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tv   Fox 29 Morning News at 5a  FOX  August 18, 2014 5:00am-6:01am EDT

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good morning, taney dragons have another win under their belt, this time, at the little league world series. their nail biting finish and what is next. an iraq war veteran is told he is not welcomed at six flags because of his t-shirt. he says that the shirt is special to him, but the park says, it is offensive. so what is all of the controversy about. and then, a major move in center city to get rid of the pnb letters is stopped short. is what the hold up? ♪ >> i love this, dancers taken over a septa train what is this all about. it is coming up, in the trend. good day, everybody, it is monday, all 18th, 2014.
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5:00 o'clock on this morning. but before we get to traffic and weather we'd like to remind yucatane dragons are doing fantastic and we'd like to help us cheer them on at little league world series. tweet us using hash tag fox 29 dragons and, of course, stay with us all morning long for live updates on the the team. in fact, we're already getting well wishes on twit they are morning from our viewers. thank you so much. this is from mark. he says, is it safe to say taney is setting a little league world series viewing record in philadelphia? i am so proud of these kids. and then he added i'm so excite forward this team i can't wait for wednesdays night. well, we cannot either, mark. keep the tweets coming use the the hash tag fox 29, taney dragons. they have got a very tough team, coming up on wednesday from las vegas, sue, so they will need all of the well wishes that they can get. not that they're not awesome but it is a lot of pressure for 12 and 13 years old. >> isn't it? to be in the national
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spotlight like that, they have proven to be cool customers and they can handle it, so we will help then keep it going. so we will look forward to more support for the dragons and for another decent forecast, for today. let's check out our number for the the day, why not, because it is a good one. it is a nine out of ten. mostly sunny seasonal temperatures but we will have cloudy skies to the south of us mostly in southern delaware. at the moment ultimate doppler is not showing any rain at all, anywhere close to us. it was a nice weekend even with the clouds we had yesterday. we had a sprinkle or two here and there. 81 degrees on saturday which was gorgeous, and then 84 degrees, on sunday. so, yes, i did order up a perfect day for myself on saturday. 66 degrees, and with our current temperature, 68 percent relative humidity. that is not bad. sunrise is at 6:16. other temperatures to look at 50's to the north of us 506789 in mount pocono. 57 degrees, up in allentown, 58 degrees over in trenton and then in atlantic city.
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pretty comfortable this morning. eighty-four is our high later on with clouds later on this afternoon for some of us and that is your monday morning forecast from the weather authority. nine out of ten. we will take it. it is 5:02. septa route 11 trolley is shuttle busing between 70th street and darby transportation center and that is because of track work in darby, which is going to be, race continuing until august the 30th. that accident in plymouth township at sheffield drive and brighton road has been sealed so smooth sailing around there. >> kerry. >> it is 5:03. our favorite little leaguer they have won big last night. taney dragons edging out a seven-six victory over texas, and then they did it in a super dramatic fashion. taney's starting out with the two run lead but with two innings later texas jumped ahead by three runs but the tough dragons didn't give up. it came down to the last hour, ty, hitting a ground turra how the scoring of the winning run
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in the bottom of the sixth. fox 29's chris o'connell caught up with a couple of the games heroes. >> it took a lot the to get where we are, bye we played good baseball. we played our game. we could not, ask that it is destiny and a little good luck. >> a combination of opportunity, meeting preparation. i think we have prepared hard enough and we had an opportunity to get where we are. >> they will get the a couple days off. they will play next game wednesday night against las vegas and that is a tough time. last night's watch party was any proof fans all across the delaware valley will no doubt, rally together again to cheer taney on on wednesday. last night, packed stands came out in full force for a pep rally at city hall's courtyard. although things got pretty cleese for taney they did showcase their character and, of course that fighting philadelphia spirit. >> we're all so proud of them not just for winning this game
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but they never gave up. they kept fighting back. it is a tremendous effort by these young people, the coaches, the parents, everyone involved. >> when taney takes on las vegas on wednesday night we're likely to see the magical mone davis return to the pitchers mound. taney dragons fever, it is continuing on line, go to my fox for the highlights, pictures and interviews and a detailed look at what exactly is ahead for the team. the don't forget to send your well wishes to them, all you have to do is use the hash tag, fox 29, taney dragons. all right 567:89:05. a a lot of news to get to, breaking news this morning, the the national guard is being deployed to ferguson missouri following another night of violent clashes between police and protesters. officers used, tear gas to break up an unrulely crowd protesting the shooting death of an unarmed, teenager. eighteen year-old michael brown. the trouble began with the
