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tv   Fox 29 News at 6PM  FOX  August 16, 2014 6:00pm-7:01pm EDT

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fox 29 news in hd brought to you by xfinity the future of aweso awesome. ♪ >> live from center city in philadelphia this is fox 29 news at 6:00. >> breaking news tonight as chaos continues in ferguson, missouri. the governor there just declared a state of emergency and imposed curfew in the st. louis suburbs where a black teenager was shot and killed by a white police officer one week ago. governor jay nixon says he wants to protect the community from looters. the curfew runs from midnight to 5:00 a.m. good evening everybody. i'm joyce evans. there has been new violence in ferguson. police clashing with hundreds of protesters last night. fox's mike tobin was there. >> reporter: what you see here is a change in police tactics in the days leading up to this the
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police backed off made sure their presence wasn't seen so there would be no friction with the demonstrators. now, we have one of these adhoc demonstration that is just popped up. people started marching in the streets and you can see the yellow vests are people working with the police department securing the root making sure there isn't any traffic problem with the demonstrators. cars that you just saw behind me those are officers protecting back end of the demonstration. up in the front end of the demonstration you have more police vehicles protecting the demonstrators from traffic. the technique of backing off and not making the police presence known still produced the scenes ferguson was trying so hard to avoid last night. you ended up with the officers in tactical gear in a line on the road. the demonstrators forming lines squaring off. ultimately the pepper spray came out, the smoke grenades, the flash banks came out and that was followed by the looting. sam's meat mark is one of the places hit. it's been hit twice now. the owner of the market says that he called police, got no
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response only protected what remained of his star when he and some friends showed up with their guns and staked their claim. >> seemed like -- that's not her problem. she come in here all the time. she my customer. she come in here to grab herself she pay for it and -- i have to give her the money back. >> what does any of this have to do with the death of mike brown. nothing. >> reporter: the family of mike brown showed up in his store to help him clean up. what we've seen here, are people saying the antagonizing doing the looting mostly are outsiders who have arrived on the scene trying to take advantage of mob mentality. that's the scene look to go another tense night here in ferguson. mike tobin, fox news. >> and we will continue to follow the very latest developments in this breaking story all night long. stay up to date by checking we'll post any updates right
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there on the home page. meanwhile, it was a painful day for relatives and friends as four children killed in that fire in southwest philadelphia young victims were laid to rest today. more than a month after the tragedy. fox 29's sabina kuriakose is live in southwest philadelphia tonight. sabina, is a a* sad day. >> reporter: joyce, a very emotional day. also a very united day as these families buried their four children. even as they said their final goodbyes some family members say they still have questions after officials released the cause of the fire as undetermined just yesterday. distraught mother of four year old twins cried out for her girls. killed in last month's gesner street fire along four year old patrick and seven week old taj. as the tiny coffins are carried out following a joint funeral. >> the boy's uncle says his nephews were bright and very very loved.
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he carried baby taj's tiny casket so he could hold his nephew one more time. >> i held him when i taking him out of the house when i was putting him in the car. i just wanted this is my baby. ♪ >> reporter: children were killed in a massive fire that engulfed nearly a dozen homes on gesner street in southwest philly july 5th. aftermath street protests by members of the liberian community sparked by rumors of a delayed response by firefighte firefighters. claims disputed by city officials. friday investigators announcing the cause of the fire as undetermined. the twins father says he still has questions. >> i want for the government to investigate what happened. how it happened. so i know how it happened. >> reporter: commissioners attending to show support for the family. >> we just wanted to make sure that the family knew that we were here and that we were committed to helping them in any way that we can. >> reporter: the boys uncle thanking the public for helping his family cope.
