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tv   Fox 29 Morning News at 4a  FOX  August 22, 2014 4:00am-5:01am EDT

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elderly people falling victim to a cold hearted criminal whom police are looking for and what they say he did to rob senior citizens. plus our own sue serio, of course, we had a wet, rainy night, she's tracking your weekend weather, the the question we all have this morning is whether these storms will be evening anytime soon. i think they can hang around for a while. >> it depend on your definition of soon. >> okay. >> if we say during the weekend, yeah. before the end of the day, maybe not, but it is looking a little interesting on ultimate doppler radar. we will take a closer look coming up with your weekend forecast, kerry sound good sue, thank you. of course, another devastating loss for taney dragons but they are our hometown heroes,
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highlights from their last big game, at the little league world series. good day, it is friday, august 22nd, 2014. i know that team is disappointed. we sure are proud of them. they went a long way. they battled against two tough teams, did the best they could, we are proud of them nonetheless, sue. >> sit wrong to say i kind of believe in the sports illustrated curse now. >> i was thinking the same thing this morning. i'm not a superstitious person. >> you know, as soon as that happens, things turned the other way for them. you're right, it doesn't matter, they did just a good job to get to williamsport is an accomplishment and we will continue to celebrate them as the next couple weeks go by but in the meantime we have to tiehl with what is going on right now and that is, thunderstorms. and some showers, as well. you can see it is messy throughout the entire north east but as we zoom in the south it looks like thunderstorms are in southern
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delaware, millions bureau getting a lot of heavy rain, delaware beaches, ocean city maryland, ocean pines, across the bay from ocean city maryland, all of those places we are hearing thunder and seeing lightening if you look out the wind he. beach haven isn't looking great. the let's show you right there. that is where our quincy is scheduled to be later on today. so let's hope we can get the thunderstorms out of the way now and he can have some fun with the beach haven, beach patrol because th t is what is happening later on "good day philadelphia". in philadelphia we're seeing rain right now, to the north of us we're seeing some rain as well. so when this area of rain moves through we will probably be seeing a break in the action before we get more thunderstorms later on in the day. we will have the rest of your forecast, coming up, that is your weather authority radar, track and now lets see what the rain is doing to the roadways. we will start off in traffic, in camden, new jersey with 676 southbound at the route 42
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freeway, construction blocking the the left lane until 6:00 this morning and on the route 42 freeway north bound between college drive and 168, black horse pike also construction until 6:00 o'clock, kerry. >> keep us posted, sue, thank you. we have breaking news this morning. a a 30 year-old man is dead after a shooting in philadelphia's frankford section. police say a 56 year-old man shot victim in the head in the 4500 block of torresdale avenue. victim pronounced dead just before 10:30 last night. police say shooter turn himself in at the scene and police are trying to figure out a motive. also in north philadelphia a police officer fired at a suspect they say was arm. we are heading out to fox 29's steve keeley live this morning at police headquarters, steve. >> reporter: here we go again for the the second time in two days this week a guy pulls a gun on police officers but unlike tuesday where both the officer was shot and the shooter was shot and killed, this one ended a lot more
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peacefully. the guy with the gun gave up after the officer fired at least one shot at him and here is our video from the scene just before 11:00 o'clock at ninth and dauphin and what happened is you're looking at right there is police officers with flashlights looking for the gun that they eventually found. also looking for any shell casings and, at that point probably not knowing whether that guy had fired the gun at the officer but it looks like he never got a shot off and smartly gave up, either the story from tuesday was on this guy's mind or he knew he wasn't going to out run or out shoot a police officer. another case of police officers here in philadelphia especially on that late night shift having their lives threatened and having to shoot to defend themselves and this time a lot more better ending then we saw on tuesday, kerry. >> that is good news, thank you. also, breaking news overnight, police looking for a suspect who robbed a restaurant in the northeast at
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gunpoint. it happened at about 2:30 this morning not that long ago at red robin diner in the 6300 block of frankford avenue. no word if there were any customers there the at the time. a delay in the trial of the 21 year-old cristina regusters, would the man police say snatched a five-year old girl from bryant elementary school last year and assaulted her. that little girl was found in the park all alone the next morning. a judge ruled that prosecutors can present evident at the trial that regusters molested a young female relative. however, the judge will not allow a jury to hear about some of regusters computer searches. the trial will pick backup gannon monday. well, magical run, unfortunately has come to an end for taney dragons at little league world series. team had one last chance to advance against a tough team from chicago, taney scores two runs in the first inning so they had early lead but chicago put the next six runs
