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tv   Fox 29 Morning News at 6a  FOX  September 1, 2014 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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workers who will be out of the job, in the coming weeks. show both casino coming in it chips and two more casinos are getting ready to close their doors. the future for atlantic city any a live report. scary phone call an irs agent, supposed irs agent on the line threatening to arrest you if you don't pay up. it is a scam, what you need to look out for. take a look, truly a breathtaking video recorded from a satellite, the light show that could be seen, from space. and, good day, everybody. it is monday, september the first. 2014. labor day. unofficial end to summer. >> yes. >> our reporters are covering your top stories this morning. steve keeley is live in atlantic city where one casino closed its doors over the weekend. another is expect to close its doors today. the jennifer joyce is following a very sad story out of northeastern, pennsylvania with ties to bucks county, pennsylvania. but first lets get a look at your weather on the one's with caitlin on this kind of grows day ahead, caitlin.
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>> in better word for it. thanks, chris. unless you are a fan of thick dense humidity then you will agree it is pretty gross outside. we have a lot of humidity but most of the rain from yesterday has moved off shore, weather by the numbers it is a five. it would be lower but it is a holiday as we have off. that is scoring some points. or wise, it is warm, humid and we have another round of thunderstorms, happening later today. bus stop buddy is by the pool. he does not go back until tomorrow. steamy start with some cloud cover right now. muggy the dog ace cog him and muggy the dog has in the been around in a while because we have not had such muggy weather. he is here today and probably tomorrow too. bus stop buddy will get ready to go back to school. right now ultimate doppler showing most of the rain off shore, there are showers and thunderstorms forming along the del marva. we will watch out for some of that moving through our area this morning. fox cast for today 90 degrees. limited sunshine. hot and warm with have afternoon showers and thunderstorms, scattered showers and thunderstorms,
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this evening. we will give way to some clearing later on tonight. that is a look at your fox cast, right after 6:00 a.m. lets check out the roads right now. we have very quiet delays. traffic authority is not seeing as much commuters. we still have issues including in roxborough a fire, ridge avenue between walnut lane and james down after avenue. you have to use alternate to get around this scene. either henry avenue or main street, chris. philadelphia police are investigating a late night murder. they responded to a call in the 6,000 block offal monday street in port richmond around 10:30. once there they found a male victim shot multiple times in the chest. the the unidentified victim was pronounced dead at the scene. search is on for that suspect. philadelphia police also investigating a fatal accident in port richmond this happened on the 3,000 block of lewis street around 9:00 last night. police say a 60 year-old man hit a peco utility pole in the delaware avenue intersection. in one else was hurt and not
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clear what caused the driver to lose control. tragedy strikes days before the the start of the new school year, three bucks county teenagers are dead following a horrible crash over the the weekend. >> lets get to fox 29's jennifer joyce live outside council rock high south. the the counselors will be on hand in advance of the start of the school tomorrow, jen. >> reporter: grief counselors will be here at council rock high school, south beginning at 1:00 this afternoon. even though today is a holiday. it is just one day before the start of the new school year. this is all because of the weekend crash that claimed the lives of three students, the victim have been identified, they can be seen here, in pictures from their facebook pages as colin keffer, 15 year-old ryan lesher and shamus digney. state police say they were riding in a chevy suburban when it overturn saturday morning around 11 there 30 in paulpack township, wayne county. three other people were in the car with the boys. this he were taken to the
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hospital but we have no word on their conditions. the school district sent out a statement saying council rock offers its sin sore condolences to the families of these students and all who are grieving, this terrible loss. according to the social media the three victims were all student athletes who played lacrosse, soccer and basketball. we have seen students taking to social media to over their condolences and express their grief. ill will be a tough day here at the high school. counts counselors will be coming in on this holiday from 1:00 to 4:00 to talk to any students who need to talk and to have been affect by this tragedy. chris and dawn. >> it will be a tough day back, for sure. >> they looked so young too. under scores the sadness. the other big story developing is down the shore where atlantic city's revel casino is now closing it doors. >> the two-year old resort begins process of shutting down. it seems like it was just
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yesterday when we had this huge fanfare and this great opening and now it is evening all operations. fox 29's steve keeley is live with more. the situation there just keeps getting worse and worse, steve. >> reporter: no buyers have come forward and if no one really believed that this did day would come and these places were really going to shut down the reality sits in when you look at this and see the big dark empty show boat casino hotel, opened and bright for 27 years, never bankrupt, like so many others and always profitable, but shut down anyway, so its owners caesars will see more business at its three other casinos here in atlantic city bally's, caesars and harrah's marina and its place in chester pennsylvania as part of the pool of gamblers from the atlantic city toy pennsylvania which passed new jersey as the new number two state in casino money after nevada. next door to the right over the at revel, it is last night for those hotel guests where you see lights in the room. hotel closing. check out time at 11:00 a.m.
