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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 9  FOX  September 1, 2014 9:00am-10:01am EDT

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>> yes. >> your first day, how is it going. >> going well. >> by the way, there is some women who jut brought something for you. look at this. >> my goodness. >> yes. >> you are so sweet. >> thank you so much. >> who are you. >> hi, how are you. >> where do you live. >> west deptford but i grew up in south philadelphia. >> yes. >> oh, thank you. >> yes. >> lean on over and give it to her. >> thank you so much. >> appreciate it. >> yes. >> they have some flowers for you, sue. >> okay. >> no chance. >> we have some questions for new this hour. did you ever let your kids fly free, anybody. no, i see it all the time when you fly alone.
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it is certainly not going to be free. we will tell but what the airlines may be charging now, for kids to fly free a lot more money. >> then we have the great pizza debate. of course, mack and sams, everybody wants to know, they want to put the the pies to the test. >> they are here. look. >> they're here, take a look at them. >> mack's and sams. >> let's put this to the test later. >> we will do that. >> we did find would the man on the pink bike who has never eaten mack's before. >> she tried to get away but we got her back. hi sue, what is up. >> okay, good. >> all right. so, we have been having a lot of fun. >> how long have we been together now. >> two weeks. >> two weeks. >> we have put a lot in over our time here. >> i have been looking at instagram every single day. >> you know everybody that i know now. >> maybe. i have been following this guy around. >> i have been wearing you out. >> you have been good about it too because you had to move
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your stuff from south carolina i'm not completely moved yet. there is boxes every where. >> do you. >> get your mom and dad to unpack. >> yes. >> they are at your apartment now. >> they are at my apartment and my godfather, they are watching. >> yes good do something. >> i didn't say it. i didn't say it. it was him good that is a is in looking place you have. >> well, thank you. >> close to the station. >> yes, you guys can work me. i'm ready to work. >> i think were you here 24 hours and i drug you to a fashion show. >> he said lets go to dinner. we are all dressed up. he said we are doing ice bucket challenge. >> we stopped by the fashion show as i remember. that was over at. >> yes, i was on the catwalk and worried about modeling. >> sue, they made us stand there like in the window. >> you are so twitchy, i cannot imagine you were doing that. >> i stood in the minute about
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a minute. i had to to get going. >> another challenge to the als ice bucket challenge. >> yes. >> you did the the honors. >> and boy was it a pleasure. i bet you wish you had ice right now. >> yes it was hot. >> you got too much pleasure out of that. >> it was fun. >> it was fun. >> but people like it. >> yes. >> they did. >> yes, i think so. >> ridiculous. >> hold on a second. >> you met howard eskin. >> do you know howard eskin. >> yes. >> who doesn't know howard. >> some people are scared of him. >> yes. >> are you scared at first. >> a little scared. >> he took me to his house, otherwise known as novacare complex. that was his place. he showed me aroundy don't think anybody has ever been to howard's real house. >> he lives there. >> i know where it is. >> i'm not telling. >> what did you learn from him. >> i learned a lot. he taught me about the eagles and how to be a fan and he gave me my own jersey so i
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have something to wear. mike is taking me, right. >> i will take you. >> my first eagles game. >> sunday at 1:00 o'clock. >> have have you done weather for sunday yet. >> it will be beautiful. we are getting rid of the humidity. >> you know what i will do for you, what? >> she went to the university of missouri. >> yes. >> pew. >> and so what do we give, we have jeremy maclin, a great player, come in. >> september 8th, monday. >> do you want that. >> that within great. >> we need two here. >> they both went to the university of missouri. i went to kansas. they are big rivals. only thing that irritates me about you. >> they don't even know how to spell miss surey no, that is better way of saying it. >> so stupid. >> $40,000 a year and look. >> it is still better than kansas so what does that say.
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>> are we go to go quincy. >> yeah. >> we want the real story about made in america. >> in the rain. >> did it scare everybody awayy went. q took me along. it was fun, right q. we were in the crowd though. >> it was fun, pretty good, other than alex being late. i said, alex meet me at 6:30. she met me. >> i was not late. >> you were late. i'm not judging you. it was just, for us to hang out for the first time. were you late. we had a good time. >> you are high class. we're walking to made in america. >> apparently already. >> yes, she had a lot of interests. we are still trying to reach out to michael kendricks to see what will happen but that is whole other story. >> we will call back. >> you are single.
