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tv   Fox 29 Morning News at 4a  FOX  August 19, 2014 4:00am-5:01am EDT

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we are outside einstein hospital a place where we have been before for the same reason before, another philadelphia police officer shot in the line of duty, kerry, we will tell you how he is doing and how it all happen. all right steve. also caught in the chaos a fox reporter attacked, in ferguson missouri. new details coming in this morning as the unrest over police shooting of an unarm teen continues. plus sue serio taking a look at your weather today and we are hearing there may somebody rain by the end of the week, sue. >> that is right, it will be pinning down exactly when that rain will arrive will be our challenge in forecasting the wet they are week. in the meantime we will have your tuesday outlook coming right up, kerry.
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then thank god there are cameras every where another suspect in the terrible on beating of a park ranger at love park is arrested. good day, everybody. the it is tuesday, august 19th, 2014. just after 4:00 o'clock and time for a check of the weather, good morning sue. >> you soundedded really happy, just after 4:00 o'clock. >> i'm so happy to be here at this hour. >> me too. >> indeed. >> sharing the show. >> with kerry barrett. lets take a look at our ultimate doppler radar picture and we are not as snacker i as you think we are about that. it is a good thing. we told but the stalled frontal system that is getting a little bit of rain down in virginia. you can see a tiny bit spreading up to the north, we will look and don't see much of anything going on, on ultimate doppler until we add the satellite picture and then you will see it is cloud any southern delaware and at the beaches, as well. future cast, for today, it is
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showing continued cloud cover down in southern delaware as eve been saying. delaware beaches may not as much a time of it as beach necessary southern new jersey, but we will have a period of sunshine today, for most of us, no rain at all, and probably not the until wednesday or thursday that that will happen so it was indeed a mild monday with yesterday's high of 83. the the average high is 835. we were close to average and it wasn't that bad with the humidity yesterday either. we enjoyed that one. lets see about today. it is warmer today then yesterday with 71 degrees, calm wind, p-5 percent relative humidity. sunrise at 6:17 this morning. temperature 71 here in the city, 68 in wilmington, 51 in mount pocono. we definite love i a milder morning as much as 11 or 12 degrees milder then we were yesterday. dew points are inching up as well. we've got 84 for the high today, a a bit more humid and
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tonight we are down to 56 with partly cloudy skies. is there your fox cast from the weather authority. the let get to traffic at 4:02 abe in tacony ditman street between levick and heller man police activity which is cause ago this road to be closed use the the alternate which is walker street. now, on the new jersey turnpike near route 322 we have construction blocking the left lane there, kerry. sue, thank you. 4:03. we are beginning with breaking news. philadelphia police officer is in the hospital after he was shot in the tacony section of the city early this morning. fox 29's steve keeley is live at einstein hospital where the officer being treated, any word on how he is doing. >> reporter: breaking news but good news from here at einstein. so lets begin with the most important head line. the officer is okay, up and talking after taking a bullet grazing the the the left side of his head a matter of an inch between living and dying here. fourteen long policeman steve getting cat scans as a safety
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precaution but will be going home real soon. his wife here with him now. both just out of another hospital only three weeks ago after becoming new parents. so it will be a second happy release and home coming from the hospital this time with a police escort. here now is a shot that demonstrates all you need to know the danger of just being a police officer in philadelphia and being a living target sometimes. a big bullet hole just behind the scenes of the police van, the the officers were in and the hole right above the word police. shooter's big gun on the sidewalk here on torresdale avenue at the mcgee right in front of the brooks pharmacy that also has bullet holes in it. >> he's lucky tonight. one of our police officers, officer steven cap cap pulse can i a 14 year veteran married with a brand new child just three weeks old was injured today as a result of gunfire. he suffered a grazed wound to the left side of his head.