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shooting, three hours, before curfew was supposed to begin. police say protesters were throwing molotov cocktails and vandal icing stores. >> mall could have cocktails were thrown, there were shooting, and looting, and vandalism, and other act of violence that clearly appear not to have been spontaneous. >> the new york times is report ago this a private autopsy found that michael brown was shot six times, including twice in the head. another autopsy will be performed by a federal medical examiner. and a attack on a park ranger caught on camera at love park and a it shows this ranger being kicked wye a skateboarder while others, stood by watching. fox 29's steve keeley is live at philadelphia headquarters this morning, steve. >> reporter: no one around here at headquarters will be surprised to hear police commissioner or mayor later use the word disgusting to describe this video. it is the the latest video post card from philadelphia now playing on tv's, computers and cell phones across the
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country: this is the latest videotaped attack that is disturbing the philadelphia police and people who see it for so many reasons. one, it is an authority figure in uniform working for the city just trying to do his job who gets punched and pummeled. when he goes down the beating gets waste worse and the attacker's actions get lower on the human respect scale. unarmed city park rangers, head is stumped severely in the concrete, and then he gets kicked hard in the head. if that was not enough, at the end, he is dispute on by this young man while another skateboarder smiles and records with the video camera up close like this is entertainment to this man here. and another stand by looking egging the attacker on according to the tourist visiting family who shot this video with his cell phone saying he felt it was too dangerous to step in himself and he knew police were already called. he beast again recording when the the skateboarder began yelling loudly at the ranger
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whose job it is and reese object he is there to enforce the rules which include no skateboarding among the things he heard yell at the ranger the racial slur known as the n word. police are looking for those three men. they say one of them, the guy doing most of the beating is lucky, that the park ranger's injuries were not the serious. we have seen people killed by being kicked in the head and having their head stumped in the sidewalk here in philadelphia the north jersey tourist saying not only you see what makes this attack ugly but when he heard that repeated ugly racial slur. an awful way this town looks now just so many seeing this as philly is trying to a chapter the democratic national convention, tourism and in the horrible irony of seeing and hearing, kerry, so much hate in the place called love park. >> unbelievable, steve, thank you. 5:08. also developing news, camden county police are trying to find a man they say try to lure an 11 year old girl. incident happened in the 2600
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block of baird boulevard just before 6:30 last night. police say the girl ran when this guy approached her. he chased after her. he could not catch up. police only at this point had a generic description of him. at 5:09. topping national headlines president other bam a is taking a break from vacation to return to work to focus on some developing, international and domestic issues. president obama arriving at the white house last night. he is set to meet with his advisors today to discuss the u.s. military campaign in iraq. as well as the escalating tensionness ferguson, missouri where an unarmed teen was killed by a police officer. the president will return to martha's vineyard tomorrow to continue his vacation, through the weekend. meanwhile, tests discovered rick perry's dismissing a felony indictment against him is pure reply politically motivated. he is facing two felony accounts of abuse of power after promised to go veto millions of dollars of funding for a public integrity unit run by a democratic district
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attorney. now, that d.a., was arrested and convicted of drug driving. the governor demanded that she resign but you she least fused. a u.s. army veteran facing very unpatriotic criticism for flying an american flag. dean morris is hanging a flag for more than 34th decades in front of his california home, but two days ago, he got an anonymous letter chris criticizing him for displaying it. it was a profane letter and it included racial remarks about president barack obama. the letter also suggests that those who are flying flags, are trying to make conservative statements. moore says that he finds this letter, really strange. >> i don't wear if you are little or conservative. this is not a ranting of a person who has all of his ducks in an order. >> the the letter isn't threatening so police say there isn't a lot that they can do bit. we are approaching, 5:11 right now. time for weather on the one's. a check of traffic.
