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tv   Fox 29 Morning News at 5a  FOX  August 21, 2014 5:00am-6:01am EDT

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>> attack by an inch in gentleman, how this guy hid in the news, to hammer, to beat his former boss. and police say that a social media discovery sends local man over the edge. what police say he found on his girlfriend's account, that had him running to the neighbor's house with a gun. before this best man's speech even begins, the audience is cheering him on. that's because of the tune that you heard right before those cheers. it is coming up in the trend. good day, it is thursday, august 21st, 2014, it is 5:00 o'clock this morning, it is time to check on weather. a little bit humid out there, sue, and couple of changes on the way, as well. >> yep, i think the best way to describe today's weather will be unsettled. because we'll have some showers, some thunderstorms around, especially later on in the day. so out of ten we go with a six
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today. we'll have some sunshine at times, and some seasonable temperatures. but otherwise, cloudy, humid, showers and thunderstorms popping up, especially in the afternoon. so, ultimate doppler showing the thunderstorms are far to our north, far to the south at the moment. we have rain up in new york city, but nothing showing up really, we were watching the rain that just moved off shore down in maryland, eastern shore, and williamsport is dry for the moment, but as we keep an eye on the little league wormed series, thunderstorms in the forecast for later on for them, as well. 86 degrees was yesterday's high temperature, 85 is the average hi, 69 degrees where we are right now, southeasterly wind 6 miles an hour, gives us relative humidity of 84%, so it is pretty sticky out there. and 85 will be our high today. got to watch out for scattered showers, thunderstorms this afternoon, specially if you are at the beach or at the pool. and then tonight, we're down to 70 degrees, more clouds, more showers, more thunderstorms, there is your
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foxcast, it is 5:01 on your thursday morning. still, going on in north philadelphia, north broad, between tioga and venango, this road remains closed because of an accident, here are your alternatives, 13th street, or north 15th street. also, in robinsville, new jersey, 195 eastbound between new jersey turnpike and route 526 construction blocking the left lane until about 6:00 a.m. kerry? >> sue, thanks. it is 5:02 this morning, breaking news from temple university. we are just learning details of an attack against a student late yesterday afternoon, headed out to fox 29's jennifer joyce on campus, jenny? >> reporter: live out here yesterday morning, nearly 4500 freshmen moving in to start their college experience, the same day there was allegedly an attack against a student. according to temple university, a student physically attacked late wednesday afternoon, and it included anti-semetic
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statements and row lidge us blurs. beyond that we don't have any details of the actual attack or even where it happened. temple is asking anyone with information on this to please call campus safety immediately. also, university officials said wednesday night they reached out to leaders of the temple jewish and pro palestinian communities to discuss the incident, and the best path moving forward. we will continue to try to get some details on this situation, again, not so much right now. all we know is that an attack allegedly happened against a student yesterday afternoon, and apparently included anti-semetic remarks. kerry? >> all right, jenny, keep us posted, thank you. 5:03 this morning, an ambulance involved in a accident right around 2:00 this morning, in north philadelphia. developing story right now. it happened right near temple university hospital at tioga and broad. the driver of the car was in critical condition, a patient inside the ambulance has minor injuries. and, also, developing, in south philadelphia, this morning, police searching for gunman in a deadly shooting.
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it happened last night on the 1500 block of south 21st street. police tell us a 16 year old boy was shot twice in the back, and stomach, he was pronounced dead at a hospital. police say the gunman was last seen running south toward tasker, now checking surveillance cameras for information on him. also, in south philadelphia, police are investigating another murder, this one happened near the intersection of 25th and man ton streets. police say that a man in his late 20's or early three's was shot twice in the head. he was found dead inside after car. no word on any suspects. also new developments in horrifying beheading after american journalist. we've learned president obama sent special operation troops to syria this summer, in a secret mission in order to try and save american hostages, that includes, that slain journalist. no hostages were found. well, yesterday, the president confirmed and condemned the killing of james foley, terrorists taking credit for
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foley's death say the us should stop air strikes in iraq. in fact, they're threatening death for another american journalist being held captive. despite that threat, the united states launched more air strikes. president obama promising to continue to confront terrorism, and foley's family is remembering his life. >> well, speaks for no re lidge on. victims muslim, no fate teaches massacre to innocence. >> was strong, courageous, loving to the ends, we just hardly recognize our little boy. i mean, he was just a hero. >> james foley was taken captive in 2012 while covering the war in syria. officials say his execution err seems to have a british accent, intelligence agencies are trying to find him. meanwhile, a film maker and a friends of foley's stopped by our studio to talk about foley going into dangerous place toss do his job.
