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tv   Good Day Philadelphia  FOX  September 5, 2014 7:00am-9:01am EDT

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okay. start driving. fly eagles fly, on the road to victory. e-a-g-l-e-s eagles. >> yeah. >> it is finally here. game is sunday. >> it sounded like all men in that chant. >> mostly men. >> we will get some women too. cheerleaders already here. swoop, thanks for the ride. it is alex's first time at xfinity live and it is her first eagles game on sunday. we will get to the game. >> i'm guessing you will there been too, swoop. >> he is speechless about all that. >> hi. >> wow. >> hello, ladies. >> this should be good trying to get out of this vehicle. >> thanks for the ride, swoop. >> here we go, go eagles, go
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welcome to the show. this is our last day of our little tour. >> our finally. >> the finally. >> hi, everybody, hey. >> thanks for coming out. callahan's are still here. >> hey there. >> you can tell where we are, ex-fin live just outside of pbr bar and grill and there is the the link in the background. >> it is bought full. >> that is where you are on sunday. so please come out. we will be here until 10:00 o'clock. >> we want to see all of the eagles fans. i have been hearing about how intense it can be to be an eagles fan but i want to see it for myself. i want people to show me how philly does it. >> yes, we have come to the center of all philly sports, is that for sure. >> who are you. >> diana. >> where do you live. >> from marlton, new jersey. >> that is great. >> my name is alyss from deptford, new jersey. >> aren't they gorgeous, mike. >> i love everything about this day, okay. >> i'm sure you do. >> it is kind of foggy out,
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kind of overcast. will this lift anytime soon, sue. >> as soon as sun comes up we will start to see that fog burning off but it is spooky this morning, i'm inside xfinity live. i'm in the vip lounge, birds eye view of what is going on but there is room for to you come join our part think morning. let me clear things up i'm in the wearing vintage to jersey it is jordan math the yous rookie wide receiver. he has the number 81 now. we're excited about new season starting on sunday and the fact that this is friday. lets get to it. we have a seven out of ten today because as you undoubted will feel walking out the door humidity is back but we will see plenty of sunshine. we do have a chance of the pop up thunder storm though later on in the day. it is hot and humid so you can never rule out chance of the pop up then are storm. buddy is in the fog with muggy the dog.
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>> yes. >> he is back. >> thanks, muggy. heel, muggy, heel. there will be some sunshine. we will see temperatures in the 70's as soon as we get rid of the fog. the fox cast has a high temperature of 88 degrees, sunny warm with a p.m. storm. we are doing rhyming this morning. that and alliteration is what we live for. we also have, a little later on tonight a muggy night, yes, with the dog and also, chance of some rain tomorrow. we will get in the big changes that are coming over the weekend as far as weather is concern coming up next time, live, from xfinity live, hey caitlin, welcome back. >> good morning, good morning sue. completely enjoying the climate controlled inside of xfinity live, thanks very much. we have been following this accident all morning long in overbrook. we have brought you live video from there earlier. it is north 59th street at up land way. the accident involves a vehicle hitting a reported seven park cars and then a pole and then overturning. we have been talking about it
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for a hour to at least two hours. police are directing traffic. you will to have use the alternate lancaster avenue or woodbine avenue. also cutler avenue between north 16th and north 15th street there is an accident with all lanes blocked. police are on the scene and tow truck cleaning up vehicles involved. finally accident in chester 21st at edgeland have avenue has been clean up. that is your traffic authority. we will be back in 15 minutes. the lets get back to mike and alex down in south philadelphia. >> i guess we kind of knew this was coming but it was still a shock at 1:17 yesterday afternoon joan rivers died. >> that is right, melissa, she took her off life support. it was surprising for some people because we thought she would be okay. we heard she was put in the room. she wasn't in in critical condition. we thought and wanted to believe that she would be okay. >> my gosh, i have got the to meet her a bunch of time. >> really. >> she was so nice off the
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stage and funny off the stage but every time, anytime she was at a comedy club and there were comedians around she always stole the show. >> of course. everyone loved the fact that she was willing to say what everybody else wanted to say. i think women, they would not say anything. she put it all out there. >> i got a tweet saying all women should be sad today because she made all women realize they don't to have take any s word. >> that is true. girl power. >> well, from larry king, he remembers joan rivers. >> larry king knew her 40 years. here's larry. >> she's a trooper. that is a good word to describe her, trooper. she came back from depths of sadness, come right back, she went in attack mode and she was very funny, and as i said, she spared no one. i don't think you could get angry of her. >> my day having a child was
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berth. they knock you out, they woke you up when the hairdresser showed. you knew nothing. it was so much better. miss rivers you had a girl. good you can good, good. is she normal. good, good, good. is she white? yes. good. >> good. >> don't you think men really like intelligence more when it comes down to it. >> everyone remembers, that she brought us so many laughs and rivers daughter melissa rivers released a statement saying in part it is with great sadness i announce the death of my mother. my mother's greatest joey in life was to make people laugh. although that is very difficult to do right now i necessity her final wish would be that we return to laughing soon. >> joan and melissa were on good day fail our show not that many weeks ago.
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if you want to see her because joan was so inappropriate and funny when she was on. >> you two together i can't imagine. >> it was a mess. if you want to watch it, it is on our web site at my fox click on the good day tab. get down three-quarters of the page. that clip is right there. but boy, people were react to go, comedians were reacting at helium comedy club. >> dawn, you are there right now. >> yeah, good morning mike and alex. the world is remembering general rivers today but local comedian is here at helium club are reminiscing, sharing stories about when they first met her and, two of the featured comedians performing here at the helium comedy club are really remembering her fondly this morning. for decades general rivers made people laugh. she revolutionized comedy an pol get i can, pushing it to the limit, never holding back, sound like too, mike. she told it like it was whether she was doing her
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stand up or critiquing celebrities on the popular e network show fashion police. heather mcdonald who work with joan at the e network and is performing at helium comedy club here tonight says that joan rivers blazed a trail for her and for other female comedian with the style all of her own. >> every time i would see her like at e, publicity event or something would i just say i'm heather and she said i know who you are. i can't believe you know who i am. i'm like how do you know who i am. one time she said you are the best dresser of the night. i think she probably took the other people but joan rivers compliments your outfit, that is great. >> could not been a more gracious person. really down to earth. when you think of joan rivers i don't think of female comedy, i think of comic. she was a real pioneer. really funny lady. >> i think she should do know wrong but why green lips it looks like she just bleep a
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grinch. >> reporter: joan rivers left a mark on everyone she work with, and her millions of fans, super fun which a heart of gold a correspondence to go those who knew her. alex and mike, joan had all kind of connections to the philadelphia area. her daughter was a graduate of the university of pennsylvania. she performed countless times at ac casinos and she work for some 24 years at qvc in west chester selling her own line of julyry and clothing. she was last there just two weeks ago and interestingly enough, you guys, chris murphy found out, chris and i share the same birthday june 8th. so did joan rivers. so we had something in common with the queen of comedy. >> yeah, she was here all the time out there at qvc but she would come into philadelphia for dinner when she would sell her jewelry and clothing and stuff like that. when melissa was here for four years she was in town all the time. here's another connection, sad connection, her husband, i think it was in 1986 or 87
