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tv   Good Day Philadelphia  FOX  August 20, 2014 7:00am-9:01am EDT

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our police commissioner, commissioner ramsey every philadelphia, here to talk about his talks with the attorney general. he's advising. and it may be summer, but these eagles are not swimming to cool off. why'rtaking a dunk in a big pool of ice water. you know why they're doing it. >> hey, by the way, i do have my taney maroon on. >> i know. >> i didn't have any baby blue. >> what's that? >> good. >> well, my tie is crooked. >> baby blue, maroon? >> picture, hashtag on twitter fox 29 taney dragons, okay? all right. we going to play this game or not? >> like you said, it is a 50-50 shot. >> thunderstorms are going to
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be around williamsport, rain, as well. so we'll see if it is a delay, don't know how long they delay little league games before they call t it is an if-ee situation, for us, in philadelphia area, eight out of ten, today, and bus stop buddy, we bring back muggy the dog, to let you know that it is definitely more humid today. temperatures are in the 60s and 70s, as walk out the door. there is the rain we're talking about, dry at the moment in williamsport. no rain showing up thereon radar, but pittsburgh getting its share of heavy downpours as well as eastern ohio, but nothing going on right here. 71 degrees in philadelphia, right now, mix of sun and clouds, out there, phillies have an afternoon game today should be dry, no rain, but more humid. so you might perspire little bit out there. hopefully fill least win this runner match with the seattle mariners. 86 degrees today. warm, humid, tonight, don't expect the rain in our area
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until after midnight. low of 67 degrees. and that is your weather authority forecast. now, we get to traffic on the schuylkill expressway westbound, ramp to the blue route. that disable vehicle is clear. shouldn't and delay on the road because of. >> this but the big thing is i95 southbound, just after the vine, central philadelphia, the only, only the shoulder getting by, because that far accident. huge delays there, ems and the fire department are on the scene, try to avoid i95 southbound, right near the vine st. expressway. kerry? >> sue, thank you. it is clock 02 right now. the taney dragoons hitting the field again today hopefully -- >> tonight. >> little if-ee, yes. 7:30. >> 7:30, little league world series, all eyes on mo'ne davis, she made history. >> yes. >> thirteen years old. >> no matter the age, mo'ne davis, look at that, cover the sport illustrated. that's off their website, hard
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copy will be out in a couple of hours. >> the pressure. >> puts her in the class of top athletes in the world, not even in high school yet, but the first little leaguer ever on the cover. that's why we sent steve keeley, three hour drive, now on the back porch of the grounds keeper's home. steve? >> reporter: yes, before all eyes are on mo'ne, this is the big team here the most important forecast, maybe give mo'ne's little more rest with rain in the forecast. i talked about how she signed so many autographs, maybe her pitching hand needs more rest than the fingers and how she can hold that ball, that fastball and that great curve ball she has. so, these guys are up early, they got the tv here on the balcony. they got the peanuts, the pretzels and everybody has their individual mug of coffee, that's what we will call. >> this look at this view they have. these guys, we always say, the
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grounds crew is a thankless job. this is also a pay less job. these are volunteers who give up their own time. not just here for the morning, they live here full time during the whole world series, that's few weeks, because they have to work before the teams even get here to make that field as beautiful as it is. i said if i ever played on that field i would have never retired at age 12 as a little leaguer. my field was no where near. that will that's really a true life field of dreams. so with us we have mack, jim, jim, and walley. very easy names to remember. and mack, you probably didn't think your job here, your volunteering, it is not such a vital thing, the field looks beautiful. then you turn on the tv and you see rain in the forecast. now you guys have a little bit of nerves in you, don't you? >> yes, we do. we'll handle it. we'll take care of it. >> jim, i always wonder, looking at that field, and i see the outfield has like two different designs in it, you have the checks in left field and then you have the stripes in right and centerfield. how do you guys do that?
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>> the mower has rollers on, which it rolls it one way, and rolls back the other way. very simple, you know, you are just rolling it, pushing it down one way, pulling it back the other. >> you guys are real artists. jim it, looks beautiful. do you think mother nature will mess up your canvas here? that looks great on national tv and looks better even in person. >> no, i don't think so. we could use little water on the outfield in the grass part, it is running dry. but probably the hardest thing to do, on this field, the dirt area, that's what it is called here, infield dirt. it is not called soil. but probably the hardest thing. and these two guys here, they work pretty heavy on it, raking it, keeping it ready to go. >> mo'ne just turned 13. you guys have been working on doing this for 19 years, the longest, and were you here in 201, the worlds records, popularity of the philly team, the fact philadelphia people
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can drive-thru hours if their kids want to, do you think we'll blake record if she keeps winning? >> i don't think they'll break it. i think that number of 41,000 will be real tough to break. but i bet we'll be around 30 or lower 30,000 here. >> the thing everybody wants to know, see the kids sliding down the hill on the cards boards, do you guys do that in your free time ever, even more advance in the age? >> little too advance in the age to try that. >> but it will be nice now do that when it gets all muddy out here? >> not at all. it is good. >> all right, look, let's show you mo'ne's sports illustrated cover if you haven't seen it, and she's two months past age 13, and her mother promises to buy a thousand cop whens it comes out today. here is the sports illustrated i brought with me from 2008. the greatest continous player of all time in a lot of people's mine, the guy who won the most grand slams, roger federer, never on cover of a sports illustrated until he lost what's considered the greatest match of all time
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against nadal in wimbleton in july of 08. that's yes kept this article. even wrote book from this article. and that shows you, roger federer finally gets on sports illustrated as a loser, and it is only his back to the picture. now, here is the only other time sports illustrated ever considered putting a little leaguer on the world series cover, here's the photo they took back in july 1974, were going to put this kid on the cover, however, bigger sports story in july 1974 that just elboed this kid out of there. but this was going to be the original, little league world series from camden, new jersey, the first field you see when you cross the walt whitman bridge. notice the weeds in the infields, and in camden's little league field back in 74. nothing like what we see here today. >> that would be a steve keeley right there. >> look at him. >> look at you. haven't change add bit. >> shortstop. number four, i was one notch above mo'ne's number three. >> so, she's babe ruth. i'm lou gehrig. >> pretty much. thanks, steve. we'll check back in
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williamsport in a bit. 7:07. big news. >> yes, we do. u.s. attorney general eric holder will be in ferguson, missouri, meeting of course with the fbi we've been talking about, other lawmakers as well handling the case surrounding the shooting death of un arm teenager michael brown. >> demonstrations continued last night, over the last couple of hours, been 11 days since the unarmed teen was shot by a police officer there. but it could take weeks for a decision about whether the officer will be charged with the shooting. missouri governor said yesterday, he would not seek to remove the prosecutor overseeing the case although critics say he has close ties to law enforcement, relatives, of police officers. that will could make it difficult for him to be fair. meanwhile, police say, last night's demonstrations brought less conflict compared to previous evenings.