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soy far things are looking smooth on the traffic but we've got to be in that pattern where rain hits in the middle of the week, right? >> yes. >> it is beginning of the week. we will be okay to take. we have high pressure in control for most of us. thinks the frontal system we are watching. it is close to southern delaware and even part of the kent county that will bring some clouds and a few showers down there today, delaware beaches, may not have a perfect beach day but for most of us, it will be a decent weather day. at least it seems that way. temperatures are starting off kind of comfortable at 66 degrees in philadelphia 50's the two north and west of us, also, 58 in atlantic city right now. dew points are still 60. that is when it starts to get sticky. we are still in the pleasant range this morning, with humidity. philly's forecast, yes, they are back home tonight. we will have more clouds then sun when the game begins but still nice with 80 degrees, starting things off. we will look at the seven day forecast, with 84 degrees for
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a high to daze. eighty-five for tomorrow and wednesday. wednesday, thursday, friday, those are the days where we are thinking that we will see some showers. and maybe just friday morning. but saturday and sunday so far, so dry. there is your seven day forecast, time to check traffic with you, and roosevelt boulevard that milling and repaving project is a mess but they have got to do it. so use caution while cruises work on the inner drive between ninth street and southampton road, that work will conclude for the the day at 6:00 this morning. kerr i. >> all right, sue, thank you. it is 5:12. iraq war veteran is told that he cannot enter his flag because of his shirt, so what is the issue witt and yes says he could not even change.
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5:16 this morning. yet another round of u.s. era strikes against a mosul dam in iraq. it was day three of the attack, allowing kurdish fighters to retake part of the dam. the united states ace that it will continue to protect iraq's critical infrastructure and the pentagon has not ruled out using ground forces. the u.s. has confirmed that 80 men were executed by extremist, on friday, in just one northern iraqi village. in eastern ukraine army troops penetrating deep inside a rebel controlled city. ukraine says it could prove to be a break through in the four month long conflict, however, the military acknowledged another fighter jet was shot down by, separatists, just
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yesterday. a russian convoy carrying relief supplies is still being held at ukraine an border. crush a says that these trucks are filled with food and water for people in the area controlled by russian separatists. however, ukraine is war that i had those trucks are also carrying weapons, for those separatists. and a day at the the park, not so much fun for one veterans. he says six flags in new jersey refused to allow his entire family into the the park because of his t-shirt. the t-shirt supports the marine and it has a red, white and blue rifle on it with the words keep calm and return fire. a worker at six flags said that it would offend people. >> my kids didn't understand what was going on. if they approached me, if they were like we will get you another shirt, just sit here and sit tight just can't go to the park. i would have been yeah, sure, give me a shirt, fine. they tell me to pays for another shirt. find a gift shop, and, you know, my kids are like what is going on, dad?