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on board. taney would come back but it wasn't enough, chicago wins the game six-five. despite the loss one of their biggest fans explained his team has given philly a lot to be proud of. >> i don't think they understand the magnitude of what it is they have been able to accomplish. for themselves and for the entire city of philadelphia. >> yes, ryan howard, called himself a fan, as the rest of us. mayor nutter is planning a celebration to honor dragons in the near future. rest of the taney fans or some of them gathered in city hall last night to watch the game. philly fanatic helping get the crowd pumped up for the game and once things get started, they were all on the edge of their seats. drew dickman was there and he spoke with fans and said no matter the outcome, they are still proud of their team. >> proud of the kids and i want them to have a kids. they are mid-atlantic champs and they deserve a parade. mayor nutter, give them a
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parade. >> drew tells us when the game ended all of the fans in the room stood up and applauded the team for a job well done. it has been i great run by taney, we have the team's journey to williamsport, all of the information on our web site at my fox you will find pictures, interviews with all of the players and the the coaches, as well. unaudible. >> my goodness a head on crash with the wrong way driver, and police car, why the the officer's got in the driver's way, intentionally. plus our jennifer joyce is live this morning talking about a guy who police say is robbing the elderly, jenny? >> reporter: that is right, kerry. physically attacking the elderly outside their homes for their money, we will tell
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we are watching some weather drama this morning. we see a lot of lightening showing up on ultimate doppler radar, and we have more rain on the way. this is unsettled situation we were talking about yesterday, we got our share of showers and then are storms, very random yesterday and that is the the case today for a good part of the state of delaware
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there is in rain until you go down to the south and we will continue to watch that situation, visibility is reduced in lancaster county. that fog situation may change as well. we will look at the the future cast where we see showers and thunderstorms popping up through 5:00, 6:00, and 7:00 o'clock at jersey shore n between we will see a lot of clouds and we will be still feeling that humidity. so there is no time today we are entirely rain free but you could have some dry periods to yourself, it just depend how random these showers are showing up in the afternoon and in the evening and through the night and into tomorrow morning. now, it is still uncertain how long these showers will hang around tomorrow but there is a good chance that the first half of the day will be cloudy with showers especially out to the west, but i think we will clear up the second half of saturday and then have a beautiful autumnal kind of sunday because temperatures will be cool in the wake of all this rain coming through. you can see the haze here in olde city relative humidity 87 percent and 70 degrees is our current temperature with wind east at 7 miles an hour.
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sunrise time is not until 6:19 this morning and we don't expect to see a lot of sunshine initially but maybe a few rays of sun peeking through. 70 degrees in philadelphia. # two in wilmington. seventy in lancaster. muggy every where. sixty-one in mount pocono. 70 degrees in wildwood, new jersey. dew points are in the mid 60's to the 70's. this is where it is really stick any kent county, state capitol of delaware ape wind with them coming out of the east that brings in a lot of cloud cover and moisture from the ocean, so that is what we're dealing with as well. so unsettled weather pattern is what we have today, 82 degrees. every once in a while we may see some lightening. if you had a pool day planned or a beach take just got to be cautious, and keep your eye on the sky as we like to say, scattered storms around especially this afternoon. high temperature today 82 degrees. that takes care of your friday. let's talk about what is happening on the roads in
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blackwood, new jersey, the route 42 freeway southbound between route 168, black horse pike and route 544, still construction until about 6:00 o'clock. on 295 southbound between route 30 and 42 freeway construction there. they will take that up around 6:00 a.m., kerry. it is 4:13. police are hoping release of the surveillance video will help them find a robbery suspect who is targeting the elderly. jenny gist live at northeast detectives with the details, jenny? >> reporter: well, kerry, this guy has been active since april committing crimes against elderly people from northeast philadelphia, down to northern liberties. police released surveillance video of the suspect and say his mo is always the same. he walks in the bank, pinpoint an elderly person, stand in line and asks a teller to break him some change so it looks like he has a reason to be here. then he is back on his victim following him to his home where he attacks and robs them of his cash this man has
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gotten away with 500, to $1,000 in some cases. one man, 86 years oldies in the hospital now, for his injuries that he suffered. >> pretty low and cowardly. >> some of these people are elderly, frail. they income them down. they punch them. they maced at least one of them. they will do whatever they have to do to get it and they usually reach in their pockets and rip money out. >> reporter: apparently victims have been between the age of 44 and 96, however, most are elderly. suspect is described as a man with a gray beard and a gray spot on his head. in one occasion he was seen driving a small white car and another time he was driving a silver chevy malibu. because the robberies are happening in multiple neighborhoods, northeast detectives and east detectives are both investigating. if you have any information call police, kerry. >> so low, jennifer, thank you. just about 4:15 as we look at world news this morning.
