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tv   Good Day Philadelphia  FOX  September 1, 2014 7:00am-9:01am EDT

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what a flight it has been already. i'm ready for a wild ride. >> i know this. >> it is finally here, welcome alex. >> hey, yes, it is finally here. it is september 1st. well, welcome to wildwood. we're going to be here next few hours. if you can get a chance. come on out right here by the arcade. we have splash zone. we have jumpbo's. are you ready to go on a labor day. i'm stalling, because after all this, i cannot find her. we drove her down here and i don't know where she is. >> oh, wait a minute there is that familiar noise. there she is.
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>> we've got some theme music for her too. holley, holley-wood. look at that familiar sound down here. i will watch that tram car please, all day licensing because there she is. >> hi, alex. should i help you off. >> yes, please. >> hey, here she is, he wow, wow. >> wait a second, you have to meet her. >> really. >> do you know this is would the man that says that. >> watch the tram car please. >> how long ago did you record that. >> 1971. >> we love your voice. >> forty some years ago. >> 1971 you said that. >> wow. >> you know some people find it annoying. >> i know. >> don't say that. >> you are real sweet. >> thank you.
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>> so nice to meet you hi, alex. >> hi, everybody, how are you. >> great time. >> she's a little thing, isn't she. >> before we get started here, let's welcome you here. >> thank you, thank you. >> did you like that. >> holley, holley, holley wood. now just real quickly here because you are wondering why i'm all sweaty. >> i'm nervous. >> so let's get back. it all started in irving, texas for you. >> irving texas. >> that is right. >> that is part of the dallas. >> yes. >> no, wait a minute, i'm here now. >> yes. >> what team do you like. >> eagles. >> yeah, yeah. >> okay. when we get into our high school years. >> mcarthur high school, in irving texas. >> straight a's, cheer leading. >> i would like to think i a had straight a's. >> okay.
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>> and then, went to college where you became home coming queen at within point at the the university of missouri. >> that is right, missouri. how did i feel coming out of missouri. >> i don't like that because just a second, this is what she wore down here, in the car. missouri sweat shirts. >> i'm always representing missouri, especially around you representing the university of kansas. >> that is the biggest rival for missouri. >> were you close to not being hired because of this. >> i thought that was because i was from dallas. >> so i necessity something i can perfectly use this for. >> i know you have to wipe your face for something. >> hey, sue, come over here for a second. it is humid. is it always like this down here. >> it is not unusual.
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>> is what your name. >> betty. >> do you live down here. >> in the summertime. >> and philadelphia pennsylvania, north east. >> we got you. >> great north east. >> my mommies betty too. >> yes. >> thank you for watching every day. >> thanks for being here. >> so is what the deal. >> last week when i was here on vacation, no humidity at all. >> now. >> we're here. >> we're fragrant this morning. >> it is humid out there. >> i got sweaty boobs. >> we just started. >> don't you think it is rat's prep eighth for last unofficial day of summer because it feels like summer, it is hot and humid. >> how is your hair doing. >> i just put it down. >> yes. >> i will have an afro by the time we're done. >> yes, we will watch this transformation all morning good what number do you think we have today.
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>> it is seven or eight. >> it is a five. >> it will storm later on. do you remember how yesterday was. >> this blue sky. >> we had some sunshine yesterday but then severe then are storms later in the day. get ready for a repeat today. we have a five out of ten in your weather by the numbers, bus stop buddy, he has, of course, his bathing suit on. >> oh, yeah he is just going to jump in the pool because it that is kind of day. pool day out there so bus stop buddy is ready for a very humid morning. temperatures in the 70s your labor day forecast is for a high of 90. nine-zero. >> is there your weather. traffic time with caitlin back in the studio. >> hi, caitlin. >> hi everyone, good morning sue welcome back from vacation, although you are exactly where were you last week but good to see you again. welcome alex. still in roxborough this morning we have been following this fire a award dry cleaners on ridge avenue between walnut lane and james town avenue.
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as situation still being worked on it is under control. fire department is active on the scene but cannot access ridge avenue. we are still encouraging to you use alternate henry avenue or main street. also stim in christiana southbound route seven, route one on ramp to southbound i-95, this ramp still blocked due to an accident. use alternate route 273 ramp also i-95 south. that is a look at the roads from the traffic authority. lets head straight back down to wildwood. boy, such tragic news yesterday morning, three of our high school kids who lived in our area were killed in a car wreck. six kids in the car. >> that is right. >> fox 29's jennifer joyce, she's live there the at the the high school, because it is a holiday but there will still be some things happening there today, right. >> reporter: that is right, alex, today around 1c o'clock this afternoon grief counselors will be on hand to work with the students and talk with the students as they cope with the loss of three classmates.
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the victims have been identified and can be seen here from their facebook pages as colin keffer, 15 year-old ryan lesher and shamus digney. state police say that the three boys were riding in a chevy suburban when it overturn saturday morning 11:30 in wayne county. three other people were in the car with the boys. they were taken to the hospital but we have in word on their conditions. the school district sent out this statement saying council rock offers its sincere condolences to the families of the students and all who are grieving this terrible loss. according to social meade yacht three victims were all student athletes who played lacrosse, soccer and basketball. we have seen a lot of student taking to social media now to offer their condolences and express their grief. grief counselors will be here at the school beginning at 1:00 this afternoon to talk to all students affected by this awful tragedy. mike anal ex? >> stand by, guys. >> just horrible.
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we will be back out there thomas kids go back to school tomorrow. okay. boy, lot more people came out. >> yes, there are. >> i'm loving it. >> i want to entertain them somehow. they are just milling around. >> we will get a picture. we will get a picture while chris gives us headlines. >> that is right we will head back to the studio as christmas headlines from here and around the world. >> welcome. lets start in roxborough, fire in roxborough is now under control. we will take a look at the video here at the flames, thinks the awards custom cleaners at ridge avenue and walnut lane. fire crew where is call out at quarter of 6:00 this morning. we are not sure if other properties were involved here but fire officials tell us that no one was injury. the that is good news. now the bad news as we will head back down the shore for this landscape is change ago long the the boardwalk in atlantic city. revel hotel casino begins the process of shutting down. hotel closes today and cat seen owe closes tomorrow, revel has only been opened for
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two years. it is second atlantic city toy close its doors. in as many days. the the show boat shut down yesterday, after 27 years. federal investigators are trying to determine what caused a deadly small plane to crash in colorado. five people were killed and erie, just north of denver. plane crashed just a few hundred feet from a nearby airport runway. it is not clear yet if the plane was trying to land or kick off. how about this michael sam after a pretty good preseason, did not make the st. louis rams roster. he was among last cut saturday night by st. louis, sam, as you know is first openly gay player drafted in the nfl. after the release he wrote on twitter, that the journey continues. guys, journey just begins for alex holley, welcome alex. >> thank you so much, chris, i a really appreciate it. we have been talking about it, we are worried about the rain today but there was a lot of rain yesterday for made in america music festival.