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>> he took smart risks and calculated risks, but he always had the courage to go and do what he believed in. i had dinner with him just few weeks before he went to syria and disappeared. we had often talked about syria and security, and he was also very good, very responsible journalist. you know, the efforts to get them out is limited communication with isis from what i understand, and only so much could be done with this group. isis are complete barbarians. >> story still developing. a lot more as the morning continues. meanwhile, in love park, dozens of people gathering to rally for ferguson missouri. the organizers calling it the hands-up turn up for ferguson in philly. there are peaceful protests yesterday comes after days of violence, set off by the shooting death of unarmed teenager michael brown. meanwhile, in missouri overnight, things were a lot more peaceful. protesters took to the streets once again, but the demonstrations were smaller, they were more orderly, only six arrests were made. and attorney general eric
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holds err visited ferguson yesterday. he tried to ease tensions by telling the community about his own encounters with police. he also met privately with brown's family, and he promise add thorough and fair investigation. people know that federal thorough investigation is being done. my hope is that that will have -- give people some agree of confidence. >> a grand jury is now taken the case up t could take weeks to decide whether the officer involved in brown's death will face any charges. meanwhile, skyfox over an accident in northeast philadelphia yesterday, where a car crashed into a busy deli. it happened on the 1700 block of grant avenue, grant plaza. police say the 86 year old driver plowed right into the front doors. there are about 20 people in there. fortunately, no one was hurt. police say the driver was taken to the hospital. but just as a precaution. >> they could have played better. i think they still got a
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chance. >> they do. it was a disappointing lost last night for our favorite little leaguers, star pitcher mo'ne davis and the taney dragons lost to las vegas eight to one. down in the first inning one to zip. by the thirds vague hess gotten two more runs. taney finally got on board at the bottom of the fourth, when zion spearman scored a run, but it wasn't enough. despite the loss, family and friends are holding out hope for the dragons. >> probably little tired it, game after game, and i really believe that tomorrow when she plays chicago she is going to win. >> we sure hope they do. taney battling it out again tonight, as you just heard, against chicago, trying to stay alive. if they do beat the windy city they'll play in the championship game saturday once again out of the team of las vegas. you can bet taney fan base will be out in full support to support the little league nerves this big game. fans rallying in front of city hall last night to watch them
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play. also pep rally outside the school where mo'ne and two of her teammates go to school. one of her friends had this to say about how she played. >> i thought she did fantastic job even though they lost. i ' still proud of her. >> i think they did a fairly good job. >> this was a tough team that they had to go against. so i think they did a very good job. >> they did. and fans all across the region are homing they'll play well, pull out a win tonight. and for everything taney,, complete coverage of the dragons run for the little league world series title. 5:09, south jersey, police arrest a modern day bonnie and clyde, accusing them of several wild robberies across the area. thirty-six jerold jason d'angelo and 37 year old joanna probes held up number of banks and convenience stores. cops say during every robbery they wore the same masks, they demanded money from employers -- employees, and
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investigators say they finally caught up with the two tuesday. they're both in jail facing robbery and drug charges. and, in delaware county, a man is accused of dressing as ninja to pull off brutal attack on his former boss. police arrested michael norly, junior, for that attack. they say he dressed up as an inch in gentleman, and -- ninja, hid out for three hours, and then attacked his ex boss with a hammer. the victim has serious head injuries. >> the attack was just one of the worse i've seen, an accidentally brutal attack. >> this was not random incident. >> this was an attack that was in our opinion premeditated. >> police say the victim knocked norly's mask off during the attack, and recognized him. they say norly took off after that, but was later arrested at his home. just about 5:11 this morning, time for weather on the one's, hi, sue. >> today's the day we keep extra special ion ultimate