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>> know walked, they talked with people, they urged calm and peace. that had common influence on the younger people. >> still, police say, they need 47 arrests last night, meanwhile, make sure to stay tuned for our next half hour, philadelphia police commissioner, charles ramsey will be live to talk about the issues, talked to eric holler, and tell us a little bit about what they spoke of, and where maybe things will be going. >> officials talking with our commissioner what to do. can you imagine if that was happening in philadelphia? what would we do? >> now, to an ongoing hostage situation. >> south of chicago. >> two adults, two children we're hearing at this hour that are still being held in home by two arm men this is in harvey, illinois. so suburb of chicago. they've been holding four other children, but apparently those four had been released at this point. authorities say this stand-off
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began when these two suspects ran into a home following exchange of gunfire with police during some sort of burglary investigation. >> over the scene, still, very active scene, negotiators are working at this point to release the other victims that running held, the two adults, the two additional children. >> sister station in chicago there chopper. >> truck driver being called a hero for making a rescue in a horrific crash in missouri. >> yes, really is. >> puts out inch fern over, after, that others came to help. they were able to eventually get the pair out of that car absolutely nobody suffered any serious injuries. >> craze. >> i yes, just couple every bumps, bruce. >> 7:10. world news, cease-fire between israel and hamas eventually coming to violent end. >> the area supposed to be
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under 24 hour extension of the temporary cease-fire, lasts about 12 hours, so yesterday, hamas militants fire rockets toward the israeli town of bro-sheen a did retaliate with palestinians saying israeli rockets hit gas a israel immediately recalled its delegation from the peace talks in egypt. the fighting has been going on for more than a month, as you know, nearly 2,000 people have died since the start of this particular conflict. >> james foley beheaded, released by islamic militants. >> so ice thinks millitant group in iraq and syria says his death in retaliation, conducting those air strikes, against their isis members. now the group threatening to kill another american journalist, that they kidnapped. >> fox's doug has that story for us, from washington, this video was horrific.
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>> yes, kerrey, mike, just awful. in this video, american journalist, jim foley, can be seen kneeling next to a man wearing a black hood, in a message presumably scripted by his captors, he said moments before he is beheaded i wish i had more time. i wish i could have the hope to see my family once again. his death at the hands of these ruthless captors, isis, has really struck a raw nerve . is affecting people in the situation room, in the oval office, the way it affect you and me. >> president obama will speak on foley's death later today. there is unimaginable pressure on the command nerve chief, reporting isis militants claim to hold another us journalist steven sotloff, a mask man speaking in english, with a british accent, says, quote, the life of this american citizen obama depend on your next decision. the only correct response to this kind of otrocity would be
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to hit islamic state targets strategic tarring that's hit the massively in what what used to be syria cents used to be iraq. >> in may of 2011 foley appeared on the o'reilly factor. >> what you do, the fire so heavy, we pressed ourselves as far as we could to the grounds. >> so they were sheeting at you? >> why. >> colleague antoine hammer was killed. >> foley's mother diane issued statement late yesterday which said quote we have never been prouder of our son jim. he gave his life trying to expose the world to the suffering of the syrian people. we implore the kidnap tears spare the lives of the remaining hostages. >> said last night, real important what the american government says now, because there are a lot of audiences not just isis but iraqi and curds i shall friends, as well. kerrey, mike? >> i remember when james was on the o'reilly factor, my goodness, this is horrible. we'll follow it the next couple of days. thank you so much. it is 7:14 almost. well, happening today two men
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charge in the connection with the shooting death after toddler are due in court. this morning, a preliminary hearing will be held for douglas woods' pictured on the left, brandon rough inch, pictured on the right, on august the first. police say ruffin fired arrange of gun bullying et cetera, birrage of gun bullets, into germantown neighborhood, and three year old was struck in the chest and died. two others were injured, including a man police say ruffin some type of argument w woods accused of being an accomplice in that shooting. >> members of the mel political tan region of car carpenters, to protest what they say is unfair lockout of the pennsylvania convention center. local carpenters are at odds with convention center management over work rules, today's rally will take place at 12th and arch right by the convention center, at 10:00 o'clock, this morning.
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>> the purpose hine the bill, new jersey new jersey lieutenant governor, you know her, will sign into law today, a bill, a 2072 bill, 2072, and it is important that you know the exact number, the bill requires public school students in the ninth through 12th grade to learn cpr. how about that? and how to use an external defibrillator. just in case anything happens at school around our area. >> there will be a quiz on that number later, do you remember? >> nope. >> might want to know, okay, 7:15, here's sue. >> hi, we have a look at the wet they are morning, and starting offer with radar, because we are watching this area of rain in the western part of pennsylvania, eastern ohio, as well, as it mars to the east. and you know what? it is getting closer to about, three and a half hour drive.
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the rain not there yet. we do expect it to be there little later on in the afternoon. world series game tonight at 7:30, with our taney dragons. scattered thunderstorms, cloudy, humid otherwise. with 78 degrees, at game time, it is really if-ee. and then it gets if-ee for the weather, for the eagles game, here, in our town, lincoln financial field, tomorrow night. eagles and steelers in their pre-season game, probably won't cancel because every rain unless there is lightning. there is the possibility of thunderstorm tomorrow night. so plan on having the rain gear with you if you have tickets to the eagles game tomorrow. 87 degrees yesterday's high, starting to feel little more like august usually feels around here, and it is muggy to start the day. 71 degrees here in town, and in wilmington, we're close to 70 in reading, 67 in trenton, 06 mount pocono, 64 degrees down in wildwood this morning. dew points, now that they're
7:17 am
in the mid 60s, that's an indication that it is indeed pretty sticky outside. so we get to 86 degrees today. have some sunshine, some clouds, and a eight out of ten, and then five tomorrow, with the showers and thunderstorms around. that we just talk about for the eagles game. friday, it is looking if-ee in the morning. hoping things clear out in the afternoon, with high of 80 degrees, and it should be dry, cross your fingers, for the weekend, and we look like we're having autumnal temperatures on both saturday and sunday, with 77, 78 degrees, both days, it doesn't even get to 80 on monday, either. so little preview of the coming season ahead for this weekend there. is your seven day forecast, it is time to check traffic now on your wednesday morning. pennsylvania turnpike, eastbound, after willow grove. we have construction blocking the right lane there. so that will slow you down. also, staying on top of this i59 southbound situation, right there, at the vine,
7:18 am
right around the ben franklin bridge, shoulder still the only thing getting by. we have the fire department, there the ems responders there still working on clearing that accident this morning. phillies and mariners wrap up their series this afternoon at citizens bank park, are you going to go? cole hamels will be on the mound, good news, for the phillies. kyle, homered last night, leading mariners to five to two win. that is the six ' time this season the phillies scored jets three runnings or less. sixty-five times. >> chip kel had i fun at the expense of shady mccoy, after making come hasn't shady doesn't always give it his best in practice, one of the questions was tow injury. here's what he had to say about turf toe.
7:19 am
>> i don't think he'll ever play again. >> he's fine. he was at practice yesterday. >> he's great. speaking of the eagles, the whole team here including coach chip kelly got soak for the als cause. >> pool of ice water, look at these backhoes, front loaders, pouring all of the cold watt near the pool. my goodness. took three of those loaders to help with that. you know that shady's grandmother passed away after suffering from als? little later on, too, we'll talk to the person in charge of this whole campaign to raise money for als awareness, coming up, will be here live. >> hey, pay up or get up. reportedly what the nfl is telling music's biggest
7:20 am
superstars, like katy perry. why they're asking for cash from a music superstar, the nfl? what's going on there? big sports story. playing very tough team out of nef add a we'll take a look at how they've, well, what attack they'll take tonight against the very god las vegas team.
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sometimes, caring for your neighbors means going the extra mile. when our patient, susan, mentioned her dad couldn't make it in to pearle vision to get his eyes checked... we went to him. and we realized, if he had trouble getting new glasses... he probably wasn't the only one. to us, eye care is about living dr. pearles legacy.
