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tv   Fox 29 Morning News at 6a  FOX  August 22, 2014 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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breaking news a two alarm fire in camden causes a building collapse and send one person to the hospital, inn we are their life checking out damage here. also new this morning here a man shot and kill in the frankford neighborhood and you won't believe what the gun man did, how he ended up in police custody. watch out a bus hits a woman, you can see her, roll away basically. but it is what happened next that really had people talking yesterday. and the fire, extinguish for taney dragons but they had a great run, and made their city proud. we are live in williamsport with a look back on their journey to the little league
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world series. good day everybody. it is friday. >> wow, wow. >> august between the second, 2014. i would be mike jerrick, that makes you kerry barrett. that makes her sue serio. >> you bet. >> it is, be an angel day. >> oh, i'm that every day it comes naturally to you. for some of us, it will take a lot of effort. oh, okay. let give you the forecast. the number today is a six, because even though our round of thunderstorms from earlier is moving away we've got more on the way, a little bit of sunshine, seasonal temperatures but a lot of humidity and that is why muggy the doggies in the backyard with buddy today. umbrella indicates possibility of showers and watch for lightening because a few thunderstorms, they will be popping up to day as well. we will have an unsettled friday. there is an area of rain pulling off shore and moving
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into west virginia we will see if that makes its way here. ohio, inn yan a getting then are storms as well. it looks like what remains of what we had this morning is at the jersey shore. we have to clear out beach haven. quincy will be there. if you are at the jersey shore join convince any an hour, he will be at beach patrol headquarters in beach haven: 69 degrees right now. 90 percent relative time. phillies play tonight. they are back in action. cardinals are in town. 79 degrees when the game begins. scattered showers and thunderstorms possible at citizens bank park. 82 degrees is our high today and it will still be mug which scattered thunderstorms around. overnight low of 68 degrees. that takes care of friday weekend forecast is coming up but lets check traffic on route 422, westbound the off ramp to route 29, that accident we have been keeping an eye on, they have put it on the shoulder so you can exit
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on that off ramp on the the pennsylvania turnpike northeast extension just past quakertown southbound part of the road construction is blocking the right lane, kerry. >> sue, thank you. breaking news this morning out of camden, an explosive fire moving through two homes. >> steve keeley where are you, what happened. >> reporter: i got a guy i work out with at a the jim, dan rossi, busy night for camden because he just came from another fire scene. they had two fires simultaneously. they had to call in other towns to help with the fire in east camden. this was a bigger problem here. lets go to some video. dan almost lost one of his guys tonight. even when you are not willing in the building, sometimes the the building comes to you. i grew up in a brick row house in camden. they are made of all bricks from the the 20's. when they come down from three or four stories they can do damage. they had a fire fighter hurt here. tan rossi, housedog. >> he seems to be doing fine. he is receiving treatment. we will keep him on the fire
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grounds and he will tell us how he feels. >> reporter: we are here at fourth and spruce in camden just five years ago for another fire. we have see the flames this thing just won't go out today. the these old buildings are tough. when they are vacant you have drug dicks or home less people living in them. that is how these things catch fire. fire right across the the street five years ago the same time of the day. here we go again, vacant buildings when you are not making a rescue even though did you rescue a home less guy they are dangerous and sometimes deadly to you guys. >> this building is hundred years old. we will get a fire like this we cannot do an interior attack. we are in defensive operations throughout the the course of the fire. we have a collapse zone set up so no one gets inside the collapse zone. >> reporter: the defensive operation a priest vent defense in football you put guys back in the secondary to keep tonight front of you and that way when these walls come down they won't kill your guys. >> that is right, we don't want anyone inside the collapse zone. these are hard fires to put
