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tv   Fox 29 News at 6PM  FOX  August 26, 2014 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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county. fox 29's dave kinchen is there live tonight with the story. dave? >> reporter: iain, it's an absolute outrage i actually spoke with the father of anorak war veteran who had his cemete cemetery -- his gravesite actu actually vandalized and that father was not happy to hear about it. he said it opened up a lot of new wounds and actually police are on the case night. defacing the graves of those who served america with pride. charred remains of american flags flag holders and decorations set a blaze after they were ripped from more than a dozen graves belonging to deceased veterans at rosdale memorial park in bensalem township and police are outrage. >> to desecrate a cemetery is bad enough but to burn american flags in cemetery for people who were veterans and then take they are veteran markers, i don't know what, washington that individual is thinking, and probably a place for them somewhere. >> reporter: investigator say grounds keeper found the vandalism at rosdale bensalem
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police say another cemetery was hit over the weekend and another time before that. 50 to 60 grave sites impacted overall. and police need your help. >> certainly if someone has -- if it's kid and one kid knows another kid that may have done this we need to know about it and certainly get them to stop so they're not doing this to anyone else's sem terry. >> roosevelt memorial park is the other cemetery that had many grave sites vandalized and again call bensalem township police if you have any information. >> thank you very much, dave. a big break in a mayfair double murder. investigators say the killer was living right inside the victim's home. police say 25 year old james mirrors now faces two counts of murder. 67 year old don dolly evans and 59 yeared ruby thomas were found dead saturday inside a home on the 4700 block of vista street. cops say mirror has been living with the women for about two months. they believe mirrors tried to rob the women before killing them. >> in delaware county, a robber is caught on camera pistol
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whipping a mcdonald's employee. now, police need your help to catch the culprits. this happened earl until morning hours at the upper chichester mcdonald on mark street. our bruce gordon is outside the restaurant tonight. bruce? >> reporter: iain, this violent predawn robbery actually took place exactly a week ago. last tuesday, but the thieves, the man and a woman, are still at large and now it's hoped surveillance video extensive surveillance video will lead to some public help. there are some unusual elements to this case. full week after the predawn robbery most mc donald's customers were blissfully unaware of the violence that took place here. notification spoiled their appetite. >> it's getting crazier and around here these parts. it hasn't been like that around here. it's spreading everywhere. violence. it's a shame. >> reporter: extensive surveillance video shows a tall slim black man and heavier black
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woman enter the restaurant just before 5:00m. she heads straight from the lone customer and robs him at gun point. he hurdles the counter and crack the manager in the head with his weapon. take good look at the gun it's very unusual. >> it looks like an old western style revolver. just looking on loop for gun ciliare to looked like a colt maybe revolver. has the extended barrel. >> 19th century? >> yeah, exactly. older. it looks like, um, it's bronze plated or gold plated. >> reporter: the crook forked the two employees and the lone customer into a back office where a safe was opened and emptied. then the register up front was cleaned out. the total hall a couple thousand bucks. within minutes, the pair were out the door. this mc donald' is the just off i navy with easy access to the north and southbound routes. the crooks could have come from anywhere but investigators did not think they were out of towners. >> they seemed comfortable with the area, the store like
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they've -- they were familiar with their surroundings and stuff. so possibly somebody from the area. >> do you think these are locals? >> yes. >> reporter: store manager who was pistol whipped is doing all right. he got a cut to his head. the man a who who attacked him had a tattoo on the back of his right hand. the tattoo app pedestrian to run most of the way if in the all the way up his right arm. if any of this things a bell for you the tattoo, the unusual antique handgun, by all means call upper chichester police. these thieves are armed and they are dangerous. iain? >> all right, bruce, thank you. mcdonald's sent us a statement and they are saying they're cooperating with police and they take the safety of customers and employees very seriously. >> developing right now, the search for a missing new jersey student in jerusalem aaron cipherer vanish like friday. he was on hike with a friend in jerusalem forest he's a student had a private religious school and he and had friend were hiking when they became separated and he disappeared. authorities have conducted he