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building a trusting relationship with the person behind the eyes. this is genuine eye care, right in your neighborhood. this is pearle vision. >> see the ben franklin bridge over there, an accident, dealing with this for over an hour, trying to get this thing cleared up, affecting i95, at this point. so, skyfox to the scene, looks like things improving, at least one lane getting by there on the right. get you more info, in just a bit. we'll get right back to that after i tell you this. >> first, it was new york
7:24 am
magazine called her national treasure. >> now she is on the cover of sports illustrated magazine mo'ne davis out of philadelphia has been a big story here for couple of weeks. but mo'ne mania sweeping the entire country. i'm telling you, espn can't stop talking about this on national level. kyle, from crossing broad. com tracks all of the philly sports, read him every day. kyle, welcome to the program here. >> how is it going? >> why is this such a big deal? is it because kind of some of our other sports teams may be just general news and public in philadelphia around the country, is such a downer right now? >> really been such a long summer, phillies haven't been good in what, two, three years, reaching that point of eagles training camp where any news is just over kill. no hockey or basketball any time soon. we finally have something to be positive about. this is probably the first really exciting team, baseball team, we've had since 2011
7:25 am
phillies maybe. >> big time at loads have been tweeting, sending messages, things like. that will give me some exam unless. >> you got mike trout, you gotti think kobe bryant tweeted her, getting tweets from celebrities, saying her twitter followers wentz to up 15,000, like 26,000 instagram followers, that's how kids measure their success, every time you see her talking, not about how many interview requests she getting it, was how many instagram followers she has. >> we roll footage of her when she is taking batting practice, notice which jersey she has on? did you see that? >> i saw the chase utley jerry? yes, yes. having trouble with your head phone there? >> yes, i got you. >> good. >> what are the chapses in team this vaguest team is very good. they got a shout of beat that team, because they have homerun hitters? yes, i think they do. mo'ne said yesterday that she has watching some of the tape and didn't think their pitch remembers that great.
7:26 am
if you look at the las vegas scored, they probably haven't faced pitcher as good as mo'ne. i compare them yesterday on the site, if you remember the movie mighty ducks with iceland, you you know, the team heavily favored or, kids were bigger, were strong, they scored a loft goals. but you got to like the scrappy team from philadelphia. you know, i think this will probably be the best pitcher those guys will have to face. >> oh, good. i night bring this up. but when i heard she was on the cover sports illustrated, oh, how did you feel about it? because there kind of jinx thing? >> yes, well, i mean, you're excited for her. i can't think there has never been little leaguers on the cover of sports illustrated as you said. >> never. >> and to think two weeks ago no one even new who she; today she is the biggest storey? sports. that's real cool for her. at the same time i am i am yesterday bridge superstitious, aim he with you, slug and said well, it was fun while it lasted. >> i don't know if this passed, but espn3 yesterday,
7:27 am
did it again. brooklawn, new jersey, hear about the american legion team over there? >> i did, yes. seems like we got a lot of really good talented youngsters in this area, which is pretty interesting, because the rest, the southern half of the country gets to play baseball year around, and up here you basically get april through october at best. you get half the time. >> looking fifth straight title. but they won the world series, nationally, yesterday. second straight world series basically win. senior american legion. >> kyle, great to see you. you will be watching. we'll talk to you tomorrow. >> all right, the reason why we bring up all of the national stories, i think that's why the nation is kind of following this little league team. just one of the stories. more protesters take to the streets in ferguson, missouri again last night what will it take to bring back-to-back --
7:28 am
eric holder headed there today to see what he can accomplish. guess who is on the advisory board there, our own commissioner charles ramsey out of philadelphia. we'll get his take live. i see him right here in our studio. talk t
7:29 am
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>> good beach day today, enjoy it, because tomorrow may be not so much. let's get to the number of the day, which is a eight out of ten. mix of sun and clouds, and seasonable temperatures, but it is muggier than it was yesterday, you see bus stop buds i and fateful dog muggy. don't forget the sunscreen today, good day to sit by the pool. 71 degrees, some clouds around this morning hive of 86 today. rain doesn't arrive until late tonight. low overnight, of 67 degrees. >> that's your foxcast, let's get back to traffic. we'll start off with the pennsylvania turnpike eastbound, approaching bensalem, that disable vehicle, is now on the shoulder. and now, an update on that i95 southbound accident, which is near the vine st. expressway, well, luckily they cleared the accident, now, but there are residual delays in the area. so it is still slow going, mike, on i95. >> oh, boy, all right, sue, thank you. more protests overnight in
7:32 am
ferguson, missouri. could you help me out with that. in ferguson last night, last couple of hours, this is attorney general eric holder makes his way to the city of ferguson, second sharp st. louis, among the many things he'll consider how to bring peaceful resolution to the area where michael brown was shot and killed on august the ninth. well, tensions continue to run high after mandatory curfew failed to keep many people from looting. happened little bit. mostly from outside. a lot of people staying inside their homes last night. of course you know theneral, err yesterday, as our police commissioner, charles ramsey. commissioner, good to have you here. >> good to be here. >> eric holder, you talked yesterday, what's the discussion about? is he asking for advice? >> i was on a conference call with other chiefs, major police organizations, we all pledged our support anyway we can for any advice that we can provide to officials there in
7:33 am
ferguson or the justice department, as they, you know, work their way through this entire situation. >> yesterday morning on our show we were talking about we had you on talking about the police officer, he was grazed, almost was killed. >> right. >> bullets, and they had to shoot a suspect yesterday. you gave us more information in a three hour period fresh after a situation than we've gotten out of ferguson. that will one of the problems? some of the protesters say i want transparency, just tell me what happened. >> i think communication is a issue, and in today's world where, you know, there is this constant stream of information going out through the media, it is more important than whatever. people just need to know what took place. they realize police get in very dangerous situations, at times. and, unfortunately, sometimes have to resort to the use every deadly force. so i think the quicker you get information out, the better off you are. some people will still not like it, but at least the information is there. >> okay. now, let's talk about the demonstration itself. we roll the footage from the
7:34 am
demonstration, and the police tactics here, do we have all this military style equipment? >> we have a loft equipment. we haven't got ten from the military, but our swat team, for example, we do have some vehicles with armor and so for the. we go on the hostage situations. they would be the first to respond to the active shooter situations, things that far nature. i think the people need to appreciate variety of things, to apprehending dangerous criminals, to dealing with active shooter type situations. >> i know you can't talk about another jurisdiction, but is it too strong? is it sending a wrong message whether you come out with the big tanks? >> i'm not on the gown. i don't know what kind of tactical decisions being made, why they're being made, but i do think that you have to constantly try to de escalate situations. i was chief in washington,
7:35 am
d.c. for quite a while, we had more than our share of demonstrations, some of which turned violent. but do you have constantly de escalate. deal with whatever it is going on at the moment, then immediately try to de escalate. otherwise it just continues to spiral out of control. >> be honest with me. do you -- is there a different way you handle a situation if two race also involved in a situation? >> i don't know if it is any different. i think you have to be sense at this to certain issues that may exist, because we live in a society where oftentimes that is the spark that causes whatever it is that you are dealing with, and do you have certainly be sensitive to that. but you still have to just resolve t do you have bring peace and order to the situation. >> 73% of the population in ferguson is they have 53 members of the police force, three of them are african-american police officers. is that something every city should watch for? do we wolf for that in philadelphia? >> i think everybody does, but
7:36 am
