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tv   Fox 29 News at 10  FOX  August 22, 2014 10:00pm-11:01pm EDT

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>> check out this mug shot. face tattoos and horns on his head. can this guy get a fair trial. >> a local dentist with als takes on the ice bucket >> a local dentist with als takes on the ice bucket the wonder of summer is that i never know what kind of adventure awaits. the days are longer, and the breeze feels a little sweeter. and, thanks to volvo, i'll pay nothing for repairs or maintenance for 5 years, nothing. they even cover my first month's payment. so, i'll be happy wherever the summer takes me. the wonder of summer event. the 2015 volvo s60 sedan with complimentary first month's payment. starting at $319 a month. >> fox 29 news in hd brought to you by xfinity the future of awesome. ♪ >> a plea for help tonight for this pup hit by a car left paralyzed but saved by a stranger.
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>> without thinking i just said time is the essence we got to get him to a vet. >> now she's hoping to find tugger's own are in. >> and turning your teen daughter into police. the shocking text messages two parents found on their child's phone that had them calling the cops. >> but first and happening right now, police on the hunt for dangerous teens dramatic video shows the group bursting into a delaware liquor store during a violent robbery. they shoot one clerk and hurt the other in that attack. good evening, i'm lucy noland. >> i'm iain page. let's get out to dave kinchen who's life in wilmington tonig tonight. dave? >> reporter: iain, police have one of those teens and they've charged him with robbery with assault and also possession of a firearm. in the meantime, they're looking for three more teens tonight. captured object surveillance cameras the owner and a clerk in wilmington try to hold off teen with a gun at the north market
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street shop. but he barges and brings some friends. you can see them order the clerk over to the register why they take over the store. faces hidden and looking for anything to grab. the clerk comes at them with what looks like a baseball bat but the teen with the gun in the white shirt fires at least two shots hitting the clerk in the side. >> business owners say there have been at least two other robberies at the store before. >> a couple times state police come down who are. >> reporter: customers tell fox 29 the brutal attack could not have happened to nicer members of the community. >> touched my heart. i know these people. >> they don't deserve it. neither one of those guys deserve that. they here every day. they treat everybody nice. >> reporter: the owner is okay after being hit in the cler hea. the clerk is still hospitalized. >> in the meantime police say the teens went in there looking for cash but they got away with just a bottle of booze.
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lucy? >> all right, thank you very much, dave. a cool kind of gloomy start to your weekend. people out and about in university city tonight. last weekend before labor day. so we know that you're wondering can you get outside and just enjoy? caitlin roth is tracking the start of your weekend tonight. any rain headed our way caitlin. >> not really lucy. we've had a bubble over our whole area. haven't seen any of these showers back towards our north and west even make it into some of our outer counties so the good news is we're going to stay mainly dry. it hasn't been a terrible weather day. we've just been kind of socked in witness clouds. fox future cast shows overnight tonight we're mainly just going to see lot of cloud cover early tomorrow morning a stray shower term every certainly possible on shore flow bringing the clouds and some of the showers especially down along the coast. but i think the bigger store is how cool it's going to be especially on saturday. right now 71 in philly. 71 in pottstown. 69 in trenton. 66 in wrightstown and 64 down in atlantic city. your wake up weather forecast this is heading into early
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saturday morning. we are going to start off with a lot of clouds. by 9:00 a.m. it's 70 in the ci city. 63 in the suburbs i think we hit our high temperature on saturday closer to the noon hour. and then temperatures start to fall as we head into the evening. i'll have the latest on that temperature track as well what to expect for the rest of the weekend. that's all still ahead. lucy and iain. >> caitlin, thank you. in montgomery county a nasty crash sends 15 people to the hospital. a pepsi truck and a septa bus collide at old work and meeting house roads in cheltenham. it happened right around 4:00 this afternoon. it's not clear how badly people may have been hurt. investigators are still working to try and figure out how it happened. >> tonight police are hunting for the thug who attack and robbed a 75 year old woman at a popular south jersey shopping mall. fox 29's shawnette wilson live in evesham township tonight. shawnette? >> reporter: iain, people shop here, they dine here, even walk the fountain lake here. so most were shocked that a woman was attacked in such a populated place. >> i'm shocked. because i come here all the time
