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tv   Good Day Philadelphia  FOX  September 2, 2014 7:00am-9:01am EDT

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we are happy because alex is here, you came back. >> i came back for another round. >> let's do this again. >> well, yesterday was a ton of fun. i bet a thousand people came out, dj greg netty thank you for being with us. >> thank you. >> you know where we are. we are at birthplace of america. >> yes. >> came down market street between fifth and sixth and visit. we will be here until 10:00 o'clock this morning. yesterday was a ton of fun. >> my gosh, it was wild times in wildwood. >> and your mom and dad are in town. >> they are. >> what did they think. >> they liked it. they liked it. >> you did a great job. >> we hit with you a ton of water to end the show. >> yes, good day baptist many. >> yes. >> so you had to get your hair done last night. >> i stayed up late. >> i came out here with all
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these curls. >> you left all these bobby pins in the truck because were you trying to wrap your hair. >> thank you, a appreciate that. >> i know kids, you all have been tweeting me all night long, o'brien will be here at 8:00 o'clock in this new movie maze runner and star of teen wolf on mtv. >> yes he will bring his co stars for that maz e runner movie. >> well, when we buck this whole week of shows, tomorrow we will be in quakertown. >> yes. >> we were worried it would rain. we dodge a bullet yesterday in wildwood. >> did we, you were so wet. did you see his shirt. >> it was disgusting. >> i just threw it in the trash after the show. >> but look at this beautiful day. look the at the the day the lord has made, sue serio. >> you are welcome, i guess. >> thank you. >> can i just zoom in on
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alex's earrings because she's very patriotic this morning. >> so are you. >> i went with the red, white and theme. >> did you not get memo. >> i have something red on. >> oh, owe kay. >> it was slimming. >> do you know what i have on. >> baby powder. >> yes. >> it doesn't seem as bad as yesterday. >> we have a breeze but it will be 93 degrees today. >> yeah. >> it will feel like a hundred later on today. so that is our job to get you prepared for. that lets go to the number of the day which is five out of the ten. we're expecting some thunderstorms later on. once again. they didn't materialized yesterday as much as we thought but with the build up of heat and humidity you know the drill. summer is still technically here and it will feel like it for next couple days. the bus stop buddy is back at school for so many kids it is back to school today. philadelphia public schools will go back next week but buddy is red which his khaki
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pants and dog muggy is helping him out this morning because it is so very humid. our high temperature will be 93 degrees. be on the alert for pop up showers and thunderstorms and for those with health issues don't over getter yourself. we will listen to. that caitlin roth, the bell, that is not the liberty bell but they are hurling our arrival at independent mall. we're here. >> you are here, and all look so patriotic standing there wonderful, sue. thanks very much. we have a major accident of the morning. back to reality and back on the roads we will all head and we have a big issue on the pennsylvania turnpike westbound. off ramp to bensalem there is an overturned tractor trail their blocks right lane of the off ramp. we have video, sky fox over earlier and is there a big backup westbound as a result of this blockage on the the westbound exit to bensalem. traffic is getting by in the left side of the ramp but you'll see slow counts. also in philadelphia roosevelt boulevard southbound approaching c street.
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we have a report of the accident there in the outer drive. mike and alex? >> thanks, caitlin. >> look at the big clock you heard it ringing there. >> yes. >> one minute past 7:00 o'clock. about an hour ago, what happened. >> revel closed down. >> yep. >> in atlantic city. >> it was weird too because we have done shots up, they have pack padlock the doors. that big beautiful glass building. >> so much money. >> 8,000 people without a job. so steve went back there, what are you seeing and feeling. >> is anybody even there, steve. >> it has been around 18 see owe degree and don guardian on his bicycle. he is one in the sunglasses, being mobbed by the media. i went up to him, i saw him, he does this daily bike ride. he doesn't look like his normal self in his bow tie and suits. i saw him and said are you as optimistic as these employees are that this place will
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reopen. employees left their last shift thinking they will be back here real soon. he said you are a betting man in a bedding town when do you think this will reopen under new owners. he said this place will be back in business by memorial day. if you buy a beach house you will probably buy it in time for next summer. new owners will want to start in the best time of the year with the summertime crowds. look at this beach here to the left. it is a beautiful morning. that is what this place has thaw don't see in any other gambling towns. certainly not in philadelphia and not las vegas and any other states. have one proper practically that has gambling right now. i want to show so twitter pictures were it closed. lets start with my first image when i walked in the front door and there is a guy passed out like he is doing a swann dive on one of the lounge stools in the the lobby. you didn't really see that much in revel. they kept really good conduct medals going on in there of
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all of the workers. that was one of the things people told us that turned them off. they were real strict about how everybody was acting in there. as soon ace get up in the casino floor, boy every table and slot machine was empty as far as i could look and you could see it looks like it was closed. it was still opened when i took this picture. then i found a guy cashing in his chips at the cashier's desk and he was the only one. three cashiers, one gambler, that is something you don't see in atlantic city casino. then happy picture when i was really surprised about and that was slot attendants getting together to get that team photo. they say they were last 17 of the original 65 hired. they called themselves cream of the crop. revel hired the best and they survived all of the cut backs. revel kept the best until the even. they came out and talked to me afterwards. they told me why they thought maybe this place didn't make it. >> i don't think they went through the the process and i think they have to go around
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the with the other casinos. they have to bring the people in. they have to give the guest what is they want. they have to give customer service. they weren't doing that. they wanted the high limit people. there is not that many of them. you have to hope that the people that we turned away from the beginning come back and give us another shot. >> i'm hoping to come back and be with everybody and that is what i think will happen. i have a feeling that maybe within a week we will find out that somebody bought the place and they will let us necessity and we are not going to have to reapply. we are cream of the crop. they will bring us back and back. >> and way more optimistic then mayor, mayor says memorial day as early as next week and maybe a meeting in between. but here is some video i shot. they didn't want professional photographers or news media running around the casino floor. i was allowed in. i took this video with my cell phone. this is a massive gambling floor. you could see, for as far as
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you could see when it comes to gambling. usually you cannot see crowd in front of you or cigarette smoke but nothing but machines and tables and emptiness, inside the revel about an hour and 15 minutes before it closed down. coming back live, you are familiar with velvet ropes. revel a had a popular club that was pack yesterday despite $40 cover charge. it went from the rel vet rope place to the place known as the cheap plastic yellow chains blocking the entrance ways right now v sad picture to close out revel's business. >> really is sad, and so what happens to that big beautiful building? i mean it just sits there empty. >> reporter: well, not completely empty. they have to keep some employees in there to keep it going and keep lights on. they will keep cashing in peoples chips until september 30th. people have have wings they can still come in here and cash in their chips but they will keep it manned with security and probably have an open house for any potential
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buyers as well. they will keep lights on and keep some people in here but skeleton staff, kind of stuff you see when they evacuate these places for hurricanes. >> hopefully that won't happen. >> i bet a lot of people will be going to cash in and get their money. >> for september 30th. >> it is just so weird because just down the road is borgata and water club and it is pack, lines of cars stack up for 20 minutes to get into the place. in the far down the road is an empty place now closed. >> let's get back out to the great northeast, bad stuff going on last couple of days it is being targeted. we have dawn right there now and it is not the first time, right. >> no, vandals hit this neighborhood a couple times for last several years. take a look at what people woke up to. thinks one of ten cars that woke up with had their windshields smashed n total of ten on the 5200 block of f street. that car took a hit, a hammer
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or chain and just wallupped. this is what happened in the early morning hours of labor day. so really in holiday for people who woke up and came outside to find their windshields cracked knowing they would have to pay to have it repaired. residents say that this neighborhood really is a popular target for some reason for vandals and they are simply fed up. >> when we least expect it, we come out in the morning and cars are destroyed. it is frustrate ago this some people just come and they destroyed our property. we're ready to move from this block. >> they had to hit it hard with a hammer or something a couple times to get it because you can tell it is real solid. >> reporter: one neighbor says that she saw someone around 2:30 in the morning on labor day, that looked like a chain or a hammer or something. rest tenth are hoping that the person that did this strike again. because this happened on a
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holiday people really duck, in places opened to have their windshields replaced. when people come outside they have to find a place to repair it. they may have to miss work to get their windshields replaced. it will cost probably $400. a lot of people $5,600 key deductibles. so they will to have pay for this out of their pocket. it is inconvenient, frustrating and mike an alex, it is expensive. >> i remember last time that happened a year ago they found out one of their neighbors was vandal icing and putting holes in tires. >> it was a neighbor. >> yes. >> slashing tires. >> so somebody has got some surveillance figure and they will figure out who this is. thank you to are that. many news headlines around the world. >> we will head over to kerry in the studio. >> hi kerry. >> good morning, there is a lot going on in, fact a couple days after three teens were killed in the crash, some bucks county students are set to begin the new school year. grief counselors made a available at council rock high school south yesterday to try
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to hell students cope wet death of these three kids n light of the death administration made decision to scale back planned events, to celebrate a new school year. >> just three bright lights, three tremendous individuals, hoe shared their gifts and talents council rock high school south and those bright lights were extinguished way too soon. >> freshman orientation begins at council rock high school south, today. upper class men return to class tomorrow. grief counselors will be on campus all week long. tonight the willingboro new jersey township council scheduled to take another vote about renaming a community center in honor of president obama. last month, the council approved a change to the name of the kennedy center municipal building but that decision spark a little bit of backlash from critics who say that change disrespects the building's history. council is meeting tonight at 7:00. more than 30 teens in the escaped from a nashville detention center, 17 of them right now still on the run.
