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tv   FOX 29 News at Five  FOX  August 20, 2014 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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>> live from center city in philadelphia this is fox 29 news at 5:00. >> we gip with breaking news from northeast philly. let's head to skyfox life right now. this is the scene the 1700 block of grander avenue at grant plaza and you can see a big hole in the wall right there. we understand a car crashed into a shopping center. medics have rushed one person to the hospital. the details they are still coming in right now. no word on why this happened.
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who is now at the hospital and we don't know what condition they're in. as the news warrants we'll bring you the very latest. >> meantime horror and sorrow over the videoed taped murder of an american journalist by islamic militants. james foley's family is speaking out with heartfelt words and remarkable courage. they addressed reporters just as president obama wrapped up his address to the terrorist group who killed the journalist on camera. >> the pentagon is considering sending more american troops back into iraq as added security around baghdad. good evening, i'm lucy noland. >> i'm iain page those militants have given the president an ultimatum stop the air strikes or other americans will die. fox's mike emmanuel has the latest. >> today the entire world is appalled by the brutal murder of jim foley by the terrorist group isis. >> president obama along with many heart broken by the be heading of american journalist james foley taking captive in 2012 covering the war in syria. in the chilling video a mask
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executioner appose to have a british accent and that has the intelligence community scrambling to unveil his identity and pinpoint where this happened. >> no faith teaches people to massacre innocence. no just god would stand for what they did yesterday and what they do every single day. >> their ultimatum stop the air strikes in iraq or steven, another american journalist held captive will die. despite that threat more than a dozen more us air strikes around the mosul dam in northern iraq today. the u.s. is determined to protect americans but they're up against an evil force. >> as far as isis is concerned, be heading americans this is their greatest dream. >> and for foley's parents seeing their oldest child for the last time unbearable to say the least. >> he was strong. courageous. loving to the end. we -- we just highly rec -- hardly recognize our little boy. he just -- he was just a hero.
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>> you know from the videos his last words were, i wish there were time, to see my family. >> james foley was new am share native who covered many conflicts his parents add he had a deep desire for freedom and wanted to share the human side of war. in washington, mike emmanuel, fox news. >> as we said federal officials say the us military could take action to free other americans who are still being held by is isis. the state department says the president has no plans to put boots on the ground in iraq or syria but the troops could get involved in catching foley's killers and rescuing other captives. >> violence and tension overseas and here at home ferguson missouri is also grab the attention of the white house. u.s. torn general eric holder is in ferguson right now he's meeting with the fbi discussing an investigation to the shooting death of teenager michael brown. holder also spoke to a group of college students saying change
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is coming. officer darrin wilson shot and killed the 18 year old on august 9th and since the shooting, protesters have filled the streets of ferguson nightly. and many those protests have turned violent the people loo looting and clashing with poli police. now in less than alley a rally for -- less than an hour a rally for ferguson is going to start in love park. >> coverage of all of these developing stories continues on you can watch the president' remarks on both what's happening overseas and here at home and get the latest breaking details just look for a link on the home page. >> now to your fox 29 weather authority. rain is falling to our west. it's headed our way. you can see it on ultimate doppler radar right l things are still calm at philadelphia international airport but could -- could this cause some problems for our beloved taney dragons? little league world series. meteorologist caitlin roth is here with the answer. >> hi, iain it look hick well start the game off fine. there may be some showers before it ends but the bulk of the
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showers and thunderstorms along this trough right here moved east of the williamsport area. so as we zoom in on the city itself, you can see the whole swath of rain moved eastward there is development back towards our west that's what we're watching for later. but at least first pitch taney dragons should be fine. the forecast for tonight in williamsport we're talking about first pitch temperature of 74 degrees. it's cloudy, how mid still a little damp we may have some showers late in the game but it looks like that's not until between 10 and 11:00 p.m. we could escape this okay. much more on our forecast still ahead. iain and lucy. >> happening now, the taney dragons are about to wow the world we sure hope anyhow. and we've got all kinds of stuff going on here. let's talk to iain right now. iain? >> lucy, thank you very much. of course, fox 29 has been following this seem every step of the way. chris o'connell is live in williamsport. he's got the story there tonig tonight. chris, what's the mood like there tonight? >> reporter: well, iain, it was all about the weather, big
