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tv   Fox 29 Morning News at 6a  FOX  August 18, 2014 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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hi high october tane, taney dragons come from behind to win their second game in the little league world series. so, these dragons are on fire. you believe in dragons? and new developments in the search for a skateboard shore viciously attacked a park ranger, we're live with the details. and national guard, out again deployed to ferguson, missouri overnight following another night of violence. protesters there furious over autopsy results for the 18 year-old michael brown and a young man shot and killed by police there. what was found out in an independent autopsy from overnight. and then a veteran gets booted out of six flags, for his t-shirt. why the park said he had to go. >> hey, everybody, it is monday, the 18th, 2014.
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>> yes. >> good to see you. >> good to be back. >> i'm so excited with the taney dragons. it is monday. i'm dragging. i want to be dragging on a monday today. the taney dragons getting national attention. >> i know, they are amazing. mone davis will be back on the mound, on wednesday, she needed a break from the game last week. >> prime time. >> against a very good team in vegas. we are all about the dragons in the little league world series. we want to know what your well wishes are. use the the hash tag fox 29 taney dragons. fox 29 dragons or fox 29 dragons. >> it is fox 29 taney dragons. >> can you spell that. >> i can't. >> i can spell, s -u-e, happy birthday young woman. >> happy birthday. >> thank you. >> it was, well, you know, i gave myself a ten weather-wise on saturday. it was gorgeous. so hopefully you guys had a
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good weekend. we're waking up to a nine, out of ten today, mostly sunny, seasonal temperatures. some cloudy skies, to the the south of us, otherwise, it looks like a pretty decent day. we have a nice morning with bus stop buddy still at the shore, extending his weekend, with the the family. temps in the the 50's and 60's. it is pretty comfortable out there and not too humid. so that is the important part. nothing to show you on ultimate doppler radar. right now 63 degrees, relative humidity at 72 percent, sunrise, coming up at 6:16, and, phillies are now back in town, and they play at 7:05 tonight. we will have more clouds, but it will still be nice coming down from that high of 84 degrees. we will be about 80 when the first pitch is tossed. it is 84 for a high today with mostly sunny skies and a few afternoon clouds. is there your weather authority forecast. we are checking traffic at 6:02 with a vehicle fire in south brunswick. this is southbound, where they have new roads, two lanes that
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are block there. of course, this is in new jersey. use caution and expect delays. elsewhere in new jersey we have construction on the turnpike, southbound at route 206, exit number seven. right lane will be blocked there until 7:00 o'clock this morning. boy, the dragons are on a role. they won their second straight game in the little league world series last night, defeating a pretty tough team from texas. the the team from houston. that little pitch era floyd me for the the houston team. >> he did. >> he was crying. >> it was perfect. >> they won the game. walk off basically. walk off, error. they won seven-six. >> a win is a win is a win. >> the entire city is fired up about that win. fox 29's sabina kuriakose is live in new york city which what is next. we're already talking about this team that they are
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playing on wednesday. >> reporter: oh, yeah, they are going to be playing, vegas on wednesday, that team is also undefeated at two-o. it will be a good game. you mentioned it was a nail biter last night but team manager said it wasn't pretty but a win is a win. taney is making its hometown proud. last night's win was close but any within that doubted dragons has in the been paying attention. taney got out to a two run lead to see southwest regional team from texas take a three run lead. it was a nail biter. the big moment of the night, taney pulls off a walk off single winning the the at all. back at home mayor nutter organized a watch party at city hall where taney fans held a impromptu pep rally. people came across from town. they were hopeful, excited and most of all they were inspired. next up taney takes on las vegas on wednesday, again, and that team is undefeated. and it will be a good game. we will see mone davis again back on the pitchers mound. it is, at that watch party
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where there were people who were neighbors of these kids, friends of these kids. some kids were actually, playing against taney's players. so these kids are really hometown heroes. back to you guys. >> we will talk to their mothers next hour, and later on in the show. so the dragons, who certainly have the fever that we have. we have the fever. >> we have the the dragon fever good the the dragon breath, dragon fever, continues today. >> that too. >> go to my fox for all of the highlights, pictures, interviewing, we have heard from the team members and fans. 30,000 people at the game last night. huge. >> we will check with chris o'connell who we will be speaking with in mone's mom, a little bit later. >> yeah, on good day. we have some developing news this morning. camden county police with like to find a guy that they say tried to lure an 11 year-old girl. whole thing happened on the 2600 block of baird boulevard. this is around 6:30 last night. police shea that the girl ran when this guy approached her.