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it happened a at 11:00 o'clock last night all between the ages of 14 and 19 and apparently they found a week spot in a fence. we don't know if that was preplan. that story continues to develop. we will update you as we get new information. also at 7:30 doctors plan to bring comedian joan rivers out of the medically induced coma sometime later today. at that point they will assess the extent of the damage to her brain. the she's 81 years old and she went into cardiac arose during a medical procedure at a doctor's office has week. she had been on life support ever since. she remains in serious condition at mt. sinai hospital in new york city. i know it doesn't feel like it out there but it is the beginning of the fall, traditionally. first day of school for thousands in our area we caught up with a couple families in delaware county last night doing their last minute shopping. this morning we'd like to see
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your back to school photos. you can tweet us using the hash tag fox 29 back to school and in fact, we have already gotten a lot of response. coming up a little bit later we will be live with jen fred as she gets her kid, one of them anyway ready for their first day of school. mikey and alex. >> is it landry's first day of school already. >> i know, kindergarten isn't that insane. >> i know. >> can't wait to see all of the pictures. >> she is so cute. >> i don't know where she got that from. >> well, her husband's beautiful man. >> so yesterday afternoon i get a bunch of tweets going the phillies have a in hitter going. cole hamels has a no hitter going. look at this, that doesn't happen, you get the both sides, front and back. >> you know it is a big deal. >> no hit wonder. >> yes. >> so it is a dined no hitter, you know, a little bit
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different like kissing your sister. >> it is a big deal. first time in phillies history they had a combined in hitter and important enough to get the front and back. four hitchers involved. we have joel hamels and jake diekman and ken giles. >> he is a fast one. >> he is a phenom. >> he can pitch 99 miles an hour. jonathan came into finish it off. it was weird though i was watching the game listening to my tweets and i ran to the tv and said i will watch the rest. then they pull cole hamels out in the middle of a no hitter. i bet he will be mad. he was laughing in the dug out. he said this. >> i understand. it wasn't really necessarily so caught up in the no hits. just the fact that i understood my pitch count, the walks, struggling every inning to be able to maintain and get a hid of hitters and i was kind of fighting and just not
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a very comfortable thing to do. we are trying to win. we didn't have the lead as much as we would like during that time. >> thing is too it was really hot. it was hot in atlanta yesterday. hot atlanta. >> i get it, get it but for the fans this is probably a bright spot through the season. >> yes, something fun to talk about. >> that is true. >> in a bad, bad season. so we have our eagles coming up this sunday. i promised i would take you to the game. >> mom and dad going with us. >> let's do this. >> how am i going to get tickets. anybody going to get tickets. >> oh, yeah, is there that, like i'm so connected. >> but you know what at least by sunday it will start to feel more seasonal and little bit more like september but it is the the second day of the month and it is so humid out here. lets get to it and tell you what the temperatures are because now we have to think about getting kid ready for school and how to dress them. we have showed you bus stop
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buddy and his polo shot on because i have to show you seven # six in philadelphia 75 a down in wildwood. the dew points, now you know we always say any to point above 60 is sticky. we have a 71-degree dew point in philadelphia. oppressive humidity with due points in the lower 70's and 60's, even up in the the pocono mountains, it feels like it is very stick which that 66 degrees dew point. so here we are with the seven day forecast, are you ready. 93 degrees today, but the possibility of some really strong pop up thunderstorms this evening especially, be on the alert for that. we were in the upper 80's but still close to 90 on thursday. hitting 90 on friday and saturday. stronger cold front on saturday means a much more comfortable day on sunday. high of 79 degrees by then. that will feel more like
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football weather for sure. monday we're in the upper 70's as well. we had to wait until first week of september to get our summertime weather, it is here. we are here at independent mall. we have independence visitors center behind me. in the suburbs you don't get to the city much that should be your first stop when you want to be a tourist in your hometown, right miss caitlin. >> i need to do that too. i work a block away. thanks so much, sue. we are staying on top of the overturn tractor trailer accident on the pennsylvania turnpike westbound off ramp to bensalem. so this tractor trailer has the right lane block off off ramp. traffic is still moving by on the left side but causing residual backups on the westbound pennsylvania turnpike. if you can take a different road maybe trying to get around, that would be ideal but we are going to continue to stay on top of that as long as the tractor trailer is out there. also an update in philadelphia roosevelt boulevard southbound approaching c street, yes, incident occurred a little bit ago actually involving a
7:19 am
motorcycle in the outer drive so be careful if you are traveling in that area too, that is one big issue we will stay on top of here with the traffic authority. lets go back outside to alex and mike and mike hasn't even started sweating yet. >> no, i'm not sweating. >> you're doing good. >> i'm sweat free. >> you have do baby powder on. >> yes. >> smell me. >> no, no, that is okay. >> how were you ing abouting back to school. >> i was excited. >> i spent like the the first two weeks laying out my outfits in advance making sure i looked cute. >> of course. >> send in your pictures, hash tag fox 29, back to school. >> fox 29 back to will school. >> here is autumn going back to school. not sure where she goes to school but she has two thumbs up. >> she's excited. >> i had more of a sick feeling. i didn't wanting to back to school. >> yeah. >> yeah. >> i remember first day of school in my life was kindergarten all saints school, wichita kansas.
7:20 am
>> and i cried. >> you cried. >> my sister took me. she took me home. >> yeah. >> i went home on the first day of school. >> you didn't go. >> no i was a wus yes. >> what time sit, sue? 7:20. >> so we are here, independent mall, but there will be a lot more things to do we will get a lot of things, tomorrow it is quakertown. >> quakertown. >> block party. >> a lot of fun. go to the center of quakertown. thursday is rodney square in wilmington and gearing up for friday the eagles the first home game of the regular season. come out to xfinity live. you know the back of xfinity live there with the link in the background? come out there, step out about 6:30 or so we will have food and it will be great. >> some guests, and a lot of
7:21 am
fun. >> are you feeling motivated. >> totally. >> okay. doctor mike will come by. he says because you are new and you have a desk right next to me. >> um-hmm. >> you should put one thing on that december thank will make your life happy. >> what is one thingy will tell you after the break.