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concern tonight. it looks like the rain is going to hold off for taney's 7:30 game. right behind me the japan south korean game going on. make to mistake about it this is taney country here in williamsport. several bus loads made it up here from philadelphia today. but not all of them are going to have tickets. you see behind me the stadium only holds 3300 fans. 30,000 are going to be packing the hillside centerfield out here for the game, and out here watching it with us and certainly what is home field advantage for taney. >> the taney dragons soaking up their new found celebrity hours before tonight' game taking pictures and getting the attention of some new fans. >> go, taney! >> the excitement over taney is electric. >> this is all about passion. this is all about enjoyment. >> five hours before they were scheduled to take the field, fans who came from philly by the busloads staked their spots for
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the hottest ticket in sports. clayton fitch brought his son to have fun and learn a lesson. >> first time i brought him to show him the innocence, the pride these kids play for. no corruption on -- in the money and major league and that type of stuff. just pure innocence, those kids are out there for the love of the game. >> reporter: speaking of the game -- >> one day i hope i make it that the little league world series. >> reporter: what's it look to play these guys and one gal some players from the media little league got knock out of districts by taney. now, they're here supporting them. >> they were really good. like, mo'ne, she like struck out lot of our guyings. so it was pretty tough. but we only lost by two runs. >> what's it like seeing them on this field. it's pretty huge. >> let's go, taney! >> let's go, taney! >> wally' family came from bala cynwyd he spent the last two days in williamsport. he says the taney 12 has s made up of people much like the city
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itself. >> basically, microcosm of america people come from all over different walks of life inner city, suburban, rural, they all come together and everybody has a positive experience playing america's game. >> reporter: and taney phenom pitcher mo'ne davis fresh off her appearance on sports illustrated cover scheduled to pitch tonight at 7:30. of course, we will bring you all the latest. if taney wins tonight, they play for the us championship on saturday. then possibly the world series title on sunday. we'll bring you the very latest coming up in the next hour. live from williamsport. lucy? >> exciting times, chris. you know what you don't have to be in williams part to feel all of the excitement. big party is kicking off in philadelphia city hall and drew dickman is in the middle of it all. i see they're starting to crowd around you now just starting. >> reporter: yeah, you just hit the nail on the head if you can't make at this time williamsport this might be the
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next best thing. they are starting to set things up i'll let you look what that looks like. they've got wood bleachers out almost kind of like an old time baseball stadium feel. which i think is pretty cool. they've gotten four, 65-inch big screens for people to watch. they've also got concessions out here much like a baseball stadium. cotton candy, hotdogs, popcorn, anything you could want at the ballpark. people are excited about this team they're excited about big-time winner in the city of philadelphia doing great things for state as well as the city. and they are ready for this ga game. >> these kids like bringing the city together. how our regular teams can't real dollar the job so they're filling in for what the phillies fans and the eagles fans are waiting that see hopefully a championship even though it's little league but we don't look at it as little league. were look at it as something that we can finally get to celebrate, finally get to enjoy and they're a tough team and i'm proud of them. >> reporter: so as you
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morninged lucy people are starting to trickle in. they're catching some of the action between south korea and japan. the pep rally starts at sick 30:00 and obviously the game is schedule for 7:30. so thal be beg watch party here. we'll be here all night and bring you all the action and excitement. but for now back to you. >> lots of fun. thank you very much drew. taney fever is as hot as ever on we've got the team's journey to william port and you can check out what's ahead you'll find all kinds of pictures and interviews with the players and of course the coaches. >> happening right now in delaware county, police say they have tracked down arrested a man who dressed as a ninja to pull off a brutal attack and we are learning tonight this was no random act of violence. fox 29's dave schratwieser jones us from life outside the upper providence police headquarters and, dave, the victim knew his attacker? >> reporter: no doubt about it. the victim who is hospitalized tonight with serious head injuries the suspect in this
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case was his former employee. tonight he's charged with attempted homicide, aggravated assault and all kinds of other charges. he's behind bars on half a million dollars bail. >> he was clearly lie in wait. >> reporter: police say 29 year old michael norly, jr., dressed up like a ninja and hid out in the woods tuesday morning for hours before he brutally attacked his ex boss with a hammer. >> the attack was just one of the worst i've seen. an absolute brutal attack. >> reporter: it happened here in the 300 block of sycamore mills road in upper providence. just after 8:00 a.m. police say the 57 year old victim was taking out his trash when he noticed someone in the woods dressed all in black with a mask. within seconds he was being viciously beaten. >> he has multiple blunt force injuries about his head. his ear was lacerated substantially almost turn completely off. >> some kind of mental disorder maybe. possibly.