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overseas evacuations happening in iceland today where a volcano could erupt. thousands of small earthquakes, thousands are shaking the region around there and concern is growing we could see a repeat of what happened when that volcano erupted in 2010. that ash could force airlines to cancel more than hundred thousand flights. this time around, if it happens, it could affect penn state football season opener in ireland begins the university of central florida. ireland, of course, not too terribly away from iceland so cloud of ash could ground flights. that game is slated for august 30th. both teams are monitoring the situation. also breaking news in the middle east, gaza security official says gaza has killed 11 suspect israel. the israeli officials are considering option of renewing truce talks to end the conflict but the revelation came along with the series of air strikes along the gaza strip yesterday. three senior commanders for
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hamas were killed. >> this action joins many other presentive activities we have launched begins deadly operations hamas and other terror organizations planned to carry out. >> there was retaliation. rockets fired in israel but they had little affect. meanwhile you had, britain, france, germany are discussing a security council resolution calling for a sustainable cease-fire. and the united states carrying out another six air strikes against isis targets in iraq yesterday. secretary of defense chuck hagel says it helps iraqi forces regain their footing. this comes after that militant group released videotaped execution of captured american journalist james foley. officials now admit that the group demanded a 130 million-dollar ransom for him last year. the united states has a long standing policy against paying ransoms for terrorist but a secret mission was put in place to rescue them which failed last month.
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the justice department is launching a criminal investigation into his death. the remains of those killed on the malaysia airlines flight shot down in ukraine have returned home, coffins draped in the national flag arrived in malaysia. nearly 300 people were on board when that jet was shot down more than a month ago. all of them have died. a government watch dog group says, they broke the law agreeing to that swap, serg bowe bergdahl for five taliban leaders. the the the defense department failed to notify the appropriate congressional committees 30 days in advance of that exchange. agency also says that, fund used to make the swap weren't technically available but the pentagon is depending it decision saying bergdahl's life was at risk. the it remains to be seen if that will result in the formal legal complaint. my goodness, dramatic
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video out of britain that police say they purposely, let a car, driving the wrong way, down the the highway, slam into their car, in order to stop it. one of the drivers was hurt but we are told his injuries are not serious. police say the 77 year-old man behind the wheel has dimension a his family had reported him missing but back home safe and uninjured. the officers are getting praise for preventing a more serious accident. here in the united states, another relatively calm night, in ferguson, missouri and now missouri's governor is ordering national guard to begin withdrawing. the city has endured violent protests nearly every night in the two weeks since an officer shot and killed 18 year-old michael brown. brown wasn't armed so police do say he attack officer darren will on right before wilson fired. a grand jury is now determining if wilson will face charges. also the the st. louis police department has released
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video of another deadly police involved shooting on tuesday. officers shot and killed a suspect whom they say lung at them with a knife. a camera captured these moments. you can hear the suspect yelling shoot me. >> police say they say he acted erratically and they ended up opening fire and killing him. a st. louis police officer threatening to kill some of the michael brown protesters. video showing lieutenant ray labor pointing his assault rifle at members of the media in a protest. it happened just before midnight on tuesday in ferguson. labor is suspended indefinitely. missionary doctor is thrilled to be alive after surviving the ebola virus. doctor kent brantly was released from an atlanta hospital yesterday speaking out for first time after being
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treated for nearly three weeks. his release comes just a day after missionary nancy wrightbol was quietly released from the same hospital. doctors now say that neither patient's blood shows any signs of ebola and they are in threat to the public health. >> as a medical missionary i never imagined myself in this position. when my family and i moved to liberia last october to begin a two year term working with the group, ebola was not on the radar. we moved to liberia because god called us to serve the people of liberia. >> brantly asked people to turn their prayers instead and their concerns to the people of west africa. nearly 400 people have died in connection with the out break in that region. it is just about 4:20 right now. taking a look at philadelphia international airport. we introduced this camera to you yesterday. quick reminder, if you have a flight this morning it might be worth calling, checking on