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he chased after her. he could not catch her. police only have a generic description of him. an attack of the park ranger caught on camera at love park and it shows a ranger being kicked by a skateboarder while others, at least three others, stood by watching. >> and steve, apparently, this guy didn't missed doing it, the main kicker, steve. >> reporter: police looked at that video and now they are looking for that guy and his two friends who the guy who took the cell phone video also took part. maybe not by hitting the ranger but by taunting him at love park, filled with a lot of hate friday. when lou at this video it was happy hour right around 5:30 when this not so happy sight happened in love park. the man that shot this in town from essex county north jersey visiting family says he not only put the video on the internet but gave it to philadelphia police too as soon as they showed up. taney started to record because they heard the loud yelling at in uniform but unarmed philadelphia park ranger who works at love park to enforce rules and regulations, which include no
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skateboarding. among the things the guy that took the the cell phone heard yell at the ranger that was punched, kick, had his head stumped hard in the concrete and then spit him was him being called a racial slur including the one that start with the letter n. he went with the guy who shot the cell phone. they both give police statements together. police are looking for young guys shooting the very idaho including the one that is shooting his own video with the video camera. when caught, charged, convicted, the head stumper and head kicker if a judge sees this video ape doesn't let this guy go off easy may send them to another city location that has lots of concrete and sharp angles, it its called prison. >> yes, exactly right, steve. man, nasty. 6:07. well, national guard was out again. >> yeah, they were called to restore peace in ferguson, miss sure any another night of violence there. >> yeah, even shots fired at police. police used tear gas to break up unrulely crowd protesting the shooting death of an 18 year-old michael brown.
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the trouble began with a shooting, three hours before a curfew was supposed to start. police say that they have no choice but to respond after protesters, some of them, through molotov cocktails, and took shots at them, and then were starting to vandalized stores. again, meanwhile the new york times is reporting that a private autopsy, by michael's boton found that michael brown was shot six times, including twice in the head. once in his eye. four shots to his arm. the autopsy was performed by known forensic scientists doctor michael boton a former new york city chief medical examiner. he told the times that one of the bullets entered the top of brown's skull suggesting his head was being forward, within the forward position when he was shot. does that mean he was lunging at the officer or they will to have decide. that federal and state medical examiner will also do their own autopsies.
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let's look at the jersey shore. if you want to make an extra day, go ahead. here's your shore cast for today. this expert part have of it is for the jersey shore. delaware beaches i'm in the so sold. might be cloudy and maybe a few showers. upper 70es, northerly breeze. 73-degree surf temp. uv index is eight. rip current risk is low. 84 degrees today. the out of ten. we have a couple six's on tuesday and wednesday with clouds and maybe on wednesday some showers. thunderstorms possible on thursday, lasting possibly into friday morning. then a cool down after. that saturday and sunday look dry at least at this point with temperatures, only around 80 degrees each day. that is your seven day forecast from the weather authority. we will have a look at traffic right now at 12 minutes after 6:00 o'clock. we will start off, with a look at, septa.
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so good news, mass transit tunnel work is complete. septa trolley routes ten, 11, 13, 34, 36 have resumed normal service. they are no longer divert todd 40th and market. also a truck on fire, south brunswick in new jersey, on route one southbound past new road two lanes blocked there use caution and expect delays if that is where you are headed this morning. a disabled vehicle on i-95 southbound approaching bridge street that is exit number 27, the disabled vehicle is on a shoulder but it could still slow you down. >> happy birthday, shoot-out to photo check 80, she said happy birthday. she watches every morning. i have a personal question, kerry, do you ever try to take a pea in the middle of the day in center city. >> of course. >> sometimes it can be difficult. >> i have trouble. >> well, they tried to remove that iconic p, n and b sign from one south broad street, for the building yesterday morning. well, now they cannot take down the rest of the letters for a while. crews started to remove the
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the letters yesterday morning but only took down the the three, i guess it was to your left, 12 do remain. >> or would there be nine left. >> well, they took down three of the 12. why am i doing math on a monday morning. >> so now they have to reschedule with the faa, of course, and get, city permits, so they can finish the job. i'll tell what you happened. first of all, i'll tell you they found that the letters were just too fragile they were trying to lift them off the building and they were afraid they would fall apart and fall down on people. >> it is a safety thing. 6:14. a war veteran kicked out of six flags for something that was written on his shirt. >> um-hmm, he refused to was written on his shirt. >> um-hmm, he refused to change we have you seen tom corbett's negative ad with this actress. it's just not true. and more of the same from corbett. tom wolf's company is headquartered and files taxes right here in pennsylvania. and it's tom wolf who'll be the governor we need.
