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tv   Fox 29 Morning News at 6a  FOX  August 21, 2014 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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>> attacker on temple campus. ups data security breach. is your information compromised. have you used ups the last couple of days? the local stores hit by hackers. attacked by an inch in gentleman? that's what a delaware county man told police. the motive behind this brutal and bizarre attack. guy had a hammer? and the taney dragons, i'm still on board, are down but not out. so tonight's game is a must-win of course against chicago after little leaguers fell to the team from las vegas, pretty darn good team, matter of fact. we're in fact live in williamsport. we haven't given up. recapping the game, looking ahead to tonight's game n prime time once again high, i'm mike jerrick. >> i'm kerrey barrett. >> good to see you, august the 21st, 2014. boy, it was pretty pleasant night last night. all be it a little rainy.
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>> yes, yes. >> and humid. >> it was humid. >> what to wear to work. >> the back of my head is sweat. >> i it is gross. >> do you want to feel it, sue? >> maybe later. >> okay. >> ya. reserve a space for me, please. >> sure. >> one thing i know won't be happening, the front of your head will not be getting your face painted today, right? >> no, i still have paint in my ears. >> i bet you do. i'll look at that later, too. six out of ten today, some sunshine, seasonable temperatures, but, clouds, humid, showers, thunderstorms, all that in the forecast for today. bus stop buddy has umbrella, means it is sticky out there, the possibility of storms, mostly later on in the day, you see some thunderstorms headed toward williamsport once again, and there are more in the forecast for tonight. we just have very unsettled weather pattern, in place, right now. >> perfect, pretty typical for this time in august, off to
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sunny start, 69 degrees, 6:18 your sun rice time, 84% relative humidity, eight an our high, scatter thunderstorms mostly the afternoon and continuing to the nighttime hours low of 07 degrees in the city there. is your foxcast, 6:02, time to check traffic. so, it is time to check your travel times for this morning on the schuylkill westbound, the vine to the blue route, there is currently a travel time of about 14 minutes. ninety-five southbound, from woodhaven to the vine, take you about 14 minutes there, and finally the blue route northbound, from 95, all the way up to the schuylkill, take you 18 minutes to get there. kerry? >> all right, sue, thank you. >> it is 02:00, breaking news from temple university this morning, learning details of attack against student late yesterday after none. >> on move in day. >> move in day yesterday, yes. >> to jenny joyce on this story yesterday, and positive note, now, it is very negative, jenny?
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>> very calm as freshmen were moving, in however, found out late afternoon when this alleged attack against the student occurred, according to temple university, as students were getting settled, on campus yesterday, a student was physically attacked late wednesday afternoon, which included anti-semetic statements and religious slurs. beyond that we don't have any details of the actual attack or even where it happened. temple is asking anyone with information to please call campus safety immediately, any person based on religion, nash it will at this, university will not tolerate violence of any kind directed against members of the temple community. >> also university officials referred out to the jewish pro palestinian communities to discuss the incident trying to develop a plan moving forwards.
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kerrey, mike? >> almost 60:00, now on this thursday. >> philadelphia's favorite little leaguers, had big lost last night. >> but it is not over touched out the way they said it would turn out. dominate bid las vegas, boy, big hitters on that team. they lost eight to one. i still feel good about this team. chris o'connell is live in williamsport, pennsylvania, hi, chris. >> hey, mike. yes, they feel good about this team. i mean, this team is known for, you know, being down, but not out. all season long, seems like every game, they're behind, they come from, you know, the box score last night, yes, they got thumped. but going into the last inning, still three-one, they were still in this. and they may end up facing this las vegas team on saturday, if they win, tonight. but, last night, just too much for the taney dragons. las vegas team celebrating after the win last night, yes,
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taney had their chances, coming in here, as a hometown favorite, 34,000 fans tow stadium last night, but they couldn't pull out one of their come from behind signature wins. talking with the team, you can't tell they lost last night, just after a win, they don't get too hi, after a lost, they don't get too low. parents know this all too well. they've been seeing this team all season long. we caught up with a couple of par efforts after the game last night. >> the kids have to sit down, reassess. they've done it before. they just realize what's made them successful before. and just go out to the plate, you know, defense, on the mound, annex cute. >> this team have battled wars, been up to bigger, stronger teams, which it looked like they came up against tonight. and. >> they'll be ready to scrap. they've been through the wars
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since seven, eight years old. the only thing you can do is play better baseball. >> they'll fight until there is no fight left. >> you hear the confidence thereof just the parents? well, what this means in this double elimination tournament, taney dragons get to live to play another game. 7:30 tonight against chicago, if they win tonight, they advance to the u.s. championship title and play las vegas, that could be saturday, if they win then go for the little league world series title sunday. coming up next hour, hear from manager alex rice to talk about the chicago team, see what their chances, are it is pretty cool, two inner city teams get to go play tonight on the big stage. >> did chicago play vegas? >> yes, and they got mercy out, they call, more than ten run lead.