it is not that easy to get your numbers up. i mean, we're struggling now with recruiting. and cities across the country are struggling in terms of recruiting, whether it is race, gender, what have you. so something to be finds full of. reflect the committee, i but i worked in d.c., african-american department, we had our issues there, too. >> thank you very much. >> okay. >> appreciate it, commissioner. okay, speaking of taking care of yourself, you know, women are concerned about self-defense. well, this is casino of weirds. you have heard of jewelry parties, tupperware parties, loungerie parties, how about a self-defense party that has colorful outfits and alcohol? little weird. and we've all seen the ice bucket challenge now, commissioner, have you done the ice bucket challenge yet? >> , no but i was challenged by john mcnesby. >> commissioner, let's step up here. >> ya, well -- >> this little girl wants to
7:37 am
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>> walk up muse wick they get in the batters box. ty likes this song, right here. >> he is young. >> he is young. >> little leaguer, right? >> speak being of young, parents of four year old girl are challenging you to sing to save their daughter. let me explain. this is a challenge again, listen. >> ♪ >> she is singing it too we
7:41 am
are young, little liza o'neil, suffers from something called sill poe, a disorder, which makes it impossible to breakdown sugar molecules, i should have just says said that. >> oh, look at the face, taking cue from the ice bucket challenge, parents want you to sing two lines every any song. hosed to social media sites with the hashtag, sing two lines then tag five friends. want to raise money for clinical trial, get more research done, disease where they really need to research it more to figure out how to, poor girl. >> never heard of it, that's why they want to raise awareness, i think they're realizing it sometimes takes a stunt to get this done. >> on to the ice bucket challenge. >> certainly proving that. so, should i record the song? and then tag five of my
7:42 am
friends? >> that's the thing, i mean, i would just rather write a check, this is getting limb complicated. that is do-able. look at her, but i don't know what i'm supposed to do except maybe write a check to help with this clinical trial for sanphilip owe syndrome. >> yes, back to school. it is that time of year. badge to bush back to school means back to booze. >> what this display is trying to tell you, assume err market sales taking on social media. you know, seemed like good idea about five examples every super markets really blowing it with displays. >> and, one guy took the phrase till death do us part little too literally. what he did to break it off with his fiancee, this guy, really didn't want to get
7:43 am
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7:45 am
>> talking about the taney dragons, you know, jack rice, one of my five players on the team, walk up to the batters
7:46 am
box, with this song. >> yes. >> fall out boys. don't fall out boy tonight. >> you know, if at the play at all, that's the thing, watching this rain, that's in the western part of the state and trying trying to calculate arrival time in williamsport. i think long before game time, probably several hours before, there is williamsport, there is the rain, you see, it is punxsutawney, right now. >> so we continue to keep an eye on it, but right now the forecast in the only is for showers but the possibility of scatter thunderstorms, definately have to keep an eye on this job tonight. pretty humid out there tonight, as steve keeley will be able to tell you because he is there in williamsport. now, tomorrow night, is the first eagles pre-season home game. it is eagles and the steelers, and that one is threatened by showers and thunderstorms.
7:47 am
>> clock 30 tomorrow, then the phillies have their game at 1:05 this afternoon, that should be dry. >> 606 mount pocono, 67 in bethlehem. allentown, has 65 degrees. here in the city, it is 71. sixty-seven in limerick. and 70 degrees in warminster. heading to south jersey, we have 65 degrees, in atlantic city, and 67 in millville. so, that's a lil rounds up of the temperatures, i can tell you, is noticeably more humid outside today than it was yesterday. 86 degrees should be the high today. storms probably not until afternoon on thursday. friday's high, 80 degrees, and then hoping to clear out in time for the weekends, friday, could be kind after half and half kind of day with some rain in the morning. and then some sun and clouds, on saturday and sunday, but temperatures in the upper 70s both days, making it feel little more like september
7:48 am
than august around here, that's your seven day forecast now huntington pike at welsh rd., reports of an accident there. also, in hatboro, south warminster road at byberry road, we have a report after accident in that intersection, as well. mike? >> thank you, sue. some instagram users and who doesn't use instagram these days are going to new heights to take the perfect photograph of new york city. >> new york. this is 17 year old humseede, part of the urban exploration movement. he recently spoke with new york magazine about how he and other instagram users compete against one another for the best photos. >> okay. >> they climb buildings, they climb bridges, all of them in a attempt that is actually real cool shot. to get the perfect snapshot dangerous the cool and i will legal. >> very illegal. >> now, the new york -- say they'll crackdown on this. >> yes? >> because of what happened on the brooklyn bridge.
7:49 am
>> they were investigate willing there was terrorist thing, but his name started trending after somebody changed the flags on the brooklyn bridge. they put up these white flags instead. >> and a lot of people accused him of doing this. he said he will ' never do it again, but i think he is up to his antics again. in reality, though, he says it was too german artists who did it, and they did admit to being a part of it. >> will we ever know? >> but even worse than that, was the worlds trade center. the two men who were arrested earlier this year for base jumping from one world trade center, could also be said to be a part of this urban exploration movement. they risk their lives. this is dramaticment look, listen. >> jump off one world trade.
7:50 am
>> highly illegal. >> highly. >> i know somebody who used to do, that base jumping not off buildings but off bridges and stuff. >> the late bob? >> he's still alive as far as i know. >> amazing footage. illegal. lots of folks laughing at market blunders recently. they've made their own, on the way to social media. supermarket sales is what the hashtag is, might want to look it up on the internet. shows why you should always debel check your work. now, we'll get into this. for instance there is back to school display. for booze. and shoppers did a little bit of a double take, well then they stock up clearly. >> so in a grocery store, somebody check this out. they put the display together. >> not a local grocery store. >> certainly not. >> immediately. >> but,.
7:51 am
>> they didn't put two and two together. >> i think that's probably -- but could be for people like jenn kids. >> back in the day people used to do that. >> they did? >> have little brandy on the gums and whatnot. >> yellow fruit. why don't you say we're just selling bananas? >> that's a really good question. i don't know why you would do. that will because it could also be a plantain. >> that's true. but isn't that also a curved yellow fruit? >> that's what i am saying, double confusing. >> i would say even a toddler knows the word banana at this point, don't think? >> true, mostly. >> and the person who posted this picture didn't agree that the blind side was a romantic comedy. >> why? >> well, it wasn't a romantic comedy, was it? she wasn't getting it on with the football player. >> no but where does it say romantic comedy? >> on the top of the rack, that is rack of romantic comedies. >> okay. >> ps i lover you isn't a romantic comedy either. he dice at the end. >> well, in that moment it
7:52 am
looks like girard is licking her ear. >> that's not fun. >> i well, it is romantic, isn't it? if i lick your ear right now, would that be -- is it funny, snow. >> no, gross. >> sickening. did a little pick me up this morning, do you need one? i could sure use one. or some type of revolver. there are certain scents that can help boost your mood. >> does my ear wax help? >> the smell of you has me excited and gave me a boost. >> pretty different depending on if our men or a woman. i'm tell you and talk to preston and receive about the accident that boost the mood of women most. >> okay. >> wonder what that is. >> and fired up for our taney dragons. listen to this. >> ♪ >> one of her teammates. >> mo'ne? >> but this is the music that jolly hendrix likes, walks up to the batter boxes.
7:53 am
>> brand new funk. >> brand new funk. >> by local star, well, will smith. >> dj jazzy jeff and the fresh prince. kind of old funk. but likes it, number 18 on the teamment brand male announcer: the magic of the bay is waiting. explore maryland's coastal villages, scenic waterways and the land of our national anthem along the star-spangled banner national historic trail. there's an adventure waiting for you in maryland. land of discovery.
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plus a shake of three new flavors you add. introducing mcdonald's shakin' flavor fries. shake up something new to love at mcdonald's. le announcer: coand join oure wtraveling celebrational
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as the chesapeake campaign visits town festivals up and down our shores. visit presented by at&t. maryland. land of discovery. >> another one of our taney dragons, one of my favorite players, i love them all, not just mo'ne davis, by the way, todd comings have been playing real well. >> that's not a picture of him. >> no, of course old city, but mugshots, we call them, this is jump around, now, when tai goes up to the batters box, you may be hearing this. >> i love this one. >> jump around. >> little earlier i told you that there are certain scents that will boost your mood t differs for men and women. >> oh, yes, makes sense. >> no surprise that they differ.
