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tv   Fox 29 News at 6PM  FOX  August 29, 2014 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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bittersweet in atlantic city. the struggling shore town will lose two cass zen notice one closes sunday. the other monday. fox 29's is a bean ma kuriakose is live in atlantic city and sabina, the news isn't all bad though in atlantic city. right? >> reporter: that's right iain. off lot of story lines going on in this city. you have 6,000 people losing their jobs with three casinos closing two this weekend the trump plaiding closing in just two week. you also have people out here just enjoying atlantic city for what it is and making new memories this holiday weekend. >> i loved you seasons i met you. like, you know, it was great. >> perfect weekend and per fact time to come down to atlantic city. >> this couple bursting with the news as they stroll the boardwalk. ray popped the question as they spent the long labor day weekend at the shore. >> it's a lot of fun down in atlantic city. a lot of things to do down who are. >> the boardwalk, the pier. casinos.
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we like played. it was fun. >> couple from linden, new jersey, celebrate agnew beginning as atlantic city braces for the end of an era two cass zen notice revel and showboat shutting their doors this weekend trump plaza following suit later this month. 6,000 workers losing their jobs and the city struggling to redo its image. the experience of egg he enjoying atlantic city as it is now has added urgency. >> it's a good time to come down here to actually see the casinos before some of them closed it's a lot of fun until they're gone. we wanted to make sure to make the most of it. >> absolutely. >> reporter: earlier this afternoon, we caught up with the mary. he says atlantic city is down but it's not out. the city is just going to rebrand itself and keep attracting people like ray and lindsay. congratulations you guys. back to you iain. >> sabina thank you. if you can't make it down at the shore there's plenty of action right here in the city. final preparations under way for the annual two day made in america festival. that starts tomorrow on the parkway. some of the acts head lining are
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pharrell williams, kings leave i don't know and conway west. >> i never would have thought of coming here not being from here myself like jay-z cure rates the so he has like a great lineup of acts. >> this year there's also a separate show in los angeles. but the one here is expected to generate $10 million for the city's economy. >> fox 29's chief meteorologist scott williams here now with look at our weekend forecast. scott? >> hi there, iain. comfortable weather right now. low humidity. so if you like the temperatures as well as the feels like temperatures and join tonight as well as tomorrow, because as we move into the second half of the upcoming holiday weekend those temperatures will soar. 78 degrees right now but look at that humidity. only at 39%. so it feels like temperature only 79 degrees. temperatures area wide in the 70s right now. 72 degrees in atlantic city. low 70s in wildwood. we're looking at 76 degrees in
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wilmington. upper 70s right now in allentown and 70 degrees currently in the pocono mountains. so the bottom line if you're stepping outdoors this friday evening it will be dry and comfortable. out on the town or maybe a backyard barbecue 70 degrees by 9:00. upper 60s by 11:00 o'clock tonight. staying dry and those temperatures will continue to drop as we move into the overnight. so what about that saturday snapshot across the area if you're in town in the center city area we're looking at temperatures tomorrow around 82 degrees for the moo. still pretty comfortable. the poconos we're looking at 75 degrees tomorrow. and down the shore, a pair of sevens and it's going to be comfortable. so area wide tomorrow, that is the pick day of the upcoming weekend. the satellite and radar right now showing you that we are dry and we will stay dry, however, as we move into a part of the upcoming holiday weekend we're tracking this system off to the west. now coming up i'll have the timing of when to expect some
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showers and storms as well as when to expect oppressive heat and humidity and temperatures soaring to around 90 degrees. iain? >> all right, scott. before you head to the beach or barbecue this weekend be sure to track the forecast on our website right there at >> a fire in wildwood knocks out power to nearly 2,000 customers but the lights are back on tonight. the fire started around 11:00 this morning inside a building at park boulevard and west oak avenue. atlantic city power cut electricity during the peak of the fire. some shops along the boardwalk went dark for few hours but nobody was hurt during the fire. it's still not clear how the fire started. >> radnor township police put an accused peeper behind bars. police say the suspect has a history of looking up women's skirts. fox 29's drew dickman is live outside the radnor township police department tonight. drew? >> reporter: iain, police say they zeroed in on the suspect by taking a still from the grocery store surveillance video and then using a new facial