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so i think we got chicago tonight. >> oh, okay. but then we got to play las vegas again. >> but now we know what we are up against. >> sure. >> yes, did you see those players? >> they're like man-children. >> they really are. they're great, great team. >> and mo'ne, she is a woman child, not a man child. >> but a child. chris, thank you very much. >> but the las vegas team. >> well, attorney general, eric holder, he did make it to ferguson, missouri yesterday, a mid protests analog. what he's promising the people of that st. louis suburb. and have you shipped anything through ups lately? i actually had some sandals shipped. and they never showed up f so you may want to check your bank account. the stores in our area, ups stores, have
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have you seen tom corbett's ads attacking me... get real. it's tom corbett who's been sticking it to the middle class on taxes. corbett cut a billion dollars from education... almost 80% of school districts plan to raise property taxes. meanwhile, we're the only state that doesn't charge oil and gas companies an extraction tax. but corbett raised your gas taxes through the roof. i'm tom wolf, i'll be a governor who stands up for the middle class for a change.
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just by switching to progressive. so you'll be bringing home the bacon in no time. sorry. get a free quote at >> i need to do this story, it is a little bit gross. drought has plagued california for year now, so dry out there. now one southern california restaurant is making sure it does its part to save water in the bathroom. they're using drought urinals. the urinals are not flushed. instead, as you can see, they're filled with ice, and they have a little filter in there, so the urine just drips through all of that ice.
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>> uh-huh? >> their urinals use about two scoops of ice a day. not bad. officials say this could save them 32,000 gallons of water per year. >> right? little gross, but -- >> little bit. but interesting. people can't -- well, they're putting in astroturf. >> painting their grass. >> painting their grass, because they can't wash their cars or water their lawns. mess. >> all right, sue? >> so, watching radar, because not only are there thunderstorms in our forecast, for this evening, and we do have that eagles game at the linc, but back to williamsport, it looks like they've got some thunderstorms going on right now, for us, though, it is dry at the moment. we were watching some rain up around new york city. and williamsport, the forecast is for scattered thunderstorms, once again, it will be a hit or miss situation, the early game had that rain delay yesterday, up there, but we got our game in unfortunately with the loss.