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>> at 12:44 tonight, the officer and his partner responded to a radio call for a man with a gun at 6401 ditman street. they saw the male at mcgee and torresdale. they went to stop the male. immediately the male fired upon them striking the officer on the left side of his head. he returned fire along with three other officers. they did strike the the suspect. the the suspect had has been pronounced at frankford torresdale. >> very, very fortunate that he was not injured anymore seriously and i think it highlights the dangers police officers face every day when they go out there on the street. >> reporter: what this guy was doing, intend to go do or already had done with the gun police are trying to sort out now. this just happened three hours and 15 minutes ago. they have a lot to learn and still got a lot of investigate to go do. they are looking at this guy's history, priors and will eventually trace this gun and
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see if this guy used it or fired nittany previous unsolved crimes and not that any of the 6500 philadelphia cops needed it, kerry but this is another reminder what they learned from day one and that their next shift may be their lift. >> that is so true, steve, thanks. 4:06. happening right now national guard arriving in ferguson missouri recalm in the wake of the shooting death of an unarmed black teen ager michael brown. late last night police and protestors clashing for another night in the st. louis suburbs. officers trying to enforce tighter restriction bus the protest which they say started off peace any took a violent turn. police say most of the problems are coming from a small group of people. >> these criminal acts came from a tiny minority of the mob breakers. anyone who has been at these protests understand there is a dangerous dynamic in the night. it allows a small number of
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violent agitators to hide in the crowd and then attempt to create chaos. >> attorneys for the the brown family released a a private autopsy saying brown was shot six times including twice in the head, and attorney general eric holder is heading to ferguson on wednesday to meet with federal investigators and community members. the as the unrest in ferguson continues, a fox crew caught right in the in middle of of all of it and one of our own reporters is a tacked. >> unaudible. >> facts reporter charlie woodoff, talking to a man trying to stop the violence in his street all by himself. >> i know you don't want
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anybody looting, i got to live and my son got to live and everybody else got to live. >> i'm black but i know i got to live in this area. i'm for everybody, we ain't got to lieutenant. >> this young man trying to get them to stop but as you heard, his words falling on deaf ears. pope francis speaking out about american air strike in iraq but he has something to say about paying a visit to philadelphia. plus our own sabina kuriakose is live this morning with new details on that brutal video of the park ranger attack at love park. sabina? >> reporter: kerry, that video disturbed the entire city, teenagers, caught attacking a park ranger they have now arrested a second suspect but why police are still looking for a third man coming up we are back
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tuesday morning, hopefully you enjoyed your monday. weather turnout to be nice yesterday. i think we can expect a similar day to day. it will be more humid then it was and as we look down to the south and you will see rain down there in virginia, down there at the mouth of the chesapeake bay there but not too much of it really is sneaking up in our area as we look closer, maybe just a few clouds as we add the satellite picture but even that is not an issue down to the south, so, we're okay, this morning. now we are looking at the future cast and we will see
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plenty of sunshine, today. just about all of us, we are keeping the rain at bay for the rest of the day, tuesday today and then wednesday, it isn't looking too bad either, keeping the rain out to our west it looks like north and west of us maybe by midnight is when we will start to see that rain moving in. it looks like from all indications thursday will be our rainy day but not even a soaker until late in the day when we do expect possibility of pop up thunderstorms after 2:00 in the afternoon. this is thursday into friday morning when we're expecting some rain. our temperature trend, it was going up and it is about the the same as it was on sunday. we got 84 on sunday. eighty-three was our official high for monday. the humidity wasn't bad, temperatures though are warmer, it is muggy this morning then it was yesterday unless you are in the poconos where temperatures are still in the 50's, dew points have now inched into the mid 60's and in some places where it is
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humid. north and west we are fine but we are in the uncomfortable range in our, measure of moisture. so fox cast, shows today's high is 84 degrees and it will be more humid. then tonight the we are down in the mid 60's, with partly cloudy skies. so really not any big weather issues to tell you about, for this afternoon. so go ahead outside enjoy it. lets take a look at traffic now and we will start off with a look at chester county, pennsylvania, the turnpike eastbound approaching downingtown there is construction that is blocking the right lane and also on 202 northbound, at 76, that is the schuylkill, devon park drive, there is construction that is blocking the right lane there, kerry good enough, sue, thank you. 4:13. two people in custody to connection in a shocking attack to a park range inner love park this ugly incident all caught on camera. now police would like to track down the third person they believe was involve.