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i can't imagine. >> reporter: the vick testimony knocked his mask off with a kick and recognized hem as a former employee northerlily fled. this middle school went into lock down as investigators trying to track northerlily do down. hours later he was arrested at his home in lititz. police say this was a target add tack. >> he was a former employee and we believe at least at this point that that may, precipitated this event. >> no kidding? an ex employee? that's pretty sad. >> reporter: neighbors in this quiet community were stunned to say the least. >> very sad situation. i hope he has a speedy recovery and can put this thing to bed. >> either they're crazy or they're just definitely bad. >> reporter: now police say nurlly confessed to the crime and they recovered the hammer and nip gentleman clothing. coming up at 6:00 new details on the planning and motive behind this attack. lucy and iain. >> dave, thank you.
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>> meantime delaware county man social media discovery leads to a nasty fight and an arrest. >> why exactly police say a man confronted his neighbor with a gun. >> and debilitating pain every day. one woman says even doctors did not believe her until they diagnosed her with rare disord disorder. her message to others with the disorder. her message to others with the sathe wonder of summer is that i never know what kind of adventure awaits. the days are longer, and the breeze feels a little sweeter. and, thanks to volvo, i'll pay nothing for repairs or maintenance for 5 years, nothing.
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>> pretrial hearing was today for the two time charged in the collapse. prosecutorings charged griffin campbell and sean ben chop for third degree murder in the death of six people at the store that stood at 22nd and mark. prosecutors say there's more safety practices before a brick wall crush the salvation army shop. attorneys for the men say they are no more than scapegoats. they have lengthy witness list among those. >> delaware county police say a man confronted his neighbor with a gun over something he found on his girl friend's facebook and instagram accounts. thalia perez is live in upper darby tonight, delaware county. you talked about -- >> we did speak to the victim and he tells us that the thief took an inn have a gram post platonic and cordial nothing else. he's still shook up and asked us to conceal his identity during the interview for his safety.
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>> i couldn't panic or anything because i didn't want to get him in, you know, get him excited and then he might, you know, discharge his firearm. >> a scary intense moment between sean who's identity we've concealed and lorenzo arnold who's behind bars accused of threatening sean with a loaded semi automatic begun. over an alleged affair with his girlfriend. police say it happened monday after sean and the girlfriend he can changed facebook and inn have a gram post. >> whatever he read set him off and his allegations to the victim was you're being with my woman. >> reporter: but shaken maintain the social media posts were about cutting the grass. he says he runs a small
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landscaping business and the couple that hired him to minute taken their front lawn on atlantic avenue. >> it was just awkward. 12:00 o'clock at night approaching someone's door ringing the doorbell sporadically. yeah, i don't know really what you here for. >> the suspect lives directly behind him. and lured him into the alleyway behind the two houses. moments later, sean says the talking stopped and arnold punched him in the face leaving him with a cut lip as he brandished his begun sean says he ran inside and called police. >> they came to me as shock to be completely honest. i mean like i said we are cordial people. and children play and stuff like that. >> arnold faces serious time behind bars. if convicted of the charges. >> the victim is lucky he didn't get shot. if not killed then certainly seriously injured. this guy had 10 shots or 11 shots in his gun. so he coourt next week. he's facing a slew of charges
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including inn inn dangering the welfare of a child. when he want to couldn't front his neighbor he left his two young boys at home it loan. we'll send it back to you, iain. >> thalia, thank you. >> it's a big day for some college students across the region. that right of passage for young people and their parents. freshman from the class of 218 moving in to widener university today. university president james harris welcoming students to that are new digs with ice cream social. fox 29's karen hepp is live at villanova university tonight. karen lot of students beginning a new chapter of their lives today. it's so exciting. we're in the heart of villanova's campus. we've got football stadium over here. we've got some cheering kids obviously right behind me. there they are. villanova pride. >> whoo! >> it's a good day. it's a happy day. freshman storms down there. you can tell there's lot of emotion and excitement. >> this is villanova's parking lot of expectations and nerves.