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so they were crying. we thought they were being taken away from their birth daze party six flags is reviewing the the incident although a spokesperson says the the park dress code prohibiting vulgar, offensive or violent images or language on shirts, still stands. a disabled veteran surviving an explosion in afghanistan, two years ago, now he is survived a fire at his home in maryland. both he and his wife were still inside the home when that fire broke out but they were only able to make to it their front door. their two dogs alerted the neighborhood by barking and then the neighbors took over, helping these two out of the house. >> it was absolutely amaze ago this guys were coming out of the house and stepping on the front porch of the house to pull me into the front yard. >> the couple was treated for smoke inhalation, and their home, heavily damage. investigators say bad electrical wiring, may have sparked it. well, old pnb building is still sporting its famous letters. they were supposed to come down yesterday. workers began removing the icon i can pnb letters off of
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the south broad building but they hit a snag. city officials say complications forced them to stop the work. fox 29's drew dickman has a look at what went wrong. >> reporter: one by one a helicopter began removing the pnb letters off the one south broad building. >> when we first got here we saw the flying b past broad street and then heading over to here to land and it was amazing. >> reporter: few dozen people gathered at love park to watch. very close to the action. >> very windy. >> yeah, very windy and a lot of dirt blowing in your eyes. >> reporter: project started at 6:00 in the morning with only three letters down, things ended around 1:00 due to complications. several streets around city hall were closed off during the project snarling traffic in an congested part of the center city. the letter have have been on the building since philadelphia national bank
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bought the 28 story tower in the 50's. >> it is something we have seen every day. at least for me every day of my life. >> reporter: sign made it through several ownership changes after pnb sold the building in 1996. some are sad to see this historic part of the city sky line coming down. >> it is a shame. it has been up there 60 years but things company change. is there a new owner in that building. would i like to know what they are putting up. >> reporter: philadelphia business journal reported in may that i on partners in new york bought the building for 68 million-dollar. they could not be reached for comment. others think this is a new part of the sky scraper's story. >> it is very similar to the wannamaker building itself, becoming macy's and then that history. so i think it is making history, we will see where it is in 30 years. >> reporter: drew dickman, fox 29 news. a little health news for you this morning. pregnant woman are warned to limit their caffeine intake and now a new reason to avoid coffee while you are pregnant. there is a study that show
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pregnant woman who drink two cups of coffees a day could put their babies at risk for leukemia. babies are 60 percent more likely to develop that disease during childhood if their mothers drank cough east while expecting. researchers believe that caffeine might change the the dna of the cells itself. study is published in the american journal of obstetrics and gynecology. authorities are concerned that a third american could be infect with the ebola virus. they say a 30 year-old new mexico woman who just returned from west africa earlier this month has symptoms that appear to be related to ebola a in the meanwhile, doctors say two american aid workers infect with the virus are showing signs of least coverry. they have been undergoing experimental treatment in atlanta. we will keep you posted on that story as it develops. now, right now, just before
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21. we're almost there five seconds to go. it is in the weather 109's until we hit 5:21. >> i cannot talk about weather yet you are not allowed to say anything, until right now. >> well, anyway, how was your weekend. great weekend. the let's get to it. we have a planner for today that includes a very nice warning, in all of our suburbs, temperatures are in the comfortable 50's. we have mid 60's in the city, and mostly sunny skies, throughout the day, but it really is, a dependent on where you are, how many clouds you will see. we will see a few extra clouds by the end of the day here in the city but if you are further south of city, say in southern delaware, even more clouds, and maybe even a shower. so, it all depends where you are. sunset time is 7:53. high temperature today of 84 degrees. is there your planner from the weather authority. let's get to traffic and talked about this. disable vehicle in upper warminster town shit at warminster road and york road.
5:22 am
that will slow you down. pretty big intersection there. if you are on the new jersey turnpike watch out for construction in the southbound lanes at route 206, that is exit number seven, the right lane is block, there, until 7:00 o'clock this morning. cerris. >> all right, sue, thank you. 5:22. strike a pose, dancer taking over a local train we will have it the for you coming up in the trend. mara: it's easy to lose your way in a place like this.
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ms. winnie earle: kids in paterson face lots of obstacles - but nothing can stop their determination. mara: my dream is to be a pediatric nurse. ms. earle taught me if i work hard - i can do anything. ms. winnie earle: mara had so much potential, it was my job to help her reach her goals. mara: now, i'm headed to college to study nursing! ms. winnie earle: there are so many talented kids like mara - and they all deserve to live their dreams.