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fox 29's sabina kuriakose live outside central detectives in center city with the very latest, sabina. >> reporter: good morning, kerry. you look at this video and it is so disturbing. teenagers allegedly surrounding this philadelphia park ranger and viciously beating him. now we know a second suspect has been a less ted. take a look at the the video this park ranger was just doing his job when police say this violent attack occurred. now yesterday police arrested a 19 year-old suspect this morning we can confirm a second suspect is also under arrest a 17 year-old. it happened inside love park friday afternoon in broad daylight, the the video taken by a bystander shows three young people allegedly beating the park ranger, kicking him in the head. police arrested 19 year-old curtis tanner of pos town yesterday. they brought in a 17 year-old for questioning yesterday and he has been arrested as well. >> he goes to court and hopefully the penitentiary, and if it was me and i'm not a
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judge, all those guys standing around would be in the joint too because there is just no excuse for it. absolutely none. >> reporter: no excuse for this vicious assault. both men face charges for aggravated assault and reckless endangerment among other charges. the motive behind all of this police say parks ranger told the teens to stop skateboarding because it is prohibited in love park. now a third suspect believed to have filmed the attack is on the loose this morning, police are still, on the search for him, kerry, back to you. >> hopefully they will catch him soon, back to you. meanwhile philadelphia police looking for two men who assaulted a couple along kelly drive they were walking near brewery hill drive around 9:00 o'clock sunday night when police say two men attack them from behind. there is a lot of runners and walkers that are very disturbed to hear about this but they say it is important to remember to always be aware of your surroundings. >> just think about my wife who is a walker, it doesn't
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matter where you are at, you cannot walk alone anymore. you have to have a partner. you certainly can't walk alone with headphones on. you need to be aware where ever you are. >> it is a shame, isn't it. suspect are still on the loose this morning. it wases a ride to remember throughout the streets of philadelphia... a group of motorcyclist ending their memorial ride at fop lodge in northeast philadelphia yesterday. this event, honoring the life of officer set h, who was killed last tuesday riding his motorcycle long the pennsylvania turnpike. stillfox was on his way home from a cross country ride. state police say speed and wet roads contributed to the crash. president obama hailing the recapture of mosul dam by iraqi and kurdish forces bolstered by u.s. air strikes. the the president says if that span spanning the river had been breached the consequences would have been catastrophic. it is a major source of water
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and electricity for a lot of that country. the president also urging iraq's fractured government to form a united front and pope frances showing his support in the mission to work towards peace. on his flight home from south korea he said he approves of the u.s. air strikes on militants to protect minorities. now the pope also talking about his desire to come to the united states, next year. he said wow like to attend the world meeting of families right here in philadelphia in september. the vatican has told philadelphia officials that the pope will make a definitive decision about visiting here most likely in march. this is a very bad month to be a gator in alabama. it is gator hunting season and this guy is a record breaker. look at this thing, 15 feet from snout to tail. the largest ever killed legally anyway by hunters. legally being the keyword.
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weight, 1,011 and a half pounds, previous record 838-pound. body of the missing pregnant wife of the u.s. marine found in an abandoned mine shaft in southern california. twenty year-old eric cover win disappeared two months ago. her remains were found on saturday. police arrested corwin's alleged lover in alaska. they say corwin was having an affair with christopher lee and they believe he is the one that killed her. four california slaughter house officials accused of knowingly processing diseased meat. the investigation involves rancho feeding core, which was center of a massive beef recall earlier this year. two co-owners and managers from the company have been indicted. about 79 cows with a form of eye skin cancer were passed in the food supply on the orders of these men. this is according to the indictment. nearly 9 million-pound of beef was processed at this north
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california plant and all recalled before the plant closed in february. a texas judge opting against issuing an arrest warrant for governor rick perry. the governor facing grand jury indictment on allegations of abuse of power. they stem from the arrest of district tone rose marie lumburg. last year she was arrested and quick for drunk driving. governor perry asked her to step down. when she refused he vetoed millions have of dollars of hundred dollar funding. opposition against the indictment is mounting including top democratic campaign advisor david axlerod who called the indictment, quote pretty sketchy. a hospital network's computers are hack, data on more than 4 million people, stolen, local patients, could ab monk them. community health systems operates more than 200 hospitals here in the united states, including chestnut hill hospital . hackers gained access to the names, social security numbers, and birth dates of patients.
