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tv   Fox 29 News at 6PM  FOX  September 2, 2014 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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scene. the boy was walking with his mom and his sister when this all happened. >> reporter: that's what police and witnesses are telling us. very scary afternoon here in tacony. crime scene investigators still on the scene. let's get to some video right now. witnesses tell us that the boy was walking with his sister and mom. they had just left the community library. they stopped to look at a stove on sale on the sidewalk of torresdale and then kept on going. when one witness says that they were about to turn the corner on to nor and that's when two shots rang out. the boy was hit. witnesses say the boy was screaming. they say the mother was screaming. one witness ran over to the boy to apply pressure to his head to stop the bleeding. and he says what he said next was especially troubling. listen. >> the last word the boys said to mow bottom line was, you know, just breaks my heart, sir, please don't let me die. that's way said. >> that's what he said. >> reporter: just so devastating. we under the boy is over at
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saint christopher's hospital for children. he's being treated there. again, a nine year old boy shot hit in the head. it's a graze wound that's what police are telling us. police are looking for surveillance video. one witness says that there may have been a gray car involve. another witness says that there may have been a person on foot. police are working on all of that and trying to put all of this together. lauren and iain. >> all right, dave, thank you for that report. breaking news the apparent execution of another american journalist. the islamic state militant group isis release ago video today showing the beheading of steven sotloff. if this can be confirmed, sotloff would be the second american journalist to be murdered by isis. >> in the latest video the militants warn president obama that murders like these will not stop as long as air strikes against isis continue. our bruce gordon is live in the newsroom with the latest. bruce? >> reporter: lauren, the 31 year old sotloff was a free lance writer most notably for time magazine. he was abducted in august of last year and had not been seen until last month when his life
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was threatened by the same men who killed american journalist james foley. now, it appears that threat has been carried out. >> i ask you to please release my child. i ask you to use your authority to spare his life and to follow the example set by the prophet mohammed who protected people of the book. >> reporter: the desperate pleas of a frightened shirley sotloff last week after images of her son steven appeared in the same video in which american journalist james foley was be headed by isis terrorists. foley's killer warned sotloff would be next. if the obama administration did not end its air strikes against the militants. but the strikes did not end and on tuesday, another video was released this one titled a second message to america. in it a knife wielding man in black possibly the same man who killed foley speaks direct toll the camera. i'm back, obama, he says, and i'm back because of your arrogant foreign policy toward the islamic state. seconds later he murders sotlo
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sotloff. late tuesday afternoon, the state department reacted to this second beheading in two weeks. >> if the video is genuine, we are sickened by this brutal act taking the life of another innocent american citizen. our hearts go out to the sotloff family. and we will provide more information as it becomes available. >> reporter: of course, isis has grown in notoriety over the past year using gruesome violence to take over vast portions of iraq and syria. the sotloff family released a statement this afternoon saying "the family knows of this horrific tragedy and is grieving privately" iain. >> bruce, thank you. we of course will continue to follow this story for you all night long. get latest on our website we'll post any developments on the home page. >> turning now to your fox 29 weather authority. ultimate doppler radar showing storms that could roll into our area soon after a day of brutal heat and humidity. chief meteorologist scott williams is here with a look at what to expect.
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hey, scott, it's hot. it really is. you can almost slice the air with a knife. it's just that humid stepping outdoors. 91 degrees right now and you can see it feels like 97 degrees. those winds out of the southwest at 13 miles per hour. so extra hair spray if you're stepping outdoors this evening. of course, as we take a look at what it actually feels like, 99 right now in dover. it feels like 94 in wilmington. low 90s the current feels like temperature in trenton. and ultimate doppler showing a few pop up showers and storms mainly moving in from the west. you can see some activity moving out of lancaster county into sections of berks county. but non severe thunderstorms right now. but as i expect the view, you can see there is a front off to the west most of the energy toward the northern and central part of the state but we'll continue to time it and scattered showers and thunderstorms arriving over the next several hours toward the heart of our area but coming up, we'll talk about the big changes behind this front that some of you will likely like coming up. iain and lauren.
