting cages. they hit the field again on
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sunday night for the second round game. they'll be taking on the winner of new england and texas. at the the little league world series, chris o'connell fox 29 news. >> our chris is very very busy guy. look what he just -- look what he just tweeted out. apparently chris says there was a water main break at the dorm of the taney dragons were staying i think he's rooming with hmm now at his hotel. >> it's not going to stop them. >> that's not going to stop us. >> we got the taney t shirts. >> these are great. these are flying off the shelves by the way. all the money goes to help the little league. exactly. >> great stuff. >> fox 29 of course will be staying in williamsport that you saw chris o'connell there. he will be there for sunday' game. tune in all wagonnd for life reports from chris o'connell in williamsport as he follows the taney dragons. a local seven year old tried to live the life of any average boy. the difference he's doing it with diabetes. >> he can start to feel shaky, he can get sweat too, thirsty. his family's fight to get
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him the medical alert dog he needs and how you can help. >> car thief swipes a single mom's only way to get around with her four children. the text message that softened that crook's heart. a woman orders a sweet tea to go but ends up in critical condition. how a dangerous chemical ended up in her drink. >> and a terrifying chase along a mexico -- do you see what's going on. that crocodile was stalking a young boy in the water. witnesses too far away watched helplessly until one of them hatched a rescue plan. scott. >> hi, lucy. beautiful weather on this friday night but weekend update with some changes also our next
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have you seen tom corbett's ads attacking me... get real. it's tom corbett who's been sticking it to the middle class on taxes. corbett cut a billion dollars from education... almost 80% of school districts plan to raise property taxes. meanwhile, we're the only state that doesn't charge oil and gas companies an extraction tax. but corbett raised your gas taxes through the roof. i'm tom wolf, i'll be a governor who stands up for the middle class for a change.
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♪ >> in delaware county darby police arrested one man and they're looking for another in connection to deadly shooting. it happened on darby terrace on sunday morning. police say a man in his early 20s was outside a home when he was shot in an argument over a woman. he died at the hospital of the university of pennsylvania. police recovered four shell casings at the scene. >> a gulp of sweet tea has put a utah woman in a hospital in critical condition. the sweetener in it wasn't. it was a toxic chemical. police say 67 year old january harding bought the drink at a dickie's barbecue pitt restaurant and as soon as she took a sip her mouth began to burn. she knew something was very wrong. >> first words to her husband she turned to him and said i think i just drank acid. substance cleaned clean forest friar cleaner. >> police say the restaurant employee accidentally mixed the chemical into the drink thinking
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it was sue garr. they think this is just an isolated incident. now to the latest on the crisis in iraq. prime minister mal lucky's agreement to step down is raising hopes a new government can stop powerful insurgency boy the islamic militants. he had been under pressure from both western nations and many unside his own party. now, his successor faces the huge challenge of united iraqi politicians to put together a new cabinet. >> a sense of calm settling over gaza a mid word that the cease fire is now extended and marks in gaza are up and running. fruit and fish stands and other shops are back in business. the cease fire between israel and hamas militants began three days ago. leaders from both sides have voted for a five-day extension. this is the longest cease fire since the beginning of the conflict last month. >> a hero's welcome home for a soldier from south jersey. army specialist tracy kowalski returned home today from a nine-month deployment in afghanistan. love these moments. friends and loved ones were
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waiting at philadelphia international airport to greet him. he grew up in deptford township and has been in the army for three years. >> felt great. felt amazing. good to be back. different. change of pace. it's good. >> specialist kowalski is a graduate of deptford township high and now lives in woodbury. welcome back hem! >> the family of a bucks county boy is hoping to get a little extra help making sure he's safe every day and night. he has diabetes and there's always a chance his blood sugar level could fall dangerously l low. so what could ease the fears? fox 29's dave kinchen joins us live in the social media center tonight to explain. dave? >> reporter: iain, seven year old adam seen here has had to leave school early because of low blood sugar levels according to his mom. she says a special service dog can actually help watch those levels and keep them in check. adam has all the energy of any seven year old playing ball in his backyard. but it's the type one diabetes
10:18 pm
this bucks county boy is living with that can leave him side lined, low blood sugar and it's -- >> dramatic, tired. >> in too high for too long -- >> there's blindness, liver damage, kidney failure. >> reporter: his mom works hard to keep it in check with home tests like this one. but she can't be around all the time. >> anything that might be on his fingers. >> reporter: adam's levels are changing just like him. >> his blood sugars get wack can he. >> maria says their doctor told them about diabetic alert dogs of america. adam would have one by his side all the time. trained to detect body chemistry changes. >> should he have a blood sugar drop in the middle of night, in between those times when we would normally check him, it would alert him and if he doesn't respond, the dog would then seek us out. >> reporter: they need at least 15 grand to get a dog. friends helped out by putting up this go fund me page and they're still several thousand dollars short.