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casino shutting down at 5:00 a.m. place after it closes may sell for as little as 25 million-dollar, that is just 1 percent of what it cost to build the equivalent of buying a brand new beach house for a million-dollar, and less than three years later only being able to get 0,000 bucks for it, selling it. >> that would be a 99 percent discount, steve keeley, interesting, and sad, amazing all at once. thanks so much. so hard core music fans braved heavy rains, to take in the budweiser, made in america festival, at the parkway last night. dawn, did you go. >> i did not. >> cue up the music. >> ♪ >> concert goers waited before they could enjoy the sound of ferrell because officials evacuated more than 40,000 people, crammed on to ben franklin parkway, due to the rain and the thunderstorms,
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not fun. ticket takers say directing everyone out of the gate was not easy. >> it was just a mess. they were trying to run us over, and it was so scared, like people weren't listening to us, and my gosh. >> well, show did resume about an her later and, so did the rain but concert goers made the best of it. i'm so excited, i am just so glad to be here. >> much different scene in los angeles where you can see that sunshine. the made in america festival made debut on the west coast, estimated 37,000 people attended the two day festival in downtown l.a. it featured performances by iggy azalea. she's so fancy. kendrick lemar and kanye west closed it out. big win over the terrorist over islamic state. victory they are celebrating
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this morning. watch what you tweet the controversial message that ended up on his twitter account, only he says hey, it is
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no signs of the source have the gas leak that kept peco crew is very business. peco received more than a thousand calls from customers said they were smelling gas and calls started to come in saturday afternoon and they came from all over peco service area. peco crews said they investigated each and every
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complaint but found no signs of a gas leak. what you could smell, is all of this rain. >> yeah. >> pretty smell. >> it brings that relief even fit is only temporary. it smells better, feels better. it cuts heat and humidity briefly. we saw more showers about to move in, you see a whole area have of rain and lightening off shore in the atlantic. that came through yesterday. we're in a lull, but we've got some showers down, near washington right there between washington and richmond. if they hold together that will bring us showers and thunderstorms to delaware. maybe south jersey. this is not for a couple more hours. it does bear watching. we have our group, of good dayers down the group, welcoming alex holley in wildwood at next hour at boardwalk avenue and schellenger avenue. they are okay right new. they are not seeing any rain. we will watch. they might see rain before the show is over. seventy-four in philadelphia 73 wilmington. seventy-three in wildwood. we have low visibility especially north and west due to the fog, and the haze out
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there. fox future cast at 9:00 a.m. shows that rain moving through delaware and cape may county. yes, our shore could see rain mid-morning. otherwise everything is scattered. it is not until late they're afternoon we have a chance for more organize thunderstorms. into tuesday we will start off with sunshine. another chance for showers and thunderstorms. that is a cold front coming through which will cut humidity on wednesday. so tuesday looks just as hot. labor day forecast 90 degrees, humid. scattered thunderstorms. we will have your seven day forecast just ahead. we will go back out to roxborough. this morning this is our main issue. we don't have commuters on the road so we are not seeing volume problems but ridge avenue in roxborough between walnut lane and james town avenue we have a fire, use your alternate, henry avenue or main street. also in christiana, delaware, southbound route seven, route one, on ramp to i-95, we have got an accident that just came in there and it has ramp block, dawn? >> thanks, caitlin. thousands of people all across the country are getting
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these threatening phone calls from the irs. at least that is what they think. it is a scam. what you need to know before you become a victim of what you need to know before you become a victim of identity t sfx: sounds of marching band and crowd cheering sfx: sounds of marching band and crowd cheering so, i'm walking down the street,
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sfx: sounds of marching band and crowd cheering just you know walking, sfx: sounds of marching band and crowd cheering and i found myself in the middle of this parade honoring america's troops. which is actually quite fitting because geico has been serving the military for over 75 years. aawh no, look, i know this is about the troops and not about me. right, but i don't look like that. who can i write a letter to about this? geico.