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>> i started seeing tweets. everybody evacuates. >> running for cover. >> quincy, you were out there last night. i know were you there saturday night. >> i was there around 6:00 309 rain came in and a lot of people had to run for cover. people started running into the street. people were selling punchos. ferrell got moved back to 9:05. and kings of leon. but after the the rain, you know, subsided, everyone came back and energy was just more subdued but we still had fun. saturday night,al he can, myself, mike, we had a really good time. i will show you pictures and video coming up next. back to you guys in wildwood. >> all right. >> thunder was extremely loud. >> all of those crowds can you imagine all of those people
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running. >> they were worried about the lightening and all that. we have to get into this you cannot ignore this. isis is out of control. let get down to doug lou said inner d.c. people are starting to get very, very nervous in this country. >> reporter: yeah, i think a lot of people are making some pretty dark warnings about what is happening right now with isis. iraqi forces can chalk up a victory against isis in the towns of. iraqi forces for the their way in the town of northern iraq under siege biasis. they were assisted by a new round of u.s. air strikes but will this be enough to turn the tides against isis. president obama is coming under new fire for declaring last week in a news conference that he didn't have a strategy to take on a terrorist group. >> we find it consistent with his past policy and actions on foreign policy and it shows, i think, exemplifies that his foreign policy is in free fall. >> reporter: president was
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seen briefly yesterday on his way to play golf. his aids argued that the administration is waiting on the pentagon to come up with a game plan and any action in syria could inadvertently prop up the regime of allah sod. >> we cannot simply bomb first and ask questions later. we have to have the right targets and support in order to be effective. >> reporter: president has his defenders in congress but he is facing critics from within his own party. >> i have learned one thing about this president and that is he is very cautious, maybe in this instance, too cautious. >> reporter: the president has to deciding whether to take on isis targets in syria and also whether to loop congress in all of this and seek congressional authorization for any kind of era strikes in syria. we will see what happens there. happy labor day, guys, mike, to you and especially to alex, welcome. >> thank you, thank you so much. happy to be here. >> doug, come to philly sometime and meet her.
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she's just a joy. >> well, thank you. >> you're welcome to alex to make her work on labor day. >> i'm working. >> it is labor, day. >> it makes sense. >> yes. >> doug, we will see you again tomorrow. >> thank you. >> national happy with isis, junior varsity of al qaeda he wants to take that back, i would imagine. >> irs officials want to know if you get a phone call it may be a scam. >> i heard about this. it is, like a foreign voice, thaw might get. >> yes. >> telling you, all sort of things that are absolutely not true. they want your social security number, your personal information, because of a problem with your tax return, or your might be getting a refund or something like that. it is a came don't fall for it. >> they are claiming to be agents. it may seem official but it is not. >> also, on your phone, it comes up as a 202 area code.
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>> really. >> it seems like that might be right. >> yes. >> it is a scam. >> the the irs is not calling you. >> thank goodness we don't want them calling. >> audit. >> what? >> so sad, i have been such a big fan of joan rivers for year. >> me too. >> i was one time in a restaurant on park avenue in new york. >> um-hmm. >> i was doing a good day new york, but i like this one better. she comes over to my booth and says hello. i nearly passed out. joan rivers. i love fashion police. >> that is right, comes on e. >> yeah, she gets so nasty. >> she's not afraid to say what she's really thinking. >> that is why people love her. >> but now, you know, my goodness, in an induced coma. >> um-hmm. >> they are worried, what are they worried about how long she was without oxygen. >> right new she's in critical condition still, in life support. >> life support. >> my gosh.
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>> her daughter made a statement and she's still trying to be positive bit, melissa, who has been on our show many times. i feel for her whole family. >> people have tweeting out support and people have been praying. >> eighty-one years old. >> wow. >> sue, sue. >> yes, yes. >> hi sue. >> look behind you, blue skies. >> you know what is not behind me, people, come on over here on tv. look at all of the people had came out this morning. i was just looking up, when you called. the this is the longest boardwalk in new jersey, did you know that. look at how long it is. look all the way down here. how cool is that. this time of the day sometimes you will see a vehicle or a two, later on it will be the tram car and you have to watch that tram car please. we are thrilled to be in wildwood this morning. >> yes. >> are you sad that summer is almost over. >> yes. >> i know. >> but you know what we are
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perspiring, heavily, so it feels like it is summertime. lets get to the forecast. we will start off with ultimate doppler radar because we had thunderstorms moving through, yesterday, it looks like we had rain the not too long ago on the boardwalk. the it is kind of wet. we are drying out. that is a good thing. we have had a few spritzes showing up on radar but no big deal, it is a reflection of the humidity out there. temperatures are in the 70's this morning with dew points up there in the 60's and 07's as well. we are talking about oppressive humidity today and get used to it, because it does look like that kind of humidity is going to be with us for a while. so less than a mile visibility in some places like lancaster, reading and in allentown, that is not good but again, there is just so much moisture in the air it is kind of crazy in the air, even though we are going back to school and work, get used to the heat and humidity. 90 degrees today and five
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because of those thunderstorms later on and maybe popping up before that. ninety-three tomorrow and 89 on wednesday so we will end up with a heat wave out of this. we are in the upper 80's on thursday and friday. saturday starts off iffy with a high of 87. sun day is our day of relief with a high of 82 and we will get back to normal temperatures for that first game of the season on sunday. so that is what we have to look forward to but who is looking forward to the great day on the beach in wildwood today, i know, i know, caitlin, all i can say just like post card i wish you were here. >> i wish i was too. >> actually no, it is much more comfortable in the studio and not as humid which it is outside. we are looking at that fire in roxborough at the ward dry cleaners on ridge avenue between walnut lane and james town avenue. fire department has it under control, but they are still working on getting the area cleaned up. use henry avenue or main street. in middletown new jersey
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route 452, pen he will road at glenn riddle road there are reports of an accident. use caution in that area. mike ann alex. >> what do they call you. >> blues man drew, blues master, i have a couple different names. >> when you walk over there i thought that was some kind of ammunition. >> no. >> please don't hurt us, please don't hurt us. >> yes, go do something for you can you blow them all at ones. >> yes. >> ♪ >> okay, now do you have some event. >> we have a lot of on mike venues for local unknown musicians, you can come friday night, to the pilot house with irish barrett. he is host there sunday night we have mike murphy at mad banner. >> i thought you said 102nd. >> bring your ammunition-- no,
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guitars down. >> watch tomorrow, at fifth and market, because we want, we have all sorts of people coming. this is one of the groups coming. the broomall newtown baseball team. >> that is right. >> they are the new champs. that he earned their second world series title in the babe ruth baseball organization. >> they will coming out. we will give them, we probably won't give them anything but a hug and applaud them. >> yes. >> and also, what is this. >> we had a parade in their honor yesterday afternoon. >> is it a a preview. >> yeah. >> so, tomorrow, we're the independent mall there. right at independent hall in the background but if you come to fifth and market you'll see us right there. >> we will have a great time. >> i want to meet everybody. i'm so glad i'm here. >> bernard hopkins will be out, the champ. >> you ever met him. >> any haven't. >> he is 50 years old and he is rock hard. and there is three young stars.
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>> yes. >> yes. >> that is all right. >> it is okay. >> feel the back of my head. >> i don't want to. >> it is so gross. >> i believe you. >> and then on wednesday we are in quakertown. >> that is right. >> in the heart of the quakertown. >> thursday. >> we will go to wilmington delaware. >> rodney square. >> rodney square. >> in wilmington delaware. >> you have never been to an eagles game. >> i'm looking forward to it. >> we will have a pep rally. >> on friday just come on to xfinity live we will be in the back with the link in the back gun there i will take you to the the game on sunday. >> jacksonville. >> jacksonville at 1c o'clock. >> where are we going. >> tease. >> tease what. >> eagles. >> okay. >> we have a great guy who lives down the shore, he is on espn radio 93-point something, we will talk about the eagles. alex henry, that is almost alex holley, he got kick off the eagles. we have a new kicker, a rookie, we will talk about the eagles and how nick foles is
7:21 am
doing in just a second. but let's go to jen having some fun, right, jen. >> we are getting the party started. we are riding bikes on the boardwalk. >> alex henry was hot. come join us, you know where we are we are in wildwood, we want friends.