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78 degrees, there, and here, at 7:30, because 7:30 is the time so temperatures mild, 68 degrees in allentown, bethlehem 65, limerick, 65, bridgeton, 464 degrees, 67 in cape may. our temperature trend has been going up the past five days or so. and we've been in the mid to upper 80s, both tuesday, and wednesday, it was definitely more humid yesterday. and today, it will be, as well, but you have got to contends with showers, thunderstorms, 85 degrees, today, 80, tomorrow, and more thunderstorms will be around, showers lingering perhaps into saturday morning, early call, looks good sunday through wednesday of next week. and that's your seven day forecast, it is now 6:12, time to check traffic once again. this time, we start on the
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schuylkill expressway, westbound, at girard adder. disable truck that's on the shoulder there. in ardsly -- yes, jenkintown road at garfield avenue, reports of an accident. kerry? >> man dressed as ninja, hiding in the woods, he attack, rather, local man, with a
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let's get you back to ferguson, missouri, overnight protesters took to the streets again. but demonstration was much more quiet and smaller than they've been since the shooting death of 18 year old michael brown. only six arrests were made overnight, as you know, attorney general eric holder, visited ferguson yesterday. he tried to ease tension by telling the community about his own encounters with police. eric holder also met privately
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with brown's family, he promised a thorough and fair investigation. people know that a federal, thorough investigation, is being done. my hope is that that will have -- give people some agree of confidence. >> and, grand jury has now taken up the case, but it could take weeks to decide whether the officer involved in brown's death will face any charges at all. and back here at home, dozens every people gathered in love park to rail for michael brown. >> yes, the organizers call it the hands up turn up for ferguson in philly, people protests coming of course after days of violence in missouri set off by the shooting death of that unarmed teenager. all right, it is 6:16. a friend of the boston marathon bombing suspect is expected in court this morning. the 20 year old plans to plead guilty to impeding the investigation, of the deadly attack, he is accused of
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removing a back pack containing empty out fireworks from cow's dorm room after realizing police suspected him, his roommate, of caring out the attack with his brother, charges against the friend could land him a maximum of 25 years in prison. three people died in that boston marathon bombing as you know. 260 were injured that day. >> refugee camp in iraq is expanding at very rapid pace, in order to make room for growing number of displaced iraquis. the former transit camp of syrian refugees now home to more than 11,000 iraquis. it is situated near iraq's border syria. camp doubled in size during this month alone with about 1,000 new tents pitched at this site. the fighting in iraq is increased in number of displaced people living in the kurdish stand region. at this point, anyway, to nearly half million. this is interesting. yesterday afternoon, we learned president badge badge
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sent special troops to syria during the summer in a secret mission to save american hostages, including, that explain journalist who was beheaded. >> yes, yesterday the president condemning the killing of james foley the have i had yo released, as well, you saw that, terrorists taking credit for foley's death say the us needs to stop air strikes in iraq, in fact, threatening death for another american journalist also being held captive. despite that threat, the united states launched even more air strikes. james foley taken captive in 2012 while covering the war in syria. officials say that his execution err, the man in black you see, there appears to have a british accent. and intelligence agencies are trying to find him. discusting. >> yes. this morning in the middle east, air flying gaza killed at least six people, including three hamas leaders. they had been in control of smuggling weapons and overseeing fighters. israel says the air strike was in response to hamas breaking the cease-fire. egypt's foreign ministry says he will continue talking with
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both sides to try and secure a lasting trues. all right, if you have used ups, any time lately, you're going to want to listen to this. now think back, have you been to ups? the company said it suffered a security breach, and your personal information may be exposed. here's the story. stores in 51 states, including two local stores in new jersey, were attacked, by a computer virus, so customers may have had their credit cards and debit card information exposed. including names, card numbers, e-mail addresses, oh, my goodness, social security numbers possibly, so far the company is unaware of any fraud that's taken place as a result of the attacks. better go on line, check your account. >> philadelphia mayor michael nutter and other city officials could be called to testify about the deadly center city building collapse. griffin campbell and equipment operator sean benchop facing third degree murder charges in that case. you remember it happened last year. yesterday their attorney