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doppler radar. tour around, see what's going on. few little patches of green up to our north and west, but no lane reported. it is raining around the new york city area this morning. williamsport, dry right now, but see cluster every thunderstorms just to the west of that. so, all that bears watching today. as the little league world series does continue, you know, it is a double elimination situation. so even though taney dragons lost last night there is play tonight at 7:30, 78 degrees, and unfortunately, the possibility of scattered thunderstorms again. so the seven day forecast has unsettled weather today, tomorrow, maybe even into saturday morning. i don't think the weekend will be a watch out by any means it, looks -- sunday looks like beautiful day, high of 79 degrees, maybe the latter half of saturday. we do warm back up to the 80s, but in the until tuesday or wednesday of next week. and that is it for weather at the moment. let's goat route 202, northbound, the ramp to
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eastbound 76, eastbound schuylkill, construction that was going on has cleared up now. so since it is early, kerrey it, looks like things are fine. >> that's good. sue, thanks. 5:12, what happens to your facebook, your twitter, your e-mail, after you die? officials in delaware have made a decision for the residents there and dared the
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>> police suspect, in california, just over the golden gate bridge from san francisco, police say they were after a driver for domestic assault. tried to pull him over. he took off, sends another car careening into the restaurant, seven people up in the hospital includes ago driver and two others in the car. young girl from california falls to her death while hiking in yellowstone national park. that eight year old was just about to start fourth grade. she was hike withing her family at the grand canyon in the park when she stepped off her trail, lost her footing and fell. friends at the san diego school are devastated. the first day of school, i'll just keep it with me, or just lever it at school where she sat. >> this is the third accidental death at yellowstone this year. delaware says your family should have access to your facebook account after you
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die. that is new law that makes delaware the first state to give families the digital as else of their deceased or incapacitated loved ones, under the law e-mail, cloud storage, social media accounts, more, now deemed part of a person's estate upon their death. they'll be treated the same as physical as else, documents, and records. a delaware county man, accused every confronting his nab or with a gun, the reason, something he found on his girlfriend's facebook and instagram pages. as fox 29's thalia perez tells us, she has been talking with that neighbor. >> i couldn't panic or anything because i don't want to get him in, you know, get him excited and then he might, you know, discharge his firearm. >> a scary and tense moment between sean, whose identity we've concealed, and lorenzo arnold, who is now behind bars, accused of threatening sean with a loaded semiautomatic gun over an alleged affair with his friend. police say it happened monday, after sean and the girlfriend exchanged facebook and
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instagram posts. >> whatever he red set him off. and his allegation to the victim was you're being my woman. >> but sean maintains the social media posts for about cutting the grass. he says he runs a small landscaping business and the couple had hired him to maintain their front lawn on atlantic avenue. >> it was just awkward. ringing the doorbell, like, ya, i don't know really what you are here for. >> sean says the suspect lives directly behind him. and lured him into the alleyway behind the two houses. months later, sean says, the talking stopped, and arnold punched him in the face leaving him with a cut lip as he brandished his gun, sean says, he ran inside and called police. >> they came to me as a shock, to be completely honest, like i said, we are cordial people, and our children play and stuff like that. >> arnold now faces serious time behind bars. if convicted of the charges.