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no confirmation that patients at chestnut hill hospital are affect but you will find a complete list of the hospital that are affected by the data out of reach on my fox just look under the as seen on tv section and tune into "good day philadelphia" later this morning because just after 8:00 o'clock we will talk about that breach and what it could mean for you if you have visited, one of these affected hospitals. all right. it is 4:20. taking a beautiful look at old city this morning. a little bit cooler as you step outside this morning on your way to work or where ever you headed, that certainly felt nice. unfortunately there are some changes in the works and perhaps some rain mid week, sue. >> but i think we will hold it off, kerry until thursday. so today, mostly dry, and tomorrow, mostly dry but lets talk about today because i don't know about you but at this hour this is all i can handle what will it be like today. we are off to a comfortable
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start, temperatures in the 60's, some are in the 70's this morning but with the mixture of sun and clouds we will get to 81 and we should top off at 83. it the is more humid then it has been the paces couple of days but only a little bit. sunset time 7:52. there is your planner for this tuesday, the 19th of august. it is time for traffic now, and we will talk about the schuylkill expressway westbound between passyunk and university avenue. we have construction. that is blocking the right lane, luckily, kerry, it is early so it should in the slow you down. >> hopefully it clears out pretty soon. a michigan teen's college future could be in jeopardy after what he said he contracted from a wrestling match, seriously, what it was, and how it could affect his sports career.
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good morning i'm howard eskin. after last night every team in baseball had has now visited citizens bank park. phillies off a terrible road trip played seattle. lets go to the the ballpark. andre blank co playing short stop for .236 hitting jimmy rollins three run home run gives phillies a four to nothing lead they beat seattle four-one. it doesn't worry defensive coordinator billy davis. >> the only time you can grow
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a young guy is in the preseason because once the season starts your one's get the work and they play every snap and for two's it the may be six weeks before they get in the with one's. right now we need every practice and every preseason game. >> you can expect starters at least on offense to play a half. that is longest they have played so far in the preseason. phillies again tonight, if you care against seattle. that is sports in a minute, i'm howard eskin. 4:25. michigan teen says his college future in sports may be in jeopardy after he gets herpes, from wrestling. fourteen year-old john martinez and his mother said he caught it from a matt. doctors tested four boys that john was in competition with. two had shingles on their forehead. john's mother believe they may also have had herpes. 229-pound teen hoped to wrestle and play football in college getting a free tuition but he is not so sure now.
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>> i wounded up getting a scholarship to football and wrestling so i could have that paid off but now that i have a disease i cannot get a scholarship now. >> the superintendent says that she's looking into what happened. we have an update to a story we first told but yesterday morning. we have learned that marine who was banned from a new jersey amusement park because of his t-shirt has been issued an apology because of that. six flags great adventure's president apologized to the marine for the the incident. he was wearing a t-shirt with the rifle keep calm and return fire printed on it. the park has a policy begins coating that is viewed as vulgar or offensive, however now, park officials say they didn't know the t-shirt was from a charity that supports the military. alejandro says he accepts their apology. >> ♪
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>> taylor swift firing back, so-called haters in a brand new music video but that is not all she's unleashing. what else was in store for her fans.
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an officer shot in philadelphia in the early morning hours. he is expect to be okay but man that hit him has been gunned down. we will have a live report on
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the details in just a few minutes. if you'd like to burn calories without getting up from your desk this may be the answer. even fitness expert agree it can make a big difference, why they also admit, it is probably not the best idea. plus cast of saturday night live mourning a great loss today who this man is and the vital role he played in that show every saturday night. governor christie breaking it down with jamie fox but he is not the only famous politician at the this park, who else joined in on the action. he actually has some moves. it is not completely appalling. good day everybody, it is tuesday august 19th, 2014. who knew he was a dancer, sue. >> well, he was enjoying himself and that helps. >> uninhibited. >> right. well, we've got, i know, it is
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early but if you just got home from work, it is late. we're glad you are with us either way. let look at ultimate doppler radar. we have not only the rain but the clouds, and we don't have a whole lot of either. we have no rain to show you, the loop over the last hour. tiny areas of green not raining every where. as we look at the the future cast it looks like for the most part we will stay dry. a few areas of green popping up but most of that indicates cloud cover and not rain, so all models are agreeing on that as we go into wednesday, it is still looking pretty good. it is thursday, that is the the day when we see, on rain potentially moving in. that is what is going to be our issue i think for thursday, maybe even into friday morning. hey, phillies won last night. we're hoping for a repeat of that today as we look at our phillies forecast. it looks like a great night for baseball the the game at