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line ahead of time to make sure everything is scheduled to leave on time because we have been having these rain storms overnight and they will be continuing throughout the day as well, sue. >> in other parts of the northeast, they may be getting thunderstorms as well but here's what it looks like at philly interest the national, an exciting addition to the plethora of camera throughout the area lets see what we have in store for the rest of the day. it looks like showers and thunderstorms to get us started, 70 degrees or so. muggy start to the day. they will be around the rest of the day. we might get a break around midday lunchtime but they will fire up again in the afternoon. high temperature of 82 degrees. muggy day. sunset is in the until 7:48 this evening. that is it. your planner for friday. we will get you through rest of the weekend coming up but right new lets check in new jersey, i295 northbound from mount holly, willingboro to route 38, more construction out there and we expect to
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wrap that up around 6:00 o'clock. maybe earlier, kerry if it starts raining. >> all right, it is 4:22 right now. eagles getting a big victory over the the steelers but why did lesean mccoy walk off the field ♪
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time for sports. eagles pick up their first win of the preseason of taking care of the steelers at
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lincoln financial feel. nick foles throw for 179-yard and touchdown to lesean mccoy in the victory. that touchdown though would be lesean's final play rather of the night. he left the game with a sprained thumb. eagles didn't mind though they went on to win 31 -21. they have only one preseason game, remaining. now before the game, fox 29's knew addition to good day alex holy spent the day at the novacare complex. she was lucky enough to have howard eskin as her personal tour guide. i'm not quite sure how i would describe it. she met him there alex starts september 1st. howard made sure she has to forget about her hometown dallas at least when she's around the eagles. >> here's one thing i've got to tell you too your home doesn't work here here's what i want to do for you, here's
4:26 am
what i want to do for you, i've got a jersey. >> my goodness. >> with your name on it. >> it looks like it will fit too. >> i'm ready, you told me earlier i'm in the wearing the right green but i will get it right. >> we're so excited to have her with us. >> eagles had last night off, so many of the players i think that is what we will do now, are we not? there we go. so many of the players headed out to cole hamels fifth annual fundraiser. ryan hour, chase utley, this event raises money for hamels foundation, it is a non-profit organization, for sports and education in the you had and africa. 4:26. this photo is making waves on line this morning. so the guy on the lefties a mechanic, what he did for the guy on the right is capturing the hearts of a lot of people. plus fixing up homes falling apart all across the
4:27 am
city while making a huge difference. meet the volunteers including the kids, that are devoting months of their lives to help transform the city.
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break news a man gunned down
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in the cities frankford section. the the shooter turn himself n steve keeley has details in just a few minutes. and then red light camera malfunction, if you got a ticket, you will want to listen up. where a red light camera glitch gave drivers or got them out of thousands of dollars. an ice bucket challenge ending with fire fighters just trying to do a good thing, injured, what went wrong? plus a group of volunteers setting out to change lives of homeowners in philadelphia. meet the people that are making a difference. good day, it is friday, august between the second, 2014. we are so glad to have you here with us. i know day is getting off to a rough start with rain, thunder, lightening, sue, it will be what sticking around for a little while. >> right, i think for the rest of the morning. maybe by late morning early afternoon we will get a break in the action before thunderstorms fire up again in the afternoon. it will be that kind of a day. you will see the action we have had moving off shore but
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looking out to the west you'll see more areas of rain, not necessarily lightening but lets zoom in closer, and a lot of south jersey has some rain this morning, in spots. southern delaware, it looks like a lot of lightening in the delaware beach around dewey beach and bethenny we have seeing quite the a bit of thunder and lightening right now and gloucester county, camden county we have areas of rain. it looks like some lightening popped up in gala way township, atlantic county and philadelphia, we are getting rid of our rain for the moment. looking to the north and west of us, again, for the the moment, drying out but won't last all day, believe me. 70 degrees right now wet roadways, easterly breezes at 7 miles an hour and six credit 19 is our sunrise time. 70 degrees in philadelphia these dew points in the mid to upper 60's means it is quite muggy, out there this morning. now, some places have a breeze