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we're the taney dragons and we want to welcome alex to philadelphia. >> ♪ >> oh, my god. >> yes, some of the biggest stars of the whole year. >> okay. so we're watching the game yesterday and in the sixth inning i'm going i'm so excited. i will see a no hitter in this season, all right. then they pull cole hamels out in the sixth because it was so hot. he was, gassed. he had it. >> his hair was completely wet. >> he still looked good, didn't he. >> yes. >> i hate that about him. >> but he is the future for the phillies. you don't want to they his arm out and ruin him for next
7:25 am
year. >> makes sense. >> a combined no hitter. >> no hit wonder. >> first time in phillies history that they had a combined no hitter. four pitchers coming in. what a great afternoon path gallon. >> were you watching. >> i was watching. >> were you surprised when they yanked him out. >> a little bit but then i thought ryne sandberg is in a in win situation because he pulls him, he will be upset but if he keeps him in there why are you wasting this guys arm in a season that is meaningless. but i think it was the right move because as you said they have to look for next year and seasons ahead and this is a wayed year. >> it was a national game too. it happened to be on espn. espn announcer said leave him in because they are trying to get ratings. >> it was 108 pitches but it was so hot, humid. he wasn't pitching, he didn't give up any hits but gave up five walks. he wasn't a as crisp as cole hamels usually is. he seemed like he was joking,
7:26 am
laughing in the dug out. that is important that he was behind those guys. >> it is interesting because how about this giles dude. >> the the bull pennies outstanding. that is one good thing about the future is, that they have diekman came in and giles who throws heat, three strike outs. >> nasty he is nasty. >> he already has an edge to him. people in philadelphia if you don't know ken giles you'll lick this kid. he will be around. >> how old is he. >> he is 23 i believe. >> he came out of no where because he was in the minor leagues and n'synx will a and had not done very much and then just blows upright in the major leagues and he looks like the next jonathan papelbon in the ninth inc. >> yes. >> we will be watching him, for sure. >> is he single. >> that is not why, that is in the why. >> is he trying to set me up. >> are you mad that i'm single is that the issue. >> i just want, i want to have interesting things in my life,
7:27 am
so i live through your life. >> yes. >> here's the the thing are you single. >> no. >> see, look at you, trying to start something. >> speaking of starting something we have to start school today, a bunch of kids in the suburbs are going to school including one of our favorite people, landry, jen's daughter. >> yes. >> kindergarten, quincy, are you at her house. >> she's ready for kindergarten, are you ready? >> yes. >> what do you tell q. >> boom. >> we're helping jen get ready. >> are you going to brush your hair. >> yes. >> we will be right back as land dry goes to
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geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more. jesse?
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oh, yeah. >> do you like that. >> yes, do i. >> who doesn't like that. >> yes. >> i need, he always wears a black leather cap. >> you need one of those. >> better than that visor. >> i looked like a dork. >> somebody said i had a white t-shirt on and a visor, all you need is a fan i pack. >> you looked like bus stop
7:31 am
buddy. >> it is a good thing. for so many kids it is first day of of school, buddy, after we showed the number of the day,. >> now five of the out ten because of the possibility of strong then are storms. we will get up to 93 degrees. we have all that humidity. we need a spark and then we will have nasty storms. but for this morning everybody is fine for those first day of school pictures. but for so many kids who started last week and they are starting to day, this is, it. back to reality. so muggy the talk is there making it realize how humid it is outside. it is very warm with most of the temperatures, already in the 70's. we are heading up to a high of 93 degrees today with a whole lot of humidity. heat index, it will feel like it is a hundred. so that is all you need to
7:32 am
know, triple digit heat index, caitlin. >> i necessity, i feel bad you outside already it is so warm. try to stay cool. that is my advice for everyone. staying on top of a couple issues, back to reality and road, work is here, school is here, i know but staying on top of this overturn tractor trailer on the pennsylvania turnpike westbound it is off ramp to bensalem and tractor trailer has right lane of the off ramp blocked still going on, traffic is moving by on the left side but obviously delays building westbound because of the tractor trailer accident. also an update in philadelphia roosevelt boulevard southbound approaching c street the accident that occurred a little bit ago involving motorcycle has clear. you are okay there too. lets go back outside to mike an alex. >> greg our cameraman said mike, hold the microphone by the stem, in the down here. >> you have so much trouble holding it. >> it is very feminine like a wine glass. >> you have to put this down.
7:33 am
>> there you bow. >> yes. >> i was reading this survey. >> i do that. >> can you not put your fingers together. >> i was reading the survey that said you can reduce your risk of a stroke or heart attack and at my age i'm starting to where bye that stuff. >> i'm just saying. i'm worried about your health. >> on the second day. >> that you should eat a lot more fruit. how much more fruit. >> have you metal ex. >> hello. >> how are you. >> i'm great. >> how are you. >> holy cow, ratings just went up. >> my goodness. >> welcome to philadelphia. >> thank you. >> yes. >> now, a study that you just talk about, actually will reduce your risk by 40 percent of having a stroke and heart
7:34 am
attack by eating, are you ready for this, one or two servings of fruit a day. >> is this a serving then. >> well, a serving is i would say this is a serving, you can get this done you are doing already because we hear that you should have eight servings of fruits and vegetables and that is really good. more fruit and vegetables you eat the lower your risk of having a stroke or heart attack. >> mike, do you eat fruit. >> i actually do. excuse me. >> water melon. >> don't talk with your mouthful. >> the cantelopes is digest ted in 20 minutes. >> fruit remember is really, amazing because it is low in fat and it gives awe lieutenant of energy and since michael, you are my patient, that is public knowledge we force feed it to him. >> really. >> look at how vibrant he looks. >> look at that. >> vibrant, vibrant, vibrant. >> as you know, alex, she's new and she has a desk sitting right next to me.
7:35 am
>> unfortunately. >> you said there is something that she can put on her december took make her life better. >> do you know what you need to do to be happen a the work, have a plant on your desk. >> a plant. >> really. >> they did a stud any england and found if you have one plant, on your desk, it increased productivity, made you happier and allowed to you work better. >> just one. >> just one. >> more the better. >> you know i have a junk until there. >> i might need to if i'm sitting next to him. >> they have done studies on mice and found if you put mi rn a sterile condition with nothing around, no pictures, they don't live as long. >> yes. >> so the key is, maybe a picture, whatever you can do. i would think of a wall to separate the two of you. >> yes. >> that is good. >> i have been warned about that. >> yes. >> maybe they don't like fruit, hopefully they don't like fruit. >> we will get a plant because plants produce oxygen.
7:36 am
>> it makes you happier, makes your memory better and it makes you overall a better performer at work. how do you like that. tell your bosses out there doctor mike says i must have a plan. >> okay. >> i want a plant. >> no homelock. >> back to school day. >> it is stressful for some kids. >> my son nicholas going to school, i'm having post traumatic stress disorder. >> sit more stressful for parents or kid. >> it is stressful when i went there and now it is all over again. i'm having it again but anyway. >> doctor mike, good to see you. >> love you both. welcome. hold on. thank you. >> adorable, right? >> yeah. >> so we will take you when we come back in two minutes to the top three philadelphia tourist attractions. what do you think they are we will explain after the break. >> do you need a hint. >> one is right here. >> we're close.