7:57 am
>> well, no, not at all. >> comes back up, i'll tell you what they are. >> top smells for women. >> citrus will boost your mood. >> like if you cut lemon, orange, whatever? >> yes, get me lemon or lime? >> actually lemon at my desk. >> will make you all perk up. >> also, the met of cut flowers turns a woman on. >> sheen sheets on a bed. >> i do love the clean sheets. nothing like going to bed in freshly lands erred sheets with the dryer accident, fresh len end. >> went on to say the top smell to boost the mood after man. >> bacon. >> oh, ya. >> coffee. >> i do, you know what, i just -- this applies to women, too. >> i also like the smell of gasoline at the gas pump. >> you like to sniff markers and glue, too. >> i love the smell after magic marker, now the sharpee doesn't have a good strong smell. >> no, but you need one of those ones that have like the thick angle, you know?
7:58 am
>> marker. >> yes. >> i know. >> also, we like the smell of fish and chips. >> that's weird one. >> it is okay. >> but fish and chips. >> you are too young to remember mimeograph paper. oh, smell it, get the little purple on your nose, ya. >> i think you have problem. >> didn't seem to have an effect on me. >> they call that huffing. >> true, no glue. okay, so also, things that we can look at that will boost our mood. >> right. >> men like attractive women. >> duh. >> uh-huh. we also like to look at a juicy steak, like sizzling on a grill. >> right. with the big pat of butter on the top that makes it all slippery and, ya. >> the other day i was watching something on qvc, they had new one of these little presses, they press it down big thick steak, juice coming out of it. >> oh, ya, baby. press it down with the grill slats. >> oh, ya. >> i took a cold shower. apparently also, if we look -- >> after horrible things
7:59 am
happened. >> i could say something and then the fcc will come in. special sauce. >> anyway, football. >> a1. >> pig skin. football increases boosts our mood. >> i can see that. >> tell me what women like to look at. >> okay, the top things women like to look at, cute animals, smiling babies, i've been known to retreat couple of pictures like cute emergency, they always post pictures on twitter of cute animals. >> really? do you responds. you love dogs. >> smiling babies. >> smiling babies, makes sense. >> by the way, quick shut out to our friends preston and steve today, because today is national radio day. >> we would have loved to have him with us. >> they're busy. imagine this? >> bus. >> i i know. >> national -- >> lots of stuff, parties, whatnot. >> kissing babies, cutting ribbons. >> smelling glue. >> good day to you, it is august the 20th, to 14. let's do another hour.
8:00 am
>> live in william port, great thing, it is real a world series, when the phillies won in 2008. didn't meet a team from japan, meet a team from tampa. teams from around the world, sue, the first pitch, if it happens, is supposed to be an under 12 hours, but look at the clouds, all around here, williamsport. while everybody tunes in to see the weather in philly they want to know the weather three hours in the mountains. >> we have the forecast for you, as well, the forecast for williamsport and here in old city or the suburbs, your weather authority outlook. let's find out where quincy is. >> i'm trying to be an nba pro. i'm here with gregg, chuckle is, going to teach me how to be an nba protege. i'm going to be good at something, guys, i think it is
8:01 am
this. >> definitely not sports. >> you stunning at everything else this week. >> also not good at sports. >> i'm not a fan either. >> you know what, philadelphia of course known for its fabulous restaurants, but one old city hot spot, one every our neighbors, named the second best restaurant in the entire country. okay, not kuba lib ray. >> oh, my gosh, good. >> help us guess. >> yes, start guessing. >> isn't it, one of the best new restaurants. >> that's where i think the category, one of the best new restaurants, but still. >> oh, good. >> second in the whole country. >> get coffee from there a lot. >> don't show it. >> by the way, show your -- this is pretty good cover. team of des-taney. that's good.
8:02 am
maybe sure your blue and burgundy, take a picture of the darn thing, received quite a few, pick them up eventually. use the hashtag fox 29 taney dragoons. >> tony dragons, mo'ne in the bank. >> mo'ne in the bank, yo. >> very clever on twit they are morning. >> i know, early, too. >> rooting on the tan i dragons. >> what do you think smoked 30 to nothing. ill still love them. >> we all will. >> they've done enough. >> we better finds out plan b. because there is a chance of some rain on them today. now for us eight out every ten, much lower number if you're in williamsport this morning, san specially this afternoon when the rain arrives. we've got the sun out there with some clouds right now, with bus stop buddy and look who joined the picture. muggy the dog. that will means it is humid outside. >> once again, temperatures 60s, 70s, 72 degrees here in old city with 81% relative humidity. a lot higher than yesterday. 86 degrees the high temperature today. tonight down into the upper
8:03 am
60s, with increasing clouds, and some showers, probably closer to midnight. so there is your foxcast, it is now time to take a look at our travel times. in traffic, the schuylkill westbound, vine to the blue route, traffic is building up. take but 32 minutes, to get from there to there. on i95 southbound, woodhaven to the vine, about 33 minutes there, still kind of slow, and finally on the pennsylvania turnpike, westbound, bensalem to valley forge, it will take you about 32 minutes. mike? >> hey, as you know, as the whole country knows, most now know the name mo'ne davis. look at. that will she is on the cover of sports illustrated, my goodness, the first little leaguer, our girl, to ever be on the cover of si. we sent steve keel toy williams for the. that's the place to be. >> makes you little nervous, too, i feel for her, a lot of pressure. >> sports illustrate in the. >> the jinx and all of the superstition. >> hi, steve.
8:04 am
>> reporter: that's all stupid adult stuff by the way. there is no pressure on her. she handling it smooth as silk. how many little girls born this year will be named mo'ne? i'm going to say in the thousands. because it is a cool name. that goes with a very cool girl. and the fact that she is a girl and dominating pitcher in the world series, is a captivating story. now look at what's going on here already. they have a game at 3:00 before the phillie team plays scheduled 7:30, but rain is in the forecast, the guys were telling me, they are expecting maybe some showers, at 10:00. so you see the people n stands now, grounds crew, but look at the all important tarps. sixteen members of this grounds crew, by the way, also a girl on the grounds crew, a local woman volunteering here, but they said they may need help from us to pull the tarp. see the tarps on the side, look like small tarps compared to what ' so he see in the major leagues, looks like one from our advantage taint point here.