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he'll make the gas companies pay up to fund our schools. build a 21st century infrastructure. and restore manufacturing for the jobs we need today. take a look at his plan for yourself. tom wolf. a fresh start for pennsylvania.
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they have retaken the mosul calm from islamic militants this comes two weeks have after they captured that dam. this is a big deal. the since islamic state group seized large parts of the northern and western iraq this summer. a dam, supplies electricity, and what the tore a large part of the country including baghdad. they were worried militants were going to blow it up and flood a huge portion of the country. meanwhile the conflict continues to take a toll on some of the country ease youngest residents. iraqi children line up for food distributed by a u.n. group. thousands of refugees have fled to this northern region of the country seeking help and shelter. the group says refugee is extremely severe. >> the israeli negotiators to end fighting in gas. talks have been taking place in egypt. their cease-fire agreement is set to expire at midnight. both sides appear reluctant to
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return to the ledly fighting this war has killed more than 19,000 people, already. and a eastern ukraine, army troops have penetrated deep i inside a rebel controlled city. ukraine says it can be a break through in the conflict. however, the military is acknowledging another one of fighter jets was shot down by, separatists just today. meanwhile a russian convoy, carrying relief supplies is still being held by the ukrainian border. russia says trucks are filled with food and water for people in the area controlled by russian separatists, however, ukraine is worried that those trucks are also carrying weapons for those separatists. >> all that going object in the world. the president of the united states has decided to because of the situation around the world and situation in, ferguson, missouri, that he has decided to return to the white house at least for a couple of days. president obama cut his vacation short to attend meet initial our nation's capitol. he has been criticized for spending time at a resort.
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presidents are criticized during their summer vacations. while several crisis are unfolding around the world. he is scheduled to meet with vice-president joe biden and other advisors to discuss the united states in military campaign in iraq and ongoing tensions between police and protesters in missouri. he will return to martha's vineyard, tomorrow. not much of a break. a day at the the park, not for fun, welshing not much fun for one veterans for sure. he says six flags in new jersey refused to allow his entire family into the the park because he had a t-shirt on that they didn't like. the the shirt supports the marines, and it has, a red, white, a blue rifle on it, with the words, keep calm, and return f says he was told the shirt would offend people. six flags says it is reviewing the the incident. although a spokesperson says the park has addressed those prohibiting vulgar, offensive and violent images or language
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but isn't that a common phrase in the the military. >> it is, maybe the the fact that there was a rifle on it as well. >> maybe so. >> we will follow that. >> michigan flood victim says that she's alive and well despite several news reports that said that she was dead. >> she's clearly not dead at all, she looks really good actually. this is jena davis. she was trapped inside of her car this raging water but help arrived quickly there. was a guy that pulled her out of the fast rising water and pulled her to get on his shoulder but she apparently blacked out before she was taken to the hospital and then somehow this story started. it said that she didn't make it. >> yeah, here i am, they said turn on the weather channel you should check it out. >> i'm like what. >> they think you are dead. i said, no, i'm not dead. >> she's not dead. >> no. >> jena and her family say they are internally grateful for the brave man who saved her life and she at this point doesn't know who he is.
6:21 am
she's still searching for him. a show good "good day philadelphia" starts in 40 minutes. >> coming up, are you noticing a couple of strange changes in your body, hair sprouting from places that it wasn't normally. >> owe, yeah. >> yes. >> thoroughly. >> you better pay close attention, thinning eyebrows, patches on your skin, they could be pointing towards something much more serious. we will take a lot what your body is trying to tell you. >> we have five things, i have them all. i don't know how i'm alive. two games and two losses for eagles, are you worried? should we be concerned. we have the the answer this morning, believe it or not, i came back with the answer about the the eagles. how about that. it is time for weather on the one's. hello. >> i thought allen iverson was the answer. >> no. >> we have a look at the weather change that he is we will be going through over the next couple of days. comfortable temperatures this
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morning. it is not too humid out there. we might get a little more humidity before the end of the day, but today, mostly sun which seasonal temperatures. that means temperatures in the mid 80's. really nothing to worry about there. just some extra clouds down in southern delaware or maybe delaware beaches. now, the middle of the when we expect our rain. the that is the pattern all summer long. occasional showers and thunderstorms say wednesday afternoon through friday morning, is our best chance of seeing, some of that, that is your weather authority forecast, it is time to take a look at traffic. we have a truck on fire in south brunswick, new jersey on route one south, past new road. right lane is block there. trolley routes ten, 11, 13, 34 and 36 have resumed normal services, this morning. we will be back with more after this.