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hey, jennar fuzz mike troober munny sling... awwwwww scram! i'm crust mike jubby roll bond chow gonna lean up an kiss bet. peas charty get town down. [laughter]
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hey, alex thinks john runyan and currently a congressman, welcome to philadelphia. >> that is so special. >> yes. >> do you know what we should do? we should do an eagles chant. >> are you ready who wants to start it, you. >> let's go eagles. let's go eagles. >> no, you have to spell it. >> e-a-g-l-e-s, eagles. >> eagles. >> yeah. >> i got to tell you what, we are pumped for the the season. scott graysonnies here from 97.3 espn radio. good to have you down here. >> welcome to the philadelphia
7:25 am
area. >> thank you so much. >> let's talk eagles. so we got rid of another alex, alex henry, the kicker. >> he has been here for three seasons. >> he was an andy reid guy. you knew this staff was trying to feel him out. then he missed a big feel goal last year, late in the season, in the playoffs. then obviously this year he came in. he missed really short ones in the preseason. other guy codey parkey came and got it. >> codey parkey. >> that is his name. >> it sound like a boy ban name, hi i'm codey parkey. >> he hit a 53, 54 yard as well as a 25 yarder in the last game and everybody left there going maybe this is the new kicker. in my opinion i think he is here another two or three game try out and if he doesn't do a job there are veterans. perhaps the the guy you may all remember, david akers, he is out there as well. codey parkey. if he does his job he should
7:26 am
keep it. >> the key is, he made it when it counts. >> you talk about pressure. some people say there wasn't pressure. the guy was trying to win a job. >> everybody remembers champion ship game in auburn where he was under pressure and he missed it. >> but let's don't bring that up. >> let's talk nick fels though. he had a great season. through the roof season last year. could he do that again. >> tough to say he could do that again. >> they need to ask him to do that again, but what we have seen, it is practice at the the games. it looks like he is in mid season form with his teammates. they have i great offence again. he does a good job at managing, limiting the the turnovers. as long as do you that you will be successful. >> give me a prediction. >> i knew were you going to ask me. i am thinking they should win the nfc east. they should. i'm thinking four-two there. ten-six, maybe 11-five. >> what about this i was talking with howard eskin he thinks we might go all the way, is that what you are wish
7:27 am
full thinking. >> howard is a guy that would know. i think that is very possible. especially because they will be tested. their schedule is tough. that is what you want get through that and get to the playoffs and you are ready. >> where is the super bowl this year. >> arizona. >> yes, cardinals stadium. >> real quickly go irish. >> go irish. >> this guy standing there the whole time. >> good to see you. >> thanks for having me. >> no problem. >> alex, have you met one steve keeley yet. >> yes, i have. >> y'all know steve. >> yes, they all know steve he gets around. what are you up to. >> well, mike i wish i could joke and talk about your soggy shirt but unfortunate liz i'm on serious news. looking the atlantic city boardwalk compared to wild wide or down the shore in ocean city. those boardwalks is pack. this one is completely empty on one of the biggest sum are days of the the year or at least would you think that. empty as we spin around in the other direction. that tells you you why these
7:28 am
casinos are going out of business no one wants to be here for some reason.
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were you eating smoked sausage in here? no! could have gotten me one. i did. grab a spicy smoked sausage breakfast sandwich. it's the smoked sausage you crave, now spicy. welcome back, everybody. what is your name. >> paul. >> hi, paul. >> paul was watching the at home, where do you live. >> i live in marlton, new
7:31 am
jersey but we're staying in ocean city right now. >> yes. >> he was so worried about me because i'm drenched already, do you want to feel my hair. >> he did it, yes. >> what did you bring. >> i brought you a towel, a clean towel. >> and this is a neat thing, this is a cooling rag, you will wet this, and it will feel like 20 degrees cooler. >> where can we wet this. >> well, i will go get a about the will of water and all you do is put it around your neck. >> what is that called. >> cool core. >> cool core. >> thanks a lot. >> appreciate it. >> that is so sweet of you. >> welcome. we're all excited about you joining the team. >> thank you. >> i watch you have morning. >> you ever watch sue, she's right over there. >> hi, sue. >> hi sue. >> wait until you hear the story i have for you this morning. i want you to meet maryann and george callahan, who are just married on saturday and the
7:32 am
reason they are together, ready, is because of fox 29. marry's, tell me the story. >> we met on the fox 29 fan page on facebook on facebook. george saw my picture. we have had no mutual friend in common and decided to write me out of the blue. we want to thank you. >> were you both posting on the facebook page and decided to message each other. >> yes you got married. >> yes. >> that all happened four years ago and they are together and honeymooning in wildwood. thanks for coming to visit us. >> thank you for the fan page. >> yes. >> i love, exciting a new, congratulations and many happy years together. >> thank you. >> i love that story. >> lets get to the weather. you know how hot and humid it will be. we all know, it is sticky this morning. we have five out of ten because of the possibility of thunderstorms later on. bus stop buddy is ready for a dip in the pool but he will keep an eye on the sky later on. our high today is 90 degrees.
7:33 am
hot and humid. possibility of pop up thunderstorms. some could be strong to severe as they before yesterday. that is our weather from the boardwalk, caitlin roth don't you love our love story. >> fox 29 match makers. >> so sweet. >> so sweet. >> thanks, sue that is wonderful. lets go back out this roxborough. a fire we have been following all morning at awards dry cleaners on ridge avenue between walnut lane and james town avenue. well, still being worked on by fire department. it is considered under control. but because of the emergency vehicles on the scene we will to have use henry avenue or main street as an alternate. also on the schuylkill expressway westbound between gladwynn and conshohocken we have an accident that is blocking the right lane there. finally in south philadelphia mold street between reid and dickinson we have another fire under control but avoid the whole area if you can. your alternates will be 18th street or broad street, now back out to wildwood, hi mike.
7:34 am
>> hi, caitlin. >> today we know it is unofficial end to summer but in atlantic city, it is the the end for casinos there. >> 8,000 people are losing their jobs, show boat closed yesterday and revel is closing tomorrow. >> yes. >> steve, what is the mood down there or up there. >> well, quite different from the mood in ocean city where we were last labor day where we could not breathe on the boardwalk. it was pack. look at this a beautiful sunrise, beautiful end to summer with the weather and look at the boardwalk, it is virtually empty. hardly any people around at all in either direction. hard to believe. this is kind of crowd would you see in the mid of january not labor day september 1st which is last day for lots of casino careers as the september shock waves at the chauffeur continues to raise unemployment rate and lower casino number below ten in the cruel court down to eight. nine months ago there were 12 casinos here. most staggering shut down
7:35 am
comes today and tomorrow with the revel closing less than three years after opening. it is second tallest building in all of new jersey. it will be a tall shiny vacant building. hotel part closing at check out time at 11:00 and casino shut down at 5:00. last weekend of summer has mayor wondering what will happen to these tall big buildings once they go vacant. >> we can find casinos to open up, that is what we're talking about. maybe show boat. other ones we have to figure out what to to with these buildings and find a buyer. it may be a parcel hotel, it might be some type of condo hotel or time share or a combination of those, and then what do you do, you open up a museum for children, adults, you bring in entertainment factor thaw are not getting in the gaming industry. at the same time you'll see
7:36 am
casinos they needed to make the transition. this already spend a hundred million-dollar, in the borgata, tropical contact than a, harrah's golden nugget, resorts, they rebranded themselves as a place to come and have fun in atlantic city. >> reporter: the quote of the weekend comes there former new jersey governor brendan byrne who was in office in trenton when law allowing casinos in atlantic city was passed and first resorts opened, back then. he said he thinks he made a mistake when he told the mob to stay out of atlantic city. they know how to run casinos at least. alex and mike? >> all right. >> so sad. >> my goodness. >> paul, could you pour the cold water here. >> yes. >> yes, please. >> we don't want to short circuit that now do we. >> yes. >> put the coal water, the towel will stay wet and cool. >> mike is trying to have a
7:37 am
wet t-shirt contest over here. >> that is really cold. >> that is cold. >> occasionally wet it down, and you won't sweat. >> where is mine. >> you are not even sweating. >> where is jen. >> we have to figure out where she is. >> hey, hey. >> hey girl, hey. we are going to do some serious karaoke. you said beyonce. >> beyonce. >> who runs the world,. >> girls. >> and you. we will have none of this irish fight song. >> yes. >> all right baby, we will do some karaoke.