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we want to take a look at these flames, thinks a live look in roxborough, where fire crews as you can see are on the scene, this is at ridge avenue, and walnut lane. we're in the sure how many properties, might be involved
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in this fire but fire officials tell us that in one has been injured. we are still waiting to learn what caused this fire but you can see, dawn, it is very much fully involved right now. >> flames are shooting from this building. a lot of crews are on the scene. this is in roxborough, along ridge avenue. so, as soon as we get more information we will bring it to you. and making national headlines this morning federal investigators are trying to determine what caused a deadly small plane to crash in colorado. five people, were killed in erie, which is just north of denver, colorado. plane crashed just a few hundred feet from a nearby airport runway. it is in the clear if the plane was trying to land or take off. the family of the fallen lt. col. until who was killed in the military jet crash in virginia, spoke to hundreds in his honor this weekend. mourners gathered in massachusetts for this ceremony, lt. col. until morris fontnot a member of the 104 fighter wing and barnes air national guard base died wednesday when his f15 jet crashed in rural virginia his
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wife thanked everyone who showed up, many members, of that fighter wing were also there. >> my husband died doing what he loved to do. he served his country, flying f15's, and what he loved even more was being part of a ban of brothers. >> fontnot will be laid to rest early next month, in the united states air force academy in colorado springs. abortion rights advocates are hailing a federal judge's ruling that blocks louisiana's new abortion law. the law, whether it was set to take effect today, requires abortion doctors to have admitting privileges to a hospital within 30 miles of their clinic. the the hearing on the measure is scheduled for medication month. irs officials want you to know, that if you get a even if call from them it may not be them at all. irs says people are calling, claiming to be agent and demanding payments, phone a phony tax liens. authorities say that the phony agents, who usually have heavy
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accents, call, saying that the unsuspecting person owes lots of money to the irs and if it is not paid immediately they will ab rested. irs says it does not operate this way and so far, they have received at least 90,000 calls, complaints, regarding this scam. iraqi security troops claim a major strategic victory over fighters from the islamic state. the troops broke the siege isis had on the town, since mid-july. meanwhile the u.s. military carried out more air strikes begins isis and delivered aid to impact residents in that region. and a islamic allied militia group in control of libya's capitol guards u.s. embassy and residential compound. >> a commander for the dawn of libya group, told the associated press his forces said that guarding the compound since last week. this is a day after it seized control of the capitol and its international airport of weeks of fighting with a rival
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militia. several diplomates fled more than a month ago because of the ongoing fighting. the dawn of libya says they are ready to turn the building over to u.s. officials, upon their return. israeli, military announcing yesterday that it a has taken possession of about 1,000 acres of the west bank. now this could help clear the way for construction of a new jewish settlement. israelis receiving mixed reviews over this latest action. seven people have now been confirmed dead in connection to a partial building collapse in a paris suburb. at least one child ace monk the dead. investigators say a gas leak led to an explosion in the four story apartment building but officials say there is no danger to the neighborhood after that explosion. an amazing truly out of this world view. >> take a look, time lapse footage created by, photographs from the international space station in july were released by the european space agency. now, this view shows the iss