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and i've never had an issue ever ever. never felt unsafe. >> reporter: shoppers at the promenade on route 73 in evesham are horrified to hear 75 year old woman critically hurt from man who snarled her purse. >> that's horrible. it's horrible. >> reporter: it happened wednesday night around 8:30. police say the woman was wassing here when a man came up alongside her and violently grabbed her purse which was on her shoulder. the woman fell to the ground and was dragged along the concrete until her attacker was able to get the purse and take off. >> yeah, i can't imagine that happening here honestly. >> it's a little scary. >> these three ladies shop here but meet for lunch often. >> very surprised. we work not too far from here. we just come over for dinner. it's a nice gathering place. and i enjoy the shops. >> reporter: police say the victim suffered a broken arm, broken hip internal bleeding and severe cuts to her face. witnesses tell police they saw a man fitting the description smoking a cigarette in front of clark's footwear store before
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the attack. >> some place i frequent a lot and i don't even think about anything like that. get all of my -- in my car and go to where i have to go. it's just shocking. >> reporter: now police have only a vague description of the suspect but they do believe there was a second person present who did not take part in the attack. but also took off on foot. lucy? >> all right, thank you very much, shawnette. delaware county police are searching high and low to find a missing man with special needs. they say 46 year old frank lavin's car caretaker has not sn him since wednesday morning. he lives in middletown township and occasionally goss to the granite run mall, ridley creek state park, harrah's kaseen and and other areas around delaware county. heavy rain making for big problems in chicago and it is no the over yet. firefighters and emergency workers rescued several drivers and people stranded in flood waters. hit hardest the suburbs two school district has to cancel
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classes in all of their schools and forecasters are predicting more rain this weekend and into next week. the parents of murder journalist james foley say they thought an em mail they got from his captors last week was hopeful sign they could negotiate with the islamic militants. us forces are pounding isis targets after the brutal be heading of the journalist. pentagon sent in special forces to rescue foley and other hostages earlier this summer but the hostages were not in that location. foley's brother said today, he believes the us could have done more to save his brother's life. >> the national guard is pulling out of ferguson, missouri tonight. police say the most recent protests have been mostly peaceful. ferguson has been rocked with violence for the last two weeks. it started when an officer shot and killed 18 year old michael brown. brown wasn't armed but police say he attacked officer darrin wilson right before wilson opened fire. a grand jury is looking over evidence to decide whether wilson should be charged. >> he shot him. he admits he did but a frankford
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home own are in says the guy that he shot was stealing from him, ton night that man is dead and the homeowner is talking to philadelphia police. the question tonight, was the home own are in win his rights to open fire on an unarmed man? here's fox 29's dave schratwieser. >> reporter: it was just after 10:00 thursday night when a man who lives above this garage spotted someone on his surveillance cameras near his pickup truck in the alley behind his home. he immediately went to investigate. >> while someone was breaking into his vehicle, he shot the male. >> reporter: the unarmed 30 year old south jersey man who police have not yet identified was shot twice. once in the back of the head and once in the back. home own are in stayed at the scene with his gun until police arrived. >> he did state during the course of the opening of the garage that's when the confrontation ensues between himself and the male. >> reporter: homicide detectives retrieved surveillance video from the scene and took the homeowner in for questioning. no charges have been filed yet
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against the 56 year old shooter. >> the shooting did occur within the immediate area of his property and that's why more facts had to be gathered. >> if that person is either inside of the home of the person who does the shooting that then triggers the circumstances where there's no duty to retreat on behalf of the shooter. >> reporter: defense torn fortunato perry, jr., says in cases like this, it is possible to mount a strong defense. >> i think the case is clearly defensible if ultimately this individual is charged but again we'll have to see where all the facts and circumstances show. >> this is hard working guy. he doesn't -- you know, he doesn't bother anybody. >> reporter: tom owns the building just down the alley from the shooting scene. he could understand why his neighbor may have felt threaten enough to shoot. >> if they were breaking into his property, i don't see why he couldn't defend himself. >> reporter: dave schratwiese schratwieser, fox 29 news. >> a man goes to pizza hut but it's not for pick up. philadelphia police say he robbed tacony restaurant.