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>> i am single. >> yes i am yeah. >> i will stay single probably according to q. >> scarring everybody off. >> so, did she show up. >> kim kardashian was here. a lot of the stars, kim kardashian and jay-z, verse other years at made in america, he stayed in the back. last year and year before he was out in front of the stage, riding around on go carts so people could see him. maybe this year he was just tired from the beyonce and jay-z tour he stayed in the back. >> alex, did you enjoy kanye west. >> i did, and maybe we didn't see jay-z because we were out in the crowd. i really could not see much. but i got dumped. >> normally i sit on the vip stage. >> that is a fancy stage. >> we're not fancy like mike. >> we had to be out in the
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crowd and get that festival feel. >> i heard that kim went to a wedding in delaware. did you hear that, quincy. >> yes, kanye west has a family in delaware. i don't know if that was connected to that. we will get on that. she was in delaware for a wedding, and we have pictures with hugh, coming up in a little bit. >> okay, cool. >> thanks, q. >> what did you do over the weekend. >> here's why i will make you look at my vacation pictures. because we were in wildwood. >> okay, okay. >> do you have a clicker. >> here's what we have did that we have never done before. >> we donned the cape may lewis ferry. >> did you what on the ferry. >> you hopped on. >> i thought you said humped on. >> no. >> we hopped aboard the cape may lewis ferry. >> i saw your picks. >> did nia go with you. >> and may husband billy v and
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my cousin lived in lieu is. i made sure to find out that it is lewis. >> because it is lewis. >> yes. >> okay. >> beautiful there. >> yes. >> how was the ride on the ferry. >> about an hour and a half. >> from cape may, down, we rode back at night. it was beautiful. >> was it smooth. >> it was very smooth. >> do you know what else we did. >> we went to the doggie beach and took roofus. >> we had a brand new doggie beach. >> was there p oo all over place. >> they have bags. >> were people using them. >> yes. >> that sounds like a great vacation. let's go clean up dog po theo. >> yes. >> where is that beach in wildwood. >> right here at poplar street. >> yes. >> we are schellenger. >> yes you cannot miss that. >> it is the doggie beach.
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>> walk up the boardwalk, you can see it. >> crowd is gotten bigger. can you do another 360. >> hi everybody. >> hi. >> yes. >> okay. could somebody go in there and tell them to pipe down to the stereo. somebody has gotten a cat over there. sorry to bring this up, but, my gosh, she went in, she's doing a comedy show. >> next day she initial for throat surgery. >> yes. >> taking something off of her vocal cords. >> she was speaking very r as py. >> she was at a doctor's office, surgeon's center, not a happen. >> and her heart stopped beating. >> so, they freak. >> yes. >> the guys doing the surgery, and they have to order an ambulance to get her over to
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mt. sinai. >> she's still there. >> and i understand she's on life support. >> life support. >> i love her. we have had her on the show all the time. >> she's down at qvc every other day selling her jewelry. >> fashion police on e. >> yes. >> her daughter released a statement, asking for prayers. there has been a lot of talk bit. >> just unbelievable you cannot put your brain around it. >> the doctors induced the coma and put her on life support. she's 81 years old. >> yes. >> and so how long didn't she have oxygen is the the question. >> that makes all of the difference. >> i don't know but everybody is trying to be hopeful and that is what her daughter is saying. we hope for the the best for them. >> all right. >> we asked the question, do you see all the time traveling on an airplane, kids, flying by themselves. >> i used to do it when iuwas younger they used to throw me on the plane.