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>> just another soul looking after adam gives everyone a sense of peace. >> reporter: the family says they could use your help and adam is grateful for those who stepped up so far. >> i want to thank everybody that helped me. >> reporter: such cute kid. patient with type one diabetes need to sake insulin dale toll survive. if you will like to help adam and his family log on to our website click on the scene on tv tab and we will show you how you can contribute. iain? >> dave, thanks. we bush them all the best. scott williams tracking the start of your weekend. scott. >> it's going to be beautifully start. fall like feel, iain. temperatures right now in the low 70s. humidity pretty comfortable at 53%. it's still dry. it feels more like a fall air mass moving in. so no concern right now with showers in the forecast. temperatures already in the low 50s for the pocono mountains. we're looking at low 60s in pottstown. 60 degrees right now in millville. mid 60s in atlantic city. that wake up weather by 6am on
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your saturday morning, temperatures in the bushes will be in the 50s. right around 60 degrees in the city. so a cool and comfortable start get outdoors for that early morning jog. great weather tomorrow morning for yard sale as well. and what about williamsport weather for the up coming weekend for the little league world series? saturday high temperatures in the upper 70s. it will be dry. then as we move into sunday, a few more clouds with the threat for a few scattered shower. we'll have much more on that sleet weekend forecast down the shore and for the pocono mountains coming up. iain and lucy. >> scott, thank you. a frantic call to 911 by a mother trapped with her daughter in their own home. >> you heard right. a cat. what set the an grow feline into a ball of fury. >> ball of furry. that's good. one woman learns the hard way to watch what you say. the curse words she yelled at her husband in the grocery store
10:21 pm
that landed her in handcuffs. >> and traveling to one of the most dangerous cities in mexico where some american companies have set up shop. coming up a close look at why they're doing business in a town run by illegal drug cartels how it could be impacting your life. ♪
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>> a fiery tanker crash and explosion has killed one person. it happened early this morning along i65 in franklin, tenness tennessee. witnesses say a huge fire ball erupted right after the crash. police say two southbound bridges over the highway are so badly damaged they both have to come down completely. the driver of that tanker truck died. it is still not clear what happened in the first place. thousands of south korea ran protesters march through the center of soul today. they are demand agnew panel of investigators in that ferry singing last april that killed more than 200 teenagers and they want punishment for everyone responsible. they blame lacked government regulations. they same officials bundled the -- >> in calf confidential police near san diego race to the scene of a hostage situation. but it's not what you would expect. at all. >> no. it's not. the police were more a
10:25 pm
surprised to find a woman and her daughter barricaded and side a room. the supposed hostage taker their cat. the mom and daughter said the kitty wouldn't let them out and that's when they tried to leave the room that the cat just became so furious there's the ferocious beast right there. so they -- >> got yellow eyes. they stayed put and dialed 911. >> you guys never know what kind of call you're going to get, do you. >> i've been with something like this before, though. >> that's what is amazing to me this happens so often. the officers strategy because they had been through this before was to calmly coax the cat out of the home with broom. the family says they've had the cat for 14 years and he's always been unpredictable. is it just me or -- i just fine this so hard to believe. >> i fine it he can treatmently hard to believe. >> i have kitties. >> yeah. >> i wouldn't be calling 911 if that happened to me. >> well, no. you wouldn't you will not live it down with all your guy friends. exactly. it's like those people who
10:26 pm
called 911 for facebook being down or the cable is out. >> we reported on this numerous times. exactly. the other time the cat was big. we all know how hard it is to keep your cell phone charged. coming up how a simple scream could soon give new life to your batterie. >> it's considered one of the most dangerous cities in mexico. so why do so many american companies do business there. how it's impacting your life next. >> plus your smart phone could be behind that pain in your neck. ahead how to avoid text neck without having to lose your phone.