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committed suicide. >> she had the show, they work together on the show. >> yes, show on fox. >> got canceled after two years. he killed himself here in philadelphia at the four seasons hotel. that is the sad connection there. but how did this happen, she helpings in for a procedure. >> it was a minor procedure. >> on her vocal cord. >> yes. >> ends up going in cardiac arrest. >> new that medical clinic where she underwent that procedure is under investigation. >> it business a mile from where they took her to the hospital mt. sinai hospital. >> um-hmm. >> so in that mile trip in an ambulance, doctor mike, i mean what is going on there. first of all tell us the procedure she was having if you know. >> well, what i have heard and obviously i don't have inside information but what i have heard publicly is that she had horseness and we all necessity that she spoke for a living. that was her life. so what i have heard is she went to the doctor and they performed a procedure to look at her vocal cords and maybe
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she had a nodule on her vocal cords, who knows but during the procedure she had a cardiac arrest. now cardiac arrest can occur in anyone, but you take it 81 years old and the risk does go up. now, no one knows what happened? i cannot guess. maybe they overstated her, maybe she was 81 and it happened. the problem with having a cardiac arrest is survival is very low. when we talk about this and i heard bit last week i was very concerned and i said to you michael how long was she unconscious without breathing. because that can lead to damage of the brain, what we call a brain injury and that can lead to what happened. new for everyone out there listening what can we learn about this. number one, if you come into my office and i want you all to listen very carefully, number one is if you are planning a procedure, you have to say to yourself, is the
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risk out weighed by the the benefit. i have told many people that come in saying i want to wear high heels, and i want to have my bunion fix because i want -- i try and this is my personal opinion, don't do it. if you have a problem where you will lose your foot that is a different story. michael, you are my patient, we talk about this, i have done procedures object you because i want to make sure you are okay. there are good reasons to do things and reasons not to do things. every surgical procedure has a potential risk. >> would they have put her under to put the scope under her throat. >> i can't imagine that they wouldn't. as i showed last friday it was a ridged scope michael and alex so they probably gave her some sedation. bottom line is you have to deciding whether or not the the risk is out weighed by benefit of any procedure if you can getaway without it and not worried about cancer,
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forget bit. >> okay, doctor mike. i'm sure we will learn more in this next week because investigation will go on for weeks. >> i'm shire people want to know what exactly happened there. >> thanks doctor mike. her funeral is sunday. she was jewish. normally within a couple days but sabbath is saturday so they have decided to service in man math hannan sunday. lets get out to steve keeley. oh, man irving fryar, big time eagles player but like you said, earlier probably not going to the hall of fame but maybe the the big house. >> reporter: sue is wearing that 81 jersey. he wore number 80. right next door to you guys had cheers of 07,000 people at the stadium n cheering here today. crowd is smaller for sure as nfl kicks off this new season this weekend his next number will have more digits on his chest from a new jersey state prison uniform for sure. it will get another sad off the the field head line here today as it starts the new
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season as a former number one overall craft choice for nfl who began his long career with the lucrative five-year contract will announce in a sixth floor courtroom here in his hometown of mount holly whether he will take a different five-year deal a plea bargain that comes with the five-year state prison sentence. even though that is sad enough, irving fryar's story gets sadder because his seven three-year old mother will get a three-year prison sentence if they both agree to accept this plea bargain f they don't take it and take their case to child both could get way more prison time if found guilty in the mortgage scam and get ten years. alex and mike, guy that master minded this according to fryar's mother's attorney, pleaded guilty, cooperating and only got 20 mondays. even if fryar's mother end up doing several months, even that is too much and unacceptable because she got none of the money from that $700,000 but she will get a lot more time maybe then the guy who master minded this
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whole thing. >> the decisions we make in life. >> steve, thanks. now we will go to kerry in the studio with more headlines, kerry. >> a lot going object today. police arrested a man they suspect killed four people in florida and they say he ran away with his son. thirty he lisa rested adam in a tampa hotel. they say 40 year-old ismail esteven had been with him. four bodies were found near a tampa area home as police searched for him yesterday. it is in the clear what relationships the the deceased victims had to this man and his son but, authorities say matt os fridays pennsylvania. obama care web site was hack by cyber attackers. white house confirming hackers broke in the site in july but the breach itself was only discovered a week ago. the department of health and human services said that part of the site that did not have a firewall installed, on it, fortunately the department of home land security says there was no personal information
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that was compromised because hackers gained access to a test server and that test server didn't have any consumer information stored on it. however, they also say the cyber criminals did install malwear used to launch an attack on other web sites. all students in the school district of philadelphia can get a breakfast and a lunch for free. the school district says it is part of the new meal program meant to ease financial burden for all families. there is no paperwork involved for anyone. it erases stigma attached with the program. school district superintendent william hite says it will provide as many students as possible with access to healthy nutritious meals. last year by the way more than 27 million meals were served to children in the district. 7:16. heading back out to mike and alex this morning. >> thanks, kerry. alex is on fire. >> fire. >> yes. >> it noise that the cold but the fire pities cool. >> very cool. >> i like it out here.
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>> the eagles bandies here. >> swoop. >> a lot of people are coming on out. >> the bandies coming. we have more cheerleaders. >> yes. >> everyone is sleeping in. >> sue. >> she's also here, hi sue. >> i'll tell what you by the time sunday gets here you will need that fire pit in the evening and we know xfinity live gets crowded in the evening. we are showing you a different view behind us now from the vip lounge and then we will get downstairs and she you around. if you have never been here before it is fun, fun, fun every where you turn and good stuff to eat too as we will show you later on. lets talk about the visibility. it is all about the fog this morning. we are waiting for to it burn off but looking at visability around the area it is only 3 miles at philly international. only .3 of of a mile down in dover and a big fat zero around fort dix in wrightstown and also in mount pocono.
7:18 am
really thick fog in trenton, half mile visibility, two and a half miles in pottstown. you get the idea, it is foggy in many places aetna can add a few extra minutes tour commute. don't be running late this morning. 74 degrees in philadelphia and it is muggy. seventy-four in wilmington where we had so much fun yesterday. mid 70's at the shore. 68 degrees, up in the poconos mountains this morning. it is a very sticky morning. muggies are back. eagles forecast for sunday though is so different from what we have today. it is a northwesterly breeze, five to 10 miles an hour and a 75-degree temperature when game begins. you will in the feel humidity on sunday. it will feel like there is a tiny little nip in the air, because the fall feeling that we will get on sunday. look at the difference when we look at the seven day forecast between saturday and sunday. it is sticky at the link for
7:19 am
the temple game, temple verse navy and completely different experience at the lincoln sunday for the eagles mid 70's as we said when kick off happens with the jaguars and eagles and 79 degrees high and stays pretty comfortable through the middle of next week. there it is a biggity big change coming up in your seven day forecast, so caitlin i guess question for traffic is the fog slowing us down this morning. >> we have not had too many reports but there are reports of the jams on the schuylkill and couple accident spot, normal volume on a friday morning. big story it is north 59th street and up land way. it involves a vehicle that hit seven park cars and then a pole and overturn. flipped on the side. police are still on the scene. they are directing traffic. you have to use one of the alternate. lancaster avenue or wide bine avenue. seventy-six, schuylkill expressway west bun after route one city avenue jam up i was alluding to.
