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tv   FOX 29 News at Five  FOX  August 22, 2014 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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car in a cool afternoon. so i certainly wouldn't leave my children there. >> bar patrons saved the children and then turn on dad. why this father was probably happy to see the cops. >> live from center city in philadelphia this is fox 29 news at 5:00. >> ton night at 5:00 breaking news out of montgomery county. a septa bus and pepsi bus collided bus driver is hurt. skyfox over old york and meeting house roads in cheltenham. it happened just about an hour ago. traffic in the area is getting by very slowly. police tell us you can expect delays until they can clear away the wreckage. they're in the middle of trying to do that right now. medics have rushed 15 people on the bus to the hospital. details are still coming in it's not clear how badly those people are hurt. we'll stay on top of all of this and bring you more news as it warrants. now to developing story in frankford a local homeowner says he fired his gun at a suspected
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thief ton night that suspect is dead and the homeowner is now talking to police. it happened at a home on torresdale avenue in frankford. the admitted shooter says the man was breaking into his truck so he fired. >> and investigators are interviewing that man right now. fox 29's dave schratwieser is live at philadelphia police headquarters. dave, of course, police have to sort through all of this right now. >> reporter: they do. that man who fired the fatal shot is still here at the homicide unit. he's been here now for over 18 hours. homicide detectives and the district attorney still gathering information on this case at this hour no charges have been filed. homicide investigators say it was just after 10:00 thursday night when a man who lives above this garage spotted someone near his pickup truck on his home surveillance cameras. he went downstairs to investigate. >> someone was breaking into his vehicle, he shot the mail. >> reporter: the unarmed 30 year old south jersey man who police would not identify at this time was shot twice.
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once in the back of the head, once in the back. the homeowner remained at the scene with his gun until police arrived. >> during the course of opening the garage that's when the confrontation ensues between himself and the mail. >> reporter: detectives retrieved surveillance video from the scene and took the home owner in for questioning. no charges have been filed. police say more investigation is needed before the da can decide whether to charge the 56 year old shooter. >> the shooting did occur win the immediate area of his property, and that's why more facts have to be gathered. >> this is a hard-working guy. he doesn't bother anybody. nobody bothers anybody back here. >> reporter: tom larimore owns the building just down the alley from the shooting scene. the biggest concerns here are illegal trash dumping and prostitution. he could understand why his neighbor may have felt threatened enough to shoot. >> if they're breaking into his property, i don't see why he couldn't defend himself. i think he should be allowed to
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dee fiend himself. that's just the way it is. what else can you do? shot or be shot. >> reporter: now police did recover the gun used in this incident and surveillance video of the incident. coming up at 6:00 we'll talk to one of the city's top defense attorneys about whether charges should even be filed here and if they are, if this man has a legitimate defense. lucy? >> all right, thank you very much, dave. surveillance video just into fox 29 of an armed robbery at a wilmington delaware liquor store. the robbers over took the manager, they raided the business thursday night, and our dave kinchen is live outside that store with that video that is so violent. dave. >> reporter: lucy, the video really is unbelievable. right now, police are looking for at least three of the suspects and this whole attack that was caught on tape put one of the store workers in the hospital with a bullet wound to his side. surveillance video shows two managers of this liquor store in wilmington fighting to keep a
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gunman out of their store. he barges in with other men following behind. they order one of the managers to the register that is he take over the store hiding their faces looking for something to grab. here the manager comes out with a large object but the man in the white t-shirt points his gun and shoots hitting the store worker in the side. >> why people got to be like that? >> customers we spoke with are shocked. >> touches my heart. i know these people. >> they don't deserve it. neither one of those guys deserve that. they here every day. they treat everybody nice. >> reporter: police say they did arrest one of the suspects. they charged him with robbery and also assault they're looking for three others. now we did speak to the owner of the store. the own are in says that the victim is his brother-in-law and says that he will pull through. iain? >> dave, thank you. philadelphia has finally ended one of the most bitter and longest running labor disputes in city history. mayor nutter announcing a