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good morning, eagles were back at practice getting ready for game three of the preseason thursday night at the link. lesean mccoy miss practiced with no explanation why. i think he just wanted the day off. riley cooper and, jeremy maclin will play but what did nick foles see with his improvement. >> just the play more efficiently from the quarterback position, and it felt good. we all need to improve on it. i still have things to improve on, throughout the game but it felt good to go out there and take a step forward. >> the the taney dragons from philadelphia move on in the little league world series to williamsport, pennsylvania. texas three run home run, that gave texas at one point a six-three lead. taney came back, tie game, two out, ground ball to short, over thrown and taney wins,
6:27 am
seven-six they live and move on. the phillies to san francisco, phillies struck out 11 times, six times, in one stretch in a row, that is jimmy rollins he struck out three times, chase utley twice. san francisco goes on to beat phillis five-two. that is sports in a minute. i'm howard eskin. more on the the eagles and those dragons in a bit. how about this, is there a woman reunited with a dog that she lost eight years ago. >> come on. >> seriously almost a decade ago but this story doesn't have a happy ending, what needs to happen new to make home coming complete. >> not a happy ending. sabina is all over the dragons she has dragon fever, look at her. >> they are undefeat continuing their streak, and coming up how this c
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philadelphia writ will league team won their second game and getting ready to face off against a tough team from vegas. they have got highlights from their nail biting win. here is an ugly story, no love at love park, a skater caught on tape attacking a park ranger. but now police may know who that man is. in fact, i know they do. new developments from overnight. plus, this. what are the chances of, us four crossing paths in this
6:31 am
matter. >> reunited and feels so good. >> eight years after this pooch was stolen the extraordinary circumstances that led to these two being reunited. >> hi everybody august 18th, 2014, mike and kerry here for you, we're cheering on the taney dragons in the little league world series. we want to know what your wishes are for the team, use the hash tag, fox 29 taney dragons. >> this team on wednesday, this team they are facing, real only tough, undefeated from vegas. >> she slapped around a team. >> mone is back the on the mound. >> we will talk to her mom in a bit. >> okay. >> live. >> all right. our little one, bus stop buddy decided to spend another day at the shore after a weekend weather-wise, lets see what we have outside right now, pretty nice morning with temperatures in the 50's and 60's, we will need your sun screen, reapply and shades as well. nine out of ten with mostly sunny skies with seasonal temperatures, in southern delaware, that is where we
6:32 am
will see clouds and showers, delaware beaches, not quite as perfect. 63 degrees right now, with a northerly breeze at 5 miles an hour, relative humidity not bad at 72 percent. phillies are back in town they play mariners tonight at 7:05. more clouds when the game begins. 80 degrees then. coming from a high of 84 today and it will be mostly sun which afternoon clouds tonight. increasing clouds and a low of 68 degrees. is there your fox cast from the weather authority and now at 6:32, time to check traffic, construction still underway on the southbound new jersey turnpike at route 206, and that is exit number seven, right lane is blocked until 7:00 o'clock this morning. another half an hour. look out for a truck fire on route one south in south brunswick new jersey past new road and it is blocking the right lane.
6:33 am
>> i don't know if you heard, kerry barrett, taney dragons won again. >> i heard. >> they won their second straight game in the little league world series, nail biter, i don't have any cute californias but in the end, these dragons pulled off an impressive win over a tough texas team. well, texas short stop did throw an error or they would have won the game but we will take a win. >> why do you have to go there, even. >> they made a come back. >> it was great. >> the entire city and delaware valley excited for these little leaguers. a lot of you are tweeting us, already. >> here's my problem, i have have been gone for two weeks, sabina, on the beama and i need a taney hat, i need tanee shirts. >> yes. >> unaudible. >> where did you get that. >> i'm special. >> i need some material. is there any merchandise available.