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>> new developments in that deadly crash that killed three bucks county high school students. the district attorney in wayne county where the crash happened says a 15 year old girl was behind the wheel. six people were inside the 2001 chevy suv. the crash killed three teens from council rock high school south. the driver another girl an boy survived the crash. our chris o'connell is live outside the school where a vigil is taking place tonight. hey, chris. >> reporter: lauren, a lot of grief arc lot of sorrow here on the campus of council rock sou south. parents and students are inside the school right now with grief counselors before a vigil trying to come to terms with the death of three classmates. heavy hearts accompanied the first day of classes at council rock south. students are mourning the sudden death of three boys who would have started their sophomore year today. cullen keffer, ryan lesher and shamus digney were among the six kids in this suv that overturned saturday morning on a rural
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wayne county road. the district attorney says an unlicensed 15 year old girl from new york was behind the wheel when it sped out of control killing the three boys. charges could be spend pending. the three others including the driver suffered injuries but have since been released from the hospital. officials say the group on vacation in upstate pennsylvania were coming home from having breakfast when they crashed. they say there's no indication drugs or alcohol were involved. natch 7:30 tonight, students, fact tull cull tee and parents will make their way out to the athletic fiel fields with candl. students athletes knew all too well. these students and faculty dealing with and unmatchable tragedy on the opening day of school. iain. >> chris, fang you. just heartbreaking. a warning for drivers in seaford, delaware. about a police imposter. a woman says a man used police style lights to pull her over
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near hastings farm road last night. she says he was acting suspiciously and she told him she was calling the cops. he immediately got into his car and drove off. >> police are on the hunt for some cold criminals tonight. it's a store you'll see only on fox. cops sometime over the weekend thieves broke into hill friedman world academy and plea say they made off with thousands of dollars in electronic. what's worse, those electronics were used in the classrooms for students with special needs. fox 29's dave schratwieser is live outside northwest detectives tonight. dave? >> reporter: lauren, hill friedman world academy has almost 100 students with special needs. tonight teachers tell me this rob bro could be a big set back for students who count on that equipment almost every day. >> we have our game bikes over here that the kids interact with. >> reporter: when teacher joe moore wants to reach out to one of his students with autism at the hill friedman world academy, he uses this specially equipped class rom designed to assist
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children with complex needs. >> put them on a bike in front of a tv they'll go after it and keep their heart rate up for an hour and not realize they got any exercise. >> reporter: but when moore arrived for school monday morning, he made a startling discovery. >> walk into a robbery where, you know, some of our equipment was taken. >> reporter: gone were two expensive flat screen tv' toss wii gaming consoles, two video games and two play station consoles he uses to teach complain with complexion needs at the school. >> to take that away from the students it's heartbreaking. >> why would you do that to children? like, it's a shame. >> reporter: burglars also entered a classroom down the hall and stole six specially adapted laptop computer that is teacher courtney barrett uses for her students with autism. >> how my kids communicate with me. you know, they -- it's search in our classroom especially with my kids being non-verbal. >> reporter: police came
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looking for clues and evidence left behind by the burglars. they suspect the break in occurred over the weekend. total loss almost $25,000 in equipment. teachers say the loss to students here is immeasurable. >> the price of that equipment, you know, the budget we just don't have the funds to replace that. >> reporter: now the money for that equipment originally came from a state grant it's at a late in the yeared that that. classes start on monday. if you have any information on the whereabouts of that equipment, or the suspects, we you were to you call northwest detectives. help out the school you can simply call the school. iain. >> dave, thank you. after just two years revel casino in atlantic city closes its doors. at 5:25 this morning the remaining gamblers were ushered off the casino floor. the hotel part of the resort closed yesterday. revel caused $2.4 billion to build. it was thought revel would help turn around atlantic city's casino mark but it never turned a profit. the atlantic club closed in january. the showboat closed sunday and
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trump plaza closes in two weeks. >> septa market east train station could have new name. riders tell fox 29 a conductor said the name would be changed to jefferson station. septa hadn't confirmed this there's a news conference scheduled for thursday. we'll keep updated oh and that one. keep an eye on your phone. you could soon get a message from a thief. >> the new credit card exam trying to real you in with a text. and someone could soon be watching you in allentown. the new plan including high tech surveillance cameras to keep you safe. >> howard? >> getting ready for year two as the starting quarterback nick foles shows little emotion. he has it but doesn't show us and foles tells us why. hear from the eagles new boy ban. that would be codey parkey the kicker coming up in sports. >> coming up in weather, it's haze it see, hot and down right humid. coming up, find out when to expect some showers and storms, plus some humidity relief. >> and not again. a fight sparked when a passenger tries to recline her seat on a flight. it got so heated the pilot had
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♪ >> the days of sleeping in late are over for lot of kids across the the region today marking the first day of classes for a lot. young minds eager to get started returned bright and early to hb wilson family school in camden. on hand to welcome them the city's mayor, superintendent and police chief. ♪ >> mewing is greeted the youngster the imani educational circle charter school in germantown. students formed the traditional unity circle as they started the morning. the first day though for philadelphia's public schools grades one to 12 is next monday. while kindergarteners were report on september 15th. >> we're following developing story out of south jersey now. cops say they're investigate a pretty convincing scam there.