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can tense seive searches over the past few days and they are considering that he may have been kidnapped by hamas. >> this is a very serious situation. we are very very concerned about this and we want to make sure the family knows that israel is committed on this issue and that we here are committed on this issue and, again, our prayers and thoughts are with the fami family. >> us rally authorities set up a command center throughout the forest using dogs, search crews and vehicles with loud speakers all of course to try and find him. sofer's parents have flown to israel. >> the community of longport, new jersey, is mourning the loss of a police officer many sergeant charles adams died in an accident in gloucester county yesterday. he was on motorcycle going through an intersection and then collided with an suv making a left turn. adams died at the hospital a short time later. the mayor says it's been a tragic year for the community. >> this is a small community and, yes, it is not been a very
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good year for longport. we lost lewis katz tragically. we lost an inform leads in the same airplane tragically. and now we've had a tragic motorcycle accident and have lost a police officer. just a very sad year for the borough of longport. >> sergeant adams was one of first officers from longport to be trained on a motorcycle. he was off duty at the time. adams serve on the force for 21 years. >> and police are working harder tonight to find the criminals they say are stalking senior citizens attacking and robbing elderly people outside of local banks. police have already made one arrest but they believe there are two more men out there preying on vulnerable seniors. fox 29's dave schratwieser is live outside northeast detectives. dave? >> reporter: iain, police say this is a brutal bunch of bandits their victims suffered broken bones, laceratio laceratl they were punched, beaten and robbed in their own homes.
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tonight one suspect is behind bars. two more are on the loose. >> i hope they catch them. >> neighbors on the 1,000 block of saint vincent street are worried and looking over their shoulders after one of the elderly neighbors here was followed home from a bank attacked and robbed in his own garage. >> punch him once and they're fragile and they take their money off of them. >> i hope they get this person. and so that everyone is safer. >> reporter: police arrested one man and are looking for two more including the main suspect ronald singleton. police say he's the one caught on surveillance tape at multiple locations after elderly men and women reported being followed by a guy in a silver malibu. brawly attacked and robbed. >> broken notices, lacerations, a lot of did he go in the and pride. the elderly, you know, sometimes just don't bounce back from things like this. >> reporter: in the burholme case an 80 year old man went to this pnc bank on cottman. he was followed inside by singleton who police say stood
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behind him in line and followed him out to another bank nearby. when the victim arrived home singleton was right behind him in that silver malibu. >> they're walking in your house and you get attacked. punched in the face, thrown on the ground. >> neighbors here are worried they want the suspects nabbed as soon as possible. >> desperate people, probably have no money. on welfare. looking for an easy target. >> one thing i think they're cowards they prey on older folk because they feel that they can get away with it. >> reporter: now, police tell me tonight that one of the victims in those cases who suffered a broken nose died recently an elderly man but the medical examiner' office was unable to link the injuries to his death. charges still pending against two of these suspects tonight. they have 30 prior arrests between the three of them. >> lucy? >> all right, thank you, dave. in south jersey police are trying to figure out if a burglary has struck yet again. cops say someone broke into a church and three more homes over the weekend. that continues summer long trend of weekend break ins all over
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moorestown. police say burglars have hit half a dozen homes in the past two months. and one of those crimes earlier this month the thief got away with $200,000 worth of july will he from one home alone. >> who doesn't love parade? we have got a big one tomorrow in the city of philadelphia. >> it's for the taken know dragons and if you want to be part of it here are a few things you ought to know. the parade k off at 20th and mark street in center city at 2:00 p.m. it will be a lot bigger than that welcome home rally at love park. and the parade will make two special stops along the route for the team. the first will be at the kimmel center where the philly pops will serenade the players. the second stop will be at second and washington avenue where the mummers will perform. the mayor's officer says it's the least the city can do. >> i think it's one of the great feel good stories we've had this summer and we want to make sure that we actually say positive things and give positive reinforcement to our kids when they do well. >> the team will eventually make