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the crime was caught on camera wednesday night on the 6600 block of frankford avenue. you can see the bandana covered bandit weapon in hasn't deman demanding money from the employee. he got away with 162 bucks. >> bensalem man is guilty of all criminal charges in the rapes and sexual assaults of 10 teen girls. 19 year old joshua benson did it between 2011 and 2013. the girl were between 14 and 17 years old. he now faces as long as 80 years in jail. the judge will sentence benson once results of a pre sentencing investigation come in. >> philadelphia has finally ended one of the most bitter and longest running labor disputes in city history. mayor michael nutter announcing a contract agreement with the city's blue collar workers. they have been without a contract for five years. the new deal covers about 10,000 current and retired employees including streets and sanitation workers.
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>> there are two raises. increase to their health care plan. a number of work rule changes and at the same time increased contributions by current employees to the pension plan. >> the workers will get 6% raise over the next two years. earlier this year the city reached deal with its other union district 47 covering white collar workers. >> a dad looking for a drink stops by the bar. the only problem, police say he left his three young children in the car for hours. fellow customers did not take that too well. what happened the moment they found out. and two young friends on fishing trip when a pervert pulls up and drops his pants. >> i think it's appalling. >> as you can imagine i'm sure they were scared being young girls alone. >> what police say he did right before exposing himself to those unsuspecting girls. >> and dash cam video captures a cop racing after a speeding monday knee van, but this is no
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ordinary stop. why that officer had to jump in to help the family inside. >> plus a second day of pay it forward at the same florida star buck. why one guy jumped in line just to make it stop. have you seen tom corbett's ads attacking me... get real. it's tom corbett who's been sticking it to the middle class on taxes. corbett cut a billion dollars from education...
10:13 pm almost 80% of school districts plan to raise property taxes. meanwhile, we're the only state that doesn't charge oil and gas companies an extraction tax. but corbett raised your gas taxes through the roof. i'm tom wolf, i'll be a governor who stands up for the middle class for a change. ♪ >> search is on tonight for a man who exposed himself to two young girls in buck county. >> children were fishing when the man appeared out of the blue. fox 29' thalia perez spoke to people living in the area who say they are disgusted. >> i think it's appalling, and, um, something needs to be done.
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>> reporter: neighbors in lower makefield are talking about the man police say are looking for accused of exposing himself to two girls ages 12 and 13. police say the girls were fishing at the delaware river access area near east ferry and river roads when man exited his vehicle and loudly cleared his throat in an attempt to get their attention. >> when the girls turned and they look at the driver, they noticed his pants were down and his genitalia was exposed and that he was fondling himself. >> reporter: police say it happened on wednesday around 7:30 p.m. the having times told police the suspect was driving a black pickup truck on east ferry road passing the girls multiple times before he finally pulled over. >> as you can imagine i'm sure they were scared being young girls alone fishing and they ran immediate toll their parents and told them. >> reporter: police are asking everyone to be on the look out for any suspicious activity. leaving cynthia jab ron ski and
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her walking partners on edge. >> you need to secure the area and make sure that your children are aware and that they stay close to their parents. >> thalia perez, fox 29 news. >> in camden investigators are deviling into what started a fire that injured a homeless man. a building on the nine hadn't dread block of south fourth street went up in flames early early this morning. it ended up partially collapsing the building and the fire spread to another home before firefighters could put it out. medic treated the homeless man who was in the first building for smoke inhalation. >> the dream is over for philly's tan 93 dragons at the little league world series but what a run it was. they electrified the city and made us all proud. the little league world series in ill william port a great event every year and there are many unsung heroes who make the all happen. fox 29's chris o'connell spent week in williamsport and shows us the people behind the scenes. >> reporter: behind every pitch and every swing you may not even notice them and that's
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okay with them. they are the unsung heroes of the little league world series, the volunteers. >> comradery. the people, the kids and that's what this is all about is the kids. >> reporter: ron wagner is has been doing this for 50 years. this year he's assigned to the texas team. >> well, we make sure they're at breakfast. we make sure they have their uniforms clean, everything, to do with the kids. >> reporter: stay out of trouble? >> well, that's hard to do at times. >> reporter: they work the box office, manicure the fields, they're also chaperones each team has several assigned to them. here they're called uncles. volunteers are so important to this place they've even named one of their two stadiums in honor of them. >> look at that. >> reporter: mike knight is with the mexican team. he gladly gives up nearly two weeks of his time every year simply for the love of the game.