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good morning, the the stock market, stable this morning but not a great the day on friday. s and p500 fell just a fraction on of a .1955. and the dow jones fell 51 points to 16,600. the nasdaq gained, just 12 points to 4400. investors are expected to get insight, tonight in, to the housing market, that is between today and tomorrow. national association of home builders releasing it housing market index for august this morning. and then, tomorrow, the commerce department reporting on housing stats, for july. sea world says it plans to build larger spaces for its whales at its theme parks. the company also announcing it will fund new programs to protect the ocean, and killer
5:26 am
whales in the wild. this comes after years of criticism about how the company treats those animals. the company officials say that the plan to have have been in the works for a while and this is not a response to any backlash. some air zone state students will not be moving into their dorms this week instead they are moving into hotels. the dorms are simply too full so as a temporary fix about 200 students will be staying in nearby hotels in the space open up. opens up rather. meanwhile a record 8,001st year students are settling into their new homes. >> you're bringing your whole life, so a place you will be for the next ten months. it is really amazing. really stressful, because you don't know how everything you have will fit in this little room so you are trying to put everything together in a way that it will not frustrate your roommate when they show up. >> school officials say over next couple weeks space will be available and students cancel and making living arcments elsewhere.
5:27 am
well, eight years later an arizona woman finally snuggling up with her dog once again, incredible way that the dog was brought back to her thanks to a kindness of stranger. four university of notre dame football players are benched as the the school does an internal investigation, what the school is reportedly looking into, that could actually vacate a couple of team's recent victory.
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taney dragons remain undefeated as they pull off another win. we will have player and fan reaction coming up. kerry. >> all right, is a bean a violent clashes continue in police and protesters in ferguson missouri after an unarmed teenager was gunned down by a police officer. what the state's governor is doing to restore order. jury selection beginning for woman accused of kidnapping a five-year old child from her school. good day, it is monday, august 18th, 2014. it is 5:30 this morning. we've got a lot to get to, most importantly this morning the taney dragons, success, yesterday and their game a against texas. we'd like to you help us cheer them on the at little league world series. their next game is on wednesday, they are up against a very tough team against las vegas. use the hash tag fox 29 taney dragons and stay with us all morning long for live,
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updates, wouldn't team, sue mone will be back we're hearing on wednesday. she had to rest for the game yesterday but back on the mound, gannon wednesday. >> i fell asleep early. i was trying to stay awake. they were losing when i fell asleep. what a joy to wake up and find out they had that walk off win. >> yep. >> so, we will continue to follow that situation. we will look forward to your tweets about that this morning and whatever else you want to communicate with us, this morning. and, we've had bus stop buddy with us right now. he he has been at the the shore. after a decent weekend we will have another nice beach day, it looks like and it is a nice morning for all of us with comfortable temperatures in the 50's and 60's, and then, for most of us here you will need that sun screen, and until later on today. so out of ten, we will give you a nine, for most of us. if you are in southern delaware you will see a cloudy day and maybe even a few showers but seasonal, temperatures, and plenty of sunny skies for most of the rest of us.
5:32 am
you'll see the the rain down near roanoke, virginia right now. some of that will sneak into southern delaware by the end of the day. 84 degrees yesterday. eighty-one. a perfect day, on saturday, and it was, so, so, nice, 66 degrees right now, as we start to see the beginning of the sunrise but it is not official until 6:16, this morning. and then 68 percent relative humidity. that is not bad. temperature of 50 in mount pocono. fifty-six over in lancaster. down in wildwood, 66 degrees. eighty-four for a high temperature today with mostly sunny skies and a few clouds, around this afternoon. the that is your forecast, from the weather authority. now monday morning, let's see what is going on, be alert, of a construction on the new jersey turnpike, in the southbound lanes of route 206, exit number seven, the right lane is blocked there, until 7:00 this morning. also use caution, on the the roosevelt boulevard, between ninth street and southampton road because they are remilling and repaving that part of the roadway, and it will slow you down this morning. obviously, take the the outero