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out, but, we will get it out. >> people calling 911 when they have fires here because they have so many thick smoke in philly thinking something on their block, sometimes even their own home is on fire, that is how thick the smoke was from here. >> yes, when there is a fire this philadelphia, we have residents in the city of camden calling us for smoke investigation. it goes back and forth both ways. >> we will see you here later. that was a tough spot. shorthanded. they have two fires. they could only get four guys at other fire so they called every mutual aid down, pennsauken, cherry hill, we need help over here. that is how many people they had here. then another fire breaks out. tough night for fire fighters, especially with these bricks, falling on that one tough guy who said i'm tough i can take a brick from three stories and i don't need to go to the hospital but they made him just to make sure. >> tough guys, brave guys and women too thanks, steve. 6:05 on this friday. a 30 year-old man is dead after a shoot nothing philadelphia's frankford
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second. a 56 year-old man shot the victim in the head in the 4500 block of torresdale avenue. the victim was pronounced dead just before 10:30 last night. police say that the shooter turn himself in at the scene. police are trying to figure out a motive. meanwhile a nail biting end to a magical run for the the taney dragons at the little league world series. >> chris, what is the the the reaction from all the of the philly fans up there, in williamsport. hi, chris. >> reporter: hi, guys. i was with the parents and players moments after the crushing loss last night and overwhelming feeling was just like we shouldn't have been here in the first place. they were taking every take, every minute, every swing of the bat and soaking it all in because this was such an improbable run. so yeah, it was disappointing. it was a stunning loss for them last night especially because they almost came back from it. this is a team that always comes back. the parents were almost expecting a win last night.
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but the tears were flowing when parents got to meet the players. keep in mind these players have been away from their parents for three weeks through regionals and through the little league world series, pretty much isolated from their parents but the tears were definitely flowing last night. we caught up with a couple of those parents to get their reaction. >> they persued that dream and they did everything that they had to do to pursue that dream and they dragged us with them. on that dream. and then after us, came the whole city of philadelphia and the state of of pennsylvania and everybody just benefited so much from it. >> i'm really proud because man, this is just a dream. he actually got to do it. >> i have no disappointment at all. i don't think we ever talk about winning. i never talk about winning. we talk about getting here. were we got here wait, we can do this. so let's do it.
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>> reporter: we got a chance to talk to some of the players last night including 13 year-old phenom pitcher mo'ne davis, you may be surprised on what is next for her. i asked her one on one that what may be down the road you? may be surprised. check out what she says coming up at 7:00. or, this morning, i should say. i haven't gotten much sleep, guys. >> i bet you haven't. >> the dragons will have a picnic today with their families, because they have been away for so long and then back to philadelphia i don't think they know how much they have captured the hearts of the fans back home in philadelphia. >> did you see mo'ne was on the cover of the u.s.a. today yesterday and a big feature in the sports section. she's a national story, no question about it. >> reporter: get used to it. >> yes. >> chris, come home, your family misses you. >> reporter: i will. he will be sleeping on the ride home.
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>> and up is driving. volcanic rumblings, an ocean away could affect one of our college teams back here at home, how this volcano could put penn state football, season opener, on hold, how weird is that? tonightly lions fans, listen to this. she's going to hit, she's going to hit. >> he was right, police officers involve in the head on crash, why they say they meant to get in their cars way. they in meant to get in that way. they in meant to get in that cathe wonder of summer is that
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so you'll be bringing home the bacon in no time. sorry. get a free quote at because a couple of hours ago we had quite a bit of lightening and thunder but most of the heavy rain has moved off shore, and, in philadelphia, we're drying out for the time being. delaware beaches, you got a soaking but you are okay now. beach haven is drying out as well and that is where quincy will be in just a little bit at the beach haven beach patrol. he will be, learning how they do what they do to keep us safe. 82 degrees today with thunderstorms popping up this afternoon. rain in the morning on saturday but the sun should come out in the afternoon at 77 degrees and then sunday's high 81. it should be a beautiful day sunday warming up after that. there is a look at your
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seven day forecast, 12 minutes after 6:00 here's traffic for you and we will start off in plymouth germantown pike at johnson road, currently reports an accident there, and in franconia le id y road near cow path road that earlier accident has cleared for now, kerry. >> sue, thank you. we are seeing incredible video a moment a bus land in the woman. you can see her roll down the street. but it is what she did next, that will leave you, stunned. >> stunned, really. >> well, maybe.