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they say it starts with text message telling people their bank accounts have been hacked. fox 29's jennifer joyce is live in millville. jenn for, a lot of people are getting this text message. >> reporter: that's right, lauren. we're hearing that this scam is pretty widespread. cell phone after cell phone is receiving this suspicious text message. now people here in millville are turning to social media, trying to prevent their neighbors from becoming victims. >> it's everywhere. millville, vineland, shiloh, bridgeton. >> reporter: it's the text message that's making its way through south jersey. alerting people like jill miller of millville that her members first credit union visa have been locked and that she needs to call a 24 hour line to correct the problem. miller doesn't have a members first account. police say it's the latest credit scam. >> scammers are out there all the time and they're trying to do a it by cell phone or by e-mail. >> reporter: members first is warning customers of the fraud and advising them in the to reply to the text. >> you should never ever open up
6:16 pm
an e-mail open up a text message you don't recognize or seems too good to be true. >> reporter: vineland employees captain tom, says if you received a suspicious text like this call your bang and your local police department. that's exactly what miller did when she got the text saturday night. >> my fear was my debit card stolen three months prior. i wasn't sure that the numbers matched. >> reporter: miller alerted her friends of the scam through facebook. people responded that they, too, had been targeted. some thought it was legitimate. >> people that don't know as soon as you hit one they tell you to put your social security number in. my sister-in-law pressed one, give mow your card number. >> miller says she's trying to spread the word to prevent people from becoming victims. police tell us they are investigating. and police tell us they are working to get to the bottom of this. they may have to get federal authorities involved because this scam artist could be across the country or even around the world. iain? >> jennifer, scary stuff.
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thank you. one local community has a new plan to help keep you safe. someone could soon be watching you in allentown. the city will replace or add a total of 14 surveillance cameras along hamilton and linden streets in the allentown arts walk. they'll supplemental len town's 130 existing surveillance came cameras. >> the cameras are very effective part of allentown's overall crime fighting strategy. they are one of many tools that we have used to enhance public safety over the course of the last several years. >> allentown is pennsylvania's third biggest city. all right. turning back to your fox 29 weather authority right now. scott it's still hot. feels like florida. iain still loving it. >> you know, it's air that you can wear today. it feels like a sauna when you step outdoors and, of course, that heat, that humidity starting to fuel a few pop up showers and storms. moving in to the west you can see right now outside of the harrisburg area, approaching lancaster county, we also have one cell that's diminishing just
6:18 pm
to the north of the reading area in sections of berks county. a few sprinkles trying to move into sections of coatesville and if it holds together around the downingtown area. but that particular cell is falling i was par. expanding the view you can see a cold front off to the west. most of the energy toward the central and northern part of the state, however, as this activity continues to head into that humid air mass, we will see some scattered showers and storms over the next several hours. here's the front as we take a look at the satellite and radar behind it we're looking at lower humidity for tomorrow but in the meantime, we continue to deal with the oppressive heat and humidity stepping outdoors tonight. by 7:00 o'clock, you can see some of that activity trying to move into sections of delaware toward the pocono mountains the lehigh valley. by nine, 10:00 o'clock maybe few pop ups around the philadelphia area and down the shore as we move toward 11:00 o'clock and midnight and then that system is out of here ushering a wind shift out of the north and west tomorrow. that will lower the humidity across the area, but we will
6:19 pm
still look for high temperature in the upper 80s tomorrow. but no low 90s like we had today. 93 degrees that's the high temperature. 10 degrees above the normal for this time of year. currently in trenton 88 degrees. we're looking at upper 80s in millville. low 90s right now in dover. but factor in that humidity. how your body reacts. it feels like 98 degrees in dover right now. it feels like 97 in philadelph philadelphia. so drink a lot of water, stay hydrated if you're stepping outdoors early this evening. dew point temperatures are above 60. in fact they're oppressive. in the low 70s across our area. the tropics heating up right now. we have tropical storm dolly. it's moving to the west at about 12 miles per hour maximum sustained winds at 45 miles per hour. it will dumb app lot of heavy rain into south texas as well as mexico. so scattered storms around tonight. any time after about 8:00 o'clock threw 1am. 70 degrees for the low temperature in the city and then
