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tv   Fox 29 News at 6PM  FOX  September 3, 2014 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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>> reporter: usually, iain, a high school field hockey game wouldn't be getting this much attention. well, today it's a little different. they're getting attention because of who is not on the field today playing for quakertown. specifically, a quakertown senior player who happens to be a boy playing on the girl' field hockey team. well, tonight that boy has since quit the team. he is not on the field and so has the and tire quake consider town coaching staff. here's video. this is josh schwartz. he's been playing field hockey since seventh grade. but as of two weeks ago, he's not allowed to play on the varsity team, because pennsylvania inter scholastic athletic association banned males from playing female sports in the post season. in essence, if he played his team couldn't go to the playof playoffs. well, schwartz threatened a lawsuit against the piaa. today he announced the high school senior will not pursue the lawsuit. he has since quit the team, according to his mother. and the same time three coaches
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stepped down from the team less than 24 hours ago. no reason was given but the school superintendent says the issue has been tough for the team, tough for the district. >> our district and a lot of other districts in a quandary and the board made a decision not to let the boys play, and it was a decision so that the girls had the opportunity to reach for the playoffs. >> reporter: now i spoke with josh schwartz's mother just a short time ago about his decision to not only drop the lawsuit but quit the team. she says he believes that too much negative attention is being placed on his teammates. he just wanted the controversy over. guys? >> chris, thanks so much. police are looking for the suspect who changed one man's live forever. you're looking at the last few seconds before one man became paralyzed. police say it all started with an accidental bump and ended with gunfire. fox 29's dave schratwieser spoke
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with the victim's wife who is a veteran police dispatcher. >> reporter: 49 your old edward lynn is in critical but stable condition here at hup after being shot six times. tonight his wife and his mother are speaking out. >> please come forward. >> reporter: for colby mcqueen the site of her son edward lynn lying in a hospital bed suffering from half dozen gunshot wounds is heartbreaking. >> all i want to do is just my son to get well anding come back out the way that he went in. >> this is my husband, i love him. >> reporter: edward's wife michelle is a veteran philadelphia police dispatcher used to handling 91 weren't emergency calls but now her had husband is fighting for his life the victim of gunfire. >> he's a fighter. he's strong. he's doing the best he can right now. he has an excellent strong family. >> reporter: surveillance cameras were rolling just after 2:00 friday afternoon when three men exited the popular a and a dell until west philadelphia they approached lynn who had stopped to buy a sandwich. words were he can changed.
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and one suspect through a punch. then opened fire. >> help me catch whoever did this to my son. >> reporter: gunman kept shooting firing nine shots when the barrage of gunfire ended the 49e49 year old lynn had been sht six times much police say the motive for the shooting the vick testimony bumped in one of the suspects. >> pull out gun and shoot someone over an argument it's just completely senseless. >> reporter: gunman ran from the scene arriving officers raced at the victim to the hospital at the university of pennsylvania. that helped saved his life. >> he has no movement in his lower extremities. for someone who was totally active they've taken a lot from him. >> reporter: my shall lynn wants the public to take a good look at the video and come forward. >> we have to stop with this not wanting to tell. this is somebody's life that we're talking about. >> reporter: if you want to get another look at surveillance video you can go to our website at police believe the gunman may be from the neighborhood near far son and haverford where the shooting occurred.
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if you have any information, you should call southwest detectiv detectives. at hup, dave schratwieser, fox 29 news. >> pennsylvania turnpike worker escapes major injury after his dump truck is hit by tractor trailer around 11:00 o'clock this morning between valley forge and norristown exits. the turnpike worker was inside the dump truck at the time of that accident. medic took him to the hospital with minor injuries. pennsylvania state police are investigating. >> a man tendon to go his disabled vehicle is counting his blessings tonight after another car slams into his and he's not seriously hurt. the wild crash happened just after 10:00 this morning on the roosevelt boulevard near horn anything road. employees say the man was under the hood of his infinity when a woman driving the toyota smashed in him. the man briefly became trapped under the hood and only suffered minor injuries. thankfully the woman and a baby in her car were not hur. police are still trying to figure out exactly how this happened. let's take look at your fox 29 weather authority. a live look at old city tonight.