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♪ >> it is one of most dangerous cities you'll ever find. in mexico drug cartels and low wages are a way of life and it's where many u.s. plants moved for cheap labor after the north american free trade agreement opens the borders 20 years ago. as fox' charlie leduff shows us some believe nafta is not
10:30 pm
living up to its promises. ♪ >> reporter: just above the banks of the row rio grand where thousands of women and children are flooding into the united states, you can see the glimmer rooftops of factories cranking out product that used to be made by americans. >> the gains from this agreement will be your gains, too. >> reporter: the north american free trade agreement or nafta is now 20 years old. back then, they promised us it were create jobs for all of us and stop the wave of illegal immigration from mexico. whatever happened to those jobs and why are the immigrants still coming? in mexico there are dozens of new factories built by
10:31 pm
american companies, caterpillar from illinois is here, kohler from wisconsin, corning from new york, textiles from the south and delphi the auto parts maker from michigan. here's what's left the area around the once sprawling delphi facility in flint, michigan, the birthplace of general motors. delphi's one time parent company. it's not just flint. recent study estimates that the total number of american jobs lost due to nafta is about 1 million. delphi is one of mexico's largest employers with about 50 factories south of the border. >> they shut right down and tore the down and took our jobs and put them over in mexico and paid
10:32 pm
them people peanuts. flint used to be motor city. it's no longer motor city. where is all motor? what about the kids here that are going hun grow? they're not worried about those kids obviously and that's the kids they should be worried about. they shouldn't be worried about what's happening in some other country. >> reporter: flint is now the murder capital of america. re inform os is work thanks to the drug and smuggling words there. a former reporter and city official here add advised us not to get out of the van through the windshield he shows us the mexican workers ghetto. saying life here is little better for a had you man than for an animal. >> people are animals, donkey. bureau, donkey.
10:33 pm
>> reporter:. >> no running water, no power animals working sanitation wor works. >> no function. >> this woman shows us her pay stub from an american factory. she earns about $1.15 an hour. >> alternators. >> no. >> air-condition. >> she can't afford the air-conditioner she makes and maybe that's one reason the number of illegal immigrants living in the united states has more than doubled sin the implementation of nafta20 years ago and kafta the central american free trade agreement nearly 10 years ago. >> it's less likely someone looking for job will try to come to this country illegally.