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submitted lengthy witness list that included the mayor. spokesperson for the mayor had no comment. >> salvation army store last year, at 22nd and market. >> new jersey issues the rem casino its final closure order. >> its stores will be shutting september 1st. it is right around the corner. the casino ordered to stay open, though, through the labor day weekend, after it failed to find a buyer. >> it is one of three casinos closing just in the next few weeks. the others are the showboat and the trump plaz hundreds gathered for prayer service, held at a church near the casinos. once they shutdown though more than 8,000 people will be looking for new jobs. those attends the service say it is one way that they're trying to keep hope alive that things will work out somehow. >> scary. >> 8,000 people! >> good day starts in about 40
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minutes. coming up. let's be honest. >> when it comes to philly the word polite doesn't always come to our lips immediately but the children are our future. >> yes. >> four philadelphia colleges actually made the top ten list of the most polite colleges, one of them, came in at number one. >> philly college is the most polite college in america? you. >> got. >> okay? >> our jaws dropped too. >> temple may be off the list. sad news in the baseball world. former phillie curt schilling tells the world he has mouth cancer. we'll take a closer look at the disease, and the outlook for his health, and when he blames that cancer on. but it is 6:21 now, kerry? >> all right, sue? >> yes, a lot of people call it an unsettled kinds of weather day. although we aren't off to bad start this morning, it is just on the muggy side out there, this morning. and, we're seeing some clouds, and a little bit of sunshine
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clouds throughout the day at times, but also pop up showers, pop up thunderstorms, they become more likely as the day goes along, 58 degrees the high temperature today, sunset time now 7:49 p.m., that's your planner for thursday, we'll have the weekends forecast coming upment but let's get update of that situation in upper providence, lewes road at keyocook road. accident that occurred earlier now cleared up. , southbound, mt. holly, willing bo zero, to route 38, construction that is cleared up. we'll have more of the morning news coming
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ms. harris: camden students face a lot of challenges but they meet them with determination and drive. chanelle: teachers like ms. harris made me feel like i'm part of a team. not just on the basketball court. but in the classroom. ms. harris: chanelle is not just a star athlete. she is a star student. chanelle: i headed to clemson university where i can combine my love of sports and learning- and maybe even win a championship. ms. harris: i wouldn't bet against her. or any of my students reaching for their dreams.
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it is interesting, 34,000 at their game at taney, phillies 24,000 at theirs. up know the phillies supporting taney in the dugout yesterday afternoon, phillies down three-one, to score three in the fourth. chase utley scores on the pitch, one for 11, got the hit, the phillies got the win, four to three. the eagles host the pittsburgh
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steelers tonight. the eagles defense has given up 76 points in the last two games, last game the eagles gave up over 200 yards rushing, so should there be little concern? kind barwin doesn't think there is a problem. >> i saw what you saw, certain things need to get fixed. we had an opportunity this thursday to get those things fixed right now. >> and you better get it done. >> we will. we will, howard, for you. >> all right, thank you for. that will that's sports in a minute. i'm howard eskin. >> we'll see how it goes tonight, talk about it tomorrow morning on the air, because on the thirds game of the pre-season, kind of play for real. >> real deal. >> the real deal. >> hey, philadelphia has produced countless boxing stars, go through list of them. >> true, now the merion anderson rec center in south philadelphia has new boxing ring. >> casino of cool. >> yes, p boxing great joined councilman to cut the ribbon, the rec center's boxing facilities are now completely
6:27 am
renovated. >> how about that? >> why police are looking for these two. >> they look lovely? >> oh, it is bad. >> oh, my. >> and jenny joyce, temple campus? >> well, mike, temple university says one of its students was attacked yesterday, and anti-semetic comments were made. what the university is doing about
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>> 630:67:89 temple students attack on campus on move in day. >> rumors of real life purge in philadelphia. >> common. it was disappointing last night, wasn't it? taney dragons fell to very good big las vegas team, eight to one. they'll have chance to redeem themselves tonight against, well, pretty good team. >> chicago. >> chicago. >> but i think they can do it. >> okay. >> i'm holding out hope. >> prime time again. boy, espn is going crazy on the taney dragons. >> since the phillies have off today, ryan howard is going to the game. >> oh, really? >> no pressure, just ryan howard in the crowd. >> exactly.
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>> whew. all right, let's get to our weather for today. because it is not the same as what we had the past couple of days. we're moving into unsettled weather territory, with bus stop buddy, the umbrellas for later on, we get more clouds, possibilities of some rain, right now muggy, mild, temperatures are in the 60s, and the 70s, at the moment. there is your pal muggy the dog to indicate humidity. number today is a six out every ten. we'll have some sunshine, but will be mostly cloudy, humid, the balance of the day, showers, thunderstorms popping up. you see a few emerging on ultimate doppler radar, as we zoom in little closer, there is some green showing up in berks county, up in the lehigh vale, as women, some rain headed toward baltimore, pretty random where these things will pop up. and area of thunderstorms headed toward williamsport this morning, they have more storms in the forecast for this afternoon. with 86 degrees, yesterday, i think we will be right around that today. seeing sunshine to start the day with 69 degrees.