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>> the victim's lucky he didn't get shot. you know, if not killed and certainly seriously injured, i mean, this guy had tensions, 11 shots in his gun. so he could have done some significant damage. >> thalia perez, "fox 29 news". at 5:18, the teenager in south carolina arrested and suspended from school over what he wrote in a class assignment. freshman alex stone says that he wrote a fictional story with the word gun and the phrase take care every business. a teacher contacted school officials, who notified police. stone says his statements were taken completely out of context. his mother says the school didn't contact her before her son was arrested. in your health this morning, thousands of people quarantined in liberia in a desperate attempt to stop the spread of the ebola virus, epidemic being blamed for more than 1300 deaths in several west african countries. some health organizations say
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countries facing outbreaks should do more to stop the spread of it. (inaudible). >> meanwhile, the cdc here in the united states is advising against un essential travels to sierra leone, guinea, liberian the countries that have been most affected by that virus. retirement for many men is a time of relaxation after years of hard work, for women, too, but for some of these guys wives, apparently not so much after vacation. new study based on japanese research finds that a lot of women suffer from what's now
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called retired husband syndrome. it is linked to an increase in stress and depression, and inability to sleep because their husbands are now home all day long. researchers say the problem hurts wives with carreers, even more than wives who have work from home. a south jersey couple struggling with infertility turning to the internet to alleviate some of their medical costs it, does get expensive. nicole and tom spreeing l trying to have a baby for five years. after several fertility treatment, miscarriages, nicole was diagnosis wad unexplained infertility, treatments cost them more than $45,000. so they created a go fun me with a cost. more importantly, nicole says, they are raising awareness. >> i've had people e-mail me, and call me with different ideas, like hey, i heard about there is have you tried this, and i have learned a lot from it, too. >> the spiegel's have raised more than $26,000.
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their doctor says they will be able to get pregnant, but they've got to find the right combination of treatments. we wish them the best. 5:21 right now, time for weather on the one's, hi, sue. >> hi, good morning, thursday, the weekends' almost here, but we have couple every unsettled days to get through before we can enjoy saturday and sunday. and, today it is not going to be horrible. but there will be pop up showers, thunderstorms, this afternoon, not expecting anything severe, and there could be a few places where you get a heavy downpour or two. but, again, nothing extreme. just some pop up thunderstorms, because of the unsettled weather pattern. sunset time 7:49 tonight. before that happens the high temperature will be 85 degrees. and it will be humid today. that's your werth. here's your traffic on the new jersey turnpike northbound, approaching route 322, construction blocking the right lane, and that will be in effect until 10:00 this morning. kerry? >> sue, thanks. 5:21 rid now, if you have got a big wedding coming up, big
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speech to give. we strongly recommend that you watch this first. chances are, you cannot top it. i'll have it coming up in the trends. sfx: sounds of marching band and crowd cheering sfx: sounds of marching band and crowd cheering so, i'm walking down the street, sfx: sounds of marching band and crowd cheering just you know walking, sfx: sounds of marching band and crowd cheering and i found myself in the middle of this parade honoring america's troops. which is actually quite fitting because geico has been serving the military for over 75 years. aawh no, look,
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i know this is about the troops and not about me. right, but i don't look like that. who can i write a letter to about this? geico.