7:20 am
we have an accident with the left lane block. thinks causing major delays as you can imagine at 7:15 on a friday morning on the schuylkill. finally, cutler avenue between north 16th and 15th street is there an accident with all lanes block. police are on the scene. tow truck cleaning up all of the vehicles involve. but first lets send it back to mike and alex. >> road to victory. then you do the chant. e-a-g-l-e-s eagles. >> every time they score you do the whole song, and whole stadium sings. >> i'm learning. >> i will be an eagles fan. >> ultimately we will sing it a lot. >> i was looking for jared, he is over there because more cheerleaders showed up. >> soon you will be over there. >> i will go there now i'll see you in a couple of minutes. ♪
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this is vince papale and alex, you are invisible so welcome to philadelphia. >> ♪ >> thank you. we should be invincible against the jags, we are ten-point favorites but lets ask the expert john i marks from 97.59 fanatic. >> hi johnny. >> good morning. >> i brought cheerleaders with me mike, all of them. >> they don't live with you. >> no, i have a beautiful wife you are freshly married. >> everything going okay. >> everything is great. >> company we have anything to worry about, with the jaguars. >> you know, in any nfl game any given sunday you have something to worry about but eagles are truly a playoff team they will come in here lincoln financial field, place will be rocking and they will win. so they have a young defense. they have a young team. energetic coach who almost came here in gus bradley but
7:25 am
eagles should win easily on sunday. >> yesterday on your radio station everybody was saying defense may in the be good enough to be a great team. >> well, you saw rams in 1999 they came out of no where because of their he offence and took them to the super bowl. can eagles offense do that? they will in the win based on their defense. you saw seattle last night. they have a great offense and defense. they just won super bowl. eagles don't have that yet. if they will win they have to get some things to go their way and play offensively to overcome defense which is still in rebuild mode. >> you like jeremy maclin. >> yes. >> lesean mccoy. >> yes. >> shady, yeah. he will have a great year. people are saying 2,000-yard. i'm in the buying it. >> don't over do it. >> that means you will carry the ball. last year he had 366 touches which is a ton a lot of times a year after you see effect of that much happening. >> because fans kept begging
7:26 am
let him run the ball. >> but if you get 2,000-yard he will car it the ball 400 times which you don't want. they have karen sprawls, chris polk. they have two tightened with zach ertz and brent celek. jeremy maclin is back. don't over do it. let him get his touches but you need him healthy. >> final score and how many wins this year. >> i think they win easily by ten. i would have to say ten-six. that is what everybody is saying but division doesn't look good. i think redskins will be improved and cowboys offense will always be there. but i would have to say ten bins and lets see what they do in the playoffs. >> favorite by ten on sunday. we will see what happens. thanks for bringing your friends. >> lets get out to jen fred, what are you doing today on this friday before a big game. >> oh, no the the mayor. >> audio wasn't on. >> but now it is on, don't say that again. >> we are going crazy here in atlantic city and if we do that we should up the mayor himself.
7:27 am
you are on the bike. >> we are riding down the boardwalk. >> okay. >> miss america is on her way. we're happy to be here. >> yes. >> always great to have fox in my city of atlantic city.
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we are live here at xfinity live. we have a beautiful, backdrop of the link and there is mike, going through there we are having a great time. more people coming out. we have an eagles pep rally going on right now. >> they're good. the eagles drum line. >> no question bit. >> i like it. >> we have a lot going on in atlantic city too. >> yes, but sue is also here. sue what does it look like in there. i hear you are in the vip. >> i was in vip but i have jump down to the dj booth and wait until you hear this because with me is brett works here at xfinity live but this is in the his first appearance on gi day, tell us about the first time you were on our show. >> 201 i was in third grade and you interviewed me. i was in third grade. i was being interviewed for a run that i had done. >> i was at your school.
7:31 am
>> yes. >> look at how you have grown. >> yes. >> now you are a senior at drexel and working here at xfinity live having a good time. >> it is a blast here. >> what is your major. >> entertainment arts management. you have a bright future because you started on good day philadelphia before we get to the weather show us what you can do with these lights. >> we will make this green for the the eagles. >> yes. >> we will see if we can get logos in here. >> get the logo going on and you can change the color as the sports change, red for phillies, orange for flyers. >> we have green. we can always change color here. fun stuff. up in the dj booth here we have different equipment that runs video boards, we have a hundred televisions. crazy. very complicated building. >> great to meet you again. >> brad, this is so exciting. lets see what is going on outside. i'm sure you are a fan have
7:32 am
bus stop buddy back in the day but here he is again. you can barely see him. we have areas of fog. we have muggy the dog. we have a lot of humidity this morning. most of the temperatures in the 70's. our number is a seven. not only because of the return of the humidity but because of the possibility of thunderstorms popping up. they will be land many but most of us we will see a little bit of one. we will see then are storms tomorrow and talk about that cool change coming up but in the meantime 88 degrees today and back down in the 70's for another muggy night, that is your weather live from the dj booth me and brett getting our groove on. we are starting the party but now we need to you come join us dear viewer. kate lip is standing bay to tell us is i-95 clear for follow tax see us at xfinity live. >> it is. in the too bad traffic wise. we have fog out there as you mentioned that is a great story with one of your previous third graders.
7:33 am
changing lives, of course, in the delaware veil, sue. we want to talk about this accident here all morning long and been a big story. this is video from earlier. take a look, this car positively mangled as it flipped over in overbrook north 59th street at upland road. that accident involved that vehicle right there which reportedly hit seven park cars and then a pole and overturned in the woods there that you see on the side of the road, flipped over. we don't have anymore details about the driver or anyone else except that the police are on the scene there still directing traffic. this happened around two hours ago and if you are in that area have to use an alternate here lancaster avenue or woodbine avenue we will be sure to keep you updated when it clears. on 76 schuylkill westbound after route one city avenue is there an accident that moved to the shoulder, that is great but as you can imagine heavy delays stack up. we are still seeing those delays build through the schuylkill. west oak lane, cutler avenue between 16th and 15th street.
7:34 am
is there an accident that has all lanes block. police are on the scene and tow truck is helping clean up vehicles involved. that the the roads from your traffic authority now back to mike. caitlin, eagles cheerleader calendar is out again, always a nice moment. victoria didn't make it. you are signing messages to me in here. >> yes. >> now say something sweet. kayla didn't show up either. where is kayla, is she already. >> she is owe kay. >> she's trying to push over that pillar. thanks. finish up and i'll look at it later. >> mike, you are distracted. >> councilman sorry, you have to follow. that councilman johnson, good to see you. >> good to see you. >> thank you for having us in your district. so nice to meet you. welcome. >> thank you. >> welcome to philadelphia welcome back.
7:35 am
>> thanks, councilman johnson. >> thinks your district. >> welcome. you have a fun district. >> yes, i do, i'm honored here, will be participating in appreciation day tomorrow. >> tell us more about that, is what purpose behind this. >> it is our community appreciation take where we come out food, fun, entertainment and information to empower families to improve the quality of the alliance. part of the idea tomorrow toys offer great entertainment and family and community. >> where will it be. >> point breeze and dickinson street. >> point breeze is making a come back. >> yes, it is, up and coming community. tomorrow would be a great day, family and friend in the point breeze area we are honored to have philadelphia's own. >> you are from west philadelphia. >> born and raised. >> she did the line. >> so what will you be doing. >> i will be performing and being fabulous. >> you are fabulous, honey. >> thank you, you too. >> you work with lady gaga
7:36 am
right. >> yes. >> go, go, gaga. >> yes. >> how would you describe your music. >> my music is very relatable to, you know, every take subjects and it is music you can have fun. >> do you have dancers. >> i do have dancers. >> do you dance in heels like that. >> not these particular heels but i do dance in heels. >> yes. >> we will be out there as well. so, all for the community, all showing our way have of giving back to the neighborhood. it will be a great, awesome time. >> give the location and time. >> point breeze and dick inn some than from 12:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. >> tomorrow. >> it is freey will come by. >> we will expect you to come. welcome to philadelphia. >> thank you so much. >> if it is free, it is for me. >> we have brought alex out here today to give her a 101
7:37 am
course in philadelphia sports. >> that is right, to make sure i'm ready for that game. >> we will get through each station and tell you who you need to know. >> he will school me. >> we will get into this after the break.
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hi. welcome back everybody. we're in south philadelphia. it is starting to get cranked up now, alex. >> i see, i see. it is a pep rally in here or out here. >> so let's do this. you wanted to learn everything about philly. >> i know it is a big sports town. >> so you need to know your sports. so let me give you a little philly sports 101 a primer as they used to say back in my day. let's start with the link. you and your parents there for 1:00 o'clock game with the jaguars. >> we're ready. >> after the game like before monday, google like philadelphia sports. >> is this homework.