10:34 pm
>> there's two right here. >> reporter: two mexican men we found hiding on the river back in texas said they tried swimming to america because the mexican factories don't pay. they'll be deported but this man promises he'll keep trying. he's got six kids and no job after all. congresswoman candace miller calling for suspension of the trade agreement to motivate the mexican government to do something about its border. >> i'm calling on the president to reopen naft at the north american free trade agreement and cafata the central american free trade agreement as well as stopping all the foreign aid we are zenning to these countries that are shipping their children up here illegally and to mexico. >> temporary suspension of trade would require the cooperation of american companies that are making big profits under the
10:35 pm
trade arrangements. 2005 when delphi declared bankruptcy there were 50 thus san american workers. now, there's 50,000 mexican workers and the jobs aren't good enough to keep anybody here. ♪ >> reporter: delphi now employs about 5,000 people in the united states. and after it declared bankrupt so in 2005, it dumped its pension obligations on to the american taxpayer. it also received billions in bail out dollars through general motors and then according to the irs delphi created attacks shelter in england to avoid paying its fair share of american taxes. delphi is appealing theism rs's findings and in the meantime, delphi recently reported record profits. we called delphi for annd view. we e-mailed them. we even dialed into their quarterly earnings conference call. they'd only take questions from wall street. we went to delphi' operational headquarters in troy, michigan
10:36 pm
to ask ceo rodney o'neal if he considers delphi to be an american company any more. noway neal wasn't there. so we got to talk to this lady. >> we're not going to do an interview. there's way to do this and if you have specific questions we can answer that many but we're not agreeing to do an interview. >> i'm here. would somebody like to say on camera we don't want to talk, fair enough. >> that's why we're here. >> wee going to ask you to leave now. >> okay. >> okay? >> i wanted that congratulate him on the profit. >> thank you. ♪ >> next that pain in your neck could be from your smart phone and it even has a name this of a flick. it's something called text neck. you might be able to not have this. good. >> we'll tell was to do. whatnot to do. all right. a frustrated mom lashes out in
10:37 pm
the grocery store causing quite a scene. >> i said no, my husband was smashing the bread by throwing the frozen pieces on top it. >> the curse word that shocked
10:38 pm
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10:40 pm
>> you soon may be able to charge your cell and if by shouting at it. >> researchers in london have come up with the new technology that uses sound to charge mobile phones. they've create add devise that converts vibrations caused by sound into electricity. there's still more work to be done but the researchers say say the technology is getting closer to viability although i don't know if you want to do it or n not. >> did you have to look done at your mobile phone while you're shouting at it. this still needs to be worked out. >> looking down at the mobile phone to text or shout at it may be very bad for your health and for this reason right here, your neck. it created text neck. it's an unhealthy curvature in the spine and it happens when you lean over your devices for long periods of time. most common not surprisingly in children and young adults. doctors say to prevent text neck you and your children should sit straight and hold your phone at
10:41 pm
eye level. actually you know what, it could be almost be like a by september exercise if you do this enough times. >> cursing is obviously not a good thing. but can it get you in trouble with the law? >> you may may not think so but did it for one south carolina mom. danielle wolf was shopping with her family she noticed another customer following her. that customer a woman then confronted her. accusing her of using the f word around her kids. well wolf says she didn't occurs at the kids but at her husband. because he was smashing bread with a frozen pizza. wolf is facing diss orally conduct charges. she says the woman who originally complained about the foul language apologized to her. >> a child trying to out swim a massive crocodile. what one witness did to buy him the time he needed to get away. and a single mom left in the lurch when a crook steals her mini van. she remembered cell phone was still and side so she sent a desperate text. the thief's response that left her shocked. >> scott? >> iain, temperatures already
10:42 pm
dropping across the area. it's going to be another fall like night. what to expect for the weekend and when we might see
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spokesperson: get a $1,000 turbocharged reward card with a new volkswagen turbo. why are we so obsessed with turbo? because we like giving you power, but we also like giving you fuel efficiency. like the sporty jetta. and the turbocharged passat tdi® clean diesel. okay.. and the iconic beetle... and the powerful tiguan... okay you can't forget the cc... guys, this is going to take a while. avo: hurry in and you can get a $1,000 turbocharged reward card when you purchase or lease a new 2014 turbo model. ♪ >> such a scary scene in mexico.