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we've got some breaking news here, big fire this morning, alex. >> that is right in roxborough. we will head to dawn, she's out there at ridge avenue and walnut lane, right dawn? >> reporter: yes, good morning you guys. thinks a terrible fire. take a look, this is all that is left of the custom award
7:41 am
dry cleaners, award cuss tell dry cleaners, i should say and thinks 47 years of work down the drain this was owned and operated by the same family. they have been here forever. they specialize in wedding gowns. i just talk to the neighbor who says the owner is actually in the hospital and recently underwent heart surgery. he is not even here on site. and we can take a look at some video that we shot earlier right when this fire broke out. it broke out about 5:00 o'clock, this morning. you can see it was fully involved. flames just shooting, every where, and obviously the fact that this is where they dry clean the clothes right here on site the plant is here as well as the storefront. dry cleaning chemicals probably helped to fuel the fire. dozens of fire fighters were on hand trying to put out the fire. got news is that the fire is out, and it is under control. you can see back here live on the scene, crews are starting to wap up the scene, they are
7:42 am
stig trial to pour water on this continuing to put out hot spots. we will follow this story. alex and mike will bring you the very latest. no one was injured but you can see this business is just in ruins, back to you guys. >> that is for sure what a mess. >> thank goodness no one was injured. that is good. on a lighter note did you make to it made in america. >> difficult go this weekend, on saturday with hugh. >> with cue. >> they are cleaning upright now as you can see they are taking down the made in america sign but i will give you a full recap of made in america. i had hard task of covering the two day event coming up next. were you eating smoked sausage in here? no! could have gotten me one. i did. grab a spicy smoked sausage breakfast sandwich.
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it's the smoked sausage you crave, now spicy.
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we're taking a live look at bushkill falls in the pocono mountains. i don't know if you can tell by looking at it, but it is hot ape humid out here. but for more on that, we will go to sue. it looks like you have found new friends over there we have a cute children alert. we have a surrey but we have
7:46 am
stella, look at mr. joel, stella, hi and her brother ethan. over at this side because every time i get near ethan he starts crying. that is just in the cool. what are mom and dad's name. >> allison and lee. >> where are you from. >> villanova, pennsylvania. >> are you having a good time. >> absolutely. >> boardwalk is so much fun with all this stuff for kids to do. little kid rides, big kid rides and everything. what kind of weather will we have today what kind of weather, do you think, settle, nice. >> she's smiling and squinting too. the sun came out. a look at ultimate doppler radar will show us very little rain. you may see some green here and there. mostly that is a reflection on of the humidity. we have temperatures that are already in the 07's, just about every where. we've press i have humidity and we have a problem with fog in reading and lancaster. visibility is still on the poor side there but that is to be expect. the when we have humidity this high, the sunnies going to burn through that.
7:47 am
i think for a little while. we have had that five out of ten because we have again the chance have of thunderstorms. so let's put it all together the in the seven day forecast,er with we have temperatures in the 90's today and tomorrow. but it stays pretty warm and humid for the rest of our back to reality week. first week of september. and we will feel like it is supposed to feel like in july. when we had cooler than average temperatures, and doesn't look like we will get a break from the humidity until sunday our fix game of the football season with the eagles and jacksonville on sunday and then it will feel more like football weather. so, thanks to our family here, stella and ethan and mom and dad, for visiting us this morning. we hope to see you down here at schellenger avenue, or some say schellenger, it is toe made owe, toast mate owe. >> we want them to head down this we know you are all down there the at boardwalk. come on out. don't let the community scare you. back out in roxborough thinks the big story of the morning where dawn timmeney is live.
7:48 am
the fire at awards dry cleaners on ridge avenue that we have been telling with you between walnut lane and james town avenue. the fire as you saw earlier was under control but still being worked on by the the fire department. you have to use henry avenue or main street as an alternate. seventy-six westbound between gladwynn and conshohocken we have an accident there it has been moved to the shoulder. not too many backups. volume isn't terrible. finally in south philadelphia, mold street between reid and dickinson we have a fire that is also control. avoid the area you can take either 18th street or broad street in south philadelphia. now lets go back outside, hi alex and mike. >> hi there, look at mike you made a wardrobe change. >> i want to know something, how do you get all the way to september 1st and not have a tan. >> yes. >> look at this. >> look at how pastie i am here. >> hopefully you will get a tan. >> you are wild. >> the the sun has come out now, it is even hotter. then we have these hot lights.
7:49 am
do we really need these. >> i do. >> you need them. >> yes. >> it is because i'm old. >> that is not it. >> sure it is. >> a lot of people are recovering from the concert of all concerts. >> that is good. >> i missed it. >> you went to kanye. >> i went there with cue. >> what you do you think it was fun. >> it was so much fun. third annual made in america here in philadelphia. >> i feel like the theme of the whole weekend was love. people were kissing. kanye is on, and he is doing his thing. he is about to go in the rant. people just kissing out of no where. i'm like get a room, this is kanye west, people. i was thoroughly, they arely upset. but i still watch the show. i had a good time. on friday night, celebrity were in town. we ran into common. i was with lyia from hot 107.9. common was in town. i was just in town because
7:50 am
made in america has so much energy d. judge cassidy. i was a really good time. these guys right now, i'm here. they are cleaning up. i have someone right here. is what your name. >> patrice. >> how long have have you been trying to clean up. >> three hours. >> how many more hours do you have to go. >> another hour. >> another hour you are doing 14 hours just to get parkway back opened. >> yes. >> we thank you for clean up. >> thank you. >> so, listen, next hour video of kanye, what did he say. i have the full rant. pictures of meehan alex coming back. i know you are having fun in wildwood. what is going on. >> yes, we are. there is a little competition with made in america. because we also had it on the west coast. >> yes, now they had iggy. >> yes, she's fancy. >> yes. >> and there was about 37,000 people that attended. >> at their. >> the on the west coast. >> a lot of people traveled,
7:51 am
some came all the way from d.c. to go to one on the west coast. >> they could just go to filly but they had kendrick lemar who i really like too. their was a pretty good show. >> yes, and kanye, he went from the show thaw saw saturday. >> that is right. >> flew out there. >> yes. >> must be nice. >> he got a private jet. >> i'm sure he did. >> and now did you see kim kardashian his wife. >> i did not. >> i heard she was there. >> she was in philly. >> yes. >> kim was in philly. >> he is excited. >> i would rather have have you. >> they said they would rather have you, isn't that sweet. >> are you talking to. >> my mom. >> tell her we said hi. >> i'm on tv. >> we are having fun in wildwood. we will go to jen, what are you doing now. >> we are getting ready to light this wildwood boardwalk on fire with some karaoke. we have the in machine fired up. but first you have to give me more of your harmone contact because we have to hear so
7:52 am
amazing. if you win, this karaoke contest you get to go to the dominican republic. more coming up after this.
7:53 am
tom wolf. he'd be a different kind of governor. he served in the peace corps in india. and then got a phd from mit.
7:54 am
and as a businessman he gives between 20 and 30 percent of his profits back to his employees. when he served as pennsylvania's secretary of revenue. he turned down the perks. and donated his government salary to charity he refused take a state car, he drove his old jeep instead. can't argue with that. tom wolf. he'd bring a fresh start to pennsylvania.
7:55 am
alex, this is your first wildwood day. >> oh, those wildwood days. >> yes. >> yes. >> she can sing a little bit. >> my goodness. >> well, a little bit. >> do that will smith you do. >> no. >> come on and do it in west philadelphia, born and raised on the playground where i spend mess of my days. >> we're in wildwood right now. >> yes. >> there will be a lot of singing right now. >> right now with jen fred.
