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tv   Fox 29 Morning News at 5a  FOX  August 25, 2014 5:00am-6:01am EDT

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it gives you options based on your budget -- it's a piece of cake. i was told there would be cake. get a free quote at we are following a developing story, this morning out of gloucester township, new jersey as police investigate a hit and lunch how the victim is doing this morning. and a local murder in mystery a woman known as grand mom to her neighbors is murdered in her own home. relatives sharing memories of her on fox 29 and police try to figure out who wanted her dead. plus family and friend gathering together today to say good bye to michael brown. teen gunned town in missouri sparking protest as cross the country. what his family is asking of the ferguson community today.
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>> ♪ >> a sweet surprise for gym goers but they are in the too happy bit. see more of their reaction, coming up in the trend. >> good day, it is monday, august 25th, 2014 this morning. 5:01. weather on the one's to caitlin. >> good morning, it is monday, we have to head back to work after what ended up as a very nice weekend and for some of us in the area it is yes, the first day of school, back to school here and weather is just like back to school weather. feel like fall this morning. temperatures are cool, we have clear skies, just a few clouds out in western and central sections of the state, but we will be rain free for a few more days. we have our share of it last week especially on saturday. dreary start to the weekend. we didn't see a lot of rain but drizzly, misty all day long kind of surprising how nice because by sunday we have a totally opposite day. thirty-eight was the high.
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sunday was just 74 on saturday. right now 64 degrees. with high pressure firmly in place with the nice calm clear nice and we are seeing 50's across much of the area this morning. we have got a lot of mornings that started out in the 50's. though. fifty-eight in millville. fifty-nine in lancaster. sixty-one in reading. your fox cast for today is a dry day and a lot of sunshine. 67 degrees. we will quickly warm up well in the 70's by the noon time hour 78 degrees, and it is warm 85 degrees, that is the high temperature later today but nice, pleasant warm. phillies play later tonight. actually washington nationals in town, not cardinals as it shows up on your screen but still very sunny nice night for baseball. 80 degrees is first pitch temperature. we are looking at a great night and great seven day forecast with warmer weather in it that is still ahead in about ten minutes. but lets take your first check of the roads in the 5:00 a.m. hour in bridgeport commodore barry bridge westbound between toll plaza and ninth street we have got construction it is
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blocking one lane there until september 1st. also in camden ben franklin bridge westbound between toll plaza and down side there, they have got construction that has the right lane block. kerr i. caitlin, thank you 56:78:90 36789 breaking news out of montgomery county. police in hatfield investigating a deadly accident that happened after 1:00 this morning on the 1600 block of broad street. here's a live look at the scene right now one person pronounced dead at the scene, and police tell us another person is being treated at the hospital. jenny joyce is on the way we will have a live report for you coming up in just a few minutes. also, some developing news this morning in north philadelphia police say a man was stabbed outside a jj's baron north third and duncannon avenue. police called out after victim and attacker no one another but no word on why this happened. victim was last reported in stable condition. and, police in new jersey searching for the driver in
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the hit and run in gloucester township. this one happened last night on the sicklerville road right across from the strawberry square shopping center. police say a 22-year old man was walking at 10:00 o'clock when he was hit. the victim was fund on the side of the road and said to be in critical but stable condition. a state of emergency in effect in northern california avenue a san francisco bay area is hit with the strongest earthquake they have seen in 25 years. that earthquake measuring six-point hit yesterday morning at the 3:30. more than 120 people have been treated for numerous conditions including broken bones and respiratory problems. >> i just felt like somebody was ready to pull the house out from underneath of us. >> no word yet on the estimated cost of damage. also though a 6.9 earthquake hit a sparsely populated area in central peru, authorities still looking at that area with you