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>> that's probably the biggest reward we get, sit back and watch the kids experience the whole thing. >> reporter: here there is no price for admission. tickets are free. so it's up to these people to keep things at this massive complex running smoothly. >> how is the pay? >> very good. a lot of good food. >> reporter: dave stoker and his wife have been at it for 48 years. he's an umpire and an i was cher. >> they're the back bone. without them, this whole system would not work. >> reporter: there is no paycheck. jut free meals and a couple shirts. in fact, many say they would pay to be here. what better way to and joy a summer vacation than seeing kids realize their dreams. >> i had three boys that went through everything, and i just stayed with it when they grew up and love it. and now i moved to florida and i come up every year. >> reporter: chris o'connell, fox 29 news. >> 50 years. that's incredible. >> isn't that. you know what i mean.
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>> love it. they love it. they don't get paged i want the free food and to be around these kids. >> that's the pay right there. exactly. that is. well no doubt taney mania swept the entire city. one of the team's biggest fans police commissioner ramsay. >> when we say he took one for the team. we're talking about the als ice bucket team. he stepped up in a challenge wearing what else but attain knee t-shirt. >> let's make it right. that's cold. (laughter). >> he had to catch his breath there. how would you react to that? i don't know if he was saying that's cold or because it was cold or because he had a cup he thought it was going to be a cup and they put the cup -- >> he was expecting a little 8-ounce size. he got the super big gulp size. so he's definitely a team play player. he definitely is.
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saw another side of him there. >> as part of the challenge this is what you got to do. you got to ask others to complete it or make did he nation or iain as we've been saying you can do both. exactly. >> the chief call out the chiefs of all major cities along with mayor nutter and chief of staff. let's see if the mayor takes him up on that challenge. let's see. all right. especially because it will get chilly this weekend. this is the last weekend if you can believe it before labor day. caitlin roth is tracking what's in store for your saturday. caitlin? >> that's right. i think that was the best ice bucket challenge i've seen all week. we've seen a lot of them. that was great. weather my be on the cool side as we start off the weekend. ultimate doppler showing showers off to our north and west. not expecting rain emptier night hours. 71 in the city right now. 73 in reading. if enter in allentown. 60s though as you head back into eastern new jersey. and our future cast temperatures show by tomorrow morning we're around 70 degrees. we just don't rise that much. this is testament to cooler
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airporting in throughout the day start around 70 only get into the mid 70s later on in the afternoon and those dew points will drop through the day. will turn less humid the winds will kick up a bit. it will be breezy and feel like fall saturday night with temperatures falling back into the 60s and for tonight we'll fall to 67 in the city. 60 in the suburbs mostly cloudy skies. your saturday forecast showing the temperatures will probably be a bigger story than any shower chances. yes, we have a chance for little bit of rain to get through some sprinkles through the afternoon. clouds around and turning cool cooler, 76 for the high temperature winds out of the northeast at 10 to 15 miles an hour. but sunday is looking brighter and also a little bit warmer. i'll have that in warming 10. it will feel summer in our last week of summer i promise that's all coming up iain. >> you got promise out of her. exactly. i can't believe this. >> i can. >> would you ever turn your own kidder in to police? what two parents found on their 13 year old's cell phone that had them calling the cops on their own daughter. and --
10:21 pm
>> call from one officer force to do jump for cover as a car comes barrel link in when they say that driver was doing just before the crash. plus saved by a stranger. this pup is badly hurt. paralyzed with no owner to help. meet tugger and the woman doing everything she can to save him. >> and ladies listen up. staying safe on your neck night out thanks to your nail polish? how the new product promises to protect you. ♪ >> summer is not over yet.