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evacuations happening in ice land. thousands of small earthquake, still shaking the region around it. concern is growing that we
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could see a repeat when it erupted in 2010. that forced airlines to cancel more than a hundred thousand flights. this time around fit happens it could affect penn state football season open's begins -- in ireland against the university of central florida a lot of philly folks are going. that is a big deal. ireland's in the too far from ice land, as you know, you have to go over to iceland to get to ireland. so a cloud of ash could ground all of the flights. the game slated for august the 30th. we have sometime. both teams say, that they are monitoring the situation. maybe they can come, well, they could not come to us, same problem. >> fly all the way around the world, yeah, that will not happen. >> no. >> the united states, carried out another six air strikes against isis, targets in iraq, yesterday. so defense secretary chuck hagel says it is helping iraqi forces regain their footing, in the kurdish region especially. the it comes after the militant group released a
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videotaped execution of captured american journalist james foley. now officials, admit, that the group demanded a 130 million-dollar ransom for him last year but a secret mission to rescue him last month, failed. that was in syria. but the justice department is launching a criminal investigation into his death. the government watch dog group says the pentagon broke the law agreeing to swap sergeant bowe bergdahl for five taliban leaders. government accountability office says defense department failed to notify the appropriate congressional commit the ease 30 days in advance of that exchange. the agency also says that funds used to make that swap weren't technically available but the pentagon is defending it decision saying bergdahl's life was at the risk. it remains to be seen if that finding will result in the formal legal complaint. gaza security official say hamas has killed 11 suspect informants for israel. the israeli officials are
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considering the option of renewing egyptian led truce talks to end the conflict with hamas. that revelation came with a series of air strikes along the gaza strip yesterday. three senior commanders for hamas as were killed. well, did you see this yesterday afternoon, kind of cool, missionary doctor says he is thrilled to be alive after surviving the east bowl a virus. there he is, doctor kent brantly, he is happy, was released from an atlanta hospital yesterday and spoke out for the first time after being treated for nearly three weeks. this guy almost died. his release came a day after missionary nancy wrightbol was quiet liz released from the hospital. she's already gone back home. doctors now say, that neither patient's blood shows signs of ebola the at all, and that they are not a threat to the rest of us. >> as a medical missionary, i never imagined myself in this position. when my family and i moved to liberia last october to begin
6:19 am
a two year termed working with the american's first, ebola was not on the radar. we moved to liberia because god called on to us serve the the people of liberia. >> brantly asked people to turn their prayers and concerns to the people of west africa, nearly 1400 people have died in connection to this out break, of ebola. >> another night of peace for the people of ferguson, that is a good development. a hundred people gathering near the exact spot where michael brown was shot. police say they made seven arrests, mainly for failure to disperse, the crowd would not break up when they toll them too. grand jury began considering evidence this week on whether the office shore shot brown should be charged. federal authorities also launching an independent investigation into his death. now, the the st. louis police department releasing veiled ohio of another deadly police involve shooting on tuesday, officers shot and killed a suspect whom they say lung at them with the knife. there was a witness, who
6:20 am
recorded this chilling individual ohio. >> you can hear it right there the suspect yelling shoot me, shoot me. police accused this 25 year-old man of robbery. >> we blurted it so much, you cannot even see them. >> we don't want to show that. >> of course, not but it is 112th after they pull up, they shoot him. >> well, when that he arrived he was acting kind of crazy as mike mentioned. >> he lunged at them with the knife saying killed me. >> they opened up fire and killed him. >> there you go. welshing terrifying scene in kansas city. with man is hit by a bus, crossing the street. >> here we go. incredibly she was able to get up and walk to grab her cell phone. video also shows several bystanders stopping to help her. the bus was going very slowly, thank goodness. a witness said the driver was