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so far reports of damage or injuries haven't been released, quake was felt in part of the lima and other major peru cities. 59:05 search underway for a killer who gunned down two women in a northeast philadelphia home. fox 29's steve keeley live outside philadelphia police headquarters with the very latest on this investigation, steve. >> reporter: homicide crew here at headquarters doesn't seem to ever get a moment off, it is so unusual to have a case of two elderly woman, executed in their home, that initially points police to a case of someone that the women knew, someone they could identify and so someone killed both to keep them from talking about a much likely much less serious crime like robbing the women. both had just come back from the grocery store on saturday. the question difficulties someone follow them, offer to help them, carry their bags in and then rob them and kill them. there was in break in. another sign like another cases we have seen where
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victims knew their killer. it was around 5:00 ride in the middle of the block. police to have retrace their steps back from the store and maybe look and see if anyone is watching following or talking to them at the store. at the the same time family and friend say 67 year-old dolly evans had homeless people in her home all the time for meals and really strange for a 67 year-old grand mom here's something else you never hear they say she had death threat since her grandson got shot on the fourth of july himself. he survived. the family now one fairing some lingering vengeance involving dolly's grandson got her and her 59 year-old live in front ruby thomas killed on saturday. >> she had received death threats from somebody she told me. >> she wasn't doing anything. she was just going to the super market. you take my sister away from
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that, that is in the cool. >> she like to cook a the lot of people necessity because they come around to eat, the the home less, whoever need it. she help them. she took them in i know her there from being a child and all she every did was positive things. she gave out candy, food, just that lady on the block that you knew you could be with. >> reporter: dolly was found shot once in the head right on her living room couch. ruby found shot in the head and killed upstairs on the bedroom floor, maybe trying to hide under a bed after hearing her friend will dolly shot to death downstairs. if this was a robbery and then shoot to go try to cover it up, kerry another case of that old adage cover up way worse than the crime here. >> so sad, steve, thank you. 5:07. an american journalist held his stage in syria for two years is now a freeman. forty-five year-old peter curtis was kidnaped by militant group linked to al qaeda fighting syrian
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government in 2012. white house confirming curtis has been released and now safe outside syria. no word what prompted his kidnap tours let him go or if any of their demand were met. curtis release coming less than a week after the execution of american journalist james foley, bias lamb i can militants. newest lacing of violence ram pink up over the weekend in gaza. on sunday israeli air force leveled a seven floor office building at a shopping center. sixteen people were killed in the series of attacks over the weekend, targeting of large build as peers to be part of the new tactic bias rail. meanwhile hamas continues to fire rockets at israel and at least, ten were fired yesterday. 5:08, national headlines in california standoff between police and suspect wanted in connection with several shootings, end with an arrest. police say three people were killed, four wounded in a span of about an hour, in l.a. swat officers arrested the suspect after holding police at bay for about an hour.
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michael brown will be laid to rest today more than two weeks after he was killed by a police officer in ferguson, missouri. a peace rally was held to honor that 18 year-old yesterday who was unarmed when he was kill. meanwhile, president obama is sending three white house aids to today's funeral services. at sunday's rally brown's fat are and leaders pleaded for peace during the services. >> i appreciate all the love and support from his mother and myself mr. michael brown. tomorrow, all a i want is peace while my sonnies being laid to rest. >> meanwhile the parents of the 17 year-old trayvon martin were shot to death in 2012, by a neighborhood watch volunteer were also in attendance at yesterday's rally. she was hailed a hero and now shocking turn off event in search for a mother who abandoned her new born son just hours after he was born.
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sixteen year-old diamond thomas was praised, saturday morning, when she claimed that she found a baby inside some plants next to a dumpster in michigan. we're protecting her identity because police new say that she is the baby's mother. in an interview sat take the teenager was asked why she thought somebody would abandon her baby. >> i don't know, i guess they wasn't ready. >> i took a short cut and i heard a baby crying and i was just, i was scared, at first and then i went over and walk toward it and got it and brought it back home. >> police say little boy wasn't even ten hours old when authorities took him into custody. he is in good condition at a children's hospital in detroit. police say under michigan's safe haven law thomas could have left her baby at any hospital, police station or fire station and not faced any charges. we're approaching 5:11. caitlin has a check of the weather.