7:41 am
>> yes. >> i can't give you all of the names you need to know but let's start with three football players you should necessity about that used to play. brian dawkins, any dawkins jerseys. we have one over there. dawkins jersey. >> modeling it for us, number 20. >> they love him. big hitter. defense. reggie white, he played here, okay, and chuck bednarek, an eagle eagle. so now we have on the other side of xfinity live we have citizens bank park where the phillies play. >> everything is right here. >> oh, yeah. >> it is all down here, just turnaround. >> exactly. >> if you get down here in the center of things you can go to any stadium within minutes. >> citizens bank phillies, steve carlton one of the best pitchers ever lift. richie ashburn, ashburn alley, mike schmidt, he is still browse casting on sunday. >> i think i need a net book. >> we will give you the notes.
7:42 am
>> and then over there greg, whoever is getting it, wells fargo center. we have sixers and flyers. lets start with the sixers. allen iverson. >> i know him. >> you know him. >> what is his nickname. >> that is the answer. >> nice. >> doctor j, julius irving. >> yes. >> and wilt chamberlain played for the sixers. you know where wilt chamberlain played college ball. >> no, where. >> university of kansas. >> we don't care, next, what is next. >> flyers, you got bernie parent. >> he tweet had you yesterday i don't know if you saw that. >> i am trying to respond to everyone. >> broad street bully, 74/75. bobby clarke, another name you need to know. we will go outside the box, the owner of the philadelphia flyers, ed snyder, and monte g, google monte g, biggest fan of the eagles. >> he has an eagle on his hat. >> do you got that.
7:43 am
>> i'm doing a lot of studying, he you're taking up my weekend. >> rebecca, she works inside the wells fargo center, comcast. >> yes. >> second home. >> nice to meet you there is other stuff that goes on there besides sports like is what coming up. >> tons of stuff, we have a couple concerts next week, we have ed sheeran in town, we have monster jam coming early october and then we have disney's frozen on ice. >> everybody loves frozen. >> isn't that sold out. >> it is close so get your tickets now, comcast >> the place will be filled with kids. >> but this monster truck they fill tonight with dirt. >> yes. >> the the entire hockey rink gets covered in dirt. >> in hundreds of thousands of pound of dirt. >> thanks, rebecca, good to he zoo you. >> of course welcome, thanks very much. jen and q. >> yes, they are in atlantic citiy guess atlantic city is
7:44 am
covered in good looking women. miss america week. >> you wish were you down there. >> the most beautiful women in america miss america is with us. >> good morning. >> so we will talk with her in a little bit but first... i have never been prouder.
7:45 am
7:46 am
were you eating smoked sausage in here? no! could have gotten me one. i did. grab a spicy smoked sausage breakfast sandwich. it's the smoked sausage you crave, now spicy.
7:47 am
welcome back to south philadelphia, xfinity live. >> that is right. >> but look at is what behind you the sugar express. >> my goodness. >> if you wanting to to, sugar house casino, it is fantastic. you can take that bus. >> my face is on the back of the bus. >> reveal that. >> look at that. >> oh, my gosh. >> thanks, sweeties. >> that is so sweet. >> now when was that picture taken. >> my goodness i was in college in missouri when that picture was taken, do i who younger. >> i don't know why the number 70 is on your chin. that is going to be my age. >> well, thank you sugar house. >> thanks, sugar house. >> anytime i mention sugar house i like to say hello to wendy hamilton. i will marry her.
7:48 am
she doesn't know that yet. >> and soon, sue you will come to your wedding. >> i hope you will invite me tour wedding. we have been jumping inside xfinity live, while you have been enjoying humidity outside. we are down on the the floor and looking up before where we were before, so check out that chandelier so view is nice from here inside xfinity live. now lets get outside and talk about what will happen here sunday in the neighborhood because the eagles start their season with the jaguars on sunday, 1:00 o'clock and forecast is for 75-degree temperature. no humidity, mix of sun and clouds. it should be a gorgeous afternoon for your football. now for today the the high temperature is 88 degrees. we will have humidity, all day licensing and we have a possibility of pop up thunderstorms. tomorrow we will hit 90 and then the big chopping because
7:49 am
cold front saturday night with the thunderstorm and much cooler 79 degrees on sunday but it will be delightful weather at least through middle of next week. the that is your weather authority forecast. the lets get to the roads. at least what we can see. hi, caitlin how sit looking. >> not that bad, sewer still following one accident that we have been on all morning long in overbrook north 59th street at up land way. there was an accident involved, vehicle hitting a reported seven cars and then taking out a pole, overturned. huge mess. good news is that the police have left the scene, traffic is new getting by. we're good to go there and we will keep you updated all morning long, guys. >> hey, thanks. alex really looked like a cheerleader holding a palm, palm and it is pon, pon with the in on it if you look at the it was palm pon i'm not kidding who are you. >> i'm steve clark from the
7:50 am
italian bakery. welcome alex to philadelphia the here's our eagles tomato pie. >> thinks intense. i have never had a tomato pie. >> i'm guessing there is tomatoes in it. >> presented you with a collegeville bakery shirt, our motto we are known for our buns. >> nice buns. >> exactly. >> mike, you tell him. >> what do you think, in the bad. >> in the bad. >> bam. >> one for you, welcome to philadelphia. >> how long does its take to put this together. >> in the long, 15 minutes if that. >> did somebody do that by hand. >> it is a secret. >> i don't want to ruin the secret. >> everybody turnaround because we are all known for our buns too. thanks for cooperating ladies. >> nobody is eating any of this in atlantic city because they are miss america cop testtent and they don't eat, here's jen. >> they do eat, they eat a ton. quincy, good morning. i'm sorry, miss america, hi. >> thanks for having me. >> miss america if you want to
7:51 am
run from frustrates that is fin. we have scared her. >> yes. >> mike mike alluded to it. this is prep week. competition is beginning. you said they have been preparing forever but on this day, this hour, tomorrow what is it that they are doing and what is it that they won't do. >> girls have started their tour. their welcome tour. they kick off to the miss america week in washington d.c. that is first they have this year. we spent our day visiting white house, capitol, department of he hadtation, focus than on scholarship and education. this is where real fun began. as you know thinks truly our home. the girls are in rehearsal doing different events around the the area visiting with our wonderful sponsors to make this possible and then competition starts on monday. >> are they eating mack and cheese. >> yes. >> pizza. >> well, what is great is backstage they have such wonderful healthy snack for us because we need energy. these girls are going from 6:00 a.m. to midnight.
7:52 am
they are on their feet all day. they keep us on the move. >> you say you met a lot of people. kiss and tell. who are your favorites. >> turf say i'm honored to meet president obama and first lady and, of course bow and sonny. i had to meet them. within of my favorite people was mindy kailing, i have been following her since she was in the office and i got to meet her, very first day after i won. that was have of course a very special moment for me being and having a connection a south asia connection. >> you went to the super bowl hanging out n vip suite. >> i got to go to the super bowl, probably only time would i go and only way to do it is to hang out in the suite. >> you don't to have see as you lot because we're typically in philadelphia here's the live thing, we are just in philadelphia now that we know you are here. >> you guys should come hang out. >> yes. >> seriously, thank you, great
7:53 am
honor to meet you. for little will girls, big girls everyone want ton miss america. >> are you giving them a pep tall. >> yes, we had an orientation a couple weeks ago. i'm talking with them throughout the week. letting them know what to expect. i'm encouraging them. it is an exhaust continuing couple of weeks. >> okay. >> i feel ready to be miss america. >> guys, back to you. >> oh, boy she's totally into it now. today's show all about your philadelphia eagles, big game sunday, more in two minutes.