5:20 pm
1600 freshman families anxious and excited from flashing the first v's with wilde cat to the stress of unpacking and that complicated bittersweet milestone of launching your child and then saying goodbye. >> i'm just miserable. you know, i can't believe, you know, like i've always kept thinking in my mind we have her for 18 years and that's it. >> mary look at her one and only daughter jessica and grabs a bag they trudge up the four flights of stairs no elevator down that cinder block hallway stanford is a quintessential classic no frills freshman dorm. >> i can't tell if i'm nervous or excited. both of them all at once putting the room together there's so much in there already. i don't know. i'm excited i think. >> dad knows what he feels. he feels like his chest is bursting with pride and his heart might break. >> what am i going to do? i'll be lonely without my daughter. i'm going to miss her a lot. but i hope she has great experience because i tell her and i told all her friends,
5:21 pm
college is the biggest venture you'll have until this time in your life. i hope she has that big adventure. >> mary has been through it once but it doesn't make it any easier. >> sadness but joy for everything he has ahead much this is we're supposed to be doing but many tears. many, many tears. >> as the second of four boys, sean cannot move his stuff in fast enough. in fact he leaves his little brother to guard the stuff. >> will you miss being home? >> i mean i'll miss the food but my brothers can be annoying sometimes. i don't miss that part. >> reporter: all right. there's still so many parents that are here on campus probably make of their final goodbyes. you can recognize the parents because they're the ones that are still lugging all the things around campus as their kids are trying to make some new friends. we even have microwave boxes over here. so right now we're at villanova's campus we spent part of the day at temple's campus where they are welcoming some of that are newest owls to their nest and we'll have that story coming up at 6:00 o'clock. back to you. >> karen i love the fact things never ever change.
5:22 pm
we'll miss mom and dad' food and always going to be sad when we leave mostly. thanks very much. >> back to your fox 29 weather authority now. meteorologist caitlin roth says this weather could be coming to an end and i guess fairly quickly caitlin. >> we've been appreciating the low humidity same with all those college students moving in it's nice when it's not too hot a lot of those dorms still do not have ac. they didn't when i arrived. a lot of sweating with all of that moving in. right now we do have front bringing showers into western portions of our viewing area. it is weakening it brought showers and thunderstorms to parts of central pa including williamsport earlier this afternoon. right now some showers on the edge of berks county back down through lancaster county we're waiting on those showers here in philly but i don't think we see much. temperatures right now in the low to mid 80s. we'll see some stray showers later otherwise mostly cloudy with temperatures following back into the 60s. when the rain arrives for us is still ahead. iain and lucy. >> caitlin, thank you. fighting words from north korea against secretary of state john kerry. the latest insult from the communist nation
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officials are on alert after two possibly bowl a cases. tests are being done on two women one in albuquerque, one in sacramento who returned from africa displaying ebola symptoms. patients and family members of the kieser permanente hospital say they should have been informed. >> we're scared now. >> we have been in this hospital, all day, walking around and i this is first time we have been hearing this. >> they should let us know, so we can take action, upon ourselves. >> the patients are in isolation while cdc, completes tests. >> north korea is slinging insults at secretary of state john kerry calling him a quote, wild dog with a hideous lantern jaw. it is the the country's latest personal attack on america's top tip mate. north korea's state newscast published the statement comparing kerry to a dog adding his behavior is all about biting and hurting other people. then calling israeli and anti u.s. sentiment as the the u.s.