6:20 pm
tomorrow it's going stay warm. temperatures top out in the upper 80s. but not quite as humid so a break from that humidity. as we spell everything out over the neck seven days, temperatures top out in the upper 80s for wednesday, thursday and then we're back to 90 by friday. scattered showers and storms during afternoon. saturday hot and humid, it could be a little unsettled as well. the temple game we'll watch for that. as we move into sunday. morning showers. but look at the drop in temperatures. it's going to go from, yeah, the dog days of summer to feeling more like fall by the second half of the weekend and early next week. >> football weather. >> iain is sad. >> i know. >> i know we're getting into september now. >> not a lot of rain on saturday because temple plays there and eagles play on sunday. you can't have them play and wet field and eagles play the next day. you understand? >> correct. >> it's not allowed. nick foles tells us why he doesn't show emotion on the football field. and the eagles new kicker codey parkey got advice from his mom
6:21 pm
before he came to philadelphia.
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♪ >> eagles they finally play their opener on sunday. so after jacksonville the eagles will be one and zero, right, simple. i'm not exactly stepping out with that predict. eagles are the biggest favorites in the nfl this week.
6:25 pm
10.5 favorites against the jaguars and you may forget the quarterback the starter at quarterback is different than the opener last year. it seems like years ago when nick foles was the backup to michael vick to start the season last year but foles is the man at quarterback this year and he has earned it with an nfl record breaking season last season. foles did have moments that challenged him but foles says that's part of the process. keeping your emotions with the good and the bad is part of what nick foles has learned. >> definitely something that's been developed through the years. i haven't always been like this. if you put me on a basketball court i have no demeanor and i just go everywhere. so it's somewhere, you know, i just learned throughout the years it's important to stay steady. if you throw a touchdown pass, it's okay to be excited about it. it's awesome but right after it's done, go back, look at the photos and it's on to the next series because lot of times seven points, six points, seven points isn't going to win i was game. >> unless you win the game at
6:26 pm
the end. your new kicker this season sounds like a boy band. codey parkey time. codey parkey. parkey won the job as the eagles kicker with two, 50 plus yard field goals in the last preseason game. 53 and 54 yards. chip kell hal to make a tough decision alex henri or parkey. his mother gave him vice when he came to phil toll week ago before the end of camp. >> when i came to philly my mom said i'm bringing all my stuff because i'm not leaving. i'm going give them every reason to keep me. i just have suitcase full of stuff. i'll have to go buy some more clothes. >> are you living in a hotel. >> i was at this point. i'm currently in the market for an apartment. >> as long as he has new cloth clothes. sunday preview of eagles and jaguars and "game day live" at 11:00. fox nfl sunday at noon and 49ers and cowboys at 4:00. we'll wrap the week up fox 29 news at 10:00 o'clock on sunday. >> can't wait. >> codey parkey. >> good for him. we're happy about him. >> that will do it for us at
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6:00 p.m. >> we'll see you back here at 10:00 o'clock. have great note. inside edition is coming up next. you can get a $1,000 turbocharged reward card with a new volkswagen turbo. so why are we so obsessed with turbo? because there's nothing more exhilarating than a powerful ride. and you can get that in places you might not expect. like the passat. and also in the fun-to-drive jetta. in fact, volkswagen has sold more turbos than any other brand over the last ten years. that is a lot of turbo.
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who can i write a letter to about this? geico.
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return of the butcher. >> the terrorist group has beheaded another american. >> another american beheaded by the same terrorist, same left hand, same eyes. same voice. >> and, hunt for the hacker. >> manhunt for the creep that posted nude pictures of some famous women. >> then, joan rivers. what wept wrong? >> we are right at the vocal cords. >> and the bride wore doodles. first look at angelina jolie's wedding dress covered in kids'