6:21 am
distract by a passenger, to come forward to ask a question, which you are in the supposed to do. >> not a good idea. >> we have to get to weather on the the what is it. >> weather on the one's. >> and traffic. >> but first i want to tell but this. "good day philadelphia" starts in 40 minutes in. coming up a break through in the fight of diabetes. what if i didn't have to prick yourself to test your blood sugar levels. the high tech solution doctors are researching. >> sound g all right sue what do you got. >> i got an unsettled friday but just like yesterday it will not rain every minute of the day. you will have times when you go outside and do some stuff. you have to keep an eye on the sky. 71 degrees walking out the door in philadelphia, showers and clouds and muggy out there clouds and sun through lunchtime. that is when we will start to see a few more storms popping up and they could have heavy downpours this afternoon but we are not expecting anything severe. so there is a little bit of
6:22 am
good news with your unsettled friday. 82 degrees is your high. sunset time 7:48. let's check traffic. we will start off in chester delaware county, i-95 northbound at route 322 merge there is a disable truck on the right shoulder there, luck a off to the shoulder so it won't slow you down too much n lower gwynedd, sumanytown pike at dekalb pike a disable tractor trail their may be causing delays in that area. is there your traffic, and we will have more on the
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i want you to do this in 592nd. >> eagles picking up their first win of the preseason of taking care of the steelers at lincoln financial field. you are not wearing a watch. nick fels threw for 179 yards and a touchdown to lesean mccoy in the victory this touchdown would be lesean's finally of the night. he left the the game with a sprained thumb. no matter. eagles go on to win 31-21. they have only one preseason game remaining. >> guess hoist coming to town, michael vick with the jets. >> you think, that is right. >> i think, and i say yes. >> before the game, fox 29's new addition to good day alex
6:26 am
holy spent the day at the novacare complex. she was lucky enough to have howard eskin as her personal tour guide. she has not quit the station and moved back to south carolina. >> i don't know if i would describe that as lucky. >> i love howard. howard made sure to let her know she has to forget about her hometown of dallas, at least when she's around the eagles. she's not a cowboys fan. >> one thing i've got to tell you, too. your home, doesn't work here. >> but where i am now. >> where you are now. here's what i want to do for you. here's what i want to do for you. i got a jersey. >> look at the that. >> with your name on it. >> it looks like it will fit too. >> i'm ready. i'm in the wearing the right colored green. >> no, but i will get it right. >> see i think she does have it right because they want kelly green to come back instead of the midnight green. so maybe alex is right. alex survived that day and she
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starts with us on september the first. >> she has in the quit. >> i'm not so sure. we will see if she comes back on monday. >> goodness. >> so, no more monkey business. >> all right. >> u.s. government gives their ruling on who really owns this picture, we have talk about this about a week ago. their decision could drive photographers bananas. cheers. steve keeley is covering breaking news out of camden. >> mike, i wouldn't be surprised if you can tell me you can smell smoke from this inside the studio because we are hearing from people in philly they smell smoke in the house and we are across the river at fourth and spruce, not in philadelphia i but camden fourth and spruce an where we were in the same exact corner five years ago. still smoking and still troubling for fire fighters as these big heavy bricks fall
6:28 am
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6:30 am
it is exactly 6:30 on this friday morning. explosive fire in camden spreads to two buildings, causing one to partially collapse. one person was hurt, we're live with more information about the damage there. plus a failed ice bucket challenge send two fire fighters to the hospital, shocked by power lines, what exactly they were trying to do when everything went wrong. >> she's going to hit, she's going to hit.