5:27 pm
insults, its annual joint military drills. north korea is threatening to launch preemptive attacks on its native to the south in response to those military exercises. so, are you noticing getting more and more difficult to get a good night's sleep. because unfortunately if you do you may not be able to do a whole lot about it. >> why doctors say getting shut eye can get harder as you get older. lightening strikes a home, doing all of the damage you see here, incredible, inside, the emotional next. plus woman who says doctor did not believe her when she says she was in debilitating pain, every single day, and until she was diagnosed with a rare disorder. her message to others,
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philadelphia police need your help to identify robbers caught on camera in a violent robbery at a chinese restaurant. now take a look at the wild scene from the lucky garden in frankford. cops say one man was pummeling the worker when a second guy came in and started searching through that employee's pockets. they stole a wallet with $300 in it. the the employee is physically okay. if you know something that might help catch those robbers call the philadelphia police. we've got some more great bear video for you tonight. the thinks coming out of the monroe county where bear is caught on security camera on the saturday going through trouble for a snack. you can see him here walking in the garage, in the township
5:31 pm
and then moments later, he comes out, slowly pushing the cannon wheels. >> that is fantastic. >> the bear did eventually get into it making a big mess for them to clean up. at first they thought it was their dog which is why they check their security camera so doggies off the hook while bear is roaming the area, just tonight, by a neighbor. >> amazing video. pain is a very personal thing and when you trying to convince others of how much pain you are in can be a very tough thing to do. such is life of those living with a very rare genetic disorder. tonight, the story of one woman's battle against it and her mission to expose it. >> yeah. >> i had problems since i was little. >> reporter: megan brazil the issues was more often dismissed. >> when you are little, you say my leg hurts, my arm hurts. everything moves, everything is okay. it is sad when you are a child. >> officially when you don't
5:32 pm
look sick. >> you joint are so mobil they do things that they are in the supposed to. >> result of the rare condition. >> which caused a lot of problems with my joints, for a couple of years, and hard to figure out why. they mentioned this disease to me but i never followed through witt. >> reporter: the syndrome is a genetic disorder affecting just one in nearly 15,000 people. >> what happens is it effects the cartilage, the connect i have tissues. throughout the body, can pull your skin, about 4 inches, and it is very lacks. >> reporter: the pain can be life altering. >> the tricky part of this disorder is the fact that you have tremendous amounts of joint problems and it can also in some forms of it, can affect the vascular nature and that is where you can have have serious, serious
5:33 pm
problems. you can have dissections of the aorta, the big pipe in the body, leading to, sudden death. >> reporter: if that weren't enough the mother of two also worries about her ability to care for her young children. >> megan loves to soak them up but admits it is sometimes tough because she's always in pain. that pain also makes it very difficult for this three three-year old to indulge her life's passion of painting. >> i have nerve damage in my left arm which i have had for years and no one could figure out why. the muscle in my shoulder here is atrophies and i don't know what caused it but over past couple months, i go right back repeatedly doing minor things. >> it has several classifications, megan suffers from the hyper mobility type. >> it causes to you get injured easily. i tore a ligament in my wrist,
5:34 pm
and i had surgery for that. i tore cartilage in my ankle. i had a disk problem in my letter back. >> reporter: megan says while it is nice to know the name of her ailment there is no cure and her doctor has only been able to suggest ways to cope with the pain. >> a lot of doctors are skeptical and they think you're looking for pain medicine. it is hard. some daisy can barely get out of bed in the morning. >> it really requires not only a specialist like a rheumatologist to deal with these folks, but also a genetic expert because this is a genetic condition, that can be passed on. >> reporter: that means eventually megan's children will need to be tested for danoff syndrome with the hope it won't impact their lives as it has hers. >> you never know what somebody else is going through, what they are doing, you know, there is any number of diseases out there where you don't actually look like
5:35 pm
you are sick and all i can do is explain it to people and hope that they under stan. it is, that painting isented beautiful. doctor mike suggests meditation as a way of helping people with chronic pain get their mind off their constant battle as much as possible. if you know someone who might be suffering with this syndrome you'll find resources to help at my fox under seen on tv. so have you ever hit the beach, jumped in the ocean and suddenly realized you've got to go. >> no. >> same here. >> but, coming up why scientists say that answering the call of duty in the ocean is a good thing actually. a man delivers his granddaughter in the car when she just can't wait to get to the hospital, the tv channel that he says taught him what to do. coming up at 6:00 when you think college student polite might not be the first words