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of 12 miles an hour coming out of the north east. lots of cloud cover today and a high temperature of 82 degrees. some sun here and there but count on those scattered thunderstorms being around as well for the rest of the day. we will tell you when sun comes back out full force and our weekend cool down coming up in the seven day forecast, that is, your weather. lets check traffic as we start off with robbinsville i-95 eastbound between new jersey turnpike and 526, construction up there blocking left lane until about 6:00 a.m. forty-two freeway southbound between college drive and 168 that construction has cleaned up for the day, kerry. 4:32. breaking news, a man is dead, shooter is being questioned by police after this confrontation that happened late last night in frankford. heading out to fox 29's steve keeley to police headquarters this guy turned himself in at the very least. >> reporter: he went in with police. he was staying on the scene so he didn't to drive himself
4:33 am
down here. detective here trying to figure out if the cities latest homicide was a justifiable homicide. it sounds like the shooter believes he was within his rights to defend himself legally or defend his property here behind torresdale avenue in a tiny little trash strewn alley way known as josephine street this 56 year-old man didn't shoot and run but stayed on the scene, handed his gun on the scene when they showed up and he is here, telling detectives his side of had happened. that will be the only side that the detectives hear because of the only person who knew what was going on before can't tell his side. he is dead. thirty years old. shot once in the head. >> the shooter, a 56 year-old male remained on location, turned himself into police and handed over a weapon, a revolver. this 56 year-old male who admitted to the shooting was transported to homicide and is
4:34 am
being interviewed by homicide detectives. at this time we're not sure of the motive of the shooting. it is unusual. normally the shooter flees immediately after firing the weapon but in this case the 56 year-old shooter remade on location, turn weapon over to police and voluntarily came with us to whom side. >> reporter: modern day mvp of crime solving seems to be these high tech, high definition surveillance camera and high definition makes all of the difference because they can see even in the dark, and there are several cameras out there and that may give police a second version of what happened out here. they may be able to see what happened before and what happened during this shooting here behind torresdale avenue and the fact that there are camera even back there, kerry, tells us that these who bought them and installed them already had break ins, feared
4:35 am
they had them and maybe deter any from happening and it sound like that wasn't the case out here overnight. >> steve, thank you. 4:35. additional breaking news we need to get to in north philadelphia police say they fired at an armed suspect along the 2200 block of north ninth. the suspect took off but was later caught, without being hurt. this happened, just before 11:00, in word on why police were originally call to the scene. police in pennsylvania, and nevada working together to find a missing two-year old. kelly watkins the third was reported missing by the las vegas police department back in june. police tracked his whereabouts to the 2200 block of west huntingdon street in north philadelphia but when officials went there to get him, the boy and the man who was with him believed to be his dad who doesn't have have cuss todd write both gone. if you know anything call the police. a statewide glitch in new jersey red light cameras mean thousands of drivers will be
4:36 am
cleared of fines, that glitch happened from may 28th through june 30th. officials say violations were recorded but they were never sent to drivers because of the problem. it effects some 17,000 drivers we're told. state judiciary told local courts to dismiss the tickets. critics say that the glitch highlights what they call an unreliable system. 4:36. a group of volunteers heading out to improve our city and lives of the homeowners. the last summer philadelphia project to build this walkway and install this lift to make life easier for sylvester west. this is a germantown man a double amputee who has a hard time getting around and said these improvements have helped him regain his life. >> it has given me a sense of freedom. i can go where i wanting to, i'm in the confined to the house. >> well, west says that in the only has volunteers given him
4:37 am
his freedom back but they have also become quite family to him. >> i'm on location with my wife so as this being my witness this is biggest container i could find. >> yes. >> oh, yeah that is how it works. we can only assume that is jonathan wife emily blount pouring that big bucket over her head but what he did to her next in retaliation for calling him out is
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4:39 am
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a miraculous rescue in nevada all caught on camera. woman trapped in her car, water rush around her. that is the road. i mean basically looks like a river at this point. nevada air men didn't think twice before jumping in the current sending that car straight for them. >> video took a little more perspective but in the same circumstances i would have done it again. >> at the moment adrenaline was pumping so it was tough but not impossible. >> air men say anybody in their situation would have done exactly what they did but you this woman is calling them heroes this morning. all right. just about 4:41 as we look live at olde city right outside studios at fourth and market. roads are quiet. that the satellite truck leaving the studio heading
4:41 am