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7:05 and 79 degrees should be the temperature when we get started phillies verse mariners again. eighty-four is our high, partly sunny, more humid then yesterday but not excessively so, and tonight, we're down to 65 degrees with partly cloudy skies. so really not bad at all, pretty typical for august, as we are's not really humid. we will take it. that is your fox cast from the weather authority 467:89:32 is the time on the new jersey turnpike southbound at route 206 we have construction blocking the right lane but it is expected to clear up by 6:00 a.m. also on the pennsylvania turnpike passed valley forge we have construction there and that one is blocking the left lane, kerry good okay sue, thank you. 4:32. some breaking news right now, a philadelphia police officer shot during an exchange of gunfire with a suspect, in the tacony section of the city. fox 29's steve keeley is live at einstein hospital where the officer is being treated, steve? >> reporter: well, news out of the einstein emergency room
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hasn't always been so good when it comes to the philly police officer shot in the line of duty but officer steve korpalski which watching his next eagles game on tv and hearing announcers say on a close first down play that the game is a matter of inches may realize how his life is a matter of inches. it had already been a bad year for philly cops being shot at or having guns pulled on them by people and police having to shoot back to survive their shift and it happened again to korpalski on what many considered the the most dangerous shift, late night, overnight, when the streets, allies, sidewalks are dark and some of the worst people are up to the worst crimes. it doesn't get much worse then trying to kill cops just as they show up after answering a call for a guy seen outside walking around with a gun and look at our video. officer korpalski in his partner's police van took a bullet right behind where they sit right next to the word police right to left above it and it came from this gun which also fired the bullet that grazed korpalski in the head, here at torresdale and
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mcgee. right in front of the brooks pharmacy a corner building now with bullet holes in it too. soon after that 911 call came in at quarter to 1:00 this morning. >> we're extremely lucky tonight, one of our police office's signed to the 15th district officer steven korpalski a 14 year veteran of the department, married with a brand new child three weeks old was injured today, as a result of gunfire. he suffered a grazed wound to the left side of his head. >> at 12:44 tonight, officer korpalski and his partner responded to a radio call for a male with a gun at 6401 ditman street. they saw the male at mcgee and torresdale. they went to stop the male, the male fired upon them striking officer korpalski in the left side of his head. he returned fire with three other officers, and they did strike the suspect, the suspect has been pronounced at 1:35 at frankford torresdale.
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>> very, very fortunate that he he was not injured anymore seriously and it really highlights the dangers that police officers face every single day when they go out there on the street. >> i heard several gunshots at my house, it sounded like nine to 12 or 14, it soundedded like it is at cottman and knor and that is scary. it was never like this. >> reporter: police will trace this gun back and shooter prior actions back to try to figure out what he was going to do, or may have already just done with the gun before they showed up. the getting back, kerry to how i began here outside einstein with the news in police shooting cases, not always being so good. count me among many who cannot drive by here along broad street without remembering that halloween morning in 2007 when officer chuck cassidy was rush here to the emergency room and being shot to the head and news was about as
4:36 am
awful as it gets. >> steve, thank you. grim reminder no doubt. 4:35. the national guard ace arriving at ferguson, missouri help restore calm in the wake of the shooting death of an unarmed black teenager michael brown. late last night police and protesters clashing for yet another night in the st. louis suburb. officers trying to enforce tighter restrictions for the protest which started off peacefully took a violent turn. police say most of the problems, are coming from a small group of people. >> these criminal acts came from a tiny my north of law breakers. but anyone who has been at these protests that there is a dangerous dynamic in the night allows a small number of violent agitators to hide in the crowd and then attempt to create chaos. >> yesterday, attorneys for the brown family released a private autopsy saying that brown was shot six times, including twice in the head. attorney general eric holder
4:37 am
headed to ferguson tomorrow to meet with federal investigators and community members. philadelphia police releasing a picture that they'd like to you see to try to help catch the person who opened fire outside of a concert for peace. take a look, they would like your help to identify and track this guy down, officers would like to talk to him about a deadly shooting outside a concert in philadelphia's strawberry mansion neighborhood. somebody killed 20 year-old alexis last wednesday night during a fight in the parking lot, that concert as i mentioned was meant to promote, peace. 4:37 right now, taney dragons gearing up for their third world series game, their merchandise is flying off of the shelves, and it is not just people from philadelphia that are cheering them on. how these sluggers are reaching fans all across the country. and then, yuck, movie goers getting more than just pop corn on their shirts when they left this theater,
4:38 am
what they were bit by, bitten by i should say that caused a real problem.