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contract agreement between the city's blue collar workers they have been without a contract for five years. it covers about 10,000 current and retired employees including streets and sanitation workers. >> there are two raises. increase to their health care plan. a number of work rule changes and at the same time increased contributions by current employees to the pension plan. >> the workers will get a 6% raise over the next two years. earlier this year, the city reached a deal with its other union district 47 covering white collar workers. >> and to your fox 29 weather authority right now. fox 29 at penn treaty park in fishtown taking a look. isn't that nice? a little willow tree action blowing in the wind. not bad outside a little humid. but we aren't seeing a whole lot of sunshine. fox 29 meteorologist caitlin roth is here. caitlin, it keeps feeling like rain could break out at any moment and it looks like there's something going on behind you on
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that doppler. yes, there is lucy. we do have showers starting to move into western portions of the area. like last night everything started back towards our west and south of and west of philadelphia down along the delmarva but not really reaching yet. we'll tonight if we can get showers not city out of this. pockets of showers and thunderstorms with a good amount of lightning around the williamsport area. south of scranton they look like they'll affect the lehigh valley within the next hour or so. schuylkill county berks county possibly too then down south of delaware this is around falls bury maryland ocean city maryland you're seeing the next area of rain. no lightning here. even though it's outside our area still the chance for some of those showers to get in here tonight. right now it's 77 degrees outside. you can see all the clouds they've been very thick today. sun soon has been limited and it's been pretty humid, too. although the clouds have kept temperatures little bit cooler we're mainly in the 70s. 74 in millville. 77 in philly. 75 in allentown only 66 up in mount pocono. so for tonight, cloudy, grab the umbrella in case couple of showers around maybe a thunderstorm north and west. 67 in the city, 60 in the
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suburbs. much more still to come on the weekend i'll have your first look at it in just a little bit. lucy and iain. >> caitlin, thank you. philadelphia police looking for the man who robbed tacony pizza hut the crime was caught on camera wednesday night on the 6600 block of frankford avenue. you see the bandana covered bandit weapon in hasn't demanding money from the employee. the worker complies but apparently wasn't moving fast enough. that employee telling the cops the suspect racked the gun and said hurry up the man got away with just $162. no one was injured. >> only a few blocks away just before 2:00 this morning police say two people robbed this restaurant it happened at the 24 red robin diner on frankford avenue. no word if any customers were inside at the time. now in delaware county, police are searching high and low to find a missing man with special needs. they say 46 year old frank, caretaker hasn't seen him since wednesday morning he lives in middletown township. his caretaker say although he
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has special needs he can function relatively normally. cops say he occasionally cops to the granite run mall, ridley creek state park, harrah's casino and other areas around delaware county. so keep your eyes open for him. >> legendary philadelphia radio disc jock company don cannon passed away. cannon was main stay of philly radio for more than 30 years. he was on the air at a half dozen stations including wogl, wibg and wfil he even had a cameo in rock keep cannon retired from wogl in 2004. he was 74 years old. and wogl has released a statement saying in part our friend and radio legend don cannon passed away peacefully friday morning august 22nd. he was born in the new york but started working in philadelphia radio at a young age and philly became his true home. the parents of murder journalist james foley say they thought an e-mail they got from his captors last week was a
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hopeful sign they could negotiate with the islamic militants. us forces are pounding isis targets following the brutal be heading of the journalist. pentagon sent in special forces to rescue foley and other hostages earlier this summer but the hostages were not in that location. >> we'll work with our law enforcement, our intelligence and our military partners to try to bring justice to the foley family and bring the full force of the united states to bear on these savages. >> the fbism has opened a criminal investigation. foley's brother said today that he believes the us could have done more to save his brother's life. yesterday pope francis called the family to share his condolences. >> tensions continue to ease in ferguson, missouri. police say protests overnight were mostly peaceful. ferguson has been rocked with violence for the past two weeks. it started when an officer shot and killed 18 year old michael brown. brown was not armed. but police say he attacked officer darrin wilson right before wilson opened fire.