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>> hold on a second. >> glenn and sharon watching there in your apartment, at what age. >> yes. >> probably, i was than the even one yet the first time i went on the plane. >> that is not true. >> four. >> four. >> yeah. >> your mom works for american airlines. >> yes, that the right. >> yes. >> so maybe she knew people on the plane though. >> yes. >> co-workers. >> of course, flight attendants and everything. >> yes, they did. >> when you flew up from south carolina did they think you were a child flying alone. >> they probably did. >> yes. >> yes. >> anyway, you used to fly for free as a kid. guess how much airlines might want to charge, $300. >> my gosh. >> for anybody hoist 15 and below. >> unaccompanied minor. >> alone. >> wow. >> you got to buy a ticket for
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yourself. >> yes. >> for that kind of money. >> i feel bad when i see kids am i reading too much for that. >> maybe they are going to camp. >> maybe they are just trying to get rid of their child like holy's parents tried to do. >> one way ticket is what you are saying. >> yes. >> that is kind of young. >> she was young. >> yes. >> so we found this stud bye college kids. they are spending all the time on their cell phones. like that guy right there. >> and this lady right there. >> yes, everybody is doing it. >> yes, who doesn't have a cell even if on them. >> i don't good woman in the back. >> and you don't. and you don't, you have a dog. >> so i have three people out of a thousand that are here. so this study says that boys in college spend ten hours a day on the phone. >> ten hours a day. >> that is a a lot of time.
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>> almost eight hours a day. >> boys more than girls. >> yes. >> i would have thought girls because they are taking selfies all the time. >> they did break it up. they said girls were using it to be social. >> yes. >> communicate with other people, right. >> yes. >> the girls are actually more than the boys. >> ten hours and the boys are eight hours. >> yes. >> so they are doing social things. they are chatting with each other, texting boyfriends and stuff like that. the guys are playing games. >> that makes sense. >> doing high tech stuff. >> but eight hours. >> wow. >> so you have to factor in eight hours a sleep. >> when do they study, they are not stud anything college. >> it is college, they are probably using their phones to study. >> yes. >> it is summertime. >> we had a shower down in southern delaware. did you see it here. >> it is building up some thunder clouds over there. >> look at this way bright and sunny. it is beautiful. >> yes. >> we're hoping for is kind of showers will hold off until later so you can enjoy your last day at the beach for the
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summer of 2014. your last barbecue maybe. but temperature will be about 90 degrees today in the city and we are looking at 90's again tomorrow. ninety yesterday. we will probably have have, a heat wave. now, the weather does stay hot and humid with showers and thunderstorms the rest of the week. the first week end of september may end up being a little warmer or hot and humid like it wasn't all summer long but then by sun take, eagles play jacksonville and it looks like we will be back to normal with temperatures in the lower 80's and lower humidity after that. so basically seven day forecast now that summer is unofficially over it is really going to feel like summer. that is your weather from the weather authority, look who went over where the the food is. >> that is right, sue. >> there is a man name here the name of douglass fudge. you are not douglass fudge. good to see you what is your name. >> jason. >> who is your name.
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>> tony. >> who are you. >> james. >> i'm with the pizza. >> yes, i can smell it. >> yes. >> look at the the box. >> look at that. >> what do you save up for. >> what kind. >> plane, frenchfries, american cheese, mozerella cheese and fancy sauce. >> all in the pizza. >> yes, my gosh. >> did you bring one. >> no, i didn't bring it, not to day. >> why in the it is 9:00 o'clock in the morning. >> i will make it for you. >> mike is hungry. >> where is this place. >> i have heard of it. >> sam's. >> yeah, we're fran coney's fans here. >> yes good don't want to say that standing next to him. >> yes. >> we have all been franconnie's fan. >> why dough they talk about sam's and mack's. >> they have been here out of everybody. >> how long have you been around. >> nine years good do you get tired of just sam and mack's. >> it is what it is. it is rough but we have to get our name out there and do what
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we can do. >> you are coming up. >> we are trying. >> that is not us. >> owe kay. >> owe kay. >> i'm casey from aloha smooth i could down there. >> smoothie company. >> it is a simple version. >> we will try it. >> can you hold this mike. >> i want to see what this is. >> what is in it, it is chocolate. >> it is a thick blend, of berry, bananas and strawberry with soy or almond milk. >> yes. >> it comes out thicker than that. >> is there granola in there. >> yes, banana and honey. >> yes, very good. >> did you invent it. >> no, my boss mickey chew has traveled all over the west coast, hawaii,.