7:54 am
7:55 am
7:56 am
7:57 am
monte g wants the game to start right now. okay. you have to know this guy. >> yes, do i. >> this guy is a ledgend. bob good to sigh. >> alex, welcome to philadelphia. happy to have you here. on behalf of comcast spectacor and philadelphia flyers we have a mark street hockey jersey. it is getting ready for eagles time out here. i have one of my official dog bones you are the the hound. >> yes, i will put that on you. >> i don't know if that will fit. >> it is all right. >> you put that on later on. >> you have a giant head. >> yes. >> it is like a top.
7:58 am
>> this is pulse of the city, heartbeat of philadelphia have you been all around the city. it all happens hear with the eagles kicking off sunday, flyers kicking off in a couple weeks. you are in the right spot. welcome to the city. >> thank you. >> i'm feeling heartbeat, the love. i'm so happy to be here. >> thank god we got you out of dallas for crying out loud. >> let me tell but this guy. he came here in the 70's. >> 1907. >> before you were born. >> he never left. he still lives here. >> why did you stay. >> you know what, it was very fortunate to play ten years here in philadelphia, like most of my guys, six to ten years. why leave this is my home. i became an american. we all did. this is where you want to be. this is what makes the city tic. if we can get a parade here again it would be great to relive those days all over. >> there is a huge parade. >> two and a half million people before they had inn from structure in the city.
7:59 am
all people, coming out and just a great opportunity to embrace this city and give back to our fans. it is all about winning. >> all about that w. >> flyers won stanley cup in 74-75. we are hungry. >> we could use another one. we got close in 2010 in chicago but just to watch everybody build up, and then phillies won and eagles starting up. we will get ticking here. we are pumped up to get started. >> the first flyers game. >> got it. >> bring doctor mike with you just in case. >> that is for sure. >> thanks for coming out. >> do you have a prediction for sunday. >> always win, i dent care what the score is, just win. >> yes. >> done a good job here. >> welcome. >> thank you. >> the hound. >> the hound. >> let do another hour.
8:00 am
i would talk to him while i was changing and her first words would you shut up all right. >> remembering the unapologetic joan rivers how hollywood and nation are coming together to mourn the loss, and celebrate the life of a comedy ledgend. sue? >> best thing we can do is tell you today's hot and humid weather will in the be lasting we will tell you when big cool change comes and how licensing that is going last in your weather third forecast, live from xfinity live, and jen and q, we will have the cher cast as well because that is where you are. >> we need the shore cast. we will be cool. we will play beach volleyball. >> we are all world class athletes. >> do ac pro beach invitation will making it happen. >> wow. >> wow.
8:01 am
>> they are having a great time. we are having a great time too. >> it is kind of a lull here for a second because we have a special guest. we will get to that in a second. but first we have to do weather and traffic and then come right back. >> sound good. >> wait until you see this. >> okay. we have a look at our number of the day. we will go with a seven out of ten. first of all so excited with two days with low humidity. that is not the case right now. we have a chance of pop up thunderstorms. we will have sunshine eventually but just not yet. bus stop buddy, you will see fog. we have not gotten rid of the fog, and clouds are still with us, muggy the dog, and, muggy the doggies back. and temperatures, this morning, and, we will get to a high of 88 degrees. once the the sunburns through that fog we will see temperatures start to sore. warm and humid and very
8:02 am
summery once again. it is still technically summer. now tonight the we're down to the mid 70's once again and overnight low with another sticky kind of a night but those changes that we mentioned are coming over the weekend. we detail it all coming up in just a few minutes but now time to check traffic. we cap in the get rid of the fog, caitlin. >> i know, it looks so glummy and causing some problems. we have had some accidents. seventy-six, schuylkill westbound, there is an accident that is on the shoulder. obviously thinks causing a huge backup. just a parking lot there westbound on 76. also the the accident west oak lane, colter after new between north 16th and 15th street that had lanes all block up, it is now cleaned up. good news there next on the pennsylvania turnpike westbound after bensalem disable vehicle that had right lane block and delays are starting to stack up. finally egg harbor township black horse pike near this drive an accident involving a motorcycle in front of the bennet chevrolet car
8:03 am
dealership. we are in the seeing any delays yet but that sound serious. alternate washington avenue. we are in the in middle of a conversation, you will meet heat inner a second, but we have talk about this earlier. you kind of new, maybe it was coming but yesterday at 1:17, at a hospital in new york, joan rivers died. it is like a kick in the stomach. >> a lot of people when they saw it were like my gosh. we were all rooting her on. >> when they moved her we thought it was a good thing. >> they moved her there to be with her friend and family so she passed away. boy over at helium comedy club last night it was a tribute to joan and heather mcdonald was there. thanks for coming in and talking bit. >> thanks for having me. >> how did the night go last night. were people laughing. >> yes, at the end i did address it and just said that without joan i don't think i would be here. i don't think other female
8:04 am
comics would be here. more than anybody else. i think that she really made it acceptable for woman to be that funny and to be the kind of funny you want to be. it wasn't like she ever held back being a woman or light or appropriate. i think it made it that anybody cab say here's a fabulously dressed woman and she's saying the most outrageous things ever. it made it easy when i watched fashion police. >> yes. >> i work there for seven years and then we went on to teach all of the press event and she was always so great to everybody. just a really sweet. she mentored a lot of female comics that you will hear about and had lunch with them and gave them advice and always really supportive and really always telling you to go for it. >> you were going to be at a baby shower with her on monday.
8:05 am
>> on this past monday this past monday, she was still ill but i was so excited. i told mother to be make sure i'm at her table and really what i would ask her about is i'm a mother of three. i really wanted to ask her what it was like to be a stan up comic and to raise a wonderful daughter like melissa. when you are up there and i say these things about my kids, i am like is it ever going to be awkward for them, how did she get through those high school years with melissa. she was a huge famous person on the tonight show saying crazy things. i never had that opportunity. i don't think there is anything she would have told me that i don't know. she was an amazing mother, grandmother and that is why they were best friend and business partners. >> the fact that she was a legendary woman in comedy, is it really difficult to be a woman up there doing stand up. >> i definitely think this is the best time. i see a generation of guys in
8:06 am
their 20's that don't see it as funny. i just see who comes to my shoes and it is not all women. now people say what is funny is funny. she helped that. so i think if you are a woman that should not hold you back but it still would be when i would start it would always be one woman, eight guys. so it wasn't, that is why so many women had to band together and do all female shows and they are still doing it. >> first shame she was on the tonight show was 1965. >> amazing. she was pregnant. i love it. it was so great. it was something that in one had ever seen before. >> she was on our show maybe eight to ten weeks ago. i said kim kardashian is more famous then melissa your daughter and she goes yeah mike, i'm trying to get her to make a sex tape. she could say anything. fashion police, sometimes i
8:07 am
go, tv. >> someone called her brave. >> yes, she didn't care. i think that is why she got away witt because everybody was a target. it wasn't like she was just always digging on one person. anybody was a target. after she would say awful, not awful but funny digs about their outfits then the next week they might be a guest host on the show and she would be like you come over for dinner afterward. she was friends with everybody. >> real quickly do you have that picture of robin and joan together. she put it on a tweet when robin died. my gosh, what a tough month and a half. >> i know for comedy. >> really sad. >> rob and i had never met, amazing how many people had similar story have of how he would when a big star comes in the comedy club they just go right on stage and you have to accept that. they may happen minutes. but wow always wait and ask the comic do you mind if i go
8:08 am
up for ten minutes. it is your night to perform. everybody is like of course. not that the other stars didn't ask but it was super polite and stand back. >> perfect perspective on a morning like this. thank. >> you will be performing tonight. >> tonight and tomorrow. >> well like you mentioned everybody thought she was funny. she was 81 years old. in matter what age, kid to people her age so you knew this would go go to happen on the late night comedy shows no matter what these guys ages are, they love her. listen. >> and besides being a pioneer for women in comedy, everyone in comedy joan was a very lucky person because she loved her job so much. she never wanted to stop. she didn't to have stop because she was so great at it. it is hard to explain to people today what an event that was. she would go on. guest host for johnny carson and everybody, people would gather in the living room, and then everyone would laughter and talk bit. at that time she was so, so
8:09 am
outrageous, you know, and her comedy, it felt so out of the bounds and people were blown away. >> i wish she was here right now because if she was here right now she with make a joke about how she just passed away, she would getaway witt. >> she was harder on herself then anybody really. she would tell these god awful jokes about herself. so she felt like look if i tell them about myself, then there is some other people out there that, grow up, these are just jokes, ladies and gentlemen. >> she came over to me and she started crying, and gave me a kiss. it was really emotional. really nice. >> wow. >> emotional. >> i like what melissa said. she said more than anything joan would want us to laugh, we cannot wait until we can do that again. >> i am in a restaurant in new york city. i used to do this kind of a show in new york. as she was leaving, i watched you have morning. you are so funny.