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a grand jury is now looking over evidence to decide whether wilson should face charges. fine wine worth more than 100 grand. about to be destroyed. >> the fight to get it out of an evidence locker and back in a local cellar that's coming up. also a big scare for the two girls fishing in the delaware river. a man got their attention then dropped his pants. where it happened and what police know about the guy. >> and a father accused of leaving his three young children in the car and then going off drinking. other bar patrons came to their rescue. then turned on dad. the lesson they taught him just ahead. and the taney dragons, what run. they are philadelphia darlings. coming up next the unsung heroes of the little league world series and why most spectators don't even know they're there. tom? >> iain, much better evident from the eagles last night again the steelers. but one particular area has chip kelly a little bit more than concerned. we'll talk about it later
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♪ >> the dream is over for philly's taney dragons at the little league world series but a run it was. they electrified the city and made us all proud and the mayor has promiseed to something special to honor the dragons. >> fox 29's chris o'connell spent the past week witness team in williamsport, pennsylvania, tonight chris has story of some of the people who make the little league world series such a special event. >> reporter: little league world series is certainly a massive undertaking for this small town of south williamspo williamsport. keep in mind, tens of thousands of people come in here every
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single day during the little league world series and there is no admission fee. it is free to get in here. the complex, the games are free, concessions and very reasonable and all because of the volunte volunteers who make it all happen. behind every pitch and every swing you may not even notice them and that's okay with them. they are the unsung heroes of the little league world series. ly volunteers. >> comradery, the people, the kids and that's what this is all about is the kids. >> reporter: ron wagner has been doing this for 50 years. this year he's assigned to the texas team. >> well, we make sure they're at breakfast. we make sure they have their uniforms clean. everything to do with the kids. >> reporter: stay out of trouble? >> well, that's hard to do at times. >> reporter: they work the box office, manicure the fields, they're also chaperones. each team has several assigned
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to them. here they're called uncles. volunteers are so important to this place they've even named one of their two stadiums in honor of them. >> look at that. >> reporter: mike knight is with the mexican team. he gladly gives up nearly two weeks of his time every year simply for the love of the game. >> that's probably the biggest reward we get, sit back, watch the kids experience the whole thing. >> reporter: here there is no price for admission. tickets are free. so it's up to these people to keep things at this massive complex running smoothly. >> how is the pay? >> very good. a lot of good food. >> reporter: dave stoker and his wife have been at it for 48 years. he's an umpire and an usher. >> they're the back bone. without them, this whole system would not work. >> reporter: there is no paycheck, just free meals and a couple shirts. in fact, many say they would pay to be here. what better way to enjoy a summer vacation than seeing kids
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realize their dreams. >> i had three boys that went through everything, and i just stayed with it when they grew up and love it. and now i moved to florida and i come every year. >> reporter: the taney dragons actually had an extra volunteer with them through the week, a security guard specifically assigned to phenom mo'ne davis. he tells me he's never seen anything like her. at the little league world series, chris o'connell, fox 29 news. >> great stuff. how about that one guy 50 years. >> amazing. >> the volunteers still have championship game to work this weekend. >> taney had an incredible run. kids have so much to be proud of but you've been talking about this and how much these guys did so much and they can hold their head up high. nothing to be shamed of. >> we're very very proud of all of you. a chester county attorney convicted of smuggling wine is now fighting to get his collection back. the question is, if he does get it back, what shape is it in? a jury convicted arthur goldman of importing and selling high-end
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wine without a license. his collection has been sitting in a police evidence room most likely not at an ideal temperature so it could be worth nothing at this point. at one point, though, it's estimated worth was $125,000. goldman says he wants it back. defense lawyers say much of the seized wine from goldman's private collection and was never for sale. >> california chrome may be co coming to bucks county the race horse that won the kentucky derby and preakness may be running next month at parx casino and racing. his handlers are eyeing the million dollars pennsylvania derby on september 20th according to facebook post on the horse's sight. chrome got two-thirds of race's triple crown but lost the final leg. >> bucks county are trying to find a man who exposed himself to young girls. the fox 29's thalia perez is outside the lower makefield township police department. thalia, what a scary thing for the girls.
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>> reporter: lucy, scary indeed. police say that the two young girls were so frightened they ran home told their parents who immediately called police and now everyone is hoping police catch this guy real soon. >> i think it's appalling, and something needs to be done. >> reporter: neighbors in lower makefield are talking about the man police are looking for. accused of exposing himself to two girls ages 12 and 13. police say the girls were fishing at the delaware river access area near east ferry and river roads when a man exited his vehicle and loudly cleared his throat in an attempt to get their attention. >> when the girls turned and they looked at the driver, they noticed that his pants were down, and his genitalia was exposed and he was fondling himself. >> reporter: police say it happened on wednesday around 7:30 p.m. the victims told police the suspect was driving a black pickup truck on east ferry road.