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us stocks shaking up a dip and shaping back up. s&p 500 roast five points yesterday to 1986, the dow gained 59 points, to finish at ferly 17,000. the nasdaq stayed fairly
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unchanged, finishing at 4500. meanwhile, the labor department is reporting on on a number of people who applied for unemployment benefits last week today. new iphone may come out by next month. already the rumors about it are circulating. the latest says the screen on this new phone may be made out of synthetic sapphire to make it virtually scratch proof. we're expected to learn a little bit more about that new phone next month. so, couples are using some trendy dating sites, and they're bringing along extra company on their first date. the extra company, clearly, is their pets, hoping to find perfect match through pet dating sites, that are growing in popularity like must love dogs. com. those signing up say their pets help to break the ice on the first date t allows them to see the chemistry between their match and their match's pet, if they have one, as well. the justice department
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expected to announced to that the bank of america is settling with them for $17 billion. it will resolve allegations that the bank and companies that it later bought misrepresented loans that were sold to investors. that settlement is expected to include $7 billion in consumer aid. google reportedly would like to open up g mail and youtube accounts for children under the age of 13. although services are not currently offered to that particular age group, a lot every kids finds a way to work around them. in the future, though, accounts for kids would include special dashboard which parents can oversee their child's on line activities to the technology website the information. but still, the idea is not sitting well with some parents, anyway. >> children nowadays are too much into technology and those gadgets. so in my opinion it is not necessary for a kid under 13 to have g mail account. >> google is attempting to be
5:27 am
viewed as sort of brinking this into the open, legitimize g younger users, giving parents more control over their accounts, what data about them is collected. >> yes, but there are some privacy organizations that aren't buying the idea either. the center for digital democracy says this is just a means to market to kids. all right, 5:27 this morning, take a look, fight break out on the streets of new york city, except it is not real. but one of the people involved believes that it is. what happens next. plus, you think burglars would work hard. to to leave a trails. try not to get caught. thousand had selfie is being investigated as evidence. spokesperson: you can get a $1,000 turbocharged reward card with a new volkswagen turbo. so why are we so obsessed with turbo? because there's nothing more exhilarating
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it gives you options based on your budget -- it's a piece of cake. i was told there would be cake. get a free quote at >> homicides deck are very busy. one of the murder victims, past few hours, not much older than the little leaguers, not far from where the little leaguers play their home teams here in south philadelphia. >> so sad. steve, thanks. just hours after students move to temple university, a student was attacked, jennifer joyce, has live report, in just a few minutes, with the information we're learning this morning. and, a disappointing lost for the taney dragons, at the
5:31 am
little league world series, but don't count them out just yet. they've got one more chance to make it through. they play chicago, if they win that game, they go back to playing the team from las vegas. fingers crossed. >> yes. >> good day, it is thursday, august 21st, 2014. i know it was tough, we new that team was tough last night, sue, eight to one what the final score ended up being, but boy they're good. >> and the coaches are very positive. and i think they'll put positive spin on this, and they'll builds character, like that always happens, hopefully, when you lose. but, you know what? hope still alive. so, we're still excited about it, let's get to the weather, though, our pal bus stop buddy getting ready for the possibility of some rain today. it is muggy, the dog is with him today, and you just got to keep an eye on the sky, if you are by the pool, especially if you're at the beach, as you hear thunder, then get away from water, you don't want to be a lightning rod. but otherwise, muggy, mild
5:32 am
pretty summary kind of day, giving you six out of ten because of the unsettled nature of our weather today. you see some pop up showers, storms, to our north, and way out to the west, but nothing much to show you here, right now. so, let's talk temperature. yesterday's high was 86 degrees, on warm wednesday, pretty nice, but today's the day we have showers in the forecast, nothing happening yet, though, southeasterly at 6 miles an hour, 69 degrees at the moment, eight an is our high, mostly cloudy skies, scattered showers, thunderstorms, 07 degrees tonight. that's your weather, and let's check traffic. and we go back to north philadelphia. and broad, that accident now cleared. and there is still maybe some delays in the area, also, in king every prussia, prince frederick street at cross fields road, reports of accident around there. >> 5:32, breaking news from temple university this morning, just learning the details of an attack against
5:33 am
student late yesterday afternoon, headed right out to fox 29's jennifer joyce on campus,. >> were you there yesterday for move in day? >> that's right, here yesterday morning, hearing that it was yesterday late afternoon the student was physically attack, according to temple university, as students were getting settled, on campus yesterday, a student was physically attacked, late wednesday afternoon, and included anti-semetic statements and religious slurs. beyond that, we don't have any details of the actual attack or even where it happened. temple is asking anyone with information to please call campus safety immediately. the school released a statement, temple university, one give co-ly condemns disparaging on any person based on religion, nationality. university will not tolerate violence of any kind directed against members of the temple community. also, university officials reached out to leaders of the jewish and pro palestinian
5:34 am
communities yesterday, to discuss the incident, best pass for moving forward. again, temple university says one of its students was attacked yesterday afternoon and anti-semetic remarks were made, it is unclear how the situation was resolved. but temple is investigating, again, call public safety if you have any information on this alleged attack. kerry? >> jenny, thank you, 5:34 this morning, also developing story two, people dead, including teenager following violent night in south philadelphia. fox 29's steve keeley at police headquarters, good morning. >> well, both of these south philly murders happened in the same hour between 10:00 and 11:00. detectives still working, still have some of the witness frost both here. they happened between 10:00 and 11:00 last night. that teenager young boy not much older than the taney little leaguers, and he got killed not much further from where those little leaguers play their games in south philly. you can see in the video, some of the scene here, he was hit by at least two of five shots fired, and real close.