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>> the city, the community, the kids out here, young folks coming out to support our family we appreciate everything they have done. >> reporter: city council's task force on the gesner street fire will meet next week to review the investigators report before releasing one of its own family members hopes to get more answers from that review. joyce? >> thank sabina. philadelphia detectives are investigate a deadly shooting. it happened in the overbrook section of west philadelphia. 27 year old man was shot in the throat at 55th street and lansdowne avenue. so far no arrests have been made and police have not released anything about a possible moti motive. philadelphia police are also investigating a case of human remains found in the delaware river. right off fort mifflin road. marine unit locate wad appears to be a partially decomposed skeleton. police haven't released any more details than that. >> a mysterious update to an already bizarre story off the
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coast of delaware. the u.s. coast guard has recovered the body of a person they believe jumped off a ship about 20 miles off bethany beach thursday night. now, on board that same ship on thursday officials found two men who had been stabbed. one of them has died. the other is in the hospital in stable condition. investigators do not know if the person they found died in the water or dead in the water had anything to do with those stabbings. traffic trouble this morning in old city. it happened at fifth and market streets right near the liberty bell. a septa police vehicle and a white suv collided. a septa officer was taken to the hospital with an injury to his leg. no word yet on what led to that accident. >> and to your fox 29 weather authority. looking live at market street. this is in old city, of course, right outside our studios. another beautiful day in old city. and at the shore, well, let's head on over to meteorologist caitlin roth to see if she can find any trouble out l.
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no troubles. almost getting boring, joyce. almost. the great weather continues through another weekend and another week really. comfortable and with plenty of sunshine. taking look at ultimate doppler right now afternoon clouds passed by out ahead of a cold front far back towards our north and west. you can see it traversing the great lakes upstate new york bringing a cloudy cool and very showery day to places like burlington vermont central new york back through buffalo, erie pa you guys aren't too warm there but with the benefit of sunshine it's at least been a nice warm summer afternoon here. right now in center city 80 degrees outside. winds out of the west southwest at 14 miles an hour. so there's that nice little breeze kicking in, too. and temperatures have been fairly cool the further north and west you go. only in the 70s and 60s. just can't believe we keep saying this. day after day here in august. we've yet to hit 90 degrees. 68 in mount pocono. 76 in allentown. 79 in millville. 76 in dover and 79 in wildwood, new jersey. almost jacket weather once the sun sets. that's what we'll see again tonight. 64 the overnight low in the
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city. 55 in the suburbs. partly cloudy skies. and still very cool. looks like another nice day on sunday the only small caveat there's a slight chance of a thunderstorm otherwise sun and clouds, 85 degrees. we'll have the latest on the week ahead and details on that thunderstorm chance for the rest of the weekend still coming up. joyce. >> thank you caitlin. it's an off day for the taney dragons. their next game in the little league world series is tomorrow. but there's been a lot of action in addition to the practice and preparations. fox 29's chris o'connell live in williamsport right now. chris, the dragons just came up against a surprise challenge. nothing on the roster? >> reporter: first of all, team taney had the p day off today. well deserved. but it wasn't all fun and games for this team. after historic win last night, the team was thrown a little curve ball themselves. you see, their team and 15 others were evacuated from their dormatories here at the little league world series because of a water main break.
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well, they had to spend the rest of the night bunking with mom and dad. after their first round win the taney dragons only had a few minutes to celebrate before they had to evacuate. >> water main break in the player's dorms forced all 16 little league teams to find other accommodations for the night. a logistical nightmare for little league baseball on its biggest week of the year. >> little league was great. the water main break, we didn't have -- did have water. they organized all the teams to go off campus. they gave us the option of the kids to stay with their parents which like most of them more than happy to do for a night. >> reporter: the taney team was bussed that a hotel where their parents are staying 25 minutes away. team got a chance to see their family they've been away from for the last two weeks. >> it was good actually because i haven't been able to spend time with my family for while. >> reporter: hotel happened to be where fox 29 is staying.