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feel the beat. >> i feel the beat. >> i feel the beat. >> okay. >> i feel something. >> now move witt. >> do you know, this area we're in right now the birthplace of america in. there is so many tourists. it starts to slack off now after labor day but during the summer, my gosh, i believe the folks up at the liberty bell told me one time they had 14,000 people move through this area every day. >> in one day. >> in one day. >> yeah. >> people from all around the world. we saw this list. it was like the top 20 tourist attractions in philadelphia. >> um-hmm. >> do you know top three you can see right here from here. >> right here. >> that thing right there, independence hall. >> yes, towering over us right now. >> where they signed the declaration of independent, number three. >> number three. >> okay. >> number two is the bell. >> yes. >> it is over there. it is over there. >> it is in there. >> did you take your parents to see it. >> i have not been to see it.
7:41 am
i'm right here. >> here's the thing, so many philadelphians will relate to that because they have been here, all of their lives, and i know some of you have never gone and stood next to the liberty bell. >> field trips would i think there would be field trips. >> that is probably the only time. >> there is a producer in our building who has never looked at the bell. >> we're so close. >> she's in her 50's. >> we should take her over there. >> and then the number one. >> okay. >> is this, piece of ground, all this grass we are standing on here. >> all around us you talk to any philadelphia they will not be able to tell you the name of this park. >> yes. >> hi, gi jane. you are a park ranger. hi. you know alex? here is alex right here. >> jane is what your last name. >> jane, public affairs officer here. >> is what the name of this park. >> independence national historical park. >> does anybody know that? >> think very few people know that but what you need to know
7:42 am
is independence, and national park. you know you are getting a top teared destiny. >> i call it independent mall. >> absolutely it is independent mall, independent hall, independence visitors center, and it is all part of the independence national historical park. >> what is number one question from people around the world when they get here. >> where are the bathrooms. >> yes. >> that is number one question. >> where are the bathrooms. >> i recommend you go to the independence visitors center. we have some down at the corner of the fifth and chestnut. >> are they clean. i'm a bathroom expert. >> there is a good one atom any hotel second floor. >> i haven't tried that one. >> where do you go. >> back at the office. >> you guys have a special one back there. >> okay. >> good to see you. >> thanks, jane. >> so nice meeting you. >> so jen fred's kids are going off to school. brody knows how to do this. i'm not so sure landry knows how. quincy went over to help her
7:43 am
out and help mommy out too. >> okay, we're getting ready for kindergarteny made waffles. >> what song is quincy singing >> yes. >> what is going on is landry is excited about kindergarten. i came over to help out. we're excited. >> we getting ready. >> brody is not feeling it. >> brody is somewhere el
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7:45 am
7:46 am
we're taking a live look, at camden at the hb wilson family school on the first day of school. >> yeah, i know my daughter, jill, would get so excited to go back to school. i was totally the opposite way growing up. yeah, i didn't want summer to end. i got sick to my stomach. >> it is bitter sweet. >> you are excited, new friends, new teachers, but then it is like summer was so much fun. >> yes, like grease. >> summer loving. >> happened so fast. >> sue, how were you growing up. >> i enjoyed the first day. >> and then downhill.
7:47 am
>> that was it. >> no one wants homework. >> but your shoes are new and your new books are new. >> new books are new. >> you forget how to talk over the the summer, yes, but everything is new and by second day it is old hat. hopefully y'all are enjoying your first day. let talk about temperature though because figuring out how to dress the kids, in light clothes, light weight wait, light colors for all of to us day, because the temperatures that are mostly in the 70's and upper 60's, mostly due points are close to the temperatures, and, that we have a lot of humidity, very oppressive and we have possibility of some pop up thunderstorms that could be strong later on in the day. we are talking about maybe seven or 8:00 strong thunderstorms rolling through here. remember, you have been alerted to that. seven day forecast has another day of 90's. 93 degrees today.
7:48 am
and in the upper 80's, throughout the middle of the week. we have lower humidity in store for tomorrow. in the meantime we don't expect any big relief from the heat until after thunderstorms moved through on saturday and then give us, much cooler temperatures in the 70's for the first eagles game on sunday. that is your weather, live from the independence national park. caitlin, i'm showing you the presidents house. people don't even realize what this is. i just looked it up. we have jane, the park range are. 17990 to 1800 president washington lived here and president adams lived here but it is a para docks with freedom and slavery because president washington had slaves here and so all of their names are memorialized right there, all of the slaves who were here at the very first presidents house in our nation right here, right behind me, it is fab nateing. you have got to come by and see it. >> thank you for the history lesson, sue i had no idea.
7:49 am
>> you guys got to get out the there to independent mall. whole gang will be there until 10:00 a.m. we are staying on top of the overturn tractor trailer accident on the pennsylvania turnpike westbound, this is still in the off ramp to bensalem, tractor trailer a has right lane block. traffic is squeezing by on the left side. also an update in philadelphia roosevelt boulevard southbound approaching c street, we have talked to you about an accident involving a motorcycle in the the outer drive and talking about that. as far as we know still ongoing. be careful as we go through the rest of the morning. time to go back outside. >> tonight, landry to get outside and get to school her first day of kindergarten. >> they are eating breakfast. now it is time to get out the door, quincy. >> pretty nervous. we're pretty nervous. >> we have an anxiety situation. we don't go out the door until 8:20. >> we have a little bit of time. >> i can say this, jen is
7:50 am
usually not here so the kids are like wow, mommy what are you doing, she's a stay away mom. >> yes. >> so first of all landry are you getting ready for school. >> yes. >> what do you want to show q. >> your shoes. >> what do they do. >> sparkle. >> so what shoes are you wearing today for first day of school, big day. >> show them how they work. >> they work when you stump. >> yes. >> show us the spike. >> this is must see tv right here. so you are here today. what are we doing. >> so we have landry is first day. we will bring her sparkling lunch box. brody does not want to be on television. he is boycotting. >> he wants a burrito.
7:51 am
>> did you make this burrito. >> difficult not make it. it is in the microwave because that is what beam do. and then i'm thinking what do you think about this is i will put half in foil so it stays fresh the do you like this idea. >> do you want burritos for your lunch. >> no. >> what are you going to want. >> i don't think you have done this before. >> wait, wait. >> cheese sandwich. >> toasted cheese sandwich without being toasted. >> okay good. >> after the burritos what are we making. >> then holy quacamole in there. it will all go in here. brody, what else do you want to eat. >> we will not get a answer out of brody. >> he might yell back down. >> q is like do you have a speaker system here. i said, brody, do you want a snack. >> you have a speaker system. >> do you want a snack. >> no. >> he doesn't want a snack.
7:52 am
>> she's packing her lunch. >> we have had breakfast. how was breakfast, good. >> good. >> it was good. >> landry are you going to brush your hair. >> um-hmm. >> what are you doing down there. >> i'm going to get a straw. >> she's packing her lunch. you are not eating at school today just a practice day. >> here's the thing i'm confused about, we have 20 minutes to get ready and no one is ready in the house. >> why is that confusing. >> brush their hair, new teeth, and take their picture and they are rolling. >> hopefully next time you see us, the house will be in order. steve is upstairs. i don't know what is going on. >> you have to be on time, for the first day. >> this scene is being played out all over our viewing area. good luck first day of school. >> so a week, well, next week all philadelphia school district kids go back to school. >> when we come back, the kids
7:53 am
are dancing. what are they doing the warm or something. >> now they will do something really special. >> they will do something for you. we have bunch of things planned. the maze runner stars will be here at fifth and market in a little bit. if you are a big fan of teen wolf or see this movie maz uner right now. >> i think i see him.
7:54 am
7:55 am
hey, jennar fuzz mike troober munny sling... awwwwww scram! i'm crust mike jubby roll bond chow gonna lean up an kiss bet. peas charty get town down.