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cool start to the morning. >> it feels like fall, nice comfortable morning and a beautiful day ahead. we will start off with the shore cast because we have a big issue at the beach and that is the rip currents. rip currents are high. you know you will be encouraged to stay out of the surf all together. even though it is a beautiful afternoon, sunshine temperatures in the mid 70's, beach wind out of the north east at 10 miles an hour and surf temperature is 74 with that risk you don't wanting to in. we have waves up to 4 feet and very strong swells. uv index is eight, that is also very high, even though it is just sun bathing weather encourage we want to use high spf down there too. >> we have rip currents at the beach, only big issue otherwise we have a lot of sunshine through monday, beautiful afternoon, and then we are looking at clear skies heading in to tonight. tuesday, very similar, you want to watch you the for rip current risk but we are seeing a really nice morning. temperatures right now 52 in mount pocono, 57 in bethlehem. sixty-four in philadelphia.
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otherwise it is a lot of 50's and 60's. seventy coming in ocean city. seven day forecast 58 for today. eighty-eight for toll and very warm. eighty-nine on wednesday. and, we will see a chance of showers and thunderstorms looking ahead to next week even. that is your seven day forecast. back to the roads in milford, pennsylvania where we will start off, on the pennsylvania turnpike approaching quakertown. we have construction that has right lane blocked. in valley forge park county line road between route 23 and gulf road, we have got construction there, it has the road closed from 7:00 a.m. all the way through 5:00 p.m. so you cannot access. that use the alternate which is route 23. kerry? >> caitlin, thank you. 5:12. a special needs student is fed pizza out of the trash, why the district said that her aids thought they were doing the right thing.
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a california woman is arrested for trespassing. tanya and her husband went to the hospital in fresno, california twice last week. they were carrying life-like infant dolls and trying to get in the maternity ward. police say that the second time the woman was also wearing a nurses uniform. she was arrested police say for fear that she might be trying to abduct a new born but now she's defending her
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actions. >> never once did anybody say, you are in the allowed up here, you should in the be up here. >> my dolls can get kind of freaky, so we just apologized and left. >> but why was she there. she also said she's the maker of the dolls and they were meant to comfort the the eld herly and mountain hours have lost babies. police say she and her husband have not been charge but a photo has been sent to area hospitals as a precaution. a student is served pizza pulled from the trash from the classroom aid. student with diabetes showed up to lunch late and wasn't any food left. lunch staff panic and they grabbed pizza from the garbage fearing she would go into insulin shock. fox's jean kennedy has the full story. >> reporter: school appoint aids including one who helped sierra prince make $9 an her and get through a few days of
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training first at district level and then with school nurses and beyond that. >> we rely heavily on the training of the parents with us because it is parent who knows their child the best and the parent is then meeting with that doctor and knows specific information about the child's needs. >> reporter: due to a scheduling conflict nicole cordo va was unable to train her daughter's aid someone new on the job and work with the girl for the first time on wednesday. when a lunch manager fed sierra prince a slice of pizza from the trash can the aid went along with it out of panic the district says. >> it was a poor decision made in what they thought was going to be in the best interest of the child in panic that insulin shock, you know, would take place because they didn't have that pizza. >> i think there is a big enough epidemic of type one diabetes that they should be prepared and set up to handle special needs children. they should already have the
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card count on their menus like mcdonald's has to provide them why doesn't the school have have to provide it. >> reporter: the school district says it the will take a closer look at these suggestions but overall officials feel that the program with the school appoint had aids works well with few problems. sierra prince will have a new aid when she returns to school, and the district says that there will be additional training. >> we did discuss the need for an early training for diabetic needs with the core training. we do offer that training during the school year but we don't offer it prior to school beginning. that is a change that the district will be looking at. >> there needs to be changes. they need to know the counts. >> fox's jean kennedy reporting. at the 5:00 18a southwest philadelphia community honoring memories of loved ones who died in africa from the the ebola virus. georgia is gathered by family and friend who celebrated lives of their children