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its way to rally in fdr park and then they'll head to citizens bank park where the phillies will celebrate their great run in the little league world series. if you can make it out, don't worry. we'll bring you the parade right who are on tv as it k off. then you can still watch the rest of it on our website our coverage begins when the parade does at 2:00 o'clock. >> okay. big changes at pet stores throughout our area. >> that's right. those stores say they are changing where they get the animals and you know these guys they need forever homes. how all of this turns the page on a practice spurred a lot of protests. >> plus three accused would be robbers target a parking lot attendant. what happened when the victim refused to give up and cooperate. howard? >> the eagles many questions on the players that will make this team after thursday night's game. hear from the players that will have to go head to head against the jets. that's coming up. >> howard, temperatures today made it to 90 degrees. still pretty warm mid 80s right now. how long will this streak of heat last and are you making
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plans for labor day already? coming up we have the preview of the weather to expect. >> all right. thank you, scott. parents trust they're leaving their children in good hands when they are drop at daycare. one seasoned took advantage now accuse of duct taping children during nap time and that is not all. tonight at 10:00 what else parents say the center was caught doing that is now the
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>> parking lot attendant stands his ground during attempted robbery in logan circle. now this happened right i round five cool sunday at the park america on commerce street. three men approach the man demanded money and his mobile phone. the attendant refused to give any of it up. even after cops say the men flashed gun. well the parking attendant was not hurt and police say the men simply walk away without getting a dime. >> major change is happening at
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some of our local pet stores. they're now offering dogs like these happy pups from shelters and rescues instead of puppy mills. two chains are already making the switch and they say it's been a huge success. we are celebrating our four legged friends on this which is national dog day. karen hepp at the hotel monaco in old city where there's some pup tee love going on. karen. >> reporter: heck, yeah, they're going to the dogs here at the hotel monaco giving out free dog baths to dogs. this is one of our next victims or friends coming up in order to get a dog bath. people that come down they can give a donation to operation ava, oh, no, did you not see that front of the entire greater delaware valley. this is one of a at that timables from operation ava. what they're going to now have dogs like this one be available and some of the pet stores near us are putting rescues and shelter dogs in pet stores. take look. >> jumping for joy at the we love pets in springfield. pound puppies in the pet store. these are shelter and rescue dogs getting a new leash on
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life. >> we decided that it was our responsibility as a pet store to do the right thing. we're providing people with companion animals to provide animals that we know are healthy. >> pet store owner mike decided in february it was time to stop working with the puppy mills and start working with shelters and rescues. >> we will take owner surrenders from delaware county which there is no shelter in this area that takes owner surrenders. >> lots of happy pups here and adoption signs all over the place. the pet plus natural in jenkintown had similar success story. this mom basset hound came in on the humane transport from kentucky. >> whatever is available to us and/or whatever they have out to prevent euthanizing we're bringing them in here to find them homes forever. >> reporter: the pet plus jenkintown started offering exclusively shelter dogs just four months ago. and has made so many happy families they've decided to go all in. >> we do plan to proceed to our other stores it's going that be slow process but we hope by the
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end of the year we'll be successful in diagnose that. >> reporter: come down and join them. these are the cute doing getting their baths today and free goodies and gifts. they'll be doing this until 8:00 o'clock in case you're interested. this queen knee. guys, back to you. >> she's interested in karen. >> i am interested. i do want a puppy. i -- i'm not home long enough. you have to be home to care for them. >> yes, you do. >> anyhow, scott, i know you're listening into the conversation. we should walk over there after the show. >> i know, right. >> you might change your mind. >> i know. >> let's talk about this weather because the temperatures are going up over the next day before they go back down. and we're looking ahead to the up coming labor day weekend for tonight, we're looking at warm and muggy conditions. lows bottom out in the mid to upper 60s and then for tomorrow, more 90-degree heat. there even ab few scattered showers and thunderstorms tomorrow night. so the high today we made it up to 90 degrees. only for the second time this
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month. so it really hasn't been a brutal summer. not anticipating a heat wave this week, but it really is going to be reality check come tomorrow. the normal this time of year, 84 degrees. the record that's safe of one hadn't dread degrees for today. a little relief from the heat today. down the shore with that sea breeze temperatures in the 70s right now. mid 70s wildwood. a pair of sevens in atlantic city. it's in the upper 70s currently in the pocono mountains and we have 84 right now in trenton. low 80s in wilmington so we have some warm air right now but take look to the west. 91 st. louis. 91 in springfield. into in little rock. we'll have high temperatures tomorrow in our area in the low 90s as the core of the heat will head in our direction. also, we have an air quality alert. wednesday so keep that in mind. it will be unhealthy for sense testify groups as it moves into that orange category so limit your outdoor expose insures stay hydrated and drink lot of water. high pressure is in control right now. but here's the front that will bring us some cooler weather for