6:32 am
and 85 will be our high, with scattered thunderstorms, mostly in the afternoon, 70 degrees, tonight, with more scattered showers, and storms. there is your foxcast for thursday. weekends is coming, the forecast coming up. but at 32:00, time to check traffic. here's a problem, just popped up on route 422 westbound, between 363 trooper road, and oaks, road work currently blocking the right lane, also in douglas, west branch road, reports of an accident there. mike? >> okay, we've got some news out of atlanta here, two aid workers infected with the ebola virus expected to be released from the hospital if they haven't already been. this may have happened overnight. checking on it here. doctor kent brantly, nancy regularbold were infected while working as missionary -- missionary in a clinic outside of liberia's capitol. remember that? well, a friends, doctor brantly, says he has recovered
6:33 am
fully from this virus. >> the hospital down there not saying if the two patients are still in that hospital, or if they've already gone home. the ebola outbreak has killed almost 1400 people across west africa. >> still growing. >> that's for sure. now, may be a case out in sacramento, too, people upset about it, on the campus of temple university, we're learning details of attack against student late yesterday afternoon. >> move in day, yes, scary stuff. let's head right out to jennifer joyce on campus this morning, jenny? >> reporter: well, that's right, yesterday morning we were here, nearly 4500 freshmen were moving in to the dorms. it was late afternoon that apparently a student was physically attacked, according to temple university, as students were getting settled on campus, student was physically attacked late wednesday afternoon, and included anti-semetic statements, and religious
6:34 am
slurs, beyond, that we don't have any details of the actual attack or even where it happened. temple is asking anyone with information to call campus safety immediately. the school released a statement saying temple university unequivocally disparage or assault on any person based on religion, nationality, will not tolerate violence of any kfials reached out to leaders of the temple jewish and pro palestinian communities to discuss the incident and figure out how best to move forward. again, temple university says one of its students attacked yesterday anti-semetic comments were also made, this event is still under investigation, and anyone with information should call campus safety. mike, kerry? >> ironically it happened on the campus named temple. all right, thanks, jenny, 6:34, more breaking news out of north philadelphia. an ambulance was involved in a accident around 2:00 this morning, we had an ambulance involved in a accident yesterday morning, on our show, but this one just about four and a half hours ago at
6:35 am
tioga and broad streets. >> this happened right near that temple campus hospital, the driver of the car is in critical condition. the patient inside the ambulance suffered minor injuries, can you imagine, you're in a ambulance, and then you're injured again? >> yes, another ambulance, night of gun violence meanwhile in south philadelphia, two people are dead, that includes a teenager. >> steve keeley is live at police headquarters with more on this. what happened and how far apart were these? >> well, no ambulance necessary in either of these. they weren't that far apart. four blocks, 21st street and 25th street, talking about, two different neighborhoods, so little further west than the second one. but detective still working here, because they've got witnesses here, that's another rarity. witnesses in both cases, cooperating, and they had several 911 calls, and they both happened right at the end of the little league game, in fact, while some of phillies best young people were playing in williamsport, not much older and not much further from the taney field, shot and killed, one of the two newest
6:36 am
murder victims in philly within the same hour, in the same section, south philadelphia. >> a male wearing gray hooded sweatshirt and camouflage type shorts. he was last seen running south on 21st street, 1500 block, toward tasker street. we don't have a motive for the shooting at this time. there are some real time crime city police cameras, that were at an intersection, just several feet from where the shooting took place. so, hopefully, these cameras recorded something that can help us identify the shooter of this 16 year old male who ended up being killed from being shot. >> then, just less than an hour later, only four blocks over, on 25th, and few blocks west on man ton, in south philly, a rented 2014 jeep was parked, drivers window rolled down, and doors shut at the time. opened by police, to take the young man driver out into the
6:37 am
hospital, but he never had a chance, after rolling down his window to be executed up close. >> we found two spent shell casings, on the highway, right next to just feet from the driver door of the 2014 jeep where we found the victim. which is an indication that the shots were fired from point blank range into the jeep striking our victim in the head. >> right now that victim still known as a john doe. kerrey, mike, the shooting so up close, so personal, so defer state whg it came to impact, that that victim was originally a jane dough they thought it was a woman. >> really? >> the injuries to his face from being shot, what's a bullet does, that close, than was two fired, right into his face. >> oh, my god. all right, thanks, steve.