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patrick sawyer and princess n inato the the victim's uncle said that ceremony helped the family cope with their loss what we are trying to does have a memorial for them. we are having a memorial. then we can ask a lot of questions as to what actually happened. >> path the trick was the first reported american to contract thee bowl virus, after rushing to liberia to care for his sister was also strict when that virus. in your health headlines this morning, fighting may be a sign of a strong relationship but it depend how you fight. researchers say when couples get in an argument and able to compromise the relationship is strengthened. fighting can show you care enough to work on a problem instead of walking away. study comes from the gotham institute. having multiple sexual partners before marriage may lead to an unhappy union according to the national marriage project 567893 percent of woman who
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waited until their marriage felt satisfied. still not a great number just 53 percent. level of satisfaction dropped to 42 percent for women who had at least two partners before their marriage. 5:20. taney dragons receiving a rock star reception then when they return from williamsport after an amazing ride at the little league world series. dragons now, third in the nation were welcomed home, by a few crowd of supporters at love park. after a heart breaking loss to chicago last week the team's winning streak ended just shy of the title game but their legend, still growing strong. young players are role models including 13 year old pitching phenom mo'ne davis. >> she's like my idol, really awesome that she's on a little league baseball team. >> she's fine. she necessary where she is but she doesn't know how big this really is. >> next step for dragons a couple tv appearance these week and a champion's parade thrown by the city on wednesday.
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they deserve it, man, they played their hearts out and they are good. caitlin. >> yes, that has been something spectacular to watch all last week. we are so happy and proud of them, is it really lifted the city it felt like. gave us something to cheer for. something else to cheer for is the the weather. you're welcome. today and rest of the the week does look very, very nice. it is comfortable out there this morning feeling more like a fall morning and for some of us it is i back to school morning. 67 degrees for the drive-in. seventy-eight by lunchtime a lot of sunshine with fair weather clouds popping up later this afternoon. 85 degrees will be the the high temperature. sunset at 7:43 p.m. so they are seeing shorter as we end up august, thinks last week of august and we are also seeing the last unofficial week of summer. owe nice day today, lets check out the roads where we have had a couple have of construction issues but we do have a report that just came in of a disabled vehicle in east norriton dekalb pike approaching east germantown
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pike. we have reports that could be causing delays. the we will keep you updated with that. 495 southbound at route 13 du pont highway a disable vehicle cause ago i few delays there too. >> caitlin, thank you. there is nothing like a sweet treat after the gym, right? well, apparently most gym goers don't want to ruin what they just worked off, the reaction from this strange prank rather, are coming up in the trend.
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good morning, 5:25. on wall street a fairly calm down. friday dow jones fell 35 points to move below 17,000. s and p5 hundred ended up at 1988. nasdaq composite added six, to close at 4500. meanwhile commerce department will release their report on the number of new homes, sold in july, today. burger king reportedly in talks to buy a chain based in canada. bk would combine with tim hearton's. the the merger would mean the companies share their corporate services but still operate as stand alone brands. routers is report ago this sony's play station network is backup and running, hackers are to blame for sunday morning's take down of the network. according to reports, sign's tack coincided with a bomb scare on a flight, carrying a top sony executive. the fbi reportedly
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investigated the scare but they are not commenting. a group called list air squad is claiming responsibility for the attack. there is a dad in georgia who would like to bring his gun inside of hi daughter's school and he is suing the the school's principal in order to to so. the the principal of bellua elementary school threatened to have the father hugh myers arrested for doing that but hugh myers attorney says under a new state law licensed gun owners can bring a registered gun to school. myers says that he attends the school functions to support his daughter and wow like to carry his gun in case of any incident. >> my guess this will be the first of other suits of this nature, grade school, high school and college level. >> right now myers is only allowed to carry his gun when he drops off and hicks piss daughter up. the principal won't comment on the suit saying it is a legal matter. a pooch landing himself in the lap of luxury thanks to an person's love for animals.
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this is an update to the story we brought you a couple weeks ago. why she said she chartered a jet for this aging dog and brought her back to live with her. plus there is a little girl being called an hero by an army veteran how she stepped into action both he and his family.