5:36 pm
that come to mind but students with the best manners go to school right around here. so, we gave them the thumbs up. hi caitlin. >> showers cleared the will yams port area time to play ball for taney dragons but when that rain arrives, what it means for
5:37 pm
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5:39 pm
in your health tonight, why it may be harder for to you sleep, as you age. a new study finds the cells in your brain may be to blame. harvard researchers think they have identified a group of cells and blocked off conscious thought that allows you to go to sleep. they think overtime the cells erode causing sleep and other health-related problems. so this process is also seen in people with alzheimer's disease. researchers hope findings lead to new methods of treatments for those in need. to pea or not to pea. where am i going here. >> hopefully actually the bathroom but anyhow,. >> have you ever wondered whether it is okay to go in the ocean. >> we have establish no, it is not but others have, and guess what there is a study for
5:40 pm
that. american chemical society says going in the ocean, here's a revelation it is harmless. hard to imagine anyone thinking otherwise. think about what happens when a blue whale has to go, white. small amount of waste we deposit had has no effect on the water. of course, most urine is nothing more than water and researchers say it can create nutrients that feed plant life as one big circle of life. obviously going in pools or other small enclosed areas is a very, very bad idea. so becoming a parent is a dream for so many. >> so what do you do when achieving that dream becomes too costly. nicole and tom have been trying for five years to become parents. after several rounds have of fertility treatments and three miscarriages there is no baby in the picture. their quest has taken a toll physically, mentally and physically. they have spent more than 45 you this dollars and they have now turned to crowd source to go help pay for some of the medical costs associated with infertility.
5:41 pm
>> i don't think people understand that it is a disease and that most insurances don't cover infertility. >> they say it is becoming much more than raising money. tonight at ten why they say their struggle to become parents is helping others. celebrities, politicians, professional athletes have all shown their support for taney dragons. >> indeed they are, next social media lights up for our favorite little leaguers. rihanna and katie perry are two stars that will head line next super bowl half time show but nfl may make them pay to play. you heard us right. would stars who are used to making millions actually give money to the nfl. i don't know, what do you think. >> i wouldn't give the nfl a dime. >> i knew you were going to say that. >> why would they, they make billions. eagles defense, has in the been good enough in the first two preseason games. been good enough in the first two preseason games. ahead in sport
5:42 pm
5:43 pm
5:44 pm
sfx: sounds of marching band and crowd cheering sfx: sounds of marching band and crowd cheering so, i'm walking down the street, sfx: sounds of marching band and crowd cheering just you know walking, sfx: sounds of marching band and crowd cheering and i found myself in the middle of this parade honoring america's troops. which is actually quite fitting because geico has been serving the military for over 75 years. aawh no, look, i know this is about the troops and not about me. right, but i don't look like that. who can i write a letter to about this? geico.
5:45 pm
nfl isn't scoring big over its suggestion to make next super bowl half time act dish out money to perform. rumor has it that the nfl is considering katie perry, rihanna and the band cold play for the big show. people close to the decision making process says the league has asked those it is considering if they are willing to quote, post half time show income or other financial considerations, the league's way. the nfl will in the comment on particles, more than 150 million viewers watched bruno mars earlier this year on fox. he used it for a springboard for a concert tour and his music sales pick up as well. former phillies star curt schilling says he has mouth cancer and he blames it on 30
5:46 pm
years of using chewing tobacco. the last year schilling revealed he had cancer but didn't say what kind. the doctors say he has seven weeks of chemotherapy and radiation treatments earlier this year. major league hall of famer tony gwynn died of cancer that he blame on chewing tobacco. schilling says he is remission but has lost 75-pound. scary at home in north scottsdale, arizona a massive lightening bolt ripped through it while homeowners were inside. it tore through the roof, and then through the home, the homeowners say they just moved in three months ago and they have been renovating the property. >> i was at my computer working and i heard the loudest boom you have ever heard in your life. >> it the is devastating. i have already cried a little bit upstairs but i'm glad she is okay. it the reminds you you are not in charge. mother nature is in charge. >> they are still assessing the damage tonight but in one is in the hospital. >> well, talk about a special delivery. >> grandfather delivers his daughter in law's child on the