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>> they serve tonight bowls like this. >> yes. >> who is the owner. >> mickey chew. >> joseph chew. >> yes. >> he is watching right now. >> you have a last name that leads to you your business, his last name is chew, what are we doing, chewing. >> we are chewing. >> how healthy is it. >> it is extremely healthy. all organic fruit. non-dairy. >> what do you think, sue. >> it is delicious. >> yes. >> it looks like coy. >> very good. >> now we are going to fattening things, right. >> pizza. >> it was good. >> yeah. >> okay. what all do you have there on the tray. >> some of the most popular flavors. cookies and cream, peanut butter, pumpkin and check late
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carmel. >> pumpkin. >> i know. >> that is our new flavor we just made this batch two days ago. >> go get it, alex. >> here we go, sue lets get you one. >> is what the the formula. how much fudge is in there. >> we cannot talk but that on the air. top secret information. >> boo. >> pumpkin pie. >> it does taste like pumpkin pie. >> that is good for you guys. >> we appreciate you bringing us on today. >> this is pumpkin pie as well. >> wow. >> my favorite pie. >> these are salt water taffy. >> yes. >> lots of fudge. >> we gave you a little bit of everything. >> alex, you will blow up. >> i am you go to the gym, it is all okay. >> if i go to the gym. >> hi, frank. i recognize that voice. what do you got. >> welcome to wildwood. >> wow, look at that. the official t-shirt. and challenge, beaches, and,
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and,. >> thanks, frank. >> and, and so we have a day for the boardwalk. >> you know what we should do, since you are here, we will taste three pizzas. we will do mack's, sam's and franconnie's. we will find out that woman who says she has never eaten mack's. how do you know. you have never eaten it. that drives me nuts when people do that. >> we will make her try it. >> we will have a taste test in a little bit. see new two minutes.
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i'm outside in the car. >> we just pulled into north wildwood. we are are we by the way? we have no idea. tom is driving. alex is in the back seat. alex, are you back there. >> yes. >> oh, no. >> she's back there. it is ridiculous. >> are you still back there. >> ridiculous. >> this should be fun. >> alex doesn't drink coffee. she's thinking of drinking coffee for the first time because she's nervous about being on the show. so when she walked away i told barista to do three shots of espresso. >> hey, alex, you don't drink coffee so how are you feeling? >> now alex tried to get out. we pulled over for a little bit. we had to tie her up. can you see her at all. >> no. >> there she is. >> there is the hand. >> okay, let's do this.
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>> we made it. >> we made it here. >> are you jittery because you don't drink coffee. >> i'm trying something different. >> i think i'm okay for now. i'll probably crash after the show. >> something weird happened. people from myrtle beach where she came from they used to watch me on tv, yes, myrtle beach, baby, and jersey shore, love it. >> she's not going back. she's ours. >> yes, thank you. >> you're not taking her. she is's ours. >> pretty cool. >> lets talk about summer movies. >> yes. >> back to school movies. >> a lot of people are starting up this week. >> she must be very excited. is what your favorite back to school movie. >> back to school movies, i don't show move is in school. i'm a teacher. >> from delaware county, kindergarten, very nice. >> so when do you start. >> tomorrow. >> so what would you say would be a good movie for kids to
9:25 am
watch to get ready to get in that back to school mode. >> i don't know but i may any parents read night before kindergarten night before school. >> okay. >> so good luck took. >> yes. >> kindergarten. >> when it comes to movies i have topics. >> i always think of breakfast club, anybody see that. >> yes. >> yes. >> people love that. >> well, it had nothing to do with their behavior, though. >> that is true. >> making it good or bad but a lot of people watch that, in doubt. >> it is a very good movie mike? >> we will get to the pizza in a second. >> this debate is getting serious. >> next one, mean girls, they just celebrated their tenth anniversary. >> mean girls. >> they want to talk sports and eat pizza. >> lindsey lohan was in that. >> tina fey. >> that is a big one. >> yes. >> i don't think i can. >> we have some movie watching to do. >> i know you have even this last one.
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>> grease. >> grease. >> that is right. >> yes. >> who likes grease. >> how many people can sing along to grease. >> well, what was the song that he sang about meeting her over the summer,. >> was it summer loving, happened so fast. sing with me, summer loving, it happened so fast. >> i don't know the second line either, we all know the first line though. >> yeah. >> what is that? my homemade wine. >> you make homemade wine. >> i need to talk to you while33 we go to jen. where do you live. >> franklinvilley will come by >> we have to see stone here teaching me a little bit after the break. you think i am doing. >> really good. >> he is lying paw he is in high school. so we will come right back with dylan, tenth grade abington high school and me busting my face on that thing.