8:05 am
see the espn insigne a, covered cameras also covered in case it rains, by the way, wilds world of sports on abc with the great jism mckay, something we all watched before cable in the 60s, they were first to broadcast worlds series game in 1963, now, the entire tournament even before it gets to williamsport; broadcast from here. and here's a great fact. if you think it is easy for the philly team to make it here, this world series all starts with all-star games in your local communities, everybody playing each other. 16,000 little league teams from around the worlds, all tried to get here, down to these final ones here, that's how tough it is just to get here in this tournament that lasts 11 days, so imagine how hard it is to get here and still not lose, like mo'ne and the taney team, has done so far. so, here we are, williamsport, look at the skyline around here, it is a natural beauty, six a hundred people live in this small town, normally, during this tournament, it
8:06 am
grows to about 100,000 people over this entire 11 days, they have every hotel book, there are people sleeping in campers, there are people sleeping in cars, and then on the day of the big game, a lot of people come up just for that. and they say that the day of the biggest crowds have always been when there is a team within a few hours of here. and the record crowd had a team from clinton county, pennsylvania in the tournament. that was three years ago. the record crowd for a little league baseball game at this small little stadium that looks very small, compared to what you see in south philadelphia, or any elsewhere in the major least had 43,848. the grounds crew guys think they will not break that record of mo'ne makes it to the final game. i'm saying it will shatter. we could hit 50,000. because they let everybody sit here on the hills. we know how people just like to be part of a event and say i was there, so there is room probably for 50,000 just to see it around the stadium. and the great thing it is free here, although giving tickets out for these games, that's how big the crowd is and the demand is here now with mo'ne making so much fame for
8:07 am
herself and so we have some lights here, the first time since 92, that's how mo'ne and her team is allowed to play tonight, that started back in 92. mike kerrey, what else does this town have when the world series goes away? they have kellog's here, guess what they make here in williamsport? >> kellog's? >> cheerios? >> cornflakes? >> wheaties? >> close. >> you got the right brands. pop tarts and those nutri grain bars that the owning or people are known to eat in the breaks, quick, easy meals. >> i'm more likely to eat a pop tar tart. i look the cherry pop tartment and i'll eat them cold. i'll even put them in the freezer. >> williamsport is great. >> that's weird. >> thank you, steve. now, twitter, famous mo'ne's. >> i've been looking up some stuff. >> the singer. >> oh, ya. she's from kansas city, matter
8:08 am
of fact. okay, i beg every you, mo'ne davis, you know, certain things i say you should never do. one every them is sing the national anthem at a baseball game. >> right. >> never goes well. it does go well but can go wrong. and never throw out the first pitch. i know the phillies will call you, mo'ne. >> don't do it? >> even though you're a baseball player and a pitcher, don't to it. because it always -- a lot of times it goes wrong. >> we've seen it go wrong. >> last night, bob, hometown, opened the thing, cardinals game, he's known as a baseball official. he knows everything about the game. that's his hometown. they let him do a do-over which is not right. >> a re duck? >> yes, first one way off to the left. >> yes. >> okay, there he goes. >> oh, geez. >> oh, lord i lord i. hometown. but the worse few months ago, 50 cents. >> we all remember this. >> watch this.
8:09 am
>> the mets game. >> right? >> all warmed up. >> he's like making a big production. >> and throws it to the photographer. >> i can't. >> oh,. >> that's not -- almost feel bad for him. >> here is another one. >> i can throw better than that. >> just the other night, miss texas, at the rangers -- >> you can already tell. you can tell. >> what is she doing? >> she rolls it like she's bowling. >> yes? >> and she does an arobasque. >> stick to dancing. >> does she have heals on? >> no. >> flip flops? >> inch or two. >> so mo'ne? >> think it over. >> i think she'll do better. >> hey, still ahead, parent are flat out changing their facebook habits. goodness. >> more moms, more dads, choose to go keep pictures of the kids off the internet entirely, but first, there is
8:10 am
this. >> and the forces, lady with the bucket -- ah. >> is that ben afleck. >> and jennifer garner, of course the eagles, the ice bucket challenge, freezes the entire nation. you did it. >> i've done it. >> raised more than 20 million bucks. how that number compares it last year's figure. that is huge jump. >> we'll talk to the woman
8:11 am
8:12 am
8:13 am
>> "shorecast" on the beach today, 7 degrees, eight for your uv index, rip countries being is on the low side this morning. so, ultimate doppler has the rain, but it hasn't reached williamsport jt yet. it hahas been raining all morning in pittsburgh, you see, it is inning ever closer, but slow moving system, probably arriving the rain in williamsport at forecast therefore for 78 degrees, cloudy, humid, with possibility of scattered thunderstorms, everybody
8:14 am
keeping an eye on the sky there today. and here tomorrow for the first eagles home game with the steelers, at the linc, it will be about 78 degrees, at 7:30, and also, don't forget the phillies have a day game today. >> on the humid side, things warm l up. 72 degrees in philadelphia, 72 in wilmington, 27 in he had rallying, got tone 70 degrees if wilmington. dew points are up there, too. once they get to the mid upper 60s, starting to get sticky out there. >> more humid day, feeling typically like summertime with 86 degrees, 84 tomorrow. scattered showers, late day thunderstorms. friday looks like rain could link near the morning hours friday, hopefully not you but could happen friday morning. then brewing out for the weekends temperatures only upper seven's, saturday, sunday, almost feeling like autumn both days of the weekend. that's a look at your seven day forecast, here's a look at traffic. we go to king of prussia first
8:15 am
every all mall boulevard at conrad drive. reports of an accident there. will certainly cause delays around the busy king every prussia arm also in new castle, southbound, us13, delaware, new castle county airport, there is an accident that's only letting one lane get by. >> i'm hereby taking the als ice bucket challenge. >> stephen spielberg, i challenge you. >> lady with the bucket. >> ah! >> (screams). >> philadelphia eagles except the ice bucket challenge.
8:16 am
>> that's a good one. way to go, eagles. >> front loader. >> there is labron james. >> yes, got whole garbage can. >> taking over social media feed, the als ice bucket challenge, celebrities, oprah, everybody, regular folks excepting the challenge raising money and awareness, here is the thing, paid off big time. not just one of those stunts. >> ginning us right now, barbara new house, the president of ncoo of the als association, good morning to you, welcome to philadelphia. >> good morning, mike, good morning, kerrey. >> good morning, so how does this whole thing get started? >> well, this whole campaign actually started through several families who are coping with als in their family right now, we think very much anthony and jennette synergy, pat quinn, and the pete brady family for helping us get or actually starting this.
8:17 am
>> you know, i'm big baseball fan, so i've known about, you know, als. >> i'm shocked how many people don't know about als. what is als, lou gehrig's disease, we see lou announcing he has it here at yanky stadium. >> right. als is anti-a trophy lateral sclerosis. what essentially it is is it affect the nerve endings and the muscles throughout the body, and literally goes muscles shutdown. so your entire causing a paralysis of your body. now, one of the misunderstood things about als is the reality is it shuts down your
8:18 am
body, but people with als can still very much think, communicate and reason. >> their brain is still intact, just devastating. >> absolutely. >> let's get back to the challenge, though, some people saying oh, throwing water over your head. how much money have you made as of yesterday as we look at chase utley, one of the philadelphia phillies doing the challenge? >> well, how about if we look at how much as of this morning, which is $31.5 million. >> what? >> 31 million? >> thirty-one, exactly, exactly. >> what did you make last year? >> last year, this same time, we were still running right around the 2 million mark at this time. >> stop. >> this same period of time. >> so you have an a -- you have raised 30 million more just because of this? >> yes. >> oh, so it is doing something. it is not just a spectacle, people said you should just donate, but it is donating. >> are you shock by this, barbara? >> absolutely. i've been in the non-profit worlds for some 38 years now,
8:19 am
and i have never seen anything like this, you know, ever since social media came about, everybody said, you know, let's try and do this kind of campaign there is kind of campaign. and i really believe that what made this work it didn't start in any of the als charity communities. it started with the als families. >> well -- >> who did the very first one? >> oh, the very first one, you know, to be honest with you i'm not even sure. >> let's finds out. >> who did the first bucket challenge. >> did you do it? >> that's a good question. >> excuse me? >> did you do it? >> oh, absolutely. you can go on youtube and see how i've got -- and squealed, too. >> we're looking at you right now. >> nice. >> cold. >> have you done it? >> oh, we've all done it here,
8:20 am
yes. >> first the challenge from marilyn russell, doing it. >> oh,. >> yes, yes. >> so we all did it, too. keep us informed, how much money you are making, seems like it is jumping about $10 million a day. >> a day. >> congratulations, thanks for coming to just fill. >> i you got. >> i have a question for you. >> she is cool. >> very cool. >> cold actually at one point. >> if you didn't want to get married, what would you do? >> i'd bailout. >> how would you do? >> i would say i don't want to get married. >> i met a guy who went to the extreme. >> you met a guy? i know this guy. he wanted out. guess what did he? guess what he told his fiancee? >> i can't imagine. >> do you have sit around and wait. >> okay.