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recognition software that they have. they used that to printout a picture which the victim then i diagnoseed leading to his arrest this morning. >> i think it's absurd. >> reporter: police say brian bailey used his cell phone to take a video of up side a woman's skirt inside the giant in radnor last friday. shoppers reaction the to the 52 year old's arrest. >> i'm glad he's gone and i'm glad i'm not wearing a skirt. >> investigators say the victim thought bailey was following her when she discover something was wrong. >> deaf yacht behavior that's out there and this individual is walking behind her and she's unsuspecting. she's in the food store. she's shopping. and here he's placing electronic device unknown her skirt report roar bailey did need those claims as he got hauled off to face judge. >> i didn't do anything, sir. >> reporter: court records show this isn't the first time someone felt violated by bailey. block says bailey is currently on probation and had more than 70 videos on his cell phone in july 2012 from you were skirting
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women at atm in ambler. >> i think cell phones can be more dangerous than we realize. he radnor residents say they're resting easier because he's behind bars. >> this is a quiet neighborhood around who are. it doesn't happen very often. something like that does, startles the community little bit. >> reporter: police say they're waiting on getting a search warrant so they can look through bailey's latest phone to see if there were any additional photos and videos on that. they also believe that there could be more victims from bailey throughout the greater philadelphia area. if you believe you've been victimized you're asked to contact radnor pleat police. >> drew, thank you. >> police in chester county are looking foreman they say sexually assaulted a 16 year old girl. they released this sketch of the man. police say it happened wednesday morning in caln township. the girl told police the assault happened along a wooded trail near 11th avenue and foundry street. you're asked to call police if you recognize the guy in this
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sketch. right now the search for two cars involved in deadly hit-and-run. police say the 50 year old victim was crossing the road at broad and bell field in philadelphia's logan section early this morning. cops say the first driver hit her and took off. a second car also hit the victim but stayed on the scene. then a third driver hit her and took off as well. the woman was taken to the hospital where she died. authorities say one of the cars is white and has front end damage. >> police hope you can help them identify a rittenhouse square robber tonight. surveillance cameras got this photo of the man investigators are looking for. police say he pulled a gun on man inside a parking lot on ranstead street last week and got away with $40. and the man's credit cards. police say this photo was taken at atm where he allegedly tried to use the vick tip's card. if you've got any information, please call police. >> undercover sting leads to the arrest of two suspected child predators in our area. police arrested 54 year old
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barry burden and 28 year old careen months both of philadelphia. authorities located the men online investigations and tonight they're behind bars facing a number of child porn charges. they've got preliminary hearings next month. >> a 17 year old drowns trying get to soccer ball at a chester county park. it happened around 8:00 last night in a pond on the an sonics son park in kennett square. police say the teen boy jumped in to get the ball and vanish. rescue crews pulled the teen out but he died at a local hospital. >> they're the ones who come to our rescue but last september it was the firefighters in old city who were victims of a fire themselves. now, almost a year later, their firehouse is ready for action again. this is the fire that ripped through the latter two station on fourth and arch streets last september. it's nine team unit has been working from another station a mile away. sin the massive project is now finish, firefighters are back home and say being back is great for them and the neighbor.
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>> i believe it was always safe, but having the company right here is always going to make the community members feel safer because this is their station. >> like the old saying there's in place like home. and it is night nice to be back. >> the station needed $475,000 worth of renovations to its garage including a state of art emission system. the ceiling, kitchen and windows were also repaired. >> a grandmother's trip to the grocery store takes a terrifying turn. she is knocked to the floor and robbed. how cops caught up with the 14 year old suspect who has a history that's hard to believe. >> and this k9 officer leaving the job after a long impressive run. what's next for the dog that's worked hard to keep a local community safe. >> tom? >> iain codey parkey and alec henri. which eagles kicker has the edge. both kick considers make their case ahead in sports. >> tom, nice kick off to the upcoming holiday weekend. but don't get too used to the low humidity and comfortable
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temperatures. coming up, when to expect 90-degree heat as well as the threat for showers and storms. >> and almost 25 year old cold case solved thanks to a children's toy you may have in your house right now. tonight at 10 how police say laying goes were the key to finding a killer.