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. oh, my gosh. >> really? >> yes. >> what's the key? i mean, how? >> yes, dear, yes, dear. >> what's your anniversary? >> today, 14 years. >> september 1st, 2,000? >> and you're spending it with us. thank you. congratulations. >> that's wonder you. >> probably just like their honeymoon. okay, here comes jennifer.
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>> and here we are. i think this is our segment. >> this is our segment. >> continuous water, jen? gave you a break? >> flow rider. when i was trying my practice runs with him, i need a break, i need a break. you're 16, 17? >> fifteen. >> snow wonder he doesn't need a break. so ready to see my moves? >> i'm ready, i'll try to provide play-by-play for. >> this the way this is different from the actual ocean, it is continuous, dillan becomes to go into tenth grade at abington high school, he's been teaching jen, so basically, you just got to, all right, how is she doing, dillan? he is coming to rescue her, and up she goes. and it is not as easy as it looks. all right. so she's getting a little break mere, now, dillon will teach her. she starts off, and now he puts her, okay, she's goes on
9:32 am
backward, and tada, jen, you're doing great. >> now, keep your eye on dillon. news guy's been at it for about a year. and he's really, really good at this. he's coaching jen, they're up on their knees now, no hands, oh, my goodness, good thing she has good balance. and look, no fear from dillon there. but jen is hanging on, this is pretty amazing, this is the flow, the flow house, which is like a lilo racist, really, just off the board walk. again, different from the actual ocean, because it doesn't stop. at least you get a break-in between waves when you're at the ocean, so once you can master this it, doesn't leap like surfing would be that difficult oh, jen you're doing great. look, she is smiling, dillon
9:33 am
says okay, all right, now,'s he is back on his tummy there. oh, freestyle. and back again. jen, i know you can do there is and off she goes, and is back. yeah! that's that was amazing, dillon did it, all right, now he's showing off. now he's showing off. as well, he should. now, we've got jen coming back to us. all right, now, here's your recap. how was it? >> okay, it was really scary. it is not as violent as it looks. but that's the thing with the yo-yo? >> yo-yo. >> where you let go tan comes back. >> yes, if you want to do some flips. dillon is way better. i have to tell you this. it is pretty cool. i feel like it is almost easier than learning how to surround in am i crazy to say that? >> it is different. its own sort of feeling and it is like its own thing.
9:34 am
>> all right, do you think i should try to flip around spin around snipping. >> do you want to? >> i am bea to wipe out. >> less than minute left. let's g maybe she won't wipe out. i feel very optimistic about this. we got 30 seconds, jen. thirty seconds. so again, this is whole difference experience this trying to surf at the ocean it, as slow rider, own experience, as dillon said. now, you see, he doesn't need hands. jen's going down. all right, now, dillon, did a little flip already. and he's going try to get jen to do it. >> little whip out there, that's all right. you okay? she's okay. all right, and that is it from flow rider. take a bow! we'll be back with much more from wildwood in just a few. >> jen having a loft fun there. >> i knew she would do it.
9:35 am
>> oh, yes. >> time for the pizza challenge. we will do it after the break. we got mack. >> we got sam. >> and another one in the ring. >> should we do this? i need a volunteer who has never tasted any of them. >> we'll finds that person. >> we got couple of choices here. we'll get to that after the break. >> ♪
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>> i want to give you big philadelphia style welcome to the fifth largest sits city in the u.s.a., million and a half people and growing, i will talk to some of the leadership here, after fox 29, i know that you will be paired with
9:39 am
mike jerrick and look, most of us we're already feeling sorry for you, you saw probably some of the tapes, things that should now had to deal with. mike is just really all over the place, really going to be your personal responsibility to keep him under control, make sure people are getting the news that they need to get, not all about his personal life, not what's going on on twitter, not what he did last night or why he wasn't able to, you know, up at 4:00 in the morning like i know the rest every you r so look fill say great great town. you will have a loft fun here. again sorry about your seat mate. but we do the west that we k welcome to philadelphia. >> all right. >> i can't believe you're plowed ago statement like that from mayor nutter. >> i accept that challenge, so i'll try my best. >> thank you, mr. mayor. all right, ready for this challenge?