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a pretty good summer day not quite as bad as yesterday but the heat will stick around but there's in relief for a lot of you out there in site even though i'm okay with it. chief meteorologist scott williams is here now with a look what to expect. scott. >> iain, we're not looking at temperatures in the low 90s like we were this same time yesterday. in fact, it's beautiful in center city. take a live look right now. you can see it's 83 degrees. humidity at 44%. so the feels like temperature the same as the air temperature for a change. look at that wind wind out of the west northwest at 10 miles an hour dropping the dew points behind that front and you can see the showers and thunderstorms are to the south of that front. so we have a drier air mass overhead today. 80 right now in atlantic city looking at 80 in wilmington and low 80s right now in allentown. so compared to this same time yesterday it's 11 degrees cooler in dover. 9 degrees cooler in wilmington and 8 degrees cooler in philadelphia. if you have some plans per happen in the backyard or going to do mow the lawn temperatures
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pretty comfortable. we're looking at numbers in the low 80s this evening. less humid the sun will set at about 7:30. coming up we'll the timing when that heat, the humidity, make big come back and also some roller coaster temperatures ahead in that seven day foreca forecast. we'll keep you posted with that and a half have a look at the eagles forecast iain and lauren coming up. >> scott, thanks so much. turning to breaking nouse right now in mercer county. excite fox over the 1200 block of silver court in hamilton township. there are reports someone was shot and killed just about a half hour ago. police you can see there on the scene investigating. no word right now if any other injuries. we of course will bring you any updates as soon as we have more information. >> another developing store to you now. the threat from the terrorist group isis. president obama is vowing to destroy the islamic militant group behind the bead heading of a second american journalist and the u.s. will not be intimidat intimidated. vice-president biden says america will follow the terrorist can i would the two
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journalists to the quote gates of hell. >> they confirmed the execution of steven sotloff is authentic. >> those had make the mistake of harming americans will know we will not forget and the reach is long and justice will be served. >> if he they think the american people will be inn item dated, they don't know us very well. >> many lawmakers are calling for expanded military action particularly air strikes in syria where isis is based. >> happening now, a somber first day back to skull for some students in bucks county. students start classes today at council rock high south without three well liked classmates. the start of days comes days after the three students were killed in an it tow accident that shook the community. investigators say a 15 year old girl from new york was behind the wheel on saturday when the vehicle flipped. she survived the crash along with another girl from new york and another boy who also goes to council rock south. funeral services for cullen keffer, ryan lesher and shamus
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digney start tonight and will continue over the next few days. >> temple university is extending the borders of security patrols to better keep students and the community safe. the university says it's in response to the growth in temple's residential student population. security will now patrol to 18th street on the west, ninth street on the east and from susquehanna avenue to jefferson streets. >> thousands of former atlantic city casino employees are now looking for work and they're get something help tonight. what's being called the unites here center opened today at the atlantic city convention sent. the goal is to help everyone file for unemployment and also get information on how to get health insurance. when the doors open hundreds were already waiting outside for help. former cass zen know employees say the layoffs are taking a toll on everyone in their communities. >> i feel it will be most difficult on the children of this region. that's my fear.
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showboat was a profitable casi casino. the closure is a tragedy and it did not have to happen. >> the cassie seen know workers union is holding these sessions over the next few days. parking is free. the state department of labor is hosting a big job fair next week september 10th with more than 40 employers that's to help as 5,000 out of work now will swell to 8,000 when the trump plaza shuts down late this month. >> philadelphia has a new law that supports say protects the rights of mothers in the workplace. mayor nutter signed the legislation today requires employers to provide reasonable accommodations for a woman to pump breast milk. the mayor says combined with the policy for city workers and the pregnancy accommodation ordinance it vet then the commitment to mothers and families. >> off to trial for a philadelphia principal and three teachers accused of cheating. >> principal evelyn cortez and teachers jennifer hughes, lorraine vincent and ari sloan
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accused being part of the cheating scandal. rita, waived her preliminary hearing few ms. ago. investigators say they helped young children cheat on tests by changing answers and then reviewing questions before. defense attorneys say they're clients are innocent. >> this school year could be a lot different for students and parents in bucks county. >> some special bus routes are being canceled much the school says they ned to end. the parents say they can't accept that change. how the kids will get home now. >> and coming up, this guy one of two teens charged with burglary in delaware. the special officer who helped bring them to justice. how he did it. howard? >> lesean mccoy he could be the best running back in the nfl but after not playing many plays in the preseason, he talks about how it will feel sunday in the eagles opener. that's coming up in sports. >> and her parents call little emily's birth a miracle. now they're fighting to give the three year old something we take for granted every day. tonight at 10:00 how you can help give emily the gift of
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>> police k9s nabbed two teen burglars in the act. 18 year old jarod rob and 15 year old are charged with burglary cue cued of breaking io us a house on tuesday in new castle county. k9 officers found the two suspects hiding inside the house. both suspects were taken into custody without further incident. >> happening in you fight over bus service in bucks county. the cash strapped bristol township school district looking that safe money one way cutting back is by stopping bus service for after school activities. for three schools many students are affected by this decision. fox 29's bruce gordon joins us live at the high school where he spoke to some angry parents.