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passing the girls multiple times before he finally pulled over. >> as you can imagine i'm sure they were scared being young girls a lone fishing and they ran immediately to their parents and told them. >> reporter: police are asking everyone to be on the look out for any suspicious activity. leaving cynthia jab ron ski and her walking partners on edge. >> you need to secure the area and, um, you know, make sure that your children are aware and that they stay close to their parents. >> reporter: police are asking for the public's help in nabbing the suspect. spurs secretary is described as white male in his late 30 toss early 40 40s with brown facial hair. he was last seen driving a black pickup truck with silver side rails. anyone with information is asked to call police. lucy? >> thalia, thank you. to your fox 29 weather authority. meteorologist caitlin roth is with us. hey, caitlin. hey lucy. it's friday night. the week send upon us.
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not off to the best start weather wise. kind of cloudy kind of humid out there. but we will see improving conditions all weekend long. right now, pockets of showers and thunderstorms mainly off towards our north and west here's lightning producing storms moving out of williams port southeast ward although they look like they'll fade away like they did last night probably not reaching the city. there is some rain down towards our south around salisbury maryland but some of these showers and storms could sneak into our northwestern counties so we'll watch for that into tonight. fox future cast showing most the rain stays off of our area. some showers may start to come in offshore by early tomorrow morning. phils in town night. first pitch temperature of 75 degrees. showers are certainly possible but we kind of lose that chance as we go inning by inning i think it's just a cloudy and kind of cooler night we'll see temperatures mainly in to the 70s and overnight fall into the 60s. but the much cooler weather arrives later and in the weeke weekend. we'll have all of that still ahead. lucy and iain. >> caitlin, thank you. it looks like someone shot can nan threw this woman's home. she says it sunned like a bomb
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going off when it hit. what put this gaping hole in her house. >> police officer accused of doing the unthinkable. what at least seven women say happened to them during routine traffic stops that could send that cop to jail for life. >> fixing up homes that are falling apart across the city. while making a huge difference in homeowner's lives. meet the devoted volunteers working to tra
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>> israeli forces have conducted about 20 air strikes on gaza and hamas militants fired two rockets into israel. no injuries being reported in israel. people say israeli air strikes destroyed shops and storage facilities. they claim they had no warning before at left some air strikes israeli has warned civilians to leave the area. >> bodies and ashes some of the people who died aboard malaysian airlines flight 17 are back in malaysian tonight. 20 of the 43 malaysian victims arrived in a specially chartered airplane. government officials and family members attending the coming home ceremony given as a show of respect for the victim. a missile shot down their plane over ukraine. country declared today a day of national mourning the fir in the country's history.
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in egypt two buses filled with tourists have collided more than 30 people have died. more than 40 others are injured. officials say the buses were going in opposite directions on a main road but they have not yet said what exactly went wrong. no americans are reported injured. >> ebola cases continue to spread through africa but two suspected patients here in the us are negative. health officials report patients in california and new mexico tested negative for the deadly virus. but in africa there are two alarming new cases in nigeria and cases also continue to spread in liberia. so far there are more than 1400 deaths from the disease on the continent hearing about the conditions of two americans who contracted ebola while in afri africa. dr. kent brantly and nancy wright bowl were released from the hospital earlier this week. they were being treated for the disease at emory, energy atlanta brantly says he and his family plan to go away for while to reconnect. his mother is doing well and planning her next step his
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mother says. >> oklahoma city police officer is sitting behind bars accused of raping more than a half dozen women. 27 year old ken faces charges of assaulting seven women. officers arrested him outside of a gold's gym yesterday. the incidents happened between february and june while he was on duty he's also a former star player at eastern michigan university. one of his victims is now talking. >> it was him. no doubt about it it was him. did he that to me. it gets better day by day. >> they started looking into his traffic stops. if convicted he could spend the rest of his life in prison. so a dad pulls up a bar stool. orders a drink while his three little ones are locked in his car. >> other bar patrons came to their rescue. the story the father told police
5:27 pm
that even his own mom doesn't believe. >> and this is not child's play. some serious business on sesame street today. how the furry creatures helped one couple with a moment they will always remember.