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flying straight through the bright green northern lights. the video continues to roll role as space station flying over a city landscape showing the lights on earth, along with a lot of stars in the background. how cool is that. >> wow. >> northern lights. good day philadelphia, are you excited for this. >> this is crazy. we're all excited. we have been talking about her for a while now. good day starts in 40 minutes. >> mike jerrick is in wildwood to kick off our week of welcoming our new anchor alex holley. >> welshing shockingly, we have made it down here, about a two her drive. it was fun with tom anal ex, who is still with us. here's the concept, do you see that big a, hi. it is the the big, great white roller coaster. i will go with the big red a for alex, alex holley who you will meet her in just a second. we have the vacuums going here, here's another vacuum dude here. they are getting the boardwalk
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all cleaned up for alex and for you. it is as they say, the last official day of summer, so this pier should be packed by would i think 8:00 o'clock or so. a lot of people out jogging and rider their bikes and stuff like that. i will see you at 7:00 o'clock when we will finally debut, wow, he just sucked up something. hopefully it wasn't alex. we will see you at 7:00 o'clock. >> we can't wait, mike, see new a bit. >> so caitlin how is the weather going to be. you can see it is wet out there. >> but not bad so far. we're in a little break. but by 9:00 o'clock more showers might be moving in. so why not throw a little rain in the mix of alex's debut. we will give her full on experience, everything that we have to offer and with that today is heat, humidity and yes, thunderstorms. your seven day forecast showing today labor day the 90 degrees. cloudy and hazy mess of the day with those thunderstorms
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off and on. we have a final round of thunderstorms, tuesday, 93 for a high temperature. that front which brings the storms will cut humidity on wednesday but remains warm, back to school so many, the hot week in the classroom. temperatures well in the 80's. by next weekend we will see relief as temperatures go back to normal. that is your seven day forecast, now we have been following, breaking news of a fire in manayunk in roxborough, ridge avenue, it is closed between walnut lane and james town avenue, you'll have to take henry avenue or main street to get around were you eating smoked sausage in here? no! could have gotten me one. i did. grab a spicy smoked sausage breakfast sandwich. it's the smoked sausage you crave, now spicy.
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good morning, i'm tom sredenschek, phillies finishing off month of august at new york on sunday taking on the met and trying to win their fourth straight series. they are down two-one in the sixth inning. ryan howard had a double earlier in the game. thinks solo home run number 20 on the season for ryan. we are tied at two. lead does not last licensing though bottom half of the sixth inning anthony wrecker off aj burnett. he knew it right away. it proves to be the the difference. the mets take two out of .
6:26 am
six-five the win. first place nationals started the game with the seven game lead and started with bryce harper on fire. guy has been great since the all-star break. thinks a solo home run in seattle gives nationals three -one lead. in the bottom of the fifth dustin, the three run home run here, seattle salvages a game in the series, they beats the nationals five-three. phillies open up in atlanta this afternoon at 1:00. cole hamels on the mound. marie sharapova upset at u.s. open. that is sports in a minute. i'm tom sredenschek. that nascar racer tony stewart is back on the track. he raced in it oral b u.s. a500 in atlanta yesterday for the first time he has been on the track sincees struck and killed a driver on the dirt track in new york. three weeks ago. stewart slammed the wall twice, and settled for a forty-first place finish yesterday. that means that he must win next week even at richmond to make nascar's chase for the sprint cup champion ship. region's new cramp in the
6:27 am
baseball diamond are celebrated with a parade. >> ♪ >> the broomall newtown baseball team earn its second world series title in the babe ruth baseball organization. big parade was held on sunday afternoon in broomall and ended at the ballpark where the team got up close and personal with the fans and by the way, they clinched that big win thursday night in washington state. way to go. >> 6:27. controversy continues, for texas governor rick perry, this time, he is in trouble for a tweet, what has people so upset why he says, he is not responsible for that tweet. steve keeley is live in atlantic city where anyone staying at the revel will be checking out, in a few hours, steve? >> reporter: at least we can tell you one thing is open, the beach is still opened here in atlantic city as sunrisees here and sunsets on two of the three casinos closing this month.