5:33 am
drive. kerry? >> thanks, sue for those positive words of wisdom. 5:33. we've got some breaking news. governor of missouri is sending the national guard into ferguson following another night of violence. officers using tear gas, to break up an unrulely crowd protesting the shooting death of 18 year-old michael brown. that teenager was unarmed. the trouble began with a shooting, three hours before the curfew was supposed to begin. police say protesters also threw molotov cocktails and vandalized stores. >> it started with prayers, and messages of unity, peace, and justice. it took a very different turn after dawn. >> the new york times is reporting that a private autopsy, found michael brown was shot six times, including two times in the head. a another autopsy will be performed by a federal medical examiner. a little bit closer to
5:34 am
home and with some much better news, philadelphia's taney dragons is moving on in the little league world series. last night's game was a nail biter from start to finish. but in the end, taney pulled out an impressive seven to six win over a very tough team from texas. the entire city, the entire delaware valley is excite for these little leaguers. we cannot wait to cheer them on again. fox 29's sabina kuriakose is live in center city with more on is what next for the taney dragons. their next game is wednesday. >> that is right. >> reporter: that is right, wednesday begins vegas another undefeated team now. the as these players said last night this isn't just, destiny or good luck, but they are just playing good baseball. last night's game proving as teams got nerves of steel. even when things get tough, tane i gets out and a two run lead. taney would not give up that easily. it came down to the last shy when ty shanahan hit a routine
5:35 am
grounder and they scored the winning run in the bottom of the sixth. a walk off win for the taney dragons. the score as you said a close seven-six. 32,000 people watched that game in the stadium, back here at home, a crowd gathered for a watch party in the courtyard of city hall. you can bet they were sitting in their seats and dragons manager, describing the game. >> we just felt good. there was no one who didn't think we were not going to becoming back. it was close. i mean, it wasn't pretty but a win is a win. >> the the entire team, you know, justice just so excited. we are from 19th street from south philadelphia. these are kids that came out to cheer them on. we're just excited. we're proud of them. go, taney, we are just so proud of you. we know, you will go all the way. >> as long as they're playing we will be out here giving them all of the support that we can, and we will ultimately, be so loud that they can hear us in williamsport. >> he certainly got this whole
5:36 am
city behind them now. now taney has a few days to rest before the team goes head to head with las vegas, again, undefeated as well on wednesday night. mone back on the pitchers mound gannon wednesday, and as you heard the the mayor say, this sit will be cheering so loud, they will hear us all the way in williamsport. >> they will, sabina, thank you. taney dragons fever continues on line, go to mize fox for all of the high lights, pictures, and interviews, a details list of what is ahead for these guys. twelve and 13 years old. so much pressure. they are handling it so well. don't forget to send your well wishes as well, all you have to do is use the the hash tag fox 29 taney dragons n fact a lot of you are already tweeting us this morning wishing them the very best. 5:36. developing news this morning, camden county police would like to find a man that they say tried to lure an 11 year-old girl. the incident happened, on the 2600 block of barrett avenue, this is around 6:30 last
5:37 am
night. police say the girl ran with a man approaching her and he chased after her, could not catch her, police right now only have a generic description of him. at 5:36. a woman caught in flood waters, budd after a dramatic rescue you can clearly sees that she's alive and she's well. the she's working really hard to get the word out that she is alive, why so many people, think that she's dead. plus... >> they say that you can go just about anywhere and that looks like it can even happen in the septa train. what these local dancing divas are up to coming up in the trend.