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we saw the team around the hotel hallways. celebrating their win with pizza delivery, arcade games and just being kids. >> played at the arcade. and, went to sleep. >> reporter: the di version was short lived. this afternoon it was back on the bus and back to the dorms for round of batting practice and a little rest. >> let them go to the games last night. kind of down time a little bit today. takintakeing it easy. depressing compressing a little bit and refocus for tomorrow. >> reporter: well, the water main break has since been repaired. the kids are allowed back into their rooms. they'll be spending their night back in their dorms. hey, we are not done here yet. we're bringing you back to williamsport and will introduce you to some of the siblings of the taney well much that's coming up in a few minutes. joyce. >> we can't wait. thanks, chris. the taney dragons fever continue on we posted an interview with the team's coach. just look for the link right
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there on the home page. >> well, quit trying to make a buck off the ebola crisis. that's the warning coming to some american companies from the u.s. government. next, how some are raising false hope to boost their profits. plus, texas governor rick perry comes out swinging this afternoon. he's calling the indictment against him an abuse of power. what the possible presidential hopeful plans to do next, and teenager who has local ties dies after a high school football practice. it is believed to be water intoxication. it had something to do with it. now what his relatives in south jersey are doing to keep other young athletes safe right now. colleen? >> eagles fresh off their loss to the patriots eagle i cornerbk >> eagles fresh off their loss to the patriots eagle i cornerbk quartwhat's with the suit?had
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>> happening now in burlington county new jersey a teenager dies after a high school football practice. doctors say it was the result of over hydration. tonight, his relatives in south jersey are remembering the young man and trying to keep other young athletes safe. fox 29's dave kinchen is live in florence. >> oliver grew up in burlington county and played football here before moving to georgia just a couple of years ago. his friends and family behind me they're raising money for a funeral to bring him back here and they also say they want
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greater supervision among young athletes as well. shooting hoops for young hometown athlete gone too soon. >> we all are family. um, the community lost one of their own. >> reporter: florence new jersey community organizing this fundraiser to support the parents of 17 year old sigh reece oliver. varsity if the ball star who collapsed following practice outside of atlanta last tuesday. >> this is where he was born, raised, started his football. he has a lot of friends, family, relatives, people that love him and want to show our support for the oliver family to bring him home. >> he's my little cousin. i loved him, and football is everything. >> reporter: they have a concession area, too, raising money for a funeral. family members say oliver died after drinking 2 gallons of water and another 2 gallons of gatorade following practice. the family tells fox atlanta oliver may have suffered brain swelling due to over hydration. but the exact cause of death is not known. >> it's just sad. it had to happen somebody so young that was doing so good and
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he moved to play football and this is what happened. >> reporter: it really is so tragic. the family members here say that school staffers need to keep a closer eye on young athletes and make sure that they're getting the rest they need especially after a long practice but again the exact cause of death is not yet known. according to atlanta area officials the family members here will be hosting another fundraiser at roebling elementary school. it will be a car wash tomorrow from noon until 4:00. joyce? >> thank you, dave. major developments today in the story we're following in texas. governor rick perry just spoke out publicly for the first time since he was indicted on two felony counts of abuse of power. the indictments are related to a veto threat the republican governor made good on last year. perry seed towed funding for a travis county unit that investigated public corruption after the democratic official who the office refused to resign
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over a drunk driving conviction. the republican calls friday's indictment and abuse of power and he says he will fight it. >> i whole heartedly and unequivocally stand behind my veto and i'll continue to defend this lawful action of my executive authority as governor. we don't settle political differences with indictments in this country. >> the investigative unit on the receiving end of the veto is based in austin which is heavily democratic. the rest of texas is heavily gop. perry is the first texas governor to be indicted in almost 100 years. well two more airlines announced their stop flights to liberia and sierra leone because of ebola crisis. kenya airways regional care and a regional carrier gambi ya bird are joining a number of other airlines that are temporarily
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cancelling flights to the affected areas. health experts are warning the ebola outbreak in west africa may last another six months. more than 1100 people have died across countries like liberia, sierra leon and nigeria. american companies are being warned about offering false ebola cures. the makers of some dietary supplements are aggressively targeting africans claiming to of a cure for the lethal virus. the world health organization and the united states food and drug administration are threat threatening to penalize these companies if they don't stop it now. >> middle east peace talks continue in cairo, but hamas and islam tick jihad say that the proposals that palestinians are getting do not meet their demands. fox's john huddy has more on that. >> reporter: the food markets in gaza were busy this afterno afternoon. though the calm remains uneasy. this man says, the situation is better during the cease fire
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because quote we can go anywhe anywhere. more than 262,000 palestinians remain in un shelters after seeking refuge from the fighti fighting. truce talks are scheduled to resume sunday. there are reports egyptian mediators have drafted an 11-point cease fire agreement that includes lifting some of the gaza blockade restrictions. it's unclear whether israeli officials will agree to it but today hamas spokesman reportedly said the terms are unacceptable. while another hamas leader said, either israel accepts hamas' demands or face a war of attrition. it's day three of the 5-day cease fire and while it continues to hold, israeli forces remain posted along the gaza border ready to fight if attacked. israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahou said israel will strike back if there's even a drizzle of rocket or mortar attacks. meanwhile, a pro piece demonstration is scheduled tonight in tel-aviv.