5:35 am
>> a male wearing a gray hooded sweatshirt, and camouflage-type shorts. he was last seen running south on 21st street, the 1500 block, toward tasker street. we don't have a motive for the shooting. >> hopefully these cameras recorded something that can help us identify the shooter of this 16 year old male who ended up being killed from being shot. >> then, just less than an hour later, only four blocks over, on 25th, and few blocks west on man ton in south philly, a rented 2014 jeep was park, drivers window rolled down, and doors shut at the time opened by police to take the young man driver out into the hospital. but he never had a chance of a rolling down his window to be executed up close. >> we found two spent shell
5:36 am
casings on the highway, right next to just feet from the driver door of the 2014 jeep where we found the victim. which is an indication that the shots were fired from point blank range into the jeep striking our victim in the head. >> and the detectives say when this man was shot twice at point blank range, the devestation so bad, they initially thought it was a woman in that drivers seat as the victim, and when we asked how old they think this young man; they said we have no clue. we have no idea on an identity just yet, and it is hard to even gauge his age because the injuries are so horrific. kerry? >> oh, my goodness, steve, thank you. it is 5:36 right now. they say that romance dwindles with age. well, that is not necessarily the case for this woman. what she has done that's burning up the literary world. and you got to love when a
5:37 am
best manor maid of honor goes all out for their speech. and this guy really raises the bar. we'll have it for you coming up in the trend.
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>> tough loss for taney last night, they lost eight to one. las vegas with great defense, unfortunately, kept our dragons from scoring. but philadelphia fans are taking it inside stride. caught up with a woman and her son who watched the game live in the williamsport stadium. >> probably a little tired, playing game after game, and i
5:40 am
really believe that tomorrow when she plays chicago she will win. >> good news about the lost, it wasn't an elimination game. if they do win tonight against chicago. so, certainly hope they do, we will be talking about the werth out in williams for the -- williamsport, what may be? tore for them tonight. live look outside the studios in olds city philadelphia, clear, little more humid than it was yesterday, and stead he decline. throughout the morning, may see stray shower, it is really this afternoon and tomorrow we have better chance of some rain, popping up, you see, what's popped up around the new york city area, headed into long island, and new england, that impulse, not affecting us, but if you look up toward williamsport, they do have thunderstorms right now, and more in the forecast for tonight.