7:56 am
>> you know i have a couple of jams, you know i have the party in the u.s.a. jam. good morning everybody. >> good morning i have the new jam it is all about the base. i like boom, boom song. you guys over there you like the old stuff, right. >> yes. >> i think we should begin with a crowd pleaser, if i may. can i get the party started. >> we can, absolutely. >> i don't know if you can remember this. we're about to sing it. we're doing this because there is an amazing jersey shore idol contest going on. do you hear it. mike jerrick, i know you are happen bye this. this is the song, and if these people win the contest just so everyone knows, $10,000 a trip. >> wait, wait. >> let's come in now. >> ♪
7:57 am
>> ♪ >> okay, come here, on a scale of one to terrible how bad is that. >> um,. >> exactly. >> so lets go over here. you guys keep singing. i want to talk more about the contest. you have been going up and down the jersey shore, is that right. >> yes, from bucks county all the way down here to wildwood. >> what is the deal if they win this they getting to on the trip. >> grand prize is $10,000 a trip to the caribbean. second price is $4,000 you get a travel voucher. third place is a thousand dollars and another travel voucher. >> there is good news, for this crowd here. there are also prices for the
7:58 am
worst competitor. >> we are looking for the worst singer in the world and we will give you $500 to be the worst singer. >> ♪ >> do you want to enter for worst singer in the world. >> yes. >> there is also, a category i like, most likely to be in a boy or girl band. >> absolutely. >> so should we, throw him a bone and give them something old school. >> we can to that. >> we're on the boardwalk. let's be on the boardwalk. you really like to sing, correct. >> yes. >> do you think you want to enter this. >> i might. >> and now if you win you win $10,000 a trip. >> yes. >> with the 10,000 you could take her on the trip and you could pay to send her away. >> yes. >> are you getting married. >> yes. >> a h h. >> you are. >> yes. >> when are you getting married? >> in about an year. >> you should sing this song with her, right here, because this could be magical, here we
7:59 am
go. >> ♪ >> here we go. it will be good, watch. >> ♪ >> it is no fun to sing karaoke, when you are sober. >> ♪ >> okay. is that good news or bad news. the bad news, it has got to end. it is also the good news. >> jen. >> yes. >> that is great news. >> you are welcome. >> that it is coming to an end. >> i bet we can out sing them.
8:00 am
>> yes. >> i apologize for that. >> be nice. we appreciate the effort. >> do we. >> yes. >> it is september the first, 2014. i hope you are having a great labor day, hang with us. >> it is a holiday and you know in wildwood, every day is a holiday but this is actually, what summer is supposed to feel like, how long will it stay this hot and humid, we have your holiday forecast, coming up, steve keeley at the shore but for a completely different reason, hi steve. >> holidays are not supposed to feel as down as they do here in atlantic city this labor day. you can see letters on the revel casino front wall are
8:01 am
being torn off by angry people or people who want a souvenir on the last day for this casino and one next door. quincy? >> i'm here, how are you doing. how are you doing. made in america. we are having a good time. we are going to do a kanye west recap coming up next. we will do clean up first. back to you guys in the wildwood, okay. >> yes. >> okay. >> hello. >> how are you holding up. >> hour one done. >> two more to go. >> is your mom and dad watching. >> it is, and it is my dad's birthday and he will love that. >> happy birthday good we won't say how old he is. >> you have been standing here all day. is what your name. >> ryan malone. >> who do you play football. >> the gloucester mustangs. >> hi brian. is what your position. >> running back. >> good to have you out here.
8:02 am
>> good. >> thanks. >> so cute. >> so cute. >> so, i have tried to take you around town over last three weeks or so. >> yes. >> have you met chris murphy. >> oh, have i. >> steer clear. >> no, i think this picture is when you came into audition for the job. >> that is right, that is right. >> yes. >> and then chris was making fun of me because i had a salad. >> yes. >> i was trying to impress you guys. >> yes. >> okay. >> so, if you just joined us reason i'm in this t-shirt. >> because it is hot. >> and i'm sweating like. >> you can tell them. >> a pig, you can say. >> no, no, no. >> save me, sue. >> that is true. >> hi everybody. >> we love the humidity because we're in wildwood and we can take care of that with the atlantic ocean right there. take a little dip in the ocean today. here's the deal for the weather today.
8:03 am
it is a five out of ten. we will have a half and half day, early sunshine like what we're experiencing here and then pop up thunderstorms later on. you can never rule out. >> you can never rule out a pop up then are storm good sue says that every day. >> every day, from memorial day to labor day. bus stop buddy is ready for a dip in the ocean. it is oppressively humid out here if you have been in air conditioning all weekend, 90 degrees is our high, warm, humid with a chance of pop up thunderstorm and that is your labor day barbecue forecast. or whatever you are doing hopefully you can join us in wildwood a little bit. lets check traffic with caitlin roth, hi. >> hi sue, stay doll out there we will start off in roxborough fire and award dry cleaners on ridge after new between walnut lane and james town avenue. still being worked on by the fire department. you can't get through there. use henry avenue or main street as an alternate. seventy-six westbound between
8:04 am
gladwynn and conshohocken an accident from earl their had right lane block and is now cleared n philadelphia, read and dickinson we have a fire under control but avoid at use and use 18th street or broad street as an alternate, mike? big, big fire in roxborough. >> we're following breaking news this morning, dawn is there live, with what it is looking right now. >> good morning, alex and mike. we are at the awards custom dry cleaners here in roxborough on ridge avenue and sures lane and you can see all that is left of this business is the sign. it is right there since 1968 it has been here for more than 46 years. crews are still pouring water on this shell of a business, as you can see, nothing left of this business almost 50 years of work down the drain. lets take a look at video we shot as this fire broke out around 5:00 o'clock this
8:05 am
morning. dozens of fire crews descended on the scene here, and pouring water on to the flames. you can imagine because of the dry cleaning fluids in the plant because the work was done right here on site. it was not sent out to another location. all these dry cleaning fluids flammable fueling this very fierce fire. crews did get the fire under control. they made quick work of it and able to keep it from spreading to an auto mechanics next door but again thinks busy stretch of ridge avenue and road is closed down for a block. there is a hospital, right next door, and we are told the owner is in the hospital, he just underwent heart surgery recently. i also spoke to a neighbor. thinks a pretty prestigious place, mike anal ex. some of the clients were philadelphia museum of art and national constitution center. one of their neighbors said they even at one time did a dress to blank to the late princess diana, there was a a parentally an exhibit in town and this dry cleaners clean
8:06 am
one of her dresses. but as you can see back here live on the scene crews are still pouring water on any hot spots but this business is destroyed. back to you mike anal ex- >> that is pretty sad news. family owned business, obviously with history. >> been around a long time. i hate to go to more sad news but there is no other way to put it. 8,000 people will be out of work. show boat casino closed yesterday. >> yes, revel is next. >> revel is tomorrow. couple others are closing. lets get to steve on the boardwalk in atlantic city, steve? >> reporter: well, mike here is a sign of a shut down for you. we were wondering what will happen to these buildings once they close. a lot of times vacant buildings get vandalized like we have seen in philadelphia and camden 5,000 times, right. look at revel letters before they enclosed as chris walks in and shows you, somebody tried to tear these letters off, r and two of the e's pulled out. when this place first opened they came off easier but now we have people upset that this
8:07 am
place is shutting down or they wanted a free souvenir here. they tried to twist letters right off the front wall, before the place is big, dark and vacant. mayor talk about what will happen to places like show boat, trump plaza and revel once they are unused, and unfilled. >> we're the first city hit the by a national trend and that is proliferation of gambling all over. we had 12 casinos in atlantic city that controlled the market outside of vegas, we are now sharing that same with 30 casinos. too many casinos, not enough players. it hit us hard. we had all of our eggs in one bass death. we were just known as a gambling town. i think as lou around me here today you can already see that these people are not gamblers walking autopsy and down the boardwalk. they are family with kids and they are coming to the beach, going fishing, they are doing the aquarium and doing steel pier, they are going out on dolphin watch.