6:31 am
>> and, she did, a head on crash with a wrong way driver, and a police car, wow. why the officers say they got in the driver's way on purpose. >> intentionally. >> that is video of the morning. >> heroes. >> it is 6:31. sue? >> hi. >> hi. >> hi. >> sue? >> it is friday. i reacted, extra because it is friday? i don't think it matters. we have a look at bus stop buddy and muggy the dog. when you see the the dog you know it is humid outside. it is. later this afternoon, at the beach, you will have to watch out for lightening because there will be more thunderstorms, we had had some a couple of hours ago and they will be around again this afternoon out of ten, our number of the day is a six, with that unsettled weather and showers and the storms around and the the clouds. when it is not raining. watching the rain exit. for the time can i think we will be okay, it looks like it is improving, in beach haven,
6:32 am
for quincy, who is going to be there for come back down the shore for "good day philadelphia". 68 degrees right the now. 90 percent relative humidity. phillies play back in action i should say tonight at citizens bank park with the cardinals, the the opponent. 79 degrees with scattered showers and thunderstorms. today's high 82, tonight we're down into the upper 60's but still muggy, still stormy, we will tell you how soon it all clears out because weekend is almost here. that is coming up. time is 6:32. traffic time. our travel time on the schuylkill westbound vine to the blue route, it will take but four minutes there. southbound on i-95 from woodhaven to the vine that is about 16 minutes, and the blue route north bound, from i-95 all the way up to the schuylkill it takes about 18 minutes, right now. here's more on that fire, kerry in camden.
6:33 am
>> 6:32. back to the breaking news out of camden that fast moving fire spreads, one of them collapses, steve keeley live at the scene, steve. >> we're only four blocks off the delaware river front in camden and people in philly not only seen smoke but for sure smelling the the smoke because it headed straight in the direction of philadelphia because it didn't get high off the ground either. rain was pushing it down. very expect you i morning for folks in south camden and philadelphia as well. very dangerous morning for fire fighters. look at them off in the roof. two vacant buildings on the corner but filled street of resident from that down. they are trying to save everybody houses. they are risking their lives on a wet, slanted roof. plus you can imagine how bad smoke is right up there but their faces are right into it, and you can see guys wearing scuba tanks. i wish i had one. this smoke has been so bad and so thick since this was first
6:34 am
reported around 4:00 o'clock today. do you see bricks on the sidewalk there. fire fighters are calling this like a prevent defense in football. reason they are standing back is because these bricks are coming tumbling down, constantly here, and in fact, i will roll a piece of video and let you hear the sound and watch what happens when fire fighters, didn't get back in the building at first. and so you can see it is not only smoke or flames that can kill a fire fighter but a brick wall that is hundred years coming tumbling down by three or four stories up. very dangerous job even after the fire is out, the job is still not done and we will talk to a buddy of mine from the jim dan rossi with 28 years in the camden fire department and he talks about how bad a night this was
6:35 am
because he had so many fires going and in the enough guys, he had to call in other towns for another fire in east camden and trying to be in charge of two fires at ones. >> at this time, he seems to be doing fine. he received treatment. we will keep him on the fire grounds and let him know how he feels. these buildings are a hundred years old. we get a fire like this, we can't do any interior attack. we are in defensive operations during the course of this fire. we have a collapse zone so no one gets inside the collapse zone. >> there you can see video again and what dan was talking about at first was firemen that got hit, these guys are tough here in camden. they don't want to look like wimps. they are like one of the eag who also takes a hard hit after a play and wants to stay in the game this guy wanted to stay on the scene after the the bricks hit him on the head but he is okay, dan rossi assured us. thaws the story. the it was a similar story
6:36 am
here five years ago. you see vacant lot where these firemen are. there was a church here we covered for a fire. our van is park in the same exact spot waits five years ago. i feel like we are in the remake of the very boring alan alda movie same time next year, back from 78, where they go back to the same time and place every year. i feel like we will be back here for this corner next. other thing next is that the hope on the corner is hope community church is a new charter school. hopefully that will never burn. it gives hope for camden because is there a nice new building right across from the fire and kids are not in school yet so they don't have to have walk through that. >> i remember that movie same time next year, ellen burnstn. >> yes, it was, very good. >> they were in california. >> yes, very good. >> i think, somewhere like that. i thought it was very good, steve, i watched it over and over again. i have a stronger feminine side then you do, i think. >> silence.