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take a live look at fourth and market in olde city, philadelphia, nice cool morning, little bit cooler, lot cooler then it was. >> yes, warmer in some spots but here in the city, it feels good, no humidity, low
4:41 am
humidity. >> believe me, we have seen worse in the middle of august. >> in fact this whole winter, we did some checking, last week and actually, as a whole this summer, has been about 2 degrees cooler then an average summer at least so far and it doesn't sound like much but on a whole averaging in these highs and lows of the summer it is really a lot. it has been a cool summer. we have got a break many, many days from excessive humidity. we've got comfortable temperatures as kerry and i were talking out there but just mild inner some spots then yesterday. it just depend where you are. some temperatures in the 50's and 60's. sun and clouds today, seasonal temperatures once again. it will be a bit more humid then it was yesterday, we've got mid week showers, a dry wednesday, and possibly rain on thursday. so if we can confine the rain to one day i think we will take that just fine. that is a look at your weather today. lets start off with traffic in
4:42 am
camden, 676 southbound at route 42 freeway currently construction blocking the left lane and that is expect to clear up by 6:00 o'clock this morning, kerry? ♪ >> taylor swift, knowing about her bad rep and she's using to it her advantage. what she revealed to her fans, along with this music video.
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>> reporter: is this a team of destiny. >> yes, we're going all the way. >> taney dragons are on fire that was star player mone davis's mom yesterday on good day philadelphia we are continuing to cheer the team on at the little league world series. you can join us in wishing them luck on twitter, use the hash tag fox 29 taney dragons. they will play again tomorrow. and if you need to get your fan gear, triple play sports on the 800 block of south ninth street ace parentally the the place to go, it is taney dragons go to spot for their gear during the regular season. well, as soon as the team started heating up, triple play started designing new merchandise for the proceeding go to straight to the league and had stuff is flying off the shelves. store's owner says he is getting on line orders from all across the country. a movie need inner lodi, california new temporarily
4:46 am
closed. kind of a horror show going on there movie goers there became main attraction for bed bugs, gross. some patrons say they have more than a hundred by the, welts all of them appearing shortly after enjoying a film. they say that they told the theater manager what was going on saturday but still another audience was allowed to sit in the same seats. movie goers says after he posted a problem on facebook the theater finally took action. >> that is when they closed the theater down. >> you shouldn't have to worry about your local movie theaters having bugs. >> the the theater shut down after admit to go finding the bed bugs inside of the theater, in word when it plans to reopen. you know that voice, i know you do, legendary tr announcer don pardo has died. his family says he passed away
4:47 am
in tucson, on monday at 96 years old. although rarely seen he was a very important part of so many shows including the original version of jeopardy and price is right. of course, he was the voice of saturday night life for more than three decades. comic book legend chen li is appearing to a new crowd with the release of new children's book. li is known for characters such as spider man and the hulk but with this mischief us little dinosaur he is targeting specific fans under the age of ten. >> we realize there has not been a age we were satisfying and we didn't want to leave them without great reading material. we have a duty to cover everybody. i think there is a nice little moral in it, it is a simple little story and good for young children that voice, my goodness. >> a lot has change since lee released his first captain america comic book back in 1941. he says his characters have stood the test of time because
4:48 am
they are easy for audiences to identify with. ♪ >> new jersey governor chris christie getting his groove an at a party in the hamptons. he is right there tearing it up with oscar winner jamie fox. governor was guest of jon bon jovi and fox egged him on to dance. he is pretty good. the big event raised four million-dollar for at polo theater in harlem. worm motion. >> yes, good we missed that. we will get that coming up. taylor swift is one busy girl, new album titled 1989 because that is the year that she was born but that is not all. she premiered her new song and music video from the album called shake it off, listen to it. >> ♪
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>> it is inspired by late 80's pop music, new album, doesn't come out until the end of october. 4:49. the average american spend eight hours a day sitting at a desk. so three former college pals set out to stay active while still getting their work done. you could call it looking at ways to get fit while you sit. fox's alexis helms has the story. >> reporter: meet qv an under the desk trainer that helps you burn calories and get your blood flowing while you work. >> you realize there was nothing that was specifically designed for the office. i mean you can use it, i use it, wearing dresses or wearing heels right now. >> reporter: it is brainchild of three friends who were students at the university of chicago. the ceo of this group said he came up with the idea because he could not afford a treadmill desk and his company