7:56 am
[laughter] ♪ borf a liver tute face stummy wag ♪ pow pam sha-beeps stella nerf berms. saxa-nay nay? badumps a head. temexiss gurrin. juppa left. fluppa jown! brone a brood. what? catch up on what everyone's talking about with the x1 entertainment operating system. preloaded with the latest episodes of the top 100 shows. only from xfinity. ♪ >> can you move like that. >> no. >> if i did i would need some salve, help from doctor mike. so cute. >> they look happy. >> yes.
7:57 am
♪ >> that is good. >> get in there mike, do some of the moves. >> we're so happy you are here. >> she's still trying to dance. >> their teacher over there saying keep dancing. keep dancing. thank you for putting that together for alex. you made it for her. >> they are focused on dancing. >> yes. >> she's trouble. >> the arts and music in germantown. >> yes. >> great church over there, i did a fashion show for them. >> do you have moves like that walking down the catwalk. >> look who it is. >> girls, step by. what is going on. >> good to see you. >> the champ is here.
7:58 am
>> yes, good to see you. >> so nice to meet you. >> good to see you, man. >> good to see you. >> doing a great job. >> she's easy on the eyes. >> yes. >> yes. you smile. >> i'm in a sandwich here. >> this is soft, and this is hard. >> really hard. >> speaking of easy on the eyes, do you still got that fiance. >> everything is good. >> i'm working towards, you know, november 8th, and then going on a nice vacation. >> another fight coming up. >> another fight. >> stop it. >> so why do you want to do it again. >> there is another title out there, i believe it is mine and i got to go get it. atlantic city boardwalk hall. it will be there. even though a lot of things are happening in atlantic city but it will open up november 8th when i'm there.
7:59 am
>> yes, they will come down there. there are great numbers in atlantic city, philadelphia and tri-state area know. i'm excited. how fighting. >> i'm fighting sergei, hees undefeated 23-o with 21 knock outs. he is called the the crusher. you remember rocky with apollo creed. >> yes, italian stallion. >> yes, look at where we are at independent hall, and i will come in there all ready, bang, bang, come in there and spank him, real intelligently and make sure i don't get hit. >> that is right. >> he is the crusher. >> are you going to crush him before he crushing me. >> he ain't crushing me i necessity how to run. >> seriously you are 49, almost 50. >> yes. >> everybody knows he is 31. i have been beating guys up. i have been out smarting these
8:00 am
guys for 21, 26, 24. >> they are all in their 20's. >> but this by is dangerous. this guy really is. he has a record. he is undefeated. he has a 90 percent knock out ratio. he is the real deal. he is the real deal but i believe, i am, i have been told and lived up to and that is living ledgend, also with two titles, going up a against who has the third title which will put me as undisputed light heavyweight wait champion which is second time in my boxing career. >> yes. >> november 8th. >> november 8th. >> we will let you know when it is closer love you. >> you too. >> nice meet you. >> it is 8:00 o'clock already. >> my goodness. >> lets do another hour, let's role the the open.
8:01 am
time to cash out revel has closed its doors for good, $2 billion casino going bust but will the rest of the atlantic city follow, sue. >> it is a humid morning here, but where the nation began and where we're happy about going back to reality. well, it is back to school. i know somebody who is happy and her name is landry fredrick and her guest is quincy harris, hi. >> i'm here at jen fred's house. this is her husband steve. i'm up and out. we're upstairs. we're getting ready. jen is everything okay. >> yes. >> things are going up. i know you have to talk about is what going on out there alex and mike. >> yes. >> listen to this. >> we have a choir here today. >> yes. >> so is it time to sing now, tom. do you want them to sing now?
8:02 am
oh, that was it. that is it. >> we want more. >> philadelphia girls choir. >> maybe a little bit more. >> they will be here throughout the day singing to us. philadelphia girls choir. >> is it my turn. >> yeah. >> i was listening to them because they have already gotten started. we are getting started too with a five out of ten. you might not believe it because sunnies shining so beautifully this morning but it is very humid and once we get to our high of 39 degrees, yikes, it will be thunderstorms around every where. we have a greater chaps today then yesterday which was not so much. buddy is at the the bus stop for first day of school. i hope mom took her picture already. we have muggy the dog with him as well. it is very warm. temperatures in the 70's. we will get to a high of 93 degrees later on and humidity and that means it will feel like a hup.
8:03 am
we have to take care of ourself. we have had, caitlin in the month of august was not too humid. we're kind of not used to this. >> we will start off telling but pennsylvania turnpike westbound, accident we have been saying all morning long has cleared this was involving a tractor trailer, and on the westbound off ramp to bensalem but it has now been cleared. we have backups westbound on the turnpike. traffic is getting by and in all lanes but we have delays due to volume. also on the new jersey turnpike at 195 there is an accident that is on the right shoulder. and finally on 492 freeway north bound at 295 north there is an accident with the right center lane blocked. mike and alex. >> thanks very much. have have you notice that had young woman are starting to
8:04 am
show up here at fifth and market. >> for good reason. >> because the maze runner. >> everybody wants to see dylan. >> dylan o'brien of teen wolf. >> we will get to that in a second. we have to get back out to atlantic city for not good news. revel is now closed. >> chains on the doors and everything. >> at 6:00 this morning, steve? >> reporter: well, let me show you steps. it got more morbid because some guy went beyond plastic chains and put flowers on the steps like somebody had died here. we will show you some pictures. it looks like a guy was near death but he was just passed out in the lobby. this was my first image when i walk in just past 4:30 this morning. i noticed. that i went up the longest late or and saw all of the tables and slot machines even though gambling floor was still opened an hour and a half or so completely empty. it took me a couple minutes to find one human being and that was an employee.
8:05 am
then i saw one person gambling. then i went over to the cashier's change. picture number three. guy cashing in his chips not knowing when could do so after 6:00 o'clock but revel is telling if we owe you money we will pay out until september 30th. after that you have to get to bankruptcy court to get your wings. finally the happy picture of the day this was a big surprise to me. as i made my way around slot machines i saw slot attendants, the last 17 on their last shift all together, all smiling, all happy taking that last group photo, a smile on every face because they are all convinced they came out and talk to me and told me afterward they are all convinced they will be back here working together again under a new name. >> i don't think they went for the the mega resort. they have to go along with the other casinos and they have to bring people in. they have to give the guest what is they want. they have on give customer service number one. they weren't doing that.
8:06 am
they wanted the high limit people and is there not many of them. you have to hope that the people that we turned off from the very beginning come back and give us another shot. >> i'm hoping to come back and be with everybody and that is what i think will happen. i have a feeling within a week we will find out that somebody bought the place and they will let us know and we will not even have to reapply. we are cream of the crop and they will bring us right back. >> reporter: well, their optimism shared by the the mayor but not as quick. he thinks they will be back in business and back reopened by memorial day. that is what he is told from people interested in buying this place. here is cell phone video i shot. they didn't let professional photographers in but i had cell phone going and it was big, empty and sadest thing of all billy squire playing on the loud speakers.
8:07 am
no center rock star then billy squire from those 80's hair band metal days and when you can hear music in the casino else that us how dead it is inside the casino. fitting a song out when i was last living here in the hey day of gambling when it was a growing town, now playing as it is on its way down and down to nine casinos and one more left. back to the live picture maybe happier knows and that makes revel stand out mike and alex from those casinos in philly and las vegas. we are on the world famous atlantic city boardwalk. right beyond that boardwalk there is that beautiful view beach and ocean out there all this fresh air. a beautiful sea breeze blowing. not a good hair day on the boardwalk but beautiful summer day to even our live shot here at 8:00 o'clock. >> always that dichotomy of things closing but then you have that beautiful view. that is why the hotel was there in the first place. it is just sad.