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>> police arrest three teams in the violent purse snatching of a 74 year old florida woman. you can see in this surveillance video the suspect snatches the bag and knock the woman over. officers say all three suspects have at least nine prior felonies. one of the teens a 14 year old faces aggravated assault and robbery charges. the victim has some serious injuries but she's out of the hospital and is recovering. >> police in northeast philadelphia want to track down
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two robbers who ambush and shot a man making a deposit at a bank and side a gross he store and they're hoping new surveillance video will help. fox 29's jeff cole shows it to us tonight. >> reporter: take good look at the van at the top of the screen because the two men inside are about to pull off a brazen daytime heist. >> that white we believe it is a dodge caravan pulls up and boxes the complainant in. they then immediately jump out of the vehicle, smash his windows on his car. at that point he's shot during that attack. >> reporter: it all plays out in front of security cameras just past sick thursday evening. the van is clearly seen approaching the vehicle as the robbers jump out, smash windows, grab the cash and run. this woman says she shops here in the cottman bustleton center almost daily. >> scary. um, we don't know who is watching us or following us. it's a shame. it's a sad thing for all of us. >> reporter: have you been concerned about security here or
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is this somewhat unusual. >> no, in the really. this is very unusual. >> the victim owns four gas stations including this one. apparently makes frequent deposits at the bank here shot in the arm he's home now says a friend. police believe the robbers knew he was coming. >> you think that these guys were watching him. they'd seen him come and just decided to make their move here? >> there's no doubt. they were in that parking lot for over an hour waiting for him. >> reporter: meanwhile, a security truck circled the strip mall lot this afternoon and citizens bank corporate spokesperson says a guard has been posted in front of the bank unside the pathmark. all while residents seem stun. >> the robbers are described as wearing muslim garb but they apparently didn't wear gloves. leaving the possibility that fingerprints could be pulled. total hall on this heist about 70 grand. in northeast philly jeff cole, fox 29 news. >> after serving honorablely a k9 officer is hanging up his badge. medford township police
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announcing the retirement of nomos he has served as special member of the department for nine years. he and his handler joseph canuso part of a team responding to bomb threats throughout the state. their bond will not be broken. after retirement the dog will continue to live with his happened her and his family. a ceremony is scheduled for the 16th. let's check back in with chief meteorologist scott williams. a look at our labor day weekend forecast. a lot of changes over the next several days, iain. right now we're looking at high pressure in control. it's comfortable. the humidity is down, and we're even talking 50s again for some. north and west tonight. so it will be really chilly for some especially toward the pocono mountains. but as we move in your saturday, warm and pleasant. similar actually to today. high temperatures top out again in the low 80s. then by sunday, as well as labor day monday, we're looking at 90-degree temperatures returning along with those scattered showers and even some thunderstorms. so as we take a look at the low this morning, 61 degrees.
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the afternoon high we made it up to 81. the normal this time of year is 84 degrees. so you can see that record of 98 degrees set back in 1991. it is definitely safe. the sun will set this evening at 7:37. as we look at temperatures area wide right now we're looking at low to mid and upper 70s. low 70s in atlantic city. as well as wildwood. we're looking at 78 in philadelphia as well as allentown. 70 degrees currently in the pocono mountains. so temperatures in the 70s for us. but you move a little farther to the south and west, temperatures climb into the upper 80s for cincinnati. low 90s in nashville as well st. louis. so by sunday even monday and tuesday of next week, we're looking at 90-degree heat along with increasing dew points. the dew point just a measure of moisture in the atmosphere. you know any time it's below 60 it feels really comfortable. but by sunday and into labor day the dew point temperatures are going to climb into the uncomfortable and oppressive category. 60s and even 70-degree dew points expected early next week. so get ready for the heat and
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humidity. satellite and radar it's dry and quiet right now. you can see off to the west we're tracking thicker clouds as well as some showers and storms. that is the system that will impact us as we move into sunday and especially on monday. so as we look at the clock saturday morning, dry and quiet across the area. looking good. the entire day in the poconos, down the shore, then as we move ahead to sunday morning the clouds start to increase and we watch moisture off to the west. scattered showers around as we move into lunch too many and thereafter during the day on sunday but then better chances for rainfall arriving sunday night into early monday morning. so you can see by 10:00 o'clock watching some of the rain move toward the i-95 core don and then continue down the shore overnight sunday into early monday morning down the shore. looking a little wet and unsettled but you can see by 10am still looking at clouds and showers especially down the shore. but any location actually on monday and even tuesday could