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>> routine traffic stop leaves a texas police officer running for his life. this is dash cam video from ju june 21st of last year still amazing this year shows cam slamming into the officer's cruiser. the impact is so intense he says it knock out has engine which flew into the road. the hood look at the hood on that vehicle. appealed back like an onion there. the incredibly crazy part here nobody, nobody was seriously hurt. police say the driver of that car was drunk. bodies and ashes of some of the people who died aboard
10:25 pm
flight mh17 are now back in malaysia. 20 of the 43 malaysian victims arrived on specially chartered plane. government officials and family members attended coming home ceremony given as show of respect for the victim. a missile shot down their plane over ukraine. this was a national day of mourning the first in malaysia's history. >> a florida dad is in big trouble for going into a bar but what he left in his car got the cops involved. >> his three young children were stuck in there and they're fine tonight. him, not so much for him. investigators say woman at the bar heard the chirp all younger than 10 yelling and honkin honke horn. they told her their daddy left hem in the car with the windows up, the keys in the ignition for hours. she went back into the bar and found him. 28 year old joshua delong and that's when police say a bouncer followed delong outside and say, hey, you can't drive. you've been drinking another bar patron walked up and punched him in the face. >> i wouldn't leave me pets in
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the car in cool afternoon so i certainly wouldn't leave my children in there. >> delong told police he did not know his children were in the car. he claims his wife put them there to set him up but police say they heard delong's own mother tell him to stop lying for the sake of your children. meet tugger he was hit by a car badly hur. can't even walking now a woman who saw the crash is on a mission to help him. >> just because he's disabled paralyzed now he can still have full life. >> her search to find tugger's owner while making sure he can heal. >> plus take look at the gaping hole in this house. looks like a cannon blasted through. what happened down the street that sent huge rocks flying through that neighborhood. >> any parent knows it's hard to compete for your kids attention. what researchers say kids can't do now thanks to all that time on their smart phones.
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>> a terrible accident on a busy montgomery county road leaves a dog severely injured. >> all right. but this story does have a happy ending. thanks to one of the first people who found him. fox 29's drew dickman spoke to the dog's guardian angel and joins us live from the social media center. drew. >> reporter: guardian angel she is. the dog she rescued is a paraplegic his back legs paralyzed by the accident. when some would consider the dog lot of cause, tony felt that wasn't an option. >> he can stale here all night. >> reporter: they say a dog is man' best friend. >> he just gives you that look goes right through you. >> reporter: for this mixed breed, it's just the opposite. >> he's young and he has a long life ahead of him. so just going to take a lot of time and patience. >> reporter: tony found his one year old along swamp pike in new hanover township after he was hit by car tuesday morning. >> the poor driver, um, you know, god bless him he was so upset it happen. he was there kneeling over him i
10:31 pm
think he was in shock himself. >> reporter: she saw no collar and no micro chip she took the dog she named tugger to the vet. >> in spite of all his pain and shock he looked me in the eye and laid his head on my arm and just stayed like that. so kind of tug. >> reporter: the diagnosis looked bleak. a fractured vertebrae. >> i don't think i've seen that length of trauma to the spinal cord sustained you know from a vehicular trauma. >> reporter: while tugger will likely never walk again, dr. joseph eagle son says he's going to make it. >> i'm happy with his spirit. i think his demeanor is such that i think he wants to live. he wants to fight. >> reporter: tony has posted tugger's story all over social media in hopes of finding his original owner and donations poured in. she's had some leads but nothing has panned out. if no one comes forward, she has no problem adding to her pack. >> everybody is thanking me for stepping up up but honestly without everybody else i couldn't have done this for him.
10:32 pm
what i did was nothing. what everybody else did is ama amazing. >> tuck tugger should be able to leave the hospital on money. six weeks before his vertebrae will heal until he'll be put in a wheelchair. >> i'm so happy she was there the moment that tragic accident happened much that's good thing. thank you very much, drew. >> thanks. >> philadelphia radio dick jockey john can nan passed away he was a main stay of philly radio for 30 years on the air half a dozen stations including wogl, wibg and wfil. he even had a cameo in the movie rocky over the radio. >> good morning, mrs. came mr., this is don canyon wibg philadelphia. >> you know the voice. cannon retired from wogl in 20 2004. he was 74. a california man is worried his unique appearance could hurt him during his um coming murder
10:33 pm
trial. 33 year old accuse offed condition killing three people in 2011 he's self professed vampire and satan any of the. the judge will ask jurors if his appearance would keep them from being fair. the trial is set for september 3rd. he has pleaded not guilty. >> teen in virginia has turned into police by her own parents. they accuse her of sexting. the parents of the 13 year old girl contacted sheriffs depth pew tess after they found out their daughter was he can changing make pictures of herself with other boys. some older teens even message the girls for sex. the girl's mother says the decision to contact police was for their daughter' own good and she's got a warning for other parents. >> we did this now to protect her for now and in the future, because this could get worse. she could be taken. >> it's not clear if those older teens involved will face felon know charges. >> could your nail polish soon keep you safe from date rape?