8:08 am
>> thanks, steve. anytime i'm out here, when i want to think on the negative, i think is this place safe because it is a target. >> that is true. >> even with the fact that it is first day of school, lot of parents taking their kids off for school for the first time you want to know their child is safe. >> here's what this weird survey we found and kerry will tell you bit, how many of the 50 states are really prepared for an emergency. a little bit alarming. >> twenty-five of them, about anyway. >> that is it. >> it is scary. here's the deal. is there a new report that find half of all states don't meet guidelines for emergency preparedness and emergencies can range from school shootings to natural disaster. so it covers a whole range of different situations. this report was dop by save the children and each state's vac waited on four categories. they are number one's vac ways
8:09 am
and relocation plans. two, reuniting children with their parents after a disaster. three, a special plan for children to have special needs. and four, multiple disaster plans for all schools, and you wonder how we rang here locally. we will break that down for you. pennsylvania scored unsatisfactoriry in one of the four categories. that category is the plan for children that have difficulties built. new jersey they did better they scored satisfactory in all four of the categories. the delaware scored unsatisfactory liz in one of the four as well but they did pennsylvania as a matter on have fact a plan for kids with disabilities. what is a amazing to me is as long as we have had these sorts of plans in place and they have been in place for quite a while now is the fact that two of the schools in the local area and half of the schools nationwide, really don't have their act together when it comes to handling emergencies. we have covered this kind of
8:10 am
thing in the news all the time whether it is a school shooting or earthquakes in california, just about a week ago, we have fires, we have all sorts of stuff and fact that we don't have something together that we can act on we we need to is scary especially as a parent. you send your kids to school thinking they have all this stuff covered and it turns out most of us don't. >> what is weird, my gosh, have you seen the headlines over the last ten days or so, isis is ready to strike the united states, my god i don't think we have had this much chatter on the internet since before 9/11. >> that is something we have not even talk about, and we have to have schools prepared for in the event if something like that happened, another terror attack what do we do then. >> all right. >> wake up call for sure. here's the the deal, it is back to school day. i bring up this safety issue. lets get a quick shot from camden. >> wilson family school. >> great school, great school.
8:11 am
>> and you are send nothing pictures is what the hash tag. >> hash tag fox 29 back to school. >> is that madison right there. >> she's going back to school. >> yes, so cute, i love outfits. >> good luck with getting back to school my goodness. >> look at everybody out here alex. >> the crowd is coming. >> yes. >> hi everybody. >> hi everybody. >> are you ready. >> are you ready guess who is here. >> are you going to see maz e runner are you. >> the stars are here. >> we have the stars here. >> hang right there they will be out in two minutes. hang right there
8:12 am
8:13 am
8:14 am
if you live in broomall. >> yes, we have a lot going on right now. >> we have so many good baseball players in our area and maze runner stars are here. >> hi everybody. >> we will get to it. >> but first lets get to sue. >> so, i thought i had put enough hair spray on, i
8:15 am
thought i put enough baby powder on. nothing seems to be enough on a day like today, and we are just getting started. here is your warning for today, in the seven day, 93 degrees today. we are, and, way up there, oppressive humidity, it will feel like a hundred out there. dress the kids accordingly for first day of school. hopefully we will have something summery to wear if they wear uniforms and summer uniforms , we've got temperatures in the upper 80's throughout the end of the week backup in the 90's by friday and saturday. and then a big cold front comes through on saturday and it should change temperatures completely. by sunday for first eagles game we have temperatures in the 70's and we will feel like september. that is your seven day forecast, lets head back to the studio for caitlin and traffic, good morning. >> good morning, thank you so much, sue. we have a couple accidents to tell but. 295 northbound approaching 541 there is an accident with the
8:16 am
left lane block. also on i-95 southbound on ramp from girard there is a disable vehicle partially in the road. finally we have an accident on the new jersey turnpike southbound at 195, we have brought you this 15 minutes ago that has now cleared. we are good to go there. >> what is out there. >> yes, door is opened. it is way out. no one can survive the night in the maze. >> we don't belong here. >> everything started changing, the moment you showed up. >> the girl. >> what a treat, dylan, kaya, will, they are all right here on the mall. >> hi, guys.
8:17 am
>> welcome to philadelphia. >> thank you. >> welcome them. >> i think they are excited. >> i think we are making the crowd look a lot bigger then it is. they think it goes really far back. >> it is still so great. >> thousands have come out for you. >> yes. >> kaya, you are from uk, right. >> yes. >> first time in philly. >> yes, i spent my labor day weekend here. >> your mother is from brazil. >> i i i know something. >> yes. >> good morning. >> good morning. >> so you spent the week in philadelphia. you came down for made in america. >> yes. >> what did you think. >> amazing. >> did you see kanye. >> yes, i think he spoke a little bit too much. >> he went on about four rants about like he always does. start singing again. >> what about you. >> this is my first time in philly too. i met kanye. even a little bit of the rant.
8:18 am
i came in yesterday. i'm loving it so far. i always wanted to come to philadelphia. >> you are from the uk. >> yes. >> you are here in the birthplace of america. >> yes. >> how about that. >> yes. >> really. >> see, we turn our backs on you and we left. >> yes. >> oh , that is right. >> you have to go get one. >> dylan, you were born in new jersey. >> yes, yes, yes. >> you have been here before. >> not many times though, i feel like south jersey, north jersey is two different states, like new york is my place. >> people love teen wolf. that is why most people are here. >> cool good but there is so much buzz for this maz e runner thing how do you describe this movie. >> it is a completely different world from teen wolf. teen wolf fans will love it. it ace along the same lines. it is an original story. really fun and adventurous,
8:19 am
serious. it is got a great pace, the whole team, it is a fun 90 minute thrill ride. >> there is a lot of action. i see you coming off of the walls, coming down but you do it on a green screen or was that a huge stunt. >> we always had a set, environment, to be in and then the effects just enhances that. a lot of times we're always on the wall making contact with things and then things are flush out from there visually. >> now mike, i know you hear them talking. did you have to put on an american accent then for this film. >> yes, we had to do american accents. we are very english. >> is it hard to do an american accent. >> it is just another skill you have to learn. >> what is the the hardest word. >> aluminum is a ridiculous word. >> yes.
8:20 am
>> aluminum. >> yes. >> can you do me a favor, where did the choir go. when you two walk up the choir about passed out. are you so excited. >> yes, come over and meet them. >> philadelphia, they are the philadelphia girls choir. >> oh, fantastic. >> go talk to them. thank y'all for coming out. we have got to get to quincy because landry is supposed to leave like right now for her first day of school. >> school is tomorrow. >> we have not left yet but jake and heyden are you ready, are you going to rock first grade. molly, ready to rock third grade. >> okay. we are just waiting for the bus. >> i feel like i grew up with these kids. i remember when these kids were like coming home, from the hospital. >> of course. >> thanks for being here. >> the whole neighborhood we love the the kids, we love
8:21 am
with the first day of school. the parent are you okay. >> parents are good. >> they are happy. >> so we will come back, and we will see the kids go to woman, opening door: hey, hon. hey! hey, baby. [ starts car ] were you eating smoked sausage in here? no! no. could have gotten me one. i did. add some spice to your day with dunkin's spicy smoked sausage breakfast sandwich. the smoked sausage you crave, now spicy. grab one today. america runs on dunkin'. start your morning spicy -- hurry in today for a spicy smoked sausage breakfast sandwich.