6:38 am
6:38. i was up late. >> i can tell. >> watching the taney dragons, and i was sweating during the whole game. i was so nervous. it didn't turn out well. they got smoked by last vegas? it is not over, though. they had a chance, still hope that they can make it to the u.s. championships on saturdayment last night's lost as you mon shopped eight to one. but it wasn't an elimination game. so playing chicago tonight f they do win that game, they're going to face nevada again on saturday's us championship game. so, there is a chance. philadelphia fans are actually pretty hopeful that this will happen. >> i really believe that tomorrow, when she sprays chicago, she'll win. >> of course she won't be pitching because it is not allowed. >> right. >> probably play at shortstop or third. >> right, right. >> well, i believe, okay, let's go for it, tonight's game starts at 7:30. >> 7:30, yes. >> on espn. okay. prime time.
6:39 am
very pleasant, this couple, in love, right? >> of course. >> could be the worse picture this couple has ever taken. why police are now looking for them after seeing the photo. plus this: >> ♪ make it, make it, make that healthy lunch. baby got class ♪ >> could these people be stopped? some parents just can't wait until school starts again, in fact, these parents are so happy, they're singing about it. baby got class ♪ >> he used to be a news
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thursday will be the chance of rain, and as we zoom in on doppler, we see there is a little bit of green showing up to the north and west of us, up toward the lehigh valley, berks county, whether that's all making it to the grounds, doubtful. not much going on, there but it is pretty humid. and we're looking at little league world series forecast, with thunderstorms, likely, again, whether they will happen exactly at 7:30, well it, didn't last night, but we could see it again tonight. 78 degrees, at game time, eagles forecast, for 78 degrees, and guess what? we have a chance every thunderstorms, tonight, maybe just some showers, but, it would be a good idea, if you're tailgating then going into the game, to have that
6:43 am
rain gear with you just in case, so, future cast has clouds around, throughout, say, late morning, then it is afternoon, that it gets a little unsettled. we get those pop up thunderstorms. 5:00 o'clock, 7:00, 8:00. some of them could be little loud. nothing necessarily severe. but now we see the action lasting perhaps into friday. not every minute raining, but that unsettled nature of the weather pattern, staying with us, even through early, early saturday morning. so, hopefully we'll recover by saturday afternoon, and sunday looks terrific. we'll show you in the seven day in just a moment. sixty-eight greets, right now, in allentown, in warminster, it is 63, 69 degrees, in the city, 63 in millville. and 64 degrees in atlantic city. we are looking at another day, with temperatures in the mid 80s, which is right where we're supposed to be this time of year, and pretty used to humid summers around here, snow isn't going to be
6:44 am
anything weird either. so we got unsettled weather today, tomorrow, maybe saturday morning. but the rest of the weekends looks pretty cool with temperatures in the 70s, for highs, both saturday, sunday, even monday, and we warm back into the mid 80s by tuesday, wednesday, of next week. so that's it. seven day forecast, at 6:44, time to go to traffic right now, and we check in at king of prussia, prince frederick street at cross field road. that accident earlier cleared up. and in ardsly, jenkintown road at garfield avenue, that accident has cleared up, as well. looks like smooth sailing just about everywhere else. kerry? >> sue, thank you. 6:44 right now. authorities in california are looking for the people in these photos. they say these selfies mysteriously appeared on a woman's cloud account couple of days after thieves broke into her home and took cash in the electronics. investigators aren't sure if they are the burglars, but they are considered persons of interest. >> bonnie and clyde. >> well, a delaware county man
6:45 am
is accused of confronting his neighbor with a gun, the reason, something he found on his girlfriends' facebook page, and also, on her instagram page. >> lorenzo arnold behind bars, incident happened monday after sean whose identity we have concealed, and lorenzo's girlfriends, exchanged instagram and facebook. sean says the suspect, who is also his neighbor, lured him into an alleyway behind their homes, so in a alley behind their homes, punched him in the face, pulled out loaded semiautomatic again. >> i didn't want to get him excited then he might, you know he is discharge his firearm. came as a shocker to be completely honest, i mean, like i said, we are cordial people. and our children play and stuff like that. >> so sean says the post had