10:34 pm
students at north carolina state university have create add nail polish called undercover colors. a woman wearing the polish simply stirs her drink with her finger. if the poll lick changes color she'll know someone has tampered with it. this idea still in the developmental phase. take look at this gaping hole on the side of a san diego home. it was actually caused by a flying rock. the homeowner thought it was an explosion in her home. >> or that someone had blasted something into her home. fox's jason sloth plan what exactly happen. >> it was really really crazy. all of a sudden i hard the house tremble and like it was really scary like big sound. >> reporter: to bianca bush nel it felt like a bomb hit herself. >> i came outside and there was a hole basically blown in the house. it's like a cannonball size. did somebody shoot the house. >> reporter: with gaping hole in the garage she thought her water heater may have exploded. when she realized that wasn't the case she called police. minutes laderman came up from the nearby quarry where there had been an explosion.
10:35 pm
>> he said there was like a seam and that the blast was so big the blocks were actually being like projectile vertical but it wasn't up and over it was like straight on. he said actually some came at him and he ducked and that's why he came up her because it was so bad. he was looking around for spots there could have been damage. >> another neighbor who wanted to remain anonymous described what she heard and saw as she was hiking. >> all of a sudden, like, i just heard app explosion, and i looked to my left and there was like -- it looked like a bomb had just exploded like all the smock report roar the next foo seconds were terrifying as rocks and dirt flew past her heads. it was like pull bullets and i braced myself for impact and thank god i wasn't hit but i mean i know that if i was hit i'd probably like not have survived it. i'm actually like sort of afraid now to even walk in my neighborhood because i'm not sure when it's going to come. >> jason sloth, fox news. >> another line of customers at
10:36 pm
a florida starbucks start another pay it forward campaign. why one guy got in line just toned the chain. >> plus a cop pulls over a speeding mini van but was not expecting what he found inn si . >> wasn't of life's greatest mystery solved by scientists. the best cheese blend to put on your next pizza. i'm not kidding. scientists actually studied
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♪ >> three months ago olympic swimmer amy vandyken love the ability to walk. she has taken her fir steps on bionic legs. atv accident left her paralyzed from the waist down. but since then, she has been working tirelessly at rehab and documenting every step of her journey on social media. amy is a six time gold med list. >> taking a look at your money tonight mc donald' newest cheesy idea in moderil will sticks. three piece snack pack is available in new jersey, north jersey that is, new york and connecticut for just a dollar. and the concept is not knew. they previously tried it in the united kingdom but there's no on
10:40 pm
when if it will hit mcdonald's restaurants all over just yet. >> scientists answered a question many have pondered for years what makes the best mix of cheese on pizza? scientists from the university of austin say a mix of cheddar and mozzarella cheeses gives the idea combination of texture and flavor. they looked how cheese browned and melted the amount of elacticity and its flavor. >> do you think they were just bored that wasn't let's study this? >> i wonder. how do they come up -- i'm curious as well. >> who do you put the grant into? domino's? i don't know. >> you're right. >> just thought. we have told you about florida starbucks where a lot of customers have been paying for the orders of the people behind them in line. >> one man says he stopped it and he had to do it. it was his mission. it was on purpose. it started wednesday but it ended when a customer did not quite get what was going on. it picked up again yesterday but ended when a st. petersburg blogger came in and said you just all of you stop.
10:41 pm
peter, says it's not a random act of kindness at all. he says it's nor guilt than anything. he said people are doing it because they feel pressured. he also says he gave the barristas a $100 tip for their trouble because he's a nice guy. >> it seems like a row tory cal question does your kid spend too much time on their cell phone? >> well next how it's impacting their ability to deal with people. plus -- >> ripped from the pages of the classic tv show this is your life, a lifetime worth of people show up for one man and one challenge in south jersey, yes, the ice bucket challenge but with a big twist. hey, caitlin. >> that might be what i said earlier about the other but challenge being the best looking forward to that. okay. it turned into a nice night. kind of gloomy with the clouds earlier today. 79 was the high in philadelphia. 85 is the normal. will we get there? it will take several days much the fall like
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i never know what kind theof adventure awaits. that the days are longer, and the breeze feels a little sweeter. and, thanks to volvo, i'll pay nothing for repairs or maintenance for 5 years, nothing. they even cover my first month's payment. so, i'll be happy wherever the summer takes me. the wonder of summer event. the 2015 volvo s60 sedan with complimentary first month's payment. starting at $319 a month. ♪ >> california police officer delivers a baby and it was all caught on his cruiser's dash
10:45 pm
cam. 53ness is a rios was in labor she and her husband were driving to the hospital when the baby decided to come into the world a bit sooner than expected. officer dan temple ton luckily was driving neck to the couple and got them to pull over in a store parking lot. that's when he helped deliver the baby. >> i was completely confident he knew what he was doing. >> in the moment you're in the zone. you're so focused on what you got to do, you don't have time to think or let emotions take over. but once the baby was delivered, adrenaline rush i'm shaking. >> i'm sure he was. >> after that event the department create add new p.m. see allowing the baby's mother to keep the dash cam video. >> that's nice. it's a moment. >> exactly. >> so this is a generation can understand how you're feeling through a few simple -- children are so end grossed in their phones they cannot road emotions in real life.