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crocodile hot on the trail of a boy all caught on camera. look how close he is. youtube video shows the boy frantically swimming trying to reach the shore as that crock gets closer and closer. people on nearby bridge they don't know what to do. suddenly one of them decides distract him. they did that. they through something at the crock went for it gave the boy time to make it to shore. so a guy steals a mom's minnow van while she's shopping at a missouri k mart but that mom had a plan to get her one and only ride back. she did it by grabbing a mobile phone and she started teching the crook begging for that van back and what happened next is pretty fantastic. fox's robert townsend has rest of the story. >> reporter: on tuesday evening meghan, dashed into this independent k mart for last minute school clothes for one of her kids. >> it was like 6:30 and i was in the store for like 15 minutes. >> reporter: only to step outside minutes later to see someone stole her van. >> i came out and i'm looking and i'm lookly yeah, yeah, yeah,
10:46 pm
i was flipping out. >> reporter: angry mom remembered her estranged husband cell phone was still and side the missing van. meghan decided to send a text message to the crook had took off in her vehicle. >> roughly i said, hey, you just, you know, stole a single mother of five's only vehicle to work, you're ruining my life here. >> reporter: six hours later, still no sign of the van. the 30 year old zen gel mom depends on to get her five children around and she uses for inflatable party rental busine business. the mad mom finally pleaded to the perpetrator. >> can you just drop it at quick trip. when i'm at home i'm crying there's no hope and i've given up. >> reporter: much to her surprise the thief texted her back and told her she could find her stolen van about a mile from the k mart. >> the text he said, it's in a driveway at a house for sale. >> she was kind of rude with h him. telling him karma will get you one day. >> reporter: whether it was fear, guilt or a touching change of heart meghan says the van
10:47 pm
snatcher returned her old fluid leaking ford windstar. >> he had a change of heart and he did the right thing and i'm just glad to have it back. i wouldn't even press charges right now if they caught him. >> the thief actually texted the mom saying he felt bad for taking the van but he said he had recently lost his job and was trying to feed his own children. we all know it's very hard to feed your kids when you're in prison. pretty much impossible. >> all right. kennett square artist giving us a sneak peek at work that he's creating for the upcoming world meeting of families in philadelphia. this is neilson carlin at his studio showing exception of an image for the archdiocese. it's the holy family. >> it was very important to me to make sure that when someone sees this eventua eventually thn association with philadelphia. so not only did the and conclusion of the code of arms of the arch dye says in here but when you walk in the cathedral and you see the what's called the bow to -- it look like a hup pa over the altar the four
10:48 pm
columns with the arch, the color pattern and the design for the -- the architecture here matches what's over the altar. so when someone sees this in the cathedral, they understand that this was made for this space. >> thousands will see the painting when it's done. pope francis expected to attend although we are still waiting for the vatican to confirm that. >> beautiful art. just like a beautiful day today. scott williams. >> you know it really doesn't feel like the middle of august, lucy. it feels more like fall. we're looking at temperatures tonight again dipping into the 50s. some locations could end up in the upper 40s by saturday morning. but your saturday it's going to be beautiful. a lot of sunshine. the humidity is going to stay low for saturday. a little more humidity as we move no your sunday as well as the threat for a few showers but i don't think it's going to be lot of heavy rainfall for the second half of your weekend. temperatures right now in the low 70s. humidity in the low 50s. winds right now out of the south southwest at about 5 miles per
10:49 pm
hour. what about this weekend? all eyes in williamsport for little league world series. saturday upper 70s. upper 70s on sunday and once again there could be an early passing shower. down the shore, weekend get away 76 degrees. we're looking at sunday a few more clouds with that shower chance. but look at the water temperatures climbing into the low and mid 70s. so pretty good down the shore. ly, the pocono mountains the looks good. 74 degrees. dry on saturday. sunday a few more clouds and also that threat for some showers temperatures in the upper 70s. our air mass is being dominated by high pressure. so that continues to draw in the dry conditions and we're not looking at any concern for showers until we watch this front. right now across sections of st. louis, clouds thicker showers and also the threat for some storms. so we'll watch that and time it out for you. saturday morning, looking good for outdoor events. festivals maybe walk with the dog and also yard sales, wash the car looks pretty good.