8:08 am
that is point we have to make. we are still jersey shore. we are the urban center on the jersey shore with you us as a gambling casino town those days are gone. >> reporter: revel does have three hours to check out and get out of their rooms. the hotel, tallest building this part of the new jersey. second tallest in the state shut down at 11: casino shuts down tomorrow at 5:00. the place says shut down may sell for as little as 25 million-dollar fit sells at all mike annal egg. that is 1 percent of what it cost to build this place, equivalent of say if you bought a beach house in longport for a million-dollar and it brand new built from the sand, less than three years ago and only being able to sell it at the end of the summer for $10,000. 1 percent of what you paid for it. it is staggering. >> wow. >> that is staggering, my goodness. >> we will probably do more reports throughout the weekend from atlantic city. >> we have special guests because we have something for
8:09 am
you, alex. >> really. >> joyce gold, wildwood crest deputy mayor here, joyce, welcome to the show. >> good morning. >> ernie triano and you are wildwood mayor. >> yes, sir. >> good to have you here. >> our pleasure. >> thank you. >> you know alex. >> now i know alex. >> hi, how are you. >> i'm good, how are you. >> we have brought you some flowers. >> that is so sweet. >> they are beautiful. >> yes. >> they are beautiful. >> my gosh good they are lovely. >> what did you bring me. >> nothing. >> we brought you a panda bear if bobby was still over there. he would have given you something, i think. i'm not sure. we have a proclamation. >> let me pull that up a little bit. >> making this alex holley day in the boro of wildwood crest. >> my god, that is so sweet. are you sure you want to do that. >> i love you.
8:10 am
you only here for a couple of hours, but this is for you. >> yes. >> you have one too. >> yes. >> flip it around. >> fox 29 news day in the city of wildwood for your day. >> that is a big day here. >> big day. >> big day. >> that is really nice. >> thank you so much. >> we are see happy to be here, we are so glad to start the show here in wildwood. that is for sure. >> thank you both, very much. >> can you get a little breezing though. >> about five more minutes it will kick in. >> yes, we appreciate it. >> typical mayor. >> okay. >> we will do the the weather. >> i raised two daughters. they never flew by themselves. but i see it all the time. >> if that answer is yes, big changes on the way for american airlines do you ever fly american. >> all the time. >> we will have have more on that coming up. >> it will cost you.
8:11 am
>> i know. >> okay. is there a big debate about what you will eat, right. >> the pizza, everybody loves piss, right. >> i cannot read this. >> we are in the fooling anybody. >> that is true. >> we will see if i can get this pulled up. >> it is my first day. >> i know. >> i'm putting you through the ringer. >> so everyone talks about learning a lot about wildwood, it is a great pizza debate. >> yes. >> right. >> what is the the best pizza in this town. >> mack's. >> sams. >> wait, we are hearing all kind of things. >> mack's. >> best there is. >> yes. >> we will find out. >> mack's and sams and they have been serving up, competition for years. have been serving up, competition for years. we will
8:13 am
save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance.d everybody knows that. well, did you know pinocchio was a bad motivational speaker? i look around this room and i see nothing but untapped potential. you have potential. you have...oh boy. geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance.
8:14 am
8:15 am
we should get a shot up here. >> everybody wave, say hello. >> yes. >> hey, hey. we are out here and fact that they are raising the heat, we appreciate that. >> very hot. >> and sue, tell them about how hot it is, and, it is so hot, it is so hot. >> we will go to moreypy iers to get a little breeze, right. >> yes. >> is there the breeze from the beautiful carousal, morey's pier. i think it is all about the memories here in wildwood. everybody you talk to has a memory when they were a kid and they came on the bumper cars or kiddy rides and then they would take their kids when they have them. it is generation after generation. such a good time. lets look at radar, you do see a little area of rain moving into southern delaware. that is only rain we have on radar. down in the delaware beaches
8:16 am
watch out for that. we have clouds here but we have been seeing peaks of sunshine. today's high 90 degrees in philadelphia. little bit cooler but in the much here, fit stays in the 90's through tomorrow and stays hot through the beginning of next weekend. so that is a look at your weather, from here at morey's pier and caitlin will this carousal, my daughter hoist 17, when she was a little baby this was the first ride she rode on, it is all about the memories. >> yes, thank you, sue. i remember being on it myself. lets go back out to roxborough, ridge avenue between walnut lane and james town avenue that is still closed due to an earlier fire. it is under control but you have to use henry avenue or main street as your alternate. also, in south philadelphia, we still have have another fire, this is under control as well, mold street between reid and dickinson but use 18th or broad street on get around that, mike anal ex? thank you so much. mike, you are not the only person taking me around town. >> i heard, you have been cheating on me with steve
8:17 am
keeley already. >> yes, yes, we had a good time. he has been taking me around new jersey. >> he wants to show you new jersey. that is where he grew up. he still lives in moorestown. should we see what he did. >> lets take a look. >> and how you survived. >> alex some of south jersey's favorite site. it would be appropriate to start with sharks, big ones. >> these sharks are huge. >> she's about to be swimming with sharks, a big one. >> noticing in these shoes they are not polish like i like. get that intern in here. >> no wonders who others who co hosted are here one day and then suddenly vanish. >> this is going to be mike. >> she got brave enough to reach out and touch real sharks at the aquarium and new she can be ready for stuff that happens in the commercial breaks that the tv audience never gets to see. >> this coffee is cold. what is going on around here. >> all that shark appetite talk got her hungry. >> next up, one of the south jersey's favorite diners,
8:18 am
where they keep the deserts by front door and she has to sit right there. >> there is so much to choose from. you know what i will just to have skip on dessert. >> perfect timing. >> oh, wait, i left my my cell phone inside. turf go back and get it. >> i got my phone. >> what? >> pronouncing is key anchoring a show and in philadelphia and you have to pronounce these key place necessary fill if i host the show good. this store right here, take a guess. >> way, way. >> not enclose. >> wawa. >> wawa. >> wawa. >> forman mills. >> these's taking to this town really quick. alex, i necessity to bureau a phrase, you will make it after all. >> ♪
8:19 am
>> ♪ you are going to make it after all that was fun. >> that was great. >> great time. >> here's the deal, steve keeley is one of a kind. >> he is. >> what was your reaction when he met him. >> he was so nice what do you mean. we had a great time. first thing he said to me was alex, do you trust me. >> steve, i said i trusted
8:20 am
you, did you believe me? >> well, after seeing that story, i was very proud of that dinner, a three and a half minute story. it was funny at least. mike, i think the greatest thing about it is she had no idea about mary tyler moore more show. i'm on the boardwalk and again, people you never heard of the love boat but there is a guy again today that swears he saw a episode of the love boat where you were making out with joan van arc. i keep telling people you are not an actor and they don't want to listen. >> we were driving down here, and we went by a roy rogers hamburger place. i asked her do you know who roy rogers is. >> no. >> that is why i have you so you can tell me about these things. >> i will guide you through love. >> let's do forman mills, three, two, one. >> steve told me you have to say it, for man mills. i have only been here a couple weeks. now i know a couple weeks now
8:21 am
forman mills. >> thank you, steve. >> now we will get to q. >> he is outside on the ben franklin parkway helping them clean up i guess. >> yes, from made in america. >> sign is down now as you can see but kanye was here on saturday. kanye is famous for his rant. i will reinact kanye west rant. i will do a rant min
8:22 am
♪ i gotta have that bag. italian leather? for an amazing deal. [ shopper ] you paid how much for that? [ female announcer ] two stores. two amazing ways to score. t.j.maxx and marshalls.