8:21 am
>> maybe the case for half time, nfl looking to raise money from big names like rihanna. >> why would the nfl ask money from rihanna? why would they want rihanna to pay the nfl? >> that's another one you are going to have to stick around for. >> they have enough monday. for. >> they have enough monday. >> i well, we'll
8:22 am
8:23 am
just by switching to progressive. so you'll be bringing home the bacon in no time. sorry. get a free quote at
8:24 am
>> welcome back, 8:24, mothers who opt not to breast feed are at greater risk of suffering depression. scientists believe in vital bred improve that mother's mood. study found one in seven new moms suffer with post nasal depression within 14 weeks of giving birth. the study published in the journal maternal and child health. >> kerrey, you must be very happen. >> i you are awful. >> sometimes. >> well, i am. >> no, it is great. >> ya. >> take little break about 7:00? >> i go juice. >> yes. >> that's good. >> juicing, she's juicing. >> she's on steroids.
8:25 am
>> ya. >> sending a relationship by texting is bad. i want to get out of my relationship, i'll text. >> how about faking your own death? seriously, one man faked his own death to get out of his own wedding. >> this is a guy you snow an american groom, that's how we're identifying him, mike's close friends, posed as his dad on the phone, and told his british bride that he died. >> my son, my son, actually said he killed himself. so he fakes his his dad's voice. >> awful. >> so the bride figured out the whole thing with a was a hoax because he is not very good at the whole impression thing. so she called her fiancee's family herself. the groom says that he is sorry he lied but that was was scared about getting married and didn't know how to tell the truth. she is on russly not talking to him. although he did text to say that he was sorry. >> well, well there is that. >> he wouldn't pick up the
8:26 am
phone after that. >> good grief. >> well, do you want to get married with a guy that's so scared -- >> well, what's wrong with her? >> i don't know. i always wanted to do. that will fake your own death? >> a lot of us have been hoping for the same thing. >> i know what they would say about me. >> okay, i wish could you hear what she talks about during the break. >> you know over at temple university today, always exciting up there on north broad. so jenny joyce volunteered for this. right, jenny? >> yes, yes, yes. it is organized chaos out here, at temple university. lots of people flexing their mums, mover in day for the freshmen, nearly 4500 of them this year. we will talk about it coming up next.
8:27 am
well, not that kind of fresh. on the freshness of our chicken. but i can guarantee the freshness of our chicken because we go beyond what the usda requires... with extra inspections in american family owned farms, refrigerated trucks that deliver daily and everywhere in between. that's what it takes to bring your family a fresh tasting chicken. perdue. we believe in a better chicken.
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8:30 am
>> picture of the taney dragons, number two, davis, this is his song. this is summer by calvin harris. i like this one, sue. >> yes, i love that shot of the team, too. >> they're bound for victory, tonight, if they get to play. we've been talking all morning about the rain, it is in the forecast for williamsport, but for here it, looks like good pool day. take the advice of bus stop buddy and muggy the dog, it is humid out, there wear your sunscreen today. temperatures right now in the 60s, 70s, headed to 86 degrees, with partly sunny skies, warm, humid all afternoon, noticeable difference from the past couple of days, then tonight, the rain doesn't start until much later tonight, low of 68 degrees.
8:31 am
and that takes care of today. it is 83:00; time for traffic in royersford, ridge pike at twp. line road reports of accident there. also route one southbound off ramp to kelly drive, there are reports of an accident there seeing major delays, always crowded there anyway. >> man, i can't believe it is already that time of year. jenny joyce out there watching everybody gearing up, getting ready, jenny? >> yes, and we actually found a few girls over here. who moved in yesterday. so you guys already in, already comfortable, where you headed next, orientation? >> yes. >> how does it feel to be in and ready to go for the school year? >> what's new this year? what are you bringing to the
8:32 am
dorm room these days? >> literally, a lot of clothes. >> my god, how many carts? >> i had three carts. >> i had two carts, ya. >> carts are helpful. >> the almost also gotten bigger, thank you, girls, good luck to you have, a great year. but these are very helpful. these nice big laundry baskets here, page, your free lancaster county. how does it feel to be here for move in day? >> i'm so excited, to move in, excited to be going to the school here, i'm not from the city somu, clothes, shoes, laundry stuff, everything. so -- >> but dad is over there spill smiling for now, my dad was never happen which me on this day. but you seem very organized here. >> yes, i am organized. >> great. what time did you get here? >> we road in about 8:00. so we left our house about 6:30, so make good time getting here. >> good luck to you, thank you so much. it does seem like organized chaos.
8:33 am
everybody here has everything under control. lots of people out and b there is a big line of people wrapped around the corner here. this is 1300. newer dorms. new one, morgan hall around the corner, as women. lots of people, with all of their stuff out here the largest in temple history, lot of people excited, kerrey. >> your dad was never happy with you on move in day? >> i was never organized, so this never went well for me. >> bye! >> all right, ladies, we've all grown to love make up and jewelry parties, but how about a self-defense party? i could get on board with. that will new trend in female get together, springing up all over the place, they're calling this social hour damn sell in defense, parties offer variety of lady like life
8:34 am
saving products for women to try out. some of the items even have sensory devices to help mother -- what are those? to help mothers keep track of their children. what on earth were they? okay, moving on, 8:34, still ahead, philadelphia known for its fabulous restaurants, and there are a lot of them. one old city hot spot, that was named the second best new restaurant in the entire country. some of us go there every day, local place gaining national fame. but first ... (baby crying). >> oh, make it stop. would you pay for 25 minutes of complete and utter silence? i would. coming up: how you can pay for some peace and quiet.
8:35 am
8:36 am
8:37 am
8:38 am
>> ♪ >> lose yourself, that's what number seven, todd sean -- tai shanahan list tones when he goes up to the batters box. >> good luck tonight. >> okay, huge congrats this morning to our neighbors right down the street, not to you, sorry. down the street, though. >> on our block, high street cafe they call it. >> right, on fourth. >> just down the street. >> what's on market between fourth and third. >> sure. >> weird in there. >> i lover the fact you washed your hair, it is all fluff. >> i you know i usually go a week or two. i got a deal yesterday, though.
8:39 am
>> some mice? change in there? >> bonn appetite magazine named high street cafe, the second best new restaurant in the whole country. >> not too shabby. the magazine praising the chefs. >> eli, he lives in my billing. >> the bread selection and the breakfast and lunch sandwiches, award coming on one of food and magazine's best new chefs of 2014. so the number one best new restaurant on bonn appetite's list was roses luxury, in washington, d.c. >> also, a he is tell an in new york city. one of my favorite places in the united states, tosca cafe, san francisco on the list, westward in seattle. rounded out top five. but ever in the bay area, a loft eagles fans will go out, there because the eagles play at the last sunday, i think, of september, they play the 49ers out in the new stadium. go to tosca northeast section of the city. they have a drink that's hot
8:40 am
chocolate with some casino of liquor in it. >> yum. >> real strong. >> right? >> they play really loud opera music at night. >> i bet that sounds very fans. >> i it is not so fans. >> i you didn't fit in there? >> i had one drink, they through me out. so, i've been watching this show on tlc called the next great baker, because kim giles, couple shelves, we had on our show were in it, there they are talking it jenn fred, high five up top. they came in second. >> i know, bittersweet. not shabby. >> no. >> but they didn't win. al, and manny gigian? >> allen manning. >> let's go with that, bar toll a bakery in collingswood, new jersey. >> debartleo. >> it is de bartlo! >> i was still in san
8:41 am
francisco with the debartlo family. >> i know better than to listen to you. thank you. they finished second this season, finale aired last night, if you even remember what we're talking about here, jen met him. >> grand prize by the way $100,000. that's why they wanted to win. got a job with cake boss, you know, buddy, up in hoboken, new jersey, the cake boss. the team from st. louis, the two women. >> right? >> they won the whole thing. >> you've been following it pretty closely. >> it was close. >> i know. >> congratulations, guys. collingswood, is that what you said. >> did i say that. >> so thankful you listen to me. >> here is the thing, quincy, trying to find a sport where he excels. we struck out so to speak all week long, so is it just pushing heavy weights. is that a sport? we'll finds out. >> yes, strength and conditioning. strength and conditioning. just trying to show me how to be a world class athlete in basketball. coming back. mara: it's easy to lose your way in a place like this.