6:46 am
got him in trouble were about cutting the grass. he is a landscaper and the couple hired him to maintain their front lawns on atlantic avenue. >> bizarre. delaware says your family should have access to your facebook account after you die. >> yes, new law makes delaware the first state, oh, get it, delaware is the first state. >> i get it. >> delaware now the first state it give families access to the digital assets of their deceased or incapacitated loved ones, under the law, emails, cloud storage, social media accounts, and more, are now deemed part of a person's estate. upon death. and they'll be treated the same as physical assets, documents, and records. how about that? >> there you go. hey, delaware county in delaware county there is a man accused of dressing as a ninja, a ninja, and he's pulling off a brutal attack on his former boss. >> with a hammer. police have arrested michael norly, jr., for the attack. they say he dressed up as a
6:47 am
ninja, hid out in the woods of an upper providence township neighborhood, for three hours, and then attacked his boss with a ballpen hammerment the victim has serious head injuries. >> the attack was just one of the worse i've seen, absolutely brutal attack. >> this was not a random incident. >> this was an attack that was in our opinion premeditated. >> well, yes, dressed up like a ninja. >> yes. >> police say the victim knock norly's mask off, his ninja mask, during the attack, so he recognized him. say he ran after that, but was later arrested, at his home in little its, in delco. >> sometimes like to mimic -- >> making fun of me. >> and now, a new sci-fi horror film is causing fear both on and off the screen. so, here we go.
6:48 am
the movie is called purge anarchy, i heard all about this, the mo is the about a single day when committing crime is legal. >> yes. >> shoot people, rob, anything. so, and law enforcement can't help you out. that's the plot. now, some people are threatening what they are calling a purge day right around here. the threat appeared on facebook and twitter accounts. in more than dozen cities since the sequel debuted in july and philadelphia is on the list. >> little scar that i people take these things that seriously, and social media kind of helps it to spread, i guess. >> i don't know, you know, if they'll dot whole thing, but i know the mentality exists, potential is there. >> so philly authorities say they are aware of this threat, but there is no credible information of course it will actually happen. somebody just messing around. >> yup. >> topping this morning's entertainment news, kerrey, final resting place of robin williams and the colleagues
6:49 am
honoring him at the emmy. >> so according to his death certificate obtained by radar on line, williams cremated, ashes scattered in the san francisco bay just one day after he was found dead. that document also said the cause of death was still pending. we know, though, he took his own life on august 11, he was suffering from depression and had been recently diagnosissed when parkinson's, as well. >> according to his wife. meanwhile, billy crystal his very close friends is set to honor robin at the 66th emmy awards, coming up monday, right? the tribute will be in the -- in the member or yum segment. also expected to include special performance from sarah barella, in honor of the legendary late actor. meanwhile, the red carpet has been ruled out ahead of the show. late night host seth myers this year's host, and big expectations for him last year, actor neil patrick
6:50 am
harris hosed and helped produce the show's highest ratings in eight years. people love when kneel hoses the show. >> he is so good. the emmies air monday, i'll be watching football. >> oh, all right. 6:50 right now. the als ice bucket challenge is going presidential. >> oh, former president george w. bush accepted the challenge from his daughter, and got soaked for a good cause. by none other than his wife. >> gentlemen. >> watch. >> to you all that challenge me, i do not think it is presidential for me to be splashed with ice water, so i'm simply going to write awe check. >> that check is for me, i want to ruin my hairstyle. >> who did he choose to nominate? >> former president bill clinton. >> i like to see who he nominates. getting good. >> uh-huh. >> juicy list. >> 651:67:89 good day philadelphia starting in well