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♪ >> gray skies right at philadelphia international airport. hard to see the skyline but just above the tarmac there. it's cloudy, humid right now. we could see some showers tonight. meteorologist caitlin roth she is on top of all of this. she'll have your weekend forecast in just minutes. >> gloucester township police are asking for your help to identify a shoplifter. it happened at a k mart on blackwood-clementon road and all caught on camera. suspects selected several video games from the electronics department. concealed them in sporting goods then removed the video games and attempted to enter the stock room. security stopped him but he left the store. if you saw something that might help catch him, call gloucester township police. >> a guy walks into a bar actually it's a florida dad and police say he left his three young children in his car while he tossed back a few. the children are fine. him not so much. investigators say a woman at the bar heard the children all younger than 10 years old they were yelling, they were honking the horn, they told them their
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daddy left them in the car with the windows up and the keys in the ignition for hours. she went back inside and found 28 year old joshua delong. that's when police say a bouncer followed delong outside and said, hey, you can't drive you've been drinking. another bar patron walked up and punched him in the face. >> i wouldn't leave my pets in the car on a cool afternoon so i certainly won't leave my children in there. >> delong told police he did not know his children were in the car. he claims his wife put them in there to set him up but police say they heard dee long's own mom tell him to stop lying for the sake of the children. >> we've all seen them houses on dozens of city blocks that look like they're falling apart. >> now a group of volunteers is setting out to change that and change the lives of the homeowners in philadelphia. fox 29's drew dickman delves into their mission to transform the city they love. >> reporter: getting in and out of his germantown home of 20 years used to be such struggle
5:32 pm
double amputee sylvester west. i had a hard time making doctors appointments or just getting o out. >> reporter: an infection from a stubbed toe a lack of blood flee to heal it cost west his leg in 2009. three years later he lost his other one. last summer, the philadelphia project built this walkway and installed this lift to make his life easier. >> it gave me a sense of freed freedom. i can, you know, go where i, you know, want to go. i'm not confined in the house. >> reporter: not only did the volunteers build a new home front but something west says is just as rewarding. >> i've become like a family with them, you know what i mean i have no children of my own, and they sort of like become my grandchildren. >> that is really good. i love it. >> reporter: philadelphia project founder raymond garcia that's what he had in mind when they started the program g we're just trying to find ways because christ has loved us, we're called by god to love others. >> reporter: most teens spend the summer at the beach or hanging out with friends hundreds of volunteers from
5:33 pm
middle school to college have been rehabbing houses like this one and this one and this one. in fact philadelphia project helped rep know 5840 homes in the city in the five years they've been serving the community. >> we ask you your blessing on all of us report roar organization is directed conne connected to roxborough presbyterian church. garcia says they find candidates by word of mouth and look to help single parent, low inn cull and elderly families in the northwest section of philly. >> our heart for single parents comes out of, you know, the heart that i -- the story i came from. it came out of you know wishing that the church was able at that time to put an arm around my mom and to be a part of her story a bit more. >> reporter: the mission is also perm for julia davis green who agree up in kensington. >> we walk past these houses that we see and can tell need work or help. but we don't think about the story that is go behind it. >> reporter: he's seen the impact their efforts have on the city. >> when we're who are and doing all the work we're doing we're literally somebody's answered
5:34 pm
prayer. >> reporter: volunteers range from middle school to college. 80% of them come from the suburbs of philadelphia. >> you need the mop and bucket? >> yes. >> reporter: commit many lasts 18 months. with repairs taking place over the course of time. >> this is the second coast on it. >> reporter: this is the fourth summer joe has been a part of these projects. incoming freshman and st. joe's prep says it feels great to serve the community. >> i mean no matter what the, like, work that you're doing or the price of it physically, it's all worth it to be able to know that you helped people and be able to see their faces when you show them the work that you've done. >> reporter: the work continued this summer inside the west home. >> spackling, sanding, spackling. >> reporter: volunteers installed brand new back splash in his improved kitchen. west says they're hard work is much more powerful than a little elbow grease. >> you look on the news and you see young people and you don't see a lot of good things that they do.