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and grains to help you recharge. kellogg's cereal and milk. see you at breakfast. jury selection in a trial of a woman accused of kidnapping a five-year old child, and later sexually assaulting her. cristina r egusters is believed to have been the woman caught from the taking the class from bryant elementary school. she's the the only person charged in this case. a michigan flood victim said she's alive and well despite several news reports saying she's dead. jena david was trapped inside her car in raging water but help arrived quickly. she said a man pulled her out of the fast rising water and told her to get on his shoulder. she blacked out before she was at the hospital but somehow, a story started, spreading the the word that she didn't make
5:41 am
it. >> you know, i knew, it is like you are the on the weather chan will he will. you should check it out. i am like what? i said you should check it out, they think you're dead. >> obviously she's not. she and her family say they are internally grateful to the brave men who saved her life. she doesn't even know who at this point that guy is. maybe we will connect the the two and she can thank him in person. she's definitely not dead though, sue. >> she looks pretty good. >> she looks very well. >> we're just seeing the first beginnings of sunrise there over atlantic city, new jersey. i always say when you have a few clouds around it makes for the prettiest sunrise and that is certainly the case this morning. if you are at the shore, ready or not, it is pretty nice. now for the rest of us we have this frontal system that is nearby. it has already come through. it came through yesterday with these clouds and maybe a few sprinkles thaw saw at times on
5:42 am
sunday this low pressure system will be riding along the front but it should only effect as we have been saying, southern delaware and maybe, southern new jersey. so, the the future cast, shows us the the clouds on the increase, to our south, and we should stay, with a decent amount of sunshine in the philadelphia area. there are a few showers, again, to the south, around 5:00 in the morning, tomorrow. so but for most of us, it is a mix of sun and clouds. eighty-five tomorrow and wednesday. midnight week rain this week, tuesday night, wednesday and thursday. sat the day and sunday looking cooler and dry. i hope that forecast holds. is there your seven day. time to check traffic for you this morning. we have a vehicle fire in north hills, at mount carmel avenue and mapel avenue, just got that one in. we will have have more details, coming up. the water is boiling.
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5:46 am
off. riley cooper and jeremy maclin expect to play on thursday. but what did nick foles think about his improvement. >> just the play, you know, more efficiently from the quarterback position. the it felt good. we all need to improve on it. i still have things to improve on, throughout the game, but it felt good to go out there and take a step forward. >> all right. taney dragons from philadelphia move on in the little league world series. williamsport, pennsylvania check this out, opponent, third run home run. texas led six-three. taney fights back. in the last inning, man on third, two out and ground ball but over thrown at first. taney wins seven-six. they will move on. phillies in san francisco. those phillies struck out six straight games in one stretch. jimmy rollins, three times yesterday, chase utley twice, and san francisco beats the phillies, five-two. that is sports in a minute. i'm howard eskin. all right. 5:46 right now. the university of notre dame conducting an internal
5:47 am
investigation for academic fraud. there are four football players that have already been dismiss inned from the team. they are banned from games and practice, and until this investigation is completed. the situation reportedly involved honor code violations. so far nobody has been charged and there have been no sanctions. >> we notified the ncaa that we were undertaking an internal investigation of discovered, suspect, academic difficulties honesty on the part of several students, including four members of our football team. >> notre dame says that if it is determined that the players were not eligible for past games any victories, will be vacated. but here at home septa's board is meeting today in a special session to authorize the the board chairman to sign a new contract with the regional rail electrical workers. last week septa reached a tentative agreement with one of the regional rail unions but stage a one day strike
5:48 am
back in june. negotiations are happening under the supervision of a presidential emergency board. septa has not reached a deal with the brotherhood of locomotive engineers and trainmen. speaking of trains, all aboard. the fort wayne historical society in indiana giving guests a chance to ride a vintage steam locomotive this takes place during a free open house. >> she represents a period of the history of this country, where these were the space shuttles of they are era. this was the biggest, best technology, that man could come up with, at the time. they were, the state of the art in ground transportation. >> the fort wayne railroad historical society says it takes hundred thousand dollars a year to preserve the train and a that all of the donations go towards that cost. you have heard of the the ice bucket challenge, right, it is taking off all over the
5:49 am