5:47 pm
way to the the hospital, grand pop, rocky anderson was rushing to the hospital when his doctor very much in labor realized he will not make it there. anderson pulled over, jumped in the back seat and became, labor coach. moments later, baby london faith anderson, how cute, was welcomed in the world, right there in the middle of the parking lot. >> ray's in the back on the phone, we're having a baby, hurry, we're on the highway. slow down, you will kill us. she said dad, hurry up. i'm like this can't be happening. >> but it was. anderson says he knew what to do, why, because he often watches the national geographic channel. amazing what you can learn on tv. little london will meet her poppa next month because he is on assignment the as a army recruiter. >> all that tv watching does pay off. >> we encourage it. >> yes, exactly. >> especially at this time on
5:48 pm
fox 29. >> so we have some rain moving in maybe. >> we do, close call for williamsport and taney dragons. they will be fine to start the game and i do think they will get the whole thing in but that rain moves to us and becomes our problem at some point tonight but mainly it is tomorrow. let's show you whole scenario on ultimate doppler. stormy weather moving across midwest, tennessee valley and northeast. specifically here in pennsylvania we had a broken line of showers and storms that crossed the mountains and as it does lost its steam starting to move in the western suburbs. still strong storms down by washington area, south of washington but up in pennsylvania we are just talking about a round of some showers moving in berks county, lancaster county. we will zoom in and sweep across the area you will see parts of the lehigh valley pottsville, harrisburg you guys are seeing showers and they are trying to sneak in the lancaster area. i call for a widely scattered shower across the area tonight, not a big deal. notice williamsport will zoom in. showers from earlier are gone. is there developments back toward the west. they will see another round of
5:49 pm
rain tonight but models are saying sometime between ten and 11:00 p.m. which mens if the game goes normal speed we should be all right. today's weather almanac showing a nice summery afternoon. eighty-six is the high here in philadelphia that is close to the normal 85. so record high 99. setback in 198 36789 record low 52 back in 1949. sunset now 7:50 p.m. a as those days are starting to condense here. seventy-five in mount pocono right now very comfortable there. lehigh ton. seventy-nine in bethlehem. eighty-three allentown. it is warm but more humid to day. it just feels more like it should this time of the year. not uncomfortable though. twenty-eight warminster. eighty-one chester. twenty-eight millville. pair of seven's and 80's. seventy-six in oc and 78 in cape may. fox future cast shows those showers sneaking ? our area best chance is further off to the north. cannot rule out some showers. you see them down towards the south in the overnight. this is pretty hit or miss. and then generally showers on thursday, hit or miss too. so the the morning starts out
5:50 pm
cloudy, we will see sun break out in the afternoon and that will fuel some showers at times throughout the afternoon this is not an organize system moving through. these are widely scattered downpours along a cold front. but, that could bring a downpour over the lincoln financial field at some point thursday night. we will to have watch and see. here we are at 8:00 o'clock on thursday, showers over philadelphia but models saying is there at least a chance of rape in our area that is through all of thursday night into friday morning. here we are at 8:00 a.m. showers lingering and friday itself could be a glummy day. i don't think we should take clouds and showers until late friday night. again for game in williamsport 74, first pitch temperature, cloudy and humid with showers possible for maybe the the ninth inning. tonight back home here in philadelphia 68. overnight low in the city, 61 in the suburbs. mostly cloud which a couple of showers. and for thursday 85 degrees, will be that high temperature. times of sunshine but also showers and thunderstorms possible especially in the afternoon. seven day forecast 79, clouds and showers on friday, and then the fall-like temperatures really return for the the weekend and just keeps
5:51 pm
getting cooler and cooler looking each day. seventy-five is all on saturday but sunshine is back sunday, with sunday and machine looking very pleasant with warmer weather next week, ian. >> thanks, caitlin. talking about taney dragons they have become the pride of philadelphia they have become a big hit on the social media a lot of people using hash tag believe in dragons. here's what some people are saying. let's go taney baseball dragons, city of brotherly love could not be prouder. we are all one tonight hash tag believe in dragons. how about best of luck to taney baseball tonight. i believe in dragons. philly stand up. how about this can't wait to see mone davis lead taney to victory tonight. they have love park, mone, that is pretty cool. then last one here, dear mone, you got this we want to hear from you as well, tweet us using hash tag believe in dragons fox 29 philly. lets send it over to howard now with a look at sports. >> thanks hash tag iain. >> it is in the over yet for