5:35 pm
but to see a group of young people who are willing to go out and volunteer and they do that it gives me hope. >> drew dickman, fox 29 news. >> changing lives one person at a time. the philadelphia project is a year round project. and its workload dramatically increases in the summer. organizers are hoping for 1,000 volunteers by year's end for more information head to our website and click on seen on tv under the news tab. paying it forward comes to an brunt end at a starbucks. >> one man refused to pay for another customer's drink. why he says what's been going on is no act of kindness. >> and new at sick, this guy's lawyer says he'll never get a fare trial pouring -- that look. what this man is accused of doing and the fight to keep him out of court. caitlin. showers around tonight. then we head into the weekend. starting off cool but ending very nice. we'll have the latest on the weekend forecast here and down we'll have the latest on the weekend forecast here and down ththe wonder of summer is that
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>> we told you about a florida star buck where countless customers have been paying for the orders of the person behind them in line. it all started wednesday but ended when customer did not understand how it all worked. but pick up again yesterday and end when saint petersburg blogger came in and refused to keep it going. peter shore says it's not random act of kindsness rather he says it's more guilt than anything. and says people are doing it because they feel pressured to do it. he also said he gave the barristas $100 tip for their trouble. >> look at your health news now. a new american heart association report reinforces the need to keep e-cigarettes away from kids. however, it does back e-cigs as a last resort to quit smoking. the report says e-cigarettes should be subject to all the same laws that apply to tobacco products since they contain all kinds of additives and concluding liquid nicotine. the study calls for new regulations to prevent access sales and marketing of these cigarettes to minors. >> there's recall of bean bag
5:40 pm
chairs tonight after two deaths have been reported. the consumer product safety commission says certain chairs by ace bayou suffocation and choking hazards the zippers can be opened by children. youngsters can crawl inside, get trapped, suffocate or choke on the foam beads inside the chair. we've got the details for you on our website just click under seen on tv. >> okay a rock crashes through a woman's home the force is so powerful she thought it was bo bomb. >> it came, however fresh nearby quarry but for a minute she had no idea what happened. the rock left a gaping hole in her san diego home you see it right there. bianca bush nel thought her water heater exploded but she quickly that is not what happened. and then she got scared. >> i cam outside. i saw a hole blown in the house it's like a cannonball size. did somebody shoot the house? >> bush nel called police. minutes later a man from the quarry walked into her yard and said an explosion had just
5:41 pm
rocked the quarry. he told bush nel the blast and stone flying in all directions clearly right into her house. luckily nobody is hurt. so we have all seen a lot of the ice bucket challenge on social media all kinds of stuff but we've got one more we think you might want to see. >> two college buddies taking the challenge one of them is battling als. what he has to say to all the people who have taken the challenge before him that's co coming up next. >> with the phillies in the mix rusty castillo make the decision on where he will play baseball. the verdict is in on the future of rusty castillo. the verdict is in on the future of rusty castillo. is in philadelp
5:42 pm
5:43 pm
sfx: sounds of marching band and crowd cheering sfx: sounds of marching band and crowd cheering so, i'm walking down the street, sfx: sounds of marching band and crowd cheering just you know walking, sfx: sounds of marching band and crowd cheering and i found myself in the middle of this parade honoring america's troops. which is actually quite fitting because geico has been serving the military for over 75 years. aawh no, look, i know this is about the troops and not about me.
5:44 pm
right, but i don't look like that. who can i write a letter to about this? geico.
5:45 pm
>> group of ohio firefighters doing up the als ice bucket challenge. in a big way. the chagrin falls firefighters answered the chat 11 outside their station last night but this was not just in response to the now viral challenge. they also did it to honor fellow firefighter who died last year of als. now with the firefighters did just part of what is sweeping the country right now. >> tonight an als patient and his college buddy team up for their own version. fox's jennifer kendall has their heart warming story. >> reporter: richard sanders and chris nelson are making a video. it might look like other ice bucket challenge videos at first but this one is different. why? >> i was diagnosed with als on april 10th. >> reporter: when richard was diagnose his old college buddy chris let him move in.
5:46 pm
>> i thought i can really help and i thought it was something important and also something that would be important for myself. i kind of wanted to take this journey with dick. >> reporter: richard like many others didn't even know what als was until he was diagnosed. >> i had never heard the words als, and didn't did not know anything about the disease until i heard the words you have als. >> reporter: als otherwise referred to as lou gehrig's disease is a degenerative disease that attacks nerve cells in the brain or spinal cord. >> the thing that caught my attention immediately was nobody knows what causes it, nobody knows how to cure it. >> reporter: another person is diagnosed with the disease every 90 minutes. currently 5600 people in the u.s. are living with it. >> the symptoms that i present
5:47 pm
are my left leg is slowly not functioning. >> reporter: richard says he's proud of the awareness raised for als by the ice bucket challenge. >> i know it will change lives. >> reporter: he's hopeful all the donation donations will help researchers find cure. >> i think nothing but good will come from the amount of attention that this disease is getting. >> i think it's going to give a lot of them hope. i think most of them are realistic that probably some sort of cure is not going to come during their lifetime. that's the sad part about it. but you kind of get a community of people and everyone starts pulling for each other and you start pulling for the people that aren't diagnosed yet. >> reporter: thursday the mayor joined the ranks of those willing to take the challenge. >> it's really to create warners and provides funds for finding a cure for this terrible disease. report roar that makes the mayor
5:48 pm
more than 130,000 new donors to the association and that's why richard wants to say -- >> i want thank all the people that participated in the bucket challenge. >> well a groom to be enlists of help of furry friends to propose to his girlfriend. nicky ghandi sews sesame street place as the back drop for his surprise proposal to his girlfriend tulsa patel. she set she was accompanying him and a business trip. little did she know family and friends traveled all the way from montreal canada to witness the sweet proposal. >> cookie monster is not complete without his cookie. i'm not complete without you. we want cookies, we want you forever. cookie, will you marry? >> yes, i will. >> whoo! >> i guess she said yes. >> yeah. burt and ernie are jumping up and down there.