10:50 pm
sunshine to start. a few passing clouds but we'll stay dry and then as we move into your sunday, we'll watch that disturbance come through. not a whole lot of moisture right now with it. you can see a couple of scattered showers across the area. so once again i don't anticipate a lot of heavy rainfall out of the rainfall chances as we move into your sunday. so the bottom line it's going to be comfortable. those temperatures drop again into the overnight time frame. not quiet as chilly as it was this morning area wide across the area. many locations were in the 50s. but 77 degrees. that was it for the high. we should top out round 86 degrees for this time of year and as we look at those temperatures, in the 50s for the poconos right now. 60 in millville as well as wrightstown. the dew points were talk bathes all the time below 60 it's going to feel comfortable when you step outdoors and that is exactly what we will get. that weather authority seven day forecast showing you tomorrow it's a 10. 83 for the high temperature. 86 on sunday. a few more clouds and that
10:51 pm
threat for showers. the humidity increases a bit as well and as we move nearly next week temperatures will be in the low 80s. that's a few degrees below average but better chances tuesday and wednesday for scattered showers and storms. so get outdoors enjoy. >> thank you scott. >> sounds good. >> shredder. >> trouble ahead tonight for notre dame football. when we come back we'll tell you what keep four irish players off the field this fall and the president's race in washington gets an unexpected twist tonig tonight. what happened when pierogies met presidents. that's coming up next in sports.
10:52 pm
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10:54 pm
♪ >> preseason game number two for the eagles tonight taking on the patriots up in new england. tom brady playing for the patriots after sitting out new england's opener a week ago. for the eagles once again thin wide receiving core no jeremy maclin and no riley cooper. defense a rumor more in new england tonight. 850 yards of offense it has gone final. patriots within 42-35.
10:55 pm
big story for the eagles, four turnovers. two interceptions two lost fumbles. only patriots turn over was tom brady pass that was intercepted. returned 77 yards for touchdown by cary william. you think he enjoyed after calling that patriots cheaters many nick foles eight of 10 with a touchdown. eagles zero-two. they lose it 42-35. once every five games there is hope. it's when cole hamels is on the mound for the phillies. gets the start tonight. how good has cole hamels been? how about sorry row .73 era in his last five starts. guys, it's going down. first inning after a lead off single. this is former phillie hunter pens blown away with the high fast ball. following that former mvp buster posie the ground ball. the double play ball. two scoreless innings more for cole hamels. we're in the third. phillies and giants are scoreless. >> more and more like the nationals are the team to beat in the national league east. first inning to night against
10:56 pm
pittsburgh bryce harper they almost zen the guy down a week ago it was strugglely so mightily. he's red hot. three in the first, they hang on to win tonight over pittsburgh final five-four. >> how about notre dame suspending four football players while the university conducts an internal investigation into academic misconduct. ouch! netter dame sent said in statement there is evidence that papers and homework had been written for the players by oth others. friday night going back to washington. it's the annual president's race but this time they're joined by the perot geese in pittsburgh. italian pierogie is going to win. watch what happens as he nears the finish line. teddy comes up -- oh, with the hand maker off the -- look aga again. a clothes line by teddy. very unpresidential. very unpittsburgh like. what does he do after he knocks them down. comes off the top. he wins the president's race. who says there's love and fair politics in d.c. if teddy is there and there's a
10:57 pm
per rogue go about to win this thing. >> he take him out. >> he gets the clothes line and takes hem out. >> i love it. wwe for you there. >> come on. >> good way to go into the weekend. >> have a great week and as a matter of fact. >> tmz is next by the way. matter of fact. >> tmz is next by the way. ♪ the wonder of summer is that i never know what kind of adventure awaits. the days are longer, and the breeze feels a little sweeter. and, thanks to volvo, i'll pay nothing for repairs or maintenance for 5 years, nothing. they even cover my first month's payment. so, i'll be happy wherever the summer takes me. the wonder of summer event. the 2015 volvo s60 sedan with complimentary first month's payment. starting at $319 a month.
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>> today on "tmz" -- >> poor michael strahan got blindsided at lunch with nicole murphy -- >> is there any chance of you guys getting back together? >> you know what that means, he was apologizing. you know what that means? he wanted to hit it one more time. >> and there's another way it look at this. nicole murphy had a week or two to see what it's like without michael strahan. she's like it's cold out there! [laughter] >> i have jessica alba. >> i'm casting for a student film. looking for an actress to ignore me. >> she was so devoted to the part, she ignored me completely. [laughter] >> oprah and gayle on vacation. they're over in ibiza. >> why wouldn't stedman get to go? >> i'm sure they bond together