4:50 am
would not let him change the furniture in the office. >> it is purpose to keep you active in the office and no way is it trying to replace your gym time or exercise time. even if you go to the gym for a 30 minutes a day but sitting inactive for long period of time, it is still unhealthy for you. so that is what we are trying to change. >> reporter: jennifer is certified personal trainer at the rush university prevention center. she says there is no harm in using the product but she prefers her people to get up from their chairs and just get moving. >> people say things like i don't have time to leave my desk i'm way too busy. but you have to think about your clarity and your level of productivity when you are sitting there, typing all day, strapped tour desk. >> reporter: company says you can burn up to 120 calories an hour depending on your speed and resistance but on top of that it could help your mind be more productive as well. >> it actually helps you work better because it is kind of of like an outlet if you get distract. it helps you focus while
4:51 am
working. >> reporter: in three weeks, it has raised $60,000 from preorders worldwide. they say, anyone can benefit . >> something we noticed it is in the just young people, but different age groups. older people who felt like their movement was restrict because of knee problems a lot of customers expecting a change. >> reporter: alexis helms, "fox news". all right. we've got a look now at what is going on with our weather and basically whatever you like about yesterday, you'll love about today as well. we're still generally under the influence of high pressure but we're watching this system to the south because it is close enough it is spreading clouds at times in southern delaware and you can see showers down to the south as well and the front is stationary. it will be there for the next couple of days, it just depend where it decides to waiver whether we see any rain from it at all. but it doesn't look like we have got anything going on until thursday, so we will jump ahead in our future cast to wednesday and you can see
4:52 am
when the fox 29 morning news comes on, we will be fine. we will see sunshine during the day on wednesday, and we should keep away the rain. it is not until thursday, the rain starts to sneak in the morning, it is just spotty at first until the afternoon and then we will get some heavier rain and maybe some thunderstorm activity by then so that is going on with our next chance of rain, not until thursday. we have the eagles game then at the lincoln thursday evening, and so cloud and showers will be around but i think we will get the game in anyway. friday, saturday it starts to improve. by saturday and sunday we will have a very comfortable weekend and so far it looks like we don't have any storm systems coming our way either saturday or sunday and even on monday when it starts to get a little bit warmer. so there it is, your weather authority forecast for your tuesday and beyond. now let check the roads for you. we will start off with the pennsylvania turnpike eastbound between fort washington and bensalem. construction is there. it is blocking left and center
4:53 am
lanes. on i-95 northbound at the airport we have construction only letting the left lane get by, kerry. >> it is 4:53 right now. this is not your average combination, soccer, and parking, how the two come together in university of colorado at
4:54 am
4:55 am
mountain climbing like you have never ever seen before or probably ever imagined it.
4:56 am
extreme climbers scaling a hundred tane in switzerland, that is more than 13,000 feet. fifteen recording their track with the high tech camera. in the past more than 60 climbers have died attempting similar climbs. the university of of colorado is turning a garage rooftop into a soccer field. that is not a bad idea, two soccer fields located on top of the parking garage. garage features 1200 parking spaces, the 23 million-dollar project is intended to be used for recreational and inter mural sports. like it or not for the right price people can now learn how to grow marijuana in new jersey. the atlantic city is hosting a four day seminar for a thousand bucks. it starts saturday at bally's casino. right now only medical marijuana is legal in new jersey, growing your own is not. so how will they teach this course? they are using the herb basil for actual demonstrations. years of hard work down
4:57 am
the drain for teens across the the state kicked off the field hockey teams but not for anything that they ever did wrong, the controversial change, forcing schools to side line the boys. then a hospital network's computers are hacked, stealing data from more than 4 million people, how to find out if your information is at risk.
4:58 am
4:59 am
an officer shot in the early morning hours in philadelphia, how he is doing right now and where the gun man is, as well.
5:00 am
and then caught in the chaos, a fox reporter is attacked in ferguson, missouri. the new decoming in this morning as unrest over police shooting of an unarmed teenager continues. plus pope francis speaking out about american air strikes in iraq but he also has something today about paying a visit to philadelphia. this bird isn't just singing for himself he actually has an audience. who his dinner guest is that he is serenading, coming up in the trend. good day, it is tuesday, august 19th, 2014. just after 5:00 o'clock right now approaching 5:01 to be specific and time for wet are on the one's with sue. it feels good for mid-august. >> really, we have gotten such a break with this summer, from extreme heat and


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