5:49 pm
>> the wedding is planned for next year but not at sesame place. congratulations and best wishes to them. >> i was wondering about why he chose that but did you hear what his nickname for her was. he said cookie will you marrow mow? cookie monster. that was brilliant. >> it make sense. >> i love it snuff will you have gus wasn't there but it was fantastic. looked like a party. it really did. a lot of fun. >> this weekend for any outdoor activities comfortable whether you're taking the kids to sesame place this is the time of year it's like the kids get it in before they head back school. >> you got about a good week. labor day and back to school very quickly. i predict lot of places very busy this weekend whether it's the zoo, whether it's down the shore, this is one of the last weekends before the summer unofficially ends although it's not going to feel too summery to start right now ultimate doppler showing clouds and pockets of showers around the area a lot like last night. they're not penetrating into the philadelphia area. so they're staying just north and west of us. you can see showers and even thunderstorms with lightning
5:50 pm
north and west of us. they form over the mountains can't just seem to hold their steam as they cross into our area. that's probably what we'll see again tonight. there's some showers and storms in williamsport and all right i can tell from looking at this last hour they are weakening. pockets of rain down by salsbury, married, also weake weakening doesn't look nearly as heavy as it was their minutes ago. maybe a stray shower here and there as we go through the evening but that's about it a lot like what we saw today. temperatures were a little bit cooler today thanks to that blanket of clouds. 79 was the high in physical. the normal is 85. it's still funny seeing these record highs day after day well into the 90's. we have not come close all of august and a couple times this summer. 97 the record from 1916. the record low 52 set back 1940. but we haven't had any record lows either. so just somewhere in between it's been a pleasant in between. 65 in mount pocono. 85 in lee height ton very warm there. almost looks likes a bad readi reading. 74 in bethlehem and 75 in allentown. so that's much more kind of what we're seeing more around the area. 77 in warminster.
5:51 pm
77 in philadelphia. and 74 in chester. mid to low 70s as you head down to south jersey. fox future cast the rest of tonight a shower here or there most of the rain stays outside our coverage area from the lehigh valley back through harrisburg. early tomorrow morning a shower or two moving on shore we've got that easterly on shore flow that brings the clouds and the showers here we are by midday on saturday. a little bit of rain around but again no big deal. you might get wet at times early saturday but we should start to clear out saturday night. here's evidence that you can see the clouds fading away by early sunday morning we start with sunshine and sunday looks beautiful. nice and bright it will be breezy and a bit cool, too. but it's a really good looking day. for tonight cloudy with a few showers, 67 in the city. 60 in the suburbs. for tomorrow, 76, clouds and showers turning cooler through the rest of the day with the winds kicking in and dew points dropping. 79 on sunday. sunny, breezy and beautiful. nice stretch of some sunny weather it looks like really good week. we will slowly warm up as we get back into the upper 80s by thursday with a chance of thunderstorms thursday night.
5:52 pm
and down the shore, 75 tomorrow. only 70 on sunday. that water temperature of 74 degrees is warmer by a lot there on sunday afternoon. clouds and showers are possible saturday. but again might need a sweatshirt on the beach because by sunday, sunny and breezy, but it's not your typical late summer weather. the water a warmer. >> just doesn't feel like it's august. >> that's why we have football and season. >> we'll say it guys. focus on our breathing. >> is that how you do it. >> eagles fans are doing lot ease your. >> i thought you were talking about labor. >> talking about breathing very eagles fans take a deep breath. yes they are only preseason games and no, the results the final stats don't matter. but the eagles weren't exactly sharp in their first two preseason games in any areas. fans are breathing owe easier tonight. large focus otts individuals lasts night within eased minds of eagles faithful a smidge and the game wasn't that close. offense had one scare to watch.