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we have breaking news in roxborough a large fire shutting down traffic and consuming this building. we're their life at award dry cleaner on fire. we will have the very latest coming up. a tragic start to the school year. three bucks county high schooler killed in an accident over the weekend. how their school is helping students get over their sudden death. it is end of an another,
6:31 am
three casinos shutting down, thousands of jobs will be lost. where do we go from here. and students in new jersey will learn, so much more then reading, writing and arithmetic. they are learning how to save lives. what every child will need to know before they graduate at some high schools. >> good morning on this labor day. kind of a hazy, hot, humid labor day. >> we said grease. >> yes. >> that is not a meteorological term, necessarily caitlin. >> but it is what everyone can understand and probably agree with. it is humid out there this morning. we felt that weather change from saturday to sunday. the it was like fall back to summer. five is your number on a scale of one to ten. good thing it is a holiday, most of you don't have have to go to work. down side with pool parties and barbecues and day out at the shore and last hooray of summer we will be dealing with thunderstorms. on and off showers this morning and chance for stronger storms later on today. bus stop buddy out by the pool
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because it is still muggy. steamy start with temperatures in the 70's. ultimate doppler, showing a lot of the rains of last night has moved off shore but there is a patch of showers and then are storms crossing from virginia into southern maryland. we will watch that if it hold together it will move through southern delaware. your fox cast for today limited sunshine with clouds. hot and steamy. 90 degrees is your high temperature. it is a hot 90 degrees with the humidity. we have a low of 72. warmer for tuesday and mess of the week does look pretty hot. we will have that seven day forecast still ahead. back to roxborough where we have been following this major fire, causing traffic delays and a breaking news: this is by 7-eleven, ridge avenue, between walnut lane and james town avenue. this is a big fire at award dry cleaner. avoid it if you can. use the alternate either henry avenue or main street. this is to get around the fire on ridge avenue in roxborough. unless christiana delaware southbound route seven, route one, on ramp to i-95 there is
6:33 am
an accident with the ramp block. use the alternate route 273 ramp to 95. chris? we will get back to that, caitlin. it is our breaking news at 6:33. lets go back live, to roxborough, fire crews are on the scene right now, at ridge avenue, and walnut lane where you have a dry cleaning business that is on fire. the this is the award custom cleaners. we are not sure how many properties might be involved in this but fire officials tell us that no one is hurt. we understand there is a septa bus stop there, a bus nine stops there, that is a block away also from the an hospital in the area you can see from the live pictures they are hitting it with water but you can see the glow of flames inside that dry cleaning business. whenever you say dry cleaning you think of all of the chemicals that they use, some 85 percent of these chemicals use perk, i will in the use the long name but chemical they use in dry cleaning which is flammable. >> you can peak inside that
6:34 am
window how ferocious those flames are and this is on ridge avenue, and, walnut lane. thinks a major thoroughfare in that area of roxborough. traffic, as caitlin was mentioned, is tied up. we will continue to stay on top of this store and bring you very latest. got news is so far we have no reports of any injuries. tragedy strikes just days before the the start of the school year. three bucks county teenagers are dead following a crash over the weekend in wayne county. >> lets bring in fox 29's jennifer joyce live outside council rock high school south this morning, for us jennifer, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, chris. we don't know how this crash happened but we do know that an entire community is grieving, the loss of these three teenagers. we do have pictures of them, thanks to their facebook pages, and they have been identified as colin keffer, 15 year-olds ryan lesher and shamus digney. state police say three boys were riding in a chevy suburban when it overturn
6:35 am
around 11:30 in paulpack township wayne county. three other people were in the car with the boys. they were taken to the hospital. but we have no word on their conditions. the school district sent out this statement, saying quote, council rock offers its sincere condolences to the families of these student and all that are grieving this terrible loss. according to social media the three victims were all student athletes, who played lacrosse, soccer ape basketball. we have seen a lot of students take to social media to offer their condolences and express their grief. today, even though it is a holiday the school will be opened here, grief counselors will be on hand to talk to any student affected by this tragedy, chris. >> all right, jennifer, thank you. atlantic city's revel hotel and casino beginning its two day process of closing it doors, for good. >> fox 29's steve keeley is live in atlantic city which more on this, steve, good morning. >> reporter: i remember good old days when we started this show back in 1997, for instance, when atlantic city had casinos employed more
6:36 am