6:34 am
>> here. >> you have two days to get it. they have to rest for a couple days. a as mayor nutter said last night philly is cheering taney on so loudly we want them to hair us in williamsport. team was up a good stretch, last night's game early on, started out with a two run lead. they lost two innings later to texas but things tightened up before long and it came down to the last out when ty shanahan ran out a routine ground eras speaker man scoring the winning run in the bottom of the sixth. a walk off win. so, 32,000 people in the stadium, outside watching that game, back here at home, a large crowd gathering at a watch part that i turned into a i am prompt to pep rally with which mayor nutter presiding. the excitement and pride all of it is so palpable, let's listen to the players discuss the game. >> it took a lot to get where we are, but we played good baseball, we played our game.
6:35 am
so we could be destiny and just good luck. >> luckies a opportunity for preparation but we pray hard enough to get where we are. >> we are so proud of them, not just for winning this game but they never gave up. they kept fighting back. tremendous effort by these young people, coaches, parents, everyone involved, you saw the the reaction of the fans here tonight, in one was down, everyone was hopeful, these kids are really special. >> that is a philly spirit, never giving up. they are special. making lose good not just on the field but if you heard the mayor in that press conference they are so well spoken and articulate, and humble kids. really making the city look good both on the field and off the field. again as we mentioned they are hitting the field back on wednesday against vegas and another team to zero. back to you. >> another watch party at city
6:36 am
hall, we are watching. >> and 32,000 fans at that game. that is insane for a little league game. >> here's the question, sit too much for the kids. >> well, you know, picture on the other team was on the mound crying and gave us a couple runs. you have to wonder if it is too much attention and focus. i know we're guilty of doing that. >> i have seen everybody break down a little bit. jury selection gibbs for woman kidnapping a five-year old girl from her school. >> and later sexually assaulting her. the cristina regusters is believed to be the woman taking that child out of the class at bryant elementary school. she's the only person that has been charged in this case. 6:36. an attack of the park ranger caught on camera at love park. it shows the ranger being kicked by a skateboarder, while others, at least three others anyway stood by watching.
6:37 am
>> one little jerk taunting the ranger. >> somebody else videotaping. >> i hope they get these kids. steve keeley at the round house, steve. >> reporter: we started news with great kids, how that, great ambassadors to the city, great reflection on philadelphia, so now here's the other even of the scale. this is latest video taped attack disturbing philadelphia police and people who see it for so many reasons. one, it is an authority figure in uniform working for the the city just trying to do his job who guess punched and pummeled. when he goes down the beating gets worse and attacker actions get worse on the respect scale. unarmed park rangers head is stumped severely into the concrete. then he gets kick hard in the head. then if that was not all enough, at the end he is spit on by this young man while another skateboarder smiles and records with the video camera up close like this is entertainment to someone here. and another stand by, looking, egging the attacker on
6:38 am
according to the tourist and town variety continuing family who shot video with his cell phone saying he felt it was too dangerous to step in and stop it and he knew police were called and he began recording when skateboarder began yelling loudly whose job it is and reason he is there to enforce rule that include no skateboarding. among the things he heard yelled at the ranger the racial slur known as the n word well, guy who shot this cell phone video called disgraceful no one will be surprised to hear the commissioner or mayor use the word disgusting to describe this latest video postcard from philadelphia now playing on everybody's tv, computer and cell phone. >> and in love park, i called the guy dressed up like jesus. he was watching. >> 6:39. you have heard of the ice bucket challenge. >> i have conn it. >> yes, now check out the pie challenge. what this trendies raising
6:39 am
money for, to put a smile on your face. happy birthday, mr. president. kevin spacey pranked hillary clinton. the big gift he asked for on behalf of bill. ms. harris: camden students face a lot of challenges
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but they meet them with determination and drive. chanelle: teachers like ms. harris made me feel like i'm part of a team. not just on the basketball court. but in the classroom. ms. harris: chanelle is not just a star athlete. she is a star student. chanelle: i headed to clemson university where i can combine my love of sports and learning- and maybe even win a championship. ms. harris: i wouldn't bet against her. or any of my students reaching for their dreams.