9:40 am
>> we've got three pieces here,. >> we have frankoni's. >> here nine years owing something. >> competing with long standing pizza shovels so we found this woman, give me your name? >> andrea delfonso. >> where do you sniff. >> elk township. >> have you ever had any of snows. >> nope. >> and we have our loverly twin daughters, your names? >> gabriela. >> cecelia. >> you haven't had it either? >> no. >> let's start down here with mack's, there we go, grab one. bite, but don't give me your response yet. >> , one, two, three. >> don't tell us yet. >> okay? >> all right. so that was max. >> next we have sam's. >> oh,. >> grab a piece. >> big one. >> so big. hope you're hungry. >> nice, right? >> ma'am is okay, eat this for
9:41 am
breakfast? okay. >> all right, one, two, three. >> you don't care? >> all right, now, give you little room here. >> all right, grab a piece. okay? on cut of three? >> big chunk. >> think about it. get those taste buds filled with sauces, right? >> 102nd, we need your opinion. >> hud p up and decide? >> all right. >> why don't you start with your favorite, then we come to concensus. your favorite?
9:42 am
>> number three. >> oh, newcomber. >> number three. wow. >> number three. >> oh! >> three, what is that, a knock out? all right. >> new heavy weight champ. >> well, let the bee bathe start on twitter because people really have strong opinions about mack's and sam's. >> but they had a clean plate literally. >> yes. >> they had never tried any of them. so pretty fair, i think, right? ya. >> okay. all right, quincy, what do you think that far? what are you up to now? >> i knows everything that happened back stage, all of the secrets,. >> right here on "good day" phil
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welcome back here in wildwood. i saw this dog on twitter. >> maggie, maggie, hero dog. >> yes. >> how many hits? about 1.35 million. >> oh, my gosh, more than both of us. wow. >> good to see you, man. we got to get back out to the parkway here. because huey dillon of course made in america. >> yes. >> and q's out there with all
9:46 am
of the latest on everybody out there. >> huey here. >> were you all around made in america. exclusive stuff. we have some your pictures, you actually saw sim kardashian and his is her at the kendel. >> someone on instagram shot us photos. photographers, we were not allowed to photograph them. >> really? >> very, very strict. anyone who photographed them was going to be kicked out for both days. so, they said actually near the sounds board watching kanye's performance on the rocky stage. and they looked beautiful. kim was in black, which she actually had worn earlier that day, they had gone to a wedding, kanye west's cousin, i believe, in wilmington, delaware, who knew he had relatives here. >> he has a bunch of family here in delaware, hello, whole family, like 17 of them got like passes to sit right there with kendle and -- >> yes, so kanye was really great. really hard to photograph him, also, because he was back lit. i also like to call this his
9:47 am
victim like ten years since he has gone out and complained about how everyone attack him, it was casino after interesting idea. first he talks about how many people always attack him, and then he talks about well i know you are just doing your job, and you're photographers, but you know we don't have a great relationship with him. i've shot him before in new york. he's always been real nice. so i don't know if that's part of his performance art, his whole crew is that with his back and music, he has tremendous following, i mean, the crowd was un believable. >> people love kanye, another performer, j coal was here. >> j coal. he's jz's protege, in fact, the one concert besides kanye that i saw jay-z actually watch. he watched this from the side lines. again, never went on stage. doesn't come out on stage, you know, we know your curated the whole thing, but people real did i tell me they were disappointed didn't come out and say hi.