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in jerusalem, john huddy, fox news. >> now to the latest on another trouble spot in the world its the crisis in iraq. pope francis has sent envoy to visit displaced christians in iraq. cardinal fernando, toured the curdish area of the northern iraq area there today. the pope has condemned religious persecution by the islamic sta state. witnesses say stream mists, queued 10 or i should say 80 men in one northern iraq village today and took their wives and children. >> a russian envoy or russian aid envoy are -- convoy i should say is still being held at the ukrainian border tonight. russia says the trucks are filled with food and water for people in the area controlled by russian separatists. but ukraine is worried they're also carrying weapons for those separatists. moscow says if the ukrainians let the trucks in, the militants will let the red cross pass out
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all of the supplies. and still ahead on fox 29 news at six could tonight, a police officer accidentally shoo shoots teenaged daughter and then he runs into even more trouble trying to get her to the hospital. plus, a man and woman are arrested accused of kidnapping two amish girls. investigators say that they were prowling for easy targets. coming up the sinister plan investigators say the couple had in mind. and the they can knock person or down for a day or longer. we're talking about migraines. how a local hospital is leading a way to not only treat the problem but do more for those
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♪ >> welcome back. a tragic story out of virginia where police sergeant shoots his own daughter after mistaking her for an intruder. police say the man shot his 16 year old daughter early tuesday morning after she snuck out of the house and then crept back into the family's garage. the father says he saw a dark shape and just started shooting. now get this. he tried to drive the girl to the hospital only to crash his car into a brick barricade along the way. neighbors are trying to be sympathetic. >> if i thought an intruder was coming you kind of do whatever you think the protocol is, but unfortunately it wasn't an
6:25 pm
intruder. >> you just can't even imagine doing that. like, to your own child and i can't imagine what they're going through. >> the teenager is in stable condition tonight. her father was not hurt in the crash. he has been placed on administrative leave from his police department. a couple has been arrested in the kidnapping of two young amish sisters in new york state. now the police say that they also may have been planning to abduct other children. fox's brian llenas reports. >> reporter: 39 year old steven how well the second and 25 year old nicole vase see are behind bars charged with the kidnapping of two amish girls. investigators say the young girls helped them track the couple down. the girls were strong. they were able to verbalize to the investigators some different facts about their time in captivity. >> reporter: 12 year old fanny and six year old did he lila miller disappeared after a car pulled up to their family's roadside stand in new york
6:26 pm
wednesday. police issued an amber alert and launched a massive search effort. the next day, police say the couple dropped the girls off and told them to stay put. instead they ran to nearby house where a neighbor jeff stinson recognized the girl, fed them and drove them home. actions that are no surprise to the people who know him. >> i would say very family oriented. very caring. >> police say it appears the suspects intended to harm the two young girls. but now thanks to community wide effort a potentially tragic story has a happy ending. >> the law enforcement agencies, they worked tirelessly. they all worked -- so well together. so many firemen from across the county. we should be proud. >> reporter: the couple are being held without bail until a preliminary hearing and additional charges could be possible. in the meantime, police say the girls family has an order of protection against the suspects. in new york, brian llenas, fox
6:27 pm
news. >> still ahead on fox 29 news at 6:00 they impact millions of people and could be so severe you're bedridden for week. now a local hospital is looking to do more than just treat migraines. the fight they're taking all the way to the nation's capital. >> caitlin. >> another beautiful afternoon and hard to believe here we are in the middle of august and temperatures today again below normal. 80 was the high temperature in philadelphia. 86 is where we should be for august 16th. no 90's in sight.