down to beach haven. >> beach haven, quincy having fun with the beach patrol and that will be happening rain or shine by the way. >> yes. >> what is it supposed to be like later this morning. >> a little iffy for the morning anyway. but, you know, nothing stops them and nothing stops our quincy. so we are looking forward to that. it would be a lot of fun. in matter what. phillies are back in action tonight ryan howard coming back from williamsport, where he had some fun. 79 degrees at game time. scattered showers and thunderstorms will be around so lets summarize what will happen over next few days as we look at our wet roadways outside. cloudy and mug which scattered showers and thunderstorms around and rest of the day to day we will have clouds. there will be some sun break go through but still humid with scattered showers and pop up storms in the after noon. weekend short answer is unsettled saturday morning or will it be feeling like fall
4:42 am
on sunday? that is what to expect for weather authority. 4:41 is your time? let's get to the roadways and see what is happening. we will start off with limerick evergreen road at rupert road, there are reports of an accident there, we will get more details and get back
4:43 am
4:44 am
we are learning new details about what sparked an assault on a temple student right in the middle of move in day. fox 29 dave schratwieser
4:45 am
explains how it all started with an altercation between a jewish student and students involve with the pro palestinian group. >> unacceptable behavior. >> reporter: it was supposed to be a day of excitement for temple students moving in the campus dorms but here on the walk, things turned testy when a jewish student and members of the students for justice in palestine exchange words. >> there was a series of verbal altercation that is took place and at 1.1 student struck another student. >> reporter: police say the jewish student claimed anti sematic remarks were made and he was punched in the face. samantha pinto for student for just advertise in palestine claims things got heated when a jewish student made some comments. >> they started telling us we were idiots, terrorist. >> reporter: pinto says two palestinian students standing at the table not members of the sjp took issue with the comments. >> one of the young men who is a sjp member got upset and
4:46 am
ended up slapping him in the face. she didn't punch him like some reports have said. >> reporter: michael wild, a insuring lawyer for the jewish student said they let the student who attacked his client go home and called that unacceptable. he was concern how universities will handle these issues. he said his client will cooperate fully with the police. >> we have asked him to come back in because we'd like to do a deeper conversation with him. we are looking for the person, that he identified as one who hit him. >> we have never used physical violence begins people. >> reporter: in the meantime temple condemn violence and any comments that may have been made. >> unacceptable. unacceptable. >> reporter: dave schratwieser, fox 29 news. an airport mechanic is getting a lot of attention after a act of kindness goes viral. this photo capturing hearts of the a lot of people. you can see mechanic keith, work to go fix a prosthetic leg of the afghan war veteran taylor morris. morris trip going through security in las vegas and twisted within of his legs.
4:47 am
that is when he grabbed his tools and went to work. he did very little compared to what our military does for us. >> they are away from their families and in harms way for a long tour and some come back injured and some come back and have have along recovery. >> morris says he is thankful for help and says he isn't sure how he tripped in the first place. 4:47. fox is teaming up with social media today buy its new drama red ban society early while raising money for charity. it is a new fishtive called red band society banding together for good. it is promised to go donate 1 dollar to compare for each social media share of any content from the web site. ultimate goal, to raise hundred thousand dollars by today and if that happens, fox will unlock the show's plot for 100 hours through fox on demand. the fox now app. and hulu.
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>> unfortunately i'm on location with my wife so with this windmill as my witness this is the biggest container i can find. here we go. yes. that is actor jonathan, he was going to take the ice bucket challenge, laying down but he got his wife emily wife blount back when she was least expecting it. >> ice bucket challenge, i challenge you to ice bucket challenge. first thing you think of. >> you just got challenged. >> what are you doing good hopefully they were just acting i'm pretty sure they were. he met her out the in the parking lot with a big bucket of ice, anyway. hard to believe that the als ice bucket challenge could cause serious injuries, in kentucky, four fire fighters helping a college band with
4:49 am
that challenge are hurt and one in critical condition. doctors have upgraded another to stable. here's what went so horribly wrong. police say they finish dousing cold water on the the university marching band this he were lowering their fire truck's ladder with two guys in it when it got too close to the power line. the fire fighters in the bucket and those in the truck were shocked. >> it looked like a fire work and you could hear the surge of power and then one dude fell and then the the fire fighter was sent down and then the second explosion went off and you could see the men. >> fire fighter most seriously hurt is in a burn unit. officials say power was knocked out for 4500 customers for about an hour after this happened. even though it is whipping through the nation you won't see diplomates taking part in the ice bucket challenge.