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just by switching to progressive. so you'll be bringing home the bacon in no time. sorry. get a free quote at good morning, swift moves by trenton police, they have
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nabbed a man who cops police was impersonating a police officer. what he is accused of doing while wearing a uniform. then incredible images out of the san francisco bay area in california, a state of emergency is in place as the the state's wine country struggles to pick up wreckage after the state is rock by an earthquake. caitlin roth is following what is in store for your local monday morning forecast, plus these guys, getting national attention, after inventing a nail polish, how it could help protect girls, from sexual assault. those four are heroes in my book. the it is monday, august 25th, 2014. getting the week off to a beautiful start on this monday, cool, no humidity, it felt beautiful out there, caitlin. >> it does feel good. beautiful weather day. when are heading back to work or getting kids ready to head back to school. yes, some school districts are starting to day. we have a great forecast. your monday planner, clear,
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comfortable 67 for the drive-in, sunshine and 78, later on today. eighty-five for that high temperature. the it is overall very, very pleasant. in your weather by the numbers on machine we are giving it a ten. unofficially last week of summer and that is only negative i can find today. it is coming to a close. summer go by so fast. our comfortable morning will give way to a very nice a afternoon. bus stop buddy is still on vacation celebrating the last week of summer outside a pool. he will be back next week but right the now he has a polo short, trunks and hat on. it is sunshine out there. beautiful. temperatures are crisp in the suburban spots only in the 50's to the 60's here in philadelphia. and 64 degrees is where we are right now. we should again rise to 85 with a mix of sunshine and a few clouds later on this afternoon. sixty-four with the lose temperature tonight, very comfortable, a beautiful monday and we will show thaw seven day forecast in about ten minutes because we will be warping up here on our last unofficial week of summer.
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on the pennsylvania turnpike eastbound, between fort washington and bensalem, the cop trucks that occurred earlier has now cleared, so you're free to go not seeing any delays there. also in east norriton dekalb pike approaching east germantown pike we were talking about a disable vehicle that has been now cleared and we are not seeing any delights backing up there. >> caitlin, thank you. 4:32. a state of emergency in effect in northern california avenue a san francisco bay area is hit with the strongest earthquake they have felt in 25 years. that earthquake measuring six points, hit yesterday morning at 3:30. more than 120 people have been treated for all sorts of conditions including broken bones, and rest friday problems. buildings have been badly damage, tens of thousands of people lost power. water main broke, roads were flooded, fires broke out, just a mess. 5:32. new jersey man accused of impersonating a a police officer is behind bars and
5:33 am
facing a hahn dry list of charge that he is include sexual assault as well. trenton police say these images led to the arrest of 54 year-old gust gar see owe. police say he posed as a police officer inside the store in the 800 block of south broad street saturday afternoon. they say he was carrying a badge, radio, and a handgun when he forced a feast mail clerk in the bathroom and sexually assaulted her. he was arrested less than 12 hours later on a nearby jogging trail. >> i am totally shock. i got to say i'm totally shock. he was soft spoken. like i said there was a period of time when we grabbed hands and prayed and he ended the prayer. he thought he was a church going guy. >> it is not first time he has been in trouble 36789 years ago he was convicted of stealingmont friday church collection boxes.
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breaking news out of montgomery court i. police in hatfield are investigating a deadly accident. it happened after 1:00 this morning in on the 1600 block of broad street. in fact, we've got a live look at scene. one person was pronounced dead. police say another is being treated at a hospital. jenny joyce is on the the way to the scene and we will have a live report just a little bit later. and also, developing this morning, in north philadelphia, police say that a man was stabbed outside of jj's baron north third street, and duncan an avenue. police were called out after midnight. the victim and the attacker do know each other but we're not sure why this happened. victim was last reported in stable condition. police are looking for the kill shore gunned down, two women a at a northeast philadelphia home over the weekend this he were found shot and killed, on the 4700 block of vista street in mayfair. this was on saturday. family members identified home owner, 67 year-old dolly evans, and 59 year-old ruby
5:35 am
thomas as the the victim. police say neighbors saw somebody running from the home, before the bodies were discovered but a suspect, is yet to be identified. >> if anybody know anything about dolly and what is going on, please come forward, please. she's one of the sweetest people you could ever meet. >> evans family says that they believe the murders may be related to the shooting of her grandson in july. they say that she was even getting death threats. some good news for drivers traveling through delaware, northbound lanes of i495 through wilmington are opened once again to traffic. southbound lanes opened in july this means that 45 million-dollar restoration project is completed and it is completed ahead have of schedule. the bridge shut down in june after it was deemed unsafe. it is about 90,000 vehicles that travel over it, every single day. the entertainment world remembering life of famed british actor and director richard attenboro.