8:22 am
8:23 am
8:24 am
the infamous joe from port richmond is here. >> why did you come out. >> i had to welcome alex. >> oh, thank you very much. >> i had to see you. >> in for you mike. >> i will give you one. >> this is the woman i gave a sweater too. >> i didn't think of it that way. >> we will go out to jen fred's house because her daughter landry is going off to school and quincy will, tell us all bit. >> is that where quincy is hiding. >> yeah, busies a little late. >> what time does the the bus come. >> the busies coming. the busies coming. this is a nervous moment. >> landry is very excited. >> are you excited about getting on the bus.
8:25 am
>> joeys the best bus driver. how are we doing. >> are you ready for another school year. >> yes. >> we love joe. >> hi, good to see you. >> so great to be back here, this is the greatest route, lower merion. >> we love joe. >> you guys are rocking in the back of the bus. >> okay. >> we will get out of your way. >> kids are leaving. >> will you pick her up later, will you pick landry up later. >> yes. >> landry has another bus she has to pick up but she will make sure she gets on her bus.
8:26 am
>> owe kay. >> so you will have your practice later on to day. >> this is getting a little emotional we will get her off to school in a little bit. alex and mike, is what going on. >> right on q. >> yes. >> it is okay. >> they are tired from winning it all. >> that is true. >> we will explain that in just a second here. speaking of kids he go back to school, congratulations, you are heading off to school today. >> send us your pictures fox 29 back to school, everybody one looks so cute and headed for school. we will love it. >> broomall after the break.
8:27 am
8:28 am
8:29 am
sfx: sounds of marching band and crowd cheering sfx: sounds of marching band and crowd cheering so, i'm walking down the street, sfx: sounds of marching band and crowd cheering just you know walking, sfx: sounds of marching band and crowd cheering and i found myself in the middle of this parade honoring america's troops. which is actually quite fitting because geico has been serving the military for over 75 years. aawh no, look, i know this is about the troops and not about me. right, but i don't look like that. who can i write a letter to about this? geico.
8:30 am
nothing yet. >> you guys okay. >> yeah, broomall. >> newtown square. >> we will talk to them, in a second, and, and so happy to be here. and, right there and really don't even try today. we saw her struggling all morning long. the it is a bad hair day. let's talk about the humidity and number of the day which is a five out of ten because of the thunderstorms later on. buddy with the five hairs on his head, he wore a hat today,
8:31 am
smartest kid of all, phillies cap because of the great the no hitter yesterday. and, there, and buddy, and, they go back today. it is a humid start. it will be 39 degrees with a lot of humidity to make it feel like triple digits at the heat of the day. we are looking at temperatures, that will be well into the 90's and here we go starting in september with the weather that we this should have had in august but we were grateful for cold temperatures that we had. so it is a beautiful morning. it does look so pretty here at independent mall, national historical park and i down loaded an app, caitlin, that our friend from the national park service told me, nps, national park service independence and you can do four different walking tours of this area and find out what the heck happened here, back in the day. >> i love it. >> yes, great idea. >> you look great with your
8:32 am
hair up. >> yes. >> you cannot fight what is going on out there with that humidity. >> we have been talking about a couple accidents we have been dealing with earlier this morning, 1295 northbound approaching route 541 in new jersey. we have a vehicle there. doesn't look like too much backups but that is an issue and we will let you know once that is cleared. it looks like that is our only issue right now in new jersey but in fort washington in pennsylvania summit avenue at pennsylvania avenue we are seeing an accident there and that will continue to cause some delays so be careful in that area, mike, back outside to you. >> there is something in the water around here and something good because we know how to play baseball around here apparently. >> apparently so. >> my goodness, taney dragons but they are not only champions. broomall, newtown square right here with us, congratulations, guys. >> yeah. >> thirteen years olds over
8:33 am
here and 15 years old. >> check out that trophy. >> all champions. >> this is vince, holding the trophy. look at it, is it heavy. >> it has some weight to it. >> he really has it there. >> it is beautiful though. >> beautiful and made front page of paper, delaware county times. >> delaware county times. >> hi coach are you manager. >> yes i am is what your name. >> rick woodcock. >> that is a great name. >> i knew you were going to go there. >> it sure is. >> why are they so good 13 year-old and 15 year-old, first of all look at this trophy again, greg. look the at reasons you beat. tell me what you you had to do 3,000 miles away. >> they had to play great baseball. they had great pitching hitting and outstanding defense that carried this team not only through state of pennsylvania, mid-atlantic but also through world series in washington state. >> all the way to washington state. >> good 3,000 miles away,
8:34 am
three hour time difference and kids made super adjustments doing that. >> could be a problem wearing them on a trip like that first time they pull in there. >> who did you beat. >> we ran through and we beat new england team out of connecticut, we beat a team out of washington. >> the the home team. >> um-hmm. >> because it was playing kel so long view. >> yes, beat home team. >> we had to come back and beat long view, another co host in the quarter finals and then we beat texas in the semi finals and north carolina 12 to three in the final game. >> this is just after little league like taney kids this would be next level. >> next level when kids get out of the little league like our 13 year-old who also did an awesome job in glenn allen virginia to win the world series down there those guys are first year at a lit league playing on a major league field. from 13 you go in the 14, 15 division which is what these guys on the right side.
8:35 am
>> we want your parents to see you. >> look at that. >> you can tell they are champions. >> yes. >> world series hats there. >> very good. >> sport is very well today. >> they are. >> as i said there is something in the water. your we so good in this area. >> we're so good because these kids here had discipline all summer long to get up first thing in the morning and take batting practice come back in the afternoon and work on defense and more batting practice and play scrimmages. the these are the hardest working kid playing baseball in delaware county and reward is, they are chapel beyonds. >> don't do it, don't do it. does anybody want to play major league baseball. >> yes. >> do they have the ability. >> these kids all have the ability. they proved it the way they played, pitch, and hit. absolutely. you have 25 kids here, everyone can certainly play college ball and great shot in the major leagues.
8:36 am
>> they could be next to the phillies fanatic. >> be right on the bench and jumping up and down at citizens bank park. >> congratulations. >> you the the man, thanks very much. good to see you. have you metal ex. did you kiss alex yet. >> that often happens. >> love you too. >> yes, back to school day. >> back to school day. >> we want more, remember hash tag fox 29 back to school, we want to see all of the pictures. >> that looks like lauren and caitlin, no mckayla. >> yes. >> yes. >> look the at them now. >> send in your pictures. cool.
8:37 am
8:38 am
8:40 am
♪ back to school. we will get that together. we will show some pictures coming up, but, and hash tag fox 29, back to school. >> and, and, aww, some kids coming in. >> we have eric. >> and we have seen lots of pictures. >> yes, more. >> we went to martella getting ready for first day of school. >> yes, have a great day at school. >> i was taking pictures with
8:41 am
a bunch of people that watch the show. i have no idea is what next. >> hello. >> mayor michael nutter. >> hello mr. mayor. >> alex, welcome to philadelphia. >> good to see you. >> thank you. >> we will talk more. i'm so excited right after the break. >> right. >> that was it. so brian at citizens said
8:42 am
one deposit a month waves the monthly maintenance fee. he's so good to me. mom! this is amazing! i know. no fee. no. brian at citizens bank. he gave you a special deal? he's into you. sounds like it's time to get back out there. honey, anyone can get one deposit checking. besides, he's younger than your brother.
8:43 am
eww. you got that right. one deposit checking. only from citizens bank. one deposit of any amount each statement period waives the monthly maintenance fee. it makes me happy to i like feeling smart. internet essentials from comcast has brought low-cost internet access to over 1.4 million low-income people at home. internet essentials helped me progress in my schoolwork. it helped my grades move higher. today it's the largest broadband adoption program in america. it helped me a lot. comcast. helping to bridge the digital divide.