5:41 am
so, the game tonight is at 7:30, again, and again we have scattered thunderstorms, now, they escape them last night 78 degrees at game time, maybe they wished for a rainout. i don't know afterward. 78 degrees here, at game time, which game, the pre-season game for the eagles and steelers, at the linc, first one this season at the linc. so, that will be a humid situation, and you may get some rain. 65 degrees right now in bethlehem, 70 in allentown, here in philadelphia, it is 69 degrees. it is six an in doylestown. as we head to south jersey, millville has 63, and 67 degrees, in cape may, our high temperature today, will make it to the mid 80s, we even see a little bit of sun here, there, but thunderstorms are in the forecast along with some showers, and it is the same story for tomorrow. cooling down, tomorrow, but still humid on friday, by saturday, things are changing, with the rain in the morning, and the sun in the afternoon, and high of only 77 degrees, we stay in the 70s, during the day sunday, as well. looks like pretty day, on
5:42 am
monday, then we are back to the 80s tuesday and wednesday. so, things will warm up again before august is through. that's your forecast, now, it is time to check traffic once again, we start off this time in new jersey, on 295 southbound, from mt. holly willingboro to route 38, there is construction, that has the left lane block until about 6:00 this morning. also, in gloucester county, atlantic city expressway eastbound, at berlin crosskeys road, the construction going on earlier is now clear. so, you can go out now, kerrey. >> that's good news. sue, thanks. 5:42 right now, so what would you do if somebody came up to you on the street and asked to you help them in a fight? one guy says sure, i'll help fight? one guy says sure, i'll help you, but it doesn't ends well
5:43 am
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>> good morning, the eagles host the pittsburgh steeler tonight at the linc. eagles defense giving up 76 points in the last two games, now, last game the eagles gave up over 200 yards rushing, that's not good. might be little concern. barwin doesn't think there is a problem. >> no, i'm not concerned. but obviously see what you guys saw and know that there are certain things we need to get fixed and have ready to go when the season starts. and we had opportunity this thursday to get those things fixed right now. >> and better get it done. >> you're right, exactly, we, will we will, howard, for you. >> okay, i'm counting on t and the phillies run series it the
5:46 am
ballpark, support the little league doing better than the phillies actually. chase utley in three-run fourth, bridges the phillies back from three-one, scored on touch, gets a hit, only one for his last 11, but the phillies go on and beat seattle four to three. how about that? the phillies won a series. that's sports in a minute. and i'm howard eskin. 5:46. former phillies star curt schilling says he has mouth cancer and blames it on 30 years of using chewing tobacco. last year schilling revealed he had cancer but didn't say what kind. doctors say he's now received seven weeks of chemotherapy and radiation treatments. earlier this year, hall of famer tony gywnn died of cancer. he also blamed that on chewing tobacco. schilling says he's now in remission, but he's lot 75 pounds. philadelphia of course has produced countless boxing stars, and now the marion anderson rec center in south philadelphia has new boxing ring. boxing great, tim whitherspoon, garrett wilson, joining cows ill manaquine yacht a johnson to cut the
5:47 am
ribbon. rec center boxing facilities are now completely renovated. at 5:47, in the bake of recent violence in philadelphia, the district attorney's renewing calls foreman did a torrey minimum prison sentences for illegal gun possession. seth williams would now like law makers to pass two new bills. the legislation would increase the sentence for illegally caring guns in the city t would now become a third agree felony, and add a minimum sentence of two years in prison. >> i don't want to live in a city where three year olds can't sit on a porch on beautiful summer evening, and not have their hair braided without being shot and murdered. >> as it stands, it is a misdemeanor to possess a gun illegally. authorities say the proposed bill would help them fight gun violence in the city. so, a bear makes a surprise appearance at home in monroe county, all of it caught on security camera. walking into this garage,
5:48 am
strawn township, then couple every minutes later, he comes out, kind of pulling the garbage can. the garbage can is on wheels, obviously, here he is with that, he walks off with it. the boots family says that the bear made a huge mess, though, although he looks like he's, you know, pretty exact in here. apparently still roaming around that area. so i guess lock up the garbage cans if you live there. >> 5:48 right now. time to see what's trending on line. you know, you got to make a speech at a wedding, it is casino of tough. if you need to do it soon, it is important to sit down and take notes of this. >> ♪ hello to the brand new ♪ on your wedding day ... ♪
5:49 am
♪ (laughter). >> what is he saying? can anybody -- oh, oh, he's not gay, what he said? so this guy chose to sing his own lyrics to the tune of let it go, of course from disney hit movie frozen. video blew up on the internet with the hashtag best man joe trending on twitter. that's kind of awesome. the taney dragons, they've got one last chance to keep their little league world series ride alive. the dragons play a team from chicago, for the chance to advance to the u.s. championship game. tweet your good luck messages to the team right now. all do you have do is use the hashtag fox 29 taney dragons. we will actually be scrolling those tweets along the bottom of the screen all morning long. in california, police are trying to figure out if a pair