country. now is there a new challenge that is popping up on line. it is called the doubt fire face challenge. >> hello. this is my suicide prevention, video, used to do the same thing. get a pie, jam your face into it, say hello just like robin williams from mrs. doubt-fire. >> of course, that pie scene you are looking at it is a stand out moment from that film. campaign create todd spread awareness about depression and so side. it works similar to the ice buck he it challenge. you are supposed to nominate others after completing the challenge yourself. a video coming from the local dancer and a choreographer, tamer jewel. he decided that it would be fun to vogue all over septa so lets take a look. >> ♪
5:50 am
awesome. >> it looks so much fun. they shot the video in one afternoon and they somehow managed to film it,fwill noticey passenger behind them or in the way. the train is a train station, no where, there is passengers. taney dragons two are-o in the little league world series. the tweet your good luck messages to the team using the hash 29 taney dragons. that is the big local story this morning. we will have your tweets scrolling on the bottom of the screen all morning long. one parent who is taking care of a baby and a pet, down
5:51 am
to the science, check this out, the video. we're in the entirely sure if this counts as the baby walking the dog, or taking the the baby out for a stroll, or the dog taking the baby on a stroll. what is this exactly. either way, both of them have clearly learned some impressive skills, that is so cute. how oldies that kid, that is awesome. 5:51 this morning. my dogs definitely do not do that, i wouldn't assure you. >> don't you think babe would i let go on the leash. >> how do you get them to hold on. >> well, hold on, maybe it is superior ability. >> that is why we're not familiar with that. >> i wouldn't have trusted my kid. love you. you know, you saw a beautiful start to the day in poconos mountains, it is pretty decent start just about every where, no rain, on ultimate doppler, so let's get to the forecast, about a few changes coming this week in the weather. comfortable temperatures this morning, and it is not, too humid outside there and it is looking like a nice sunrise.
5:52 am
mostly sunny skies today, and seasonal, temperatures, we have seasonal temperatures coming up. and that means mid 80's for most of us, for the the middle of the week i'll have occasional shower and storms. that would be late in the day wednesday through thursday and maybe even through friday morning. so, those are some of the changes coming up as the typical, summertime pattern this year, which has showers and rain, in the in middle of the week, and then pretty decent weekend. we had one last weekend. that is your weather authority forecast. now let's talk about traffic. we have had construction on the commodore barry bridge which is one lane blocked between the toll plaza, and ninth street. and we will see that in a second, and we will see that in effect until september the first. also look out for a disable vehicle at hatfield at 40-foot road and mcarthur drive, kerry. >> very good, sue. thank you. a woman is reunited with a dog that she lost eight years ago thanks to strangers.
5:53 am
how the pup was found and then brought back to her owner.
5:54 am
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5:55 am
happy reunion in arizona woman reunited with her dog after eight years. le sheena harris was living in tennessee when her english bull dog named fat cat was taken out of her yard. the couple recently found that animal, brought her to the shelter. the the couple was able to track down le sheen a by
5:56 am
backtracking fat cat. so, driving there wasn't feasible for le sheena. luckily they all came up with a solution. >> she said well, you know, i understand and you know, i will take it for what it is, but i need to let you know a friend of mine just had a going away party last night and are you close to scottsdale. i said, yes. she said well, she had has agreed to bring her to you. did you want her. >> i said yah, i want her. so le sheena is trying raise money for veterinary car that fat cat never received. a naked man, armed with a sword, goes after neighbors. the the bizarre and scary scene that played out in a parking lot and our steve keeley is live this morning with new details after a park ranger was beaten a at love park, steve. >> well, kerry, you and viewers know whenever we are standing in front of police headquarters it is never for good news. whenever we have video from a
5:57 am
cell phone or surveillance camera it is never good news. that is the case here. this cell phone video making its way around the world, by way of the internet and puts philadelphia again in another bad light, an awful light, as this unarmed park ranger is stumped in the concrete and kick in the head. we will tell you how he is doing and how police are doing we will tell you how he is doing and how police are doing
5:58 am
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hi high october tane, taney dragons come from behind to win their second game in the little league world series. so, these dragons are on fire. you believe in dragons? and new developments in the search for a skateboard shore viciously attacked a park ranger, we're live with the details. and national guard, out again deployed to ferguson, missouri overnight following another night of violence. protesters there furious over autopsy results for the 18 year-old michael brown and a young man shot and killed by police there. what was found out in an independent autopsy from overnight. and then a veteran gets booted out of six flags, for his t-shirt. why the park said he had to go. >> hey, everybody, it is monday,


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