5:36 am
>> jurassic park. >> attenboro starred in the huge adventure jurassic park, he played the park developer who brought the dinosaurs back to life. his work in the 1982 film gondi won '80's cars including those for best director and best film. his son says he had been in poor health for some time. he was 90 years old. volunteers, unsung heroes of the little league world series. how the the games were all put together, behind the scenes. plus, gym goers have a couple weird reactions when they are offered dessert, before and after their work outs, we will have it for you coming up in the trend. t?yzím&n6
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the the little league world series is wrapping up in williamsport this weekend. the success of the world series wouldn't be possible without the volunteers. they work the box office, they manicure the field and they are chaperones. each team has a couple of volunteers assign to them and they call them uncles. volunteers are so important to the league, they name one of their two stadiums in honor of them. >> make sure that they are at breakfast, we make sure that they have their uniforms, cleaned, everything to to with the kids. >> stay out of trouble. >> well, that is hard to do at times. >> comradery, the people, the kids, and that is what this is
5:40 am
all about, it is the kids. >> so cool. they do amazing stuff. there is no paychecks but volunteers do get free meals and they get t-shirts as well. we will have highlights of south korea's victory over chicago in that championship game a little bit later on good day. >> they're a good team. we like our taney dragons. no fly zone imposed offer iceland's largest volcano is lifted. the alert was reduced from red to orange yesterday, this is after an eruption triggered evacuations near that volcano. the it is located in a least mote village. the it is not inhabited but very pop ara monk hikers. 5:40 right now. taking a live look at philadelphia's international airport. folks getting ready for flights out of the city. not so hot friday, last time we looked at this camera and, of course, saturday but it the gradually changed and weekend wasn't a complete wash. >> we improved day by day. we started off friday with the
5:41 am
rain. the saturday was down right dreary. sunday we have turn it around. beautiful weather carrying over to your monday morning. if you have i flight out no issues. only one issue at the the day is at the beach and it is a popular week down the shore. it is the last week of summer. beautiful day. sunshine. temperatures in the mid 07's. light beach wind. surf temperature 74. rip current risk is high with the on shore flow, waves up to 4 feet and strong currents meaning if you don't have to go in the water, don't do it, because that does not, usually , we don't see it in the high threat zone unless it is bad. so it will be on the beach today. fifty-one mount pocono. fifty-six in bethlehem. fifty-nine in allentown. sixty-four in philadelphia widespread 50's. cool morning for most. fifty-eight in millville but only 07 down in ocean city. sixty-one in cape may. lets check out that seven day forecast. the it is a ten, today and tomorrow. fifty-eight today, sunshine. a few clouds. beautiful looking afternoon a lot of sunshine tuesday but it
5:42 am
is warming up a bit. i think by wednesday it is more humid as we will get close to, 90 degrees. on thursday is there a chance of the thunderstorm, maybe wednesday night into thursday that time frame, otherwise, cooler air will return pretty quickly on friday with a high of 84. in the weekend, popular labor day weekend it looks unsettled at least right now chance of thunderstorms saturday and sunday. we will keep you posted on that forecast as we go through the rest of the week. that is an important one. lets check out the roads, starting off on the pennsylvania turnpike northeast extension, southbound on ramp from quakertown right lane remains blocked, this is due to construction, so you might have some issues there fox 29
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s. the eagles play their final preseason game and we are happen bye that. this thursday at the link begins the the jets. a game chip kelly says he will not play the starters. that is unless you are fighting for that starting job and nate allen is one of those players fight to go start. >> that is the way it is. that is the nfl. there will always be new guys, young guys, and that is the way it is. competition makes everybody better. i'm not an old guy yet, i'm an in betweener. but i'm happy to do what i'm doing and, you know, i'm not worried about where i am on the depth chart. >> and the phillies won another series. are lets go to the ballpark st. louis, the opponent, three to nothing in the third. that is a wild pitch.