4:50 am
the state department bans ambassadors and other high profile officers from participating. it bars official from using public office for private gain. this is a very worthy cause and they don't want to look like they are favoring one cause over another. challenge has raised more than 40 million-dollar for research into lou gehrig's disease. we have been lucky this year. we have not had those so-called dog days of summer but in michigan, they certainly have... so this was captured at a doggie day care in michigan. they had an actual dog pool party, whale their owners were at work. the day care called lucky puppy in the only has the pool but they have got 3 acres of space for these dogs to run while their parents are at work and they are in doggie day care. doggie day care. >> that looks like heaven. >> it does good wonder how much that cost. >> they are so happy. >> they are happy. >> i bet they have a camera
4:51 am
that while you artwork you can watch them having fun, as most day cares do anymore. that is great. >> fabulous. the whole concept is hard for me to get my mind around but good for you you if you send your dog today care. >> that is right, at least you don't have to war that i they are lonely. >> that is true. >> right. here's your shore cast for the weekend. not perfect today. not perfect tomorrow. few times of sunshine but not the pure wonderful beach days that we were love to have for this late in august. for sunday it will be sunny and cool with a high of 73. ocean water is 75 degrees right now. so, get the ocean you have to get to the shore and it is rainy to get there this morning. we have much more rain to show you to the west. we are not finish with this until midday tomorrow and you will see pockets of heavy rain in south jersey, a lot of lightening just pulling off shore in southern delaware, here in philadelphia we had
4:52 am
rain and it is drying out for now but across the river in gloucester county and in camden county we have got areas of rain burlington county as well and is there all that lightening just leaving bethenny beach right now. it has been a active morning. there is beach haven where quincy will be later on. it is raining right new. lets get it out of the way and hopefully clearing it up later. we have 66 degrees in allentown. sixty-one in mount pocono. here in the city, 69 degrees. sixty-five in doyles town. it looks like another humid day when it is in the raining it will feel sticky. 82 degrees for the high. scattered thunderstorms firing up in the afternoon. nothing necessarily severe but some heavy downpours here and there. 67 degrees overnight. once again possibility of lightening and thunder here and there in the overnight hours on friday. not a perfect start to the weekend but we will improve
4:53 am
things as we can even goes along. let at traffic. that is what i want to do, update on 42 freeway north bound between college drive and 168 and black horse pike. that construction has been cleared up and smooth sailing around there, kerry. 4:53. terrifying moments as a woman is hit by a bus but she's okay, what she did next that surprised everybody who watched this happen. the wonder of summer is that i never know what kind of adventure awaits. the days are longer, and the breeze feels a little sweeter. and, thanks to volvo, i'll pay nothing for repairs or maintenance for 5 years, nothing. they even cover my first month's payment. so, i'll be happy wherever the summer takes me. the wonder of summer event. the 2015 volvo s60 sedan with complimentary first month's payment. starting at $319 a month.
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right now a terrifying scene in can suggest city, a woman hit by a bus crossing the street but incredibly, she gets up and was able to walk over to grab what we're told is her cell phone. video also showing several bystanders, trying to stop to help her. the busies going very slowly. witness said driver was distract by a passenger who had come forward to ask a request. changes are on the way after a report shows new jersey transit buses are late. 32 percent of the time. new jersey transit defining on time arrivals within a seven minute window. it starts one minute before scheduled arrival and extend to six minutes afterwards. the the agency plans to make improvements along 33 bus routes which represent 15 percent of it system. we have an update on those monkey selfies that sparked that copy right controversy. the government siding with pick media on this one.
4:57 am
web site arguing that the photographer that owned the camera said these monkeys allegedly took their selfies with didn't have any legal rights to the pictures because as i mentioned monkeys took the pictures themselves. u.s. copy right office rules that the photos were unprotected intellectual property. intellectual maybe a bit of the stretch but i know what they are saying anyway. 4:57. it started with a small act of kindness but blew up with people paying it forward for hours at a star bucks what they were doing and how it eventually came to an end. and then back to school shopping is a breeze, here where everything you see is at a huge discount and guess what this place is local, where you can find, these fantastic this place is local, where you can find, these fantastic the wonder of summer is that
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