8:23 am
8:24 am
i'm john dibella from classic rook, because i have a mike with the flag. i have to tell you jerrick you are the lucky son of the gun to work with this woman. i hope you took a pay cut just to get her in the studio. can i get some of that money now back alex. alex holley, welcome to philadelphia. >> my gosh. >> he is cool. >> he is cool. >> is also accurate. i am very, very lucky. great to have have you here. >> happy to be here finally. >> i was also, lucky enough to meet, i think it is at least once a year, twice a year, the
8:25 am
phillies, before the game, they allow kids to run around the bases. >> really. >> they get such a big kick out of it. i got to meet a young woman by the name of devon. she didn't let, you know, some problems in her life slow her down. she's still doing the bases at the phillies game. she had a great time. she said when you are in wildwood, i said come visit. here she is. >> hi, devon. >> good to see you again. is this daddy. is that your dad. >> hi, dad. >> how are you doing mike good to see you where do you live. >> we are in the wildwood right outside wildwood. >> look at the camera. look at her eyes. beautiful. >> you live right here in wildwood. >> love it. we all stay down here. it allows me that free time and flexibility, to be with her. >> what is she dealing with. >> cerebral palsy, she was diagnosis at about 15 months. every day is an add venture but with her disposition it makes it so much easier. >> i was so impressed with
8:26 am
her, she had a great time. >> fantastic time. it was a dream come true but for her and for me and what i didn't know is i'm concentrating on her running bases and then the crowd erupts and she hits home base, on the plate. >> crowd went crazy. i didn't realize everybody was watching her and it was on fanovision. outpouring of support and just to see brought grown men to tears. she wants her doughnut. she wants the water park. she also brought me a shirt. >> thank you very much. >> thanks for bringing her out. >> no problem. >> hey jen, what are you up to. >> that karaoke is loud. >> i know, i had to move away. i'm here with the flow rider. we're in wildwood, new jersey. check out dylan from abington high school. i taught that kid everything he knows. do the flip, baby, do the flip. i taught him that. that is what i'm doing i'm
8:27 am
teaching kid how
8:28 am
8:29 am
8:30 am
okay. here's a quick shot of olde city because i want to remind thaw tomorrow we are going to take the show on the road again. >> that is right. >> this road is very short, just a block from the tv station. >> yes. >> so i would just go to fifth and market and you will see us set up. is there a big concrete slab there where you see independent hall in the background. >> come on out, a lot of people are out here right new. >> yes. >> zoom on out. >> everybody wave. >> let's hear you. >> yes. >> thanks for coming out. thanks for coming out, and sweating with us. >> yes. >> in fact, i heard my name, alex, and it was this sweety pie right here. is what your name.
8:31 am
>> victoria. >> you air adorable. >> do you want good day. >> we are so great to have you. >> i'm having a great time. sue is having a great time. >> real quickly here, little girl came up a little while ago, alex, alex. >> she's so sweet. >> victoria. >> i want to talk to somebody my size. >> that is probably what it was. >> by the way, thank you for all of your tweets. good positive tweet about alex here sue, is what the hash tag, fox 29 welcomal he can. >> that is right. >> that is a long one. that is okay. >> hi, sue. >> we have decided to give you a wide eye view of the atlantic ocean because we're closer here then you guys here on the boardwalk and it is just a gorgeous day. would i say is there plenty of room for you here on the wildwood free beach. here on morey i's pier here is a wife swinger. i want to you remember this
8:32 am
when riding this ride when you look at pictures of the ride you are looking at history of wildwood. they have antique post cards there and pictures of people enjoying wildwood through many, many years and many summers that have been so happy. i hope summer of 2014 was a happy one for you. lets take it to the number of the day. of course, we have a great morning. we have plenty of sunshine right now but we are looking at thunderstorms popping up later on, a day very similar to yesterday which is why we are giving you five out of ten. your pal bus stop buddy is ready for sunshine and for rain on this very, very muggy morning with temperatures in the 70's and oppressive humidity already. so high today on your labor day, barbecue 90 degrees. caitlin, just remember to keep an eye on the skies for those storms later on. >> you are doing that for news wildwood, thanks so much, sue in her labor day white. last day to wear it, obviously. lets go back out to roxborough, fire at awards dry
8:33 am
cleaners on ridge avenue. that is still being work on by the fire department. you cannot access ridge avenue. you have to use henry avenue or main street as your alternate n south philadelphia mold street between reid street and dickinson there is a fire that is under control a void that area your alternate is going to be 18th and broad. finally fairmount avenue at 23rd street, down traffic signal in the southeast corner, use caution up in fairmount area too. lets go back outside to alex and mike. >> don't get in the fist fight or anything but lets do this pizza thing one more time. who has the best pizza in wildwood? >> mack's, sam's. >> i'm hearing for mack's. >> i'm hearing for sams too. >> sam's get something love. >> is what the difference. >> well, sam's is, i don't know. >> i like mack's pizza.
8:34 am
>> i don't know, i have been eating sam's since i have been a little girl. >> get out of your comfort zone. >> how can you say you never like it. >> i don't want to try. >> that is just ridiculous. >> i want to know your name. >> that is my cousin. >> your cousin. >> very nice. >> watch the tram car please. >> that is would the man who record that had in 1971. >> we will get, sam's pizza and mack's pizza and you will eat it. >> i will force to you eat it. >> then we can say what you really like better. >> yes, i don't like chinese food. i have never had it. >> today is the day, it is happening. >> can we get pizza's over here. >> we are out here in the sun. we're out here in the sun. jen will get wet and get some relief. >> here's the thing, it is finally nice enough to do something like this here's got news. the water a park might be shutting down but until late
8:35 am
in september you can still dot flow rider and flow house. >> good morning. >> how are we doing. >> here's the deal as i mentioned in the tease i taught dylan everything he knows. >> we have a lot of good riders here and we help people master this. >> you will have a special that starts in september. usually like 30 bucks an hour, now 30 bucks all you can do for a day. >> we are opened friday night, sunday all day and not to the evening and it is great. >> how long does it takes for to you be able to get up, to be able to stand and feel good on the board. >> it depend on your agility but most people we can get riding in ten minutes at least standing up. how about you. >> i will try. >> dylan said snow boarding and wake borders, they think they can do it but they are in the good. you disagree. you think those will help me out. >> it is a back foot support. >> surfers cannot come in.
8:36 am
>> they can but it is not what they expect. that is what the difference is. that is a 30-mile an hour sheet of water there. >> yes with the trampoline on the bottom. >> these guys are walk if you go you and i stepped on it we were go flying. >> they look great. >> do some tricks, guys so coming up at 9:00 i will try it. mike and, alexey want to try it. show us how it is down. >> yes, she can do just about anything. >> i have a question again. >> he has a question. >> can somebody go tell him to stop singing karaoke. has anybody ever her of irish festival. >> yes, yes. >> we love it. we love it. >> take a picture. >> yes. >> selfie. >> we will come back and talk to a guy here in wildwood, throughout september, including the irish festival, okay.
8:37 am
>> tell you bit after the break. woman, opening door: hey, hon. hey! hey, baby. [ starts car ] were you eating smoked sausage in here? no! no. could have gotten me one. i did. add some spice to your day with dunkin's spicy smoked sausage breakfast sandwich. the smoked sausage you crave, now spicy.
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grab one today. america runs on dunkin'. start your morning spicy -- hurry in today for a spicy smoked sausage breakfast sandwich.