8:10 am
>> wow. >> joan rivers told you you were funny. >> yeah, i am going to cry. >> lets go to break. i want you all to watch a new show on our tv station. it is called gotham. it is before super man. >> it is when they were younger. we get to see them before they were who they were. we will talk bit and have someone from the show. >> it is cat woman here before she was cat with man. we have kitty woman here. >> here kitty, kitty.
8:11 am
8:12 am
8:13 am
i mentioned kitty woman. this young lady is an eagles fans first of all, nice. it is a perfect day. you are in a new tv show got ham and played cot woman before she was cat woman. >> mike, it is quarter of three, there is in one in the place. i'm the bart remembering my single days where would i sit alone and nobody would come over.
8:14 am
set them up, joe. >> it is eric, not joe, and this is your last one. >> he is cutting me off. >> all right, thanks a lot. >> sure. >> we have a take you need to stay hydrated. there is lots of moisture in the air. it is visibility, very poor out there. we have a lot of fogging on. so keep in mind that could slow you down on those back roads out there. so poor visibility in many, many places. new lets talk about temperature. mostly in the 70's. even in the upper 60's in the poconos mountains which is usually or cool spot and then believe me by monday it will be. so again a very muggy sticky morning. back to where we were on monday and tuesday of this week. the as we look at the seven day forecast. we have a folks in the second season at the shore. eighty-four on friday. eighty-seven on saturday. only 75, i know, choking me up with a chance of rain on sunday. seven day forecast has our big
8:15 am
change coming saturday night with strong then are storms and much cooler temperatures on sun take. we will go from 90 degrees on saturday to only 79 for a high on sunday but it will feel like fat ball weather, go -- football weather, go caitlin. >> you look good at that bar, not too lonely either. seventy-six, schuylkill expressway west won after route one, city avenue is there an accident on the shoulder. big stack up because of that as you can imagine in the height of the morning rush hon a friday and when we have an accident on the schuylkill never good news despite the fact that it is warm. p parking ticket turnpike a disable vehicle with the right lane block. delays start to go form. and it is a licensing ride after that. finally egg harbor township black horse pike, near carter drive is there an accident involving a motorcycle in front of the bennet chevrolet. that is all we have right now. you have to use the alternate washington avenue.
8:16 am
mike and alex. we're learning some moves here. >> one of the stars of the new tv show gotham. >> cameron. >> yes, cameron. >> we will talk to her after we set this up. you know what got ham is on tv, it is batman before batman. >> yes. >> here's bruce wayne. >> i will fine the man who did this. >> conquer fear. >> fear doesn't need conquering. >> somebody has to take over, it might as well be me. >> isn't that a city. >> however dark and scary the world might be right now, there will be light. there will be light for us. >> this is going to be good. this is going to be good.
8:17 am
>> i'm excited. >> this is cameron. >> cat woman. >> grew up in san diego. now lives in new york. now she has become an eagles fan. do you know how that happened. >> okay, here's the thing though, i like different, i like everybody. >> okay. >> i don't have a specific team. >> every town you go to. >> every town you go to. >> you follow everybody. >> you are special, you are just one of the teams that i happen to like. >> one of all of the teams. >> i don't like all the teams. i have like four? let's don't beat this to death. on sunday you will be rooting for the eagles. >> yes. >> can you talk about cot woman. everyone loves how cat with man loves. >> we have a cat there. >> did you have to study cats. what did you do to get ready for this. >> i mean i watched tape for a couple hours. >> a couple hours of day. >> not like sit and watch my cat the for two hearst but for, you know, two hours.
8:18 am
>> sure. >> but each of them, stuff like that. >> i gave my cat a bat h last night. is there still fur on my tongue. it is a cat joke. >> this woman is so special at the age of 15. when did you start acting. >> two years ago. >> only two years ago. >> do you know how lucky you are to be object a show like got ham. >> i'm excited. >> not just the show too you are good at dancing. >> yes, just fine. >> i'm a father of two daughters. what were you doing in that sierra video. >> i was dancing: i was dancing with my crew with the right flavors, eight flavors. >> i like those flavors. >> we are looking at it right now. >> what was it like working with sierra. >> she's really nice. she has two dogs bringing and we were just playing. >> does that bother you. >> no, i love dogs, and i love cats too. >> did you stare at her dogs
8:19 am
for hours. >> no. >> but i did dog women her. make them lay on their tummies. >> the dogs. >> wow. >> she's so cool. >> please watch got ham. who want to get a tight shot. i say you were cast because you look like a cat. new come in tight. doesn't she look like a cat. meow or something. >> meow. >> ah. >> you are a beautiful woman. >> congratulations. >> got ham isn't the only show they are excited about on fox, you tope ohio is a show everybody is talking about. >> lets take a look. these every day people will get a year of their lives, to build a dream society. >> fresh start, like a restart button on life. >> everyone's dream is not the same. >> my utopia is a place
8:20 am
everyone gets along. >> partying and socialize. >> be a productive member of the society. >> sneak peak of utopia. that starts sunday. >> sunday. >> cameron, we know you are an eagles fan do you know about the chant and cheer and all that. >> i have to learn it very quickly. >> okay. >> did you want to do it. >> by the way, i googled it and these are called pom, p.o. n as in nancy. >> yes. >> now they know. >> now life can go on. >> ready, e-a-g-l-e-s, eagles. >> wow. we will be right back. what's with the suit?
8:21 am
oh, i had to go to the bank. if you look legit they give you special treatment. seriously? seriously, yeah. the banker dude set up my checking account so if i make one deposit a month, no monthly maintenance fee. special treatment! citizens bank, right? yep. you know they do that one deposit checking thing for everyone, right? got mustard on your suit. actually, it's your suit. one deposit checking. only from citizens bank. one deposit of any amount each statement period waives the monthly maintenance fee.
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no! could have gotten me one. i did. grab a spicy smoked sausage breakfast sandwich. it's the smoked sausage you crave, now spicy. a business manager. and a stickler for homework. i'm john kane running for state senate. dad says the road to a good job starts in the classroom. [ lori ] he's a great dad who sees taxes going up but schools not getting the funding they need. [ john ] so i'd put back the billion dollars corbett cut from education and make sure corporations and natural gas drillers paid their fair share. time to close the loopholes for the tax cheats. dad thinks a lot about education. i'm john kane and it's about time harrisburg did too.