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have you seen tom corbett's ads attacking me... get real. it's tom corbett who's been sticking it to the middle class on taxes. corbett cut a billion dollars from education...
6:30 pm almost 80% of school districts plan to raise property taxes. meanwhile, we're the only state that doesn't charge oil and gas companies an extraction tax. but corbett raised your gas taxes through the roof. i'm tom wolf, i'll be a governor who stands up for the middle class for a change. ♪ >> welcome back everybody. the taney dragons taking the day to get ready to take to the field again tomorrow in the little league world series. but they're not the only ones feeling the pressure in williamsport this weekend. let's head back out to fox 29's chris o'connell. he's live out there tonight. chris, you're spending some time with the families, too, right? >> reporter: yeah, much like the little league world series, team taney all about family. you see all these people in the stands behind me? many of them
6:31 pm
family members coming in from all around the world to see these young players live out their baseball dreams. in fact, many of these players say they wouldn't be here without their families. call it sibling pride or sibling rivalry, imagine watching your brother hit three run homer to help his team win in the little league world series. sadie lot did. >> they handle it so well. they definitely stayed humbl they make sure in every interview or conversation they have with somebody they include their team. >> reporter: liam, tie's brig brother he couldn't be more proud of him getting to play on national television in front of thousands of fans. but he's got to admit he's a bit envious. >> it's exciting. yeah, i'm a little jealous of my brother. because i didn't get all of this because i'm proud of him, 'cause he's here. he's playing. i'm just watching. >> for some the little league world series isn't just about baseball. it's about family and just having fun. just ask the daughter of taney's
6:32 pm
manager five year old penn lop pee. >> who's your favor witness baseball team and why. taney. >> reporter: why? >> because they're the champio champions. >> reporter: parents and siblings it's also a sacrifice for them to be here. thousands of dollars in costs endless hours away from home and other activities canceled just to be here. >> go mo. >> go mo. south philly. >> reporter: from mo'ne davis' godfather a chance of a lifetime for his now famous niece. >> she's 13. so i can only imagine what she's dealing with, you know, psychologically, you know, this is got to be an overwhelming experience. >> reporter: and you can bet many of those family members will be in the stands here historic stadium tomorrow night when team taney takes the field 7:00 o'clock against texas. joyce, of course its of course are, we're going to be here. >> yes, we we will. go, dragons. thank you chris. >> weather could not have been
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better today for the nation's oldest and largest rogue competition for athletes with physical dissables. rowers took to the schuylkill river this morning for the 33rd annual bay yadda regatta. special equipment allowing athletes to take part regardless of their disability. it's called adaptive rogue. a sport now featured in the para olympic. today's event was sponsored by bay yadda home health care. to your health tonight. the easing of pain for millions of americans. 28 million americans suffer from migraines and we're not talking about just the occasional headache. we're talking about migraines that can be debilitating, forcing people to miss work and time with their friends and family to night, we definitely into the fight for relief and for disability benefits for chronic migraine sufferers. the lights are low, voices and machine levels kept quiet. at jefferson's inpatient
6:34 pm
headache unit at methodist hospital. at least half of the beds here full constantly. >> yesterday i was at an eight. >> reporter: a real head banger of a migraine on a a scale of one to 10. >> because i can't see. i feel nauseous. it's just miserable. it's a good word for it. imagine that for years and a half straight non-stop. >> just continuous throbbing pressure. sometimes to the point where i just don't know what i can do. angela presley's doctor in cookville, tennessee sent the 33 year old mom to philadelphia for detoxing and infusion treatmen treatments. >> there's nothing on cat scan or mri that's broken, but it's like the software is being reprogrammed. neurologist dr. william young put angela on a three medication intravenous drip for four days. a nausea reliever like com pa scene, migraine med called dhe
6:35 pm