6:37 am
>> silence. >> let's move it along. >> awkward. >> release of surveillance video will help police finally find a robbery suspect who is apparently, targeting elderly. >> this is bad news, man. jenny joyce is in northeast detectives with the details on this, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, mike and kerry this guy is active since the end of april committing crimes against nearly a dozen different elderly people, from northeast philadelphia down to northern liberties. as we mentioned, police did release a surveillance video to us yesterday, and they say his mo is always the same. he walks in the bank. pinpoint an elderly person, stand in line, and asks a tell ter break in some change just so it looks like he has a reason to be there he is back on his victim following him to the home where's tax and robs them of his cash. apparently, he has gotten away with as much as 500 to $1,000 in some cases, and he may actually have an accomplish with him as well.
6:38 am
one man, victim, 86 years old, he is still in the hospital for injuries that he suffered on july 1st. >> it is pretty low and cowardly. some of these people are elderly and frail. they income them down. they punch them. they maced at least one of them. they will do whatever they have to do to get it and then they usually reach in their pockets and rip the money out. >> reporter: apparently the victims have have been between the ages of 44 and 96 years old, however, most of them are elderly. the suspect, described as a man in his 40's or 50's with a gray beard and a gray spot on top of his head, on one occasion, he was seen driving a small white car and another time it was a silver chevy malibu. because these robberies are happening in many different neighborhoods, northeast detectives as well as east detectives are investigating. if you have any information, you are asked to call police. 6:38 on this friday. an act of kindness capturing hearts of millions on the internet, what this mechanic
6:39 am
did for a war veteran that has people sharing the photo on line. and a selfie that spark a copy right fire storm the united states government climbing in on who really owns that picture. >> yeah good their decision could drive photographers bananas. hiiiii.
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even with less than perfect weather let's enjoy it. down the shore today there will be showers and thunderstorms and in the afternoon, ocean water temperature, 75 degrees. it does improve on saturday. there will be showers earlier in the day. sunday looks gorgeous. it will be on the cool side 73 degrees. weekend getaway takes you to the poconos mountains. 69 degrees today with thunder, and some showers, around, saturday, early in the morning, clear out, sooner on saturday in the pocono mountains then it will at the shore, sunday 72 degrees, plenty of sunshine. so getting the idea that sunday is the the better weather day of the weekend. that is true. still unsettled weather around here, all of the heavy rain has moved off shore, for the time being, so we will enjoy the dry weather, while it is here. the lets get to that seven day forecast, we can take you to the weekend and beyond. we will talk about that autumn
6:43 am
feeling we will get on saturday and sunday with temperatures 77 degrees on saturday. eighty, 81 on sunday and gradual warming trend and dry weather through the middle of next week and by wednesday and thursday it will be back to feeling like summertime for sure with the highs in the mid to upper 80's, reminder, it is still august out there, there is your seven day forecast, time to see, 6:43. let's start in hamilton new jersey. 195, past hamilton square is there an overturn vehicle on the shoulder of the road. plymouth meeting, germantown pike and johnson roads the accident that happened a little bit earlier is cleared up, now. >> she's going to hit, she's going to hit. >> how about that, kerry. >> i know, insane. dramatic video out of britain police say they purposely let this car drive the wrong way down tous. the there was a 77 year-old behind the wheel had
6:44 am
dementia and his family reported him missing earlier that day. he is back home, safe, uninjured but as you can imagine these officers getting a lieutenant of praise for preventing something more serious. >> that is for sure. >> crazy video. >> well, an airport mechanic is getting a lot of attention after an act of kindness goes viral. this photo is capturing the hearts of a lot of people. you can see american airlines mechanic keith working to fix the the prosthetic leg of an afghan war veteran, and that veterans name is taylor morris. he tripped going through security in las vegas and twisted, well, his other leg. that is when he grabbed his tools and went to work. he did very little compared to what our military does for us every day. >> so, my family is in harms way for long tours and some come back injured and some