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8:40 am
preston and steve show from 933 wmmr. >> we would like to well om someone special. >> alex holley welcome to philadelphia. we hope you love it here. >> preston and steve, you will love them. you will meet them wednesday. >> i have already met them, i was on the show, yeah. giving me a welcome. they are great. so much fun. i'm looking forward to talking with them every wednesday. >> we have a guest here now. please welcome john. he is the head of tourism, tourism authority of upper wildwood. >> yes. >> say your last name. >> cyst sicilian owe. >> yes. >> makes me hungry for pizza. >> yes. >> mack's or sams. >> one of the coolest thing
8:41 am
you do is orr to the shore. >> we have a motorcycle rally and, depending on the weather, we could have 60 to 80,000 bikes, coming in and out of here throughout the weekend. >> wow. >> where do they go. >> it is awesome. >> couple areas set up in town where vendors and they stay overnight, they eat in our restaurants. they have a great time. >> that is hard to fathom 80,000 motorcycles. >> well, over the course of the weekend coming in and out of town. we have between 60 to 80,000. >> you let them come up on the boardwalk. >> there are some that come up on the boardwalk, ride down the boardwalk and get off and to the convention center when is irish festival. >> irish festival is the 18th, 19th and 20th i believe of september. >> that is pretty big too. >> that is huge, north wildwood does a great job. again, they claim that there is another 80 to 90,000 people that come to the irish festival. >> i believe that one.
8:42 am
>> you know thousand bring in the crowd. >> we are so proud of the events we do. even though summer is unofficially over today we will go right through october 18th with events, all weekend. >> another one i like is when you have monster trucks on the beach. >> that is unique. >> we have just wonderful wide beach here. >> huge. >> you know, it gives them the opportunity to come down here to not be restrict to arena space and they could do their thing on three or four blocks of beach. pretty cool. >> greg, look over it is an awesome resource to have. >> thanks for being here, thanks so much.
8:43 am
>> i don't know how many people are outside on the parkway but what was the the crowd estimate there, q. >> well, probably a hundred thousand people, right now i have my kanye west mask on. we will talk about all things kanye coming up and i will do my best kanye rant. the usual?
8:44 am
not tonight. introducing longhorn's steaks that sizzle for $12.99. the smoky double bacon sirloin. the new spicy sriracha sirloin. and the parmesan crusted sirloin. steaks that sizzle.
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only at longhorn steakhouse. you can't fake steak.
8:46 am
hi, thinks patty jackson from wdas. alex, welcome to philadelphia get your cheese steaks, get your pretzels, your good stuff, and you're always welcome to visit us here at wdas fm. welcome to philly, honey. >> she is so sweet. >> you know who else is sweet that peach cobbler. >> by the way, patty, thanks for sending over tupperware. >> they thought would i eat it all in the car. >> did you see how they pack that thing down. >> it was gone. >> so good. >> over here we want to take our picture. >> lovely. >> hi ladies. >> i like that hat. >> me too. >> that is cool. >> she's styling. >> okay. the lets get back out to quincy on the parkway. >> he is going to do a kanye impression. >> okay.
8:47 am
at 10:30 saturday night, kanye west, he comes on stage. he has a mask on. he comes on, he is ranting, he is saying hey philly, i am here, i love you guys, i love my wife kim, i'm a ledgend, i'm a superstar. he takes his mask off because guess what, kanye is a perfection is in and he being a perfection is in this was not the tour this is made in america tour. so what happens is his lighting wasn't right, his lighting wasn't right. put me in black and white. it was an amazing show. he is a perfection is in. if you have seen the tour over his performance at made in america but it was also still a good show. this was the first time they did made in america in two cities, philadelphia and los angeles. what he they were doggies showing video here of some of the videos of iggy azalea performing in los angeles, kanye west, they are some of the artist that is performed
8:48 am
at both festivals, dates this year. had a really good time. it was really, really a good show. kanye, he -- i don't know if you guys saw this, jay-z and kanye west it was rumored saying jay-z and kanye west they weren't friend anymore because jay-z and beyonce didn't come to kanye west wedding over in paris. but what happened was they are friend now, jay-z and kanye west shared a private jet to go from the philadelphia show to kanye's show in los angeles. all is well with can jay and jay-z. kim kardashian is here. we will have have hugh dylan to show us pictures because he always gets the exclusive picture of kim kardashian in delaware, kendell jener being here. we have some stuff coming up. back to you guys in wildwood. >> so q, so jay-z actually was here. people were wondering with those two concert going on at the same time, he was actually here. >> jay-z was here on saturday.
8:49 am
>> yes. >> we missed him then because we were there. >> yes, we will talk about that too in the 9:00 o'clock hour. >> you were having a lot of fun. >> i'm calling you out. >> we have some things that happened over the weekend. we will get into that in just a second. >> do you see these people out over here, greg. >> they are getting married. >> yes. >> when are you going to do it. >> we were talk the at the same time. >> yes. >> where are we going. >> we have to take a break. >> all right. >> so, we have a third choice of pizza now, somebody just ran over here with another choice of pizza, so, now we have three. >> yes. >> it is a battle. >> yes, sams or mack's. >> did she leave. >> what a wean i. >> where did she go.
8:50 am
>> okay. >> she never ate mack's. >> no, she's a sam's person. >> she had never eaten mack's pizza. we will do it on camera. she took off. >> we will find her. >> we will find her. >> we will go look for her, coming back in two
8:51 am
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8:53 am
♪ >> i think the heat is getting to him. >> here's the thing, did you hear this, everybody. the sun was out, but now there is a big then are storm, closing in on us. >> yes. >> did you hear about this. >> so we all got to hope and pray it doesn't start raining heavily for another hour. >> does anybody have an umbrella? >> no. >> we will all be out here stranded. >> she's worried about her hair. >> i gave up on that two hours ago.
8:54 am
>> you are still looking good. >> where is the thunderstorm. >> it was in southern delaware, so i think we have escaped this one. maybe a baby shower down by cape may. looking to the south, hi everybody, i almost whack somebody in the head in a minute, looking down to the south you may see a few extra clouds. we have some sunshine here on the boardwalk. here is the thing with all this humidity and then sunshine coming up that gives us ingredients for a thunderstorm later on but i understand yesterday who was here yesterday, yesterday was great, i think that is what we will have of today. thunderstorm until nighttime seven day forecast shows hot and humid weather all the way basically through saturday, and then finally it cools off, that starts to feel like september. are we hot. >> yes. >> we're hot here. >> caitlin, i don't know if you got the message but it is hot. >> i understand it is hot, i'm back here in my air conditioned studio. thanks very much. one final check of the roads and where we have been all morning in roxborough the fire the at awards dry cleaners on
8:55 am
ridge avenue in roxborough between walnut lane and james down avenue. it is still being work on by the fire department. use henry avenue or main street as an alternate n south philadelphia mold street between reid and dickinson is there a fire under control a void the area. use the alternate 18th and broad. finally in ease fairmount park kelly drive near hunting park avenue reports of the large tree branch on the roadway. use caution there. alex and mike. and, and, and in the dog out. and this is after, mike. >> yes. >> why does he have sunglasses >> he rides every day. >> this dog, what is his name. >> cookie is a girl. >> yes. >> we should hook them you have. >> cookie is not happy. >> no. >> for two hours, she has been sleeping in there.
8:56 am
and then this guy shows up. >> yes. >> maybe so. >> dog days of summer. we will be back in two minutes with another hour. [ gecko ] what a lovely night in philadelphia.
8:57 am
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8:59 am
i'm real excited to actually be there, to talk about it, get to know the people and immerse my people into it all. >> so cute. >> it will be fun. >> i see it as so exciting, and. >> philly is going to love you. >> yes. >> alex, i believe this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship. >> we are certainly having a great time here, on the road.
9:00 am
>> yes. >> your first day, how is it going. >> going well. >> by the way, there is some women who jut brought something for you. look at this. >> my goodness. >> yes. >> you are so sweet. >> thank you so much. >> who are you. >> hi, how are you. >> where do you live. >> west deptford but i grew up in south philadelphia. >> yes. >> oh, thank you. >> yes. >> lean on over and give it to her. >> thank you so much. >> appreciate it. >> yes. >> they have some flowers for you, sue. >> okay. >> no chance. >> we have some questions for new this hour. did you ever let your kids fly free, anybody. no, i see it all the time when you fly alone.