5:46 am
so wild ryan hurt can score from third base who by the way is only player who didn't get a hit for phillies, but they win seven-one over st. louis yesterday. they begin a series with washington, tonight. that is sports in a minute. i'm howard eskin. it is 5:46. to you remember we told but that dog who landed in the lap of luxury, now living with the heir to the writing liz gum fortune? well, his new owner is talking about why she chartered a private jet to pick that pooch up. fox's cynthia smutt explains how the dog named lady went from rags to richest. >> reporter: she looks so pitiful, anarthritic senior black lab who walk nearly 30 miles to try to find the family who gave her up. her story pulled at her heart strings, helen rich, opened up her purse strings. >> knowing as much as i know about rescue i know what she would be going through and how long would it take. i said i will go get her. >> reporter: report hiri to
5:47 am
the wrigley chewing gum fortune she has her own rescue on the wings have of angels. she said her assistant chartered a jet, fly to kansas and pick up the lonely looking lab this photo went viral too. >> she laid on the floor the entire time, until they were descend nothing to tampa. it is like she just knew. she got up on the seat and looked out the window and said i'm home. there it is. >> reporter: lady, fit the right in with the pack of five living in helen's 11,000 square foot mansion. >> it was like she was, like hello these are my brothers and sisters, hi. >> they were like, so where have you been, even the cats. i said i'm 17 cats in this house and hey, lady, welcome home. >> reporter: on the wings of angels has made dozens of home comings possible for dogs that never had a chance. >> more than 4 million dogs have died here in this country, healthy dogs. so, that ace a lot of dogs. >> reporter: lead train are
5:48 am
john jones said they take death row dogs and black listed dogs and train them so when they go home, it is for good. >> good girl. >> most people do not take dogs to training to prevent problems, they take them because they have a problem and hope it gets fix. >> reporter: when it comes to senior dogs like lady helen has a soft spot. >> do you see this is what she does. she just looks me in the eyes and smiles. >> reporter: much to smile about for this luck i dog and others to come. helen rich has plans to take her rescue, global. >> it is my mission. it is my job. >> reporter: i'm sophia smutt, "fox news". >> kind of awesome, um. 5:48. they were kind of tame last night but there were a few eye popping performances. >> ♪
5:49 am
>> the show must go on that is nickie menaj actually holding her dress, together after the zipper jammed and they didn't have time to fix it during the wardrobe change so she had to walk out on stage with her dress completely opened. the singer joins jesse j and ari. a-afor a performance of bang, bang. menaj had to improvise. and while the night belonged to the beyonce, who took home video van gar award the other pop stars took whom a statue as well. grande winning a a award for her single problem. katie perry won for dark horse. and, lard won best rock video for royal, and ed sheeran run for best male video. all right. at 5:50 right now. we're taking a look what is trending on line this morning. gym goers getting a sweet
5:50 am
offer but some of them are not buying it. >> can i offer you a brown toy day? are you sure? totally free. >> no. >> are you sure. come on why not you will work it off anyway. >> probably not. >> it will not hurt. >> heading to the gym, clearly don't want to be here you would rather be eating cup cakes or brownies. >> if you want one on the way out we have short bread, pies, ice cream sundays, have a good work out. free brownies. >> that is all right you just work it off. >> you can have a little one. >> yes. >> thanks. >> hi. >> you cannot be here. >> so as a prank this guy was offering people cup cakes and brownies as they came to and from the gym, lot of people ignored him but others simply could not deny a free dessert. it the is back to school for some schools in our area not in philadelphia but a lot of the suburbs, kids are heading back to school already, my goodness let us know fur kids are heading back to school today. the just tweet us a picture of
5:51 am