6:45 am
come back, you know, have a long recovery. >> take already says he is thankful, of course, for the help. he says he still isn't sure how he tripped in the first place. we have all done that. >> have of course, we have many times. group of volunteers heading out to improve our city and lives of the homeowners. the last summer the philadelphia projects filled this walkway and, installed this lift all to make life easier for sylvester west. a double amputee and a hard time getting around. he says his improvement has helped him regain his life. >> it has given me a sense of freedom. i can, you know, go where i wanting to. i'm in the confined in the house. >> west says not only has volunteers given him his freedom back but they have become like family to him. >> that is really good, i love it. an explosion rocks a philadelphia chinese restaurant. we showed you this foot aim the other day. now police are looking for
6:46 am
vannal responsible. it happened wednesday night in the francesville section of the city. that is over by fairmount. >> it is, yep. >> police say a teenager entered the oriental kitchen is the name of the restaurant on north 18th street and placed that explosive tea vice in an access panel in the wall. he figured out what it was an access panel. >> panel thaw access. >> thanks. >> and then he took off. >> then the device as you can see here, blew up, causing some damage to the restaurant but not much. >> be in was hurt, that is good. >> in atlantic city police officers are now wearing body cameras. we have told you about these body cameras. they use these too in wildwood crest. cameras record video and ought owe after an officer activates the button. >> right. >> on his or her vest, and when the officers, it goes off video and becomes part off the record of what happened touring their shift. they down load it the minute they get back to the police station a lot of police are
6:47 am
using this now. can you imagine if they had that in ferguson, missouri. >> it would have answer add lot have of questions for us. we've got an update on a very serious story. those monkey selfies that sparked that controversy. >> i've been wondering. the government, who doesn't have a zoo, siding with wikipedia. web site argued that the photographer that owns the camera that took these photos actually didn't have any legal rights to the pictures because the the monkeys were supposedly the ones that took the the pictures of themselves. >> monkeys took the the the pictures of themselvesy don't know if i buy that much. >> u.s. copy right office ruled photos were unprotect intellectual property. >> wouldn't it be the property of the monkeys. >> that is exactly right but that brings up a deeper question, mike, can monkeys in fact own property? we are waiting on a governmental department to weigh in on that. >> there are attorneys in philadelphia that i know would take on that case. >> i'm sure they would, many of them. >> yes. now, yesterday we were
6:48 am
speculating and i hate to do that on the show, but we do all the time, that nick cannon was going to get divorced from mariah carry. well, guess what ladies and gentlemen, nick confirmed it. according to people magazine the couple has been living apart for months. nick has reportedly been living in hotels during the separation. the pair have been married for six years. they have a three-year old twins. >> kind of sad. >> too bad. well, dominican republic is banning miley cyrus's upcoming concert there. i'm moving there then. officials say miley's on stage antics go against morals and costumes which are, punishable by dominican republic law. >> yeah, you cannot lick a sledge hammer there. >> you cannot, i have tried it. can you ride naked on big wrecking ball. >> that is highly illegal. >> ticket for her september 13th concert, have been on sale since last month. no comment yet from miley's
6:49 am
representatives. >> do you remember that video, what was the other crazy one that she did. >> little twerking. >> she had the skull made up of frenchfries. >> dressed up like a teddy bear. >> that was weird. >> you know, it is hard to believe the als ice bucket challenge could cause serious injuries. >> what? >> in kentucky there were four fire fighters that were apparently helping a college band with the challenge. one is actual any critical condition. >> while doctors have just upgraded another to stable condition, here's what went wrong. >> police say they just finish dousing cold water on the marching band so they were lowering their fire truck's ladder. two guys still tonight, fire fighters, it got too close to a power line. the fire fighters in a bucket and other two in the truck were shocked. >> it looked like a fire work and you can hear the surge of
6:50 am