10:46 pm
a study out of the university of california shows 11 to 12 year old who's wept five days without looking at an electronic screen which of course is forever to them, suddenly got a whole lot better at reading human emotio emotions. emote toy cons are a poor substitute for human communication as my little girl would say duh. >> this just in. >> not a day goes by the last couple weeks we don't hear about or see another ice bucket challenge. the fails are grabbing the headline. >> right in you we've got a challenge that is anything but a fail. take a man who has always given back to had his community he comes down with als yet comes up with way to give back yet again ice bucket and all. >> ladder 22 of the west berlin fire department pulling in as a crowd watches. no fire here but the hearts of these towns people are burning for their beloved dr. mike. a long-time den any of the in
10:47 pm
west berlin with new diagnosis. >> diagnosis made with gehrig's disease als and the reaction from his family, his friends, his patients, husband overwhelming. >> i mean i had no idea that people cared so much and that made me -- of this disease because i just had a heart attack -- >> the one word that describes dr. mike we her it over and over again. >> generous. i would say he would give you whatever it takes for you to be successful. >> i can even begin to physical you the patient that is come into the office who don't have money to pay or donate dental cases he takes charity cases several a year and helps this whole community. >> dr. mike and one of his many friends took on the ice bucket
10:48 pm
challenge. >> whoo! just buckets, nah. queue the latter truck. now that's an ice bucket challenge. accepted executed and issued yet again. >> i'm going to challenge every town in the united states to beat us and keep this thing going. >> absolutely. the t-shirt dr. mike the dentist had on was the invincible iron man and i got to tell you to his community dr. mike is a super hero why you saw the whole town out for this thing and which is why people from throughout his life we're talking decades of friends showed up along with that town for the big day. >> great story. >> great story. all right. we got some, well, i don't know if we got great weather for the weekend for me because it will be a little chilly. any way. >> it depends how you like your temperatures. >> okay. if you're a fan of fall, iain, some of us are you'll like
10:49 pm
tomorrow. summery weather will return in the seven day forecast. right now ultimate doppler showing we've got scattered downpours north and west of the philadelphia area. causing some flooding concerns. that's back in central pa. they have not been able to get into our coverage area. it's been quiet tonight. it's actually turned into pretty nice night despite all the clouds and earlier showers we started the day off with. today's high only 79 here in philadelphia. the normal 85 a record high set back in 1916 that will stand again, 97 degrees it has been a long time since we have been that warm. we had maybe one or two days in july that got into the upper 9 90s. certainly not not in august. 62 at mount pocono. 69 in ledge beth will hem. in 70 in allentown. temperatures uniform assed when down further south towards philadelphia. 71 in bensalem. 70 in chester. south jersey looking good, too. 74 in ocean city. 68 millville and 69 in bridget bridgeton. fox future cast showing a couple of showers may sneak as we go into the overnight but overall it's dry. got some clouds around on shore flow will continue to push in the clouds early tomorrow
10:50 pm
morning. maybe some showers especially along the coast to start you off but not too much white spread rain. scattered showers still in the forecast as we go through the afternoon and while you may see some sprinkles, i think the bigger story is going to be how cool it will feel. especially as we get into the second half of the day. notice high pressure builds in through sunday we clear out. we start off with is unshine, 9am sunday morning. it will be beautiful looking day. if i had to pick day of the weekend it's going to have to be sunday at least that's the better brighter one to be outdoors. mostly cloudy tonight, 67 in the city. 60 in the burbs. 76 that's it for the high testimony cher and i think we hit that early. temperatures fall into the 60s after dark pretty quickly. clouds and showers and then into sunday breezy but sunny and ni nice. getting close to 80 degrees and we slowly warm as we go through the rest of the week. so monday, tuesday actually the rest of the week feeling much more like summer as temperatures slowly climb back into the upper 80s. a chance of some showers on thursday. and we may cool down on friday. keep in mind that's the beginning of labor day weekend. hoping for better beach weekend than this weekend it's not
10:51 pm