8:23 am
we have a picture of a fan, he has right colored sneakers in eagles green. >> yes, okay. >> where do you find sneakers like that. >> i bet he made himself, with
8:24 am
spray paint. hash tag fox 29 eagles. >> we want cat woman to stay around. i for got the to tell everybody what your character is. she lives on the street. >> she lives the street, got ham, pick pocket. >> she's a pick pocket. >> yes. >> do you have your wallet, mike. >> do you still have your wallet, mike. >> that was a perfect cue. >> i don't have my wallet. >> where is his wallet. >> um-hmm. >> wow. >> she's too good at her job. >> wow. >> so type casting that is how you got the job now get out of here look who is here. >> dave spadaro. >> hi, how are you. >> our philadelphia eagles, thank you ready for sunday. >> we are so ready. >> she has never been to the eagles game. >> it is really filled with testosterone. you will be ready to run through a wall. >> okay. >> it is so much fun. the energy in the city, do you
8:25 am
feel it, the hunger for the eagles. so it all builds into this crescendo when the ball is kick off, everything in the world is right again eagles football is back. >> it is awesome. >> violent. >> it is violent. >> not a bad idea. >> you have a different jersey on, different teams jersey on. >> don't do that. >> describe what will happen out here in the the parking lot because she has never been to the tailgate. >> if you get here at 6:00 you may get a parking spot. >> 6:00 a.m. that is when tailgaters begin. >> game doesn't start until 1:00. >> so they line up, and probably cook brisket because jacksonville, florida, maybe some gator, and team of the week and then party up until 1:00 ape rush in the stadium. >> how do they survive. >> very nicely, very nicely. >> alex, some of them don't
8:26 am
even make it in the to stadium. >> some people stay here and watch it on tv. >> and radio, here or in the parking lot, fill up their rv's. >> you will see that, big rv's and big flat screen tv and sit in the parking lot. >> it is a party. >> there is only eight in the regular season here, so you make the mess of every bit of it. the team will be a good team. >> here's what everybody is worried about on the radio yesterday, defense isn't good enough to be a great team. >> i think right now it is a work in progress. there is changes. new faces. young players they are counting on. that is a work in progress. the offense is ahead of the tea fence but special teams should be good. jacksonville comes in here and they don't have a lot of weapons. defensively eagles match up nicely on sunday. week after is indianapolis and that is going to be really tough. >> tough one because they are good. >> colts quarterback is great.
8:27 am
they have great wide receivers. we will take it within game at a time and see what happens on sunday. >> it is all about getting a w. it is in the style points but getting a w, starting right and off to a good start in 2014. rolling getting better until january comes around. >> we have to score on sunday. >> i will go three to ten eagles. >> most people just saying a win. >> we will take it. >> all right guys. >> nice to meet you. see you sunday too. >> we have a gift for you, tom, a parting gift. i don't know if you enjoy this type of thing. >> i even eye this type of thing. >> yes, this is a beautiful calendar. girls, you look fantastic. >> when we come back we will explain where calendar was shot, exotic location and how it was done. >> yes. >> eagles friendly calendar. >> s
8:28 am
8:29 am
8:30 am
8:31 am
hi monte g. >> welcome baby. my number one team. you know courtesy of my brother melvin he made you this shirt to represent our philly team to the fullest. >> alex says, let's go eagles. >> yeah, ain't nothing but super bowl baby, in if, and's or but's or maybe, eagles fans going crazy. >> yeah. >> thank you. >> monte g, we love monte g. >> i will give you a bunch of money if you can wear that to the game. >> i might rust do that and then i will take the money and then put on my jersey. >> okay, sue, what is going on now. >> i'm developing a drinking
8:32 am
problem. i got to work on this. anyway, it is so lonely in here. let's go outside and talk about the fog. it is definitely a foggy morning and it is not surprising because we have not had much of a breeze, so we have all this in moisture in the air and really no wind to blow it around. we will get cloud on the ground and call it fog and still a problem. look at bus stop budd which muggy the dog and temperatures, we love you, muggy, temperatures in the 70's. those areas of fog look like they are persisting. we will get some sunshine to burn it off. we will get seven out of ten. seven because of the sunshine but also because of the humidity and pop up then are storms that is keeping us from being a ten. as we look at fox cast for today. eighty-eight is our high. seventy's again tonight for another sticky one. then big change over weekend. we will detail that for you in the seven day forecast but
8:33 am
here we are in the a heart of the rush hour is anybody rushing anywhere this morning, caitlin. >> yes, they are, sue and i'm just as lonely back here without you sitting by myself. can't we hang out. >> we should. >> my partner in crime i'm missing you, sue. you continue to have fun in your loan some at xfinity live. we are dealing with a new accident in huntington valley. byberry road there there is reports of an accident. we have in details beyond that. no stack ups around there just yet but it did just come n morrisville bucks county tailorsville road at mapel veil drive, reports of an accident. finally on the ac expressway westbound between farly service plaza and route 73, exit there is construction that will have the right lane blocked until about 11:00 a.m. this morning. that is updating your traffic authority and now here's alex and mike. >> we're so excited about this new calendar.
8:34 am
>> this is so hot. >> yes. >> lots of cool things. i'm exited to see my first hockey game. >> swag, so to speak. >> so all right, cheerleaders, get around me here. thank you for signing my calendar. >> this is mine. >> okay. let's do it. which one is this. >> is that you. >> yes. >> you got the cover. >> i did and i'm a rookie so i'm really excited. >> is this okay with all have of you. >> how do you get on. >> you go out there and do your best which we have 39 girls on the squad and calendar is gorgeous. the fact that they had to pick one is crazy. >> well, was there a problem, was there nobody to help you tie your top. >> my neck was sore from the modeling we had to do. >> you're rubbing your neck. >> i'm feeling better now. >> can we show all of this. >> she has lost her top what happened.
8:35 am
>> this is emily right now marylandeling for january. >> low budget you could not have a whole suit. >> thinks a girlfriendly calendar and this is myself modeling for february. >> is that you. >> that is me. >> is your name sandy. >> yes. >> this is tiara and thinks march 2015. >> this cannot be called a swimsuit calendar. >> where did you take these photos. >> we went to riveria maya in mexico. >> in mexico. >> this was taken early in the morning. >> early in the morning. >> around 4:00 a.m. >> yes. >> finally we have somebody with a swimsuit on. where do you get these. >> you can get them in book stores and eagles pro shop we will sell them all the way around and on line at eagles pro shop on line. >> sound good. >> is that okay with the sweety's from sugar house, do you have a calendar.
8:36 am
>> no. >> you have to get a calendar. >> i can shoot it for you. >> thanks. >> and i have tops and bottoms. >> you all know hot women know other women, gisele bundchen. >> who is she married too. >> tom brady. >> of the patriots. >> he is a lucky man. >> anyway i will show you a video that she needs more money, for under arm or that clothing company. >> yes. >> they have good commercials. >> look at her there. i don't know what the purpose of this is, she's punching a bag and they will sell clothes. >> somehow. >> i guess. >> she can sell anything. >> alex, have you ever been in a calendar like this. >> in, i have not. >> that will be next week, the good day girls, how about that. >> the good day
8:37 am
♪ i gotta have that bag. italian leather? for an amazing deal. [ shopper ] you paid how much for that? [ female announcer ] two stores. two amazing ways to score. t.j.maxx and marshalls.
8:38 am
8:39 am
no! could have gotten me one. i did. grab a spicy smoked sausage breakfast sandwich. it's the smoked sausage you crave, now spicy.
8:40 am
this is the best day of my life, it is like a frane, sixers cheerleaders got a little jealous so they came out now. >> thanks for coming out. >> goodness gracious. >> let's stick with this attractive women theme. who are we looking at. >> gisele bundchen. >> yes, she has a new under arm or campaign. lets take a look at it first.