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we will keep an eye on that this week as we see rain possible in southern delaware, maybe delaware beaches today, that low pressure system ride ago long that front there for the rest of us, it seems like a pretty seasonal day. we may see a few clouds later this afternoon, but i it should be kept to the south including the rain. tomorrow morning, looks okay for philadelphia, north and west but maybe some clouds, south jersey and delaware, and then it is not until wednesday that we will see some of that rain starting to move into the area. but not until the afternoon. it is really just a system we have to keep an eye on. temperature trend, we have had up to now been nothing extreme. we have stayed on the cool side, of average, for most of the days. we only got to 77 degrees. it felt like fall on friday. saturday's high was 81. yesterday we got to 84 degrees, right now, it is
6:43 am
63 degrees in philadelphia pretty comfortable with 59 in atlantic city. only 50 in the poconos. fifty-one in allentown. a cool start in those places. dew points are still comfortable. once we hit 60. it starts to get sticky. we have not done that anywhere, we're still in the pleasant range, with our measure of moisture. phillies forecast, it is for about 80 degrees i would say at game time and a few extra clouds. phillies facing the mariners at 7:05 tonight. here's all that put together, in the seven day forecast, we have got three games with the mariners and then a break on thursday and then back in action on friday and it looks like we have a cooling trend again as we get closer to the weekend. if we get rain it will be thursday, wednesday and maybe friday does it look like it clears up with cool temperatures as well. it is a bit unusual for august
6:44 am
but that is how this summer has gone. the that is your weather. it is 6:43. checking traffic on this monday morning, construction continues, on the westbound commodore barry bridge between toll plaza and ninth street, one lane block there. that is the the situation until september 1st. county line road and valley forge park will be closed for construction today from 7:00 a.m. today, until 5:00 p.m. on friday, keep that in mind if you are going on an outing, a weekly closure through the end of september, kerry. >> 6:24. a california man takes his car for a swim. his car wound up in the swimming pool right outside los angeles. elderly driver told police he was wearing flip-flops, one to the stuck in the pedal. the officers say the driver was able to walk away uninjured. >> is that considered car pooling. >> my god: so bad.
6:45 am
it is 6:45 exactly. boy did you hear about this, more charges are expect against that northern new york couple, in the kidnapping of those two young amish sisters, new details now. police say that they are also may have been, planning to snatch other children in the area investigators say they were sexually abused before they were let go. a car pulled up to their family's roadside farm stand in upstate, new york last wednesday, and, once they escaped, they ran to the neighbor's house who recognized them and took them in. investigators say information they got from the girls helped lead to the suspect. >> the girls were strong. they were able to, verbalized to the investigators different facts about their time in captivity. >> the two suspects , steven howell junior and nicole basey are held without bail. bizarre scary scene in
6:46 am
florida. is there a naked guy armed with the sword, a sword, that goes after his neighbor. he came out of his apartment nude, swinging a sword all over the place. >> i had nothing to do with this. >> people in the parking lot were shocked by this bizarre event but, of course, somebody had to camera and they took it out and saw the whole thing. neighbors rushed this guy. he dropped his sword, tackled him and then police got there. >> i was answerly what he had with him or what was going on. >> he had a sword. police are not saying anything about what the guy was up to or if he is facing any charges. >> would i imagine so. >> perhaps he will be. >> anytime you running around your house naked with your sword over all the the place. >> my goodness. arizona woman reunited with her bull dog who went missing eight years ago. >> you know what? >> what? >> our nicole garcia found out about her dog and she found her actual any tennessee h
6:47 am
that is so far away from arizona as you know about 1500 miles. >> thanks. >> happy, happy end to go this story. listen. >> it was complete, utter shock like i never thought i would see her again. >> she was living here in memphis with her two-year old english bull dog when nate fat cat taken from her yard. fat cat is ten and years of neglect and abuse shows. >> i cannot see someone having a dog for that long and not creating some attachment to it. >> reporter: message this couple found fat cat in the dump. they brought her to the vet and found out she had tumors, dental disease, heart worm and other ailments. they could not afford the care. >> apparently she was just a puppy mill for them. when she could no longer be of use, they dumped her. >> reporter: fat cat had a micro chip until the couple turned her into a no kill shelter. shelter was able to track down le sheena but flying fat cat to arizona would have put too
6:48 am
much stress on the old dog and driving there wasn't feasible for le sheena. she ended up telling the the shelter to euthanized fat cat but someone the at the shelter had a coincidental solution. >> she said i understand, and, you know, i will take it for what it is, but i need to let you know a friend of mine just had aing ago way party last night and are you close to scottsdale. >> she said she has agreed, to bring her to you. >> did you want her. >> yeah. >> although they are together again they are a long way from a happy ending. >> what are the chances of us four, coming, you know, crossing paths in this manner, like this, this should have never, this wasn't supposed to happen and it did. >> reporter: now le sheena is trying to raise money to pay for veterinary car fat cat never got. >> she had a hard life and i want to make her as comfortable as possible now that she's home.