9:48 am
>> this year, visibility -- >> definitely less. maybe he's trying to just put the focus on the up and coming band, the current, you know, bands and kanye. maybe he didn't want to take any shine away from them. but, i think, one coming out, would be great. i mean, people real bring asking about do you think -- no one saw him. he was in the vip area, but waist in black, and red the other, like very dark, could you not see him. >> and beyonce wasn't here? >> beyonce wasn't here, like i said, kim would come, beyonce didn't come. >> you predict philadelphia. >> i said to you, you know, but i was surprised they did bring baby north for the wedding. wasn't at the concert. but she did go to the wedding. >> real err appreciate kim didn't grab the spotlight, low key, here to support her husband. even in the concert kanye kind of put to rest the rumors that they're breaking up, having problems. i don't know if you saw them, they were out on wednesday and
9:49 am
thursday, you know, done with the beyonce breaking up stories, now onto kanye and kim. and he actually addressed that during his -- >> yes? and then legendary, i mean, looks smooth as from the day he started. you know, he is really one of the major mc rappers, really sets the stage for what to do also ran into the model. >> oh, tyson beckford. >> he now, just here to catch the crowd. i mean, i asked him for a photo. one of my friends when i mentioned it had a photo of him, just come in when he list toned this, in color, also canadian band, as justin bieber. i should say. his girlfriend, i believe, shane a shake, victoria secret model, she is the one that was maybe playing around with justin last fall, caused all of these problems. >> little i shall through.
9:50 am
>> so when that bands started, just because we're from canada, don't hold anything against us like justin bieber. then tyson, my friend, and said oh, i'm so tired of this canadian talk, i don't like this band, i'm outta here. >> huey, thank you, we're outta here. back to you guys in wildwood. >> huey gets around. does this guy look like summertime? look at the eyes, the face. >> have you had a good summer. >> ya. >> what's your name? >> can he begin where are you from? >> new jersey. >> he is so cute. he ate up that pizza. >> now, weaver a pizza controversy folks, i knew we would. twitter is blowing up, saying the reasons why they like frankoni, you could tell it was warmer than the other two. >> sounds like a conspiracy their toy me. >> but everybody's angry at it. >> okay, warmer than the other too.
9:51 am
>> the flavors, right? >> i guess the dentate on. >> we'll try it again some other time. >> okay. i hate to ask you this. this has been your first day there is has been baptism under fire, right? i hate to ask this of a black woman. >> oh, my goodness. >> but would you like to be baptized with real cold water over at the splash zone? >> oh, no. oh, my gosh. should dow it? should i do it? oh, no. >> we got -- you have a good hair-dresser yet? >> i'm going have to fine one. >> this afternoon. we do that. let's go.
9:52 am
9:53 am
9:54 am
9:55 am
>> oh, wait a minute. watch the -- there she is. >> hey. >> there she is. >> oh,. >> west philadelphia born and raised on the playgrounds is where i spends most of my days. >> ♪ >> alex holley day. >> who let this dog snout. >> oh, my goodness. >> jen, i know you can do this. >> got to let go. and yeah! >> from myrtle beach, where she came from.
9:56 am
>> used to watch me on tv. >> not going back. no, sorry. >> you're not taking her. she's ours. >> oh, my goodness, look at this, look up here, splash zone, jen, how does this work? >> base every every two -- this giant bucket goes down. >> are you going to go with her? let's go. so, that big bucket, full of water. >> two minutes to fill with water. once it is filled, it is filled. so every two minutes? >> yes, on a day like today. this is perfect. >> oh, look at her. >> has her hair. >> this is her baptism into good day. >> i know. here goes. the bells are ringing. here we go. this is a lot of water. >> i know. >> here goes!
9:57 am
ahh! (laughing). >> alex! >> are we happy? all right. welcome to "good day" philadelphia. >> thank you. >> i just met you but it foles like a ham is her falling on your head. i'm in shock right now, so i am not really sure. >> it feels like a caboose. >> thank you for doing that with me. >> dry cleaner recommendations, restaurants, i can give that you. >> thank you. >> thank you for coming out, joining us today. >> and i'm now a part of the good day family? >> yes, babe. >> i you're in the family now. >> well, thank you. >> you know, your hair? >> i know, we have to do something about this hair. >> ill find someone. >> oh, about to happen again. would you like -- see you tomorrow. come to fifth and market tomorrow for alex's check in
9:58 am
day. independence hall. >> that's right, that is biggie. >> happy labor day. biggie. >> happy labor day. >> see you tom well, not that kind of fresh. on the freshness of our chicken.
9:59 am
but i can guarantee the freshness of our chicken because we go beyond what the usda requires... with extra inspections in american family owned farms, refrigerated trucks that deliver daily and everywhere in between. that's what it takes to bring your family a fresh tasting chicken. perdue. we believe in a better chicken.
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