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see some of those scattered showers around. so as we roll the clock you can see most of us are dry through sunday afternoon, even evening. here's the clock at 10:00 p.m. you can see about a tenth of an inch north and west. but staying dry down the shore and in parts of south jersey and also delaware. monday morning we start to see some of that rainfall increase. we're talking about a tenth of an inch to quarter of an inch through mid morning on monday. so you can see down the shore, saturday 77 degrees. low 80s as we move into your sunday time frame and then monday a better chance for those showers. don't can system any plans monday however we will see a better chance for those showers down the shore. the pocono mountains saturday fantastic mid 70s. 80 degrees on sunday. sunday in the pocono mountains a better chance for those showers and storms as that front will be approaching there first as we move into monday low 80s, scattered showers and storms around as well. so for tonight, 50s in the suburbs north and west. low 60s in the city, and and that for tomorrow, low 80s, warm
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and pleasant get outdoors and and joy. that labor day weekend for the philadelphia area once again we are talking about those temperatures rapidly increasing as we move into your sunday and monday upper 80s to right around 90 degrees with chances for those showers and storms late sunday into monday. the seven day forecast showing you saturday the pick day of the upcoming holiday weekend. forecast by the numbers on a scale of one to 10, we will give saturday a 10. and then you can see we can be talking about a heat wave iain and tom as we move into next week. so summer kind of arriving a little late. >> good. i like what next week looks li like. >> better late than never. >> that's right. >> talking football tonight as well because the philadelphia eagles roster guys stands at 75 players. 22 roster moves still to be made and up next kicker gate which is going to determine one of those spots will come right down at the wire. and temple with big upset over vanderbilt last night. their problems started even before kick off. the jersey malfunction story is before kick off. the jersey malfunction story is nethe wonder of summer is that
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>> eagles roster still standing right now at 75 players. they need to make 22 moves by 4:00 o'clock tomorrow to get down to that league mandated 53.
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some of those decisions will be a lot easier than others. there's lots of internet rumors out there at this hour but nothing official from the eagl eagles. one tough decision to be made, who will be the eagles kicker? the veteran alex henry or undrafted rookie codey parkey out of auburn. parkey got all three field goal attempts against the jets. two of them from 50-yard. does parkey think he won kicker gate? >> i don't know. that's out of my hands. i did what i can tonight. a couple kicks i'd like to have back. do a little better. it's my job. i don't have want those guys to cover kick. i want to put it out of the end zone. always room for improve many i guess we'll see. >> i think they make decisions and it's out of my control. so just whatever happens happens. everything happens for reason. so, um, that's had you you a got to approach it. >> codey parkey will be the eagles kick consider this year i think. >> phillies starting week be series with the mets up at citi field. phillies won four straight trail
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the mets by a half a game for fourth place in the national league east. what a if he as company in vander bit last night. before the game with temple look at these uniform. they came out with jerseys that said anchor down that's the team's motto for 2014. seems though that was more than a wardrobe malfunction. >> naacp rules vanderbilt is being a team time out each quarter because of ill fated statements on the jersey. >> let's go at the e-mails. those are approved e-mails and let's even print them. now we have a reversal. >> based on documentation received from the ncaa. the injuries see is legal so no time outs charged to vanderbilt. >> glad they got that all sorted out and went and lost to temple by 30 points. >> maybe new uniform by neck
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week. >> as long as it's approved. >> guys, thank you. that will do it for us here at 6:00. we'll see you back here at
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joan rivers, she is in a medically induced coma. >> you're trying to increase the odds that the person will come out of it with their brain function intact. >> and time line to a crisis. >> what this man saw the night before she stopped breathing. >> she is 81 but she is running around like a 4-year-old. then brad and angie, is their marriage legal? this lawyer says not really. >> brad and angelina are not legally married. plus, embattled tony stewart breaks his silence after mowing down another driver. >> oh, he hit him. tony stewart just hit that guy. >> this is the sadness and a pain that i hope no one has ever to -- ever has to experience. and president obama, what's up with the tan suit?


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