8:41 am
yesterday i noticed on twitter there was some negative, quite a few negative comment about that and i'm not sure why. >> she can pack a punch. she's punching through adversity, negative and mean comments that are said and she's going through it. people talk about models how skinny they are, they don't eat, and she was showing some force there. >> yes. >> it is all part of the under arm or campaign, i will, what i want campaign. >> i will what i want. i will what i you want, it makes no sense. >> but maybe she's saying you have to will what you want. >> it is all in your will. >> it is all here if you think it will happen it will be.
8:42 am
>> okay. >> she does get trashed a lot because you're perfect the with the perfect husband. >> models always do. >> regular women have something to model. >> you took him away from another model. >> yes. >> thank you. >> now we will go to atlantic city. >> i have enjoyed this all week quincy and jen working together. >> i think lot of people have been loving it. they are loving each other, right. >> welshing they are probably doing it in atlantic city, that is what i do, yeah. go ahead. >> what up. >> oh, okay. >> come on, april. >> i like this match up a lot. >> we will go against you guys. >> i'm going to beat you. >> i don't think so. we are all world class.
8:43 am
8:44 am
8:45 am
this is my theme song. >> play that funky funky music. >> now that looks pretty funky. >> yes, it does.
8:46 am
>> mechanical bull here at pbr. >> they are testing it out. >> i got a deal for you, finish off the week, i know you are new and you are not followed by a lot of people on twitter from the delaware valley. >> how many followers do you have. >> a little american 3,000. >> if we get you 4,000 twitter followers, before 9:50, 9:55, will you close the show on the mechanical bull? you are from texas. >> i am from texas, yes. >> we ride real bulls in texas. >> we can get one of those out here too. i'm full of bull. >> she's worried because on machine we will be in our new studio and we have to do the the news thaw won't look like an anchor women. >> i don't want people to judge me. >> judge me monica malpass out here all the time. i will get in trouble for that. here we go, sixers coming out. >> aim he rio.
8:47 am
>> jessica. >> renee. >> sure. >> hi. >> we would like to present you with the customized sixers jersey. >> wow. >> i love it, my name on the back. >> you know what this means, mike, we have to go to sixers games now. >> i will be in all of the games. >> you got us busy at night. >> we will go to the flyers first game, sixers it is a sports town i want to get it all in. >> thank you very much. >> i'm excited for sixers. they have got some good players if they can gel, i don't know how early they can gel but you guess hoist on the team. >> joe he will embiid, he played well. >> i'm in the sure. >> he is a jay hawks. >> that is why i don't know. >> come on. >> i'm taking you to the game. >> let get out to jen and whoever produced this show, thank you because now we will look at beach volleyball players. >> i don't know what that
8:48 am
looks like. >> not just beach volleyball players but olympic beach volleyball players. high five up top. >> just so you know who we're dealing with here, april, i want to be your best friend but she has been talking smack. she's intimidated. >> you have been saying you are like an athlete and you are not a world class athletes. >> say hi to jay. >> we like the mustache thing. >> can we battle. >> we're ready. >> i have already seriously i'm team april all day except when i'm's competing against you. here's what i have to say. i want to teach you some skills. here's something you may not have tried, are you ready, it is entrance underneath the back. >> this is how small jen is she can walk under. >> are you going to serve to it them. >> no, we will serve to them. >> okay. >> pass to it jay money.
8:49 am
>> okay. >> no audio. >> general general, what happened. >> you didn't think would i get it over the net. >> yes, i should have specified you need to get it over net or in the court or it is a point for me. >> jen is going to serve. >> why did she give me the mike. >> you kind of shock us, congratulations. >> you can see this all weekend in atlantic city, it is pro beach invitational. she will be in the finals. >> you will look a lot better when you come watch us play. >> i want to be clear april olympic medalist you are more
8:50 am
impressed then you thought would be with your skills. >> i'm impressed thaw got that over the the net and in. >> no high five. >> back to you guys. >> thank you. >> it is getting hot in here. i keep calling you sweety's, that is what your name is. >> sugar house sweety. >> jena. >> jessica. >> samantha. >> she k ira. >> they are ambassadors for sugar house casinos, thanks for coming out. isn't this cool even though it is hot. >> i want your opinion on this. i walk into k-mart the the other day do you notice they have christmas stuff out already. >> what? >> on. tv. >> you can go in there and the commercials are already running for christmas on k-mart. is that too early. >> yes good when do you think is the appropriate time. >> after thanksgiving. >> that is what i always thought too. >> i agree. >> after thanksgiving.
8:51 am
>> they are rushing it, thanksgiving as well. >> yes, summer just ended. >> yes. >> you have children. >> oh, god. >> how many. >> four. >> four kids. >> hey jaylen, jason, jasir. >> hi, i love you. you have kids
8:52 am
8:53 am
8:54 am
this is a very special day at xfinity live because finally i have some very special people to keep us company. it is your rick annmarie, happy anniversary. >> thank you where did you drive from. >> bucks county. >> rick took the day off, congratulations on 17 happy years, i wish you at least 17 more. >> aren't they cute. >> i love you. >> we all have jerseys on this morning. lets look at seven day forecast. eighty-eight today.
8:55 am
ninety tomorrow. rick annmarie it will turn chilly, it will feel like football weather. >> we're ready. >> high of 79 on sunday. after those then are storms on saturday get ready for perfect football weather. what team are you rooting for. >> eagles. >> thanks for joining us and happy anniversary. isn't that nice, 16 years working on 17. >> so impressive. i know my anniversary, sue, thank you sue. lets go to huntington valley byberry road at pioneer road. we have an report of an accident in morrisville, this just came into morrisville, taylorville road, there are reports of an accident, finally on the atlantic city expressway, we will see it between the farly service center and route 73, we have construction that will have the right lane blocked until 11:00a in m this morning. fox 29 morning news will be right back. blank. alex, i think it is time
8:56 am
to show you around xfinity live on the inside. there is so much sports going on outside, it is fun on the inside too. >> lets go ♪
8:57 am
♪ ♪ i gotta have that bag. italian leather? for an amazing deal, and i love that designer. [ shopper ] you paid how much for that? [ female announcer ] two stores. two amazing ways to score. t.j.maxx and marshalls. no! could have gotten me one. i did. grab a spicy smoked sausage breakfast sandwich. it's the smoked sausage you crave, now spicy. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. everybody knows that parker. well... did you know auctioneers make bad grocery store clerks? that'll be $23.50. now .75, 23.75, hold 'em. hey now do i hear 23.75? 24! hey 24 dollar, 24 and a quarter, quarter,
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8:59 am
another hour to go here on "good day philadelphia", as your tour end. >> the friday finally here at xfinity live. >> are you siked for money because we have a brand new studio. i'm impressed with this place. >> it is absolutely beautifully cannot wait for everybody to see it. >> it will be 92 degrees tomorrow. >> wow. >> when temple plays navy over here but then apparently sunday at the link it will be real nice like in the 70's. i also forgot to tell you that the link is different this year. maybe greg you can walk around me this year. look at the sides, the color bars on the big machine for, is there one on each even of
9:00 am
the field. so it has gone to high definition. >> it says lincoln financial, the fact that i can see that. >> it is huge. >> they look bigger but we have gone to high definition over there and it is the most clear high definition. >> can you see the sweat. >> i'm not kidding. >> i will be looking for that. >> it is the clearest in the nfl of any stadium in america. you can walk around all the it now. >> you will have my looking at the screen instead of the field. >> sometimes i feel so stupid i'm looking at tv. i could have stayed home. >> nicer than my tv i can tell thaw. >> but now you can walk around it. they have put in 2,000 extra seats. so it is more enclosed at the other end because people were worried that it wasn't as loud as our old stadium. it is supposed to be louder. >> i'm looking forward to seeing it. >> we will go sunday. >> okay. of course, in this hour we a