their first day of school, we love those, use the hash tag fox 29, back to school. >> it is fashion that fights crime, these are the mans ter mind behind undercover colors a nail polish that will change color, when it comes into contact with date rape drugs. here's how it works. a woman stirs her drink with her finger and if the color changes, she knows that something is wrong. these north carolina college students say that their goalies to invent technologies that will empower women to protect themselves. four guys came up with that. that is so cool. 5:51. taking a live look at the the poconos french mountain, pretty sunrise this morning at just before 6:00 o'clock, it is getting shorter all right, caitlin. it the is, bought full shot right there. a gorgeous sunrise. we will i have great the day ahead, lot of sunshine and nice weather we saw change over the weekend sunday much better than saturday. that is carrying straight over tour monday mornings whether you getting the kids ready for
5:52 am
school or enjoying your last week of summer vacation, a nice day for you. we are still tracking some issues down in the tropics. so also over the weekend in case you missed it we saw tropical storm christobal form and that is churning out in the caribbean with winds of 50 miles an hour bringing heavy rain and tropical storm conditions to places like turks and the bohamas and that is set to even make passage next. then wilt move northeasterly in the atlantic not impact the u.s. mainland but we can have high surf later this week thursday and friday time frame. and we have high surf today due to on shore flow a lot of sunshine fox future cast showing fair weather clouds this afternoon. temperatures very comfortable in the 50's and 60's right now, currently 64 here in philadelphia a we will hit 85 later today with a mix of sun and clouds. sunny and warmer tuesday and wednesday but chance of thunderstorm on thursday and we will turn cooler with a chance of showers there by the the weekend. that is your seven day forecast, back to the roads
5:53 am
this morning, it is mainly construction and fairly quiet, but we do still have an issue that just came in, this is route 422 eastbound, right before the 363 trooper road. there is a disabled vehicle that is on the shoulder, again that is 422 eastbound right before, trooper road. kerr i. >> caitlin, thank you 567:89:53. there is a little girl being called a hero by an army veteran. how she stepped into action veteran. how she stepped into action for hwhat's with the suit?
5:54 am
oh, i had to go to the bank. if you look legit they give you special treatment. seriously? seriously, yeah. the banker dude set up my checking account so if i make one deposit a month, no monthly maintenance fee. special treatment! citizens bank, right? yep. you know they do that one deposit checking thing for everyone, right? got mustard on your suit. actually, it's your suit. one deposit checking. only from citizens bank. one deposit of any amount each statement period waives the monthly maintenance fee.
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5:56 am
there is an eight year-old girl out of south caroline ago hailed a hero. rachel opened you a lemonade stand to raise fund for army veteran nicholas and his service dog. a box fell on the dog during a shopping trip and he has in the been the same ever since. when rachel heard this she wanted to help. >> for me it is just amazing that an eight year old girl would show any interest in me or my dog. nobody asked her if she wanted to do it or told her that she needed to do it. she actually asked if she could do it. >> rachel has raised more than $200 towards that $6,000 goal. men in charlotte north caroline getting in touch with their feminine side over the weekend. they strapped on heels for a walk in her shoes event. there are similar events across the country, to bring awareness to domestic violence. more than $20,000 has been
5:57 am
raised at this event. 5:56. a pup recovering after being hit by a car but he is expected to make the trek to his new home, today, and his happy ending is partially thanks to the selfless actions of one of the first people to find him. then jennifer joyce live on the scene of the fatal accident in montgomery county, jenny? well, that is right kerry fire officials in hatfield tell us this is worst car crash that they have ever seen and i will warn you it is graphic bring step out of the picture here. car parts scattered all over the ground, one person lost their life here this morning.
5:58 am
5:59 am
6:00 am
testing. a well men guy there, man. we are also following the clean up in california, after that massive earthquake, rocked the sap fran bay area. es explosion napa california, wine country. the damage they are dealing with, right now. >> my idol really awesome that she's on a


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