people then there were residents in this town. at that time in 97 casino work force was well above the population here of 39,000. now, it is less than half. with casinos closing, and the ones staying open, dropping like seashell toss in the ocean when it comes to real estate value even resident will be living as property taxes jump 30 percent and it will go up even more next year with 12 casinos, 2014 began with, soon down to eight tax paying casinos before the year inn a quarter through. show boat sank yesterday. now dark, quiet and vacant. to the right revel closest its tall hotel tower at 11:00 o'clock check out time today. casino closes at 5:00a m tomorrow. we know what happened in philadelphia and camden when those big working factories went out of business leaving huge vacant buildings behind that became blight, target for vandals and fires. new mayor here at the the shore says he will fine some
6:37 am
way to fill these places fast. >> we have 6,000 families in the area losing their jobs. so this is a time for everyone, faith based organizations, union, government, all have to come together to provide immediate services and help to those people who are losing their jobs. we started off, wednesday at 9:00 o'clock, casino reinvestment development authority, providing the convention center and parking, making sure people understand how the employment benefits, severance package, how long that last, how long does the benefit package last that the unions will continue after the closing. what jobs are available out of state. we will have people there at the jobs fare. and then pulling together the information. >> reporter: last hope is wednesday, for all of those casino work hours will show up at convention hall and fill it
6:38 am
up and see most of the 8,000 people losing their jobs with these three casinos all gathered in within place at one time and that will be a devastating pictures at the shore on wednesday. inside at revel's shops the the signs of a shut down say 50 percent off, even 75 percent off items. one visitors say dawn and chris, things are finally affordable at revel. of course, they are shutting down. >> how about that. >> yeah. >> thanks, steve. two new law get in effect today in new jersey, as we stay in the garden state. >> these laws require new jersey school district and students to be more prepared, for cardiac emergencies. the american red cross is offering training, to school districts, to help them comply with the new mesh ours. 6:38. a lot of celebrities are waking up, really unhappy this morning. their private photos of their private parts, hacked and shared for all of the world can sianni now that hacker is
6:39 am
threatening to release more nude photos. rick perry is fining himself in trouble yet again this time it is on twitter, why he says the latest issue is not
6:40 am
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testing. ultimate doppler main area is well off shore, another patch of showers and thunderstorms moving, through eastern virginia, western maryland, and that could cross over in southern delaware within the next hour or so but it does look like it is weakening. here in philadelphia we have a few spritzes and showers. we have a muggy hazy dreary morning. temperatures are pretty warm to start. that is because it is so humid out. seventy-four in philadelphia and wilmington. seventy-three millville. seventy-three in wildwood. we will hear from our good day gang in 20 minutes have have the visibility lowest toward north and west. dense fog in lancaster county, berks county up through lehigh valley. that is because of the humid air mass in place. is there so much moisture. fox future cast starting at 9:00 a.m. many showers are southwest of our area but between mid-morning we can see chance for rain down the shore. it is a passing shower. that will be the case through most of the afternoon. heavier thunderstorms are
6:43 am
possible, this evening. but it looks like we will clear out, after dark. your labor day forecast back here in philadelphia for any barbecues, pool days, anything you have with the kids, any parties, outside you might be dodging rain drops here and there. we have a run inside and then go back outside type of days. 90 degrees. hot and humid. this hotter while stick around. the it is metrologically first day of fall and doesn't look like it. we have a seven day forecast that is very summery, 93 tomorrow and tuesday with the thunderstorm, that thunderstorm threat diminishes wednesday. make it less humid for sure. still hot through the rest of the week which is a school week for so many kids. it is hot as we head back to the classroom. down the shore watch for showers and thunderstorms throughout the day. mostly cloudy skies with temperatures in the low lower 80's. surf temperature 74 degrees. the that is it for shore season 2014. it comes to an end today. it was a nice one. we had a very nice summer down there that is your shore cast.
6:44 am
let's go outside to the roads again. our main issue in roxborough, the fire on fifth ridge avenue between walnut lane and james town avenue. well, the award dry cleaners but we have gotten word it was put under control. still though use the area. you'll have to use either alternate henry avenue or main street. also in christiana delaware southbound route seven, route one on ramp to southbound i-95, we have an accident that has the ramp block. use the alternate which is 273 ramp back to i-95 south, but this accident should be cleared up too, soon. lets go back to that dry cleaning fire the. it is breaking news in roxborough. fire crews are on the scene and they have made quick work putting out this fire. ridge avenue at walnut lane. this is the at ward custom cleaners. i'm in the sure if any adjacent properties have been affect by these flames. we were live with this about a half an hour ago. we showed you how quickly they got to this scene and got those houses on this fire.