5:50 am
of burglars were dumb enough to post selfies using their victim's stolen tablet. chances are probably pretty good. detectives released these photos after man and woman that they say mysteriously appeared on a woman's cloud account couple of days after thieves broke into her home and took her cash and electronics. police say the victim doesn't know the two of them, but they are considered persons of interest. what would you do if a random person walk up to you on the street and asked them to back you up in a fight? you would probably think it is casino every crazy to jump into an altercation that you had nothing to do, with but apparently some people have a problem saying no. but that could get new trouble. >> you want to fight us? come fight me right now. come fight us. you got my back. it is a little guy. >> yo, it was him. it was him. >> who knew? see that big group of guys coming up from out of no where? luckily, though, for that
5:51 am
super helpful stranger there is was all a prank. so, do you admire a man who would throw down for a stranger? or is this actually a better lesson in which you should learn not to talk to strangers at all? >> why do we do this? >> why do wife to fight? >> that's a better question, sue. >> at least they're laughing now. but still. there is a look at the first glimmer of sunlight from the pocono mountains. blue mountains, to be exact, little blue, starting off, so little blue sky right now. but things will be probably deteriorating a little bit as the day goes on we have rain in the forecast, but it doesn't mean it will rain every minute. muggy, stray shower this morning, and then, clouds, some sunshine this afternoon, it will continue to be humid, and we have scattered showers, pop up thunderstorm or two, as well.
5:52 am
and now it, looks like there is weather is going to last into tomorrow friday forecast, showers in the morning, changes in our forecast, but still looking pretty decent for the weekend. we'll have your seven day coming up at 5:52. time to check traffic, clifton heights, in delaware county. >> we have a house fire, plenty of traffic delays in the area, take east providence road instead. >> a 52:00, fire still burning inside this woman at 86 years old. what she has to say about writing a romance novel that will restore your fate in love.
5:53 am
5:54 am
5:55 am
>> worm's largest rubber duck. this giant six-story duck, part of the tall ship festival la, the floating art will be tethered to a barge, to keep it from blowing away. it will also be illuminated every night through sunday. and, 86 year old woman in utah has done something most others her age have not. she published her first romance novel. what she says is rather steamy. the book is called no good by, took her five years to write it. this is no innocent love
5:56 am
story. it is about a bored housewife who falls in love with a man she hears on the radio. her mother is thrilled her mother wrote a book, but take answer back by the amount of steamy necessary in it. >> sometimes like mother, how could you do that? how can you write that? but she did. >> i keep telling people, it is all fiction. it is but a lot of it is actually real life. i mean, we know who she is talking about. >> oh, i would like to hear more about. that will the book is not available in book stores just yet. but it is on kindle and amazon. so if you have used the ups store lately, your credit card information may have been stolen. local stores have been affected and we have everything you need to know. then jennifer joyce live this morning at temple university where we've just learned a student was attacked on move in day. were you out there yesterday for that.
5:57 am
>> that's right. we were here for move in day, as you said, now temple university has released a statement, about one of its students who was allegedly attacked, anti-semetic comments were
5:58 am
is more important than just doing them fast. and...because we don't want you to miss out on things like accident forgiveness... ...where we forgive an accident every three years without raising your rates. talk to farmers and get the coverage you want, not just the coverage that's fast. ♪ we are farmers bum - pa - dum, bum - bum - bum - bum ♪ [announcer] call us today at 1-800-farmers.
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>> attacker on temple campus. ups data security breach. is your information
6:00 am
compromised. have you used ups the last couple of days? the local stores hit by hackers. attacked by an inch in gentleman? that's what a delaware county man told police. the motive behind this brutal and bizarre attack. guy had a hammer? and the taney dragons, i'm still on board, are down but not out. so tonight's game is a must-win of course against chicago after little leaguers fell to the team from las vegas, pretty darn good team, matter of fact. we're in fact live in williamsport. we haven't given up. recapping the game, looking ahead to tonight's game n prime time once again high, i'm mike jerrick. >> i'm kerrey barrett. >> good to see you, august the 21st, 2014. boy, it was pretty pleasant night last night. all be it a little rainy.


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