6:49 am
>> they call her fat and she's not a cat. >> true, nice ending though. >> yes. i don't know why they called her a girl when it is a boy. we have been following this for a couple of weeks now. michael chase has pled not guilty in connection with with his wife's death. michael chase was in court on friday. prosecutors say that he shot his wife, april, after a fight that was back in may. he is due back in court next month. >> congratulationness order for one of my favorite singer, cristina aguilara. >> is she one of your favorite. >> yes. >> she had a daughter over the weekend. cristina tweeted her name out this morning. the it is, summer rain. >> yes. >> they named her summer rain. >> summer rain. this is cristina's second child, she has a six year-old son from her previous marriage. named winter snow. >> i think it is actually max.
6:50 am
>> max. >> yes. >> that is dull. >> compared to sum are rain. winter snow for that matter. >> how about s-j-p. >> sarah jessica parker walked down the aisle. she has already been married. saturday she served as a bridesmaid to melinda, the two go way back working together on sex and the city. style icon, sjp donned a bright dress, with a bright opting for a fashion forward black and white gown. >> very cool. >> a massachusetts man died in the diving accident hours after raising tens of thousands of dollars for als research. fundraiser who inspired that ice bucket challenge thing. >> the original guy that inspired it. >> the bod irv corry griffin was recovered from a bottom of the harbor in nantucket over the weekend. he was celebrating success of the fund raising campaign when he had the accident and it occurred. hundred thousand dollars was raised during the event, and
6:51 am
ever since ice bucket challenge a few weeks ago, normally at the this time of the year they would have raised about a million-dollar. it has raised close to $14 million. everybody is doing the ice bucket challenge. good day starts in nine minutes. coming up, we will check with our chris o'connell, he was at the taney dragons game last night and watched them come back and beat those players from texas. he will talk to mone davis's mom. >> talk about a crazy, commute, look at this... >> ♪ >> i like it. >> you ever run into these guys on septa, well, we will show you a lot more of this, and group behind the music video and how they managed to record this without anybody in their way. >> or stopping them. >> like the scene from vanilla
6:52 am
sky. >> by the way, speaking of septa? will we have a strike. they have a big meeting. >> they are having a huge meeting. >> yes. >> well, time for weather on the one's and i'm late. >> i don't think anybody will be dancing like that at that meet to go day. >> no. >> lets take a look at the weather outside. it is a nice morning. in the city temperatures are in the 60's but we are in the 50's in the the suburbs this morning. mostly sunny skies, 79 by lunchtime. even with a few clouds, we will top off at a seasonal temperature of 84 degrees work sunset time at 7:53. plan on a nice monday weather-wise. lets see what is going on the the roads, at 6:52, a truck fire, still happening in south brunswick, route one south, just past new road and that truck fire is blocking the right lane. we have construction on the southbound new jersey turnpike
6:53 am
at route 206, exit seven, it has right lane block for a little while longer. it will happen until 7:00 o'clock this morning. we will be right back.
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le announcer: coand join oure wtraveling celebrational as the chesapeake campaign visits town festivals up and down our shores. visit presented by at&t. maryland. land of discovery. those taney dragons coming up big, come from behind to win their second game in the lit will league world
7:00 am
series, in williamsport, it is really up there. >> what? >> these dragons are on fire, that is what dragons do. we will check with chris o'connell because he is standing by right now, introducing you to mone's mom live this morning. we have new developments in the search for the skateboarders who vicious lay tacked a park ranger, we're live with the details. police think they have and know who it is. national guard deployed again overnight, in ferguson, missouri following another night have of violence protesting. they are furious over some autopsy results that came out at 10:00 o'clock last night, on 18 year-old michael brown. we will talk about that in just a bit. and, i canned kerry earlier, you ever have to take a pea in center city during the day. >> of course. >> you know, it doesn't work


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