6:45 am
this is video in the last half an hour. dawn, looking at their web site the awards custom dry cleaners. they are a family own business and operated for 45 years and they specialized in wedding gown cleaning and preserves. as you look at what inventory is inside, likely, you're talking, about thousands, tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands of dollars in merchandise. i mean some dress shirts can be over a hundred dollars. >> can you imagine if you had your wedding gown, being cleaned there or anything really, it is obviously in ruins. the good news is, again that the fire is under control and that no one was hurt. >> that is very good news. >> we will keep you posted. michael sam in the meantime did not make the the st. louis roster. he was among the last cuts saturday by st. louis. sam is the first openly gay player drafted, into the the nfl. now after his release, he wrote on his twitter account the journey continues. well, jay paterno exposes
6:46 am
what he calls the false perceptions about his late father and former penn state football coach, joe paterno. in this new memoirs, paterno legacy, enduring lessons from the life and death of my father, jay says that his father was not perfect but he says, that he did not commit a crime or even witness one. jay says he hopes the last few months of his father's life won't be overshadowed by the jerry sandusky scandal and he is hoping that the football players recruited by his father will carry on his legacy at the penn state. a local community coming together to help area parents as students get ready to head back to school, as it is back to schooltime. the students filling up more than 250 new backpacks with free school supplies. this was outside the stella elementary school over the weekend. an organizer for south philadelphia event says he got inspired by a friend to do this. the give away has the school's principal feeling pretty good. >> well, that means we will get off to a good start. we do more with less.
6:47 am
we come together as a community to make sure our students receive a quality education despite our fiscal crisis here in the philadelphia school district. >> back to school give away continues across town at a local church in a west allegheny neighborhood. and levels barber shop in camden is also helping children get ready to go back to school, in style. today haircuts are free for children in elementary through middle school. great event. that starts at 9:00 o'clock this morning and runs until 3:00 in the afternoon. haircuts are on a first come, first serve basis. so get on over there. texas governor rick perry is denying a tweet sent from his account, mocking the district attorney, was authorized by him. rick perry, this image appeared on his personal account. the picture shows a d.a. that he is charged with unlawfully trying to push out of office, after she was convicted of drunken driving. but another message sent from perry says that he does not conn done the tweet.
6:48 am
it is not sure who does the actual posting of the governor on your twitter account. >> do you tweet your own tweeting. >> you are looking at her. >> yes. >> is that dawn at fox nine. >> yes. >> controversial toronto mayor rob ford showed off his dance moves yet again inside the council chambers. >> did he it to the tune of bob marley's one love. >> ♪ >> well, ford decided to busamove with other members of the city council, this guy never ceases to amaze me. it comes after a poll released thursday showing that he has gained ground on his challengers heading in the mayoral election this fall. ford has come under fire for his admit used of both drugs and alcohol. >> listening to music. >> and dance nothing city hall chambers. >> through go. >> tmz headlines. a hacker claims he has goods
6:49 am
on some big time celebrities. >> yeah, this user claims to have released nude photographs of jennifer lawrence, kate upton and several other female stars. the unidentified hacker is threatening to release more, if he does not get money. representative, for jennifer lawrence told the huffing ton post that images of the star which were allegedly stolen from her i cloud account, are real. the fbi is not confirming or denying any of these reports. joan rivers daughter says that she's hopeful about her mother's health, four days after the legendary comedian went into cardiac arrest in a new york city doctor's office. melissa rivers said in a statement that quote we are keeping our finger crossed. she thanked fans for their support over the weekend. we have learned that rivers was placed on life support. jenny mccarthey and donnie wahlberg got married over the weekend. the couple tied the knot in the ceremony outside of chicago yesterday. wahlberg's new kids on the block band mates were in attendance, as was mccarthey's
6:50 am
former co host on the view, cher i shepherd. one person who did not attend mark wahlberg. 's parentally could not make it because he was celebrating his daughter's birthday. >> that is interesting donnie wahlberg such a good actor too. he is so great in band of brothers. >> talented family. >> "good day philadelphia" starts in 40 minutes. forty minutes? it starts in about ten minutes. where did the morning go. >> that is right. >> we have been really waiting for this day. it cannot believe it is almost here. >> mike jerrick is in wildwood welcoming our new anchor alex holley, hi mike. >> does it look like i have a halo, ferris wheel, yes. >> and for the first time. >> for the very first time. >> what do you mean by that. >> again, we're nine minutes from finally having alex here as a family member on good day philadelphia people are on their bikes and stuff. here's ed. ed has been living here for a while. could you pat me down.