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hey, bruce. >> reporter: hey, lauren. yeah, the decision to end the late bus service was actually discussed at some length and budget hearings during the spring and finalized in may. but there's no word of the policy change whatsoever on the district's own website. a number of parents only learned about this important change today. working moms in particular are up in arms. soccer practice at truman high school. when this workout ends these student athletes will be on their own. the district has for the school year that begins thursday eliminated late buses for extracurricular activities and sports. parents are not happy. >> i think it's a shame that the kids are the ones to suffer, you know, with the budget cuts. satisfied with what your getting for your tax dollars. >> nope. never have been but that's the way it is. >> the elimination of late bus service means students at before this accident physical' toss medical school and truman high will have to find a ride or walk on busy streets, dark by the late afternoon each winter. nicole hamilton says for her daughter morgan to play sports, she'll have to cross route 413
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to catch a septa bus to get to mom's workplace each afternoon. >> there's no crossing guards there. she would have to do this on her own, you know, and it's hard for adults to negotiate that road let alone a 12 year old. >> little disappointing? yeah. because the teachers keep telling us how we can look forward to all the after school activities but now we can't even do them because of the busing report roar diss track officials say the late buses were never filled and that cutting the service will save the district 118 thus san dollars a year. money better spent on educational programs. as for safety concerns -- >> we hope that the families in partnership with each other and the community as whole will come up with alternatives to that scenario that you described. we certainly have no desire to put anyone in harm's way. >> reporter: superintendent lee admits the diss track could have done a better job of getting the word out about this policy change and he admits there is some concern some kids
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will choose not to join after school clubs or sports because of the absence of bus service. concerned parents meeting late this afternoon over at the high school trying to come up with some alternative plans to reinstate that service. they want to present those plans to the school board septembe september 8th. superintendent lee says he's absolutely willing to listen but he cannot guarantee a change of heart. iain? >> all right, bruce, thank you. students in delaware county get to work right away on their first day back to school. these students at cardinal john foley in havertown are making t-shirt designs in art class and the same for kids at mckinley elementary school in abington where balloons were set up to greet them at the door when they got there. the school has been named one of the nation's top schools. >> all right. now turning back your fox 29 weather authority now. we are going to talk to scott about the less humid but still hot weather. yeah. better hair day today. across the region. due to that lowered humidity lauren and iain. temperatures right now pretty comfortable as well. 83 degrees. and you can take a live look
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right now the center city little haze in the atmosphere but otherwise it's pretty seasonable wednesday evening. those winds out of the west northwest at 10 miles per hour ushering in some of the drier conditions. 85 degrees that was the who testimony cher today. the normal for this time of year is 82. so we were a little bit above average but remember yesterday's high was 93 degrees. as we look at the temperatures right now, it's 76 degrees in the pocono mountains. we have 80 in wilmington as well as atlantic city. so temperatures pretty uniform upper 70 toss low 80s right now and the dew point, the measure of moisture in the atmosphere dropping, yes, below that magic number of 60 in philadelphia right now. it's 59 that's the current dew point item which are upper 50s north and west. low 50s in the pocono mountains it feels a little more comfortable when you step outdoors. the boundary the cold front that brought us those showers and storms yesterday evening it's pushed to our south along with it the oppressive heat and humidity bubbling up those thunderstorms right now in sections of carl loin nass and
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georgia but those winds out of the northwest drawing in that drier air and dropping those dew points. so we won't have to worry about showers and storms tonight. a lot of sunshine to start on your thursday. a mixture of sun and clouds tomorrow. but it's going to be pretty similar to today as far as those dew points and low humidity but it will warm up tomorrow. as we look ahead to friday, we'll watch a warm front advance. that will give us the threat for some pop up showers across the area during the day on friday and then it doesn't look like a wash out but as we move into saturday, we're watching for better chances for showers and thunderstorms and then that system moves out of here in time for sunday's big he guess game. let's talk about the forecast tonight. 61 degrees in the suburbs. mid askings in the city. mostly clear, comfortable night with light winds. moving ahead to tomorrow, sim floor today. a tad warmer we're looking at a lot of sunshine the humidity will hold off tomorrow as well. you can see those temperatures once again in the upper 80s. so forecast by the numbers on a scale of one to 10, tomorrow