and the painkiller lidocaine. >> we individual lies it for each person. so not everybody gets exactly the same thing. >> whatever it takes. do i want to be here, no. do i need to be here, yes. dr. young says two out of three patients leave here headache free but typically the migraine will come back just not as intense or as frequent. >> this is a hard problem. a hard medical problem. but we could be doing much better for more people. if experts had the money he says to develop more treatments. >> it's vastly, vastly under funded. and stigmatized he says to the point that the federal government refuses to officially designate migraines as a disabling disease to be covered under social security and other benefits. >> which is crazy. migraine is the most disabling neurologic disease. more people lose hours and days of their lives from migraines
6:36 pm
and than for stroke, than for alzheimer's and for multiple cirrhosis or parkinson' disease. there's even more that gets his blood boiling how people view migraine sufferers. weak, fragile, overly dramatic because it's just a headache. >> unless they've actually had a headache like this, they don't know what it's like. what it's like to deal with it. >> people with migraines have figured out, you know, not to talk about it torque hide it. >> to lie about it to get treatment and benefits. >> but you have to pretend it's another disease. that's -- that's how stigmatized it is. even more demoralizing women migraine patients overwhelmingly out number men. >> we hypothesize that is one of the reasons that it is so stigmatized. dr. young is president of a new international group petitioning for change. he and other advocates are promising thousands of patients like angela that they won't stop
6:37 pm
fighting for relief. >> no. you just have a bad disease and we just need to put it out there and deal with it. >> i would like to be headache free. i would like to be able to go back and living the life that i was. >> angela went back to tennessee headache free but her migraine returned. not as bad but did it come back. she'll be back in dr. young's headache clinic soon. and there's now word that social security and disability officials in washington are taking another look at the doctors petition to make chronic migraine an official disabling condition. we'll keep you posted on that. >> still ahead on the fox 29 news at 6:00, a selfie with the pope. the picture going viral as we speak much that's coming up ne next. and trouble for the fighting irish. four football players are barred from games at notre dame. coming up why the football powerhouse may have to give up some wins.
6:38 pm
>> and the polish artist in hot water in mexico. the underwater damage causing some uproar.
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♪ >> welcome back. pope francis poses for a selfie. checkout out in south korea. the pontiff got cheers from thousands of kids on his first papal visit to asia. the supporters gathered there to celebrate asian youth day. the pope was greeting young people on stage when one of the fans just simply walked up and asked to take a picture with the pontiff. his holiness happily obliged. this is the first papal visit to that country since 1989. the university of notre dame is conducting an internal investigation for economic -- academic fraud for four players. they have been dismissed from the team. the players are barred from games and practice until the investigation is completed. the situation reportedly involves honor code violations. so far nobody has been charged and there have been no sanctio sanctions. >> we notified the ncaa that we
6:42 pm
were undertaking an up term investigation of discovered suspected academic dishonesty on the part of several students including four members of our football team. >> notre dame says if it is determined that the players were ineligible for past games any victories will be vacated. still ahead on the fox 29 news at 6:00 the 2014 national veterans wheelchair games happening right here in philadelphia. powerful words from some special athletes. that's next. >> caitlin. >> and joyce, generally this month has been 90s task. no 90s in the seven day foreca forecast. i'll will have you asking is this really august
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6:45 pm
♪ >> an artist in hot water in mexico over underwater damage. it happened at the underwater museum of art in cancun. the artist covered up two sculptures to draw attention to mexico's shrinking shark population. but the artist is being sued now. museum officials say the sculptures are located in protective waters and that the artist did not have permission to cover them.
6:46 pm
hundreds of america's best wheelchair athletes are competing right here in philadelphia. fox 29's photojournalist george roach takes look at the games. >> neck. you don't stop just because you got injured. you know what i'm saying. you can still, you know, do things. >> adapt that you did before. do you it a little different n now. >> we're here today at the 34th annual national veterans wheelchair games. we have over 630 competitors which is the largest wheelchair games in the history of the games. >> this is a big time work out. big time shoulder work out. you get a lot of lung exercise, you know, you get out of breath and probably a lap would do a regular person in. >> it pushes you to a limit you didn't think you could go. you know what i'm saying? it pushes to you that limit you didn't think you had.