6:51 am
i'm very moist. thank you, ed: thank you. it will be warm today. this is where we are. is there a celebrity, over there joel galloway, that is bobby d. aren't you bobby d. >> that is bobby d putting out the stools at the arcade. so that tells you where we are. we have the the arcade there. our camera position is over here. greg, on this camera over here. he is ready to go, and then we have the splash zone right here and jumbo's. anal ex-is hiding behind that post. we he will get to that in about eight minutes. finally here. come down here and join us, in wildwood. >> boardwalk and schellenger. we want everybody to come out and welcomal connection a big hug. >> yes, and weather is holding up, mike. >> i'll tell you this, do i look moist? it is humid. i will say that.
6:52 am
you can see blue. well, it is kind of overcast. it is the not raining. come on out. i don't think it will rain. yeah. come on. >> we will see you at 7:00. >> i'll buy you a coffee. so caitlin we are looking at the weather in wildwood. it is holding off. >> it is what we have been seeing all morning, we're in a lull. we might have showers here and there throughout the rest of the morning but overall not looking at widespread rain. that being said it is as moist as mike said. very humid out there. warm and humid, ultimate doppler showing showers, filling back in from the southwest. otherwise we're waiting until later today to see a then are storm or two. not too bad, at least when it comes to the falling rain but there is some back across, eastern maryland that we will to have watch and see if that moves into delaware. your labor day forecast, mostly cloudy skies, not too much sunshine out there humid with some scattered thunderstorm later in the day. 90 degrees will be the the high temperature. it is cooler down the shore but as i said it is humid. nothing will feel that cool. and that is a look at your fox cast. lets look at roxborough a fire
6:53 am
at awards dry cleaners on ridge avenue between walnut lane and james town avenue. it is under control. the fire department is still on the scene though. we're working through the the issues. you'll to have use the alternate, henry avenue or main street. also the flooding that had right lane blocked in winslow, new jersey eastbound white horse pike, approaching east fleming pike, good news, that has been cleared. fox 29 morning news wi trading-in or selling your car, truck or suv? takes the hassle out of selling in just 3 easy steps. one, get your free online valuation. two, book an appointment. and three, pick up a check at your nearest buying center. ♪ find out how much your car is worth ♪ ♪ at
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good morning. welcome back. we are live at bushkill falls in the pocono mountains and an adorable puppy learns how to play with his owner and becomes an instant hit on line. take a look, this is bennie the the bull dog. now, he doesn't want to play fetch or chew a bone, he, yes, wants to play peak a boo hiding behind the table and then pops his head up and down. while there is in winner in the game, slow and steady seems to be working nicely for this little guy. clock is ticking, revel hotel close is it doors hours from now, just after another atlantic city hotel, crumbled to financial tea feet, you can say. steve keeley is looking at impact that will on thousands of workers coming up in a live report. but today is the day we are getting ready to welcome alex holley to the show, new member of the good day family joins news a few minutes. we are live right now at the corner of schellenger and boardwalk. come down and meet mike an alex as they get ready to go
6:57 am
6:59 am
>> i'm loving every moment of it. grateful for this opportunity. i'm excited. >> brotherly love and sisterly affection. the that is real. everybody is just so welcoming. and tweeting me, about to be on the air, welcome to the show. i really feel that love.
7:00 am
what a flight it has been already. i'm ready for a wild ride. >> i know this. >> it is finally here, welcome alex. >> hey, yes, it is finally here. it is september 1st. well, welcome to wildwood. we're going to be here next few hours. if you can get a chance. come on out right here by the arcade. we have splash zone. we have jumpbo's. are you ready to go on a labor day. i'm stalling, because after all this, i cannot find her. we drove her down here and i don't know where she is. >> oh, wait a minute there is that familiar noise. there she