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we'll give it an eight. it stays dry. but it will ab tad warmer than today. as we move in your thursday. by friday, that shower chance around. the humidity increases with that warm front. 89 degrees for the high temperature moving ahead to saturday. oppressive heat and humidity. low 90s making a big come back. scattered showers and thunderstorms as well with all of that heat and humidity around saturday. and then maybe a lingering shower early on sunday. behind that system but temperatures drop into the upper 70s for high temperatures sund sunday. monday, tuesday and also wednesday so if you don't like the heat, wait until sunday. and what about the eagles taking on the jaguars. we're looking at a kickoff temperature of 76 degrees. winds will be out of the north about five to 10 miles per hour. i think those showers will be out of here sunday morning. >> yes. >> that's good. >> good hair day. >> exactly. >> good for sports. >> that's right. exactly. all right. the phillies went for the sweep
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against the braves team this afternoon that had trouble scoring runs. and lesean mccoy now he could be the mvp of the nfl this season but still the first game and the mvp of the nfl this season but still the first game and mccoy looks at the opening game
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sfx: sounds of marching band and crowd cheering sfx: sounds of marching band and crowd cheering so, i'm walking down the street, sfx: sounds of marching band and crowd cheering just you know walking, sfx: sounds of marching band and crowd cheering and i found myself in the middle of this parade honoring america's troops. which is actually quite fitting because geico has been serving the military for over 75 years. aawh no, look, i know this is about the troops and not about me. right, but i don't look like that. who can i write a letter to about this? geico.
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♪ >> get ready for little football. eagles getting close sorry to
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the opener sunday against jacksonville at the lingering. the been at least four years sin the expectations for this team have been this high. 10 wins is not good enough any more. that was last year. and not getting to the super bowl may not be good enough either. the expectations for lesean mccoy are off the charts as we well. now, many already think he is the best back in the nfl and many also believe he will be the mvp of this league this season. now the starters did not get much playing time in the preseason and mccoy played very few plays. so how difficult is it when you have to play the entire game? now in the regular season? >> once you get the first hit, get that first drive, believe it or not, the first drive is always the worst drive. you get warmed up. you kind of feel, okay, who is aggressive guy. you watch tape but it's different. some guys, they might be so explosive an aggressive on tape and then sunday they just -- they might had an argument with their girlfriend the night before and they don't play well, you know, and so you watch tape
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and then they're not the same person. >> wait a minute. they shouldn't even be talking to their girl friend the night before. come on now. our sunday lineup look like this. fox 29 "game day live" at 11:00. followed by fox nfl sunday at noon. 4:00 o'clock the 49ers and cowboys. fox 29 news at 10:00 o'clock phillies had been a nice role. braves had not. they gone into this afternoon's game not scoring for 24 straight innings. that's unbelievable. let's go to atlanta and take look. it changed. it changed. the phillies are down three-one. sizemore hits the homerun in the third that. ties it up. in the fifth miguel cal frayed dough gonzales the phillies signed him out of cuba for too much money. let me just say that. one inning work runs, i determine it's too much money, phillies pitchers walk eight and at land to wins seven-four. he was supposed to be a quick story they signed him for 49 million then they will realized something was wrong and made it 12 million. still too much. >> all right.
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if you can get it. >> that does it for us at 6:00. >> we'll see you back her at 10:00. ha
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ebola nurse nancy speaks out. from the edge of death to this. and hero to the rescue. >> hold on. >> where you might have seen this guy before. then, cop on trial for killing an elk? the gentle beast they called big boy. >> oh, my god. look at it. >> uproar over its death. >> why did you shoot the elk? justice for big boy? and the new tv movie about the death of actresses brittney murphy. is the actresses portraying brittney being bullied by