6:47 pm
>> these guys are out here competing so you got to bring it. you know, you can't be out here playing games. they going to wax you, man. so you got to bring your best. >> i mean a lot of veterans here start at different places. some will come and start immediately when they're in their rehab. they have a goal they want to walk again. they want to play sports. others find it later in life after they've been in keal chair for while. most people as soon as they realize i can do this, i can play basketball with my kids, i can take cycle out and ride, they realize this is totally doable. i can do it. i just have to make a few a tap days. >> and a beautiful job by our george roach. the games will continue through sunday at the pennsylvania convention center. and if you weren't at xfinity life you missed out on a big party there. this is the first ever phanatic fantasy fest. i can't believe i said that. there was food, live music and prize drawings and the best part
6:48 pm
it was all free. no charge. >> it is no charge on the beautiful weather we got here today. caitlin roth. we just keep bringing it every weekend one after another. what a but full day at xfinity skies. on our "good day philadelphia" show. so wherever you were -- i feel like i'm a broken record weekend after weekend. >> we like this broken record. exactly. i know. >> keep going. keep it going. let's recap our temperature trend to smart you off the past seven days. big store was nice weather has been the comfortable weather. it is hard to believe it's philadelphia in mid august because we have just been heat and humidity starved not that that's necessarily a bad thing. temperatures in the upper 80s last sunday but we've been below average the average is 86 since then. in fact couple of days high temperatures only peek in the upper 70's last tuesday when we had some rain and on friday a crisp 77 degrees was the high temperature. we hit 80 this afternoon. we felt some clouds earlier today as we take peek at ultimate doppler otherwise a lot
6:49 pm
of sunshine and that will segue into a very clear night tonight. we've got a cold front back towards our north and west you can see it's bringing clouds and showers along the lakes down across upstate new york and even into north central pa right there but generally far off towards our north very cloudy, cool and showery if you were in anywhere new england or upstate new york even up towards erie, pennsylvania. but here was the benefit of the sunshine it was just beautiful. but still a bit below normal. today's weather almanac shows a high of 80 below the normal of 86. the low 61 well below the normal of 68. our record high 98 set back in 1997. the sunset now before 8:00 p.m. so those days are condensing a bit. it's only 68 degrees as we take a look at our temperatures county by county. up in mount pock know 77 in lee height ton. 76 in allentown. it's 80 in philly as well bensalem. 76 in chester. a pair of sevens for doylestown and south jersey it's also a pair of sevens for atlantic city, ocean city and 79 in millville and 80 in bridgeton, new jersey. really can't beat that.
6:50 pm
fox future cast showing generally clear skies tonight that front will sing southward and start to spread clouds in. by day break tomorrow morning. there might be enough juice with this front to spark off shower mainly north that's where it's coming from. so the best chance is going up in the pocono lehigh valley for morning shower. otherwise, clouds may be pretty thick at times tomorrow. still a fairly decent day. sun and clouds then maybe as the front comes through a scattered thunderstorm the models are hinting at places towards our south. i think anyone has chance but it is very slight chance don't count on too much rain ruining the day. in the monday morning we turn nice as high pressure builds back in a lot of sunshine to start off the work week and i think the rain chances hold off until tuesday. for tonight, partly cloudy, still cool. 64 in the city. 55 in the suburbs. you amps need a sweater or jacket. hard to believe but night after night we're seeing these very cool temperatures. 85 degrees the high temperature for tomorrow. sun and clouds with again that slight chance of a thunderstorm. seven day forecast again showing no big warmup we'll keep this pattern as we head through the
6:51 pm
next seven days. 86 on monday and sunny beautiful day. tuesday we've got the showers the clouds and thunderstorm chances that will keep it a little cooler and we can't really totally shake the thunderstorm chance through the rest of the week. high temperatures in the low 80s. by next saturday, looks like we start to dry out but we stay cool next saturday's high temperature 78 degrees this is the second to last weekend of summer unofficiallofficially. but we could be closing out the month of august and the summer on cool note but i haven't heard too many complaints yet. >> no. 78 is great. >> no humidity. it's been great. >> let's head over to colleen. i didn't like those birds last night. >> you didn't? you know what, that's all right. the loss doesn't really count. we saw nick foles he's bouncing back after a clunker in chicago. that's good joyce. he does it without the help of his key receivers. and words were ex changed after the game between patriots head coach bill belicheck and eagles cornerback cary william. cary tells u
6:52 pm
6:53 pm
6:54 pm
♪ >> eagles lost at the patriots 42-35 last night but that matters little after a out in chicago nick foles needed to play better game and he did. the eagles quarterback completed eight of 10 for 81 yards an touchdown. and that's without two of his top receivers the second quarter is when he look the best. thanks in part to tight ends brett celek and zach ertz. >> i wanted to come in here. i just wanted to play you know a clean game and just be efficient, um, just go through my reads. we had great week of preparati preparation. and really just focused on, you know, seeing the defense and just knowing, hey, just go through it. stay in rhythm and move in the pocket and stay alive if i need to and get the ball at the guys.