8:44 am
look at this picture, it is back to school we are seeing all kind of photos, hash tag fox 29 back to school. >> do you see how good she does, she's really good already. >> yes, day two. >> yeah, good to see you, mike. >> always relatively a pleasure to see you. >> yes, thank you for message, welcoming message. >> yes. >> every time he sees me, he sees me trouble. >> you need trouble because it goodies that he gives it back. >> is that why. >> yes. >> what advice do you have for her. >> stay away from you. >> no. >> no, welcome to our great town. you are within the most historic square mile in the united states of america.
8:45 am
and, so we want to give you a formal welcome. you have a great place with really great talent, i know you will be getting up at 2:00 o'clock in the morning to do this show but you'll get used to that. on the other hand just hang out in the afternoon, go get some cheese stakes, visit the liberty bill, independent mall right behind us and the rest of the entire city and you will be welcome and loved here. >> everybody has been so welcoming, i have gotten a lot of love. i have seen a lot. >> it is city of brotherly love and sisterly affection. >> now, she's a single woman. >> here we go. >> okay. >> speaking of love. >> very young, she's not even 27. >> yes, inappropriate. >> so, this is a good city for singles. >> it is a city for love. >> there is no question, lot of love in the town. it is all over the place. we have a huge love statue. >> i have seen that. >> right over in love park. >> right across from city hall
8:46 am
>> we will invite you over. there is a lot of night life here in philadelphia. >> we know he knows about that. >> i will tell you all of the places he tells but, don't go there, go somewhere else. >> i will listen to you. >> we love to have you come out and meet her but i want to get serious a little bit. this situation with isis and the terror threat, and there is no question that philadelphia, you know, could be, would be a target for people who have these thoughts in their heads. do we take any special precaution lately because it seems like the chatter is pretty intense. >> we're fully engaged with our federal partners and department of home land security and number of others. we recognize the significant, of philadelphia and many other cities across america. so obviously we don't talk about any specific actions that we take, certainly not in public but we are very engaged and plugged into national
8:47 am
security and quite well aware of any potential threats that might come, to philadelphia but generally, folks should just go about her business on a dejesus basis and take care of that. >> how about made in america for goodness sake. >> it was good. >> a lot of fun. >> philadelphia is a big star now, labor day is the place to be. >> there is no question, we kind of own at this point certainly the fourth of july. got to get you out for wawa welcome america. and labor day, it is a great paring, philadelphia and los angeles, both did very well. >> that didn't dilute us, no, not at all. >> we had 40,000 ticket sold on both days, 44,000 plus on both days, we had a little severe thunderstorm, and weather event, folks cooperated they moved and they came back and show continue and all of the performers got to do their thing. very successful. mia3 for us what are you hearing is this going to be every year.
8:48 am
>> now that l.a. is in the picture. >> no, i understand. the one thing i can tell you is that jay-z and his entire team very thrilled with philadelphia, chatted with him on saturday night first night and then he went to l.a. for sunday's show. they love philadelphia. there is no question bit. things went very well. we are talking about the future. >> now did you hang out with kim, kim kardashian. >> i saw you her walking by. i to not meet her. >> you did not stop her. >> she was with group, it was at the end of the kanye's show and they were on the move. i mean i see many of the artists but it is not my job to be hanging out with the stars. i have met beyonce on a couple occasions, incredible performer, wonderful warm young lady and she is, quite great. >> we have talked to them about doing something, a number of years in the future,
8:49 am
but again we're the first city. it is made in america. they want to be here. we will work out those details. >> is the pope coming. >> the pope has, said something himself, the vatican has not made a confirmation. i will not step in front of the pope but we feel fairly confident that pope francis will be on "good day philadelphia" next year. >> a year from this month now. >> yes. >> and it will be a great year for eagles. very good time for to you come. >> welcome to philadelphia. >> i have something for you, in the spirit of red, white and blue. >> yes. >> thinks your official, philadelphia pin. >> well, thank you. >> wear it proudly. of course in, red, white and blue. >> thank you so much. >> welcome. >> nothing for you. >> always a pleasure. >> sure. >> we're talking about her life life and we will continue to hammer away.
8:50 am
>> it sound like it is time for me to leave. >> i found five things that are doing that is keeping you single. >> okay good to know. >> mike, maybe she wants to be for the moment, you ever think about that. >> i don't have time for a man, i don't have time for a man. >> still pictures coming in. there is john going back to school. have a great day. we will get back to you, to get you unsingle after the.
8:51 am
8:52 am
8:53 am
we're live here at independent mall, it has been a great, great morning so far, i have my pin . i'm wearing it now. >> you are official. >> red, white and blue. she's official sue. >> i'm officially happy, about that. and, also, kind of rediscovering, our neighborhood here, we try never to take it for granted but right about the national constitution center which is
8:54 am
fascinating place to go, where you can actually sit among the signers of the constitution. the life sized brass sculptures there it is so cool we got to do it, if you haven't. lets talk about the seven day forecast as we have more hot and humid weather in store for today. this might be the the worst, it has been building up over a couple days, we expect 93 degrees and heat index of around a hundred. upper 80's for a couple days and then back to 90's for friday and saturday. strong then are storms on the saturday with the cold front and what a huge difference between both days of the weekend saturday we will be humid with thunderstorms. sunday much cooler with temperatures not leaving the 70's perfect football weather. that is your seven day forecast, and we have a lot going on here, at independent mall and a lot going on the roads. i guess more volume today, caitlin because it is back to reality day for everybody. >> that is so true.
8:55 am
if you are hitting the road, pretty slow as this morning commute picks up. have one has to get back to work and many kids off to school. looking at current travel times on the schuylkill westbound vine to the blue route, 26 minutes there. on i-95 southbound woodhaven to the vine currently travel time of 47 minutes, that is an hour, take a long time. finally northbound i-95 to the schuylkill current travel time of 33 minutes so every where you go we are seeing heavy volume pick up but we don't have any accidents to report for now, mike. >> real quick shout out to le draya thanks so much for watching. >> now we will show more picture. >> who is this. >> this is sarah. >> we want everyone to send in their pictures hash tag fox 29 back to school. sarah is starting second grade, wow. >> so exciting. >> i'll tell you this alexey just saw a giant philadelphia water ice. lets get to that after the break. bring it over.
8:56 am
8:57 am
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8:59 am
tom wolf. he'd bring a fresh start to pennsylvania. alex holley, welcome to philadelphia. you will enjoy it. >> he is such a great guy. in fact i hear him now. >> there are the siren. >> here he comes. >> so, it is 9:00 o'clock hour. second day. how are you feeling. >> i'm still here. i came back for another day. >> and, really starting to get hot because we're on this concrete out here. >> yes, lets see your shirt are you sweat to go day. >> he is doing good today. >> yeah, i have pads on. >> anyway, here's what we are covering at this hour. i found this list of the most outrageous food. i will eat anything. outrageous foods in america. >> you've got to try this. >> yes, is there a top 100 weird things people are
9:00 am
eating, three of them are in philadelphia. you could eat them today. i will tell you what it is. >> it is first day of school. we want to see everybody first day of school picture hash tag fox 29 back to school. summer is taking a walk down memory lane. what are you q are you having flashbacks. >> i'm having flashbacks have have of being single. i have five annoying habits keeping people single. alex, we will see if we can check things off the list. >> oh, really. >> you might be doing to keep you single. >> we will learn some things. >> okay. >> well, before we get into that you didn't have any trouble meeting people yesterday. >> we met a lot of people. great to see everyone coming out. i love it. i love getting out there and meeting everybody. >> here's a remind are of what happened yesterday. >> we drove her down here. now we don't necessity where she is. watch the tram car, there she is.