8:42 am
8:43 am
ms. winnie earle: kids in paterson face lots of obstacles - but nothing can stop their determination. mara: my dream is to be a pediatric nurse. ms. earle taught me if i work hard - i can do anything. ms. winnie earle: mara had so much potential, it was my job to help her reach her goals. mara: now, i'm headed to college to study nursing! ms. winnie earle: there are so many talented kids like mara - and they all deserve to live their dreams. with a newon: you volkswagen turbo. turbocharged reward card so why are we so obsessed with turbo? because there's nothing more exhilarating than a powerful ride. and you can get that in places you might not expect. like the passat. and also in the fun-to-drive jetta. in fact, volkswagen has sold more turbos than any other brand over the last ten years.
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that is a lot of turbo. avo: hurry in and you can get a $1,000 turbocharged reward card when you purchase or lease a new 2014 turbo model. >> i am a temple owl as you can see. i think you already know i'm a worlds class athlete. everyone knows that.
8:45 am
>> okay. ♪ >> eye of the tiger ♪ >> eye on the ball. >> apparently, he had his eyes closed. quincy has tried his hand at football this week, baseball this week, and in honor of the sixers, opening the season in indianna, october 29th, and the home opener against the heat, remember we beat the heat last year, they'll be be here on first of november, at 7:00 p.m. so in honor of the basketball season getting closer and closer, and i'm confident.
8:46 am
>> you? >> that we thought maybe basketball was quincy's forte. >> is it? q? >> listen, every sport, as you guys saw in the man taj, which i didn't see; my sport. so i'm here, and i'm a little upset because, mike, you know how much i put in my sport. okay? kerrey, you were surprised when i hit the field goal on monday, at temple university. >> i was. >> everyone knows -- never mind. moving right along. i have gregg garrett, you guys have been working out inner city kids for a long time, for a lot of years, just watching, you know, how to conduct business, how i went about,
8:47 am
you know, helping athletes, you know, obtain their goal, whether just college education, or first playing for money, so that's how it started out under him. and, you know, it was a void in it, if philly. so i already have relationship with a lot of their guys, a lot of the players from philly so i took it from there. i started with christian, my first client, once, you know, he started to get better people started realizing, oh, who are you training with, then before you know it i had everybody training with me, pretty much from the tri-state area. >> with a in basketball, like you are the basketball guy. train a lot of nba athletes, gregg, now, you are the circuit conditions coach. i see you have a lot of muscles. >> yes, all caught on. >> now, you train a lot of athletes, as well. >> correct. >> a lot of inner city kids.
8:48 am
so who have you trained? >> south carolina, notre dame, fuller, beyonce barnes from penn state. we have fun, brandon that played for the giants, bernard peers played for the ravens, don curry who used to play for the detroit lions. list goes on and on and on. pretty much what he said, getting g our sinner site i guys right. philadelphia got the best athletes hands down whether it is basketball, football, whatever the sport may be. once you get that positive role model there, to separate from being a thug, to an athlete, we got it. >> i'm playing basketball. i have to get my strength and conditioning right. i'll get on this, right? >> we are going to get your bunnies up. that's what they call it. >> now, what's the idea here? >> increase your vertical. >> okay.
8:49 am
>> so we want to be able to get the quads, the hammy's and the glass firing up as you try get the rebounds. >> so this will get my athletic props up, and then play basketball in this hour? >> yes, high as you can get. there you go. there, there, there, you know you want it. >> next hour, aim doing basketball drills with nba players. >> great shorts. >> not the red room of fame it? >> not what those shorts do. >> yikes. >> look at that. hey, still ahead, you know this wedding, the wedding wednesday, right? as the movie bridesmaids taught us, there are five things a maid of honor should never do. >> it is like --
8:50 am
>> the pointes need to know if you've been named maid of honor. how can i avoid maintenance fees?
8:51 am
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>> humidity is back. one thing we don't have is rain. gout it on the other side of the state. and there, thunderstorms, just out of pittsburgh, as well, so this whole mess is going to be moving to the east, and should arrive in williamsport this afternoon, by this evening, time of little league world series will probably have some rain around, that remains to be seen. but, this is our forecast for our taney dragons for tonight, they play at 7:30, we've got some scattered thunderstorms around, it will be humid, and it is humid here, it will be 86 degrees, but dry today. the thunderstorms will arrive for us tomorrow, when we get to about 84 degrees, so, rain gear needed probably for the
8:54 am
eagles game tomorrow night. that pre-season game at the linc. so, then friday morning, it looks like we have a little bit of rain in the forecast. but hopefully we'll get rid of it by afternoon, make way for nice weekends, it will be cool one, temps in the 70s both days. there it is. seven day forecast, here's your traffic report. we start off in broomall delaware county, al meade a road at west chester pica accident there. police are on the scene. i95 northbound, just after the blue route, there is an accident that's blocking two left lanes there. that sure will slow you down, kerry? >> sue, thank you. it is 8:54 right now. stale ahead, taney fever. taney dragons making all every us proud. going to the little league world series next. but first, this is number four. eli simon's walk up song. encore. >> ♪
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8:56 am
have you seen tom corbett's ads attacking me... get real. it's tom corbett who's been sticking it to the middle class on taxes. corbett cut a billion dollars from education... almost 80% of school districts plan to raise property taxes.
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meanwhile, we're the only state that doesn't charge oil and gas companies an extraction tax. but corbett raised your gas taxes through the roof. i'm tom wolf, i'll be a governor who stands up for the middle class for a change.
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>> start it from the bottom now, whole team's here ♪ >> in williamsport, pennsylvania, the epi-center of the little league world series. philly up in willie town. >> go taney dragons. >> hi everybody, it is wednesday, august the 20th, 2014. hi, sue. >> let me tell this. someone explain this to me. i'll just say pay to play. that may be the case for the superbowl half time show contenders. three artists who are up for the half time show. >> one of them? >> rihanna one of them, great choice. why the nfl wants money,
8:59 am
though, from rihanna if they have happen to name her. >> kanye up there, too? >> i'll tell you the through people up. okay, listen to this. >> (baby crying). >> is that kerrey barrett's house? >> my gosh, yep. >> what if you could hear this all day? silence. would you pay? >> oh, i would pay for you to be quiet. no. >> my gosh, that's funny, because i was thinking the exact same thing. >> would you pay -- how much would you pay for 25 minutes of complete silence? >> okay, a lot, i think. >> i'll tell you how to pay for peace and quiet at your house, okay? sue be? >> and still summer, august, doesn't mean we can't salivate over fall fashion. check this out. must have looks for the upcoming fall season. >> awesome. >> speaking of fashion, also going to be a fashion show that involves, let's say i invited you two over for late
9:00 am
summer barbeque? >> i would be amazed, yes. >> now, this is first on the show, we've never done this segment before. called kitchen couture. woman i just met in the green room has designed over the top aprons. >> hey, leather? >> that looks like something from something down under. >> bling? >> leopard print? >> now, what if i just wore nothing but this, black socks, and some wingtips?


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