5:53 pm
jeremy maclin coming from acl surgery went down who are. it brought back memories but did he come back in after the play. eagles offense was much sharper last night. nick foles 19 of 29. 179 yards and a touchdown. sin the starters won't play much if at all next thursday against the jets last week was the last we've seen of the first unit september 7th in the season opener against jacksonville. >> they're not shooting themselves in the foot they're executing the way they're capable offing cuting i thought we ran the ball fairly well. good mix. i think we got the ball spread around different receivers obviously our tight ends were instrumental for us but we got the ball out wide, you know, having coop back i thought obviously helped he made a couple big catches on third down. >> we won this game but there's lot of stuff we can take from it and improve on and that's how we have to be each and every day. we have to be critical on ourselves. me as player i'm very critical. i think it's very important not to get play accept with your preparation and how you view yourself. >> nick one still a concern
5:54 pm
field goal kicking. alex henry missed his only try last night in new england last night he shanks a 31 yarder. eagles traded for a rookie kick earlier in the week. >> endorse the for alex henry not exactly rinking. >> i wish i could put my finger on it. i don't know what he's battling. obviously you have to make a field golic that. you go the to make it. outside influences are going to affect you, then that's something you got to deal with. there's going to be competition at every position. so in our job is to make sure we put the best players out there and the guys that give us the best chance. >> really glowing, was it guys. johnny manziel has lot of nicknames but johnny gesture is now johnny find. nfl fined manziel $12,000 for his gesture towards the washington redskins bench on monday night. the kevin love to cleveland trade should be completed tomorrow. thaddeus young will wind up in minnesota as the three team
5:55 pm
trade. fasten your sixers -- seat belts sixers will get two bench players with expiring contracts ouch an future first round draft picks phillies will not be getting rusty castillo after a all. 27 year old outfielder came to terms with the boston read sex. seven years, $72.5 million. seven teams in the running for castillo. private work out with him last month in miami but castillo is about to become a boston read sock. a lot of money. $72.5 million for a guy who hasn't proven himself on the major league level. phillies fans are upset with this. not worth seven years and $72.5 million. phillies did something right, guys. yes say that very often. >> you're telling phillies fans to breathe as well. >> take breath. >> thank you very much, tom. >> thanks tom. >> all right. we have another full hour of news straight ahead. that would be half hour. i'd love to be around but 7:00 but they won't let me. >> stay who are. all new at six this guy's attorney says he will not get a fair trial looking like that. the fight to cep this man out of
5:56 pm
court and what he's accused of doing. >> and a local home own are in shoots and kills a man he says was trying to break into his truck. did he have the right to pull the trigger? we'll have a live did he have the right to pull the trigger? we'll have a live report coming uphiiiii.
5:57 pm
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for when you run late. i never know what kind theof adventure awaits. that the days are longer, and the breeze feels a little sweeter. and, thanks to volvo, i'll pay nothing for repairs or maintenance for 5 years, nothing. they even cover my first month's payment. so, i'll be happy wherever the summer takes me. the wonder of summer event. the 2015 volvo s60 sedan with complimentary first month's payment. starting at $319 a month. >> live from center city in philadelphia this is fox 29 news at 6:00. ♪ >> happening now in wilmington, delaware, the search for armed robbers that you see in this scary surveillance video. they stormed a liquor store and terrorized the manager and two clerks.
6:00 pm
good evening, i'm lucy noland. >> i'm iain page. things went back when one of the clerk refused to hand over the cash. >> dave kinchen is live outside the store. dave, you spoke at the people there. >> reporter: that's right, and everyone here is really shaken up. we learn the suspects are dean wagers. we learned that they came in demanding cash. but they only got away with a bottle of booze. in the meantime 1:00 o'clock was hit in the head recovering from his injuries. and another is in the hospital with a gunshot wound. surveillance camera catches it all. two workers at this liquor store in wilmington struggling to keep a gunman out of their new york mark street shop but the gunman barges in with others following behind. watch as they order a clerk over to the register while they take over the store. their faces hidden as they look for anything to grab. the clerk tries to fight back but what appears to be baseball bat but the gunman and the white t-shirt fires at least two shots hitting the clerk in the side. >> i think it's pretty


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