6:51 am
just about nine minutes. so if you are going out to dinner tonight, you may notice whole bunch of people wearing all white. the secret dinner party that you may not have known about. >> now, sue, we have the organizers on the show later on today. and they'll give out the information. >> kin diner en blanc. >> everybody's supposed to wear white. >> white linens, the whole thing. >> and they should tell you a hour before? >> we should guess. >> taney park. >> that would be fitting. don't you think? >> how about my apartment? >> you know? here's the concern. will it be under an umbrella? >> oh,. >> where ever it is? because there is if-ee weather in the forecast for later on in the day. right now, it is looking pretty goodment muggy, some clouds around, but also, some sunshine, as is evident right there. so, for today, we'll have clouds, some sun, it will be humid. and then scattered showers and pop up thunderstorms are more likely, the further into the day that you go. tomorrow, showers, in the morning, thunderstorms in the
6:52 am
afternoon, doesn't look like a perfect friday. but we hope to recover in time for the weekend. that's what to expect from the weather authority. it is 6:52. time to take a look at traffic. we have an update in pottstown, berks street at west king street. >> this road hazard has now cleared. so let's check some of your travel times out there. schuylkill, westbound, from the vine to the blue route. starting build out there, now it will take you 21 minutes, to get from point a to point b. we are going to take a trip and then come right on bac
6:53 am
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♪ >> good morning, it is 6:55 this morning, so the family that gave thaws song, christmas jammies, they're back with new video, but this time it is about going back to school. take a look. >> ♪ i like big buses can i not lie ♪ from other parents may deny but when the big yellow one comes around the ben and picks up our children we get strung ♪ because vacation we didn't get anything done. because childcare is expensive ♪ so we're working and we're with them. ♪ oh, baby i'm going to miss you, so let me kiss ya, but then go home and try it, just sit there because it's a riot. oh, summertime is nice, kai at, water slides, and charles family learned to swim and low a red to him. pack in like sardines for hours in this thing ♪ >> all right, is it over? cute.
6:56 am
this this family dedicate in the video to all of their kids teachers, administrators, of course all of the bus drivers, as well. disappointing lost for the taney dragons, still can't amount to, yes, last chance to stay alive in the little league worlds series, and would you believe that philly is home to not one, not two, but four of the most mitt colleges in the country? we were kind of shocked, too. the school that came in at
6:57 am
6:58 am
6:59 am
live from the fox 29 studios this is "good day philadlephia". >> my goodness, an attack on temple campus on move in day. what police believe fueled the attack. >> and as you know, an american journalist be head in the iraq. and now, we're hearing about a rescue mission, just months ago, how his family and friends are remembering him this morning. when it comes to philadelphia, the word polite not always immediately, you know, doesn't come to minds right away. but our college students proving us wrong here. the school that was voted the most polite in the country is right here in philly. which one is it? >> best of the best. >> and the taney dragons are down but not out. tonight's win a must win against chicago after little leaguers fell to a very good team from las vegas.
7:00 am
we're recapping the game. and looking ahead to tonight's game. >> we can do it. >> i know what we should do. >> what? >> taylor swift, from our area, originally. >> yes? >> has new song called shake it off. >> yep. >> can we play that little later on when we go into taney dragon segment? very fitting. >> shake it off and get back in there tonight. >> that's right. >> do you know i was so nervous for this it? >> you watched the whole thing? >> i it, i didn't think i would stay up that late, but, you know, it was pretty exciting up until the very end, and that last inning, when when they got whole lot of runs, that las vegas team. >> now here is the deal. can somebody explain this to me? they took her out after three innings, mo'ne, so can she pitch again tonight? >> i think she can.


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