power, and then one dude fell and sent the fire fighter down, and then second explosion went off and you could see bodies convulsing. >> just trying to do als ice bucket challenge. fire fighter most seriously hurt is in the burn unit there. officials say power was income out for 4500 customers in the area for about an hour after the incident, my goodness. two minutes before we start a show called "good day philadelphia". >> you have heard of it. >> and we're headed back down the shore. >> um-hmm. >> i will give you the specifics so you just won't be wandering around beach haven looking for quincy harris. he is in beach haven this morning. it is not all about tanning and relaxing for life guard but it is hard work. >> he has decided to go and is what at dress. >> it is life guard headquarters. >> beach haven, which is 300engelside avenue in beach
6:51 am
haven, new jersey. >> if you go over there, you will be on tv. what do you think about that. >> great. >> how many hours did you sleep. >> probably american you though. >> yes. >> i know for sure. >> it may make you feel better that the city that gets the the most sleep in the world, first of all, guess where that is. >> okay. >> and guess which city in america gets the the most sleep. i'll give you the number of hours they are sleeping. does that all make sense. >> yes. >> you will give us number of hours now or later. >> i will do it later because that is a tease, man. >> thank you. >> that is right. what is under those covers. here's a look at our forecast for today, if you just woke up and you need to know is what going on outside the rain has ended for now but is there more coming back and there could be a stray shower around this morning. this afternoon some sunshine but a few pop up showers and thunderstorms, throughout the rest of the afternoon and night for that matter, 82 degrees is our high, sunset
6:52 am
time is 7:48. that takes care of friday. time to take a look at traffic now, the time is 6:51, and we will start off with a look at the pennsylvania turnpike, the northeast extension, this is the southbound side of the road just past quakertown, that construction has cleared up and also the i-95 northbound 322 merge in chester that disabled truck has been taken off the roadways, so it is looking pretty good for this friday morning traffic wise. good day philadelphia is coming
6:53 am
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this is the "name your price" tool. it gives you options based on your budget -- it's a piece of cake.
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i was told there would be cake. get a free quote at welcome back. i want to show you a ice bucket challenge with a bit of a different twist. >> nominated by katie crammer for the ice bucket challenge and i nominate scott, nicole and jeremy. go. >> sometimes you get tired of the on line proposals.
6:56 am
shelby was expecting ice but not the diamond kind of ice. she and her now fiance justin davidson posted this to facebook. they didn't spell the beans they just said instead that this video was particularly special. close game between our taney dragons and little league team from chicago but in the end chicago came out on top we are so proud of those dragons we are taking a look back at their journey. some big news in the medical field researchers may have a way diabetic can test their blood sugar levels without having to take blood from their fingers.
6:57 am
6:58 am
6:59 am
i still love this team. it was a close game, sure for taney dragons but they did lose to chicago. they had a great run. made our city very proud. they are now famous all over the country. why don't we go live to williams for the one more time to look back at little league world series and our local heroes, okay. >> good. >> look at that, i guess i see some green. i see yellow, did i see red? is it all out to the ocean? are we free for the weekend? will weekend be a wash out? sue has the answer. i want the sun all weekend, sue. expecting mothers think it is okay to eat canned tuna, do you? i liked canned tune a think again. why it may be more dangerous
7:00 am
then fresh fish. of course, we're pregnant. >> with women. >> yes. >> that is redundant. >> what were you going to say. >> there was a pregnant man on oprah, once. >> i know. >> so it is best to specify. >> it really is. >> you cannot be sure in 2014 who exactly is pregnant anymore. hi sue. >> hi. >> hi kerry. >> hi. >> good to see you. >> you want the sun for the entire weekend i heard you gist say hat. >> yes you are out of luck. >> yes, you don't have a choice. today's number out of ten is a six. >> oh that stinks. >> but yesterday it didn't rain every minute, yesterday, . >> did it. >> mike is never happy. >> that is for sure. >> we've got showers and thunderstorms firing up again later on in the day. so bus st


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