terrible we're not talking about a lot of the rain. it's just pretty cool. 75 is all on saturday. breezy. and feeling even cooler than that high of just 70 degrees on sunday. my advice, maybe stay in the water because it will be warmer. 74 degrees that ocean temperature so, yeah, feeling much mr. more like a fall weekend down the shore but we'll warm things up. >> i like the forecast. >> thank you. >> not terrible. >> it's not terrible. >> we always aim lahore in the weather department. not terrible. >> then people go, not bad. >> shredder -- >> iain, lucy and my good friend caitlin roth, we are talking some football tonight. talking about a dominating preseason win for the eagle last night but one area has chip kelly a little concerned with opening day just two weeks away, and this routine single by carlos row uz created chaos and ultimately a phillies win. what happened as the cardinals became keystone cop
10:52 pm
10:53 pm
10:54 pm
♪ >> the phillies starting weekend series with the st. louis cardinals tonight cardinals team that came with a four game winner streak and adam wayne white on the mild. on the pound for the phillies kyle kendrick and it wasn't good early. adam solo shot off kendrick. gave up three in the first. four-one cardinals but the phillies come back and tie this game at four in the their. then carlos ruiz with single to center.
10:55 pm
watch ryan howard he'll round third slam on the brakes and cardinals have dominic brown trapped in run down. they decide to throw and get howard. they get nobody. how war scores the go ahead eventual winning run. the phillies come back and beat the cardinals tonight five to four. hottest team in baseball is the nationals looking to within their 11th street hosting the giants tonight. winning streak is over at 10. joe panic the three run homer is all the giants would need. not only did the nationals lose they lose big 10 to three the final. >> eagles were in mid season form last with the stars playing in the first half. they dominated the steelers final score 31-21 and it wasn't that close. it look like totally different team that lost the first two games to the bears and patriots. considered a pretty good tune up before nick foles and eagles play the jaguars in two weeks. >> we won this game but there's lot of stuff we can take from it and improve on and that's how we to be each and every day. we have to be critical on our ourselves. me as a player i'm very
10:56 pm
critical. i think it's important not to get complacent with your preparation and how you view yours. >> offense was good. dee finance was good. field goal kicking still a concern. henry missed his only try a week ago and last night missed a 31 yarder. eagles traded for rookie kicker earlier in the week. chip kelly's endorsement for henry after the game -- >> i wish i can put my finger on it. i don't know what he's bat long but obviously got to makefield goal like that. it's not -- you got to make it. if outside influences are going to affect you, then that's something you got to deal with, you know what ooh mean? that there will be competition at every position and our job to make shower we put the best players out there and the guys that give us the best chance. >> eagles open two weeks against jacksonville. lesean mccoy is looking his jobs tonight because this is lee gentlemen bush in detroit. eighty six yards for a touchdo touchdown. got a little bounce in that stride.
10:57 pm
lesean salivating a little bet. lions within the game, 13-12 and hard to believe labor day next weekend and start the national football league season actual toll week from yesterday. 13 days away from opening day. >> i can't wait. >> go, go. >> nfl mobile red zone channel it's all good. >> he's ready to go. >> thanks for watching. >> i'll be over. >> i'll make the dip. i'm in. >> i'll make the dip. i'm in. i'the wonder of summer is that i never know what kind of adventure awaits. the days are longer, and the breeze feels a little sweeter. and, thanks to volvo, i'll pay nothing for repairs or maintenance for 5 years, nothing. they even cover my first month's payment. so, i'll be happy wherever the summer takes me. the wonder of summer event. the 2015 volvo s60 sedan with complimentary first month's payment. starting at $319 a month.
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[captioning made possible by warner bros. domestic television distribution] >> today on "tmz," >> tyson beckford says justin bieber isn't man enough to ex-girlfriend. >> little boys can't have man toys. >> seems like a direct challenge at the manhood of bieber. >> he insulted him in the weiner. >> chris brown, he was at a charity basketball event and then you see courtside rihanna. what is she doing? she just went to drake's concert, just followed him to the club. >> thirst. >> like moses in the desert thirst.


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