6:55 pm
>> cary williams cleared the air between him and bill belicheck intercepting tom brady. he called the patriots cheaters two weeks ago but after the game the two talk it out on the fie field. >> i told him i said something out of emotion, and i didn't really mean that. you know, just playing those guys back in the days just you try to use anything to fire yourself up. so in that situation i let my emotions get the best of me to degree and i said some things i ivory grow. it was weird because i'm used to him shaking head coach's hand and just going to the locker room. i was just mosing around mid field and he's right there. he came to me. i just made the best of that opportunity. i told him how i felt. it was genuine, from the heart so, you know, we make mistake. i have my share of miss tax i make and i may be allowed mouth at times. sometimes my mouth can get the best of me. but, you know, we just hashed it out and that's that. >> as we mentioned nick foles
6:56 pm
was without two of his top receivers in jeremy maclin and riley cooper then josh huff went down with a shoulder injury so we're just glad jordan matthews is looking better than he did last week in chicago. the rookie receiver had two drops against the bears but last night he led the eagles with nine catches for 104 yards inform fact he caught everything that came his way and after the game chip kelly said this performance is more in line with what matthews is capable of doing blaming his game against the bears on rookie jitters. >> i'm happy with jordan' performance today. um, he was a little over excited playing in his first nfl football game against chicago and the jordan we've seen in practice is the jordan that you kind of saw today. i think he had nine targets. nine catches. did a good job with the run after the catch. same thing we've seen, you know, when we've been in our training sessions at the novacare what we finally saw tonight. i think he was just -- he's just such emotional guy and plays at such a high level. he was ramped up a little bit too bit in the chicago game. >> on to the phillies and giants
6:57 pm
a long live giants fan right there for the game. phils on top five-one in the sixth everything begins to unravel. the pop up ryan howard is under it but then backs off for chase utley so no one make the catch. and buster posie is safe at second. then the next at bat michael morris doubles to centerfield. posie scores and it's five-two giants would score four more in the inning to tie the game. that remain the score now in the seventh. >> and finally, another ut-oh moment for a promotions department at the mlb. fry because miguel today bera bobble head night. if you look closely you'll notice he's holding the mvp award for the national league much that's a problem because the detroit tigers are in the american league. so you can't really do that. >> oops! >> that's an oops. >> all looking really closely. >> the details. >> at least it is. >> the details. >> at least it is. so brian at citizens saidve
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one deposit a month waves the monthly maintenance fee.
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[captioning made possible by warner bros. domestic television distribution] >> today on "tmz." >> reese witherspoon has breathed new life into the gay anthem. >> she looks so happy. >> she is happy. tory ne reese witherspoon we've done where she wasn't drunk. >> so she's drunk four times a year. >> i got jessica alba. >> she's ignoring me. she was so devoted to the part she ignored me completely. >> george clooney over at lake comey. one shot of her getting onto the boat and people are saying she's got a baby bump. >> it's just


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