5:52 pm
the phillies. they may be on life support but they are still kicking with a chance to make the playoff. playoffs? yes we're talking playoffs. well, maybe. phillies came back today for a win and still have 0.1 percent chance of making playoff. until fat late i sings, it is not over. lets go to the ballpark. all right. morales against cole hamels who did not have a good day, 430-foot home run, seattle up two-one. they made it three-one. hamels on a two strike pitch wild pitch and they go up three-one. he went five innings, gave up nine hits and a walk and wild pitch but phillies came back in the bottom half of the fourth. chase utley with the fooled on the pitch but bloops it over second. four-three. they win four-three. phillies win a game but manager is all taneyed up. >> we all played little league so we can relate. it is back to the basics of baseball and having fun and jumping around and doing all of the things that they do and
5:53 pm
so to have somebody to cheer for and to pull for that doesn't happen every year. we have something to pull for. so i know we're all going to be watching tonight. >> ryne, would i like to see you get excited once in a while. maybe you can do it tonight. we will get a camera out there for you. eagles are one day away from the most important preseason game for starters. tomorrow eagles play pittsburgh steelers and new improved link you'll get to see that. one area fans are starting to care about and concerning themselves with is the defense. eagles defense has given up 76 points in the the last two games. the last game eagles gave up over 200-yard rushing. so should there be a little concern connor barwin doesn't think there is a problem. >> no, i'm not concerned but obviously seeing what you guys saw i know there is certain things we need to get fixed and have ready to go when season starts. we have an opportunity to get those things fixed now. >> you better get it done. >> we will, we will howard, for you. >> okay.
5:54 pm
>> we will do it for the fans too. >> eagles offensive line was one of the biggest pluses for eagles last season this last last game they will play together as a unit before the start of the regular season. so how do you prepare were not any real physical play in practice and not many downs in the games. >> we practice pretty hard but more importantly we recover harder. so, when we do go through that kind of stuff we get back in here and we do everything that we need to do, utilize resources that we have here and get back recover from everything that we do. >> the cleveland browns have named a starting quarterback today, only reason would i do this story is the the over hype of johnny freefall. i can tell you it is in the this guy, number two. he should not start. johnny manziel is not good enough and even with all that immature stuff you that he has done it comes down to play and he is just not good enough, sorry, lucy. brian hoyer will be the the
5:55 pm
start. >> i know that is your boy. >> no, it is not that at all, all i can say he was one of the few college players would i not take a popcorn break because if he was on the field something amazing would happen. that is not to say he can translate into the professional league and not to say i like what he did off the field. i just like him on the field. >> i will tell what you i will get you the popcorn and we will be happy. >> i can have all of the popcorn i want all the time because clearly that is not a problem. >> is to come back. get your popcorn. how about this another live look at little league world series in williamsport at 6:00, excitement you can feel, howard, that you can feel as our taney dragons prior to take the field in just a short time. hold off on the popcorn. also the guy accused of dressing like a ninja and attacking a man in the neighborhood connection police say that suspect has to the man who was sent to the hospital, fox 29 news
5:56 pm
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two days of excitement and anticipation building to a fever pitch in williamsport, pennsylvania. our taney dragons are getting ready to take the field for their next game in the little league world series. match is drawing a crowd in williamsport, people gathering in philadelphia's city hall to watch wait and cheer. good evening aim iain page. i'm lucy noland. lets get straight to williamsport where the axis just about to begin. the chris o'connell there in the middle of it all, hi, chris. >> reporter: good evening,
6:00 pm
lucy. taney dragons just stepped in the batting cagees, about right behind me here, at the will yams for the little league world series complex. luckily rain won't be a factor here tonight, the sunnies now, shining, it looks like we will get this game on. you can see behind me there is a game going on japan/south korea, you see all the people behind me make no mistake they are all here for taney little league. as i said field was covered for most of this day, many coming up from philadelphia were worried they would have to postpone this game but, of course, the skies cleared and they were able to get this in. all around the complex it is taney fever. mid-atlantic merchandise has been sold out for days. everyone is talking about phenom mone davis, several bus loads of fans arrived here a little while ago some getting up here early s


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