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the latter part of the week and it could bring a few isolated evening showers tomorrow. so quiet for tonight but as we watch the clock tomorrow during the day things warm up rapidly. the humidity increases and then you can see by 4:00 in the afternoon we're watching north and west for some scattered showers. a broken line of thunderstorms likely headed toward the philadelphia area. but once again there will likely few and far between. down the shore, dangerous rip currents continue for wednesday as well as thursday as we watch hurricane cristobal right now maximum sustained winds at 75 miles per hour. it will be moving away from the lower 48. so mostly clear. but warm and muggy tonight. temperatures in the mid to upper 60s. low 90s hot and humid for tomorrow. and then you can see cooler, low 80s thursday, friday and then labor day weekend we warm right back up. upper 80s to 90-degree temperatures. sunday into monday, things could be a little unsettled with a couple of scattered showers and storms. so just keep that in mind if you
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are making some plans but the rip current risk down the shore this weekend much improved or labor day week glenn thank you scott. thinking of unsettled the phillies. >> i won't be out in the ocean. >> no. >> okay, good. the phillies have changes, too. a couple of major lineup changes for tonight' game. who and why coming up. and what happens with the competition of kicker for the eagle. hear from the two players kicking for a job.
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♪ >> there are a lot of eagles players that know what's on the line for them thursday night at the linc in their final preseason game. 22 players will have to be cut by eagles by saturday afternoon. now one position with a question is the kicker. alex henry knows what has to happen. but he has competition on thursday. you see alec has struggled little bit in the preseason. now, that's a 47 yarder. but you can't miss a 47 yarder when you have. the one really hurt him was the last game against the steelers. he missed that badly a31 yarder. 31 yarder was unacceptable. obviously. but he has -- codey park key as had he competition on thursday night. >> i never really see it as a competition. one of those things you're out
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that as an individual with the snap holder just trying to do the best you can and make the kicks. >> competition, pressure, it doesn't mean that much to codey park key. >> anybody will tell you just feels like practice, you go out there and you hit and you look up and make it or miss it sometimes. but for the most part just like practice. >> sure. phillies play again tonight against the washington nationa nationals. but with changes to they are lineup with nats left hander gonzales pitching. no howard or utley in the line lineup. utley is really struggling. chase utley late in the season. he plays too many games. chase utley is four for his last 34. now, those four hits 91 of those base hits were for extra bases. he is struggling. down to .278 his lowest average of the season. that happens and i think he's got -- he doesn't want to sit
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but he's got to sit more games. nonetheless they're both sitting and there's an excuse by the manager it's a left hander. >> all right. >> what the heck much he's got to get fresh. got to get fresh. >> we've had new fresh weather coming in. i don't know whether it will feel terribly hot but nice and hot and more stuff happening. >> refreshing weather doesn't get here until the latter part of the week. but tomorrow temperatures in the low 90s and air quality alert so keep that in mind and you can see thursday, friday, temperatures back down into the low 80s. so on a forecast of one to 10, thursday and friday is definitely a 10. it will be football weather as well for the eagles thursday night. and then labor day weekend. temperatures warm right back up into the upper 80s. 90 degrees perhaps as we move into sunday and there could even be some thunderstorms late sunday and perhaps into labor day itself. so if you're making some plans it's going to be hot and feel like summer for the unofficial end to summer. so kind of fitting considering that really this summer it hasn't really been that hot.
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>> thank you very much, scott. that does it for us who are at 6:00. >> we'll see you back here at 10:00. have a great night.
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that kiss. she can't get away. >> an uproar over sofia vergara on the pedestal. something compelling to watch. >> what she is saying today about the controversy. >> television's biggest night, the emmy awards. >> it wouldn't be a red carpet without running into the gorgeous -- >> kevin spacey limping with a cane. >> red carpet ladies in red, deborah norville, jim moret and victoria recano with the behind the scenes action you didn't see. >> miley cyrus. >> what we learned about the homeless dude miley


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